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*Survivor 35~ Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers December 13th ~ Episode 13 “The Survivor Devil"
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*Survivor 35: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers ~ Cast bios and pics
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*Cole Medders exposes Tribal Council secrets
WillRulz4144 10   11/27/17 03:04 PM
x*Interesting that Devon is giving him the heads up. I'm starting to think he is the real deal. A true gamer. NT
PVRlover11/27/17 03:31 PM
x*I agree. The bonus clips of Devon show a much smarter player than the TV edit has so far. I wouldn't be surprised if he wins. NT
Corndogger11/27/17 03:43 PM
x*I'm surprised they didn't show the fake idol stuff. They usually live for that kind of thing. NT
Corndogger11/27/17 03:19 PM
x*Then the audience would know for certain who's going home. NT
vortexfugue11/28/17 05:48 AM
x*How? Why wouldn't people think that the others might want Joe out if they knew Mike was trying to save him? I'd like 2 know Y they didn't do that. NT
Corndogger11/28/17 11:25 AM
x*Per Cole, Joe was wearing the fake idol at tribal and Mike was playing the real one at tribal, that only left Cole.. and no suspense. NT
vortexfugue11/28/17 03:30 PM
x*It doesn't say Joe was wearing the fake idol at tribal in the article. Did Cole say this on Twitter? NT
Corndogger11/28/17 07:58 PM
x*He said it in this interview-->
vortexfugue11/29/17 07:30 AM
x*i agree its odd they didn't show it NT
Belle11/28/17 12:42 PM
x*Here's a pic of Joe holding the fake idol. Was this in the last episode and we just didn't notice?
Corndogger11/28/17 08:08 PM
*Survivor Scoop – Week 10 Recap: Winners, Losers, Top Moments
WillRulz914 0   11/29/17 09:53 PM
*Survivor’s Joe Mena: ‘It was just all gameplay to me.’
WillRulz1128 5   11/30/17 03:05 PM
x*It sounds like he still has issues with Ben to me. And he didn't own up to lying about Ben swearing on the Marine Corp. NT
FrouFrou12/01/17 06:02 AM
x*Good 2 know that Ben was the reason they targeted JP & not Chrissy. I kind of figured he was protecting her b/c it made 0 sense not 2 take her out. NT
Corndogger11/30/17 03:43 PM
x*I appreciate players like Joe NT
Poz11/30/17 03:42 PM
x*He was much better after he got knocked down a few pegs. Early in the season I didn't like him, but in the last handful of episodes where he
JAF12/01/17 09:44 AM
x*yeah, I didn't like him at first because he came on way too strong NT
Poz12/01/17 04:29 PM
*Survivor’s JP admits to a flawed game
WillRulz812 1   12/01/17 08:56 AM
x*Even his post game interview is the most boring NT
PVRlover12/01/17 11:09 AM
*Survivor Scoop – Week 11 Recap: Winners, Losers, Top Moments
WillRulz746 0   12/06/17 08:49 PM
*Lauren Rimmer explains her perfect Survivor storm, her surprise exit
WillRulz1605 5   12/07/17 02:57 PM
x*I wonder if this is the first time someone has been voted out with TWO advantages left unplayed? NT
JAF12/07/17 03:28 PM
x*No. James was voted out with TWO HIIs in his pocket. NT
Corndogger12/07/17 03:31 PM
x*Which James? Was that the one from China? That's the one season out of 35 that I missed (we moved that year and lost everything from the DVR). NT
JAF12/07/17 04:23 PM
x*If you sub to CBS All Access I would watch that season. IIRC, that was also Amanda's first season. NT
Corndogger12/07/17 04:35 PM
x*yes, that James NT
FurlessBat12/07/17 04:25 PM
*Survivor Scoop – Week 12 Recap: Winners, Losers, Top Moments
WillRulz31 0   12/13/17 07:08 PM
*Has anyone noticed how Ben and Devon are always barefoot at tribal council? Devon sometimes wears flip flops but Ben is always shoeless? NT
veoh215 1   12/01/17 12:23 PM
x*No but I notice that Ben seems to wear cowboy boots without socks and that bugs me. Maybe he has them on but it looks like he doesn't. And that hat
FurnitureAlliance12/01/17 12:57 PM
*Ben barefoot at tribal again! He’s been barefoot at every tribal. He just doesn’t seem like the barefeet type like a Devon or Cole NT
veoh67 1   12/06/17 09:11 PM
x*so was Chrissy NT
PointBeing12/06/17 09:16 PM
*So just curious..why do y’all think Ben is shoeless at every tribal council?? And does anyone have any screencaps of him at tribal?? TIA NT
veoh324 3   12/09/17 01:06 PM
x*Maybe his boots make too much noise? (It's so weird to see someone in shorts and cowboy boots) NT
FurnitureAlliance12/09/17 09:32 PM
x*The others are shoeless too, none were wearing shoes as they walked back to camp.
zorki312/10/17 10:48 PM
x*Could affect the sound. After all they're not on a sound stage NT
FurnitureAlliance12/10/17 11:04 PM
*Ben and Devon barefoot at tribal council again this week!! NT
veoh1 0   12/13/17 08:14 PM
*Lauren not only messed up her own game, she cheated the fans out of the fun of seeing the math experts figuring out where the extra vote came
trifecta388 5   12/07/17 08:38 AM
x*She needed Ben to convince the guys to vote with them. She couldn't do it on her own, as those guys wouldn't have trusted to work with her. NT
FrouFrou12/07/17 10:14 AM
x*Still not sure they even noticed she didn't vote a few weeks back (on a tie vote, no less). They don't seem to be the sharpest group. NT
JAF12/07/17 10:09 AM
x*We know Cole noticed because he told Desi about it in his Ponderosa video. I'm sure if he noticed others did as well. NT
Corndogger12/07/17 10:13 AM
x*Either they hid it really well, or the edit blocked it all out. I know my jaw would have hit the floor at TC when the vote stopped there.
JAF12/07/17 10:35 AM
x*If someone had said something at that TC they would have aired it. Since her advantage never was a factor they probably decided to skip over it. NT
Corndogger12/07/17 02:51 PM
*Survivor 35 = BB19. Chrissy = Paul. Ben = Kevin. Ryan = Josh. Ashley = Christmas. JP = Mark. Joe = Cody. Mike = Elena. Devon = Matt NT
SailingTeam1023 15   11/23/17 02:19 PM
x*I = Charlese Theron NT
FurnitureAlliance11/24/17 11:13 AM
x*lol (finally got it!) and I = Nicole Kidman (on a good day)...ok a REAL good day :D NT
colleenag11/24/17 02:36 PM
x*Hey, it's your call! It is whatever you say it is! :) NT
FurnitureAlliance11/27/17 01:50 PM
x*I am lost NT
Matzak11/24/17 02:47 PM
x*Who would you say you "facetiously" look like? Or emulate? LOL NT
colleenag11/24/17 02:55 PM
x*oh ok. thanks. you are beautiful! :) NT
Matzak11/24/17 03:27 PM
x*LOL 2 funny NT
colleenag11/24/17 04:51 PM
x*If anything Joe=Josh(two loud mouths. Joe thinks he's good at the game but has mainly been lucky, same with Josh). Cole=Cody(good athletes, bad at
ringo911/24/17 10:45 AM
x*Oh god no. Survivor 35 is enjoyable. BB19 was unwatchable. I literally stopped watching after the first month (first time ever). NT
JAF11/23/17 07:36 PM
x*It's the exact same thing. One large group controlling everything led by a very cocky dictator NT
SailingTeam11/24/17 10:35 AM
x*Except that these players aren't 1/50th as nasty and disgusting as most of that BB cast. The game flow of one large alliance picking off
JAF11/24/17 01:46 PM
x*no NT
zagger11/23/17 07:10 PM
x*No. Not even close NT
PVRlover11/23/17 02:43 PM
x*lmao 1) Joe has a personality, Cody does not 2) Ben is playing the game, Kevin never did 3) Mike wants to play, Elena wanted fame
FurlessBat11/23/17 02:32 PM
x*Devon's playing a good game where Matt's only goal was to make jury and have sex with Raven. NT
Corndogger11/23/17 05:01 PM
*Mike throwing Lauren's idol in the fire was savage as hell. NT
SailingTeam748 7   12/06/17 10:05 PM
x*That was PH-ENOM-ENAL! NT
FrouFrou12/07/17 06:46 AM
x*It's weird how the entire game up to that point she was playing it very smart and then she lost it when she had so much power in her hands. WTF?! NT
Corndogger12/06/17 10:30 PM
x*No kidding right? And why share the idol with Dr. Mike? Have I not noticed a closeness between them right along? NT
colleenag12/07/17 03:08 AM
x*Did it go to their heads that they played the last 2 blindsides so well that they tried being too fancy? NT
PVRlover12/06/17 10:49 PM
x*or did she get too greedy wanting to save both advantages? I'm still shocked. Really thought she would be in the F3 NT
PVRlover12/06/17 10:51 PM
x*I think she got cocky and underestimated Ben. Devon and Ash also screwed up tonight. Why would Devon openly tell everyone he and Ash are super tight?
Corndogger12/06/17 11:09 PM
x*Love this tweet from Ari Ferrari
FurnitureAlliance12/06/17 10:38 PM
*Just rewatched Heroes vs Villains. Russell and Parvati is my favorite alliance of all time NT
SailingTeam505 16   12/08/17 04:06 PM
x*An argument could be made for Parv over Sandra but there's no way Russell should have won after telling the others that they were stupid.
Blockhead12/12/17 12:59 PM
x*Even if gamewise Parv was better, Sandra made a lot of relationships with the heroes and the 2 others didn't. I think she managed the jury better NT
David248712/10/17 07:14 PM
x*i think she managed to do NOTHING so she didn't piss anyone off she won by default NT
Belle12/12/17 10:07 AM
MegsMom31612/12/17 10:09 AM
x***faints** NT
Belle12/12/17 10:18 AM
x**giggle* we agree once in awhile. NT
MegsMom31612/12/17 10:22 AM
x*That was one of my favorite seasons. Horrible horrible ending though NT
PVRlover12/09/17 04:59 AM
x*No it was great watching Parv and Russell lose ***** them NT
BBFanJ12/13/17 04:31 PM
x*I thought the win was okay.I know that is not a popular opinion, but if you make everyone hate you, you aren't playing survivor to win it.
FrouFrou12/12/17 09:54 AM
x*Agreed. NT
BBO12/10/17 08:07 AM
x*That was probably the best season ever but Parv got robbed. NT
Corndogger12/09/17 10:22 AM
x*Hated Parvati so I was glad she and Russell lost NT
BBFanJ12/13/17 04:32 PM
x*Parv & Russell both played better than Sandra. Even Jeff called that a bitter jury NT
PVRlover12/09/17 04:33 PM
x*Russell did not play better than Sandra. Parv yes. Everyone hated Russell. You can't win if you are hated. Russell proved that twice! NT
FrouFrou12/12/17 09:56 AM
x*Yep. The ultimate bitter jury. Especially disappointing since these were "all-stars" that should hold more regard for the game. NT
JAF12/09/17 04:35 PM
x*Agreed 1000%. NT
Hidef108012/09/17 06:15 AM
*2 things...I think Ben is in trouble next week & was Mike playing the idol was smart. Everyone thought Cole or Joe would go the last couple weeks.
PVRlover1180 10   11/23/17 09:30 AM
x*I think Ben would have been in trouble in Mike hadn't of played his idol the way he did. Mike's playing it solidified his reasoning and read on the
FrouFrou11/24/17 05:15 AM
x*After last week I think Ashley is more likely to go with Chrissy, JP(yes, he is still there) & Ryan. They can get Mike & Joe to vote Ben out. NT
PVRlover11/24/17 07:05 AM
x*You are probably correct, but I don't want you to be. I don't want a Chrissy, Ryan, JSnooze steamroller. NT
FrouFrou11/27/17 08:57 AM
x*I think he was trying to draw votes to himself to save both himself and Joe. NT
Buzz11/23/17 04:31 PM
x*I don't know why Mike played the idol unnecessarily. NT
FurnitureAlliance11/23/17 11:54 AM
x*ditto, seems like such a dumb move NT
FurlessBat11/23/17 02:33 PM
x*I don't think Mike playing the idol was smart, at least not until he stupidly tried to make a big crazy speech at the start of TC.
JAF11/23/17 10:43 AM
x*There's always a risk not playing an idol but if u are most likely safe I think u take that risk since it becomes more valuable each week
ringo911/23/17 09:42 AM
x*I wonder if he got word that that Ben was throwing out his name NT
PVRlover11/23/17 10:33 AM
x*I think you may be onto something ! NT
Mazita11/23/17 10:42 AM
*Devon is going to be in trouble soon too. He isn't doing a very good job hiding how smart he is but a Devon/Lauren/Ben F3 would be amazing NT
PVRlover865 13   11/29/17 07:10 PM
x*Would love a Devin, Ben and Chrissy final 3. Anything with Devin and Ben, but I don't think Ben will last too long. Once Chrissy is isolated from Ryan
FrouFrou11/30/17 10:17 AM
x*I hope Ryan and Chrissy make final 3. Don't care for anyone else. NT
BBO12/01/17 06:40 AM
x*Those have been my favorites from the start, I like Lauren too. NT
MegsMom31612/01/17 07:03 AM
x*UGH ***** no to Ben and Chrissy. NT
BBFanJ12/01/17 02:42 AM
x*If Ben plays this right, he could win. I think he needs to betray the new alliance & knock 1 of them out. NT
PVRlover11/30/17 03:13 PM
x*Ben needs to get Lauren before she gets him. She and Ashley already tried to turn on him last epi but Devon appeared to veto it. NT
JAF12/01/17 09:35 AM
x*I think as soon as they start showing folks saying how smart they are or how they are in charge, I consider it an omen they are going home soon. I
all8up11/30/17 05:45 AM
x*I'm afraid of that too. Devin is my favorite, by far, but he's getting too comfortable. NT
JAF11/29/17 08:33 PM
x*replace Ben with Ashley and I am down do not want Ben anywhere near the end NT
taemin811/29/17 07:16 PM
x*That sounds great to me. I would be happy with Mike at the end as well but don't want Chrissy, Ben or Ryan. NT
Corndogger11/29/17 07:18 PM
x*Mike unwittingly is in a great spot. Crissy/Ryan vs the 4 while he's in the middle. But I don't think Mike can win the game if he's F3. NT
ringo911/29/17 08:31 PM
x*They would all be smart to try & get to the end with Chrissy or Ryan. Doesn't seem like anybody likes or respects their games. NT
PVRlover11/29/17 08:20 PM
x*Based on exit interviews that is def. true of Chrissy. No one seems to like her and they're all pointing out she didn't want to work with girls. NT
Corndogger11/29/17 08:51 PM
*2 hours tonight! What are everyone's predictions? NT
laladoopiedu790 25   11/29/17 08:35 AM
x*Mike and Joe can go NT
Matzak11/29/17 04:24 PM
x*that would be boring the group of 7 need to be broken up mainly Ben and Chrissy NT
taemin811/29/17 04:57 PM
x*no the group of 7 will eat each other and chrissy or ryan gets voted out!! NT
Matzak11/29/17 05:06 PM
x*Agreed! NT
BBFanJ11/29/17 05:00 PM
x*Probably two that don't warrant a BIG BLINDSIDE distiction NT
BBFanJ11/29/17 04:21 PM
x*I really want Joe and Ben to go. I am loving Ryan. NT
robin011/29/17 04:02 PM
x*could it be a reg episode and a "memory lane" episode? NT
colleenag11/29/17 03:56 PM
x*No. It's two brand new episodes. NT
Corndogger11/29/17 03:57 PM
x*OK, TY! NT
colleenag11/29/17 04:13 PM
x*I predict Ben & Joe are out NT
PVRlover11/29/17 03:41 PM
x*I think Ben is in trouble. NT
vortexfugue11/29/17 02:50 PM
x*Even though it's usually not that straightforward, I'll go with them finishing off the Healers (Joe/Mike). NT
JAF11/29/17 01:15 PM
x*UGH it better not I better see a nice blindside since they are plugging it so much. Ben Chrissy or Ryan would be the only ones worthy of a big
BBFanJ11/29/17 04:15 PM
x*I hope not. Since we never hear JP let him be one of the people to go. Throw in Ben or Chrissy and I'll be happy. And let Ash survive. NT
Corndogger11/29/17 02:05 PM
x*two will leave, Chrissy will still be hated and Roark will remain irrelevant....Blockhead will be wrong as usual NT
FurlessBat11/29/17 12:27 PM
x*the more people hate Chrissy the more I like her NT
nicholaspuppy11/29/17 04:53 PM
x*You just like being a contrarian. NT
Blockhead11/29/17 04:57 PM
x*especially when the choice is boring Roark, Desi et al. or interesting game playing person NT
nicholaspuppy11/29/17 05:01 PM
x*Roark will never be irrelevant. NT
Corndogger11/29/17 01:06 PM
x*The title for tonight's show is Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO)... that a nod to the 2 episodes tonight? idk NT
colleenag11/29/17 10:16 AM
x*Has there ever been a case where a show title hasn't come from something a player said during an episode? NT
Corndogger11/29/17 10:49 AM
x*Hmm, I think it is usually a quote from someone. I bet Joe says this, about him and Mike! NT
laladoopiedu11/29/17 12:04 PM
x*Beats me...has there? NT
colleenag11/29/17 11:27 AM
x*I will go out on a limb and say someone will be blindsided. NT
Hidef108011/29/17 10:13 AM
x*lol NT
JAF11/29/17 01:12 PM
*For me season is heading this way.....
joy571341 7   12/01/17 10:06 AM
x*I think Ben could definitely win. I thought Devon was winning but his edit was weird in the 2nd hour of this last episode. Seems like Ben v.
nicholaspuppy12/02/17 02:23 PM
x*A Lauren/Ashley/Chrissy F3 wouldn't surprise me. Or Lauren/Ashley/Mike. I just have a feeling that Lauren/Ashley will turn on Devon,
JAF12/01/17 12:59 PM
x*If they are fans they will respect the play. NT
ringo912/01/17 12:37 PM
x*If they're expecting to be fooled and lied to and don't take things personally. I hope he goes next. NT
FurnitureAlliance12/01/17 12:59 PM
x*Unless his alliance turns on him they don't have the numbers. NT
ringo912/01/17 03:39 PM
x*I want them to turn on him! NT
FurnitureAlliance12/01/17 05:51 PM
x*I see Ben flipping back next week & getting Devon or Ashley out. Ben wanted to keep Joe because he wasn't liked & he will now be looking
PVRlover12/01/17 11:05 AM
*How long is Lauren's extra vote good for? I'm vaguely remembering she said up to the F6 vote but I'm not sure. NT
JAF371 4   12/01/17 01:02 PM
x*I think I heard F6 also. NT
MegsMom31612/01/17 01:03 PM
x*It's F6. She talked about it in a bonus clip that goes with the episode when she found it. NT
Corndogger12/01/17 02:19 PM
x*And HII's usually good through F5, right? And Ben has the only idol now? (After Mike and Ryan both wasted theirs) NT
JAF12/01/17 05:31 PM
x*All of that is correct. Chrissy should still have her expired idol to try and fool people with which I'm sure she will if need be. NT
Corndogger12/01/17 09:56 PM
*So all the idols and special powers got wiped out, right? Good. I hope they don't reintroduce another one. Straight-up Survivor now. NT
JAF120 2   12/07/17 10:31 AM
x*I just watched....I really thought Lauren was going far, man she blew it!! NT
wyndycty12/07/17 02:14 PM
x*how did it go so wrong :( NT
Belle12/07/17 02:31 PM
*So it could be an F2 this year, depending on how many they eliminate in the finale in 2 weeks. There's 6 now, should be 5 after next week,
JAF701 8   12/07/17 02:54 PM
x*It is probably a final three. That is all the jurors have spoken about. NT
WillRulz12/07/17 02:56 PM
x*If so, then there's probably good stuff happening at F5 and F4 for them to devote that much airtime to those. NT
JAF12/07/17 03:06 PM
x*I think Jeff said in preshow interviews the end part of the season gets really crazy NT
zagger12/07/17 04:24 PM
x*Apparently really good stuff at F4. If I understood correctly, Dalton Ross said people literally changed their votes at the final TC. If that's true
Corndogger12/07/17 03:12 PM
x*The players getting up & talking to each other at tribal is the best thing to happen to survivor in a long time. NT
PVRlover12/08/17 06:27 AM
x*There's very little in the way of solid alliances left, so I could see how it could be very fluid. NT
JAF12/07/17 03:23 PM
x*Lauren seems to confirm that the final TC is wild in her Global TV interview. "The final Tribal Council this year is crazy! It is nuts!” NT
Corndogger12/07/17 03:30 PM
x*We do hear that a lot about FTC though, and it's often a letdown. Was it last season (or maybe the one before) that we heard about it
JAF12/07/17 04:26 PM
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