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*We need some happy endings dammit! I'm tired of crying during episodes. NT
MegsMom3163 1   04/28/17 12:19 PM
x*and ewwwww while they've done *that* story line before this one was more gross! NT
MegsMom31604/28/17 12:20 PM
*Plane episode...
wyndycty234 6   04/14/17 05:15 AM
x*I liked the dentist, too, but am a big fan of Riggs N Meredith. I think their relationship has the potential to be far greater that that between
BigGirlPanties04/15/17 12:23 PM
x*I don't think it will top McDreamy. I am still holding out for her and Alex
Nicki887504/18/17 06:54 AM
x*I'm not sure if Riggs can top McDreamy but I'm all for Riggs and Mer pairing. The dentist was okay but I like bad boys. NT
MegsMom31604/15/17 12:37 PM
x*I agree...and I loved the dentist!!! NT
Rzy204/14/17 05:52 AM
x*I loved the dentist! I like Riggs but not with Mere. I originally thought there would be an April/Jackson/Riggs triangle. NT
rationalinsanity04/15/17 05:10 AM
x*I say we write the Network! (Apparently we are not alone on Greys FB page) -:) NT
wyndycty04/14/17 06:15 AM
*Ellen Pompeo on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Longevity and Future: ‘Why Walk Away From a Hit?’
Dreamer57 0   04/09/17 05:38 PM
*No no no no nooo. Maggie and Jackson.....I really hope they don't go there. NT
Rzy2244 8   04/07/17 06:34 AM
x*I was thinking the same thing! I do NOT want them together. Jackson belongs with April. NT
MegsMom31604/07/17 06:55 AM
x*I didn't go I hope not either! I thought it was an eh episode, dancing it out, been there done that, Hunt & stupid Amelia....
wyndycty04/07/17 07:08 AM
x*The Hunt and Amelia storyline needs to move forward..get divorced,,go to counseling..get back together..something. NT
Rzy204/07/17 07:54 AM
x*Amelia needs to grow the ef up! NT
MegsMom31604/07/17 08:06 AM
x*Hunt doesn't know about her baby from before does he? I was so excited for them to get married and have I just want him to leave her NT
Rzy204/07/17 09:35 AM
x*She kinda told him either last episode or the one was after the surgery she came back for. But I don't think it was in great detail NT
littlewop04/08/17 06:54 PM
x*She told someone in the hospital's church, when April lost her first baby, I thought it was Hunt. I know it wasn't Alex, she told him later. NT
MegsMom31604/07/17 09:44 AM
x*I agree about the episode. I feel like we could have missed the episode and not lost much of any story line. NT
MegsMom31604/07/17 07:12 AM
*Did anyone else want to hug Richard? NT
rationalinsanity94 2   03/31/17 03:28 PM
x*Very much so. <3 NT
BigGirlPanties03/31/17 03:55 PM
x*Yes, more than once and then I wanted to smack him! NT
MegsMom31603/31/17 03:38 PM
*10 min in and I already have tears in my eyes NT
MegsMom316184 5   03/30/17 05:10 PM
x*That was a gut-wrenching episode. NT
BigGirlPanties03/31/17 03:54 PM
x**sniff* I could feel Maggie's pain, my Aunt was only 32 when she passed away from Cancer, my 11 yr old cousin was left W/O her mom -:( NT
wyndycty03/31/17 05:27 AM
x*Maggie didn't give her a chance to live. Maggie killed her by making her have the harsh treatments. The cancer didn't kill her the "cure" did. NT
RealitySuperfan04/03/17 11:52 AM
x*Me too, watched my mom battle squamous cell skin cancer that was not supposed to travel but did; NT
rationalinsanity03/31/17 03:21 AM
x*I think no matter why the loss, losing Mom is just so hard. Someone pass the Kleenex please. NT
ne14cookies04/01/17 04:37 PM
*i think karev and cardio dude are going to battle for mers heart. merev <3 never thought i'd say that. mer cannot continue to deceive her sister NT
beckstar48 0   03/25/17 01:31 AM
*Cried.... like.... a.... baby -:(
wyndycty392 5   03/23/17 08:47 PM
x*Ahhh thank you for saying his name...Hal Holbrook it was!!! Yes very touching show :( NT
Mazita03/24/17 06:30 AM
x*I did too! I really expected a 'The Notebook' ending. I thought it was a great episode, one of the best this season. NT
MegsMom31603/24/17 05:10 AM
x*Yes....I Thought for sure when Hunt..
wyndycty03/24/17 05:29 AM
x*Ben NT
RealitySuperfan03/24/17 12:31 PM
x*Thx! I went completely blank, yes it was cute when
wyndycty03/24/17 01:24 PM
*Why in the hell is Katherine trying to get rid of her own husband? NT
Caramel1318 28   03/17/17 09:39 AM
x*I have so many epis to catch up on and I hope noone is messing with my Mer!! NT
petite603/17/17 03:46 PM
x*Don't worry, Nobody messes with her for long -:) NT
wyndycty03/17/17 03:56 PM
x*That we know of! I don't get previews for the following week so I'm not sure what next week will bring. NT
MegsMom31603/17/17 04:00 PM
x*Some of next weeks were about Hunt & Amelia, ugh NT
wyndycty03/19/17 06:46 AM
x*I will second that ugh ;)!! Those two could ride off into the sunset I would not miss them ;) NT
Mazita03/19/17 07:27 AM
x*is Karev okay? NT
petite603/18/17 08:33 AM
x*Yes Karev is OK. NT
Mazita03/18/17 10:26 AM
x*Thanks Maz!! I was worried about where they'd go NT
petite603/18/17 11:56 AM
x*You are very welcome...I like him too ;) NT
Mazita03/19/17 07:29 AM
x*See. This episode chgd my thinking on a few things. Katherine met Jacksons Dad who
wyndycty03/17/17 12:58 PM
x*Wyndy, love, I'm talking about her current husband, Richard. Why is she pushing replacing him with that woman that nobody likes? NT
Caramel04/13/17 02:16 PM
x*Ahhhhh.... She feels the Hospital can be run more efficiently and that Weber isnt letting the Interns get there hands in there
wyndycty04/13/17 02:56 PM
x*Yeah. I love Richard, but I don't like that Minick either. NT
Caramel04/15/17 03:19 PM
x*I agree but it bothers me she's trying to make April into another her and take over for Meridith, she can't take Meredith's place! NT
MegsMom31603/17/17 01:10 PM
x*But it wasn't Katherine that offered April the job was it?
Nicki887503/20/17 09:45 AM
x*I felt that way too..but, I really think she is just trying to keep them together...letting April see that she can do both, Be a good Surgeon, Mom &
wyndycty03/17/17 02:08 PM
x*I also think she's trying to help April... I don't necessarily think it's a knock on Meredith but more trying to build April up.
doodles444s03/17/17 04:25 PM
x*I did not feel bad for her about that patient- it made me dislike her more
Nicki887503/20/17 09:50 AM
x*Yeah, I don't like the Minnick character either...they tried to make us feel bad for her since she's never lost patient,
wyndycty03/17/17 05:02 PM
x*If that is what she's doing then I'll go along with it, I love the two of them together but it seems she has it out for Mer and that I dont' like. My
MegsMom31603/17/17 02:13 PM
x*Ok, I'm with you...if she starts picking on Meridith then we hate her, ha NT
wyndycty03/17/17 03:41 PM
x*LOL I still have issues about what she did to April when April was pregnant the 2nd time, tricking her into giving her details. NT
MegsMom31603/17/17 03:44 PM
x*True...she was definitely being mama Bear for Jackson. Now that I think about it, I'm still mad at her about Weber! NT
wyndycty03/17/17 03:55 PM
x*LOL! That brings us to my ORIGINAL question! Everybody here is talking about everything but that. NT
Caramel04/13/17 02:20 PM
x*I think I just answered above...let me know if u need more info :) NT
wyndycty04/13/17 03:02 PM
x*Oh yeah, I'm still pissed about that too! NT
MegsMom31603/17/17 03:58 PM
x*She's a classic uppity Biotch!! NT
RealitySuperfan03/17/17 12:50 PM
x*ROFL!!! But I know you didn't say 'uppity!' NT
Caramel04/13/17 02:18 PM
*I hope she's pregnant again!!!! NT
RealitySuperfan250 4   03/17/17 07:55 AM
x*OMG Who?? NT
petite603/17/17 08:07 AM
x*April! NT
RealitySuperfan03/17/17 12:50 PM
x*She's pregnant in real life. Maybe April will be too NT
klmom303/19/17 01:26 PM
x*madison NT
Belle03/17/17 08:14 AM
*Will someone please tell me why Hunt and Amelia are living apart? TIA. NT
Caramel744 11   03/09/17 06:53 PM
x*Ameiia doesn;t want children and Hunt just can't buy a break since I guess he still wants children. So Amelia left him. UGH! NT
carlee03/09/17 07:14 PM
x*Deja vu? Wasn't that the issue between him and Cristina? And Cristina and Preston? NT
Caramel03/10/17 01:17 AM
x*She wanted kids when they first met but her first baby died and guess she is freaking out about it. Not sure Hunt knows about the first baby NT
Rzy203/10/17 07:10 AM
x*I think she told him after April's first baby died. They were sitting in the chapel? It might've been someone else tho, brain is old and foggy. NT
MegsMom31603/10/17 11:11 AM
x* stupid! Why they did this storyline again Sucks! I wish he would tell Amelia to pound sand. In fact last nights show was...
wyndycty03/10/17 05:58 AM
x*I missed the last 10 or 15 minutes. It was interrupted by tornado warnings in another part of the state. NT
Caramel03/11/17 12:48 AM
x*Ouch...they were pretty bad! It ended with almost every character sniping at each other for something.... NT
wyndycty03/11/17 07:46 AM
x*Poor Dr Weber for sure! Wish his bossy wife would go away!!!She is disgusting :( ...interesting too that her son has her figured out too !! NT
Mazita03/10/17 03:47 PM
x*Yes Weber's bossy wife can take Amelia with her and April too!! NT
Mazita03/10/17 03:49 PM
x*Isn't it kinda ridiculous that Dr. Webber wanted to stay at Arizona's? I mean, can't he afford a hotel? NT
Caramel03/11/17 12:47 AM
x*Last season, she asked him to be her Wing Man because she was afraid to go to Bars alone.....which he did, So....
wyndycty03/11/17 07:44 AM
*Minick & Arizona...blech NT
wyndycty720 8   02/23/17 06:48 PM
x*Thanks I was just looking up Minick's name to add her to my Car full of peeps I would like to see GONE...LOL And I agree with the blech too! NT
Mazita03/10/17 03:51 PM
x*How about they are lost in one of those big cliffhanger episodes about a plane or ferry crash. NT
doodles444s03/10/17 04:36 PM
x*Good idea...give them a big bang end!! ;) NT
Mazita03/11/17 03:20 AM
x*The way Minick talks drives me insane. I hope she doesn't stick around NT
Nicki887502/24/17 06:21 AM
x*I tried to like her but just don't. They way they introduced her was not a good start. Can't wait for Meridith to come back..
wyndycty02/24/17 07:09 AM
x*Trying to like minnick but it's not working, agree with the incomplete
rationalinsanity02/26/17 05:00 AM
x*Just awful story line and worse casting - can't get into it with her. Maybe she's a good actress, but not this part.
02/24/17 04:16 PM
x*I agree about Hunt. Was soo happy they got together..both wanting kids and now this..ugh NT
Rzy202/24/17 03:57 PM
*New girl vs Weber.....I choose Weber, They are trying to make me like her and
wyndycty609 6   02/20/17 12:08 PM
x*Team Webber here! NT
rationalinsanity02/25/17 06:17 AM
x*All of this! <3 Weber. NT
BigGirlPanties02/21/17 05:12 PM
x*Weber for the WIN!!
Nicki887502/21/17 07:14 AM
x*Hear hear!! Weber for the win for me too! Bailey has never been high on my list and teaming with Weber's the last straw for me. NT
Mazita02/21/17 08:43 AM
x*Weber all the way! NT
MegsMom31602/20/17 12:09 PM
x*I loved how they showed that he had trained Bailey NT
wyndycty02/20/17 12:15 PM
*I have watched since episode 1, I am hoping some of the humor and fun infused episodes return soon.
rationalinsanity314 2   02/14/17 03:23 PM
x*ITA. While Grey's is one of my fav shows I loved the previous 12 seasons better. I can watch and watch
MegsMom31602/22/17 10:03 AM
x*me too. NT
rationalinsanity02/25/17 06:16 AM
*Ellen Pompeo Preps for 'Grey's Anatomy' Directorial Debut While Cradling Infant Son -- See the Precious Pic!
Dreamer211 0   02/02/17 12:26 AM
*I realize I don't miss Derek at all. NT
311 2   01/31/17 05:41 PM
x*I miss Cristina more than Derek. I was
rationalinsanity02/02/17 04:59 AM
x*I'm re-watching Grey's and she just left and I cried! I really miss her. NT
MegsMom31602/02/17 05:12 AM
*Are you kidding me? We have waited this long and that is the show we get? I am disappointed.
Nicki88751409 11   01/27/17 08:22 AM
x*I definitely wanted to know about Alex, but
rationalinsanity01/28/17 01:57 PM
x*I don't think he is going to jail
Nicki887501/30/17 09:16 AM
x*I had the same thought about the dropped charges.I hope that is how it comes out! NT
Mazita01/28/17 02:41 PM
x*Finally watched & we really enjoyed it. So Alex is going to prison? Wonder what will happen next week??? There were no previews :( NT
debbiedu2201/28/17 07:58 AM
x*I doubt it. I think that is the last info Bailey had but I don't think he goes to jail NT
Nicki887501/30/17 09:18 AM
x*I didn't hate it. I don't think it was near as bad as the operating room episode in Nov or Dec. Heck I even shed a tear or two lol I left wondering
MegsMom31601/27/17 12:10 PM
x*That's what I was thinking...they never mentioned Dad...hmmmmmm NT
wyndycty01/27/17 04:07 PM
x*I'm with you. I enjoyed the episode and wondered the same things. And I love Jo. NT
BigGirlPanties01/27/17 03:42 PM
x*My theory, dad or step dad molested her
rationalinsanity01/28/17 01:48 PM
x*Yeah. I wished they had closed that storyline out. I hate wondering what happened. NT
wyndycty01/30/17 02:16 PM
x*I,posted the exact same thing but then deleted it..what were they thinking?? Horrible way to come back from the break..just awful NT
Rzy201/27/17 11:09 AM
*Don't forget Grey's is back tonight! :) NT
stargazerlilly268 2   01/26/17 01:14 PM
x*I can't wait! :) NT
debbiedu2201/26/17 01:53 PM
x*Great show. Loved the different location and how they reacted to it. NT
mellon01/26/17 07:24 PM
*I missed a couple of episodes last season. Will someone please tell me why Hunt hates Riggs? NT
Caramel401 3   01/19/17 07:04 PM
x*If I remember right,Riggs was dating Hunts sister.. He cheated on her, she got on a helicopter to go help someone and it crashed, Hunt blames Riggs..
wyndycty01/19/17 07:46 PM
x*That's the way I remember it, too. The main reason she got on the chopper was to get away from Riggs. NT
debbiedu2201/19/17 08:27 PM
x*THANKS! It's so twisted how they assign blame. NT
Caramel01/20/17 07:26 AM
*Maybe it's because I watched at 4:45am this morning but I thought this was a VERY boring episode! NT
MegsMom3161084 8   11/11/16 07:22 AM
x*VERY Boring!!!! NT
Nicki887511/14/16 08:12 AM
x*I think they got hung up on the idea/method and the actual result was boring. Like they tried to make an award winning episode and didn't consider
doodles444s11/12/16 08:17 AM
x*I thought the same thing! Very disappointed...left me feeling like I wanted way more! :( NT
debbiedu2211/11/16 10:58 AM
x*Not just you. I frowned the entire time thinking - it's Sweeps month and you give us this? NT
Liss11/11/16 07:29 AM
x*Not yet...that starts Feb. 2 - March 1. NT
debbiedu2201/28/17 07:50 AM
x*It really surprised me, I'm not sure if they expected us to enjoy it but eh, other that a little background on characters it did nothing for me. NT
MegsMom31611/11/16 08:08 AM
x*I'm about 10mins in and thinking about fast forwarding through the rest... NT
Rzy211/11/16 07:29 AM
x*If I had to suffer you should too! It wasn't a total loser, we did learn a little background but they could have picked a better episode to use it NT
MegsMom31611/11/16 08:07 AM
*Is Grey's Anatomy Teeing Up a Romance Between [Spoiler]?
Dreamer1632 8   10/28/16 03:15 AM
x*Just watched last nights show, I thought this was going to be about...
wyndycty10/28/16 06:22 AM
x*Agreed about Hunt. Isn't that the main reason he divorced Christina..the kids thing.? So bummed they are taking this route. NT
Rzy210/28/16 09:33 AM
x*Question about this.....
littlewop10/28/16 11:47 AM
x*She can have kids..and she wants them but she had the baby before that had the medical issue. So..I think she's just terrified NT
Rzy210/28/16 06:29 PM
x*Thanks! That's kind of what I thought it was, but the way she was acting, I thought I may have missed a detail or two. NT
littlewop10/30/16 06:47 PM
x*The storyline took place on the spinoff show "Private Practice". She blamed herself for her baby's medical issue because she wa doing drugs. NT
Rzy210/31/16 05:32 AM
x*I miss Private Practice...loved that show! :( NT
debbiedu2210/31/16 05:54 AM
x*Me too..somehow I watched that on Netflix before I am a late Grey's fan. But I do miss Private Practice. NT
Rzy210/31/16 08:43 PM
*Wow..they aren't even trying to hide the fact that the actress who plays Amelia is pregnant in real Or she's too far along to hide it. NT
Rzy2137 0   10/27/16 05:25 PM
*If I wasn't so invested due to watching since the beginning I don't think I
rationalinsanity425 2   10/27/16 04:13 AM
x*I'm loving every minute! NT
RealitySuperfan10/27/16 04:59 AM
x*Me, too! I can't get enough of this show, and I'm NEVER ready for it to end each episode! NT
debbiedu2210/27/16 07:11 AM
*Watch Ellen Pompeo Show Off Her Dance Moves On The 'Grey's Anatomy' Set
petite6197 0   10/14/16 08:43 PM
*Grey's Anatomy recap: 'Falling Slowly'
Dreamer422 1   10/14/16 03:22 AM
x*I got my Grey's fix...
debbiedu2210/14/16 08:15 AM
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