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*So did I miss the RHNY where Bethany revealed the "Tom" incident to Luann? NT
frozencactus405 2   08/14/16 06:56 AM
x*It's on this week. NT
georgia938208/14/16 09:09 AM
x*Thanks.😀 NT
frozencactus08/14/16 08:18 PM
*RHOM fans: When Pettifleur & her sister got together. NT
Jamsie316 2   08/13/16 09:53 PM
x*Her sister sees that it's all for the cameras with Petifleur. NT
georgia938208/14/16 09:10 AM
x*That incredibly awkward scene showed Pettifleur for the shallow soul she is. It was painful to watch. NT
Jamsie08/16/16 03:40 AM
*I am very distressed about all the vagina problems on NYC! NT
xrayspex373 3   08/12/16 11:59 AM
x*LOL...get over it. There are more important things to be distressed about, like they all sleep with the same old men. NT
georgia938208/14/16 09:12 AM
x*Cause&effect? NT
sneakypie08/14/16 11:07 AM
x*LOL, good question! NT
terlu08/14/16 07:43 PM
*Real Housewives: 15 Husbands Ranked From Worst To Best
xrayspex1014 7   08/08/16 04:31 PM
x*woohoo- my heart throb joe gorga comes in 2nd-he should be #1! :) NT
xrayspex08/08/16 04:34 PM
x*I thought Ken would have ranked higher and Terry Dubrow lower. Interesting list though:) NT
chirtygirl7408/10/16 05:55 AM
x*I used to really like Ken, but he's been kind of mean lately. I find Dubrow to be tiresome, I don't find them a cute couple at all! NT
Jamsie08/10/16 12:11 PM
x*I don't see them staying together long term. Heather will run out of material things to feed her ego. He will find a younger model. NT
dwig22208/10/16 02:56 PM
x*It drives me nuts that he shrugs off missing his kids growing up--unless it is an invented storyline which is douchebad-worthy. NT
Jamsie08/10/16 05:12 PM
x*Yeah Ken became a busy body with the gossip. ITA on The Dubrows. NT
chirtygirl7408/10/16 12:19 PM
x*It's sweet that he defends LVP, but he just seems mean-spirited. NT
Jamsie08/10/16 05:10 PM
*Tom did cheat on her, but she dismissed it and forgave him. Did LuAnn fall on her head? He didn't tell her, Bethenny did. This guy is bad news.
dwig222728 3   08/07/16 10:05 AM
x*I don't believe LuAnn has any money to pay anyone's way. NT
laci08/19/16 04:05 AM
x*Just who is Tom D'Agostino Jr?
agent9908/07/16 10:42 AM
x*Tom comes from a very wealthy family but he has no money himself. He dates rich women who pay. Lu would pay for anything to be married. NT
dwig22208/07/16 12:32 PM
*RHOMelbourne is soooooooo good! Is anyone else watching? Such a beautiful place too. NT
Jamsie1974 26   08/06/16 11:16 AM
x*I loved Gambles wedding last night. Glad they showed the love. She should have had a carpet with planking under to walk on though. That sand was
DeeDee08/18/16 04:57 AM
x*I finally caught up and yes, very love-filled wedding! I thought the guy said there would be a carpet runway,
terlu08/19/16 11:46 PM
x*ITA with everything you said! I was touched. They seem so in love, BUT, what about GINA?!?!? NT
Jamsie08/18/16 06:08 PM
x*Typical Gina, she's louder & smarter than everyone in the room/beach/continent/universe so everything revolves
terlu08/20/16 12:06 AM
x*That lasagna was a travesty!! I hate how she was trying to make it *Gamble's* fault :-( NT
Jamsie08/20/16 08:58 AM
x*Watching and have a few observations: like Gamble's home a lot and have a problem with Lydia. Still catching up. NT
colleenag08/10/16 11:54 AM
x*I lovetheir new house! Did you watch last year? Pettifleur was cray cray, especially to Gamble. I hate the way Lydia talks to her housekeeper!! NT
Jamsie08/10/16 12:08 PM
x*Pettifluer really?You call someone who is about to be married a Black Widow Spider??? How fcn cruel can you get? Dumb bunny. glad lydia exposed her NT
colleenag08/10/16 11:58 AM
x*Ywa, my favorite HW right now~ NT
DeeDee08/10/16 05:01 AM
x*Yassss!! NT
Jamsie08/10/16 12:08 PM
x*Best out of all RH's. Have a friend who actually lives in Melbourne. NT
Matzak08/08/16 05:28 PM
x*No! Do they love it? Have you been to visit? I think it's such a pretty city! NT
Jamsie08/10/16 12:10 PM
x*It's a favorite for me.Love Gina,Gamble.I always loved Beverly Hills Housewives but a couple seasons went bad.Still love LVP though. NT
poorbabi08/07/16 11:34 AM
x*Yes! I hope they bring London back too. NT
Jamsie08/08/16 03:43 AM
x*I have Season 2 and whatever episodes aired of Season 3 on my DVR, I want to watch Season 1 first and cannot find it anywhere. NT
chris426608/06/16 02:55 PM
x*I can't find it either! NT
Jamsie08/07/16 07:41 AM
x*I guess I'll have to break down and start from season 2. NT
chris426608/07/16 10:06 AM
x*Do it. I love season 1 & this season is starting out even better! NT
Jamsie08/07/16 10:16 AM
x*I watched it while it aired in AU, this season is the best out of all the housewives shows, just wait til the cast trip, drama drama drama! NT
Dexter08/06/16 01:36 PM
x*The scene between Janet & her step daughter was very moving & I love anything Gamble! NT
Jamsie08/07/16 07:44 AM
x*Gamble is hilarious, love her and Wolf pup NT
Dexter08/08/16 11:50 AM
x*Yesssss! And Wolfie's son throwing shade every which way....
Jamsie08/08/16 05:27 PM
x*Omg, I can't wait!! NT
Jamsie08/07/16 07:41 AM
x*Seriously? I find Melbourne Housewives fake and boring. NT
georgia938208/06/16 05:45 PM
x*Well, undoubtedly parts of it are fake, parts of all of RHs are fake, but I find it FAR from boring, especially by comparison NT
Jamsie08/07/16 07:43 AM
x*Boring is RHONJ overall, boring is Bethenny & Carole being petty, boring is RHOC still talking about fake cancer and building a house....
Dexter08/06/16 08:21 PM
*I can't believe Bethany would tell Carol and Ramona the gossip about Tom instead of speaking directly with Luanne. Nasty. NT
LillyBell1655 11   08/03/16 06:57 PM
x*Lu don't care what anyone says about this guy--she is going for it--whatever it is and from what they all say is he lives off rich women. Lu is
laci08/05/16 07:19 AM
x*Thats so interesting because thats what I saw also. LuAnn very much into him and he did not seem into her at all, No I am so in love and lust with
CatsMommie08/05/16 08:03 AM
x*This show is off the rails bad. Everyone is so fake. Jules is the only one who seems even remotely real to me, but if she makes it to a
cantgetenough08/05/16 05:42 AM
x*I am not feeling the connection between LuAnn and Tom either. NT
sassyflalassy08/06/16 02:48 PM
x*I was wondering if it's a "story" fabricated by Bravo too. The whole thing just seems so deliberate NT
L2408/05/16 07:29 AM
x*There's zero chemistry between the two and Luann comes across as so desperate and over the top. It's beyond awkward. NT
cantgetenough08/05/16 08:33 AM
x*AWKWARD - that is the perfect description! NT
dwig22208/07/16 10:01 AM
x*Bethany is trying to stir up drama, apparently she did more than that at the last reunion show. I have not watched it yet, but I heard from some
CIAO08/03/16 08:20 PM
x*Its the Bethenny Show. Everything she does is cancelled. NT
Matzak08/03/16 06:59 PM
x*Not a Bethenny fan.What ever happened with Tom should of been discussed with Luann not the whole cast before hand.Plus do we really know why Bethanny
poorbabi08/07/16 11:39 AM
x*Even her marriage NT
robbierob08/04/16 04:56 PM
*Something is very off with Tom NT
CatsMommie100 0   08/03/16 06:09 PM
*Anyone watch the 8/1 WWHL........
zebe831094 7   08/02/16 05:06 PM
x*I MAY watch a rerun of this but I turned WWHL OFF >>> as soon as Kelly D was a guest. Can't stand her!! NT
Mazita08/03/16 07:51 AM
x*kELLY must have a story as she and her husband separated and she was engaged to marry someone else. Then they got back together. Somewhere she came
CIAO08/03/16 08:28 PM
x*These polls are crazy .. Shannon did not set her up 63% wtf is voting .. they are starting to scare me NT
CatsMommie08/02/16 06:54 PM
x*Shannon had a phone bank party. NT
sneakypie08/02/16 07:09 PM
x*That must be it since we all saw it on tv. NT
terlu08/03/16 11:21 PM
x*You had me at cringe worthy. NT
sneakypie08/02/16 05:18 PM
x*They hate each other. It was so apparent. NT
zebe8308/02/16 06:29 PM
*OC anyone here? NT
zebe833600 38   08/01/16 06:03 PM
x*My 2 cents here. Good god. Both Yelly and Screechy have annoying drunk angry voices NT
robbierob08/02/16 07:18 AM
x*Also they need to ditch Meghan, she's just boring to watch NT
robbierob08/02/16 07:23 AM
x*2 episodes now where Vicki's grandson(s) ran outside without them. I would KILL my toddler, not stand and laugh! My granddaughter would never dream of
littlewop08/01/16 09:06 PM
x*That scene made me angry! You sit there and laugh? Do you know how many kids die in hot cars every year? NT
robbierob08/02/16 07:42 AM
x*Exactly! Or wander out into the street, while the 3 hens sit and gossip! NT
littlewop08/02/16 07:57 AM
x*Good night!!! NT
zebe8308/01/16 07:01 PM
x*good night and thanks for hosting :) NT
mgbaloo08/01/16 07:03 PM
x*Meghan is right, it was a set-up. NT
mgbaloo08/01/16 06:50 PM
x*And the cameraman caught it on tape. Can't deny it now. But she will NT
robbierob08/02/16 08:18 AM
x*Yep. NT
zebe8308/01/16 06:58 PM
x*Uh oh Kelly is meeting Shannon. NT
mgbaloo08/01/16 06:43 PM
x*I am liking Meghan more this year. NT
mgbaloo08/01/16 06:34 PM
x*Yes. NT
zebe8308/01/16 06:40 PM
x*Cast your burdens and eat a hard boiled egg. Sound advice. NT
zebe8308/01/16 06:29 PM
x*Kelly did get set-up but she responded badly. NT
mgbaloo08/01/16 06:27 PM
x*Granny On Beverly Hillbillies was an MD (Mountain Dr) and I would trust her more than this quack. NT
zebe8308/01/16 06:18 PM
mgbaloo08/01/16 06:20 PM
x*Daisy Moses. Bless her heart. NT
zebe8308/01/16 06:22 PM
x*Great Granny quote: Elly May! Don't spit from a moving vehicle. Wait till it's stopped. NT
mgbaloo08/01/16 06:23 PM
x*Remember when the cast would do Kellogg's Corn Flakes commercials during commercial breaks on the show? NT
zebe8308/01/16 06:25 PM
x*Oh yeah, you are right. I sort of miss all the shows from the sixties. Harmless fun! NT
mgbaloo08/01/16 06:26 PM
x*Yes they were silly fun. NT
zebe8308/01/16 06:27 PM
x*I loved Petticoat Junction. NT
mgbaloo08/01/16 06:28 PM
x*Where you one of the many actresses that played either Billy Jo or Bobby Jo? NT
zebe8308/01/16 06:33 PM
x*I was Billie Jo but I was replaced. :( NT
mgbaloo08/01/16 06:37 PM
x*Ladies & Gents. Gunilla Hutton is in the house. NT
zebe8308/01/16 06:41 PM
x*:) NT
mgbaloo08/01/16 06:42 PM
x*Shannon and her treatments are getting old too. NT
mgbaloo08/01/16 06:17 PM
x*See above. Lol. NT
zebe8308/01/16 06:18 PM
x*You want to kill yourself with twins. Or your nanny does. NT
zebe8308/01/16 06:16 PM
x*Lol, true! NT
mgbaloo08/01/16 06:18 PM
x*engaged, but legally separated.....that's not cheating according to Kelly and her hubby. May not be cheating, but definitely odd and nothing to
dillybean08/01/16 06:13 PM
x*Was Kelly separated from her husband and engaged to someone else, then got back together with her husband? NT
Shar08/02/16 08:12 AM
x*She was legally separated from her husband and already engaged to someone ese NT
robbierob08/02/16 08:16 AM
x*Cast to be Vicki's friend. NT
zebe8308/01/16 06:23 PM
x*I am here! :) Ready for some more fighting...not. lol NT
mgbaloo08/01/16 06:09 PM
x*Kelly and Shannon are crazy. NT
mgbaloo08/01/16 06:10 PM
x*Yep. This is getting old. :) NT
zebe8308/01/16 06:11 PM
*Don't like the new girl Kelly on the OC. Read somewhere she's had restraining orders against her. Bravo might have made a mistake with her. NT
dillybean180 1   08/01/16 05:52 PM
x*Agree NT
poorbabi08/07/16 11:43 AM
*Still cannot stand Ashley NT
CatsMommie161 0   07/31/16 07:52 PM
*Wow. I thought I may be the only one to sport an animal scratch but there's my princess Carole... brave bugger! NT
colleenag95 0   07/30/16 12:55 PM
*The scene where Gia is hell-bent & bound & determined to go hangout with her friends..
Gamecock884 6   07/30/16 11:56 AM
x*Tersea should have control. Gia cant drive, They live where you need to drive to get to most things. Tersea could tell the driver not to take Gia. NT
silverspoons07/31/16 12:51 PM
x*I think all these kids act up more on camera. I mean I don't think they are Angels but I notice all the kids seem to act up a little more now on all
CatsMommie07/30/16 12:37 PM
x*It is not only NJ, Shannon's daughter asking her dad about his "puberty" on camera was too much. NT
silverspoons07/31/16 12:49 PM
x*Kim B's (ATL) all her kids... horrible. NT
Gamecock07/31/16 03:46 PM
x*I did not find it the least bit charming. NT
sassyflalassy07/31/16 12:55 PM
x*I agree, I think production plays a big role in those kids acting out. NT
Gamecock07/30/16 01:13 PM
*I'm not a Brianna fan but, I must say, she has the cutest babies <3 NT
goldendally57253 1   07/27/16 06:52 PM
x*They are both adorable. Mini Ryans. NT
sassyflalassy07/28/16 04:25 PM
*Bethenny Frankel Claims to Have Dirt About LuAnn de Lesseps' Fiancé That Could 'Blow Up This Whole Engagement'
Dreamer1279 5   07/27/16 08:40 AM
x*This is what I posted on my Twitter account about it CANDYLAND @CANDYLANDu · Aug 2 #RHONYReunion Wed. @Bethenny losses it
CIAO08/03/16 08:53 PM
x*I honestly think Lu doesn't care. I think she might be more attracted to Tom's money than she is to him NT
robbierob07/28/16 02:55 PM
x*What does Tom do for a living? NT
DeeDee07/29/16 02:36 PM
x*Does he have time to work? NT
sneakypie07/29/16 04:26 PM
x*LOL True NT
DeeDee08/03/16 03:20 PM
*After last ep, who here believes that Jaq and Tre are going to be Lucy and Ethyl again and their friendship will last till they die-LOL NT
xrayspex289 1   07/26/16 06:20 AM
x*We know thats not happening .. Jac is posting 24/7 against Tre and Mel. From the looks of it Jac goes after Mel and Tre sides with Mel but we will see
CatsMommie07/26/16 07:09 AM
*Although I made it clear I'm no longer interested in pursuing the friendship we once had, here is tonight's show thread. NT
zebe833178 26   07/25/16 05:59 PM
x*He sticks the knife in, then he pulls it out a little and twists it... NT
sassyflalassy07/26/16 03:19 PM
x*David does not care about Shannon .... He wants to be a housewife NT
CatsMommie07/26/16 10:43 AM
x*I was happy to see that Vicki was not calling Brooks saying she loves him and believes him .. They sure made it seem like she was wanting him back NT
CatsMommie07/26/16 08:50 AM
x*At the end of the message she did say "I love you". NT
agent9907/31/16 09:00 AM
x*she did not say I love you .. she said I believed you and I loved you and now I have to deal with this call me back
CatsMommie07/31/16 09:08 AM
x*OK, my bad, got to get my ears checked.
agent9907/31/16 12:23 PM
x*She would take him back in a heartbeat. NT
sassyflalassy07/31/16 09:05 AM
x*totally NT
Dexter07/31/16 12:07 PM
x*I honestly do not think so .. She seems very happy with her new boyfriend NT
CatsMommie07/31/16 09:09 AM
x*I wish I agreed, CatsMommie. I really do. I hate to say it but I think she would take him back if he called her. He has tapped into her insecurity
sassyflalassy07/31/16 12:00 PM
x*The fact that she ran to him when the going got tough says it all. NT
sassyflalassy07/26/16 03:20 PM
x*I think she just drunk dialed him. NT
cantgetenough07/26/16 03:26 PM
x*Thats what I think also plus she is sick of hearing the mess over him NT
CatsMommie07/26/16 04:02 PM
x*She is very needy. NT
sassyflalassy07/26/16 04:02 PM
x*Why call him at all? I know she was upset but vent to a friend. Don't call the ex that you are supposedly done with. NT
silverspoons07/26/16 10:40 AM
chirtygirl7407/26/16 11:11 AM
x*She called saying he needs to fix it not to vent to him she was saying you got me into this mess because i trusted and loved you NT
CatsMommie07/26/16 10:42 AM
x*Shannon is a hypocrite. She clearly is lying about not trying to set Kelly up. It could not have been more staged.
elle207/26/16 08:39 AM
x*Shannon is one of those mean people who does not seem to think she is mean, NT
sassyflalassy07/26/16 03:21 PM
x*The worst kind. NT
cantgetenough07/26/16 03:27 PM
x*It was a total setup .. Kelly drinks a lot it seems but Shannon keeps saying the joke about the phone was an insult so yanno she is after her NT
CatsMommie07/26/16 08:52 AM
x*Shannon set Kelly up, but I don't like Kelly so I'm ok with it. NT
jenniell07/26/16 09:39 AM
x*I don't like either one so I am not .. LOL NT
CatsMommie07/26/16 10:02 AM
x*I try to like Kelly since she is giving the witches such fits, but she makes it difficult. NT
sassyflalassy07/28/16 04:26 PM
x*I will post later Zebe I am watching the convention live NT
CatsMommie07/25/16 06:36 PM
x*Noor-ga-hide? NT
zebe8307/25/16 06:03 PM
*Interesting Polls lately on WWHL
CatsMommie573 3   07/25/16 10:38 AM
x*Andy is gonna go all out to change that percentage by November. I would be willing to bet this show gets political. NT
Gamecock07/25/16 02:10 PM
x*sick of shows gettingpolitical, I watch bravo and reality TV to escape all the politics talk. NT
silverspoons07/25/16 08:10 PM
x*me too:) NT
chirtygirl7407/26/16 05:44 AM
*OMG, Teresa is just so clueless... or is it dumb??? This reunion from 2011 is grating. NT
Gamecock1284 12   07/24/16 01:50 PM
x*Most recent episode... She says saratogans.... hahahaha NT
Gamecock07/31/16 04:51 PM
x*Personally, I have always thought she was dumb. NT
sassyflalassy07/24/16 03:34 PM
x*Same, lol NT
Dexter07/25/16 02:13 PM
x*Ha! I am in that camp. NT
mgbaloo07/25/16 08:31 AM
x*lol NT
xrayspex07/24/16 03:59 PM
x*I like that nearly everything she tried to cover up in 2011 came out. She was such a lying mess. NT
Gamecock07/24/16 03:37 PM
x*Tre was under no obligation to tell those hags anything. It is her business and I don't blame her at all. NT
RealitySuperfan07/25/16 05:51 AM
x*huh??? Tell those hags... I am referring to her stupidity on the reunion show in 2011. She doesnt know the difference bt distance & distant.
Gamecock07/25/16 02:09 PM
x*How many times does she have to say her attorney told her she can't say anything. NT
georgia938207/25/16 10:05 AM
x*The easiest & best out she has going. NT
Gamecock07/25/16 02:11 PM
x*I'm so tired of Teresa and her walking out and not talking then
mellon07/25/16 02:21 PM
x*I am betting if she starts to show a pattern of walking out... they will stop asking her. NT
Gamecock07/25/16 02:42 PM
*I'm just catching up on NY and can you believe that Jules potty trained her older child all by herself????? Who the heck would pay 2 grand for a
chris4266532 3   07/23/16 03:16 PM
x*She deserves a medal. Potty trained one of her own
sneakypie07/25/16 11:50 AM
x*She needed a story line before her marriage fell apart NT
georgia938207/25/16 10:07 AM
x*I know, I can't believe how these women spend money. NT
sassyflalassy07/23/16 03:40 PM
*I wonder if Brianna was having some kind of panic attack. Just watching the start of the show, I'm behind because of Big She sure
dillybean1460 9   07/21/16 05:21 PM
x*The reason she came back to OC is because she wanted to be under the care of the doctors who operated on her before with the same problem and
laci07/24/16 07:03 AM
x*I always go back to the doctor I trust out of state if I can. I have one kidney too! NT
silverspoons07/24/16 06:06 PM
x*They are never explained. After the thyroid issue a few years ago, she seems to always have issues that are never explained. NT
sassyflalassy07/21/16 05:42 PM
x*It's kind of been talked about. She has tumors that keep coming back after they are removed. So far they are benign. NT
georgia938207/23/16 12:07 PM
x*She keeps having enlarged Lymph Nodes popping up.I've had several taken out over years.It really plays havoc with immune system.
poorbabi08/07/16 11:51 AM
x*Why has Vicki been accusing the doctors in OK of trying to kill her? It made no sense? NT
sassyflalassy07/23/16 01:27 PM
x*Brianna being a nurse, you would think she would have some of the best care. Having an insight on the doctors and such in Oklahoma. NT
chirtygirl7407/23/16 07:41 PM
x*That's the biggest reason why she wanted to leave OKlahoma. NT
georgia938207/25/16 10:04 AM
x*It is hard to find care outside of major cities. I live in UT & have to go to CA or AZ & I see many people from OK go to AZ (Phoenix) for care. NT
silverspoons07/26/16 10:46 AM
*Just caught up on RHONJ..LOL at the pathetic NYE "party" at Jerks,oops I mean Jacs house! A bunch of losers wishing they were at the "real" party! NT
RealitySuperfan503 4   07/21/16 05:56 AM
x*They did have good food though-lol. I posted a few days ago that it was very awkward. NT
xrayspex07/21/16 08:41 AM
x*I find pathetic to be a better word to describe... and the good party had good food too! NT
RealitySuperfan07/21/16 10:45 AM
x*Both were plenty pathetic with enough awkwardness for all. NT
Dexter07/21/16 10:54 AM
x*I didn't find the Guidice's party pathetic or awkward at all, aside from the part the producers threw in forcing Tre to call Jac. NT
RealitySuperfan07/21/16 11:24 AM
*'Real Housewives of Toronto' Pregnancy Got Me Fired From Show
Dreamer426 1   07/19/16 04:06 AM
x*Holy boobs! NT
Dexter07/19/16 03:54 PM
*OC showtime. Casserole night. (Has anyone ever tried that food delivery service Hello Fresh? I want to try it and need a review.) NT
zebe836603 69   07/18/16 05:58 PM
x*Its early yet. NT
laci07/24/16 07:06 AM
x*Heather, Meghan, Shannon....your lives are BORING!!! NT
cantgetenough07/20/16 05:50 AM
x*Kelly, Vicki, and Tamara don't have a lot going on either. NT
Dexter07/20/16 09:13 AM
x*True, they don't, but so far I'm not wanting to fast forward thru their scenes. NT
cantgetenough07/20/16 09:20 AM
x*Don't know about Hello Fresh but earlier this year my brother gave me a month of Blue Apron as a gift and it was
terlu07/19/16 09:21 PM
x*Thanks!! NT
zebe8307/21/16 11:23 AM
x*YW, hope it was somewhat helpful. NT
terlu07/21/16 07:31 PM
x*Cannot stand Shannon .. she is making it so hard for me to watch NT
CatsMommie07/18/16 09:22 PM
x*Good night all!!! NT
zebe8307/18/16 07:00 PM
x*Good night! Thanks for hosting! Night all! NT
mgbaloo07/18/16 07:01 PM
x*You too. It looks like Shannon is throwing another disastrous party. NT
sassyflalassy07/18/16 07:01 PM
x*The fun never ends, lol. NT
mgbaloo07/18/16 07:02 PM
x*Vicki has the same outfit at the party as in the flashback. NT
zebe8307/18/16 06:57 PM
x*Shannon just making this whole thing up about Brianna's move. NT
sassyflalassy07/18/16 06:51 PM
x*She sure is. NT
mgbaloo07/18/16 06:52 PM
x*That was uncalled for. NT
zebe8307/18/16 06:52 PM
x*I wonder what her children think? NT
sassyflalassy07/18/16 06:53 PM
x*I agree with Shannon finally. Some seasoning is good. NT
zebe8307/18/16 06:50 PM
x*I am not going to a Mexican restaurant and eating like I am at death's door if I eat a few extra calories. NT
sassyflalassy07/18/16 06:53 PM
x*Word. NT
zebe8307/18/16 06:57 PM
x*Stainless steel tic tac toe! NT
zebe8307/18/16 06:43 PM
mgbaloo07/18/16 06:46 PM
x*Yes!!! NT
zebe8307/18/16 06:49 PM
x*Kelly can say what she wants Meghan. NT
mgbaloo07/18/16 06:34 PM
x*Kelly's brother angling for a spin off after 3 episodes. NT
zebe8307/18/16 06:31 PM
x*Do they work? NT
sassyflalassy07/18/16 06:34 PM
x*Does what work? NT
zebe8307/18/16 06:41 PM
x*Kelly's brother and mother? NT
sassyflalassy07/18/16 06:43 PM
x*Apparently not. Lol. NT
zebe8307/18/16 06:52 PM
x*Nice gig! NT
sassyflalassy07/18/16 06:55 PM
x*My tweet about heathers house got 4 likes. Including Loo. That's a lot for me. I tagged Gretchen. Hopefully I get a retweet. NT
zebe8307/18/16 06:29 PM
x*I am going to go retweet it! NT
mgbaloo07/18/16 06:30 PM
x*Let's get it trending. Lol. NT
zebe8307/18/16 06:32 PM
x*Lol. I like that idea. #Gretcheninsteadofhouse NT
mgbaloo07/18/16 06:35 PM
x*Love that!!!! NT
zebe8307/18/16 06:40 PM
x*What exactly is wrong with Brianna? NT
sassyflalassy07/18/16 06:25 PM
x*I am not sure. She was having swollen lymph nodes and infections. I am not sure what else? NT
mgbaloo07/18/16 06:28 PM
x*These health issues have gone on for years without any real diagnosis rather then the original thyroid issue. NT
sassyflalassy07/18/16 06:30 PM
x*I wonder if they know what it is but are not saying? NT
mgbaloo07/18/16 06:32 PM
x*Which is more boring? Poll inside.
sassyflalassy07/18/16 06:21 PM
x*Landslide for the house. Lol. NT
zebe8307/18/16 06:29 PM
x*Ha! NT
mgbaloo07/18/16 06:30 PM
x*Why didn't they call an ambulance first? NT
mgbaloo07/18/16 06:21 PM
x*So they bounced my Gretchen for no storyline? This house. NT
zebe8307/18/16 06:18 PM
x*Heather: Blah, blah, blah, Terry neglects us, blah, blah, blah, I need to spend more money. NT
sassyflalassy07/18/16 06:18 PM
x*It obnoxious. I really want to tweet Bravo that America is done with this damn house. NT
zebe8307/18/16 06:19 PM
x*Please do! No more house! NT
mgbaloo07/18/16 06:20 PM
x*You have to have a huge ego to have 4 kids, a vasectomy and still freeze your sperm. Lol NT
zebe8307/18/16 06:16 PM
x*Well, he is a former ballplayer and in St Louis, their ballplayers walk on water to their fans. NT
BBAnnie07/24/16 07:06 PM
x*I was thinking that too! NT
sassyflalassy07/18/16 06:18 PM
x*Kelly with the new housewife voice of reason position. NT
zebe8307/18/16 06:10 PM
x*Let us see how long it lasts. Remember Eileen and Lisa R., lol NT
mgbaloo07/18/16 06:11 PM
x*Shannon was voice of reason too. And Erika was last seasons. Lol. NT
zebe8307/18/16 06:12 PM
x*It is the RH contamination process. NT
mgbaloo07/18/16 06:13 PM
x*Shannon is so sanctimonious. NT
sassyflalassy07/18/16 06:09 PM
x*She is getting very annoying! NT
mgbaloo07/18/16 06:10 PM
x*She is a whole lot of not fun. NT
sassyflalassy07/18/16 06:11 PM
x*She is the fuddy in fuddy duddy. NT
mgbaloo07/18/16 06:12 PM
x*She is insufferable. NT
sassyflalassy07/18/16 06:17 PM
x*Do you ladies have bars in your closets? NT
zebe8307/18/16 06:07 PM
x*With large glasses of Chardonnay! NT
mgbaloo07/18/16 06:09 PM
x*Chardonnay GO? NT
Gamecock07/18/16 06:44 PM
x*Red wine would stain. NT
zebe8307/18/16 06:10 PM
x*You got it! ;) NT
mgbaloo07/18/16 06:11 PM
x*Howdy! I brought Heather's Special casserole. It keeps getting bigger and bigger and is never done.I have never tried any service like Hello Fresh. NT
mgbaloo07/18/16 06:02 PM
x*Oh is that the hexagonal one? NT
zebe8307/18/16 06:04 PM
x*Yep, lol :) NT
mgbaloo07/18/16 06:06 PM
x*I want to try it too. I swear they post directly to me on facebook. hee hee NT
Gamecock07/18/16 06:02 PM
x*Lol. Me too. NT
zebe8307/18/16 06:05 PM
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