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Jokerette1965 0   Sticky Post
*I just wanted to post about something that I've found recently. After being diagnosed with AIH, I've done hours of research online, in the libraries,
Dimples359 2   09/11/16 06:46 PM
x*Thank you for this. <3. I'm an alcoholic and have been in recovery/sober for years and years. Somehow my liver stayed 'fine' (so far)
LettucePray12/01/16 03:46 PM
x*That's awesome news Lettuce! I'm amazed at the other things this herb does. I met someone a while ago who was suffering from psoriasis. Her hands
Dimples12/01/16 09:14 PM
*Episode 3: How to deal with strep throat when you have a liver disease...
Dimples259 2   07/17/16 08:25 PM
x*Hope your feeling better Dimples. NT
DeeDee07/21/16 07:17 AM
x*{{{dimples}} sorry. hope you are feeling better. I use to get strep all the time, it is a pain NT
Molly07/18/16 03:12 PM
*Hi! ON Tues morn, July 5, I was sitting in a chair and my body and it kept leaning/pulling violently to the let until the chair and I came crashing
CougarSpy2834 32   07/10/16 02:43 PM
x*Thinking of you Cougar. Hope you are feeling much better! NT
DeeDee07/29/16 02:35 PM
x*I have no idea how I have totally missed this! How are you, Cougar? Please let us hear from you when you can. NT
LibraLady07/21/16 09:09 AM
x*Cougs, how are you doing? Sending more white light! NT
Molly07/20/16 10:19 PM
x*So sorry to hear this Cougar!! My thoughts and hopes are with you! Big big hugs!! NT
Dimples07/17/16 08:08 PM
x*Omg, Coug. I am just reading this. Sending white light and keeping you in my prayers ((((hugs)))). NT
GazingEyes07/14/16 03:13 PM
x*Sending white light & prayers your way ((Cougar)) NT
RedBB07/13/16 10:16 AM
x*my goodness cougs!!! take care of yourself NT
Belle07/13/16 08:32 AM
x*{{{{Cougs}}} sending healing white light. Please keep us updated. NT
Molly07/13/16 12:16 AM
x*Got moved to an assisted living facility yesterday. I hate this. I'm now in anger stage. Thought to ponder: What is worse? Not having an external
CougarSpy07/12/16 06:14 AM
x*Oh Cougs I'm so very sorry to read this, hugs and white light going your way. NT
terlu07/19/16 11:22 PM
x*Oh Cougs Im so very sorry you are going through this Hopefully you will be home soon. Praying for you NT
DeeDee07/13/16 08:32 AM
x*sorry to hear this..hope you have a speedy recovery NT
Debbie07/12/16 04:01 PM
x*Cougs so sorry to read this! What a scarey situation you had to endure!Glad you got into a facility and recovery is about to begin!Hugs&prayers! NT
Mazita07/12/16 08:23 AM
x*Cougs, my heart goes out to you. I know you must hate it, and I'd be angry, too. But I know you're a very determined person and that you want to
debbiedu2207/12/16 08:18 AM
x*Hugs to you xoxo... hoping for a breakthrough and quick recovery! NT
VelvetWind07/12/16 08:16 AM
x*Aw sorry CougerSpy. Glad you are getting the care you need though. I just want to know one thing.
jblig07/12/16 07:39 AM
x*Oh happy day! Last night was able to reach out to several ladies I know via email or church. One of the sweet ladies stopped by and brought me an
CougarSpy07/13/16 08:26 AM
x*Wonderful! Good to know there's progress. Pulling for you! NT
jblig07/13/16 10:53 AM
x*I'm so glad you are reaching out to others, Cougs. They love helping. Hope your PT goes well. I know your shower felt so good!! Thanks for the
debbiedu2207/13/16 08:55 AM
x*So glad you got an external mouse. Thats one problem out of the way NT
DeeDee07/13/16 08:35 AM
x*Awww I'm sure your hair was fine! Sending lots of healing and happy thoughts your way NT
VelvetWind07/13/16 08:31 AM
x*Awww Cougs you sound better, glad you have people to help!! Please keep us updated! Sending your more hugs NT
petite607/13/16 08:29 AM
x*Sorry to hear this. You are in my thoughts. NT
BlondeMoment07/11/16 06:10 PM
x*So sorry to hear this. I will keep you in my thoughts and wish you a speedy recovery. NT
mgbaloo07/11/16 06:07 PM
x*My thoughts and prayers are going out to you <3 please keep us updated NT
VelvetWind07/11/16 06:04 PM
x*I'm so sorry, Cougs. I know you had to be so scared! I'll be praying for a full recovery and that the doctors can help to prevent this from
debbiedu2207/11/16 11:57 AM
x*Holy youch! You're in my thoughts. Let us know how you're doing when you can. NT
jblig07/10/16 09:28 PM
x*Scary! I'm sending healing thoughts and prayers. NT
Rio07/10/16 06:25 PM
x*Cougs!!! Sending you hugs and kisses!!! Hope you feel better soon!!! NT
petite607/10/16 02:54 PM
x*sent ette my hospital room phone #. will be here till morn. I didn't lose my speech. NT
CougarSpy07/10/16 02:51 PM
x*Holy wow! I hope you are ok. Please take care. NT
Blockhead07/10/16 02:47 PM
x*Sorry to hear this. I hope this is a better week and your body starts
mellon07/11/16 05:24 AM
*I've spent the last 4 days taking care of a patient in the hospital, and her case reminded me of an important lesson.
amandajaye847 9   06/22/16 02:56 PM
x*Great advice AmandaJaye. This takes the decission off your children as well. NT
DeeDee07/13/16 08:39 AM
x*I signed my DNR a few weeks ago. Part of my reason is I didn't want my son to have to make the decision! Additionally, with doctor-aided suicide now
Dimples06/23/16 12:36 PM
x*I have been wondering how you are doing Dimples! I admire your strength in taking charge of your sad situation.Hugs !! NT
Mazita06/25/16 08:05 AM
x*I'm still breathing. :) I honestly don't see it as a sad thing. In a bizarre kind of way, I'm looking at it as an adventure - one we all have at
Dimples06/25/16 10:03 PM
x*I certainly hope so Dimples. NT
DeeDee07/13/16 08:37 AM
x*Good advice and as rewarding as your job is being a doctor, there is also sadness when a patient doesn't make it. NT
GazingEyes06/23/16 09:20 AM
x*I like this video. He usually does funny ones, but this is more serious.
amandajaye06/22/16 04:40 PM
x*Thank you. I needed this reminder. NT
LibraLady06/22/16 04:25 PM
x*What a touching story!Hugs to you Dr. Amanda!You are definitely in the right profession with such a lovely caring attitude! NT
Mazita06/22/16 04:11 PM
*Learned a lesson today. When the pharmacist tells you take with food, do Not take on an empty stomach. Part of the AIH is giving me a very small
Dimples690 5   05/22/16 06:09 PM
x*Yes, very important. AT least with milk, crackers, peanut butter, something to coat your stomach so as not to upset it and prevent nausea NT
DeeDee06/17/16 12:56 AM
x*I'm so sorry, Dimples. Wish there was something I could do to make you feel better. I will suggest something my nurse sister says they do in the
LibraLady05/22/16 06:22 PM
x*I'm fine lol. That was a silly thing to do. I got the clarification I was asking for today. Fact is - its terminal. Perhaps if they'd caught it
Dimples05/27/16 03:37 PM
x*(((Dimples))) Love your positivity. And I agree, "Laughter is the Best Medicine." NT
CougarSpy06/17/16 03:08 AM
x*Wow Dimples, you are amazing! What an inspiration to us all. NT
DeeDee06/17/16 01:00 AM
*had strore 7 mos ago. still fighting, miss haven NT
RubyAngelina632 7   05/18/16 02:54 PM
x*(((RubyAngelina))) My father had a stroke when he was 71 that left him speechless and with mobility problems. With a lot od hard work, it took about a
CougarSpy06/17/16 03:13 AM
x*{{Ruby}} NT
Belle05/23/16 03:16 AM
x*I pray it gets better for you soon. So sorry you're going through this. NT
LibraLady05/22/16 06:24 PM
x*(((((Ruby)))))) I'm so sorry sweetie. How are you doing now???? NT
DeeDee05/18/16 02:56 PM
x*so hard,right side frzen, slow getting movement bacrback NT
RubyAngelina05/18/16 03:15 PM
x*Oh Ruby, I am so very, very sorry to hear this. Do you have any help???? I love and miss you NT
DeeDee06/17/16 01:03 AM
x*Best of luck. Please take care. NT
Blockhead05/18/16 03:22 PM
*Hi everyone! Just got out of hospital from major surgery and am recuperating slowly but surely. Had emergency surgery for peritonitis etc.
FurnitureAlliance1577 17   04/30/16 09:26 PM
x*Welcome back FurnitureAlliance! Glad you surgeries were successful. Make sure they give you the proper aftercare about nutrition and physical therapy
CougarSpy06/17/16 02:57 AM
x*I didn't even know! A speedy recovery to you, FA! NT
robin006/17/16 04:26 AM
x*Welcome back. I wish I could donate some weight to you. I'm glad you are feeling better and back to posting. NT
DeeDee06/17/16 01:05 AM
x*So that's why I hadn't seen you post in awhile. Welcome back and I hope your recovery goes smoothly. NT
05/02/16 03:01 PM
x*Slowly but surely. I only weigh 85 lbs! Got to build up my strength and muscle mass. I had no internet for 3 weeks and I missed you guys~~ NT
FurnitureAlliance05/03/16 09:53 AM
x*Glad you are back. Get some rest & eat lots of protein-rich food. NT
Rio05/03/16 12:59 PM
x*:) NT
FurnitureAlliance05/03/16 02:32 PM
x*are you feeling better? NT
Belle05/03/16 02:33 PM
x*Omy you lil peanut! That is tiny! Please take care to bulk up as fast as you can for the extra energy and health. Must of been brutal w/o 'net NT
05/03/16 09:56 AM
x*Drinking an Ensure smoothie right now! NT
FurnitureAlliance05/03/16 09:59 AM
x*:D awesome! NT
05/03/16 10:00 AM
x*Welcome back FA and hope your progress is fast and smooth!! NT
Dimples05/02/16 02:52 PM
x*I was so down, bottom looked like up. We shall overcome!! NT
FurnitureAlliance05/03/16 09:55 AM
x*And it's great to have you back! Glad to hear you're on the mend. NT
LibraLady04/30/16 11:56 PM
x*Thanks, LL NT
FurnitureAlliance05/02/16 10:08 AM
x*Hope you are feeling better and get well soon. NT
Blockhead04/30/16 09:29 PM
x*Thank you, Blockhead :) NT
FurnitureAlliance04/30/16 09:30 PM
*We always think that it'll happen to someone else. I did. I was wrong. Turns out I've been diagnosed with a serious problem and I'm not sure how
Dimples1979 16   04/28/16 04:41 PM
x*So sorry for what you are going through! And to have so little answers and to have lived a clean life so far...must be soo frustrating! I thought I
05/02/16 03:00 PM
x*So sorry to hear this, Dimples. I would definately keep looking into alternatives and if you're religious, prayers work!! NT
FurnitureAlliance04/30/16 09:22 PM
x*Well religious but not Christian. I'm Wiccan. Have been for almost 35 years. :) Prayer is only half of it -- and yes I'm doing a lot.
Dimples05/02/16 02:51 PM
x*I'm blessed because had I not developed this serious infection, there was other stuff going on that would have killed me eventually anyway prob. NT
FurnitureAlliance05/03/16 09:58 AM
x*I'm sorry you're going through all this. Hope you get more answers soon. NT
attijah04/29/16 11:56 PM
x*Hang in there. NT
Rio04/29/16 05:25 PM
x*One place I would look into is They have clinical trials there and you might be able to qualify for one. I was there last year with my sister
tweeter04/29/16 06:52 AM
x*I would but I first need to find out if the AIH is the only problem. I am heading to my general doctor (interestingly enough she used to be a
Dimples04/29/16 05:11 PM
x*I really wish I did, Dimples (have answers for you), but all I can do is offer you my prayers and my ears to listen when you need to talk. I have
LibraLady04/28/16 11:14 PM
x*Thank you everyone. Ranting helps - as odd as that may sound.
Dimples04/29/16 04:27 AM
x*I am so sorry you are having to go through this,Hugs!! Please don't think of your posts as ranting you are educating all of us by sharing what you are
Mazita04/29/16 09:38 AM
x*I'm so very sorry you're going through this. I'm not a doctor or a nurse, but I found a good site to browse:
debbiedu2204/28/16 10:00 PM
x*Looks like you've come to the right place, Dimples. I'm so sorry you're going through this. Please try to keep an open mind about the protocol being
Caramel04/28/16 10:00 PM
x*I'm so sorry to hear this, Dimples. Please take care. NT
Blockhead04/28/16 07:12 PM
x*Thanks Blockhead. I'll likely be ranting again. Its an outlet lol. NT
Dimples04/28/16 08:45 PM
x*So sorry your having to go thru this. I hope you find answers.
mellon04/28/16 08:54 PM
*Article: Living With the Parents I’m Losing to Alzheimer’s
Blockhead452 3   03/05/16 06:30 AM
x*My husband is in the early stages of dementia and it is so sad and frustrating at the same time. very hard to deal with. NT
DeeDee06/17/16 01:06 AM
x*My Mom was diagnosed when I as just 25 and she was 64. It is such a cruel disease. NT
Rio03/05/16 06:38 AM
x*my dad is 73 sigh...the worst thing is missing who he was about 10 years ago NT
Belle04/27/16 09:21 AM
*Having the gastric sleeve done Wednesday!
a5thofbecca861 6   01/25/16 08:30 AM
x*I just saw this, Rebecca! I am sure it went well and hoping to hear from you after you recover!! Thanks for sharing with your "Joker's family." NT
GazingEyes01/28/16 09:25 AM
x*thinking of you let us know how it goes :) NT
Belle01/27/16 05:52 AM
x*Best of luck to you, Rebecca. Hope it all goes exactly as planned. Come here to share any time. We'll keep the light on for ya! Loll NT
LibraLady01/25/16 10:04 AM
x*Hope everything goes perfectly and you have a seamless recovery. NT
Caramel01/25/16 09:32 AM
x*Good luck!! :) Please let us know how you're doing afterward. NT
debbiedu2201/25/16 09:27 AM
x*Good luck! NT
Rio01/25/16 09:15 AM
*What Makes These Dominican Children Grow Penises at Puberty?
Rio225 0   11/01/15 12:36 AM
*I'm having problems with my ankles swelling. Last week-end Urgent care prescribed an antibiotic & another pill. Any tips? NT
Rio3492 18   09/26/15 08:44 AM
x*Any news? NT
tweeter10/06/15 05:19 AM
x*I'm still taking one of the prescriptions & using compression socks as needed. NT
Rio10/06/15 02:02 PM
x*With compression stockings, put them on in the morning. Don't wait until you have swelling. Good luck and stay hydrated - drink lots of water. NT
CougarSpy10/23/15 07:15 PM
x*My legs are doing better. I'm still using the compression socks. NT
Rio10/24/15 06:08 AM
x*I hope it all helps! NT
GazingEyes10/23/15 07:08 PM
x*Leg swelling could be a sign of any number of things.
amandajaye09/26/15 05:23 PM
x*I agree, go to your primary doctor. NT
tweeter09/27/15 06:21 AM
x*She dropped me last year because I so rarely went. I have yet to locate another one in my area accepting patents. While at Urgent care, I did find ...
Rio09/27/15 08:40 AM
x*Excellent advice. I want to add, did you recently add a new medication? I was put on Pletal for circulation, but the side effects were ankle/foot/leg
CougarSpy09/26/15 05:54 PM
x*No new meds. I only take Rx strength Ibuprofen, for my back. NT
Rio09/26/15 06:05 PM
x*It's both ankles. It was painful until I began drinking more water. I work at a homeless shelter. A lot of my job involves desk work. That may ...
Rio09/26/15 05:33 PM
x*Compression stockings might help. And I would get up and walk around at least once an hour. Walking is how blood gets back to the heart. NT
amandajaye09/26/15 05:43 PM
x*I do rounds hourly. I try not to sit too long. NT
Rio09/26/15 06:06 PM
x*Do you take any water pills? First, when sitting elevate your legs, do drink plenty of water. Cut salt out of diet if you use it and also
GazingEyes09/26/15 08:58 AM
x*Thanks for the tips. I'll get some water pills. My supervisor had told me about drinking water. It helps. NT
Rio09/26/15 09:11 AM
x*PS It is best to get them prescribed by your doc. Your doc will monitor your swelling. NT
GazingEyes09/26/15 12:51 PM
x*Ok. Also, if you take water pills, make sure you either take potassium pill or eat bananas or other foods high in potassium. NT
GazingEyes09/26/15 12:50 PM
x*I love bananas! NT
Rio09/26/15 05:12 PM
*Dr Oz, and how Oprah’s weakness for crackpot theories tarnishes her legacy
AwfuLeeHandsome812 3   04/29/15 03:44 PM
x*Unjust Attacks Against Dr. Oz
petite604/29/15 03:58 PM
x*John Oliver excoriated Dr. OZ for his last-ditch 'freedom of speech' defense, it was fantastic
AwfuLeeHandsome04/29/15 04:08 PM
x*What do you think of alternative medicine Lee? NT
petite604/29/15 06:17 PM
IggysPINKTights524 1   12/30/14 01:17 PM
x*thanks :) NT
Belle12/30/14 01:22 PM
*Another health story for you guys today...
debbiedu221296 6   12/05/14 10:29 AM
x*Gwyneth Paltrow’s Revitalizing Health Tips for colds (your cheekbones will look amazing)
petite612/05/14 01:49 PM
x*Oh no! Feel better soon. NT
mgbaloo12/05/14 11:57 AM
x*I hope this is out of your system soon, Debbie! Tamiflu should do it, too! I agree that a fever should always be followed up Dr's visit. NT
GazingEyes12/05/14 11:55 AM
x*I hope you feel better, Debbie. I had heard that about this year's flu shot. NT
Blockhead12/05/14 10:52 AM
x*oh deb so sorry we got the flu shot within days of each other :( I've heard that your flu should be milder since you did get the shot-feel better! NT
Belle12/05/14 10:37 AM
x*Thank you all so much! I'm just glad it wasn't last week during Thanksgiving. NT
debbiedu2212/05/14 01:41 PM
*Found this on Facebook ... "The Mammogram Poem"
Rio437 1   11/12/14 04:57 PM
x*its the xray biopsy you have to beware.... machine overshot and jammed on third pass out of five, leaving extra damage. cute poem though! NT
starrysky10/05/15 04:41 PM
*A story to share with you that may help you some day...
debbiedu221232 5   11/11/14 01:36 PM
x*So sorry for your loss, debbie! I just saw this! NT
GazingEyes11/21/14 09:08 AM
x*Sorry for your loss debbie. Long plane trips as well as long car rides can lead to clots. Your BIL was very lucky as he had 2 risk factors...
amandajaye11/20/14 07:31 AM
x*Thanks, Amanda. So true about car rides, too. I've wondered how we don't get them when we sleep (especially people who don't toss & turn). NT
debbiedu2211/20/14 08:15 AM
x*I'm so sorry for your loss. Thanks for the reminder to get up and move around on airplanes. NT
KWren1111/19/14 05:19 PM
x*Thank you, KW. I had forgotten about the importance of frequently moving around on planes. NT
debbiedu2211/19/14 06:28 PM
*Kick Cancer's ass: by Garth Brooks(lost mom/sister to cancer)
LettucePray422 1   11/10/14 06:12 PM
x*I love this story! So awesome that he noticed her out of that huge crowd. NT
debbiedu2211/11/14 01:18 PM
*I'm happy that ALS is making bank on this ice bucket challenge, but it sure does fill up my Facebook with video challenges. Gonna kill my bandwidth NT
IHateYouAll1136 5   08/26/14 05:53 PM
x*Turn off auto play on your news feed! NT
Sierra08/26/14 05:55 PM
x*I'm happy that it's raising awareness and had raised so much money, but I think it's a bit silly. I'm not pouring freezing water on myself. I'll just
robin8608/26/14 05:55 PM
x*The concept seems backwards too. When challenged, you either donate or do the ice water dump. So we see all these people doing the water to get out of
JAF08/26/14 06:27 PM
x*It is supposed to be donate $10, dump ice water, and nominate 3 friends in the video or donate $100. The first option quickly makes more money in a
tas08/26/14 10:48 PM
x*actually a lot of people are doing both, I know the people I know that have done the challenge have donated also NT
RedBB08/26/14 06:36 PM
*Does anybody know of anything good to take for a migraine? I get them maybe twice a year ~ but I keep forgetting to ask dr. about them when I go
debbiedu221206 5   06/23/14 01:56 PM
x*First make sure you are well hydrated and it's not a dehydration headache.-+ NT
Pugsley09/12/14 07:10 AM
x*I get migraines occasionally, and Excedrine for Migraines works better than any of the perscriptions ever have. NT
LibraLady06/24/14 07:55 AM
x*Excedrin for migraines is good because it contains caffeine. There are also prescription drugs that you can get, Imitrix for example.
amandajaye06/23/14 02:16 PM
x*Thanks for the info, Amanda ~ good to know. :) NT
debbiedu2206/24/14 07:36 AM
x*Always wondered,
frustratedposter06/24/14 06:35 AM
*After Baby, an Unraveling - The Mother Who Jumped
Blockhead305 0   06/21/14 07:57 PM
*So...I got a job today. One I've been wanting , a full time that is going to provide me with
IggysPINKTights4614 21   04/29/14 01:23 PM
x*How are you liking the job, Iggy? I hope it is going well. NT
Theory05/05/14 08:08 PM
x*Great news! NT
Rio05/02/14 03:25 AM
x*Good for you, hun! NT
attijah05/02/14 12:54 AM
x*This is the best news! Congratulations! NT
Theory05/01/14 09:36 PM
x*awesome :) so happy for you NT
Belle04/30/14 07:17 AM
x*I'm so happy for and proud of you! NT
Judybug04/29/14 06:06 PM
x*Congrats. Remember this feeling NT
PointBeing04/29/14 06:04 PM
x*Congrats, Iggy!!! NT
Cindy04/29/14 05:57 PM
x*Cindy, you've been stripped of your color! Love the profile, BTW(except the John Wayne bit). NT
seamus04/29/14 06:01 PM
x*Thanks!! Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a great one! NT
Cindy04/29/14 07:01 PM
x*Well, if I'm honest, it was the worst birthday ever, but I appreciate your well wishes. You've got a gorgeous family. NT
seamus04/29/14 07:07 PM
x*awwww, sorry about your birthday!! Ive had a few of those myself NT
Cindy04/29/14 07:20 PM
x*Well, I guess that's good news and all, but you missed my birfday. NT
seamus04/29/14 05:49 PM
x*Did I miss your birthday too? Happy Birfday. NT
Theory05/05/14 08:09 PM
x*I feel shame :( I will honor you some way--hang in there it's only downhill from there. I'm 32 and jumping for joy at getting insurance...yeah. NT
IggysPINKTights04/29/14 05:54 PM
x*You done good, girl. Definitely a cause for celebration. NT
seamus04/29/14 05:57 PM
x*Yay Iggy!!! Such great news and you deserve it!!! NT
IrishA04/29/14 05:49 PM
x*Congrats, Iggy!! Great news!! I am so happy for you & it is a great day! NT
GazingEyes04/29/14 05:47 PM
x*Congrats. My best to your family. NT
Blockhead04/29/14 05:46 PM
x*Congrats Iggy. That is great news. It must be a great relief too. NT
mgbaloo04/29/14 05:44 PM
x*Congratulations Iggs that sounds wonderful! NT
ScienceFemme04/29/14 04:55 PM
*Don't know where to post this but think this is a good spot as any...
IggysPINKTights1368 5   04/01/14 09:49 PM
x*hugs iggy, i struggle with that...and you are not alone... NT
janie804/01/14 10:22 PM
x*((Janie)) thanks :) NT
IggysPINKTights04/02/14 03:38 PM
x*That was absolutely beautiful, it made me teary. She is very, very lucky to have a mom like you NT
AwfuLeeHandsome04/01/14 10:07 PM
x*Thanks ALH! As cheesy as it sounds I'm luckier. :) NT
IggysPINKTights04/02/14 03:38 PM
x*Awww not cheesy, I imagine you're learning a lot from her and what she's brought to your life NT
AwfuLeeHandsome04/02/14 03:39 PM
*Muckfest 2014
IggysPINKTights1156 4   03/24/14 12:32 PM
x*that's awesome iggy! very cool, good cause too. have you been training some? NT
TwoMinutesHate03/24/14 12:42 PM
x*Not specifically no..but I've incorporated a lot of running in my workout so I will just step it up.
IggysPINKTights03/24/14 12:48 PM
x*FUN!! You will have a great time!! :) and Spartan races are awesome too. I highly recommend them.
Carrot_Stick03/29/14 12:18 PM
x*PS I'm jealous of your color run! NT
Carrot_Stick03/29/14 12:22 PM
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