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*Good Fight is amazing, binged the first six epi's last night, soooooo good! NT
Dexter230 13   03/20/17 06:39 AM
x*LOL I'm so bad at marathoning these days. I'll be sure to fix that soon NT
petite606/22/17 06:13 PM
x*Omg! Can't wait to catch up!! I won't read any further til I do!! NT
GazingEyes04/29/17 08:40 AM
x*Excited for the finale next week! NT
Dexter04/09/17 06:08 PM
x*You watched all 6? Guess I'll have something to binge this weekend but I loved the first two epis. NT
petite603/20/17 10:04 AM
x*Yup! NT
Dexter03/20/17 10:05 AM
x*do you know how many epis they'll have this season? NT
petite603/20/17 10:05 AM
x*Just 10 NT
Dexter03/20/17 10:28 AM
x*Gimme gimme more NT
Dexter04/01/17 09:57 AM
x*Let me know when the season is over so I can marathon it NT
petite604/01/17 10:00 AM
x*its over. NT
Dexter06/22/17 06:14 PM
x*and how long ago was that? go go go NT
petite606/22/17 06:17 PM
x*No. NT
Dexter04/01/17 10:03 AM
x*I have to watch all of this when I get back. I did see the first 2 like petite and really liked it! NT
GazingEyes04/01/17 09:58 AM
*I enjoyed the first episode of The Good Fight! NT
GazingEyes204 10   02/22/17 10:34 AM
x*I was so skeptical going into it and did not expect to like it... and I was stunned to realized "I got hooked". So much so, already watch episode 2 NT
ne14cookies02/22/17 12:38 PM
x*It was better than the first! NT
GazingEyes02/22/17 12:50 PM
x*I thought so too... so glad I kept my CBS Access too. :D Ain't we smart!!! NT
ne14cookies02/22/17 12:52 PM
x*I wasn't too sure how it would be without Peter & Alicia but it is fine! Eli's daughter is on and so are other actors and new ones which I love!
GazingEyes02/22/17 12:56 PM
x*My mom looooves Diane. NT
petite603/20/17 10:05 AM
x*Diane makes this show, imo! NT
GazingEyes04/01/17 09:59 AM
x*Mmmhmmmm, but i am loving Lucca, Cush Jumbo is so good. And mini spoiler....
Dexter04/01/17 10:02 AM
x*I will agree that they are all good! Lol at spoiler. I am surprised how Lucca's character has really blossomed! NT
GazingEyes04/01/17 11:11 AM
x*I love them both too. Hmmmmm@your spoiler NT
petite604/01/17 10:05 AM
x*Cute! NT
GazingEyes04/01/17 11:12 AM
*The Good Fight Official Trailer
Dexter188 5   01/09/17 11:08 AM
x*looks promising!! NT
Cindy01/09/17 04:51 PM
x*Wow this looks good! Wasn't sure I would watch it so will keep my CBS Access. Using it to catch up on shows lol. Was going to cancel. NOT! NT
GazingEyes01/09/17 04:42 PM
x*Gah, I wanna binge it all right NOW! NT
Dexter01/09/17 11:09 AM
x*are they going to do one epi per week? NT
petite601/09/17 11:13 AM
x*yes. NT
Dexter01/09/17 11:47 AM
*VIDEO: 'The Good Fight' Debuts Sexy First Trailer!
96 1   12/18/16 12:32 PM
x*wow!! I had no Idea Rose was in this. Kind of sad it won't be on tv though, good trailer NT
petite612/18/16 01:08 PM
*The Good Wife's Spin-Off Finally Has a Name, But Is It a Good One?
petite692 0   10/31/16 07:14 PM
*The Good Wife is in pre-production, hopefully I'll be able to watch live but here is the Korean version of Will, Yoon Kye Sang
petite62663 29   05/29/16 09:35 AM
x*Omg, I loved how Kim (aka Alicia) took charge and answered her questions at the bail hearing for her hubby (aka Peter). Prosecutor was speechless!
GazingEyes09/13/16 10:09 AM
x*Did you finish it Gaz? I have alot of shows to catch up on. NT
petite610/14/16 07:51 PM
x*Not yet, petite! I have so many shows to catch up with too. Great cast though! NT
GazingEyes10/18/16 06:48 PM
x*okay, let me know when you do! I still didn't finish the last epi of Major Crimes NT
petite610/18/16 06:53 PM
x*I am still not finished with it yet, petite!! Hopefully soon. NT
GazingEyes01/05/17 03:05 PM
x*LOL@Elsbeth's character NT
petite609/10/16 09:37 AM
x*What episode did she come in? NT
GazingEyes09/13/16 10:06 AM
x*she's the pregnant lawyer! NT
petite610/14/16 07:54 PM
x*Hey, petite? Is there somewhere I can watch this with the translations in English??? Hoping there is! NT
GazingEyes08/29/16 08:22 AM
x*Yes, I'll send you the link. I just downloaded the rest of the epis to watch but it's 16 in all. Let me know if you end up watching! NT
petite609/06/16 08:13 AM
x*Yes, I am loving it!!! I just finished watching 2 episodes!! Thanks!!! NT
GazingEyes09/06/16 03:26 PM
x*Yay!!! It's going to get better and the epis are first more American centric but then they start getting a little more traditional, I can't wait til
petite609/06/16 03:38 PM
x*Looking forward to it!! I am loving the cases! I find her husband, the Peter version, sexy! NT
GazingEyes09/06/16 03:40 PM
x*I'm'll see what I'm saying when things get even more crazy but I'm like "he's not that bad (when's he's the absolute worst) NT
petite609/06/16 03:46 PM
x*I'm more convinced of an affair w/Will and Alicia in the Korean version. They made it about lust, anger, frustration and hurt...before I must be in
petite608/22/16 04:00 PM
x*I still find it weird that they made Diane and Will siblings NT
petite608/21/16 03:08 PM
x*literally nobody cares. NT
Dexter08/21/16 03:13 PM
x*Will's corruption is so cray...he actually allowed children to die in a drug trial so that the drug company wouldn't have to pay settlements NT
petite608/22/16 04:02 PM
x*Well, just watched the twist and I'm certain Peter is a bigger jack then the American version because this Peter
petite608/21/16 06:50 AM
x*He is creepier than the US version of Peter, imo, also! NT
GazingEyes09/06/16 03:27 PM
x*He is, I really love this crazy Peter. NT
petite609/06/16 03:41 PM
x*Every Epi gets better and it's kind of weird watching Korea be more American centric, but it works. And watching this makes me realize that Peter is
petite608/21/16 05:27 AM
x*Is Dan Kalinda? She is a softer version and more likable, imo. I do like the original Kalinda though. NT
GazingEyes09/06/16 03:28 PM
x*Yeah, she is. I wish the Eli character was more Eli lol but they show did a great job w/the characters. Tae Joon (Peter) was just amazing NT
petite610/14/16 07:53 PM
x*The Good Wife's first promo: okay in translation, there will be more to the sex scandal than what appears, something very dark where Lee Tae
petite606/14/16 06:26 PM
x*Petites post, okay in translation - no1curr NT
Dexter06/14/16 06:40 PM
x*I'm just bringing some Korean, go and get your life right! NT
petite606/14/16 06:43 PM
x*As for Diane, Kim Seo-Kyung is good casting. This woman knows how to play evil like it's her job, it will be interesting to see how she makes
petite605/29/16 09:49 AM
x*not sure how I feel about Cary and Kalinda's parts, but Nana is a pop idol and was voted most beautiful and is equivalent to Nicole Scherz in
petite605/29/16 09:43 AM
*I just heard they are pretty close to sealing the deal on a spin-off NT
Cindy694 6   05/12/16 06:29 PM
x*it's been confirmed, more diane and lucca on the way! NT
Dexter05/18/16 04:36 PM
x*are they the only 2 going forward? NT
Cindy05/18/16 04:41 PM
x*they haven't said the entire cast yet....
Dexter05/18/16 04:54 PM
x*Thanks! Are you gonna watch it? Im cancelling my all access after BB, so I probably won't NT
Cindy05/18/16 04:57 PM
x*ya, i'll download it lol NT
Dexter05/18/16 04:59 PM
x*Looks like it may be exclusive to CBS' $5.99/mo pay service though (CBS All Access) rather than free TV. NT
JAF05/12/16 08:50 PM
*Finale. Eh. Not as terrible as some infamous finales but I hoped for better. I'll give it a C+. NT
JAF2014 15   05/08/16 08:18 PM
x*I thought the finale was perfect and fitting for Alicia's journey...she's now become Peter. NT
petite605/29/16 09:31 AM
x*It left her exactly what she wasn't, a good wife...she will go thru life self centered and a shallow existence... NT
ne14cookies05/09/16 03:48 PM
x*That was such an odd series finale NT
Cindy05/09/16 06:09 AM
x*Extremely odd NT
Dexter05/09/16 04:15 PM
x*Although not entirely unfitting for this season, which was pretty odd and disjointed itself. While I still generally enjoyed this season
JAF05/09/16 04:23 PM
x*I think I was just totally bored with Alicia to begin with. I had a hard time even paying attention, except when Will was on. It was good to see him
LibraLady05/08/16 08:54 PM
x*Couldn't stand all the Will scenes, booooring. NT
Dexter05/09/16 04:15 PM
x*I coulda done without that too. Just a gratuitous way to give him an appearance in the finale, but it served no purpose and wasted valuable
JAF05/09/16 04:24 PM
x*It was almost a Grey's twist. Dead Will talking Alicia into going after Dead Denny. Sorry, JDM will always be Dead Denny to me. NT
BBAnnie05/10/16 05:58 PM
x*Alicia is now Hillary. soprano redux. NT
Adamlovechild105/08/16 09:59 PM
x*It was a none event. It was time to end but would have liked
mellon05/09/16 06:32 AM
x*I don't think I liked the slap either, mostly because it symbolized a part of the show I never really liked... constantly changing loyalties.
JAF05/09/16 06:59 AM
x*The whole season was boring. Too much about Peter's trial and not enough of Alicia winning cases. NT
dwig22205/09/16 08:44 AM
x*There was just nothing to get excited about. It was a "this show is done, so when this episode
frustratedposter05/09/16 10:57 AM
x*It all made more sense to me once I read what the showrunners had to say about the ending. Everything came full circle and Alicia had become no
BBAnnie05/10/16 05:59 PM
*Can someone please explain to me what happened with Diane and her husband? I know it had something to do with what the blonde said on the stand. NT
georgia9382337 1   05/01/16 10:33 PM
x*That was poorly explained, but I think his credibility (which he holds in highest regard) was destroyed doing something he didn't want to
JAF05/02/16 05:58 AM
*I've really enjoyed this show since it started, but they are really phoning in this finale build up. This past epi was the worst of the series. NT
Dexter465 3   04/28/16 11:33 AM
x*so horrible! Final season and they are giving us CRAP NT
Cindy04/29/16 02:25 PM
x*I kept asking, is it over yet? Not sure why I kept watching...kept thinking I might miss something, but alas, no NT
ne14cookies05/01/16 07:22 PM
x*It was dreadful! NT
carlee04/28/16 04:20 PM
*It's about time Alecia finally dropkicks that d-bag. NT
Veruta160 0   03/28/16 05:06 PM
*I am sooo going to miss this show. NT
georgia93821191 8   03/21/16 11:06 AM
x*I'm ok with it ending. I think it should have ended about 2 years ago. NT
chris426604/23/16 09:00 PM
x*I'm not. Glad it is ending. Only going to watch the final episodes to finish it out. 6 on the DVR right now. NT
BBAnnie04/08/16 07:13 PM
x*I won't miss it either. Getting tired. I might have liked it better if had a different title, but after this season just plain bored. NT
ne14cookies04/08/16 10:02 PM
x*I decided today to delete the six episodes and remove the series. She is just a hypocrite. So dead and emotionless inside. I prefer a main
BBAnnie04/09/16 08:28 PM
x*Lol @ Dead Denny. I don't think you're missing much. I've had the TV on, but barely watched. I lost interest after Will died. Don't much like
LibraLady04/09/16 09:00 PM
x*Well, I did decide to watch the ending. Saw the last four episodes. Cary has just disappeared it seems. Yeah, Shonda Rhimes ruined JDM for me
BBAnnie05/04/16 05:04 PM
x*Same, even tho the handjob in public was a little much, I totally don't blame her. Would'a pulled the panties to the side and sat right down on it. NT
Dexter03/21/16 01:11 PM
x*That episode felt pretty sloppy. From the HJ, to the Luca office, to Grace, to the disabled bathroom. NT
Veruta03/21/16 01:46 PM
*The Good Wife - Shoot (Preview)
Dreamer161 0   03/20/16 01:25 AM
*In The Good Wife's family, there's no such thing as privacy. The final season continues this Sunday!
Dreamer593 3   03/06/16 03:09 PM
x*The mother and her brother were hilarious with Jason. NT
GazingEyes03/07/16 12:11 PM
x*they really were and inviting everyone in for bagels lol NT
Cindy03/07/16 05:16 PM
x*That was the best part, especially when they invited the guy delivering the subpoena! He even went it to eat some, lmao. NT
GazingEyes03/08/16 05:24 AM
*The Good Wife Preview - "Targets" ~ Just listen to my breathing.......
Dreamer200 0   02/19/16 11:27 AM
*Jeon Do-yeon confirms The Good Wife remake, Yoo Ji-tae considers
petite61294 8   02/18/16 06:39 PM
x*Do they speak English? NT
Dexter02/18/16 06:58 PM
x*It will be in Korean, I suggest you start learning now! NT
petite602/18/16 07:05 PM
x*In that case who gives an f NT
Dexter02/18/16 07:06 PM
x*because this could be pure amazingness, that's why! Either learn to read or speak Korean! NT
petite602/18/16 07:14 PM
x*This is America. NT
Dexter02/18/16 07:19 PM
x*amazing how one can sound stupid in any language.
petite602/18/16 07:25 PM
x*Bye, sweet American dreams! NT
Dexter02/18/16 07:27 PM
x*Wow! They are hitting heavy on the script to confirm two Hallyu stars. Sooo excited! Yoo is from "Old Boy" and this will be Deon's 11yr return
petite602/18/16 06:44 PM
*The Good Wife recap: 'Monday' Alicia returns to Lockhart, Agos & Lee, and the FBI returns to investigate Peter
Dreamer183 0   02/15/16 12:56 AM
*I wish Alicia would leave the firm. It isn't going to be the same. I have spoken:) NT
GazingEyes523 3   02/14/16 06:51 PM
x*Only 8 more episodes. I hope they make it count. NT
Veruta02/14/16 10:17 PM
x*I think they will! Imo, they won't hold back & go out with a bang! We have no clue if she ends up divorced or what she does with her career. NT
GazingEyes02/15/16 07:12 AM
x*Would be nice if Alicia leaves Chicago and gets hired with law firm on "Suits". She would be an asset to Jessica! Lol. NT
GazingEyes02/15/16 07:14 AM
*JKL: Tony Goldwyn's “Scandal" Love Life is Going Poorly
Dreamer182 0   02/13/16 12:37 AM
*'The Good Wife' Enlists Blair Underwood for Guest Role
Dreamer181 0   02/10/16 01:10 PM
*The Good Wife: What to Expect in the Final Episodes (There may be a spin-off)
Dreamer398 1   02/08/16 04:25 PM
x*Oh dear, no spin-off please. NT
Veruta02/08/16 04:46 PM
*Exclusive Good Wife First Look: Meet Jeffrey Dean Morgan's "Cool and Sparky" Investigator Jason Crouse
Dreamer181 0   02/08/16 04:21 PM
*Called it months ago, it was always planned to end at 7 seasons. the clue is in the number of words for the episode titles.
Dexter670 3   02/08/16 09:52 AM
x*I'm just going to make a guess that you didn't call any of this and you found this on #aliciaisnotagoodwife tumblr NT
petite602/08/16 10:50 AM
Dexter02/08/16 11:01 AM
petite602/08/16 11:05 AM
*CBS Announces the FINAL NINE episodes for 'The Good Wife'
Dreamer410 1   02/07/16 05:35 PM
x*I am going to truly miss this show. NT
whizwit0102/08/16 09:39 AM
*Julianna Margulies Is Probably Leaving The Good Wife
Dreamer554 2   01/22/16 01:51 PM
x*Not surprised if it does end. Really enjoyed the show; it was a good 7 year run. Hope it ends on a good note. NT
agent9901/22/16 02:09 PM
x*can't they cast another "Good Wife"? I'm not ready to let go! NT
petite601/27/16 04:03 PM
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