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*TAR fans ~ no need to put 'spoiler' in the subject line. This is the spoiler forum, you're free to post/discuss openly. Have fun!! NT
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*The Amazing Race Spoiler Forum Policy
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*Jan 3!!! Can't wait NT
PVRlover25 1   12/07/17 10:55 AM
x*Wooohooo! NT
Bobbo212/07/17 10:45 PM
*Twitter makes my head hurt (& don't know how 2 use it well) Any news on who pd cabs/Last Challenge? I'll neutral-but think Jodys pretty cool :) NT
Big_Mother1089 5   10/31/17 08:21 PM
x*above question - "I'll" should be "I'm" - LOL - 1st time following clues - actually 1st time watching TAR & don't understand Twitter or RFF NT
Big_Mother11/02/17 12:33 PM
x*Speaking of clues, Im really hoping that the reason RFF went silent, even after promising lots more pics and vids, is because Jody won so they
Vixter11/10/17 10:07 AM
x*That would be awesome!! NT
Big_Mother12/06/17 04:29 PM
x*hey big mother :) hope you enjoy AR when it comes on. i haven't read in the spoilers for awhile but last i heard there were several that thought
Belle11/02/17 12:34 PM
x*Belle - Thank you for responding, Hope they paid also and will be exciting and interesting to watch-have to come on here to understand the race :) NT
Big_Mother11/02/17 02:09 PM
*A great video of Jody at the start of TAR in NYC. Good video, audio, and Cody waves at us lol...
Bobbo2480 2   10/29/17 03:06 AM
x*awesome NT
VelvetWind10/29/17 09:11 AM
x*Thanks for sharing; that was good! Love the piano right there in the park! NT
colleenag10/29/17 03:10 AM
*Has anyone seen any info on where the final location might have been, missing legs, etc? I havent seen a thing. NT
Bobbo2450 5   10/27/17 08:47 PM
x*Wasn't the finale leg from Hong Kong to San Fran? NT
colleenag10/29/17 03:07 AM
x*Oops. Instead of final location I should have said location of final task and finish line. People know but nobody has said anything so far. NT
Bobbo210/29/17 03:22 AM
x*Yes. But sometime during the race there was a leg no one has info on so far. Was wondering if anybody had seen anything. NT
Bobbo210/29/17 03:16 AM
x*Ah, ok got it! I imagine you've seen the post that at the least outlines the race locations below in this forum but even that has been disputed. NT
colleenag10/29/17 03:22 AM
x*Yes, most are speculating another leg in Prague or Zimbabwe but no one knows for sure. Guess we will have to wait and see. NT
Bobbo210/29/17 03:30 AM
*Those Jody stans that tracked them the last 3 weeks are dropping some pretty big hints that they won. NT
RatFloater2313 14   10/26/17 10:28 PM
x*They probably did because jessica and cody's PR person aka publicist lori is very involved in the jody crew chat room and probably told them. NT
tasha5510/28/17 09:06 PM
x*She would not breach their contract! NT
Jleehop10/28/17 10:27 PM
x*what hints? NT
Dani10/28/17 08:28 AM
x*That would be so cool! But ya know, the pics I've seen of Jody since TAR 30 completed have me thinking maybe not. Wouldn't ya'll be smiling
colleenag10/27/17 03:55 PM
x*One of them straight up said they're a million dollars richer in response to a troll tweet. That person tracked them in Thailand. Just saying. NT
RatFloater10/27/17 05:45 PM
x*Can you post the link? because Ive seen a few comments but nothing of this sort, Ive seen playful comments saying "did they smelled like a million
Dani10/28/17 08:35 AM
x*When I saw the pics of him and his family I felt the same way. NT
AskMedia10/27/17 04:11 PM
x*Although this one gave me a slightly different interpretation -:)
AskMedia10/27/17 04:23 PM
x*They are big winners and have million dollar smiles. Here's hoping they get the cash to go with it! NT
Jake8110/27/17 10:23 PM
x*That picture says ďyoung and in loveĒ to me ó nothing more. NT
ChristmasInJuly10/27/17 08:26 PM
x*Lol NT
VelvetWind10/27/17 08:26 PM
x*I thought for sure he put a ring on it NT
BELISIMA10/27/17 04:53 PM
x*This is one of those times I hope I'm wrong! :) NT
colleenag10/27/17 04:25 PM
x*those are some million dollar smiles!! :) NT
Matzak10/27/17 04:24 PM
*I have a feeling this season will be spoiled by a BB alum. Word on how Jody did will spread throughout that inner BB circle soon enough. NT
RatFloater1256 14   10/26/17 05:16 PM
x*They will not spill it at all. Contractually, they can't. If anyone would have been spilled it would have been Rachel & Brandon on their season
GazingEyes10/27/17 09:38 AM
x*I don't think they will spill. Its pretty clear in their contract that it could cost them anything they won NT
PVRlover10/26/17 10:01 PM
x*If it's been very tight lipped every other season what makes this one different? NT
MegsMom31610/26/17 05:19 PM
x*Jody will tell 1 or 2 alums (Brenchel, Marlena, Jackie maybe) about how they did. It'll spread and soon enough someone will let it slip. NT
RatFloater10/26/17 05:29 PM
x*Yes, especially if Rachel finds out. NT
LillyBell10/26/17 08:16 PM
x*I don't see Jess or Cody being the blabby sort, so I see them less likely to let it slip. Heck, Cody probably hasn't even told Jess yet. Same. NT
FeloniousMonk10/26/17 05:32 PM
x*Iím guessing that Jody knew they might be asked to be on TAR the last week she was in the house and THEY KEPT THEIR MOUTHS SHUT. NT
ChristmasInJuly10/26/17 06:41 PM
x*They were asked 2 weeks after she was evicted and he was already in jury by then. Jody, just like everyone else in the house talked about wanting
RatFloater10/26/17 10:26 PM
x*True. Cody said in an interview that he found out while in the jury house that they were gonna be on TAR. NT
presleys_child10/27/17 08:42 AM
x*They told Marlena and Jess told Brenchel that they were going to be on the show. A lot of alums knew actually. Why not tell a few the result? NT
RatFloater10/26/17 05:46 PM
x*I can give you 500 thousand reasons why not. NT
ChristmasInJuly10/26/17 06:43 PM
x*Do we know that Jess told anyone before TAR lifted the gag? NT
FeloniousMonk10/26/17 05:55 PM
x*Mark said he and Elena had already known. Jess was asking Rachel advice on what to do before it was officially announced. NT
RatFloater10/26/17 06:21 PM
x*Maybe it's in their contract to not spill. NT
MegsMom31610/26/17 05:47 PM
*are we pretty sure they won? Just cause I havent said in a while... I hate them!!!! NT
Shielagurlz295 13   10/26/17 03:49 AM
x*Me, too! I;ve never disliked anyone like this before. NT
Tank11/04/17 11:02 PM
x*It's a measure of how great they are that most like them so much. NT
Jake8111/05/17 01:25 AM
x*You can talk about that on AR Spoilers NT
FurnitureAlliance10/26/17 12:45 PM
x*They did NOT win. And I am super happy about it. NT
RavenMurphree10/26/17 11:26 AM
x*TAR hasn't let that info out, and neither have the participants. No one knows. NT
Jake8110/26/17 01:14 PM
x*Final 3 is winning. sorry NT
Matzak10/26/17 11:27 AM
x*Sorry...let me call Christmas and Paul and let them know!!! LMAO NT
RavenMurphree10/26/17 01:40 PM
x*actually that is just what Jody fans are saying. Word from sleuth sites say they did not win. NT
presleys_child10/26/17 08:08 AM
x*There appear to be no informed sources. NT
Jake8110/26/17 01:00 PM
x*None of the Jody fans are saying they won nor has any sleuth sites said they lost. If someone outside of TAR productions knows the winner theyre not
Dani10/26/17 09:54 AM
x*True. We don't even know if everything attributed to JODY fans is really true. Some may be the actions of people trying to make JODY fans look bad. NT
Jake8110/26/17 01:04 PM
x*agreed :) i haven't seen anyone claim anyone won because no one knows NT
Belle10/26/17 09:55 AM
x*I haven't seen anyone say whether they won or lost but then I only check here. NT
MegsMom31610/26/17 08:59 AM
*So much for cody not getting along with people. The Indy guys love him and jess, it seems like they worked together in the race, and became friends
tasha551040 6   10/25/17 06:35 PM
x*living with someone is different than racing NT
Mishanb10/25/17 07:45 PM
x*Have you seen how many relationships blow up on the amazing race ? For example..flo and Zach...who won. NT
uselessfan10/25/17 10:03 PM
x*weren't they team mates? NT
Mishanb10/26/17 05:58 PM
x*living in the bb house is different, as well NT
janie810/25/17 07:57 PM
x*Spoiler? NT
grandjete10/25/17 07:20 PM
x*Doesnt sound like it. I mean this post doesnt imply a winner. NT
Gamecock10/25/17 07:44 PM
*This is my first season following TAR spoilers...did we have any spoilers about Brenchel during their seasons AFTER they made F3? TIA. NT
colleenag988 12   10/25/17 06:27 PM
x*No we usually don't know the F3 placements until airing. Heavy indicates are: debaters 3rd , Jody 2nd, skiiers 1st. 1 and 2 could be switched NT
BigBrotherFly10/25/17 07:58 PM
x*What indicates that? NT
bigbrotherfan710/25/17 10:01 PM
x*Man who has been spoiling the whole season hinted. Y was third. Meaning Y for Yale debaters. We think jody was the only ine to pay cab fare NT
BigBrotherFly10/27/17 08:39 AM
x*Hoping that 1 and 2 are switched! NT
VelvetWind10/25/17 09:00 PM
x*same here Pink! NT
Matzak10/25/17 09:26 PM
x*Ahh, thank you both! NT
colleenag10/25/17 08:01 PM
x*I'm not sure NT
VelvetWind10/25/17 06:39 PM
x*This is the first I have ever followed any TAR spoilers. Has this forum been active in the past? It's been very fun - hope TAR gets renewed.
pittgirl10/25/17 08:01 PM
x*i think its been active before but i'm not sure its ever been this detailed! NT
Belle10/27/17 11:01 AM
x*It sure was fun!! :) NT
VelvetWind10/25/17 08:55 PM
x*agree, pink..can you imagine doing TAR? so proud of jessica and cody.. NT
janie810/25/17 09:52 PM
x*I love watching tar.. Can't imagine being in the race though lol NT
VelvetWind10/25/17 09:55 PM
*Cody is currently having a crisis.
Sambb191260 5   10/25/17 05:07 PM
x*lmao NT
gwennanapatmal10/26/17 07:50 AM
x*Lol!! NT
VelvetWind10/25/17 08:51 PM
x*lol, he's new to social media NT
BELISIMA10/25/17 08:17 PM
x*Aww he's cute lol, and if the rumors are true, a much wealthier man. NT
tasha5510/25/17 06:12 PM
x*bhwahawhaha this is hilarious. NT
Dani10/25/17 05:55 PM
*Oh boy. Jess tweet to Rossi.would she tweet that if she hadnt won and was just making a joke about being poor and needing clothes .Possible clue NT
uselessfan6037 59   10/25/17 04:37 AM
x*TAR spoilers
BELISIMA10/25/17 04:41 PM
x*Seems unlikely any such thing happened, or that if it did, it could be attributed to a specific fan base. NT
Jake8110/26/17 07:00 AM
x*Being attributed to a specific fan base is not all right to try and hit someone with a truck.Imagine if Paul was on AR and a fan did that can you
diggler10/26/17 07:48 AM
x*The accusation likely has no substance as to the fan base. It sounds like something made up by someone who wanted to blame JODY. NT
Jake8110/26/17 12:53 PM
x*If its true someone tried to hit the skiers with a truck that is disgusting. NT
diggler10/26/17 06:34 AM
x*The wrong directions to pier was given by guy that thought the players were on a scavenger hunt. Not a Jody fan. Also, Jody wasnt 45 mins behind. NT
Vixter10/25/17 06:55 PM
x*They weren't 45 min. behind? what was it? NT
BELISIMA10/25/17 06:56 PM
x*I dont know the exact timing but I do know that much time hadnt lapsed between the sightings, if people in that area are to be believed. NT
Vixter10/25/17 07:31 PM
x*According rff they were only 5 mins apart but reading through that forum gives me a brain aneurysm so I don't know what other details are released. NT
RatFloater10/25/17 07:26 PM
x*Rumor is.. Is that it was a Jody fan lol. We saw the video but I haven't heard that it really was a Jody fan NT
VelvetWind10/25/17 06:38 PM
x*where did you see the video? NT
BELISIMA10/25/17 06:55 PM
x*Here ya go
VelvetWind10/25/17 09:47 PM
x*I hadnt seen this drunkard. lol I tried to find the one from ATT park but couldnt. NT
Vixter10/25/17 10:20 PM
x*Oh this guy lol. Him and bike guy for TAR 31. NT
RatFloater10/25/17 10:19 PM
x*On Twitter.. I'll try to find it NT
VelvetWind10/25/17 08:56 PM
x*LOL @ "tried to hit the skier with their truck." When did The Amazing Race turn into The Hunger Games? NT
RatFloater10/25/17 05:33 PM
x*lmao, I just post what i saw lol NT
BELISIMA10/25/17 06:34 PM
x*Is it possible that space aliens came down to intervene on Jodyís behalf? :-) NT
ChristmasInJuly10/25/17 07:18 PM
x*there you go, lol NT
BELISIMA10/25/17 08:15 PM
x*Ughh I knew it was rigged for them. NT
RatFloater10/25/17 07:22 PM
x*lmao! NT
Matzak10/25/17 05:36 PM
x*These "spoilers" are getting more far-fetched each day. NT
RatFloater10/25/17 05:53 PM
x*They are, but no matter how far-fetched they belonging in here, imo. NT
MegsMom31610/25/17 05:57 PM
x*Where did you see this NT
uselessfan10/25/17 04:42 PM
x*go to Tengage NT
BELISIMA10/25/17 04:43 PM
x*Can you actually give a source link to determine validity. I dont see anything on that site NT
uselessfan10/25/17 10:11 PM
x*Yesterday I read a national article saying who the winner, and 2nd place finishers were and giving a little background on each. Show ruined for me. Th
AskMedia10/25/17 08:24 AM
x*Iíll go see if I can find the article again. However if you want to know read below and Iíll try to tell you what little details I know....
AskMedia10/25/17 01:09 PM
x*OMG that was most likely an article from season 7. Ucheanna and Joyce were a couple from Houston and Romber got 2nd lol NT
FurlessBat10/25/17 01:15 PM
x*LOL omg that has to be it! NT
MegsMom31610/25/17 01:17 PM
x*I hope lol NT
VelvetWind10/25/17 01:49 PM
x*it is, Uchenna worked for Enron and Joyce for WorldCom. You're all welcome! #praisethebat NT
FurlessBat10/25/17 02:10 PM
x*I bow up to you! NT
VelvetWind10/25/17 08:58 PM
x*Iím sure it is. I did not follow the cast this year. I peaked in here time to time when I saw something about Jody. I clicked on AR link
AskMedia10/25/17 02:04 PM
x*Lol NT
VelvetWind10/25/17 08:58 PM
x*Well, I guess now this whole season is going to be confusingly surprising for me now isnít it. lol!
AskMedia10/25/17 01:48 PM
x*Probably not as confusing as I was when you were explaining what the link said :) NT
MegsMom31610/25/17 01:51 PM
x*:-( NT
AskMedia10/25/17 10:22 PM
x*Hahaha NT
VelvetWind10/25/17 08:59 PM
x*this sounds very peachy from GA NT
FurlessBat10/25/17 12:40 PM
x*hahaha! NT
VelvetWind10/25/17 12:59 PM
x*Hmm, Ive been thinking, if I didnt like the outcome I may drop everything and go pout a while? You know? NT
Vixter10/25/17 01:43 PM
x*Are u trolling? If not then tell us who won. NT
Dani10/25/17 09:23 AM
x*Did you really get spoiled? Or are you joking with us? NT
sabiki10/25/17 08:57 AM
x*Maybe joking cause you dont drop a bomb like that and then just leave. haha NT
Vixter10/25/17 09:01 AM
x*I think joking. I can't find it anywhere unless CBS sued them and they too it down but once on the web... forever on the web. :) NT
GazingEyes10/25/17 09:00 AM
x*well then you need to send me a pm lol NT
VelvetWind10/25/17 08:44 AM
hoplady10/25/17 02:20 PM
x*Oh, me too please! NT
Vixter10/25/17 08:53 AM
x*after pink's pm I would like one too! :) NT
Matzak10/25/17 08:45 AM
x*As do I NT
BB17ohno10/25/17 11:53 AM
x*Add me to the PM list lol. I googled with no luck :) NT
GazingEyes10/25/17 08:53 AM
x*me also please, I tried to google and came up with nuttin lol NT
MegsMom31610/25/17 08:50 AM
x*Me too! please NT
aydenavery10/25/17 08:50 AM
x*lol NT
VelvetWind10/25/17 08:46 AM
x*i'm sure she's just kidding :) NT
VelvetWind10/25/17 07:09 AM
x*To me, Jess is a straight shooter. Doubt she would say she is "poor" after winning $500K. NT
colleenag10/25/17 04:52 AM
x*Then that would mean she is poor and begging for free clothes and it would be a tacky tweet.I guess it could be a joke that she lost and thus poor NT
uselessfan10/25/17 05:02 AM
x*Now that I know "Rossi" was part of another team, I could see it being an "inside" joke between them...hope so! NT
colleenag10/25/17 09:25 AM
*Have the skiers or debaters tweeted like Jody did since the race ended? Be curious to see what they had to say, if anything. NT
colleenag1212 10   10/24/17 06:15 PM
x*conor (one of the race car drivers) posted on Jess's instagram saying Jody was his favorite team. NT
ParkmyPorsche10/24/17 10:39 PM
x*cool! NT
VelvetWind10/25/17 07:09 AM
x*That is really cool. Cody respects champions for their competitive spirit . Sad to see Connor just got fired . Maybe some team will pick him up
uselessfan10/25/17 04:31 AM
x*why did he get fired? A lay off or something? NT
VelvetWind10/25/17 07:10 AM
x*Fired for another driver. AJ foyt might have kept him if he won TAR for all the publicity NT
uselessfan10/25/17 10:44 AM
x*oh thank... i used to watch nascar all the time for yrs but not much anymore lol NT
VelvetWind10/25/17 10:50 AM
x*If true, the two teams might have work together during some segments of the race. Pretty cool making friends everywhere they go. NT
BBLover4Life10/25/17 01:34 AM
x*Since they werent officially announced like Jess & Cody were maybe they can't make post about their experience. NT
Dani10/24/17 06:34 PM
x*You mean like this lol...
Bobbo210/24/17 11:39 PM
x*It was a live start that CBS themselves advertised and asked fans to come see. They can acknowledge they were on the show. NT
RatFloater10/24/17 06:56 PM
*More on how taxi fares play a part in the final leg. The winner who shaved her head (rachel refused) had to beg
uselessfan735 2   10/24/17 05:23 PM
x*Interesting! NT
colleenag10/24/17 05:50 PM
x*Wow NT
VelvetWind10/24/17 05:30 PM
*He knows ...
Sambb193420 28   10/24/17 03:43 PM
x*He tweeted again. Is he backtracking or was he just trolling?
Dani10/24/17 04:38 PM
x*It could just be that they got final 3 but really seems like he's backtracking right now NT
Sambb1910/24/17 04:44 PM
x*sounds like backtracking to me. NT
ParkmyPorsche10/24/17 04:41 PM
x*OMG OMG OMG!!! Did they really win????Now I have to watch! UGH but its gonna be a long 6 month NT
Dani10/24/17 04:08 PM
x*On 2nd thought what if the big secret to him at least is that Jody made f3? Most people wouldnt know that OR There's an engagement??? NT
Dani10/24/17 04:28 PM
x*funny tweet on why Jody have to be the winners based on cab theory
uselessfan10/24/17 04:36 PM
x*Lol NT
VelvetWind10/24/17 05:18 PM
x*I was thinking along the same lines. lol I cant imagine him not paying unless there was some confusion. NT
Vixter10/24/17 05:01 PM
x*LOL! Not going to lie I thought the same, and he follows the rules. May be wishful thinking but I am rolling with it. ;) NT
bbisluv10/24/17 04:57 PM
x*I wonder about the Taxi thing, Did the Taxis chaos happened going to the pitstop or to the next task? Ive heard theories on both. NT
Dani10/24/17 04:42 PM
x*Sorry I didn't mean to lol you. That was meant for a different post NT
VelvetWind10/24/17 05:17 PM
x*Lol NT
VelvetWind10/24/17 05:16 PM
x*Didnt THR let out that Jody was going to be on TAR? NT
uselessfan10/24/17 04:11 PM
x*yes same person.. He seems to have a problem keeping his mouth shut LMAO. NT
ParkmyPorsche10/24/17 04:14 PM
x*It will be a PR bonanza if Jody won. Cue the clip where Cody says he will get Jess 500K outside of Big Brother... NT
uselessfan10/24/17 04:15 PM
x*I found a hint of a Snow Angel? NT
BELISIMA10/24/17 03:50 PM
x*huh where? I am actually starting to believe Jody won. The Dan guy who tweeted the money pic said it wasn't refrencing a snow angel. NT
ParkmyPorsche10/24/17 03:57 PM
x*I wish that Jody has won but Daniel's tweet is not a very reliable source. Daniel is one who likes to be provocative in a trollish sort of way. NT
FeloniousMonk10/24/17 04:05 PM
x*Correct but he has been right before so you combine that with the THR guy saying that on insta and it is starting to make me wonder. NT
ParkmyPorsche10/24/17 04:08 PM
x*Like I posted. I hope he's right on this one but take him with a grain of salt... he's got a very checkered tweeting history. NT
FeloniousMonk10/24/17 04:15 PM
x*yes he has been wrong about things but he has been right to. He is the on who we first heard twins got 6th and lifeguard got 5th from. NT
ParkmyPorsche10/24/17 04:15 PM
x*How did someone catch this if it was only up a few seconds. This could be a sanctioned tease to get people interested NT
uselessfan10/24/17 04:19 PM
x*This is the one part I want to be a surprise when watching. My wife was all upset because she said she saw it in a post located in The Last 50.
AskMedia10/24/17 04:29 PM
x*She can take it out of the L50. This is the only spoiler section I have IN the L50 and only this season lol NT
MegsMom31610/24/17 04:37 PM
x*Not that there's anything wrong with that! NT
FurnitureAlliance10/24/17 04:31 PM
x*I'm not disagreeing with you, it's just that I've known Daniel for a very long time. NT
FeloniousMonk10/24/17 04:19 PM
x*and he is a huge Jody fan.. The Jody fans who get all the info seem happy on twitter but are trying to be secretive cuz they don't want to spoil. NT
ParkmyPorsche10/24/17 04:01 PM
x*ughhh NT
VelvetWind10/24/17 03:45 PM
*I heard this was the closest final in amazing race history and it all came down to taxi rides. NT
ParkmyPorsche746 5   10/24/17 02:53 PM
x*Doubt it beats this one
uselessfan10/24/17 03:20 PM
x*I love TAR! thanks for sharing!! NT
Matzak10/24/17 03:53 PM
x*Here are some of the OMG moments..including when the crew member almost got killed which lead to a change in rules on driving
uselessfan10/24/17 03:58 PM
x*Wow. This is why you'll never catch me on TAR! NT
FurnitureAlliance10/24/17 04:27 PM
x*oh my gosh NT
VelvetWind10/24/17 03:43 PM
*OMG....Does this mean they won??? (Please dont ruin my dream, lol)
Dani3635 32   10/24/17 10:56 AM
x*Race Car drivers won Amazing Race NT
BELISIMA10/24/17 03:34 PM
x*They werent even in the final 3 NT
uselessfan10/24/17 03:38 PM
x*What does a Snow Angel have to do with the win? NT
BELISIMA10/24/17 03:49 PM
x*Thereís probably 5 people I know of that are really rolling over right about now. Paul and 4 ducks on a jury. lol!!! Please let it be true!
AskMedia10/24/17 01:39 PM
x*Sounds good! NT
Jake8110/24/17 03:48 PM
x*Why would Paul be mad because race car drivers won? NT
BELISIMA10/24/17 03:35 PM
x*Race car drivers didnít get to the end NT
AskMedia10/24/17 03:43 PM
x*are you sure? NT
BELISIMA10/24/17 03:46 PM
x*They got out 4th. NT
Sambb1910/24/17 03:39 PM
x*FYI, Jody was just as vile as the next hg, letís stop with all the sanctimonious bs! NT
Jleehop10/24/17 02:46 PM
x*lol,lol NT
BELISIMA10/24/17 03:55 PM
x*No, they weren't. They're decent HGs and good people, much better than Paul and his minions in the house. NT
Jake8110/24/17 03:46 PM
x*Many, including myself disagree with the notion that Jody were "just as vile as the next hg". And the actual events of the season don't support it. NT
FeloniousMonk10/24/17 02:55 PM
x*Cody is back on Twitter and it's exactly what you would expect. NT
Sambb1910/24/17 11:53 AM
x*LOLOL. He said one word. Yep, just what we would expect. NT
uselessfan10/24/17 01:07 PM
x*that's him and Jess's thing.. They always say "same" when the other says something. NT
ParkmyPorsche10/24/17 02:01 PM
x*Yeah, I remember that. Jess used it more often than Cody. NT
Vixter10/24/17 03:34 PM
x*that sounds more like a VelvetWind and Furless kind of thing NT
FurlessBat10/24/17 02:08 PM
x*True NT
VelvetWind10/24/17 02:10 PM
x*lol A man of many words NT
VelvetWind10/24/17 01:42 PM
x*Hmmm, I have Cody's twitter but see no new he tweeting from somewhere other than #codythemarine? NT
colleenag10/24/17 01:24 PM
x*Nevermind, found it in his replies! NT
colleenag10/24/17 01:25 PM
x*Yeah, I got a good chuckle out of that too. NT
FeloniousMonk10/24/17 01:24 PM
x*I could do the same thing with $10,000 or $25,000 :P Fun either way! NT
Sambb1910/24/17 11:28 AM
x*Lol. How would
GazingEyes10/24/17 11:00 AM
x*I don't think he knows who won but he also has post a lot of correct info so who knows NT
Dani10/24/17 11:15 AM
x*Thanks for the info, Dani! NT
GazingEyes10/24/17 11:32 AM
x*Yep, we'll take any morsels we can get, keep 'em coming! NT
colleenag10/24/17 11:44 AM
x*for sure! lol NT
VelvetWind10/24/17 12:30 PM
x*lol please!! NT
Matzak10/24/17 11:50 AM
x*hmmm...reminds me of "snow" angels... NT
colleenag10/24/17 10:58 AM
x*I think you may be right.. Snow angels = ski girls won, I think debators got 3rd because of a taxi issue.. Jody 2nd? NT
ParkmyPorsche10/24/17 01:58 PM
*A big thank you to all of you updaters, it has been an amazing three weeks, well done!!!!! NT
punxsutawneygal401 6   10/24/17 07:59 AM
x*It was fun. This was the first time I have kept up with the race before it aired because of Jody. I feel like I know the teams now. NT
OUALUMinTX10/24/17 10:48 AM
x*Agree - I'm a huge AR junkie, but I've never followed any leaks before. It was fun and I'm glad we don't know the end. NT
pittgirl10/24/17 10:44 AM
x*I agree, thank you updaters. And thank you Joker's for providing this spoiler forum. NT
BBLover4Life10/24/17 09:10 AM
x*Yes! Thanks to all of you who have kept us informed! I'm definitely watching TAR to see this race. Never cared before JODY! NT
Jake8110/24/17 08:56 AM
x*I'll definitely be watching too. Can hardly wait until it airs. NT
BBLover4Life10/24/17 09:15 AM
x*They definitely surprised me by making it so far. Good for them! NT
RatFloater10/24/17 09:10 AM
*What are the winnings for 2nd and 3rd place? anyone know? NT
Matzak1433 19   10/24/17 07:55 AM
x*Happy to hear they'll each get money, even if they didn't come in 1st. I bet they are so tired, probably will want to sleep for a week. NT
BBLover4Life10/24/17 09:22 AM
x*$25K for second place and $10K for third iirc...also each team member gets the money ($25K each for 2nd; $10K each for 3rd-if the rumors are true NT
colleenag10/24/17 08:08 AM
x*I read 2nd gets 25K & 3rd gets 10K (each) NT
Dani10/24/17 08:07 AM
x*^^thanks C and Dani! Awesome that Jody made final!! :) NT
Matzak10/24/17 08:24 AM
x*Now that you know are you watching the season? NT
AskMedia10/24/17 08:47 AM
x*100% Yes. I have a feeling it will be the highest rated season! NT
Matzak10/24/17 09:02 AM
x*It's a make or break season. If they don't get a small bump up in ratings it'll likely end at 30. NT
RatFloater10/24/17 09:15 AM
x*Will they leave it on Friday nights or move it before or after CBB I wonder. NT
PVRlover10/24/17 10:02 AM
x*They should leave it on Friday at 8PM. Imo, it did well in that time spot. The 2 following at 9 and 10 PM, respectively win the timeslots. NT
GazingEyes10/24/17 10:38 AM
x*s29 aired on Thursday at 10 NT
FurlessBat10/24/17 10:17 AM
x*Having a grand finale at 30 looks better than 31 or 32 but this is coming from a non-fan, lol. I'm gonna be honest I'll probably watch the premiere
Dani10/24/17 09:28 AM
x*I'll be curious to see how it all plays out. NT
RatFloater10/24/17 09:32 AM
x*TAR season 29 pulled in more viewers per episode than either BB18 or BB19. NT
Jake8110/24/17 09:26 AM
x*i'm guessing AR is hugely expensive to produce though where as BB is cheap NT
Belle10/24/17 09:30 AM
x*correct and 1) it's not about how many viewers, but more about who watch the show. BB has a younger audience. 2) BB is a summer show, so
FurlessBat10/24/17 09:34 AM
x*I'm not familiar with how the ratings scale works but I read the upcoming season needs to achieve close to 1.0 S29 averaged a .80 I think. NT
RatFloater10/24/17 09:39 AM
x*if it stays at 10pm, i think it can survive with a 0.9 depending on how many CBS shows flop NT
FurlessBat10/24/17 10:19 AM
x*i like the show.. i hope it can stay alive NT
VelvetWind10/24/17 10:27 AM
x*yvw and yes! NT
colleenag10/24/17 08:30 AM
*Soo is it confirmed that Jody didn't win? :( NT
Fleurie954 10   10/24/17 07:37 AM
x*Correct me if wrong, but after watching just about all seasons of Amazing Race, I don't recall ever getting a winner spoiler. Only once did
GazingEyes10/24/17 09:52 AM
x*i've never paid attention but i'm shocked the winner is kept so secret. all the teams know and its outside in a big area. i thought the winner
Belle10/24/17 11:52 AM
x*No confirmation but If I had to guess Id say sadly they didnt win & Id put my money on the Skiers winning. NT
Dani10/24/17 07:46 AM
x*think it will be leaked? NT
Matzak10/24/17 07:51 AM
x*No. Peach said the final location was secluded, my guess she knows but she's not telling. NT
Dani10/24/17 08:06 AM
x*I dont think she knows for sure. The people they had on the ground said they couldnt get past security. NT
Vixter10/24/17 09:46 AM
x*Peach usually knows, but never tells the winners. NT
littlewop10/24/17 08:38 AM
x*Who is peach? NT
Fleurie10/24/17 08:10 AM
x*The Mod on RFF NT
Dani10/24/17 08:10 AM
x*I haven't seen any confirmation. NT
MegsMom31610/24/17 07:43 AM
*2 Tweets from Jess
Dani1093 3   10/24/17 07:09 AM
x*Jessica's endorsement of Cody is significant. Three weeks together 24/7 under the most trying of circumstances = 3 years of life experience. NT
Jake8110/24/17 08:58 AM
x*I think they'll be together for a long long time. They've been through more than most couples in such a short time! NT
FurnitureAlliance10/24/17 02:09 PM
x*She tweets again, Thanking Cody for being a great Teammate
Dani10/24/17 08:07 AM
*Woke up, grabbed a cup of coffee & got all caught up! Thank you to ALL u hardcore updaters! Thx for staying up late, Dani, Pink & Bobbie -:) NT
wyndycty1539 17   10/24/17 05:56 AM
x*You're welcome it was a blast. Well except for the troll and ending lol. NT
Bobbo210/24/17 09:13 AM
x*Woke up. Fell out of bed. Dragged a comb across my head. A day in the life. It's been a fun ride the past few weeks. Thanks, all! NT
Jake8110/24/17 09:01 AM
x*I also want to thank all you TAR updaters!! NT
Matzak10/24/17 07:25 AM
x*Same here. Seems like only yesterday we were in Iceland. It was a great ride. NT
Bobbo210/24/17 09:18 AM
x*It was fun... but boy someone sent us on our own little detour lol NT
VelvetWind10/24/17 07:34 AM
x*You know they found the troll's twitter right? Banned with no expiration date. Gee that's a surprise. NT
Bobbo210/24/17 09:25 AM
x*yep.. a bit of satisfaction before I fell asleep lol NT
VelvetWind10/24/17 10:04 AM
x*lol almost like playing the game itself. ;) NT
Matzak10/24/17 07:34 AM
x*you are welcome.. was kind of upsetting finding out some of it was fake! lol NT
VelvetWind10/24/17 07:15 AM
x*Here's a clip of the Indy racers in Hong Kong struggling with the briefcase at one point you can see Jody strolling by with a still locked briefcase
Dani10/24/17 06:55 AM
x*Here's a clip of a guy saying he gave the Skiers the wrong directions in Hong Kong..These girls always getting bad directions, lol
Dani10/24/17 06:58 AM
x*Wow NT
Matzak10/24/17 07:22 AM
x*Him and bike guy from last night should be friends! NT
RatFloater10/24/17 07:07 AM
x*lol NT
Matzak10/24/17 07:23 AM
x*oh no! lol NT
VelvetWind10/24/17 07:19 AM
x*awww youre welcome, I also wanna give a Big Thank you to all the awesome posters that lost sleep keeping up with the updates. This was my 1st season
Dani10/24/17 06:53 AM
x*Yes, thanks to everyone for keeping me updated! Can't wait to watch the season. So frustrating to know so much except the very end! NT
CoyoteBB10/24/17 06:45 AM
*Post from Peach the RFF Mod. Okay...just a quick recap.
Bobbo21222 8   10/24/17 02:31 AM
x*Not paying a taxi is a major mistake and hard to recover from. My guess it was skiers and jody. Whoever paid the taxi likely gets first NT
uselessfan10/24/17 05:12 AM
x*My guess is they didn't think it was the end and asked the cab driver to wait so they didn't lose the cab. NT
OUALUMinTX10/24/17 05:51 AM
x*Could be. Runs the risk of not needing cab and having to go back and pay...has happened many has driver saying he will wait..and doesnt NT
uselessfan10/24/17 06:08 AM
x*What are the consequences of forgetting to pay? My guess is it was Jody and Debaters as they were the two bunched up. NT
RatFloater10/24/17 05:20 AM
x*Yeah those are my guesses, supposedly The Debaters also had their backpacks but I couldnt tell from the pics Ive seen. I could see them leaving their
Dani10/24/17 07:15 AM
x*You can't check in until it is taken care of, so they had to go back. NT
OUALUMinTX10/24/17 05:29 AM
x*You cant finish until you pay cab. So the team that remembered likely gets second unless they caught it right away or had the lead. I remember one
uselessfan10/24/17 05:24 AM
x*Yeah, I remember that. Also some teams don't manage their money well and don't have enough to pay so they need to barter or beg for money. NT
OUALUMinTX10/24/17 05:49 AM
*Johneesa: The Amazing Race has been COMPLETED. NOBODY knows who WON. SOURCES claim tight security the reason. Waiting for RFF sightings!
Dreamer332 0   10/24/17 01:27 AM
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