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*Tis that time of year again when we need to discuss respect... or ETTE-iquette, if you will. :)
Jokerette12852 0   Sticky Post
*Good morning Jokers! Strike up the band for Fancy Rat & Mouse Day!
jblig429 12   11/12/17 07:41 AM
x*Hi, jblig & all! Happy Sunday! Just to say I will be traveling starting Tuesday morning and will be back mid-Jan! Will try to get on when I
GazingEyes11/12/17 11:53 AM
x*GE, hope you have wonderful holidays and a safe trip! Your pic is beautiful, just like you! NT
Molly11/15/17 08:42 AM
x*Hey, GazingEyes! Have a good, safe trip! Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018 to you in advance! Enjoy life to the fullest! NT
CatsRock11/13/17 02:10 AM
x*Thanks, Cat! To you too!:) NT
GazingEyes11/13/17 09:21 AM
x*Thank you! Is that you in your photo? NT
CatsRock11/13/17 01:51 PM
x*Yes, it is. NT
GazingEyes11/14/17 06:53 AM
x*Very lovely photo of you, GazingEyes! NT
CatsRock11/14/17 02:16 PM
x*Hope you have a fun and safe trip. We'll miss you! Wishing you an early HAPPY THANKSGIVING! NT
Caramel11/12/17 07:09 PM
x*Thanks, Cara! At least I am all packed now:) Same to you! NT
GazingEyes11/12/17 07:09 PM
x*Thanks! I'm glad you got your packing out of the way. I hate to pack! NT
Caramel11/12/17 11:31 PM
x*And a joyous Festivous to you as well. Have fun! NT
jblig11/12/17 02:24 PM
x*Lol, how could I forget Festivous! NT
GazingEyes11/12/17 07:10 PM
*Happy Thanksgiving to all American JokersUpdaters! Enjoy your long weekend and please be safe! Don't text or drink and drive! NT
CatsRock134 4   11/23/17 01:52 AM
x*Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the Jokers family! NT
Wildcard11/23/17 09:34 AM
x*Wildcard, thank you! NT
CatsRock11/23/17 02:32 PM
x*Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes! Wishing you well as well :-) NT
jblig11/23/17 04:05 AM
x*jblig, thank you! You do an excellent job here in P/X! I thank you for that! NT
CatsRock11/23/17 02:33 PM
*Good morning Jokers! Get out and celebrate this Antarctica Day! Oh and feel free to take a white rabbit white rabbit with you :-)
jblig106 4   12/01/17 03:20 AM
x*WHITE RABBIT! Will also celebrate wear a dress day, I wear one or a skirt every day. 24 days till SANTA!! NT
Molly12/01/17 06:08 PM
x*Guess I'll celebrate Antarctica day. Snow and ice are cool NT
Wildcard12/01/17 04:10 PM
x*White rabbit! The Xmas countdown begins! NT
wyndycty12/01/17 04:33 AM
x*White Rabbit! *waves to wyndy!* NT
GazingEyes12/01/17 09:34 PM
*Good morning Jokers! You better hold the phone for National Microwave Oven Day!
jblig117 4   12/06/17 07:18 AM
x*I love my microwave! Best invention ever (next to the internet, of course) lol! NT
CatsRock12/06/17 01:51 PM
x*I remember vowing I would never own one...I was a purist ... what a laugh. I can't live without it now :D NT
ne14cookies12/06/17 02:33 PM
x*LOL cookies! Me, too! NT
CatsRock12/07/17 02:02 AM
x*ROFL! I'm celebrating Put on your own shoes day by putting on my own shoes!
Wildcard12/06/17 08:36 AM
*Good morning Jokers! Where have you seen Elvis on Start a Rumor Day?
jblig154 3   11/13/17 03:43 AM
x*Hi, jblig & all! Forgot to say hi this morning:) NT
GazingEyes11/13/17 01:04 PM
x*Shame on you!!
Caramel11/13/17 01:08 PM
x*Lol! NT
GazingEyes11/13/17 01:10 PM
*Good morning Jokers! Show your stripes on Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day!
jblig139 3   11/14/17 06:40 AM
x*Hi, jblig & all, from the friendly skies of United! Hope you have a great day and came to wish Belle a Happy Birthday! NT
GazingEyes11/14/17 06:48 AM
jblig11/14/17 07:29 AM
x*lol NT
colleenag11/14/17 07:56 AM
*Good morning Jokers! Who's the leader of our club on Mickey Mouse Day?
jblig104 3   11/18/17 05:04 AM
x*M-I-C NT
jblig11/18/17 07:11 AM
x*K-E-Y NT
jblig11/18/17 07:12 AM
x*M-O-U-S-E NT
jblig11/18/17 07:12 AM
*Good morning Jokers! OK I admit it... I stole the llama from the Dalai Lama on False Confession Day!
jblig112 3   11/21/17 06:27 AM
x*Hope everyone has a good day! Happy Turkey Day and Safe Travels NT
Molly11/21/17 08:44 AM
x*you too miss molly happy turkey day NT
Belle11/21/17 11:27 AM
x*Happy Thanksgiving to all American Jokers! Have a fun and safe holiday weekend! NT
CatsRock11/21/17 02:03 PM
*Good morning Jokers! All you need is your own flag and you are ready for National Start Your Own Country Day
jblig121 3   11/22/17 06:09 AM
x*BTW, how do you keep getting video of me??? I thought the Santa disguise would fool you but you still managed NT
Wildcard11/22/17 09:51 AM
x*lol! NT
jblig11/22/17 11:56 AM
x*I'm going to combine two today. My country is wild world and of course blackout Wednesday is every day LOL NT
Wildcard11/22/17 09:49 AM
*Good morning Jokers! Beat the drumsticks for Thanksgiving Day!
jblig142 3   11/23/17 04:08 AM
x*A turkey free Thanksgiving is a sin LOL
Wildcard11/23/17 09:37 AM
x*Happy Thanksgiving everyone.........
ne14cookies11/23/17 06:02 AM
x*Thank you! Same to you! NT
colleenag11/23/17 06:15 AM
*Good morning Jokers! If you would please bear with me on Electronic Greeting Card Day!
jblig122 3   11/29/17 04:25 AM
x*Hi, jbig & all from California! Hope all is well with everyone :) NT
GazingEyes12/01/17 09:24 PM
x*awww.. the Teddy Bear is waiting for his person to come home. NT
Molly12/01/17 06:11 PM
x*Groan. I'm not even going to go there LOL. I guess I like the customer is wrong day as long as
Wildcard11/30/17 12:58 PM
*Good morning Jokers! Can-it be true? It's National Mason Jar Day!
jblig118 3   11/30/17 05:38 AM
x*Spouse and I can up all kinds of things and end up giving a lot away.
Wildcard11/30/17 12:55 PM
x*Wild, that is sweet of you to do. What do you can? NT
Molly12/01/17 06:10 PM
x*Mostly jams, tomatoes and green beans. It's actually kind of fun and my friends and family love it NT
Wildcard12/02/17 04:39 AM
*Good morning Jokers! You can just use your hands on Earmuff Day!
jblig99 3   12/02/17 07:54 AM
x*National Mutt Day!!!
Matzak12/02/17 10:19 AM
x*Good choice! I Overlooked that one. I'm changing my choice to National mutt day! NT
Wildcard12/02/17 10:25 AM
x*I always use my hands as ear muffs. We only have about four cold days as our winter
Wildcard12/02/17 08:18 AM
*Good morning Jokers! Who needs pizza when it's National Cookie Day?!
jblig73 3   12/04/17 03:36 AM
x*One of my favorite days !!!! :D NT
ne14cookies12/04/17 09:46 AM
x*never been into sweet foods just sweet people! you rock Cookies!! NT
Matzak12/04/17 09:47 AM
x*What a "sweet" thing to say!!!! You too :D NT
ne14cookies12/04/17 09:52 AM
*Good morning Jokers! Looks like someone could use some denim candy clothes on National Cotton Candy Day!
jblig96 3   12/07/17 03:11 AM
x*I want one of those! NT
Wildcard12/07/17 07:31 AM
x*I do too! But I have a feeling we're not talking about the same thing :-) NT
jblig12/07/17 08:04 AM
x*You never know ;) NT
Wildcard12/07/17 02:57 PM
*It's snowing in Southern Louisiana. Bet everyone wrecks their cars NT
Wildcard48 3   12/08/17 06:06 AM
x*Snowing here in Western NC as well. NT
amandajaye12/08/17 12:31 PM
x*It was snowing like crazy in Austin Tx last night & even San Antonio! NT
wyndycty12/08/17 11:12 AM
x*and dallas got nothing NT
Belle12/08/17 11:13 AM
*Before you ask, Yes it's for real...
jblig62 3   12/09/17 12:48 AM
x*LOL! So funny! I want a Poo-Pourri now lol! NT
CatsRock12/10/17 05:29 AM
x*I'm deliberately ignoring this. Lol NT
Wildcard12/09/17 11:31 AM
x*O’my, jblig, you and another person I know need to be conversing right about now. Lol! NT
AskMedia12/09/17 01:40 AM
*Good morning Jokers! Ernie would love to join in on Bathtub Party Day!
jblig83 2   12/05/17 06:13 AM
x*Wait for me!
Matzak12/05/17 01:26 PM
x*Bathtub party day!!! NT
Wildcard12/05/17 12:37 PM
*Good morning Jokers! Let's all pitch in on America Recycles Day!
jblig50 1   11/15/17 04:01 AM
x*Must make room for Thanksgiving goodies! Hope everyone has a good day! NT
Molly11/15/17 08:41 AM
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