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*Good for Phaedra i don't blame her 1 bit after Apollo's been playing her as a fool guess she's no fool after all
kathyG139 0   11/10/14 08:44 AM
*Anybody else amped up for the new Hotlanta season starting tonight? Hoping for less Mama Joyce - watching the marathon & I'm mad all over again! NT
Karina861310 23   11/09/14 03:12 PM
x*I've never watched the Atlanta series, but decided to check it out so yesterday I started the marathon at about the halfway point and now
cantgetenough11/10/14 09:54 AM
x*Kenya is very complex. I get such a kick how she gets them so riled up. NT
sassyflalassy11/10/14 04:40 PM
x*I'm on the fence about the whole Phaedra thing. There is a 'shady' side to her too. I think he is a con man, but I also think she was aware of that
dillybean11/10/14 03:18 AM
x*I think she actually loved and or still loves him still. She was his attorney before she married him and knew what he could be.....
cjj311/10/14 08:00 PM
x*I tend to agree with your reasoning. NT
sassyflalassy11/10/14 04:40 PM
x*ITA. She's a smart cookie, so she can't play the dumb card. She was just smart enough to keep her hands clean. Teresa G. should have taken notes. NT
littlewop11/10/14 07:53 AM
x*Apollo has lost all respect for Phaedra? Are you kidding me? I am totally #TeamPhaedra on this one! He let them down in the worst way! NT
Karina8611/09/14 05:36 PM
x*That was so wrong of him. I may be wrong but I've had the sense he was doing Steroids for about 2-3 seasons as well. He changed a lot. NT
HumblePie11/09/14 06:02 PM
x*I think Kenya should cut the victim act, it doesn't suit her. NT
Karina8611/09/14 05:25 PM
x*Kenya is at her best when she is in full twirl mode. NT
sassyflalassy11/10/14 04:41 PM
x*Perfect description! NT
Shar11/12/14 11:07 AM
x*woo. go phaedra NT
Carrot_Stick11/09/14 05:14 PM
x*She is sooo strong! Apollo makes me furious with his whining and blaming. NT
Karina8611/09/14 05:23 PM
x*Woo, go Cynthia! NT
sassyflalassy11/09/14 05:22 PM
x*I like Cynthia with a backbone! This should be good! NT
Karina8611/09/14 05:23 PM
x*I am here. NT
sassyflalassy11/09/14 05:06 PM
x*I could do without Mama Joyce too. NT
sassyflalassy11/09/14 04:00 PM
x*I am!! New girl this season right? And Porsha is out? NT
littlewop11/09/14 03:30 PM
x*I think Porsha is a "friend", but yes, not part of the cast! And yes, a new girl! I hope she's fun! :) I'm on the edge of my seat for the
Karina8611/09/14 03:34 PM
x*I can't wait for the Kenya/Porsha fall out from the reunion! Also want to see who Nene says she will never be friends with again. NT
littlewop11/09/14 03:51 PM
x*Hee hee! Prolly why they had to bring a new girl on...NeNe has run out of friends!! NT
Karina8611/09/14 03:53 PM
x*I think she and Cynthia have fallen out permanently. NT
sassyflalassy11/09/14 03:57 PM
x*That wouldn't surprise me..NeNe doesn't like it when her friends stand up to her! NT
Karina8611/09/14 03:58 PM
*Little late here but I'm just catching up on NJ. What is it that Jacqueline was supposed to have said about Dina and if Dina didn't want discussed why
doxylover791448 17   11/08/14 09:50 AM
x*I've not watched much since the first two seasons. What happened between Dina, Caroline, and her brother? NT
DonnaP11/17/14 04:03 PM
x*Jacqueline happened. NT
cantgetenough11/17/14 04:09 PM
x*What did she do to cause the split between them all? NT
DonnaP11/18/14 04:48 PM
x*Dina came back to the show because this was the first year that other family members wouldn't be on (or so she thought.) She didn't
Semi11/14/14 01:38 PM
x*Dina time let go and grow up!
Jennydg6811/13/14 08:47 PM
x*I'm so tired of Dina's *****. She thinks she can not speak to her family members for years and then be invited to a party and pretend the whole
anastasia61211/13/14 10:51 AM
x*I love Dina.. and they blind sided her by putting Jac & Chris on. She was under the impression her family would not be on! Andy is a jerk!!! NT
RealitySuperfan11/17/14 11:00 AM
x*Dina is no better than the rest in my book but she pretends she is. NT
mgbaloo11/13/14 11:40 AM
x*I cannot stand her passive aggressive BS. NT
sassyflalassy11/13/14 04:34 PM
x*Dina came back because Jac and Caroline were no longer on the show so she would NOT have to talk about it. Jac came back AFTER the season had filmed
CatsMommie11/08/14 11:28 AM
x*Dina must be extremely stupid then, Jersey has always been about family drama. If she wanted to avoid it then stay off the show! NT
Dexter11/09/14 08:07 AM
x*She is a very bitter lady. She's not Zen at all. Tommy is Al's brother, right ? Have to wonder how Tommy and Al get along. NT
dillybean11/11/14 04:59 PM
x*I actually disagree that Jac is the only issue. I've never really enjoyed Dina and from what I read, she has been angry that her family didn't
HumblePie11/08/14 04:17 PM
x*From what I read, I am in agreement with you. NT
mgbaloo11/08/14 06:38 PM
x*also, Jac's daughter showed up at the reunion to do Kathy's make-up. She tried to get on the reunion to go after Dina but...
georgia938211/08/14 04:05 PM
x*Jac has to be the HW that annoys me most out of all the franchises. She is such a fame whore, it disgusts me. She needs to concentrate n her family NT
littlewop11/08/14 02:55 PM
x*They are ALL fame whores and Dina is on the top of the list. I don't believe her zen act. NT
adamant1311/08/14 09:23 PM
*Has there ever been a lesbian couple on housewives? Gay men but I dont think I ever seen a lesbian. NT
xrayspex495 9   11/07/14 11:50 AM
x*Ooh ooh, there was Danielle Staub and "lesbian superstar" Lori Michaels! I think they lasted all of 5 minutes! NT
Karina8611/09/14 11:16 AM
x*They had a lesbian on briefly RHOC. The personal trainer from South America? Only one season. NT
sassyflalassy11/07/14 03:10 PM
x*Wasn't it rumored that Tamra "swam in the lady pool" with her? I vaguely remember Andy alluding to it. NT
littlewop11/08/14 02:56 PM
x*her name was Fernanda Rocha and she said she and Tamra had a hot encounter. I think Fernanda was in love NT
robbierob11/09/14 11:00 AM
x*That's the one. NT
sassyflalassy11/08/14 06:32 PM
x*There's Rosie on NJ, but she's not a regular. NT
cantgetenough11/07/14 12:07 PM
x*i wish she was. NT
shortcake11/07/14 08:56 PM
x*If Joe gets any sort of spin off with the raising the girls while Teresa is gone I hope Rosie is on that show. NT
silverspoons11/08/14 08:44 AM
x*yeah-kind of odd NT
xrayspex11/07/14 12:36 PM
**taps glass* I have a major announcement to make. I will not be watching The Real Housewives of New York next season. I am a Frankel-free zone. NT
sassyflalassy1062 13   11/06/14 05:56 PM
x*But you'll miss Luann. I get it though Beth is horrid. NT
Dexter11/09/14 08:09 AM
x*I love Luann but the show will be all about Bethenny. I'll pass gladly. NT
sassyflalassy11/09/14 01:14 PM
x*noooooo..... NT
shortcake11/07/14 08:57 PM
x*I guess Im in the minority here but I like Bethenny. Probably because she disliked ccocoo for cocoapuffs Kelly NT
robbierob11/07/14 04:21 AM
x*I like her too. NT
Shar11/08/14 01:50 PM
x*But you would miss this...
mgbaloo11/06/14 06:06 PM
x*Lol NT
chris426611/07/14 03:00 PM
x*Lol...I can't wait. NT
georgia938211/06/14 09:31 PM
x*Omg that made me gag a little NT
CatsMommie11/06/14 06:22 PM
x*Sorry. It should come with a warning, lol NT
mgbaloo11/06/14 06:28 PM
x*Well at least you tapped the glass instead of throwing it ;-) NT
L2411/06/14 06:01 PM
x*Ha! NT
mgbaloo11/06/14 06:04 PM
x*Haha, good one! NT
sassyflalassy11/06/14 06:03 PM
*Dina Manzo Says She Never Wanted To Talk About Jacqueline Laurita At Real Housewives Of New Jersey Reunion
CatsMommie469 5   11/06/14 03:29 PM
x*She shouldn't have attended then. NT
doxylover7911/08/14 09:43 AM
x*Exactly! NT
Dexter11/09/14 08:10 AM
x*Dina always wants to dish the dirt but still keep her paws clean. Not buying it. NT
sassyflalassy11/10/14 04:43 PM
x*Why? She had every right at that point to address the things that had been said or is there different rules for different people? Jac should keep it
CatsMommie11/08/14 11:29 AM
x*Jacqueline should keep herself off of social media, and reality TV. NT
Shar11/08/14 02:05 PM
*Momma June is in talks with Andy to join the cast of NJ next season. NT
xrayspex546 8   11/06/14 12:54 PM
x*i <3 u NT
shortcake11/07/14 08:59 PM
x*Honey Boo Boo June ??? No effing way i will boycott the hell out of the show . Nice Andy let's watch a prev lover # puke NT
kathyG11/06/14 02:17 PM
x*:) NT
xrayspex11/07/14 07:41 AM
x*June is not even in NJ .. you need to take ANYTHING Xray posts with a grain of salt NT
CatsMommie11/06/14 04:01 PM
x*He is going to move her there NT
xrayspex11/07/14 07:41 AM
x*She's not going to have a job on any show, including her own, thank goodness NT
L2411/06/14 03:37 PM
x*LOL...consider the source. NT
cantgetenough11/06/14 02:40 PM
x*:) NT
xrayspex11/07/14 07:42 AM
*Bethenny Frankel and NeNe Leakes scramble to be the top earner for 'Real Housewives' franchise
pusssykatt258 2   11/06/14 07:45 AM
x*You go Bethaney knock Leakes down a few pegs, cant wait to watch her! NT
Alexis0811/08/14 09:49 AM
x*Bethenny's ego is insufferable. NeNe has a big ego also but she is not nearly as selfish as Bethenny. NT
sassyflalassy11/06/14 03:54 PM
*Kyle Richards' Daughter Viciously Attacked By Kim Richards' Pit Bull
pusssykatt1122 13   11/06/14 07:03 AM
x*If true, this makes me very sad for all involved, including Kingsley. NT
cantgetenough11/06/14 07:31 AM
x*me too.... this is just so horribly sad. NT
shortcake11/07/14 09:02 PM
x*Has Kim had the dog since he was a puppy or was he re-homed? Just wondering if Kingsley was abused by a previous owner. NT
robbierob11/06/14 11:13 AM
x*Any dog can turn/be vicious. I have a 5lb Chihuahua that scares the heck out of me sometimes. But with his history of biting others, she should have
littlewop11/06/14 12:03 PM
x*I agree! I have a friend who took her kid to a party and she was attacked by a couple of dogs that were hanging out under the buffet table NT
robbierob11/06/14 05:03 PM
x*I have a Chihuahua too and he hates other dogs. He has never bitten anyone but if another dog tries to come near me, he goes
L2411/06/14 03:26 PM
x*lol he luvs his mum!! NT
shortcake11/07/14 09:01 PM
x*She did have him secluded in her bedroom and Alexia went into the bedroom. Kim just released a statement. It can be found on
cantgetenough11/06/14 12:16 PM
x*I'm glad to hear that she had him in another room. She can not handle that dog and it didn't appear that the lessons went well at all, because of her
L2411/06/14 03:37 PM
x*I know I would never go into a room where I was told not to go because of a dog. We have a black lab who is the sweetest thing BUT I lock him up when
CatsMommie11/06/14 03:58 PM
x*I hear you - my Chessie is a sweet dog, but he just doesn't like strangers so we have to be very careful with who and how we let him interact
ccquilter11/08/14 04:34 PM
x*I love Labs! We used to have a yellow one and she was so sweet. NT
L2411/06/14 04:17 PM
x*labs & goldens rule! NT
shortcake11/07/14 09:02 PM
*Its looks like Bobby was chasing after a housewife dream
CatsMommie391 2   11/05/14 05:19 PM
x*I find it so amusing that Jim calls out anyone else for attention-seeking behavior. All he does is whistle-blow.Don't think Bobby is the worst I've
melrose11/05/14 06:10 PM
x*That's setting the bar pretty low, considering the criminals among the husbands. NT
pusssykatt11/06/14 06:59 AM
*Why Did Lisa Vanderpump Get Slapped?
CatsMommie1493 18   11/04/14 01:36 PM
x*idk.. but, i saw brandi on E! yesterday & they showed a sneak peek of the season, she said everyone was psycho & things "got physical" several times..
shortcake11/07/14 09:12 PM
x*It so funny how we don't hear a peep out of these people between seasons and suddenly because the show is about to start airing, and the DRAMA starts.
dillybean11/07/14 04:08 AM
x*We hear from Brandi year round .. The others also just not as much but Brandi is always spreading mess wherever she goes NT
CatsMommie11/07/14 07:25 AM
x*she's promoting her new "drunk tweet" app right now lol NT
shortcake11/07/14 09:14 PM
x*I don't get it. It doesn't explain anything about why she got slapped. NT
L2411/04/14 03:25 PM
x*That's because you have to watch and see. It's kind of like us wondering all season about the leg toss from RHONY. NT
cantgetenough11/04/14 04:35 PM
x*Right, they get us with the promo stuff. Most of the time it ends up being nothing NT
L2411/04/14 05:34 PM
x*exactly... & on the last episode. NT
shortcake11/07/14 09:14 PM
georgia938211/04/14 04:56 PM
x*And that was an Aviva "I'm not getting enough attention" moment. SO happy she wont be back NT
robbierob11/04/14 04:38 PM
x*Brandi needs to go, just like Aviva NT
L2411/04/14 05:34 PM
x*All the overly dramatic beotches should be on one show together. Can you imagine Brandi, Aviva and Tamra on one show? NT
robbierob11/05/14 03:10 AM
x*add pinot singer to the mix & you have a recipe for certain disaster. NT
shortcake11/07/14 09:15 PM
x*No, I can't lol I'd have to have the volume off as I imagine there would be alot of screaming NT
L2411/05/14 04:31 AM
x*that was one of the reasons why she won't be was so obvious she planned. NT
georgia938211/04/14 04:57 PM
x*Yes, it ended up being rather anticlimactic in the end. NT
cantgetenough11/04/14 05:05 PM
x*Well knowing the slap came from none other than Brandi... tells me Brandi wasn't getting enough screen time NT
robbierob11/04/14 04:12 PM
x*Probably. She really racks up the friend points with lots of people lol NT
L2411/04/14 04:22 PM
*Moving onto other trash, who's watching those crazy kids on Vanderpump Rules tonight? NT
cantgetenough887 13   11/03/14 03:35 PM
x*holy hell what a filthy shitshow! NT
shortcake11/07/14 09:17 PM
x*I know. Where can we get more? :) NT
sassyflalassy11/09/14 09:53 AM
x*I didn't watch before, but caught some of it recently. They're so icky! I could do without Lisa's use of the word "sexy" so much. NT
pusssykatt11/04/14 05:52 PM
x*Watching, also watched the marathon all day. Fell asleep and dreamt I got Jaxed....LOL NT
littlewop11/03/14 06:52 PM
x*I watched and now need to go take a shower and hope the filth washes off. NT
cantgetenough11/03/14 10:04 PM
x*Eeew that was a nightmare lol NT
L2411/03/14 07:07 PM
x*Pretty much! Felt like I needed a bath....or antibiotics after that dream...LOL NT
littlewop11/03/14 08:52 PM
x*lmao antibiotics! NT
shortcake11/07/14 09:17 PM
x*LOL I bet NT
L2411/04/14 04:58 AM
x*Recording it. I'll watch during the week NT
chris426611/03/14 06:10 PM
x*Oh I'm totally in NT
zebe8311/03/14 03:53 PM
x*I can only admit to watching it via the anonymity of this forum. NT
cantgetenough11/03/14 04:19 PM
x*Watching also and I to would never admit it but here! NT
chirtygirl7411/03/14 07:46 PM
*They should give Brandi her own show called "The gutters of Beverly Hills" I always felt she is out of place. Her mouth is just too much NT
L24703 11   11/03/14 01:42 PM
x*She would fit in better on the RHOC. Can you imagine her and Tamra on the same show? Trash City! NT
cantgetenough11/03/14 01:45 PM
x*Put them In same room, the survivor gets to stay on one of the shows. NT
zebe8311/03/14 03:54 PM
x*Ha! We could take bets. NT
mgbaloo11/03/14 04:29 PM
x*Stilettos on or off? Hair extensions in or out? False eyelashes on or off? Lee Press on Pointy Nails on or off? I need to know these
cantgetenough11/03/14 04:33 PM
x*Lol! Death by Stiletto! NT
mgbaloo11/03/14 04:37 PM
x*The one thing I would enjoy there is seeing her put Heather in her place ;-) NT
L2411/03/14 02:25 PM
x*yassssss! NT
shortcake11/07/14 09:18 PM
x*SO overdue! NT
Augustkm11/03/14 04:44 PM
x*Oh man that would be a lot to handle in one show, lol NT
mgbaloo11/03/14 01:51 PM
x*I love watching Steve Harvey and when she was on, the faces he was making at things she said was cracking me up. NT
L2411/03/14 02:27 PM
x*I just cannot deal with her anymore :( NT
mgbaloo11/03/14 01:44 PM
*She just cannot stop ... Jac really needs to seek some help
CatsMommie2342 31   11/03/14 01:06 PM
x*I have to wonder what her husband thinks and feels about all her tweets NT
L2411/03/14 01:21 PM
x*embarrassed-how could any husband not feel that. NT
xrayspex11/03/14 01:26 PM
x*Right, how can he not be? NT
L2411/03/14 01:28 PM
x*always got a creepo vibe from him... but that's really awkward, having your wife cause soooo much bs w/your own sister... she's nuts. NT
shortcake11/07/14 09:20 PM
x*he seems somewhat fatherly towards her. I bet he tries to calm her down during these episodes of mad Tweeting. I sort of feel badly for him. NT
mgbaloo11/03/14 01:25 PM
x*me too... especially how they were supposed to meet for lunch or whatever & 'jac put a stop to that'... he needs to grow a set, seriously. NT
shortcake11/07/14 09:22 PM
x*Jacqueline Laurita
CatsMommie11/03/14 01:10 PM
x*Does anyone know if she was always like this. I mean when the show started she was getting along with Tre and she was okay with Dina but a bit
mgbaloo11/03/14 01:18 PM
x*she admitted to smacking Caroline in the face one time before the show. NT
georgia938211/03/14 03:08 PM
x*and was proud of it .. I honestly think its more about Chris, CJ, and Nick than Jac as to why Caroline is there NT
CatsMommie11/03/14 03:26 PM
x*Oh yes, you are right. I had forgotten about that. NT
mgbaloo11/03/14 03:09 PM
x*I remember Jac acting like a brat about helping with a Lady Bug event, and also throwing shade at Dina at a dinner, regarding whatshername, the one
Shar11/03/14 01:26 PM
x*seems like they never got along.... lots of water under that bridge. so jac hates dina & didn't she actually punch caroline in the cafface? classy. NT
shortcake11/07/14 09:25 PM
x*Giggling at "punch in the cafface" NT
sassyflalassy11/10/14 04:46 PM
x*Danielle. I think Dina and Jaq have always been somewhat tense. I think it is amplified now that Jaq is getting crazier. NT
mgbaloo11/03/14 01:28 PM
x*her face is looking crazier & crazier... that's for sure! NT
shortcake11/07/14 09:23 PM
x*That's it! I could picture her face, but the name wouldn't come. NT
Shar11/03/14 01:31 PM
x*LOL@getting crazier. I'm tellin' ya there are therapist all over salivating to get her in their office NT
L2411/03/14 01:30 PM
x*I wish she would get help. I mean I think it would be good for her and her entire family. But hard to force anyone. NT
mgbaloo11/03/14 01:31 PM
x*I agree, we kid about things, but Jac has a serious issue, she really needs help. If she does have some kind of breakdown, she will blame everyone
L2411/03/14 01:35 PM
x*It is especially for her children. What kind of affect does that have on them? NT
mgbaloo11/03/14 01:45 PM
x*Well, we kind of know how Ashley turned out. NT
cantgetenough11/03/14 01:46 PM
x*yes, we do. NT
mgbaloo11/03/14 01:47 PM
x*I always saw her as having really low self esteem and when people criticize her she loses it-she needs to be loved by everyone that knows her and when
xrayspex11/03/14 01:23 PM
x*I agree. We've seen this same behavior with Teresa and she's now moved onto Dina. NT
cantgetenough11/03/14 01:41 PM
x*Danielle loved Jacqueline, and she turned on her. NT
Shar11/03/14 01:33 PM
x*Pressure from her friends and family- she was scared of them turning on her for staying friends with Dani NT
xrayspex11/03/14 01:41 PM
x*That is an excellent observation. That does make sense. NT
mgbaloo11/03/14 01:24 PM
x*It was probably always there but has been magnified by the attention she's received by being on the show and in the public eye. She's starved
cantgetenough11/03/14 01:20 PM
x*she has incredibly low self esteem- the attention she is starved for always has to show her as flawless. NT
xrayspex11/03/14 01:24 PM
x*Yes, and she just seems to go off on strange things. I always wondered if maybe her relationship with Dina led to the falling out
mgbaloo11/03/14 01:23 PM
*.Dina’s Truth ~ The Reunion Part 1
L24762 10   11/03/14 12:33 PM
x*I truly cannot stand the smug pomposity that is Dina. NT
sassyflalassy11/04/14 03:36 PM
x*Oh...perfect description of her! NT
Mazita11/07/14 02:28 PM
x*Neither can I. NT
mgbaloo11/04/14 05:58 PM
x*Problems between Caroline and Dina began with Project Ladybug. It was theirs, together, and Dina used it and took it as her own for her storyline. NT
JaneJane11/03/14 04:59 PM
x*I read about is about Jaq. But who knows??? NT
mgbaloo11/06/14 01:56 PM
x*Not true at all. NT
Semi11/06/14 12:56 PM
x*that explains a lot NT
pusssykatt11/04/14 05:53 PM
x*thank you for that...I am behind Dina on this one. NT
georgia938211/03/14 03:20 PM
x*me too.... i don't understand why she's disliked by so many, she stays out of the petty bs & i really respect that in a person. love her tagline :) NT
shortcake11/07/14 08:59 PM
x*So am I and if I felt she was trashing a child with Autism I would be soooo against her but I got what she meant until it was twisted and she did not
CatsMommie11/03/14 03:56 PM
*Lisa Gets Slapped! First Look at 'RHOBH'
CatsMommie535 6   11/03/14 11:08 AM
x*I hope the new additions don't drag BH down to NJ level. Throwing things and slapping? smh NT
L2411/03/14 01:33 PM
x*I know. I am already done with NJ. With Bethenny back NY might be on the way out too. Not too many RH left for me. NT
mgbaloo11/03/14 01:35 PM
x*It doesn't look like the Lisa slap was done in anger, still, not necessary and so Brandi NT
L2411/03/14 01:40 PM
x*Well, I plan to watch BH but if there is too much screaming I think I am done with that one too. And if Kim is not sober again that is too sad. NT
mgbaloo11/03/14 01:46 PM
x*This link takes me to the video of last night's WWHL. I did see the "slap" earlier this morning. I wonder if it's just a red herring and actually
cantgetenough11/03/14 12:54 PM
x*I dunno thats how it is named ... you might have to reset because after it plays it went to WWHL NT
CatsMommie11/03/14 01:19 PM
*I have now seen it ALL from both Jac and Kathy. When you encourage crazy haters on facebook and twitter to attack someone you are WORSE than the
CatsMommie1739 24   11/03/14 06:01 AM
x*I am Team they are all crazy. ;) NT
mgbaloo11/03/14 12:23 PM
x*There is crazy and then there is lets risk someone else safety posting crazy things on twitter. Thats where I have the issue NT
CatsMommie11/03/14 12:55 PM
x*There are many levels of crazy on these shows. Some are much much more crazier than others. I have doubts about RL risk here but still think someone
mgbaloo11/03/14 01:01 PM
x*She was encouraging haters on twitter last night .. we do not know that some person with mental issues would not act on that thinking that would
CatsMommie11/03/14 01:08 PM
x*Oh I agree it is horrible and it should not be put in social media. I just think you are as likely to get a crazy do something to you being on TV at
mgbaloo11/03/14 01:12 PM
x*I think when you encourage it there is more risk that one person who is not all there might act. They should never have gone there IMO NT
CatsMommie11/03/14 01:16 PM
x*I think the behavior itself is bad enough I just do not jump that far out there to say it will lead to this. But I get you. NT
mgbaloo11/03/14 01:21 PM
x*Maybe all the tweets come from Jac in disguise, the many personalities of a wacko. I am kidding but its possible, she is really crazy NT
L2411/03/14 01:20 PM
x*That is what I am wondering. Very possible. NT
mgbaloo11/03/14 01:22 PM
x*Yes! And, they are also all "hypocrites". Who among us isn't? NT
cantgetenough11/03/14 12:38 PM
x*Exactly! NT
mgbaloo11/03/14 12:40 PM
L2411/03/14 12:31 PM
x*i dont follow people, I dont care to know about so dont know what Jacq said, dont care...I am team kathy & Rosie! NT
betrma11/03/14 11:27 AM
x*Could not agree more. Jac is vile and what little respect I had for Kathy is gone. NT
georgia938211/03/14 10:41 AM
x*I am team Dina all the way on this fight....(more inside)
zebe8311/03/14 09:56 AM
Shar11/03/14 01:30 PM
x*I am also 100% Team Dina. I have no idea what the dispute is about nor do I care, but it's all in the way these women conduct themselves and
cantgetenough11/03/14 10:47 AM
x*Yes! NT
Shar11/03/14 01:34 PM
x*Well said. I am not really team anyone, but I do think Jaq needs professional help. I peek at the tweets here up above and I sometimes wonder if
L2411/03/14 12:07 PM
x*Had to look up and peek at some of the tweets. What a hot mess air all your dirty laundry on twitter. Jac really does need help NT
L2411/03/14 12:17 PM
x*I don't follow twitter..what did they say? NT
pusssykatt11/03/14 08:36 AM
x*They live tweeted during RNONJ reunion and just slammed Dina. Both of them. NT
zebe8311/03/14 09:58 AM
x*It was even more than that they were retweeting mean and disgusting tweets about Dina and encouraging those tweets to continue then today Jac tries to
CatsMommie11/03/14 10:34 AM
x*I couldn't agree more. Adults who attack on Twitter are a whole new level of crazy. Don't we teach our kids not to bully or be mean?? Don't we
L2411/03/14 06:12 AM
*Ashley should never have advertised she did Kathys makeup for the show because she looked horrible. NT
CatsMommie208 3   11/02/14 09:23 PM
x*Lol...neither Ashley or Lauren are too good at their job. NT
pusssykatt11/03/14 10:30 AM
x*Yep, Lauren gives them that "Calf Face" look. NT
Shar11/03/14 01:36 PM
x*LMAO omg that's funny NT
L2411/03/14 01:37 PM
*On RHONJ what were the voices in the background from time to time. NT
georgia938243 0   11/02/14 09:02 PM
*Lauren says her mother, Caroline, looks like a man, after SHE did her makeup! She is so spoiled...and no beauty herself! NT
pusssykatt41 0   11/02/14 07:19 PM
*What a difference a year makes! Last year the Guidices and Gorgas tried to kill each other, now "you don't treat family that way." HIPPOCRITES NT
pusssykatt712 13   11/02/14 07:15 PM
x*Dina & Tre are the biggest hypocrites on any RH franchises. Not a fan of the others but those 2 are laughable NT
betrma11/03/14 11:28 AM
x*I am Team Teresa with her walking out on those comments......
zebe8311/03/14 10:02 AM
x*I agree NT
xrayspex11/03/14 12:56 PM
x*Yes. They could have had that conversation without the Bravo cameras rolling. My heart went out to Teresa. She has issues, no doubt,
cantgetenough11/03/14 11:05 AM
x*I agree best to walk away and she did not even go off in the restroom kept whatever to herself .. she seems to have grown a little NT
CatsMommie11/03/14 10:37 AM
x*hypocrites NT
CatsMommie11/02/14 08:25 PM
x*I don't see it that way. Some families fight like that, (not mine) but when stuff goes down you should be there for each other.
L2411/03/14 05:01 AM
x*Of course families fight, but Teresa chastises Kathy, but forgets that she wasn't a very good family member to Joe and Melissa. It's always poor me!
pusssykatt11/03/14 08:35 AM
x*Theresa is really unable to see herself from any point of view but her very own narrow one. NT
sassyflalassy11/04/14 05:26 PM
x*We have no idea what this family has gone through in years past, and without the camera's. I think it doesn't matter what Teresa does, some people
L2411/03/14 11:55 AM
x*LMFAO ok this cracks me up when her so called family ALL of them came on the show to trash her for 15 mins ... Kathy is trying to get it back at
CatsMommie11/03/14 10:32 AM
x*Oh I agree with you .. I was just making a correction! They use her for fame IMO. They all have since the beginning! Like Dina said had they really
CatsMommie11/03/14 05:55 AM
x*Right NT
L2411/03/14 06:07 AM
*Bethenny and Carole are going to either hate or love each other. Battle of the quick witted. NT
georgia9382325 7   11/02/14 11:57 AM
x*I think Bethanny will get along fine with Carole and Heather. Is Kristen coming back? Not sure how she would get along with Bethanny NT
robbierob11/02/14 01:02 PM
x*Yes...the only one not coming back is Aviva. Andy Cohen said they listened to the fans on that decision. Thank God. NT
georgia938211/02/14 06:48 PM
x*Too bad they didn't listen to the fans about Brandi. NT
agent9911/02/14 07:07 PM
x*I like Brandi. She's entertaining, which is what the show is about. NT
pusssykatt11/02/14 07:10 PM
x*I liked Brandi the first season because I thought Kyle and Kim were mean to her. By S2 her lack of morals and self serving actions turned me off! NT
robbierob11/03/14 06:03 AM
x*I cannot stand Brandi either NT
CatsMommie11/03/14 10:36 AM
x*She does have loose morals, but they ALL have self-serving actions...ALL of them. NT
pusssykatt11/03/14 08:38 AM
*Brandi Glanville Dating A 23-Year-Old; Updates On Her Father’s Health. Plus, Taylor Armstrong Back On RHOBH!
L24233 2   11/01/14 12:36 PM
x*What amazed me most was that Taylor was the keynote speaker at Marjaree Mason Center’s 31st Annual Top Ten Professional Women and Top Business Awards
pusssykatt11/02/14 09:52 AM
x*Was Traylor speaking to a room full of strippers? Cause that would make sense NT
robbierob11/02/14 01:28 PM
*Adrienne Maloof Dishes On Her Return To Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills And Lisa Rinna!
L24237 3   11/01/14 12:32 PM
x*I'm betting she had issues with Feaxlanda NT
robbierob11/02/14 01:18 PM
x*Ooh, I hope her issues are with Kyle! NT
Shar11/08/14 02:23 PM
x*LOL@Feaxlanda NT
L2411/02/14 01:24 PM
*Yelling, Screaming, & Plenty Of Tears! Kim & Kyle Richards Have Epic Brawl At Adrienne Maloof’s House: ‘Kyle Doesn’t Believe Kim’s Sober’
L24166 0   11/01/14 12:28 PM
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