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*Sixteen Celebrities From TV, Film, Music and Sports Compete For Favorite Charities On Arnold Schwarzenegger-Led 'The Celebrity Apprentice'
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*The New Celebrity Apprentice 2017 Cast ~ (photos + bios)
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*The New Celebrity Apprentice episode descriptions
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*Can someone tell me who was fired tonight, please. Thanks NT
zuzu530 1   02/02/15 07:36 PM
x*The following got fired:
GazingEyes02/02/15 07:43 PM
*Not a fan of the show. But why do grown people call him Mr Trump? Like he is a king. Just wondering why people always treat him this way. NT
zebe833832 16   02/16/15 12:30 PM
x*Just wanted to post that he is known by many as "The Donald", or was in the past. I don't think it was said respectfully either lol NT
colleenag02/16/15 01:45 PM
x*His first wife, Ivanna, always referred to him as The Donald instead of Donald. It was a language barrier prob & stuck with ppl NT
robin002/16/15 03:26 PM
x*LOL omg that's right! Thanks for the reminder lol...I can hear her saying it now NT
colleenag02/16/15 04:00 PM
x*Enjoy the show. - the Zebe. :) NT
zebe8302/16/15 04:23 PM
x*Lol. NT
GazingEyes02/16/15 05:46 PM
Cindy02/16/15 05:06 PM
x*Sing of respect. As a teen back in the late/60's and 70's, older people were addressed as Mr. or Mrs. NT
CougarSpy02/16/15 01:08 PM
x*Yet he doesn't show that same sign to others. I think that it is strange when newspeople like Matt Lauer on Today call him Mr. Trump. NT
zebe8302/16/15 01:18 PM
x*Funny it is so foreign to ppl these days. Same as we say "Mr. President," "Doctor," "Your Honor," etc. It shows respect to those who have achieved
robin002/16/15 01:14 PM
x*For example Joan Rivers every bit as accomplished as Trump called him Mr. Trump. He called her Joan. Not Ms. Rivers. And Joan was older than him NT
zebe8302/16/15 01:25 PM
x*Most ppl in the corporate world do address the CEO like that. He is merely carrying that forward to the show. Rivers might be as accomplished, but on
robin002/16/15 05:12 PM
x*I expect my doctor to call me Mrs. XX :) I would think it was very forward of him to call me by my first name. NT
Belle02/17/15 07:59 AM
x*Shouldn't respect work both ways? I'm not trying to cause trouble. I'm honest & I think Trump is an ass. But I was wondering why people bow to him NT
zebe8302/16/15 01:22 PM
x*He probably has requested that people call him Mr. Trump. That calling him "Donald" is reserved for loved ones and good friends. NT
CougarSpy02/16/15 01:29 PM
x*I just think it's wierd. Enjoy your show tonight! NT
zebe8302/16/15 01:32 PM
x*Yes I understand that and agree. Yet he doesn't show the same respect to the President. NT
zebe8302/16/15 01:19 PM
*I think Ice Princess Ivanka secretly wants to poison Arm Trophy Melania and kill her. NT
xrayspex1210 6   04/11/13 03:57 PM
x*I think Melania secretly wishes for the same thing. NT
PointBeing04/11/13 07:39 PM
x*I think Ivanka's a lot prettier than Melania ~ NT
FurnitureAlliance04/14/13 12:38 AM
x*Melania is all fake flash, just like all of Trump's other possessions. NT
longtimebbfan04/14/13 09:03 AM
x*Ivanka is a serious businesswoman, Melania is a trophy wife and nothing else, so sorry. NT
SD8604/14/13 04:31 PM
x*so true! LOL NT
bunnielebowski04/13/13 10:37 PM
xrayspex04/12/13 05:05 AM
*I think Amanda the receptionist is having sex with Dennis Rodman NT
xrayspex991 5   04/11/13 05:13 PM
x*Nobody is desperate enough to have sex with Dennis Rodman. The disease transmission risk should scare anybody away!!! NT
parrotbrain04/14/13 07:03 PM
x*What gave it away? NT
Caramel04/14/13 08:52 AM
x*Those smiles and eyes they are giving each other!! NT
xrayspex04/14/13 10:02 AM
x*I said the same thing to my hubby! NT
bunnielebowski04/13/13 10:37 PM
x*Anything to get ahead! NT
PointBeing04/11/13 07:40 PM
*I am so upset that Geraldo is an egomaniac! He has been my hero since opening Al Capones vault and absolutely nothing but dirt was in it! NT
xrayspex2574 25   01/06/15 02:13 PM
x*Geraldo is all about self, counting and recounting his times on the air, etc...acts like a 3 year old child I keep. Talks over you and when he
ready2retire01/10/15 05:34 PM
x*F2 gold NT
PointBeing01/12/15 04:21 PM
x*IKR?! He's such a baby wow, I was so shocked at his behaviour. I was very disappointed in him. Thought he was stable but he's not. NT
CatsRock01/11/15 05:36 AM
x*Actually the government made him edit it to look empty. I've said too much already... Bye. NT
Hidef108001/06/15 05:23 PM
x*I think it's all hidden now in Area 51. NT
robin001/06/15 05:47 PM
x*But Geraldo had medical examiners on site to identify the dead bodies of Jimmy Hoffa and Adolf Hitler inside the vault! NT
AwfuLeeHandsome01/06/15 02:20 PM
x*yup! ROFL!!! NT
xrayspex01/06/15 02:21 PM
x*LOL!! You are so funny!! NT
robin001/06/15 02:21 PM
x*Its actually true! It was a full 2 hours and countless media hype for weeks that he can never give back to Americans! NT
xrayspex01/06/15 02:23 PM
x*This explains why I've been screwed up most of my life. I wasted 2 hours for plain old dirt and broken bottles. I thought he'd actually done
CougarSpy01/06/15 04:00 PM
x*Me, too! I remember what a laughingstock he was after that debacle. NT
robin001/06/15 04:13 PM
x*I know. He found a couple empty bottles & tried to save face by claiming they were from Capone's moonshine running. NT
robin001/06/15 02:28 PM
x*I hope when he goes on one of his ego rants about how great he is that someone brings those stories up NT
L2401/06/15 02:39 PM
x*I imagine he wishes we would all forget it had to be embarrassing when the safe was empty lol NT
Belle01/06/15 02:28 PM
x*Also embarrassing is the partially nude pic he tweeted on his 70th bday. Ha. NT
robin001/06/15 02:32 PM
x*OMG- yes! NT
xrayspex01/06/15 02:34 PM
x*lol I was thankfully oblivious to that :) NT
Belle01/06/15 02:33 PM
x*Belle-I found this especially for you so you can print it out an put next to your bed-in a frame.
xrayspex01/06/15 02:42 PM
x*OMG LOLOL he's remarkably fit for an older man! NT
colleenag01/06/15 03:24 PM
x*how thoughtful of you :)
Belle01/06/15 02:49 PM
x*Its G-rated- but OH SO SEXY! NT
xrayspex01/06/15 02:53 PM
x*I don't know which is worse---his bday pic or the thought of Gilbert having sex screaming, "AFLAC!!!" NT
robin001/06/15 02:35 PM
colleenag01/06/15 03:22 PM
x*Totally embarrassing! He was starting to get some journalistic pats on the back because of his 'Mental Institutions/hospice" expose and then the
xrayspex01/06/15 02:32 PM
x*Even more embarrassing is when he blabbed military secrets & had to leave Iraq. What an idiot. Now he tries to portray himself as intelligent. Ha. NT
robin001/06/15 02:31 PM
*Cmon everybody- do the Kenya Moore Twirl
xrayspex697 7   02/01/15 03:14 PM
x*That was so awful I couldn't even watch it all. NT
BBAnnie02/03/15 05:52 PM
x*Looks more like Dorothy's tornado. NT
robin002/02/15 11:55 AM
x*I'm just going to start twirling everywhere I go! NT
petite602/02/15 11:27 AM
x*haha- me toooo! NT
xrayspex02/02/15 11:57 AM
x*Im gone with the wind fabulous NT
xrayspex02/01/15 03:16 PM
x*Phadera looks so good in this video :) NT
Dexter02/02/15 10:09 AM
x*LOL-yaaaaas! NT
xrayspex02/02/15 11:21 AM
*Leave poor Kenya alone-she is innocent! Twirl away you fools! NT
xrayspex700 6   02/02/15 06:01 PM
x*xrayspex! When's your youtube coming out "Leave poor Kenya alone..." with you crying coming out. I bet it will get billions of hits. NT
CougarSpy02/03/15 04:53 AM
x*vivica a fox is so low class shawn johnson periods,kenya moore menopause what next leeza gibons yeast NT
Camlawnman02/03/15 04:30 AM
x*Bounce! NT
Karina8602/02/15 06:01 PM
x*lol NT
PinkVelvet02/02/15 06:32 PM
xrayspex02/02/15 06:02 PM
x*<3 xoxo NT
Karina8602/02/15 06:03 PM
*Vivaca sabotaged Kenya. Kenya was like a lil innocent lamb being led to the slaughter in that board room! Shame on you Mr.Trump! Twirl sweet Kenya an
xrayspex571 5   02/03/15 02:13 PM
x*Kenya and the word "sweet" don't seem to fit in the real world... However V Fox is no saint either. NT
Hidef108002/04/15 09:59 AM
x*Trump said she was the most evil woman ever. That says a lot for someone who deals with tigers like Omarosa. NT
robin002/03/15 02:36 PM
x*Yup! NT
Dexter02/03/15 02:19 PM
x*Be gone with the wind, Kenya! NT
robin002/03/15 02:16 PM
x*lol NT
L2402/03/15 02:18 PM
*Geraldo and Ian did not get along because they are both the same person-same egomaniac personalities that grates! NT
xrayspex755 8   02/03/15 03:04 PM
x*Ian makes Geraldo seem charming. NT
PointBeing02/05/15 08:25 PM
x*Geraldos hair is real! Ian hides his baldness since 90210! So there! NT
xrayspex02/06/15 09:26 AM
x*He really does NT
FurnitureAlliance02/05/15 08:54 PM
x*I still like Ian but he was kinda jerky on his last task. Brandi was right to put him in his place. NT
Hidef108002/04/15 09:57 AM
x*Yes, they are both very aggressive. On the same team they drove each other nuts. Apart, they drove their teams nuts. NT
robin002/03/15 03:10 PM
x*I couldn't believe how he was acting in the boardroom, arguing over silly stuff and making himself look stupid at the same time. He really was
L2402/03/15 03:20 PM
x*I wonder how the sharks like working with him. Ha. NT
robin002/03/15 03:24 PM
x*lol NT
L2402/03/15 03:25 PM
*There is proven evidence that the Donald stole Vivacas phone an the Donald is now in hiding in Italy. TV execs are fuming NT
xrayspex674 1   02/20/15 11:54 AM
x*This is a joke, right? NT
sharesz02/21/15 11:19 PM
*'The Celebrity Apprentice' Renewed for Season 8 by NBC (tvbythenumbers) NT
Veruta319 0   02/16/15 08:46 PM
*without spoiling is this season worth watching?...
uvp9856 72   01/06/15 09:53 AM
x*I think it's worth it if you like good junkfood TV. I'm already in "I want to see Geraldo get beat" mode. NT
Hidef108001/06/15 05:41 PM
x*I started watching just for the recaps on RHAP. Stayed for the fun. Now hubs is getting into it--he watched the whole 2 hrs with me NT
FurnitureAlliance01/06/15 01:55 PM
x*Me too! I watched epi 2 so I could understand what rob and mike were talking about! NT
bunnielebowski01/07/15 01:26 AM
x*Same for my hubs. He thinks Geraldo set Kevin up lol NT
AprilSky01/06/15 02:08 PM
x*Yes NT
debbiedu2201/06/15 10:50 AM
x*Warning, it's the Geraldo show NT
L2401/06/15 10:22 AM
x*I can't imagine anyone else winning based on the prominence of Geraldo on the show so far. It really seems like they've tipped their hand early NT
AwfuLeeHandsome01/06/15 12:58 PM
x*I don't think so, I do think he's safe for a while, but to me it looks like he's getting the comeuppance edit and will get booted around 7th or so NT
zagger01/06/15 01:41 PM
x*I sure hope so. Would like to see TO or Lorenzo or Ian beat him NT
FurnitureAlliance01/06/15 01:56 PM
x*Yeah, but when there are more fundraising tasks, Geraldo's got that in the bag. No one even came close to him. NT
debbiedu2201/06/15 02:00 PM
x*I have to say I thought that was pretty funny after Kevin was bragging about how many twitter followers he had NT
L2401/06/15 02:01 PM
x*IKR ~ 99.9% of his 4.2M twitter fans aren't old enough to make $! NT
debbiedu2201/06/15 02:12 PM
x*I feel like it's a flashback of when a lot of people knew from the start that Arsenio Hall was pegged to win from the beginning NT
L2401/06/15 01:45 PM
x*And even though Joan Rivers and Bret Michaels worked very hard on their seasons I always felt they were destined too. NT
colleenag01/06/15 01:53 PM
x*The difference is that they were hard-working BUSINESS PEOPLE. Geraldo is just a jackass full of hot air. NT
robin001/06/15 02:20 PM
x*I love a 'Spanish' guy who can't speak Spanish NT
FurnitureAlliance01/06/15 06:25 PM
x*Hahaha. Yes, he is part Puerto Rican. I like the crack GG made about him being a PR Jew. NT
robin001/06/15 07:28 PM
x*So true! NT
colleenag01/06/15 02:33 PM
x*IA 100%. I really can't stomach Geraldo, but I think he will emerge the winner. NT
robin001/06/15 01:04 PM
x*Absolutely NT
L2401/06/15 01:01 PM
x*The one thing I keep thinking is that perhaps the Donald likes the big bucks Geraldo brought in during last task (anyone know how much exactly?) and
colleenag01/06/15 01:18 PM
x*Seems like Geraldo had to have brought in around $100K. They had $180K in total. T.O. had $750, Lorenzo had $100, Ian had around $9K (I think),
debbiedu2201/06/15 01:47 PM
x*Yes, I knew the total, approx $180K, and that can confirm Lorenzo and TO's amounts...If Geraldo did bring in $100K it isn't necessarily hard to
colleenag01/06/15 01:58 PM
x*Yes, please. (OT: Stay warm. :)) NT
debbiedu2201/06/15 02:19 PM
x*Thank you Debb! Gonna "feel like" 3 degrees and vicinity come Thursday around here! NT
colleenag01/06/15 04:19 PM
x*-2 here tonight and that's without the wind factor NT
L2401/06/15 04:24 PM
x*Yikes, Colleen & L24! I knew it MUST be cold there if we (Houston) are getting down to 30 tomorrow night. Bundle up! :) NT
debbiedu2201/06/15 04:38 PM
x*I went to the store yesterday, and I'm not leaving the house all week lol NT
L2401/06/15 05:13 PM
x*LOL while I agree with that, I think he likes the big lips Geraldo plants on his butt most of all NT
L2401/06/15 01:22 PM
x*Ha. NT
robin001/06/15 02:27 PM
x*LOL cracking up ! NT
colleenag01/06/15 01:36 PM
x*Yes but its good TV. I think he could be the biggest ego that they have ever had. He has to be over 70, he looks great. I cant believe Ian is 50! NT
Herbsmum01/06/15 10:29 AM
x*Yes, I was so surprised at how Geraldo acted when Lorenzo Lamas tried to get him involved. Geraldo acted like a spoiled brat. Very disappointing. NT
CatsRock01/06/15 01:57 PM
x*That was so rude NT
FurnitureAlliance01/06/15 06:27 PM
x*I hate the Yosemite Sam mustache. Might have worked in the 70s, but not now. NT
robin001/06/15 12:54 PM
x*He needs to join a barbershop quartet with that 'stash NT
FurnitureAlliance01/06/15 06:28 PM
x*71. He was born in 1943. NT
CougarSpy01/06/15 11:09 AM
x*Yea, "I"an looks good but I felt badly for him when >>>spoiler
colleenag01/06/15 10:36 AM
x*Glad he didn't go there. NT
Herbsmum01/06/15 01:12 PM
x*Very good point. That is one niggling lil concern, as usual, with this show...the Donald plays favorites. NT
colleenag01/06/15 10:24 AM
x*Before he hired Geraldo for the show, he wanted to see how good he could do this
L2401/06/15 12:08 PM
x*Hahahaha!!!!! NT
robin001/06/15 12:38 PM
colleenag01/06/15 12:17 PM
debbiedu2201/06/15 12:10 PM
x*what I like about the season is first the format, we'll be getting back to back weeks with 2 going home each week so that's a plus for me and hope
colleenag01/06/15 10:09 AM
robin001/06/15 12:39 PM
x*Its the Celeb apprentice! Worth every second. Love Vivica for the Women and Ian for the men. NT
Herbsmum01/06/15 10:15 AM
x*ITA with your choices! Ian has come a long way since BH 90210. And Vivica is not only hilarious, but seems pretty shrewd also. NT
littlewop01/06/15 12:10 PM
x*I never found Ian that attractive on 90210 but Steve growd up good and smart too! Viv was so funny last night.
Herbsmum01/06/15 12:31 PM
x*Somehow I don't see Vivica going up against the other ladies on Brandi's behalf NT
L2401/06/15 12:46 PM
x*Very subpar season for what's already a subpar show. Could pick up but the dynamic is off NT
AwfuLeeHandsome01/06/15 10:03 AM
x*the first few season are usually the best with shows like this due to novelty of it NT
uvp01/06/15 10:08 AM
x*And I'm so glad they ditched the tired "The Apprentice" and started up with celebrity format. Punched a lot of life into the show. NT
colleenag01/06/15 10:12 AM
x*The very first season of the Apprentice was excellent. It was about the people/teams applying all the business principles. Trump got away from that
CougarSpy01/06/15 11:12 AM
x*You said it. I loved watching when it was all about business, and those who pulled shenanigans would be fired since he would never let someone like
robin001/06/15 12:53 PM
x*It was good in the beginning, but Donald loves to have his butt kissed, and Geraldo fits the bill. I don't find that entertaining NT
L2401/06/15 11:44 AM
x*I remember staying at one of Donald's hotels in Atlantic city, (when he owned 3 at the time I think)I was blown away at how his name and
L2401/06/15 11:56 AM
x*That ruins the whole vaca when Donald's face is everywhere NT
FurnitureAlliance01/06/15 01:43 PM
x*No kidding, I don't remember why we decided to stay there, must have had a good deal. But it was actually laughable how much his face and name
L2401/06/15 01:46 PM
x*Not classy, Donald!! NT
FurnitureAlliance01/06/15 01:48 PM
x*Someone had told us, back when he was owning a lot of money, that one of the creditors threatened to take the huge letters that spelled
L2401/06/15 01:53 PM
x*lol classy and Donald in the same sentence :) NT
Belle01/06/15 01:49 PM
x*Now Ivanka's picture would be ok--she's gorgeous NT
FurnitureAlliance01/06/15 01:51 PM
x*ITA, she's a beautiful gal, to me, inside and out. I give it up to Donald for raising some great kids. Probably more due to their mom though. NT
colleenag01/06/15 02:10 PM
x*Yes, IA with that. NT
colleenag01/06/15 11:31 AM
x*yeah i related better to celebs since i know them...i would hate if bbusa went the celebs route ...funny how that works lol NT
uvp01/06/15 10:19 AM
x*I was thinking the same thing. I think the difference is the celebrities on apprentice are doing it for a charity. What if there were a celebrity
colleenag01/06/15 10:22 AM
x*not yet NT
PointBeing01/06/15 09:58 AM
x*thanks...i am seeing lengthy discussion here so i thought maybe some may like it lol NT
uvp01/06/15 10:09 AM
x*It's getting good ratings and lots of tweets NT
FurnitureAlliance01/06/15 06:31 PM
x*depends on why ur watching. You probably want to watch good business strategies. I want to watch weaves fly, so it's kinda worth it. NT
PointBeing01/06/15 06:24 PM
x*lmao @ weaves flying!!! NT
debbiedu2201/06/15 07:38 PM
*This show can really show people in a whole different light. I use to like Leeza. Not any more, female Geraldo NT
starrynite1168 11   01/26/15 06:43 PM
x*I used to dislike Leeza. Not any more NT
PointBeing01/27/15 03:52 PM
x*I liked Leeza until she became friends with Brandi...bad judge of charactor NT
georgia938201/27/15 02:07 PM
x*I like Brandi awhole lot better on CA than I do on the housewives. I just watched WWHL and it seems she really is a hot mess. What she was wearing
Herbsmum01/27/15 02:40 PM
x*I like Leeza. I like her way more than Geraldo. NT
robin001/26/15 11:19 PM
x*Me too, I like her. I just got around to watching. Just when I thought the ego's couldn't get any bigger. Most of them are out of control.
L2401/28/15 05:28 PM
x*ITA about Geraldo and Kenya. I think Geraldo is a big old egomaniac who is quite delusional as well. Usually love my gal Kenya but the floor dance
colleenag01/29/15 02:38 AM
x*Really? How so?
moonscape5301/26/15 11:17 PM
x*At first I thought she was coasting under the radar a little and seemed bland and meh, maybe a lil "too good", IDK, but at least she's not an blatant
colleenag02/04/15 03:17 PM
x*I think the under-the-radar impression was
moonscape5302/06/15 04:57 PM
x*ITA, very composed lady. NT
Shar02/04/15 03:09 PM
x*I'm impressed by her professionalism and diplomacy. But she's a little boring so I hope she goes! NT
FurnitureAlliance01/27/15 12:41 AM
*'Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: The Battle at Barclays
sodapop445 0   05/06/13 10:22 AM
*'Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: The Final Task
sodapop475 0   05/13/13 10:28 AM
*'Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: The Live Finale
sodapop483 0   05/21/13 08:13 AM
*Final 2 Predictions? now that Lil Jon isn't a fav & Penn has bad mouthed him,,leaves Trace vs ?
silverspoons1556 10   04/22/13 11:32 PM
x*Lisa is going to win this. NT
PointBeing04/23/13 05:37 PM
x*I Hope so, she is personally my favorite, and she just recently left Days of our Lives so maybe has better things in store! NT
caressastar04/24/13 07:35 AM
x*I'm not a fan. Her personality is too QVC for my taste, but she's 1 of 2(?) who hasn't won & it seems like she's trying to get a new gig or has 1 NT
PointBeing04/24/13 09:38 AM
x*Again: who has an upcoming show on NBC? That is who the winner will be.... NT
SD8604/23/13 04:09 PM
x*Gary Busey! NT
CubbyPuppy04/23/13 08:30 AM
x*Gary is project manager over Penn and Lisa. This could be a classic epi. NT
Betsy04/23/13 03:38 PM
x*What trash was he talking about Trump? NT
FurnitureAlliance04/23/13 01:36 AM
x*penn in his recent book did not have positive things to say about Trump or the show NT
silverspoons04/24/13 01:48 PM
x*Marylou over Trace. NT
Betsy04/26/13 07:51 AM
x*I'm thinking MaryLou ~ NT
FurnitureAlliance04/23/13 01:35 AM
*Was the boardroom taped long after the presentation??
silverspoons714 1   04/28/13 11:59 PM
x*Interesting point, but...
SD8604/30/13 10:00 AM
*Lil Jon is on WWHL tonight Lisa was on last week..hmm..Bravo is part of NBC..maybe a clue to final 2? NT
silverspoons434 2   05/01/13 05:21 PM
x*What is WWHL? NT
parrotbrain05/05/13 07:03 PM
x*Watch What Happens: Live with Andy Cohen on Bravo NT
bbfankat05/05/13 08:35 PM
*Can someone explain the Red Cross helping Trace??
silverspoons995 2   05/13/13 08:41 AM
x*He explained it on a previous episode. He did not take anything from the Red Cross. His house burnt down and he was impressed with their offer
nycszq05/13/13 09:52 AM
x*Thanks for the explantion..that is one of the few parts I must have missed.. NT
silverspoons05/13/13 11:57 AM
*Saw this rumor list of contestants for 2014 season. I hope it is true sounds interesting...
silverspoons2167 10   01/30/14 09:18 AM
x*Wow, if true, this cast is too good to be true! Any word on a premiere date? NT
laladoopiedu02/07/14 11:06 AM
x*I have read it will be summer 2014 instead of a spring show. Curious if it will do better in the summer. NT
silverspoons02/07/14 11:57 AM
x*Ludacrus, Gordon, and Lea seem like they have too much going to appear on this 2nd rate show. NT
Phoenixfire01/31/14 12:17 PM
x*<3 Luda NT
PointBeing02/01/14 09:30 PM
x*Lindsay & Kenya... oh yes please! NT
shortcake01/30/14 10:39 AM
x*Saw this same list and I hate that I'm going to have to watch if this is legit. NT
IggysPINKTights01/30/14 09:20 AM
x*ugh this is the first season that doesn't have a must-see contestant for me. The only interesting ones are Disick, Lohan, Moore, & Snooks. NT
PointBeing01/30/14 04:41 PM
x*Gordon Ramsay has potential.... he may tell Trump to go f*ck himself. NT
shortcake01/30/14 04:44 PM
x*Gordon vs Kenya! NT
PointBeing02/01/14 09:29 PM
x*I was wondering if Gordon could really do this show, since he has like 4-5 shows going at once. I would love to see him in the boardroom NT
silverspoons01/30/14 10:20 PM
*No Kate/Sig on Wendy Williams today. I was looking forward to Wendy asking some tough/real questions. NT
silverspoons903 11   01/27/15 05:36 PM
x*Sig is crabbing now...they should skype with him NT
georgia938201/30/15 12:21 PM
x*Kate is on there today 1/28/2015. Don't know about the fisherman Sid. NT
Hidef108001/28/15 07:37 AM
x*Shouldn't Sig be crab fishing right now? Just sayin'.... NT
SD8601/28/15 03:25 PM
x*Good point, it is the middle of opilio season so he should be out in the middle of the Bering Sea...unless he let Edgar captain. NT
terlu01/28/15 06:38 PM
x*Last season he was letting Edgar do the opis and he did the king, that might be standard now for them. NT
zagger01/28/15 06:57 PM
x*CA was being filmed last year, so maybe that's why Edgar had Opies. Anyway, my point was...
SD8601/30/15 03:55 PM
x*did he show up on the Today show the next day? NT
zagger01/30/15 05:04 PM
x*I don't know; I don't watch the Today show at all. NT
SD8601/31/15 03:02 PM
x*me neither, but I think that was around the time of that big snowstorm so that may have messed with the scheduling NT
zagger01/31/15 03:10 PM
x*Thamks I put it on my dvr just in case. Kate probably didn't mind staying for a 4 day weekend away from the kids! NT
silverspoons01/28/15 11:49 AM
x*She didn't have Gilbert Gottfried on her show either. I wondered about that. NT
Hidef108001/27/15 05:43 PM
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