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*No one watching the new season? The first episode was trashtastic! Seriously uber tawdry group of women. I think all are strippers or prostitutes. NT
FrouFrou213 2   09/27/16 08:03 AM
x*I watched the episode where they introduced everyone, but I didn't see one I liked. NT
a5thofbecca10/03/16 11:27 AM
x*was it? i tried but couldn't finish it NT
PointBeing09/30/16 06:35 PM
*this whole season, expt for kristina,amber,asia and angela sucked butt. couldnt stand the rats or hippos. casting HORRIBLE. NT
stewart380 2   05/17/16 06:09 PM
x*interesting, i love the so called rats and hippos, they're fun. NT
Dexter05/17/16 06:37 PM
x*I thought they were mighty hypocritical, and I would've killed those two screeching hyenas. Their wailing would've done me in. They would be the
FrouFrou05/19/16 06:05 AM
*LOL totally makes sense now. They are exes. NT
FrouFrou155 0   04/13/16 12:06 PM
*This cast is certainly different. Really odd relationship between
FrouFrou510 2   03/18/16 11:16 AM
x*She lied and I am ***** LIVID. No respect anymore for that bleeper. She was so smug about it too and she tried to make an excuse. NT
BigBrotherFly03/25/16 01:06 PM
x*That was really super bizarre. Why lie about something like that?! NT
FrouFrou03/28/16 07:31 AM
*Bad Girls Club is Casting!
Dreamer311 0   10/30/15 04:20 PM
*i hope the arrogant twins get the snot beat out of them too and that wannabe that runs with them. #meangirlssuck NT
stewart1196 8   10/27/15 12:12 PM
x*They didn't show up.. NT
BigBrotherFly10/27/15 10:47 PM
x*No surprise there. Glad that Jela had the guts to show up. Also glad that Lauren apologized. Used to like Ginger, but she played Kat out. NT
FrouFrou10/28/15 07:13 AM
x*Ginger was a betch, I believe it was for extra airtime. I think Kat was playing up the cameras too. Jenna and Lauren were my favorite. NT
BigBrotherFly10/28/15 10:32 AM
x*Lauren and Judi twin my fav too. Jela isnt a bad girl, shes just a bitch. NT
stewart11/02/15 08:10 AM
x*I liked Lauren (she owns up), Jenna sometimes, and the over made up chiquitta. NT
FrouFrou11/02/15 09:14 AM
x*I have to say Lauren was the star this year -- didn't think she was gonna make it to the end, but she did! Love her. NT
BigBrotherFly11/04/15 03:34 PM
x*And I think she did try to change and felt bad when she acted the fool. Wish her the best. Jela was really irritating. Hate how she played off like
FrouFrou11/05/15 07:31 AM
x*Exactly -- Loves Taniha calling it the way it is, and I love that she voices her opinion as a host. NT
BigBrotherFly11/05/15 03:31 PM
*So glad that jaz is going to get her comeuppance. Really sick of her being mean just for the sake of everyone loving her. So insecure. NT
FrouFrou183 0   10/16/15 12:26 PM
*Bad Girls Club : Meet the new girl tonight and hear the sh*t she's talking at 9/8c.
Dreamer205 0   10/06/15 03:49 PM
*This episode is about to be explosive.. NT
BigBrotherFly820 4   09/28/15 10:46 PM
x*That was insane! I think the girls left in the house need to do community service or something. That's just evil to ruin everything. NT
a5thofbecca09/30/15 09:49 AM
x*Those 3 were bullies though! They had it coming for them, not saying I'm defending them though. Next episode looks pretty good too. NT
BigBrotherFly09/30/15 11:03 PM
x*I was surprised about the accessory and condiment soup in the bathtub, that was taking it too far. But putting the clothes in the yard is fair game
FeministKilljoy10/01/15 08:29 AM
x*They were horrid, ugly girls. So glad they are gone. So glad that the others got rid of them. NT
FrouFrou10/05/15 06:09 AM
*'Bad Girls Club' Judi Jai Booted from Cruise ...After Alleged Fight
Dreamer265 0   09/19/15 11:34 PM
*Where is everyone :( NT
BigBrotherFly233 0   09/15/15 07:02 PM
*I actually kinda liked Jela after the latest episode, when she stuck up to the twins, then it faded when she kicked Tina out. LOL NT
BigBrotherFly226 0   09/06/15 12:21 PM
*Congratulations to the self-proclaimed baddest! Do you believe her? Listen to her song and let it speak for itself!
Dreamer254 0   09/04/15 05:01 AM
*The twins and Jela are DRIVING ME NUTS! NT
BigBrotherFly621 2   08/26/15 09:20 AM
x*Their voices are like nails on a chalkboard. NT
a5thofbecca09/02/15 08:47 AM
x*And their fake faces. It's just astounding. And their poor dogs. They should not be allowed to have pets when they can't think beyond themselves. NT
FrouFrou09/03/15 09:17 AM
*DAMN -- These girls are crazy! NT
BigBrotherFly960 4   08/17/15 10:27 PM
x*"She's white girl ratchet, and I like it" LMFAO. NT
BigBrotherFly08/17/15 10:52 PM
x*House blow up over a pack of cigarettes, that probably got moved on an accident. These people.. NT
BigBrotherFly08/17/15 10:57 PM
x*I cannot stand the twin's voices. They make me want to smack them! NT
FrouFrou08/19/15 05:50 AM
x*Them and Jela. I really cannot stand those 3. NT
BigBrotherFly08/19/15 07:20 AM
*ive seen new promos but doesn't give a DATE?? NT
stewart1056 3   07/28/15 08:07 AM
x*BGC Back for More Sneak Peek 1401: Bad Bitch(es)
Dreamer07/30/15 05:20 AM
x*BGC Back for More Sneak Peek 1401: Your Prerogative
Dreamer07/30/15 05:19 AM
x*I think it's the 1st week of August. NT
jaymee07/29/15 08:57 PM
*Linsey "Jade Berardi from Season 12 of the reality series Bad Girls Club has died at the age of 22
Camlawnman1298 3   04/04/15 05:26 AM
Lauraimani07/04/15 02:25 PM
x*I just saw this, here is another article inside. So sad, she wasn't on long, but she was memorable.
FeministKilljoy04/04/15 11:37 AM
x*here is another article w/diff pics..
stewart04/04/15 09:02 AM
*Heard a rumor that Judi will be on some new tv show...Empire? Anyone else heard that? NT
FrouFrou291 0   01/20/15 09:49 AM
*Camilla, once again ALL talk, no action. she was backed up the the curtains baiting jada...lmbo! whos scared of who moron. NT
stewart1386 5   01/09/15 04:19 PM
x*IA. She says she felt bad about talking smack about Jada's mother, but then Camilla said it again at the reunion. Used to like Judi. Not anymore. NT
FrouFrou01/13/15 06:32 AM
x*Judi needs rehab and medicine. NT
a5thofbecca01/13/15 06:49 AM
x*I hope she gets the help this time around. NT
chirtygirl7401/13/15 06:20 PM
x*Maybe her agent can hook her up with Dr.Drew and do celebrity rehab. NT
a5thofbecca01/16/15 11:42 AM
x*I think Dr. Drew said there will be no future seasons of Celebrity Rehab :( NT
enter_a_name01/16/15 04:00 PM
*Thank God that is over. I think Judi was on the same drugs as Sara. Rocky reigned supreme. NT
FrouFrou1198 4   01/07/15 06:18 AM
x*I just can't like Jada. I wanted to but ugh. They looked scared when they thought Redd was there. I wonder why. NT
a5thofbecca01/07/15 07:27 AM
x*Cause Red was friendly with Rocky everyone before Camilla and Dani turned. NT
FrouFrou01/08/15 06:57 AM
x*thank god Redd got her weave fixed NT
enter_a_name01/09/15 08:46 AM
x*I was NOT a Redd fan her orig season but really liked her in this one and she looked really pretty on the skype NT
stewart01/09/15 04:18 PM
*Reunion part II Sarah was totally on drugs! Seriously. Meth, speed, crack or coke! So sad. NT
FrouFrou1320 3   12/24/14 06:44 AM
x*She's serving Joseline and Stevie J reunion realness. NT
Dexter12/24/14 07:47 AM
x*Yeah you could tell something was up. It was hard to watch. Glad it was captioned. NT
a5thofbecca12/24/14 06:54 AM
FrouFrou12/29/14 12:07 PM
*I hate Camilla. That is all. NT
FrouFrou1664 6   12/10/14 06:12 AM
x*i CANT stand her either. such a hypocrite!! she IS trash!! whine abt something then turn around & do it and act like you are above..
stewart12/16/14 10:04 AM
x*I know a lot love Sara, but couldn't stand her the first time she was on and still can't. She is the biggest hypocrite. NT
FrouFrou12/17/14 09:00 AM
x*sarah butt is awful too..its too big, too saggy and flabby..cami has the ittybittytitty complex..and is stuck on repeat. like stfu NT
stewart12/18/14 08:40 AM
x*Camilla also hypocrite.. in the beginning she was ALL pizzed at Sarah for her "show" where she made a remark?? and that she was a "mistress"..
stewart12/18/14 08:39 AM
x*She definitely did not grow from the experience. But geez look at her family. What a mess. NT
enter_a_name12/11/14 11:39 AM
x*I second that and add the twins. NT
a5thofbecca12/10/14 11:27 AM
*Anyone hear the gossip that CT of Real World was the father of the baby Danni lost? NT
FrouFrou1514 3   11/14/14 07:17 AM
x*yep and that he said he dodged a bullet NT
Mishanb11/14/14 06:20 PM
x*Heres a gossip link for it:
a5thofbecca11/14/14 09:36 AM
x*I hadn't heard that. Interesting. NT
enter_a_name11/14/14 08:55 AM
*Ugh Natalie! That is all. NT
FrouFrou311 0   10/29/14 05:19 AM
*my fav is ALWAYS going to be ms flamboyant ROCKYbalboa Barbie bitch =) NT
stewart730 2   10/23/14 01:41 PM
x*Mine too. NT
lianna10/28/14 04:33 PM
x*ita NT
FrouFrou10/27/14 10:49 AM
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