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*Something is telling me we didn't see all the dinner party . Something is off strange in fact . NT
kathyG1513 19   08/19/14 12:37 AM
x*possibly, but I also think Shannon didn't "bite back" as much and Heather and Tamra were hoping, she pretty much shut it down.
betrma08/19/14 12:14 PM
x*Love Christian. NT
L2408/19/14 04:16 PM
x*he's refreshingly... real NT
shortcake08/21/14 03:54 PM
x*I SOOOO wish we had seen more of him this season. I feel like I didn't really get to know him and now I'm afraid that's the end of his career. :-( NT
KatOnAHotPC08/20/14 02:48 PM
x*At their party when the pot stirrers wanted to call an ambulance (because they were so concerned about Shannon LOL) he shut that down immediately
L2408/20/14 03:15 PM
x*I wish he would have backed David just a little more at Vickis party NT
CatsMommie08/20/14 05:05 PM
x*Agree, I just think he is so over it. NT
sassyflalassy08/20/14 05:19 PM
x*yeah he said something like "I checked out a while ago" or something like that. NT
L2408/20/14 06:03 PM
x*Yeah, he said 'I zoned out 5 minutes ago' but to be fair David added 'dumb' before the construction guy comment that Terry didn't say.
terlu08/20/14 07:04 PM
x*I think thats pretty much what Terry meant though, or that construction workers are beneath him. Lizzie doesn't bother me too much but
L2408/21/14 04:41 AM
x*That will forever be her contribution to this show. She was the only one who dared to call out Tamra. NT
sassyflalassy08/21/14 03:58 PM
x*We can invite him for our calendar "Hot Construction Men of the Real Housewives". NT
sassyflalassy08/20/14 02:50 PM
x*I think Heather and Terry were not prepared for David starting off with the apology. It made them look like total jerks. NT
sassyflalassy08/19/14 02:48 PM
x*which they absolutely are... andy better bring up what eddie said as well at the reunion... it was just as bad & they were all laughing ffs. NT
shortcake08/21/14 03:56 PM
x*No the point was to make Shannon look bad again and David .. and then of course to lie for Tamra because she helped Heather start mess NT
CatsMommie08/19/14 04:36 PM
x*Last night's episode was very disjointed. NT
cantgetenough08/19/14 09:37 AM
x*We never do see all of it but starting mess was totally planned .. Heather backing Tamra was owed because Tamra spread lies for Heather NT
CatsMommie08/19/14 06:35 AM
x*Absolutely NT
L2408/19/14 04:40 AM
x*I agree. NT
sassyflalassy08/19/14 03:50 AM
*I am probably the only Heather and Terry fan on here, or only one who will admit it.
EightOsix1640 21   08/18/14 10:17 PM
x*I like them both. Hard working and they are true partners, warts and all. NT
wooooozee08/19/14 07:45 PM
x*woohoo,finally there is someone else who likes the Dubrow's besides me NT
EightOsix08/20/14 08:17 PM
x*Terry defends himself on twitter saying what he was told was not true. What was he told and by whom? What am I missing? NT
littlewop08/19/14 10:14 AM
x*He has a twitter? NT
sassyflalassy08/19/14 02:41 PM
x*Yes @TerryPenisDubrow :) NT
CatsMommie08/19/14 05:03 PM
x*Ha! Lol! NT
mgbaloo08/19/14 08:18 PM
x*There ya go, it needs to go give Heather a slap! NT
terlu08/19/14 05:59 PM
x*ROFL, CatsMommie will be appearing every night!!! NT
sassyflalassy08/19/14 05:09 PM
x*He is just trying to turn the tide because people did not jump on his side with this and start calling David and Shannon a big penis NT
CatsMommie08/19/14 11:12 AM
x*ahhh....he is getting blasted on his twitter...LOL NT
littlewop08/19/14 01:02 PM
x*I've been defending Heather all season and am left only hanging onto a thread. I was very disappointed in both Heather and Terry last night. NT
cantgetenough08/19/14 09:36 AM
x*How do you even have thread left? :) It will break just like it did for Tamra NT
CatsMommie08/19/14 01:57 PM
x*They both want the fame .. They are NOT leaving unless Heather gets more movie/TV roles and even Terry is enjoying it .. They have a strong marriage
CatsMommie08/19/14 06:33 AM
x*LOL I don't see that happening, she's not a good actress, or a good liar. NT
L2408/19/14 07:56 AM
x*Don't be a poppyhead .. You know she is the next meryl streep. /Gives you the Heather how dare you look and eyes ;) NT
CatsMommie08/19/14 09:16 AM
L2408/19/14 04:16 PM
x*Meryl Streep comes to Heather Dubrow for acting advice. NT
sassyflalassy08/19/14 04:20 PM
x*Lmao!! NT
mgbaloo08/19/14 08:17 PM
x*She is the Go to if you want a chance to win an Oscar NT
CatsMommie08/19/14 05:04 PM
x*OMG I almost spit my coffee out ROTF NT
L2408/19/14 04:21 PM
x*I think their marriage is rock solid, more than anybody else on the Housewives. NT
sassyflalassy08/19/14 03:52 AM
*Who's on the couch for the OC tonight? NT
L2411151 180   08/18/14 05:46 PM
x*Okay, it was fun, cocktails on the couch for the reunion. NT
L2408/18/14 07:04 PM
x*Well, you know I will be there. NT
sassyflalassy08/19/14 03:39 PM
x*Margaritas and guacamole! NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 07:16 PM
x*My favorite!!! NT
L2408/19/14 04:39 AM
x*Thanks L24 for hosting. Reunion next week woo hoo! Have a good night everyone! NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 07:04 PM
x*Yes! NT
L2408/18/14 07:04 PM
x*OMG I really dislike Ryan NT
CatsMommie08/18/14 07:00 PM
x*Ryan is the worst! NT
wooooozee08/18/14 09:55 PM
x*Me too. NT
zebe8308/18/14 07:02 PM
x*I was thinking he was better than last year. He didn't yell at any old ladies. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 07:01 PM
x*True and he was hardly on NT
CatsMommie08/18/14 07:03 PM
x*Baby Troy is adorable. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:59 PM
x*He is NT
CatsMommie08/18/14 07:01 PM
x*Ryan was more affectionate to Vicki than Breana. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 07:00 PM
x*It is kinda weird altho he we KNOW he loves the perks having Vicki as a MIL brings him. Otherwise he isn't buying half a mill home much less looking
CatsMommie08/19/14 06:38 AM
x*This last commercial break has been 5 minutes long NT
zebe8308/18/14 06:56 PM
x*Bravo needs some $$$$. NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:57 PM
x*Well how can they top calling someone a penis? LOL NT
CatsMommie08/18/14 06:57 PM
x*Somebody can rip their leg off and throw it? NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:58 PM
x*I know how Vicki feels, my babies live far away and it sucks NT
L2408/18/14 06:59 PM
x*Yes, it does. NT
Shar08/19/14 08:05 AM
x*Agree. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 07:01 PM
x*How mad is Heather she got a little line at the party and Vicki and Tamra got this goodbyes solo scenes NT
CatsMommie08/18/14 06:59 PM
x*Rofl! NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:59 PM
x*Terry and Heather are very threatened by Shannon and David. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:50 PM
x*Oh they are and IMO Shannon and David are better NT
CatsMommie08/18/14 06:52 PM
x*No one has ever made me roll my eyes more then Heather NT
L2408/18/14 06:53 PM
x*I am so tired of her smug "So there!" face. NT
Shar08/19/14 08:08 AM
x*LOL me too, I expect her to say neener neener neener NT
L2408/19/14 08:09 AM
x*Well that or some big word she thinks no one else could possibly know the meaning of .. Thats why she likes stupid Tamra NT
CatsMommie08/19/14 01:56 PM
x*My eyes got stuck a few times. I had to hit my head hard to fix them. ;) NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:55 PM
x*Now you need to work into your life calling people big poopyhead penis when you try to turn the bull on high NT
CatsMommie08/18/14 06:56 PM
x*My vocabulary courtesy of RH lol NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 07:00 PM
x*Honestly, I'm not a violent person but I want to smack her, give her something real to complain about NT
L2408/18/14 06:56 PM
x*I know what you mean. NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 07:00 PM
x*I think so, that's why they are so passionate about their hate. I still can't believe what Eddie said was never brought up. In front of his kids
L2408/18/14 06:52 PM
x*They really are. You can see how truly petty they are. NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:52 PM
x*Honestly what kinda of ribbing must Terry get from the other Drs and Men from the we have a term in medicine for you and its penis .. Who does that NT
CatsMommie08/18/14 06:50 PM
x*I work closely with doctors every day. I have never heard any of them use that term. Maybe Terry went to school in the olden days? NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:52 PM
x*Or he throws insults out like a 5 year old .. Or prob closer to the truth Heather does not allow him to cuss even to say dick NT
CatsMommie08/18/14 06:54 PM
x*What a d!ck LOL NT
L2408/18/14 06:51 PM
x*Tamra trying to buy some sympathy now NT
CatsMommie08/18/14 06:47 PM
x*No sale here NT
L2408/18/14 06:47 PM
x*I can't believe I am saying this but I really liked Vicki this season and she seemed relatively sane. lol NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:46 PM
x*I love her .. Really really do NOT. Like Terry, Heather, or Tamra NT
CatsMommie08/18/14 06:48 PM
x*Many seasons ago I thought Vicki was mean to people but she has really grown on me. Heather, Terry, and Tamra can leave now. NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:49 PM
x*I think Vicki was very unhappy in her marriage and life and it boiled over besides Slade and Gretchen seem to bring that out in people NT
CatsMommie08/18/14 06:51 PM
x*I agree. Without Slade and Gretchen and with more peace in her life Vicki is very likable. NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:54 PM
x*Love Vicki, she is all about the woohoo not the drama NT
L2408/18/14 06:46 PM
x*Yep. NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:47 PM
x*Why is it ending so early? NT
zebe8308/18/14 06:46 PM
x*I hope we get a first look at the reunion!!! NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:46 PM
x*we will NT
L2408/18/14 06:47 PM
x*Heather, you and Terry are the biggest phonies ever. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:45 PM
x*Slides? Are we back in the 60s? NT
zebe8308/18/14 06:43 PM
x*She must do this at the insurance conventions. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:44 PM
x*That is good. NT
zebe8308/18/14 06:46 PM
x*OMG Heather what a hypocrite NT
L2408/18/14 06:45 PM
x*I had a slide projector as a kid and took tons of pics. Vicki would say, "Snore" lol NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:44 PM
L2408/18/14 06:44 PM
x*Lizzie and Christian are too normal for this show. NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:42 PM
x*Lizzie likes to stir things up, considering she is the only one who has stood up to tamara NT
EightOsix08/18/14 10:09 PM
x*She's giving Tamra what she deserves and calling her on her BS. NT
L2408/19/14 05:30 AM
x*He really is over it. NT
zebe8308/18/14 06:44 PM
x*He wants to leave NT
L2408/18/14 06:42 PM
x*OMG I hate them .. And Terry was not even upset about the comment until Heather needed something else to go after Shannon for NT
CatsMommie08/18/14 06:42 PM
x*Why is it ending so early?
zebe8308/18/14 06:45 PM
x*It did go by fast NT
L2408/18/14 06:45 PM
x*What Eddie said was worse, no mention of that NT
L2408/18/14 06:42 PM
x*Bingo. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:42 PM
x*Heather, he spoke to David at Lizzie's party like this. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:41 PM
x*Is Danielle's husband hot? Thet never keep the camera on him long. NT
zebe8308/18/14 06:39 PM
x*Look at Tamra laughing NT
L2408/18/14 06:41 PM
x*She lives for this NT
CatsMommie08/18/14 06:42 PM
x*OMG her face, how can they not want to smack her? NT
L2408/18/14 06:43 PM
x*Any good will Terry had bought from me with botched he lost again ,, and Hi all sorry I am late work again :( NT
CatsMommie08/18/14 06:38 PM
x*Hi CM glad you are here. Terry is lowered in my book too. NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:41 PM
x*If you want to like Terry, best not to watch him on The Housewives. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:39 PM
x*yay!! your here NT
L2408/18/14 06:39 PM
x*We know which one is the penis on this show and it is not David. NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:37 PM
x*David is a big poopyhead penis :p Heather said so NT
CatsMommie08/18/14 06:39 PM
x*Ha! NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:41 PM
L2408/18/14 06:39 PM
x*Agreed. NT
zebe8308/18/14 06:38 PM
x*What a stupid thing to say NT
L2408/18/14 06:37 PM
x*really is. NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:38 PM
x*Terry is really a jerk. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:36 PM
x*and Heather is a jerk also. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:37 PM
x*yep. NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:38 PM
x*Heather, Shannon was not yelling. NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:34 PM
x*Good grief I'm tired of hearing that NT
L2408/18/14 06:35 PM
x*Team Lizzie. Of course Eddie wouldn't touch Lizze with a ten foot pole. But Christian is another matter. NT
zebe8308/18/14 06:34 PM
x*Lol! NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:35 PM
x*Tamra was screaming like a maniac at that party too NT
L2408/18/14 06:36 PM
x*Oh Terry, did your kids and your mother not hear Eddie that day? Just David? NT
L2408/18/14 06:36 PM
x*I don't think it was an issue at the time. They admitted on WWHL that when they saw it back, what they were told was exaggerated. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:38 PM
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:34 PM
x*Oh Heather, I guess it was okay to stab Alexis in the back in every direction, eh? NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:33 PM
x*Here she goes. She cannot keep her mouth shut. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:32 PM
x*YAY Christen!!! NT
L2408/18/14 06:32 PM
x*Eddie alert! Food on the table. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:28 PM
x*Lmao! Give that man some food. NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:30 PM
x*Just keep her happy while I stab her in the back smh NT
L2408/18/14 06:30 PM
x*Watch Eddie eat. Eat Eddie eat, lol NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:28 PM
x*You and Sassy posted at the same time. NT
zebe8308/18/14 06:30 PM
x*Lol. GMTA! :) NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:31 PM
x*Holla! NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:38 PM
x*ROFL!!!! NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:28 PM
x*Tamra is looking very raccoon like with those eyes.
zebe8308/18/14 06:27 PM
x*Her face does not move at all lol NT
L2408/18/14 06:28 PM
x*Terry and Heather once again show their extremely poor manners. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:21 PM
x*Eddie said show us how you ride your husband, how is that better then what David said? NT
L2408/18/14 06:22 PM
x*It isn't. They are looking for bad things on the Beadors. So silly. NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:23 PM
x*On WWHL, the Beadors won overwhelmingly over the Dubrows on this issue and Terry was pissed. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:24 PM
x*Lol. NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:25 PM
x*LOVED that NT
L2408/18/14 06:25 PM
x*I don't get it, just because Heather doesn't like Shannon. So childish. Lizzies husband needs to shut this down again LOL NT
L2408/18/14 06:24 PM
x*I like him. NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:25 PM
x*Me too, he's a no BS kinda guy NT
L2408/18/14 06:25 PM
x*He probably thinks all these people are crazy. NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:26 PM
x*They are LOL NT
L2408/18/14 06:26 PM
x*So true but I guess that is why we watch. lol NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:27 PM
x*Yes! NT
L2408/18/14 06:28 PM
x*oooo cold reception for Tamra LOL NT
L2408/18/14 06:27 PM
x*Team Christian NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:26 PM
x*Heatther, you should know what calculated is. NT
L2408/18/14 06:26 PM
x*Tamra lying again about Brooks. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:18 PM
x*Don't put your feet on the couch. That was funny! NT
zebe8308/18/14 06:19 PM
x*What Eddie said was much worse (when Heather got on the bull) NT
L2408/18/14 06:20 PM
x*Yes. And at he time Terry did not seem to care. NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:22 PM
x*Terry didn't say anything at the time and all of a sudden it's a big deal? NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:22 PM
x*And if you have a problem, at someone's dinner party is not the place to air it out. How about a phone call/private convo NT
L2408/18/14 06:23 PM
x*Terry likes to cause scenes at dinner tables. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:23 PM
x*Who does that? NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:24 PM
x*Apparently NT
L2408/18/14 06:24 PM
x*Tamra talks out of both sides of her mouth. NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:17 PM
x*Heather, don't you personally try to split up people? For sure, Tamra does. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:15 PM
x*They all love to forgive but never do it. NT
zebe8308/18/14 06:17 PM
x*Must be all that spiritual healing they did in Bali. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:18 PM
x*Why does Tamra lie and gossip about people and then expect people not to compare notes? NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:11 PM
x*cuz she's dumb as dirt NT
L2408/18/14 06:11 PM
x*Ha! :) NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:14 PM
x*I don't think theres anything wrong with what Shannon said to Vicki about Tamra NT
L2408/18/14 06:15 PM
x*Neither do I! NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:15 PM
x*Add me. The pot stirrer is Heather. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:16 PM
x*What does it say that she is so close to Tamra, the pot stirrer? NT
L2408/18/14 06:17 PM
x*Lol. How do you really feel? NT
zebe8308/18/14 06:12 PM
x*LOL I swear every time she opens her mouth she shows her stupidity NT
L2408/18/14 06:13 PM
x*Love Lizzies' husband NT
L2408/18/14 06:13 PM
x*she thinks rice grows on trees NT
L2408/18/14 06:11 PM
x*Heather is no friend of yours, Shannon. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:08 PM
x*Terry DuBrow used to be on The Swan. Enough said. NT
zebe8308/18/14 06:10 PM
x*That's for sure NT
L2408/18/14 06:08 PM
x*I'm here to take down the Beadors and any one else in my path! NT
zebe8308/18/14 06:02 PM
x*Tomorrow is my last vacation day. Call this pre-crabiness! NT
zebe8308/18/14 06:05 PM
x*I am with you since this was my first day of work after summer break. Crabs unite! NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:10 PM
x*Boo! NT
zebe8308/18/14 06:11 PM
x*Hiss! lol NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:13 PM
x*Well that stinks NT
L2408/18/14 06:06 PM
x*Umm Heather, who wants to be friends with Tamra when she betrays them? NT
L2408/18/14 06:08 PM
x*Tamra promised that was the last time we would see her. Sadly, she lied yet again. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:09 PM
x*LOL yes NT
L2408/18/14 06:09 PM
x**sigh* silly Vicki, she just wants a nice party where everyone gets along LOL NT
L2408/18/14 06:10 PM
x*Terry is acting like a total jerk again. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:12 PM
x*He's so different on Botched NT
L2408/18/14 06:12 PM
x*Wait till somebody comes in and says he botched the surgery. We will see the real Terry. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:13 PM
x*I think Heather brings out the worst in him NT
L2408/18/14 06:14 PM
x*We will have to whoop it extra for you. Woo Hooo. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:06 PM
x*ROFL, we have a name for people like you in medicine, It's penis. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:04 PM
x*LOL@ Eddie, "Tell her it's dinner time" NT
L2408/18/14 06:05 PM
x*Eddie and food lol NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:09 PM
L2408/18/14 06:03 PM
x*Watch out the zebe is here . No prisoners :) NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 06:03 PM
x*CatsMommie, Karina86 , zebe83? NT
L2408/18/14 05:56 PM
x*I am here and ready to go. :) NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 05:52 PM
x*Yay! NT
L2408/18/14 05:53 PM
x*:) NT
mgbaloo08/18/14 05:56 PM
x*Present. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 05:47 PM
x*yay! I don't remember, did Lizzie say Eddie wanted to marry of "F" her? NT
L2408/18/14 05:49 PM
x*I am guessing she really said "f" but am glad she and Danielle are sticking to their story, it gives Tamra a taste of her own medicine. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:05 PM
*I think it is ridiculous when Vicki talks about "boys". You are 50 years old, Vicki. NT
sassyflalassy448 5   08/18/14 05:08 PM
x*Stamp. NT
zebe8308/18/14 06:02 PM
x*I can't believe the way Tamra is shrieking at a restaurant in Bali. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 05:49 PM
x*Didn't she run out like that once before this season? NT
L2408/18/14 05:51 PM
x*When Slade challenged her at one of the Reunions she ran out like that, screaming and cursing. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 06:03 PM
x*guilty conscience NT
L2408/18/14 05:50 PM
*The producers this season on NJ are making Joe seem like a humble an sensitive cute lil teddy bear-dont you just want to squeeze his cheeks. NT
xrayspex216 2   08/18/14 02:29 PM
x*I always thought Poison was a lil teddy bear. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 03:03 PM
x*No poison is my lil hunky booo NT
xrayspex08/18/14 03:06 PM
*Melissa was totally in the wrong for telling those annoying twins an she no doubt wanted to start drama- even though i cant stand the mortgage guy an
xrayspex361 4   08/18/14 12:22 PM
x*I agree but Amber did say it, it was not out of context and Amber needs to grow up. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 03:04 PM
x*If it was it was said about me from someone I thought was a friends, I would want to know NT
L2408/18/14 04:57 PM
x*So would I. Amber would come off better if she just owned it and apologized. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 05:01 PM
x*I agree. She has a very cold/mean face. NT
L2408/18/14 05:26 PM
*Did Dina have any makeup on in the scenes at her house with Teresa making that board? I definitely saw no lipstick, maybe a little mascara but not
doxylover79642 5   08/17/14 08:07 PM
x*This one is easy for me. She is very pretty but she is a snooze, and I don't think she is a nice snooze. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 03:08 PM
x*I was just going to post I so far like Dina on this season. She has great one liners and kind of fun watching her. I am not finding her
xrayspex08/18/14 11:56 AM
x*I think she is as boring as ever. "Lexi and I are soooo close" *yawn* NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 03:06 PM
x*braaaahaaaa NT
xrayspex08/18/14 03:07 PM
x*"I haven't been single in 15 years" *yawn* NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 03:08 PM
*Lisa Vanderpump Fires Kristen Doute — Because of Stassi Schroeder?
L24621 3   08/16/14 11:22 AM
x*Why did it take this long? NT
EightOsix08/18/14 08:24 AM
x*She was waiting for filming to start on the new season, my guess. Makes for good tv? NT
enter_a_name08/18/14 04:14 PM
x*Good question NT
L2408/18/14 09:32 AM
*Are Dr. Terry and Heather Dubrow leaving 'The Real Housewives of Orange County?
L242395 14   08/16/14 11:15 AM
x*I hope so!! They are the most unbearable!! NT
enter_a_name08/18/14 08:43 AM
x*They should, they are too good for the show!! NT
EightOsix08/18/14 08:26 AM
x*This actually made me laugh out loud and get a fit of giggles NT
CatsMommie08/18/14 12:28 PM
x*It's true, just ask them. NT
sassyflalassy08/18/14 03:09 PM
x*It's probably contract negotiation time NT
DeeDee08/17/14 05:36 AM
x*LOL yes NT
L2408/17/14 06:02 AM
x*Unfortunately, I am sure they will be back. Hope Tamra gets the ax but I am sure she will be back too. They think we are interested in her life. NT
sassyflalassy08/16/14 11:21 AM
x*Maybe we could have Terry and Eddie and lose Tamra and Heather NT
CatsMommie08/16/14 11:56 AM
x*I could live with Eddie eating his way through more dinner parties. NT
sassyflalassy08/16/14 01:01 PM
x*The article really only talks about Terry leaving, not Heather. But I agree with you, unfortunately, she will be back NT
L2408/16/14 11:23 AM
x*Heather needs her mouthpiece. NT
sassyflalassy08/16/14 11:39 AM
x*Terry has his own show now .. He doesn't want to be Heathers mouthpiece anymore NT
CatsMommie08/16/14 11:57 AM
x*BTW I hope Terrys show gets him some walk on parts on TV shows ... Oh I would LOVE to see Heathers face then NT
CatsMommie08/16/14 11:58 AM
x*I really like him on Botched He seems so different when his arrogant wife is not around NT
L2408/16/14 12:43 PM
*Mario Singer Complained To Stunning Blonde That Bravo Show ‘Ruined’ Wife Ramona On Ill-Fated Getaway To Save Marriage
L24477 3   08/16/14 11:11 AM
x*Oh yes him cheating on Ramona had NOTHING to do with them being unhappy with each other on this trip. Mario is such a good guy I mean if you ignore
CatsMommie08/16/14 11:54 AM
x*I knew you would love this article. I'm sure her being distant to him on that trip had nothing to do with the fact that she knew he was
L2408/16/14 12:42 PM
x*Not surprising. NT
agent9908/16/14 11:26 AM
*Phaedra Parks Is In A Sticky Situation
pusssykatt278 0   08/15/14 10:10 AM
*What is Kim Z's problem? every time I see her on WWHL, she is boring, quiet and just dull. NT
EightOsix1144 12   08/15/14 08:32 AM
x*Can you imagine what her in-laws think of her mouth? She also swears she's a size 4. She looked more like an 8 on WWHL. She looks good. NT
dwig22208/16/14 08:10 AM
x*She looks good but not as good as she thinks she looks. NT
sassyflalassy08/16/14 08:51 AM
x*She has six kids and 4 are still babies/toddlers. Not that interesting. I am sort of appalled at that potty mouth around the kids. NT
sassyflalassy08/15/14 04:15 PM
x*That's why I couldn't get into the show. Her foul mouth is hard to take, especially around all those young kids. NT
pusssykatt08/16/14 07:56 AM
x*I just can't watch it either. I truly do not find her amusing because I am just so put off at this being held out to us as mother of the year. NT
sassyflalassy08/16/14 08:52 AM
x*I just see Crazy Kim, no glorification of her as a mother. NT
Shar08/16/14 12:02 PM
x*We all see different things. I see a person constantly patting her own back about her status as a mom. NT
sassyflalassy08/16/14 12:08 PM
x*I interpreted your statement to say that Bravo is portraying Kim as Mother of the Year. Yes, Kim has an elevated opinion of herself. NT
Shar08/16/14 12:24 PM
x*I agree. Bravo just captures the moments. NT
sassyflalassy08/16/14 12:27 PM
x*Come on Drinking, Cussing, Smoking ... What more could you ask for from a mom? NT
CatsMommie08/16/14 11:58 AM
x*I think she is happy, content and settled. She isn't the same person as when she started. NT
jenniell08/15/14 10:21 AM
x*that makes sense NT
EightOsix08/15/14 10:54 PM
*56 Yr Old American Woman Shares Her Remarkable Anti-Aging Discovery On The Today Show
L24597 4   08/15/14 07:59 AM
x*For the record, I don't buy into this, I'm sure all the celebs who back it have gotten paid a pretty penny NT
L2408/15/14 07:59 AM
x*So Demi Moore is supposed to use this too? Because that's not anyone name Jessica in that last photo. NT
doxylover7908/17/14 08:02 PM
x*I don't know why the link is not working, I will have to try to find it again. NT
L2408/18/14 03:56 AM
x*Can the mods please delete this as the link no longer works? NT
L2408/18/14 04:28 AM
*by the time Carolyn's series starts, no one will remember who she is. NT
EightOsix831 9   08/14/14 10:40 PM
x*Its supposed to start in Oct from what Wacko Jacko says .. does anyone care tho? NT
CatsMommie08/15/14 07:51 AM
x*But you can cry with her about her being lonely in her mansion an how her hubby always works NT
xrayspex08/16/14 09:39 AM
x*and brings his girlfriends to the apt over the Brownstone NT
CatsMommie08/16/14 11:55 AM
x*Not me. NT
chris426608/15/14 06:56 PM
x*Not me, not one bit. Who wants to watch Carowhine wipe her boys butts? NT
L2408/15/14 07:56 AM
x*This ^^^ NT
Shar08/16/14 11:44 AM
x*;-) NT
L2408/16/14 12:39 PM
x*Who? NT
L2408/15/14 04:52 AM
x*Ha! :) NT
mgbaloo08/15/14 07:04 AM
*Did Shannon have a face lift or a great haircut. I say face lift or fillers.
dwig222515 5   08/14/14 03:13 PM
x*I thought she had new teeth as well, they looked like Chiclets. NT
anastasia61208/21/14 12:11 PM
x*I wondered the same thing when she was on WWHL. Either she gained weight or she got fillers. She looks completely different! NT
enter_a_name08/14/14 04:02 PM
x*I thought she looked great on WWHL. I thought it was just the bangs and makeup NT
L2408/14/14 04:35 PM
x*Not a face lift, but Botox and fillers are kind of the norm now. I just had Botox myself the other day. Why not just own it? NT
cantgetenough08/14/14 03:42 PM
x*I like how heather and terry owned up to the work they have done on WWHL..the ones who don't admit it think we are dumb NT
EightOsix08/14/14 10:26 PM
*Mama Bear On The Prowl! Yolanda Foster Bans ‘RHOBH’ Co-Stars From Discussing Daughter’s DUI, Concerned It Could Hurt Her College Chances
L241232 11   08/14/14 10:26 AM
x*What's the diff whether it's discussed on the show on written about in the tabloids? Seems like it's out there now. NT
agent9908/15/14 06:45 AM
x*Right NT
L2408/15/14 07:29 AM
x*I thought Gigi went to the New School. That's what was said on the show, NT
sassyflalassy08/14/14 02:39 PM
x*This is her other daughter Bella NT
L2408/14/14 02:57 PM
x*The article says Gigi (her older sister) attends NYU. NT
sassyflalassy08/14/14 03:43 PM
x*Yes but the DUI is Bella, that's the one she is worried about getting into college
L2408/14/14 04:31 PM
x*Perhaps Yolanda should worry about the fact that her daughter is driving under the influence. I hope she gets priorities straight. NT
sassyflalassy08/14/14 04:35 PM
x*Wasn't she very vocal about drinking and driving on the show? NT
L2408/14/14 04:35 PM
x* I think its all about image ...Yolanda Doesn't Like Drunken Women (Blog from Dec 3, 2012)
L2408/14/14 04:49 PM
x*She is the one who is always on the weird diets so probably. NT
sassyflalassy08/14/14 04:36 PM
x*I don't see how this being brought up an the show will hurt her chances of college, it's been all over the press anyway NT
L2408/14/14 10:28 AM
*Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump Mend Their Friendship After Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Fallout
L24599 5   08/14/14 10:24 AM
x*Brandi wouldn't be there long if she fell out with Lisa. She already had one foot out the door after the reunion. NT
DeeDee08/15/14 03:44 PM
x*Adrienne with 4 -5 young guys in tow??? She looks every bit of her age. They don't want her. They want fame. She's no cougar. NT
dwig22208/14/14 10:36 AM
x*Seems like all the young guys Adrienne dates are heirs to large fortunes. What does she have to offer them?? NT
enter_a_name08/14/14 02:22 PM
x*Shes an heiress to another large fortune :) NT
DeeDee08/15/14 03:54 PM
x*LOL Yeah I don't get it NT
L2408/14/14 04:55 PM
*RAMONA SINGER:Why I finally left Mario for good.
agent99341 1   08/14/14 06:44 AM
x*Good for her .. He is scum and she has the money .. I hope he gets NOTHING NT
CatsMommie08/14/14 08:10 AM
*Why Jacqueline Laurita's Return to RHONJ Could Stir Up Drama
L241857 21   08/14/14 06:40 AM
x*Yawn ... yeah thats really gonna bring drama boring added scenes with Kathy and Wacko Jacko . and you know they will be made up scenes to trash Tre NT
CatsMommie08/14/14 08:05 AM
x*I rather watch Jaq than Dina. But in the end I won't watch either, lol NT
mgbaloo08/14/14 07:52 AM
x*At least it looks like she may not be on full time. I said right along she was unhappy about being let go, and not happy like she said. If she
L2408/14/14 08:11 AM
x*lol NT
mgbaloo08/14/14 09:03 AM
x*Jac fighting with Dina might be the only thing interesting she could add NT
CatsMommie08/14/14 08:06 AM
x*and I don't think I still would want to watch, lol NT
mgbaloo08/14/14 09:03 AM
x*I would if Jac would spill the tea on why Dina and Caroline don't speak .. Its even more interesting to me because the mom was never on with Caroline
CatsMommie08/14/14 09:11 AM
x*That would be the only interesting thing she could provide. Boring! NT
DeeDee08/15/14 03:56 PM
x*When Caroline had the Christmas Eve dinner at her home, weren't most of them there, including the parents? NT
sassyflalassy08/14/14 04:56 PM
x*I think so. NT
mgbaloo08/14/14 05:02 PM
x*I think Dina doesn't talk to Chris either. NT
sassyflalassy08/14/14 04:55 PM
x*I have read Dina is estranged from other family members. NT
mgbaloo08/14/14 05:16 PM
x*Only Chris and Caroline .. Caroline its reported is only on speaking terms with Fran, Chris and Jamie. Dina did not go to Jamies wedding because they
CatsMommie08/15/14 07:49 AM
x*Glad I am not watching. To be honest I do not like any of them. I think they all are a bit crazed. NT
mgbaloo08/15/14 10:38 AM
x*I thought I had read that Caroline doesn't get along with them. Good catch on the bracelet the mother made, saw the episode but didn't think about
L2408/15/14 07:55 AM
x*Yep thats why I say there is something really interesting going on there and that would be about the only thing that would make Jac coming back
CatsMommie08/15/14 08:37 AM
x*She wasn't at Jamie's wedding but I did see Fran in the scene with the mother. Fran looks just like Caroline. NT
sassyflalassy08/14/14 06:18 PM
x*The family is large so it is hard to know who is speaking to whom. One sister was staying at Caroline's house for awhile. I forget her name. NT
mgbaloo08/14/14 06:21 PM
x*Oh I guess she was Fran right? NT
mgbaloo08/14/14 06:23 PM
x*Yes Fran was there also as part of Manzoed with children but has since moved out NT
CatsMommie08/15/14 07:50 AM
x*You are on the right track for sure. NT
Semi08/14/14 10:58 AM
*Ramona is making a fool of herself. She looks like a crazy woman.
dwig2221438 14   08/13/14 08:36 PM
x*What's with the stars on her titties? NT
cantgetenough08/14/14 07:52 AM
x*Prob Nips hard NT
CatsMommie08/14/14 08:06 AM
x*Oh, so TMZ put them there? Lol...I thought they were part of her tee shirt. NT
cantgetenough08/14/14 08:19 AM
x*LOL Yeah they added them ... I don't think Ramona has started shopping for stripper work out gear yet. I think she might not be as easy as Sonja NT
CatsMommie08/14/14 09:12 AM
L2408/14/14 09:22 AM
x*I wonder if the woman is following her or if she is losing it a bit.Hard to really know. Looks either way like Ramona needs to get away from media NT
mgbaloo08/14/14 06:29 AM
x*Its been in the media that she has followed her, sent letters, emails, even confronted her when she was at dinner with friends NT
CatsMommie08/14/14 08:11 AM
x*then all the better reason to go somewhere private. You would think the crazy mistress would leave her alone now that she has Mario? NT
mgbaloo08/14/14 09:02 AM
x*Yes she should get away from NY for a bit. There were articles that the POS did contact her a few times. I just can't imagine what she is going
L2408/14/14 06:34 AM
x*ita! You need to get with true friends who will not sell your story. NT
mgbaloo08/14/14 07:50 AM
x*Or because the mistress was sending her emails, letters, etc she did think it was her and did not want to be confronted .. yanno just maybe NT
CatsMommie08/14/14 04:57 AM
x*Yeah I'm not a big fan, but I can't imagine what she is going through. She was with this man for such a long time, and her whole life has been
L2408/14/14 05:19 AM
x*Maybe its just me but I just get no pleasure from kicking someone when they are down even if they do it to someone its not ok for me because then I
CatsMommie08/14/14 06:05 AM
x*I agree, I have not liked some of the things she has said and done on the show, and even the reunion. I did not like that she seemed to take
L2408/14/14 06:14 AM
*OMG Wacko Jacko thinks the thought of her coming back made the ratings go up ...
CatsMommie212 1   08/13/14 02:44 PM
x* smh NT
L2408/13/14 02:49 PM
*‘RHOBH’ Star Kim Richards’ Secret Child: How She Gained And Lost Custody Of Adorable Toddler
L24319 1   08/13/14 01:49 PM
x*Thats sad .. The little girl prob just copied the other kids NT
CatsMommie08/13/14 03:21 PM
*More Than A Fling? Adrienne Maloof, 52, ‘Wants A Winter Wedding’ To Boy Toy Jacob Busch, 25
L2498 0   08/13/14 01:42 PM
*Sonja Morgan’s Bankruptcy Spurs Battle Between Film Production Company & Her Trustee’s Attorneys
L24127 0   08/13/14 01:02 PM
*Brandi Glanville Gets Gift From Former ‘RHOBH’ Nemesis Adrienne Maloof
L24157 0   08/13/14 01:00 PM
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