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Dreamer43895 0   Sticky Post
*Survivor 34: Game Changers Preview ~ Episode 4, March 29th at 8:00 PM ~ “Dirty Deed”
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*Survivor 34: Game Changers ~ Cast bios and pics
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*Rating the Returnees – Finalist Predictions
WillRulz154 0   03/08/17 08:49 AM
*Survivor Scoop – Week 1: Winners, Losers, Top Moments
WillRulz838 0   03/09/17 08:31 AM
*Ciera credits Malcolm for her exit
WillRulz526 0   03/09/17 01:09 PM
*Tony: Sandra is magic
WillRulz659 4   03/09/17 03:19 PM
x*I finally got to watch the show! Loved it... Sandra misted them all! Ha.... NT
wyndycty03/10/17 06:31 AM
x*She slayed!! NT
BBFanJ03/11/17 10:45 AM
x*Sandra is the queen. NT
zebe8303/10/17 04:06 PM
x*I cannot wrap my head around this "power" Sandra has. She is this season's "I'll watch to see her get voted out" player. Aubry! It's up to you now! NT
Hidef108003/09/17 03:39 PM
*Survivor Scoop – Week 2: Winners, Losers, Top Moments
WillRulz196 0   03/16/17 11:55 AM
*Caleb feels cursed
WillRulz2476 22   03/16/17 02:33 PM
x* it was wrong for Jeff to keep reminding the tribe of Caleb and Tai had been friends. Caleb had no chance with Jeff swaying the rest of the tribe NT
laci03/17/17 06:39 PM
x*i couldn't believe how much Tai was doing it NT
PointBeing03/18/17 12:09 PM
x*I'm not watching so I have no idea but knowing how Caleb blabbed alot on BB, I would think that had more to do with anything. It's innocent for him
petite603/18/17 12:25 PM
x*That's not what happened. Tai was convinced by Brad that BMC was too strong of a player to have around near the end and that it would be better for
Corndogger03/18/17 12:57 PM
x*Not that I know any of this but I highly doubt BMC changed the way he blabs. He's not aware of it and for people that take their game
petite603/18/17 01:21 PM
x*We don't know what happened based on the edit CBS chose to show us. Last week the edit made it seem like a Tony vs Sandra showdown.
Blockhead03/18/17 01:17 PM
x*Caleb said he knew he was going NT
FurnitureAlliance03/17/17 09:04 PM
x*Why care about keeping your tribe strong when Jeff is just going to tell you to drop your buffs the next week? NT
krh503803/16/17 07:36 PM
x*Weird logic. Cut Caleb because they're afraid of his connection to Tai, yet they easily got Tai to vote him out. NT
krh503803/16/17 07:33 PM
x*if they were worried abt tia/caleb & wanted to keep a strong tribe seems it would have made more sense to boot tai then they could eat the chickens NT
Belle03/17/17 08:16 AM
x*the chickens are at a different camp now and they are being eaten by Sandra/JT/Ozzy etc. NT
caressastar03/17/17 12:10 PM
x*Brad wanted Tai all to himself. Didn't want to share him with Caleb NT
FurnitureAlliance03/17/17 11:50 AM
x*Smart move by Brad...keep the easily influenced close at hand ;)and be his sole buddy ;) NT
Mazita03/17/17 12:41 PM
x*If I was Brad I'd keep BMC because he's so loyal and trustworthy. Tai changes his mind more often than his underwear
FurnitureAlliance03/17/17 06:24 PM
x*Brad seems to be trying to stack the deck for himself to go on an individual IC run. Gotta get there first, though. NT
krh503803/17/17 08:30 PM
x*And now that Caleb is out of the picture, he's the alpha male at camp NT
FurnitureAlliance03/17/17 09:07 PM
x*Yeah for a day until they swap again NT
krh503803/18/17 05:59 PM
x*Bad move by Debbie since Tai got her neck on the tracks NT
PointBeing03/17/17 04:41 PM
x*Debbie needs to wake up NT
FurnitureAlliance03/17/17 06:27 PM
x*so do i NT
PointBeing03/16/17 06:00 PM
x*Good read...he's right, I said to myself why is he not fighting to stay more? Why is he not trying to make deals? Wonder why they cut that... NT
wyndycty03/16/17 03:01 PM
x*Since Caleb was looking for hours for an idol and trying to convince Hali and Debbie to side with him and Tai...and CBS did not show us...makes a
Mazita03/17/17 07:46 AM
*Survivor Scoop – Week 3 Recap: Winners, Losers, Top Moments
WillRulz592 0   03/23/17 01:41 PM
*REALLY happy with the premiere & first 2 out. And because NO hidden idols were found right away! (more)
tv_savage351 2   03/09/17 09:02 AM
x*Like Like like your take on things.ITA!!! AND thanks >>> I did not even miss Andrea...LOLOL OOOps! NT
Mazita03/09/17 10:21 AM
x*It's true that no HIIs were found but Sierra did find that Legacy Advantage envelope which could have huge implications if she's around to play it. NT
Corndogger03/09/17 09:55 AM
*JT really f*ked his game (and Malcolm's) in one fell swoop last night. Had flashbacks to Heroes vs. Villains... but WHAT a Tribal...
tv_savage516 3   03/23/17 07:11 AM
x*I was a big JT fan his first season (one of the more satisfying wins in some time), but he's been a disaster in the 2 seasons since. He's been dead
JAF03/23/17 10:41 AM
x*Wasn't that the entire jury? Comps should be auxiliary. If u can win the entire game and not win 1 immunity, you're pretty skilled inmybook. NT
tv_savage03/24/17 08:15 AM
x*If Malcolm had sandbagged some of those comps, he might still be there NT
FurnitureAlliance03/24/17 12:37 PM
*how can 3 votes be enough jeff? 4 is needed when 6 are voting. NT
straightdave95 4   03/15/17 05:59 PM
x*The first one was Caleb's vote for Hali then 3 for Caleb NT
bb_tracy03/16/17 07:21 AM
x*I thought he counted 3 and then when he pulled the 4th, said the next person going home was Caleb. NT
all8up03/16/17 05:22 AM
x*That's what I remember too, although I didn't go back and confirm. NT
JAF03/16/17 06:04 AM
x*I thought I must have missed 1 NT
PVRlover03/15/17 07:27 PM
*Sandra has to go. I can't take much more of "I'm da kween! You mess wit da kween, dats what happen!" Hopefully Caleb and Malcom snipe her ass NT
SailingTeam356 10   03/08/17 09:40 PM
x*those words have to bite her on the a@@ come on! NT
Belle03/10/17 07:19 AM
x*Lets hope those words rubbed the players at tribal the wrong way too. I'd like to see Michaela & Aubry join Malcolm & Jeff NT
PVRlover03/09/17 05:43 AM
x*Although with the tribe reshuffle coming already, no telling who her new tribe members will be. Hoping she at least stays on Aubry's tribe, since
JAF03/09/17 05:51 AM
x*I have never liked her and now hate her. I never saw the attraction and the trash talk is like nails on a chalkboard. She has to go!! NT
longtimebbfan03/09/17 03:52 AM
x*Yep. The trash talking to Tony on his way out was totally classless. But that's Sandra, same as always. NT
JAF03/09/17 05:35 AM
x*What ever I remember Tony acting like an ass his original season NT
BBFanJ03/09/17 02:06 PM
x*It's not an either-or. I'm no big fan of Tony either. Although no one comes close to Sandra on my want-to-see-lose list.
JAF03/10/17 06:01 AM
x*Caleb? LOL. Yeah I'd rather Sandra outlasts at least Caleb NT
BBFanJ03/09/17 03:07 AM
x*^^THIS^^ NT
JAF03/08/17 10:09 PM
x*Hey maybe now that the king is gone she'll abdicate her throne. Of course, her loyal subjects would have to stop acting like it's a Monarchy. NT
krh503803/08/17 09:49 PM
*Looks like my Squad will be Caleb, Malcom, Aubrey, Ozzy, and Andrea. Sandra and Troyzan GOTS TO GO!!! NT
SailingTeam395 9   03/09/17 11:01 AM
x*Ozzy's confessionals are kind of depressing now idk why, he seems tired NT
FurlessBat03/09/17 04:15 PM
x*I hope Michaela can make her way in with them too. Hopefully she calms down now NT
PVRlover03/09/17 02:05 PM
x*I don't think she can play lowkey when she needs to. She is her own enemy in this game. But it's still early and she may get it together. NT
Hidef108003/09/17 03:44 PM
x*Ozzy and Malcom our my top 2. Hope they end up together when the switch happens. NT
Bellamom03/09/17 11:28 AM
x*My top 2, as well. I'm also glad to see Caleb get another shot. Hoping he'll stick around for a while. NT
BigGirlPanties03/09/17 04:08 PM
x*Same here rooting for Mozzy haha NT
bbsittingducks03/09/17 02:48 PM
x*I got, in no particular order, Caleb, Hali, Varner, and Andrea. Malcolm might grow on me although I didn't like him before. NT
krh503803/09/17 02:55 PM
x*Andrea is so hot! NT
BBFanJ03/11/17 02:00 PM
x*Oh my goodness Malcom is beautiful to look at NT
Belle03/09/17 04:49 PM
*Sucks my boy Caleb had to go so early. I NEED Andrea to get this Sandra bitch the ***** outta there!! Can't take her anymore. "I'm da kween." SHUTUP NT
SailingTeam830 17   03/15/17 09:04 PM
x*I just watched the episode. I don't mind Caleb leaving, he didn't show any hint of being a good player tbh. Hali seems like she is
FurlessBat03/15/17 10:41 PM
x*ITA! He just wanted to get by on his muscles.I liked how Hali stuck up for herself too!! Bye BMC! NT
Mazita03/16/17 05:52 AM
x*I think Caleb thought that Tai had his back and maybe he felt Hali was the easy out based on Tai and Debbie. NT
Hidef108003/15/17 11:53 PM
x*So do I. BMC's mistake was trusting Tai so much. Did he not watch all of S32? Tai was probably the most untrustworthy person that season. NT
Corndogger03/16/17 12:46 AM
x*I think you are going to be miserable for many weeks. Sorry. NT
DaveG03/15/17 09:48 PM
x*Having heard from a "friend," I retract the above statement. I'd say more, but I do try to avoid posting spoilers. ;) NT
DaveG03/19/17 04:43 PM
x*Why? Why would they leave her in the game that long? This will be the worst season in history if she wins NT
SailingTeam03/15/17 11:29 PM
x*Her or JT. NT
Hidef108003/15/17 11:55 PM
x*and ironically JT is the one who wants to boot her. I mean that's great but if she goes he's the only winner left. NT
krh503803/16/17 12:01 AM
x*Yep... The winners are taking each other out when they should have tried to work together. NT
Hidef108003/16/17 12:04 AM
x*She's getting a real villian edit this time. Makes me think she won't win. NT
FurnitureAlliance03/15/17 09:19 PM
x*I've never really thought about it as good guys vs bad... Has there never been a "villain" that has won? NT
Hidef108003/15/17 10:35 PM
x*Point being they haven't shown one nice moment from her. Last night she wanted to kill Bambi and his mom NT
FurnitureAlliance03/16/17 12:45 PM
x*Yeah...Sandra...twice. NT
georgia938203/15/17 10:59 PM
x*I think you could say Brian Heidik was a villain who won. NT
Corndogger03/15/17 10:50 PM
x*They'd have to edit her completely out of the show to keep her from coming off as a villain. NT
JAF03/15/17 09:22 PM
x*LOL ;) NT
FurnitureAlliance03/15/17 09:25 PM
*Da Kween stay Kween!!!!......shove it Sandra. You're gone next NT
SailingTeam553 18   03/22/17 05:56 PM
x*How dare you say that about the next winner? Has anybody vote for her yet? NT
Hidef108003/22/17 07:44 PM
x*She's such an arrogant, high-horse bitch. NT
JAF03/22/17 07:05 PM
x*You can tell she is being led by the producers to call herself queen. But she is overconfident . NT
FurnitureAlliance03/22/17 09:53 PM
x*She's worse than Ozzie and Brad combined. I need her downfall to come soon. Whomever is responsible for it should be instantly elevated to legend
krh503803/22/17 07:21 PM
x*I'd settle for food poisoning and medevac at this point. Just want her gone in any way possible. Although a vicious betrayal would be sweet. NT
JAF03/22/17 07:37 PM
x*Sandra ain't leaving any time soon. JT is in trouble. NT
WillRulz03/22/17 06:00 PM
x*I give it a couple of weeks tops she isn't making the merge. People are already looking at her NT
steve201303/22/17 06:42 PM
x*She hasn't had a single vote against her. She is making the merge and beyond. NT
WillRulz03/22/17 07:49 PM
x*Is that proven yet? It's not. Sandras not winning they are showing her to be very arrogant this season . She's not winning NT
BBFanJ03/22/17 07:56 PM
x*She was very arrogant her 2nd season too. But even though I didn't think it possible, she's even more arrogant this season. She's practically daring
JAF03/22/17 08:28 PM
x*If she was arrogant her 2nd season it was drowned out by Rusell and Parvati. Remember them being more arrogant NT
BBFanJ03/22/17 08:48 PM
x*All 3 were. If fact, Sandra may be surpassing Russell in the arrogance department this season. And surprise surprise, she sits out a challenge
JAF03/22/17 09:09 PM
x*They keep looking and not doing! Even when she gives arrogant "I dare you to vote me out, suckers!" speeches at TC. And she still
JAF03/22/17 07:26 PM
x*I give her 2 weeks tops NT
SailingTeam03/22/17 06:19 PM
x*Traitors go first. JT is marked. NT
J4RCW03/22/17 05:57 PM
x*How? He didn't want Malcolm he was PISSED NT
BBFanJ03/22/17 06:01 PM
x*hT told Brad that it was Sierra going. Sandra wanted to switch the votes to Brad. They stuck with the plan to vote out Sierra. JT dead man . NT
Adamlovechild103/22/17 06:05 PM
x*He thought they were going to get Sandra so he told them to save Sierra. Just because he didn't like the outcome doesn't mean he didn't cause it. NT
J4RCW03/22/17 06:04 PM
*Caleb seems to have plenty of money of late. Is it possible he won??? NT
RockChalkJhawk30 1   03/08/17 04:07 AM
x*Not a chance. NT
WillRulz03/08/17 08:49 AM
*Wtheck just happened? NT
robin066 1   03/22/17 08:45 PM
x*I don't really care about Malcolm, but I kind of hated the whole tribal council, it looked ridiculous and so un-Survivor to me NT
FurlessBat03/22/17 08:48 PM
*Ironic that JT told Culpepper that they were voting Sierra. It resulted in them saving Sierra and voting out Malcolm, JT's buddy. JT hung his head at
robin0875 8   03/24/17 02:43 PM
x*yea. he was hoping they still voted out Sandra & his voting with his tribe to make it seem like he didnt turn on them. NT
KlausHeissler03/24/17 04:47 PM
x*That is exactly what he was hoping to do and it totally backfired. He is toast. And hate to say this but Culpepper read that right NT
FrouFrou03/27/17 09:55 AM
x*I don't know why no one on Sandra's team wants to vote her off, and neither does anyone from the opposing tribe. Go figure. NT
robin003/25/17 02:42 PM
x*The opposing tribe wanted to take out the other tribe's best comp player, not their weakest. Sandra got a freebie from that twist. But yeah, the
JAF03/25/17 03:42 PM
x*She's a shield for them is my guess NT
FurnitureAlliance03/26/17 02:48 PM
x*They thought that last 2 times she played. Beware of that one. She's dangerous. NT
robin003/26/17 07:55 PM
x*Varner needs her because she's weaker than he is. I bet my bootie she doesn't win NT
FurnitureAlliance03/27/17 05:25 PM
x*Oh, yeah, I forgot about that. They chose Malcolm because he's such a physical threat. I am sure they viewed Sandra as a weakling and a liability. Too
robin003/26/17 02:23 PM
*10 hours to go. Please let this be Sandras last night. NT
PVRlover44 4   03/08/17 07:00 AM
x*Nope I hope she lasts at least a few Episodes. I'd much rather see Tony and Brad go NT
BBFanJ03/08/17 01:52 PM
x*That's my hope too. But she's on Caleb's tribe, and he's a beast at challenges. So I fear her tribe may avoid TC for a while. NT
JAF03/08/17 08:58 AM
x*She's zebe's she will have at least one poster rooting for her -:) NT
wyndycty03/08/17 12:10 PM
x*Make that two! Rooting hard for her NT
FurnitureAlliance03/08/17 12:23 PM
*To all you Malcolm fans...I'm sorry. Its my fault. First time ever I decided preseason to cheer for the pretty boys. I'm bad luck NT
PVRlover414 11   03/23/17 08:38 AM
x*Please start rooting for Sandra :) NT
Bellamom03/23/17 01:38 PM
x*Ha! Good point. :-) NT
JAF03/23/17 01:59 PM
x*lol bad pvr this is so wrong. there is going to be nothing for me to look at, at this rate NT
Belle03/23/17 09:10 AM
x*With my luck it will be Sandra Tai & Debbie F3 NT
PVRlover03/23/17 10:13 AM
x*Debbie would be iconic in FTC. No, the worst F3 would be JT, Tai, and Brad. NT
J4RCW03/23/17 12:21 PM
x*Worst would be Sierra Sarah & Tai. Brads actually playing a good game NT
FurnitureAlliance03/23/17 12:33 PM
x*FFGCSierraDawnThomas is not playing that bad of a game. She figured out Nuku's plan and has a legacy advantage. Sarah is always immune so it is
J4RCW03/23/17 12:48 PM
x*That's true. I'm just looking at entertainment value so far. Ok replace FFSDT with Zeke NT
FurnitureAlliance03/23/17 01:30 PM
x*after deb apparent tantrum next week i'm wondering if she is going home NT
Belle03/23/17 02:25 PM
x*That's the EXACT combination I was looking at too for the "worst possible F3" combo. NT
JAF03/23/17 10:34 AM
x*I guess mine too because I was never a fan of his before. But I started rooting for him b/ he was beasting the comps for their tribe NT
krh503803/23/17 08:52 AM
*Since when did Caleb become a Survivor favorite/Game Changer? lol NT
Poz90 1   03/16/17 03:47 PM
x*I'm not a fan but I thought it was the wrong vote last night. TBH, outside of Tony, I think all of the votes have been wrong so far. NT
Hidef108003/16/17 08:34 PM
*Initial thoughts on the season...
pikatroy754 11   03/13/17 02:40 AM
x*Tony going is the beginning of the end for the strong guys. Sandra will continue to gather the weak to take out the stronger male players. NT
CougarSpy03/14/17 03:24 PM
x*Is that even Sandra's game? Tony didn't leave because he was a strong male player. He left because he was a paranoid mess NT
FurlessBat03/14/17 03:31 PM
x*I think it's whoever's acting sketchy and moving too fast. They're the ones going first. NT
FurnitureAlliance03/14/17 03:50 PM
x*Totally agree about Sandra. I've never understood what anyone liked about her and her big obnoxious mouth. NT
longtimebbfan03/13/17 03:28 PM
x*I loved the scene where JT argued with Tai about his dam $50,000 chickens. I hope he eats them NT
FurnitureAlliance03/13/17 12:35 PM
x*I wanted someone to suggest "Breakfast" and "Lunch" when Tai said they should name them :) NT
krh503803/14/17 07:16 PM
x*Ha! NT
FurnitureAlliance03/15/17 12:05 PM
x*Same. There's no point to having the chickens if you can't A) get eggs from them or B) eat them. NT
pikatroy03/14/17 03:39 AM
x*But when Tai wants me to feed my rations to the chickens, that would be the last straw NT
FurnitureAlliance03/14/17 12:35 PM
x*I love chickens! I agree with you on Sandra but I have a feeling she may make it pretty deep. She has something that's working for her. NT
Hidef108003/13/17 04:41 AM
x*She might. I'm hoping not, but she just might. I don't dislike chickens, I just dislike the way Tai deals with them. Either eat em or don't grab em NT
pikatroy03/14/17 03:40 AM
*I didn't quite finish Survivor tonight. Went on twitter for 1 min to check on what people were saying about BBCan5 and see Caleb's tweet...
MOP490 2   03/15/17 07:19 PM
x*oops sorry :( i am sooooo sad i was hoping he'd go far this time NT
Belle03/16/17 09:47 AM
x*Glad he's ok at least NT
FurnitureAlliance03/15/17 09:26 PM
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