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*Sixteen Celebrities From TV, Film, Music and Sports Compete For Favorite Charities On Arnold Schwarzenegger-Led 'The Celebrity Apprentice'
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*The New Celebrity Apprentice 2017 Cast ~ (photos + bios)
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*The New Celebrity Apprentice episode descriptions
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*'The Apprentice' Trumps NBC's Schedule with a Super-Sized Premiere Event Thurs. Jan 8th-Mark Burnett is executive producer *spoilers*
Dreamer780 0   11/24/03 12:46 PM
*The 16 'APPRENTICE' Contestants
Dreamer5444 0   12/15/03 09:28 PM
*Bill Rancic Becomes The Apprentice!!!
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*'The Apprentice 2 & 3' Contestant Personal Websites~
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*'The Apprentice 3' - May 19th Finale
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*The Apprentice 3 Cast ~ Meet the eighteen men and women competing in the ultimate job interview!
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*Jokersupdates has a Q & A with Apprentice 3 - Brian Mcdowell ~
Dreamer768 0   02/22/05 11:02 AM
*The Apprentice 5 Cast ~
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*The Celebrity Apprentice Premieres Sundays ~ 9/8c ~ 2 Hour Show Every Week - episode descriptions
Dreamer1740 0   12/03/08 08:03 PM
*The Celebrity Apprentice 2 ~ *Cast* (UPDATED)
Dreamer1476 0   01/08/09 06:40 PM
*All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Cast 2013
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*All-Star Celebrity Apprentice ~ May 19th “ONE OF US WILL WIN, BUT NOT BY MUCH” detailed episode description
Dreamer1403 0   02/28/13 03:17 AM
*Uh, Ivanka... "Years of her life creating the formula"?!?!? C'mon, man...
SD861563 9   04/07/13 08:05 PM
x*It wasn't Ivanka - it's Melania. Spelling is one thing, different person entirely is another. NT
augie04/08/13 01:10 PM
x*Ivanka said it in the boardroom about Melania. NT
SD8604/08/13 02:46 PM
x*They both said it at different points in the show ~ NT
FurnitureAlliance04/08/13 01:11 PM
x*I Want it to Smell Better... (9 years Later) Thank You Now It Smell Better! I made it better!
ratts04/08/13 08:20 AM
x*Missing my point....
SD8604/08/13 02:49 PM
x*Melania was on The View this am and said she's been working on this since she was a teen model..for what that's worth... lol NT
terlu04/08/13 09:23 PM
x*Well, if its on "The View" it has to be true, right? :-D. *ducking* NT
SD8604/12/13 09:53 AM
x*I'm sure Melania told Ivanka to be sure & say she worked on this for 10 years....It's been drilled into her head probably ~ NT
FurnitureAlliance04/08/13 11:57 PM
x*Maybe she's just trying to make us all think she really likes her dad's wife. ; ) NT
Priscilla04/07/13 10:20 PM
*It struck me as weird that in the board room Trace has his eyes shaded by his hat, and Liljohn & Dennis both had shades on, while the Trumps were
FurnitureAlliance2548 16   04/08/13 12:36 AM
x*Stage lighting
SD8604/08/13 02:44 PM
x*Yeah it's the lighting but that's at the director's discretion so he wanted their eyes in shade or didn't mind it ~ NT
FurnitureAlliance04/08/13 04:30 PM
x*I must respectfully disagree
SD8604/08/13 05:20 PM
x*In a live show he wouldn't be able to stop tape and change the lighting ~ NT
FurnitureAlliance04/08/13 06:04 PM
x*I think wearing sunglass at night, or indoors is a "fashion statement" of some sort. I see it all the time. I don't care for it but to each his own NT
goldendally5704/08/13 03:14 PM
x*Maybe they just don't like people seeing their eyes. NT
Caramel04/08/13 12:39 AM
x*There's definitely strategy behind covering your eyes...
Firate04/11/13 10:51 AM
x*Yep. That's what I was saying, just not in that much detail. NT
Caramel04/11/13 07:00 PM
x*Good points..I agree ~ NT
FurnitureAlliance04/11/13 06:56 PM
x*All three of them? It's quite a coincidence I'd say ~ NT
FurnitureAlliance04/08/13 02:26 AM
x*Heck, I don't know! Maybe they want to mask their feelings. I always thought it was a way to hide something. NT
Caramel04/08/13 03:16 PM
x*Personally, I'm taking it as a sign that those 3 won't win (we already know Rodman didn't) NT
FurnitureAlliance04/08/13 04:31 PM
x*How do we know that? NT
Caramel04/10/13 04:45 AM
x*Of course that's just me guessing! If someone is pre-determined to win, you don't want them hiding behind shades/jmho NT
FurnitureAlliance04/11/13 06:58 PM
x*Why not? NT
Caramel04/14/13 08:54 AM
x*For the very reason you wear them in the first place. It looks like you're hiding something. NT
FurnitureAlliance04/14/13 03:57 PM
*CA Hits new ratings low
FurnitureAlliance2110 15   04/08/13 06:03 PM
x*i stop watching a few season ago. 2 hours episodes became to much for me to sit and watch.
uvp04/11/13 10:44 AM
x*I'm actually looking forward to the 2 hour epi ~ NT
FurnitureAlliance04/11/13 06:38 PM
x*i like the 2 hour episodes too..if it is a bad episode fast forward..if it is a good episode I enjoy the extra footage NT
silverspoons04/12/13 02:20 PM
x*I am looking forward to seeing Gary as PM this week. It should be awesome! NT
Betsy04/13/13 11:52 AM
x*And naked! omg NT
FurnitureAlliance04/13/13 02:57 PM
x*you have a high pain tolerance then :p NT
uvp04/11/13 06:41 PM
x*I like to laugh at them all later :-) NT
FurnitureAlliance04/11/13 09:39 PM
x*I think most of these people are so lucky they have some sort of talent (?) because they sure couldn't make it any other way NT
Jayne2304/11/13 12:22 PM
x*maybe it also has to do with people just fed up with Trump and his pompous ways I actually think he is nothing more than a carnival barker NT
Jayne2304/11/13 10:37 AM
x*Consider me "not surprised" NT
SD8604/10/13 05:58 PM
x*Also I read that Trump got booed off the stage at the WWE ~ NT
FurnitureAlliance04/09/13 02:13 PM
x*What a strange night of programming. NBC plays 3 hours of low-rated repeats before 1 hour of new content at 10pm. CA sucks, but NBC sucks more. NT
Veruta04/09/13 03:15 AM
x*I never understood why they moved the show to sunday night & have a March is like they want it to fail NT
silverspoons04/09/13 11:05 AM
x*NBC in self-destruct mode, firing Leno when he's #1 ~ NT
FurnitureAlliance04/09/13 02:12 PM
x* The big turn off to me..3am-2pm I get the Today show (with some local news in between) if the Cancel days 4 another hour of Today ..GRRR.. NT
silverspoons04/11/13 12:22 PM
*I think Ice Princess Ivanka secretly wants to poison Arm Trophy Melania and kill her. NT
xrayspex1210 6   04/11/13 03:57 PM
x*I think Melania secretly wishes for the same thing. NT
PointBeing04/11/13 07:39 PM
x*I think Ivanka's a lot prettier than Melania ~ NT
FurnitureAlliance04/14/13 12:38 AM
x*Melania is all fake flash, just like all of Trump's other possessions. NT
longtimebbfan04/14/13 09:03 AM
x*Ivanka is a serious businesswoman, Melania is a trophy wife and nothing else, so sorry. NT
SD8604/14/13 04:31 PM
x*so true! LOL NT
bunnielebowski04/13/13 10:37 PM
xrayspex04/12/13 05:05 AM
*I think Amanda the receptionist is having sex with Dennis Rodman NT
xrayspex991 5   04/11/13 05:13 PM
x*Nobody is desperate enough to have sex with Dennis Rodman. The disease transmission risk should scare anybody away!!! NT
parrotbrain04/14/13 07:03 PM
x*What gave it away? NT
Caramel04/14/13 08:52 AM
x*Those smiles and eyes they are giving each other!! NT
xrayspex04/14/13 10:02 AM
x*I said the same thing to my hubby! NT
bunnielebowski04/13/13 10:37 PM
x*Anything to get ahead! NT
PointBeing04/11/13 07:40 PM
*Every episode Steven Baldwin demonstrates why he is the least successful of the Baldwin brothers. Admittedly I dislike him and Alec the same!! NT
parrotbrain1657 7   04/14/13 07:07 PM
x*He was butthurt about getting fired and had to include that jab at the end toward Mr. Trump. It was uncouth and pathetic. NT
Firate04/15/13 07:20 AM
x*I don't care for the Baldwin clan so I'm glad he is gone. NT
Betsy04/15/13 07:23 AM
x*I hate how he always pisses and moans and tries to find fault during and after tasks. He's never in the wrong, in his mind. NT
CougarSpy04/14/13 07:58 PM
x*And he does it all in the name of Jesus! This kind of publicity Jesus doesn't need. NT
Priscilla04/14/13 09:25 PM
x*As much as I dislike Stephen Baldwin, I have to say...
jimdkc04/14/13 09:17 PM
x*And that's why I was saying I'm so surprised he got asked back to the show...
SD8604/15/13 10:11 AM
x*That was cute. But it's hard to have sympathy for the guy who basically took over, but wouldn't own his mistake. NT
Caramel04/15/13 04:51 AM
*Honestly, I liked Gary's film better. NT
honeyb586 3   04/14/13 10:00 PM
x*Me, too ! I thought Gary should have won !!! NT
goldendally5704/15/13 02:25 PM
x*Agreed. And very happy Gary stayed. Much rather watch him than swarmy Stephen Baldwin. NT
nycszq04/15/13 11:26 AM
x*Me too. The narrative was easier to understand; I didn't get the caveman or brand connection with time travel, and their "humor" felt forced. NT
Firate04/15/13 07:17 AM
*What did Trace say in the beginning of the episode that got beeped out? Stephen said it was a "cowboy thing".
goldendally57571 1   04/15/13 01:20 PM
x*he said Donald Trump acted like he had a sh*t cramp. NT
SillyWilly04/15/13 02:35 PM
*lol at Lil Jon...."take your tops off" <girls look horrified> "No, take your tops off the bottles", lol ! NT
goldendally57729 3   04/15/13 02:05 PM
x*Frickin Hulu Plus ... CA only available via web, not on my PS3 ... had to sit at my desk & watch it since I missed recording it again this week NT
Bilbo04/17/13 04:55 AM
x*f.y.i. it also does repeat again on CNBC once or twice during the week NT
caressastar04/17/13 06:55 AM
x*ah, will have to check to see if I get that NT
Bilbo04/17/13 09:49 AM
*All I have to say is that Gary's insanity is far more enjoyable than Omarosa's b!tch act! NT
parrotbrain692 4   04/21/13 08:09 PM
x*I thought it was funny when Lisa was saying "I'm NOT making out with him" lol NT
FurnitureAlliance04/22/13 02:30 PM
x*True that! And Penn's comments about him last night had me rofl NT
Fourplusthecat04/22/13 06:19 AM
x*4 inches of teeth... NT
KTLee04/22/13 11:17 PM
x*I was laughing & then I wondered what Gary thinks if he watches the show NT
silverspoons04/22/13 10:19 PM
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