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*What was up with the edit? It was presented as a Tony vs Sandra vote and no one voted Sandra! Still don't know what happened. They hid a lot. NT
laladoopiedu1866 19   03/09/17 09:43 AM
x*Survivor edits have been getting worse and worse. They focus too much on trying to trick us and forget to explain what happened. NT
WillettDrizzle03/09/17 06:53 PM
x*Yeah I agree, don't know how that happened. I figured it would be Tony, because they wanted us to think it was Sandra, but when did the ones
decafjnr03/09/17 12:34 PM
x*I think they went Aubry because she appeared to be closest to Tony and in case he had an idol. NT
MegsMom31603/09/17 12:48 PM
x*Only two people voted out Aubry - Tony and Sandra. Why did Tony flip on what appeared to be one of his closest allies when it appeared Sandra was his
Blockhead03/09/17 12:52 PM
x*I forgot Tony was one of the votes, now I'm even more confused! Thanks a lot! lol NT
MegsMom31603/09/17 12:54 PM
x*The edit made the vote look like it made no sense. I bet there was a super boring truth that they all decided before TC that Tony's paranoia,
Blockhead03/09/17 12:58 PM
x*I'm okay with Tony too but would have preferred the Queen herself! The edit sucked! NT
MegsMom31603/09/17 01:03 PM
x*New footage of Sandra taking out Tony....
Blockhead03/09/17 12:18 PM
x*can you find the gif of Sandra/Tai at the marooning? Where it looks like Sandra tosses Tai overboard? NT
nicholaspuppy03/09/17 06:30 PM
Blockhead03/09/17 06:36 PM
x*lol NT
FurnitureAlliance03/09/17 10:12 PM
x*YES! thank you. Sandra's so cut throat she's trying to kill the competition right off the bat <3 NT
nicholaspuppy03/09/17 07:35 PM
x*awesome! NT
Semi03/09/17 06:06 PM
x*That was strange. I guess that's what happens when they try to make every tribal vote a surprise for us. We got blindsided! NT
no1home03/09/17 10:17 AM
x*Yes, that's how I feel...they blindsided us! NT
decafjnr03/09/17 12:34 PM
x*And the fact that Tony and Sandra voted for the same person! NT
laladoopiedu03/09/17 10:10 AM
x*Yep, wasn't happy they kept that hidden! Someone mentioned in another thread that Malcolm and Caleb might have thought they couldn't get Michaela's
MegsMom31603/09/17 10:03 AM
x*RHAP interviewed Tony today
FurnitureAlliance03/09/17 10:15 PM
x*I hope RobHasAWebsite interviews Malcom when this is over so he can ask...LOL I would not expect Caleb to be able to explain it ;) NT
Mazita03/09/17 10:15 AM
*REALLY happy with the premiere & first 2 out. And because NO hidden idols were found right away! (more)
tv_savage351 2   03/09/17 09:02 AM
x*Like Like like your take on things.ITA!!! AND thanks >>> I did not even miss Andrea...LOLOL OOOps! NT
Mazita03/09/17 10:21 AM
x*It's true that no HIIs were found but Sierra did find that Legacy Advantage envelope which could have huge implications if she's around to play it. NT
Corndogger03/09/17 09:55 AM
*Survivor Scoop – Week 1: Winners, Losers, Top Moments
WillRulz838 0   03/09/17 08:31 AM
*i can not stand sandra how can they keep her in the game.....geez just write her the check and be done with it NT
Belle870 21   03/09/17 08:30 AM
x*It's way early. She's not winning NT
BBFanJ03/09/17 02:04 PM
x*Her attitude is so arrogant. Hope she is gone soon. Ozzie is my fav. NT
klmom303/09/17 09:14 AM
x*I'm not a Sandra fan but the longer she stays in the game, the more I hope she wins. These are not stupid people, right? Sandra will be voted out. NT
Hidef108003/09/17 08:35 AM
x*I want her gone, they had the chance last night and didn't do it so I'll be her #1 fan this season. NT
MegsMom31603/09/17 10:09 AM
x*her trash talking tony as he was leaving last night was so ugly :( NT
Belle03/09/17 08:36 AM
x*It was great ! People wanna forget Tony Talking ***** his season. NT
BBFanJ03/09/17 02:02 PM
x*your right i don't remember him trash talking but regardless what he did doesn't make what sandra did right NT
Belle03/09/17 02:24 PM
x*I loved it! Sorry Belle. NT
BlondeMoment03/09/17 12:56 PM
x*i'm hoping it comes back to haunt her :) NT
Belle03/09/17 01:06 PM
x*Most likely will. But might as well play Queen for as long as she can. NT
BlondeMoment03/09/17 06:32 PM
x*Hoping her saying out loud that she is the "queen" will make people wake up! NT
Bellamom03/09/17 11:23 AM
x*She reminded me of a female Russell. She will be fun to watch fall. Sorry to see Tony leave so soon. NT
Herbsmum03/09/17 11:56 AM
x*She's always had that vile streak and nasty mouth. Just wish someone would duct tape it shut. NT
JAF03/09/17 08:45 AM
x*Last night was over-the-top arrogance. I'm looking forward to her demise. NT
BigGirlPanties03/09/17 04:11 PM
x*Yay big girl. Have we ever agreed before. NT
Belle03/09/17 04:20 PM
x*Once in 1977, I think. Hahaha. NT
BigGirlPanties03/10/17 04:29 PM
x*i never noticed it quite so bad before but then again i really don't like her so i must not notice her NT
Belle03/09/17 09:08 AM
x*anybody else always looking for the like button on Jokers? NT
PVRlover03/09/17 08:54 AM
x*"Like" (Go ahead and push me :p ) NT
krh503803/09/17 02:14 PM
x*Same. Aren't they all super fans. She is known for her "anybody but me" NT
PVRlover03/09/17 08:35 AM
x*and her "queen" comments ugh....hopefully she is dethroned quickly NT
Belle03/09/17 08:37 AM
*I'm not 100% sure I know why Michaela reacted the way she did when she was told Ciera thought it was her. She now has bigger target on her back. NT
Hidef1080732 9   03/09/17 01:38 AM
x*That will be her downfall NT
decafjnr03/09/17 12:39 PM
x*When Ciera came to the well to ask the group who they were voting to go home, the group had to come up with a person who was not present with them.
kaper03/09/17 07:00 AM
x*Good point. I wonder if that was explained to her but CBS didnt' show it? Still, I wouldn't want to be the decoy as it indicates you are 2nd from the
Blockhead03/09/17 07:11 AM
x*They did explain it to her, that nobody but Ciera would actually be voting her out, but she still made a fuss. NT
no1home03/09/17 10:20 AM
x*They didn't show them telling her she was the only one who wasn't there so she was the logical choice at that moment NT
FurnitureAlliance03/09/17 12:19 PM
x*Being the decoy boot isn't great because if that real target has an idol then you can go home. It's also not good to hear your name come up as an
nicholaspuppy03/09/17 05:45 AM
x*She's her own worst enemy. Way too quick to be "offended". Sad thing is she recognizes it but still can't stop herself. I don't think she's gonna last
JAF03/09/17 05:41 AM
x*I don't get why she believed what she was told. She was told that by a former Winner. You don't buy everything you are told especially by someone
BBFanJ03/09/17 03:10 AM
x*She must have verified it with others NT
FurnitureAlliance03/09/17 12:23 PM
*Survivor - That's What You Get
Dreamer204 0   03/09/17 01:28 AM
*Tribal Council Voting (Ep 2)
Dreamer237 0   03/09/17 01:27 AM
*Tribal Council Voting (Ep 1)
Dreamer168 0   03/09/17 01:27 AM
*Survivor - The First Castaway Is Sent Home
Dreamer117 0   03/09/17 01:26 AM
*Tony Flees Camp To Build A Secret Bunker On Survivor
Dreamer55 0   03/09/17 01:25 AM
*Jeff looks ahead after the first tribal council
Dreamer123 0   03/09/17 12:49 AM
*RHAP: Survivor Know It Alls | Game Changers PREMIERE Recap
Dreamer61 0   03/09/17 12:45 AM
*'Survivor: Game Changers' premiere recap: 'The Stakes Have Been Raised' by Dalton Ross
Dreamer125 0   03/09/17 12:44 AM
*Ciera's "Celebrating 500 Episodes" poster.
Corndogger356 2   03/08/17 10:22 PM
x*This is what she posted with that IG post. "I love this game. And I got got. Which is so Crappy!!! But I am one blessed woman, and I am forever...
Corndogger03/08/17 10:24 PM
x*aww..nice post from ciera..glad i didn't watch..not sure if i will..this season.. NT
janie803/08/17 10:51 PM
*Sandra has to go. I can't take much more of "I'm da kween! You mess wit da kween, dats what happen!" Hopefully Caleb and Malcom snipe her ass NT
SailingTeam357 10   03/08/17 09:40 PM
x*those words have to bite her on the a@@ come on! NT
Belle03/10/17 07:19 AM
x*Lets hope those words rubbed the players at tribal the wrong way too. I'd like to see Michaela & Aubry join Malcolm & Jeff NT
PVRlover03/09/17 05:43 AM
x*Although with the tribe reshuffle coming already, no telling who her new tribe members will be. Hoping she at least stays on Aubry's tribe, since
JAF03/09/17 05:51 AM
x*I have never liked her and now hate her. I never saw the attraction and the trash talk is like nails on a chalkboard. She has to go!! NT
longtimebbfan03/09/17 03:52 AM
x*Yep. The trash talking to Tony on his way out was totally classless. But that's Sandra, same as always. NT
JAF03/09/17 05:35 AM
x*What ever I remember Tony acting like an ass his original season NT
BBFanJ03/09/17 02:06 PM
x*It's not an either-or. I'm no big fan of Tony either. Although no one comes close to Sandra on my want-to-see-lose list.
JAF03/10/17 06:01 AM
x*Caleb? LOL. Yeah I'd rather Sandra outlasts at least Caleb NT
BBFanJ03/09/17 03:07 AM
x*^^THIS^^ NT
JAF03/08/17 10:09 PM
x*Hey maybe now that the king is gone she'll abdicate her throne. Of course, her loyal subjects would have to stop acting like it's a Monarchy. NT
krh503803/08/17 09:49 PM
*Tweet from Ciera. Poor girl...wish I could give her a hug.
Corndogger531 4   03/08/17 09:21 PM
x*She Voted out her mom!! :D NT
bbsittingducks03/08/17 09:24 PM
x*Ahh. Back when she was a good player and not annoying. NT
krh503803/08/17 09:45 PM
x*That's brand new information !! NT
FurlessBat03/08/17 09:25 PM
x*bless her heart, it had to be done NT
janie803/08/17 10:54 PM
*QUEEN Sandra? #TheQueenStaysQueen is trending on twitter!
bbsittingducks261 6   03/08/17 08:44 PM
x*Sandra looks like MONEY! NT
Hidef108003/09/17 01:41 AM
x*I can't imagine she lasts much longer but damn did she put on a show for us. <3
nicholaspuppy03/08/17 09:04 PM
x*Sandra's damn good. I think she's going to last quite awhile. NT
Corndogger03/08/17 09:26 PM
x*Sandra is good... So good that she should have been the first out! She's already in their heads... she'll probably win now! NT
jimdkc03/08/17 09:32 PM
x*If she wins it will be beyond epic. I'm not going to get my hopes up. NT
WillettDrizzle03/08/17 08:59 PM
x*Well, she did tell them that she is the person to take to the end, because NO one would vote her to win a 3rd time! NT
kaper03/08/17 09:43 PM
*It's probably been a long time since this happened. Tweet from Jeff with what has to be a rare pic.
Corndogger657 3   03/08/17 08:26 PM
x*Lol @ their pants. If I'm not mistaking those pants have a zipper all the way around and can turn into shorts. I used to have some. :) NT
WillettDrizzle03/08/17 08:58 PM
x*Haha my brother had those too ! NT
krh503803/08/17 09:20 PM
x*Are those rumors true? Are you JP? :0 NT
FurlessBat03/08/17 09:08 PM
*Anyone watch RHAP from the start? I just realized it's on right now! NT
Corndogger80 4   03/08/17 08:04 PM
x*Yeah it's live now! they really loved Toni! NT
bbsittingducks03/08/17 08:22 PM
x*Rightfully so NT
WillettDrizzle03/08/17 08:25 PM
x****** Tony he's not entertaining at all. NT
BBFanJ03/08/17 09:13 PM
x*He was on point tonight! making his spy shacks & running around all paranoid! what a madman.. Good riddance! NT
bbsittingducks03/08/17 08:26 PM
*Stupid idiots. Perfect opportunity to get rid of Sandra and they let her off the hook again. Biggest liability in challenges too. So dumb. NT
JAF632 19   03/08/17 08:00 PM
x*Varner was more useless than Sondra was! NT
Buzz03/09/17 07:50 AM
x*Only because they were forced to use him on a physical task because Sandra got to work on the puzzle instead. Reverse those roles and we'd
JAF03/09/17 08:50 AM
x*Frankly I'd rather see Sandra win a third million than watch one more show with Tony! NT
jimdkc03/08/17 09:30 PM
x*Stamping hard!! Glad he is GONE! NT
Mazita03/09/17 05:11 AM
x*^^^This!. NT
BBFanJ03/09/17 03:08 AM
x*Love people acting like Tony wasn't a huge threat. And like Sandra said the "strength" still wasn't getting it done. Ill repeat I'm so tired of the
BBFanJ03/08/17 08:23 PM
x*Tony's not the threat to win that Sandra is. History proves it. Tony's bigger-than-life play keeps him a top target every single week. But Sandra's
JAF03/08/17 08:49 PM
x*I'd say that too if I were one of the weakest in challenges. The reason Sandra is a bigger threat is because nobody ever thinks she's a priority.
krh503803/08/17 08:30 PM
x*Exactly. They are SOOO stupid if they let her slide much longer. Plus she's dead weight in tribe challenges. She should have been an easy 1st out. NT
JAF03/08/17 08:51 PM
x*Yeah, she should have been first out, Tony second, and Varner probably 3rd b/c he's so bad at challenges. NT
krh503803/08/17 09:50 PM
x*I did get a kick out of him hanging on the snake to add weight to get it over the rail ;) NT
Mazita03/09/17 05:18 AM
x*Agreed and I don't think she will last much longer NT
BBFanJ03/08/17 09:11 PM
x*Tony is the bigger threat as those who deal in paranoia have to go. NT
J4RCW03/08/17 08:07 PM
x*Maybe the people on her next tribe will be smarter, but I'm not banking on it. NT
krh503803/08/17 08:05 PM
x*Something big must have happened that they didn't show us, because even Malcolm and Caleb voted out Tony, and Aubry and Tony voted out each other. NT
JAF03/08/17 08:40 PM
x*That confused me! I thought maybe I had dozed off and missed how that happened. NT
MegsMom31603/09/17 04:15 AM
x*I was surprised by those votes too...LOL! NT
Mazita03/09/17 05:16 AM
x*I'm thinking they just couldn't get Michalea to firmly flip. NT
krh503803/08/17 09:21 PM
x*I thought it was really dumb for them to talk to Michaela while Troy was standing there too. If you're trying to peel one vote off, don't do it
JAF03/08/17 09:27 PM
*If someone calls Caleb a "Fruit loop Dingus" I am going to laugh. NT
Digitalpotato11 0   03/08/17 07:46 PM
*Great start to a new season! NT
canadaluvsjoker33 1   03/08/17 07:11 PM
x*The good thing about a season like this is almost all the players have game and everyone is working angles. A little paranoia and things explode! NT
Blockhead03/08/17 07:21 PM
*Buh Bye !! Tony the Jackass now I can enjoy the season a bit more! Sandra fans where you at? NT
BBFanJ269 13   03/08/17 07:07 PM
x*Tony was playing too hard, paranoid, and making himself a Target for no reason! NT
bbsittingducks03/08/17 07:26 PM
x*He always plays too hard. Frankly it's a miracle that he won the first time. That was a quirky season. That special idol that Survivor failed to
JAF03/08/17 09:01 PM
x*That's the whole point. That is how he plays. It's fun to watch. He can't do anything without an idol. And he didn't find one. :( NT
WillettDrizzle03/08/17 07:40 PM
x*I think Trish was huge for him too. She seemed to be able to smooth things over when Tony would go into full paranoia mode. She's very underrated NT
nicholaspuppy03/08/17 09:02 PM
x*Yup, trish helped him a lot, even bringing LJ and The other beauty girl into their alliance NT
FurlessBat03/08/17 09:10 PM
x*Someone being an annoying grating paranoid jackass is not fun to watch NT
BBFanJ03/08/17 08:24 PM
x*Let's add EGOMANIAC to this description please ;) NT
Mazita03/09/17 05:22 AM
x*I love Sandra and Tony. Rooting for Team TV out night one seems like rooting against good TV. NT
WillettDrizzle03/08/17 07:24 PM
x*Some good TV just got voted out!! NT
FurnitureAlliance03/08/17 10:43 PM
x*Tony not good TV he's ***** annoying NT
BBFanJ03/08/17 08:20 PM
x*You still have 9 other male players to complain about. NT *DELETED*
krh503803/08/17 07:09 PM
x*Season lopsided - 8 guys versus 10 girls to start. NT
CougarSpy03/08/17 08:23 PM
x*Only Brad but yet he hasn't annoyed me. NT
BBFanJ03/08/17 07:11 PM
*Anyone else hearing Jeff trying to run the game with excessive comments. Def wants Varner out for doing quote absolutely nothing, Jeff is playing. NT
HarleyQ102 6   03/08/17 06:48 PM
x*Jeff does this every season. He is a huge part of the game of survivor. "Make Jeff like you" should be rule number one. NT
WillettDrizzle03/08/17 07:04 PM
x*Exactly, he's not Exec Producer for nothin' and he gets the biggest payday every season, lol, behind Burnett of course. NT
HarleyQ03/08/17 07:20 PM
x*Jeff loves Varner. It's probably the only reason he got asked back the last few times. NT
Corndogger03/08/17 07:03 PM
x*Maybe just disappointed in his weak performance on that comp, even after Jeff dogged him his name didn't come up! NT
HarleyQ03/08/17 07:17 PM
x*Yeah, he got on him in both challenges. As for Tribal Councils- I wish it were just the players there, no comments from Jeff. NT
skitzngiggles03/08/17 06:58 PM
x*Someone would have to give them talking points or they'd stare at each other. NT
krh503803/08/17 06:59 PM
*Caleb and Malcolm need to work together NT
cdt343121 1   03/08/17 06:24 PM
x*If Tony leaves I see Malcolm getting his Moron lol NT
BBFanJ03/08/17 06:29 PM
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