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*Tis that time of year again when we need to discuss respect... or ETTE-iquette, if you will. :)
Jokerette12750 0   Sticky Post
*Good morning Jokers! Uh oh, somebody better tell the men folk it's Wife Appreciation Day!
jblig150 2   09/17/17 06:20 AM
x*OMGeeeeee... I remember that song! Wow, what a Great story about the singer/songwriter. Very cool..I never really knew what it meant, ha NT
wyndycty09/17/17 04:09 PM
x*Hi, jblig & all! Happy Sunday! Well if no one wished their wife Happy Wife Appreciation Day, it's too, late! Times up! Lol@me! :) NT
GazingEyes09/17/17 10:14 AM
*Good morning Jokers! This cracked me up for Chiropractic Founders Day!
jblig128 2   09/18/17 06:31 AM
x*OMG...that's why I don't go to a Chiropractor! NT
wyndycty09/18/17 04:54 PM
x*Hi, jblig & all! Happy Monday! That video just "cracks" me up! Lol. NT
GazingEyes09/18/17 09:27 AM
*Good morning Jokers! just say 'Arrr' a lot for International Talk Like a Pirate Day!
jblig389 9   09/19/17 07:09 AM
x*Hiya, jblig, matey & all! Happy Tuesday! If today is Tuesday, tomorrow is BB 19 Finale! Yay! Long haul & winding down! NT
GazingEyes09/19/17 09:47 AM
x*Can't wait to watch the BB Finale tomorrow night! NT
CatsRock09/19/17 03:40 PM
x*Same here, CatsRock! I posted this in BB Discussion already because I saw Blockhead & Belle there. "Team Adorkable" getting ready for finale!
GazingEyes09/19/17 03:48 PM
x*Too Adorkable... See you tomorrow :D NT
ne14cookies09/19/17 06:39 PM
x*:) NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 05:32 AM
x*Ha..good job GE, Im sure that's Paul getting all pampered up. I still hate the fact that someone is getting 500k for this mess, ugh! NT
wyndycty09/19/17 05:41 PM
x*Thanks, wyndy, lol. Yes, someone from this threesome will win the 500k, 50k and a juror- the 25k. So, as Taylor from Kid Nation would say.....
GazingEyes09/20/17 05:32 AM
x*Lol.... I watched that show...would love to see them all now. Wouldn't THAT be a good cast for BB, ha NT
wyndycty09/20/17 05:49 AM
x*Omg, loved it too! Would love to see them do BB! Taylor with her "I'm a princess!!! I can't do that!!" Lmao. NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 06:32 AM
*Guid Mermomg Jokers! Pretuk owka deebal National Gibberish Day!
jblig102 2   09/20/17 04:44 AM
x*String cheese and punch! NT
robin009/20/17 05:09 PM
x*Good morning, jblig & all! Happy Wednesday! I love string cheese!! NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 05:35 AM
*Big brother celebrities
sommie789592 0   09/20/17 12:08 PM
*BB Finale Show Thread....(thank goodness) Beer & Popcorn for all! ...
wyndycty11306 307   09/20/17 04:47 PM
x*I liked what Alex said. "I am voting for the person who stabbed my in the front, not the back. NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 07:23 PM
x*that was like the Giants beating Brady...twice NT
FurlessBat09/20/17 07:21 PM
x*Enjoy all. Off to go see if the little ventriloquist won AGT. NT
jblig09/20/17 07:08 PM
x*Salvation! NT
Matzak09/20/17 07:06 PM
x*Me too. I'm hooked on this show! HOOKED. NT
LibraLady09/20/17 08:31 PM
x*This officially goes down as the worst season ever. Thanks for hanging out with me! I love my Joker familia (Josh). NT
robin009/20/17 07:06 PM
x*I concur Robin...blechy season but great JU Familia -:) NT
wyndycty09/20/17 07:23 PM
x*The worst season but the best finale. NT
BlondeMoment09/20/17 07:08 PM
x*See all u perps in the Survivor Forum next week...hopefully 1 thread will work there on show nights -:) NT
wyndycty09/20/17 07:04 PM
x*Bye, all. Mom on phone! Gotta spend time with her. NT
LibraLady09/20/17 07:03 PM
x*Well for me tonight made up for the rough spots watching this fiasco.TY Wyndy for hosting. And all you Jokers. Love Ya. Thanks for the memories NT
ne14cookies09/20/17 07:03 PM
x*I told Paul to take Kevin over Josh. I knew that was his downfall. NT
robin009/20/17 07:01 PM
x*it is so poetic that Paul loses and Cody get AFP, double whammy to Paul NT
RedBB09/20/17 07:00 PM
x*Yay for Cody! NT
zebe8309/20/17 06:59 PM
x*not watching, how did the HGs react to Cody winning NT
RedBB09/20/17 07:01 PM
x*I heard somebody say Cody? But the camera stayed on him, he said" how did that happen" lol We didn't get to see everyone ekse NT
wyndycty09/20/17 07:06 PM
x*thanks LOL NT
RedBB09/20/17 07:09 PM
x*Well that was a.....season everyone! See y'all next week for Survivor! NT
amandajaye09/20/17 06:59 PM
x* It's a wrap! Thanks for hosting, wyndy! "Team Adorkables" thank you also! Great watching with all of you!
GazingEyes09/20/17 06:59 PM
x*Because you were Mean Paul...rewatch yourself getting in everyone's ear to go after people NT
wyndycty09/20/17 06:59 PM
x*But it worked and they generally did it, so was he mean or are they upset because they were stupid? NT
Beard09/20/17 07:01 PM
x*All equally culpable and all equally despicable, Only ones with half a heart were Jason, Kevin & Josh. NT
LibraLady09/20/17 08:43 PM
x*Both..human nature to transfer ... they weren't ready to accept their own failure/stupidity if you will. So they threw the guilt to Paul. NT
ne14cookies09/20/17 07:30 PM
x*Many people have won w/o going down the path that Paul took, & the sheep that followed him. It made the final 2 sad NT
wyndycty09/20/17 07:10 PM
x*I still don't get the cody thing. NT
Carrot_Stick09/20/17 06:58 PM
x*Neither do I, he was always so angry and sullen. NT
Beard09/20/17 07:03 PM
x*I think mainly because he was against Paul and as a big FU to Paul and the rest of the cast NT
RedBB09/20/17 06:59 PM
x*well that's dumb. america's fav to me is the one who may not have played the best game to get to the end but had some entertainment value
Carrot_Stick09/20/17 07:01 PM
x*plus I know some that voted for him cause they felt sorry for him because of the way he was treated & the fact that the HGs malign his militar SVC NT
RedBB09/20/17 07:11 PM
x*Not me, I vote for what I would enjoy the most and I enjoy watching HGs & others react to who wins NT
RedBB09/20/17 07:08 PM
x*My hope is that Paul's loss is a warning to other hg not to be a bullies. NT
BlondeMoment09/20/17 06:57 PM
x*??? Wasn't Josh the biggest bully in the house? Paul manipulated his ass off, but he was sociable with every one. NT
Beard09/20/17 06:59 PM
x*not making a excuses for Josh or any other HGs but Paul could wind them up so they would "attack" other HG, NT
RedBB09/20/17 07:03 PM
x*As Alex said Josh stabbed her in the front. Paul stabbed her in the back. Even tonight he didn't own his game. NT
BlondeMoment09/20/17 07:02 PM
x*Well, it's not like back stabbing is unheard of in BB, it's sort of a requirement. I thought Paul totally owned his game. NT
Beard09/20/17 07:07 PM
x*Xmas voted for Paul over Josh NT
wyndycty09/20/17 06:57 PM
x*Awe. Josh doesn't know about the hurricane. NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 06:57 PM
x*Well I'll be damn LOL at Paul losing again NT
RedBB09/20/17 06:56 PM
x*I'm shocked.
amandajaye09/20/17 06:56 PM
x*It all came down to Cody! NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 06:55 PM
x*Jason & Alex were pissed at Paul! NT
wyndycty09/20/17 06:55 PM
x*I really thought Paul would win. I thought he had Alex Jason and Cody NT
zebe8309/20/17 06:55 PM
x*I love how they read the votes to stick it to Paul NT
zebe8309/20/17 06:54 PM
x*BEST BB WIN EVER ever ever ever.......! NT
Caramel09/20/17 06:54 PM
x*Hooray!!!! NT
BlondeMoment09/20/17 06:54 PM
x*Wow so sad. He lost by one vote again. Guess Raven can't be the puppetmaster because Paul lost. She couldn't work Jury. NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 06:53 PM
x*She's a ding dong! NT
Caramel09/20/17 06:54 PM
x*What did you say, wyndy!? NT
Caramel09/20/17 06:53 PM
x*Man...was I wrong, ha! NT
wyndycty09/20/17 06:54 PM
x*Paul didn't come out of house. Lol NT
zebe8309/20/17 06:53 PM
x*Paul is still in the house??? NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 06:55 PM
x*He's crying and kicking himself for being so evil! One scumbag too many. And Cody sealed his fate!!! I might like him a little for that. NT
Caramel09/20/17 06:55 PM
x*I think paul should have won but that was hilarious. NT
Carrot_Stick09/20/17 06:53 PM
x*I agree. I wanted to see someone take him out but at final two, he played the superior game. NT
jblig09/20/17 06:55 PM
x*Love Paul's reaction NT
zebe8309/20/17 06:53 PM
x*Holy Crap! Josh wins! NT
wyndycty09/20/17 06:52 PM
x*Wow!! Happy for him!!!! NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 06:52 PM
x*Holy ShlT! NT
jblig09/20/17 06:52 PM
x*Yes!!!!!! NT
ne14cookies09/20/17 06:52 PM
x*Voting tally:
amandajaye09/20/17 06:52 PM
x*If Paul wins it maybe because of Cody. He said he stayed true to his word. He told them if Paul gets to the end, he will get his vote. Unless
GazingEyes09/20/17 06:49 PM
x*If Cody does vpte for Paul, then I promise not to throw a fit whe. He gets AFP. If he can be the bigger man, so can I. NT
robin009/20/17 06:52 PM
x*I think he changed his mind at the last Min NT
wyndycty09/20/17 06:53 PM
x*Ooo, typos. You can tell I'm getting loaded. Haha NT
robin009/20/17 06:53 PM
x*Perfect irony GE if Cody is Paul's win! NT
HarleyQ09/20/17 06:51 PM
x*Yay another teaser for Survivor! NT
amandajaye09/20/17 06:49 PM
x*Soooo excited... NT
wyndycty09/20/17 06:50 PM
x*I'm so glad this is almost over. I've always disliked one or two, but this year I've only sort of) liked one or two. NT
LibraLady09/20/17 06:49 PM
x*I really liked Cameron and think that poor guy got so screwed. NT
robin009/20/17 06:50 PM
x*He told them they were all stupid, ha NT
wyndycty09/20/17 06:51 PM
x*Paul and Josh friendship is over. Lol. NT
zebe8309/20/17 06:46 PM
x*Paul shaking his head, like he didn't do everything that Josh said in all his goodbye Msgs NT
wyndycty09/20/17 06:47 PM
x*They aren't talking to Jillian which means she is a shoe in for AFP. NT
zebe8309/20/17 06:41 PM
x*Julie didn't talk to Dom or Ramses either. NT
amandajaye09/20/17 06:47 PM
jblig09/20/17 06:46 PM
x*Jillian was more invisible than Velveeta. NT
robin009/20/17 06:43 PM
x*She is America's Favorite!! NT
Blockhead09/20/17 06:42 PM
x*Hold my hand and let me know who wins! I'm on the edge of my seat! NT
robin009/20/17 06:38 PM
x*I'm sorry, Robin. We should be doing Updates for you, but I can't type that fast anymore. NT
LibraLady09/20/17 06:51 PM
x*No, you're doing fine. I can figure out most of it. And I toggle between p/x and BBD. I can't wait until it airs here! Omg! NT
robin009/20/17 06:55 PM
x*They are on the stage talking to all the Jury...showed clips of everyone being in an alliance with Paul, it was pretty funny NT
wyndycty09/20/17 06:46 PM
x*It'll be ok...
jblig09/20/17 06:41 PM
x*Thank you, jblig! I need some reassurance. NT
robin009/20/17 06:43 PM
x*I guess this is the last of my posts, thank you anyone who interacted w/me, it took me 4 years to try posting! XO NT
PawsDeDeux09/20/17 06:36 PM
x*It's always nerve racking at first. It gets easier as you go along. NT
jblig09/20/17 06:45 PM
x*Paws...we wrote to you below...welcome! We all talk in Survivor too ..come join us next week! NT
wyndycty09/20/17 06:41 PM
x*Hey, are we meeting here or in the Survivor forum on show nights? NT
robin009/20/17 06:49 PM
x*I will be here for Survivor! See you next week! NT
PawsDeDeux09/20/17 06:48 PM
x*I hope you are a Survivor fan, too! See ya in that forum! NT
robin009/20/17 06:39 PM
x*Who do y'all thing Alex voted for? NT
Caramel09/20/17 06:34 PM
x*Paul NT
RedBB09/20/17 06:36 PM
x*Josh. She basically said if the friendship was real Paul will still be friends with her if she votes Josh. NT
Blockhead09/20/17 06:35 PM
x*Classic! & She jammed that Key like a Knife in Paul's back! NT
HarleyQ09/20/17 06:37 PM
x*That was funny! NT
wyndycty09/20/17 06:49 PM
x*I think I read backyard interviews will be on FB live..hopefully we can see them here tomorrow in media. NT
wyndycty09/20/17 06:33 PM
x*In BBD, they said yes, fb live. They suggested to watch them on youtube tomorrow, but I bet they will be in media. NT
robin009/20/17 06:40 PM
x*I think Paul wins this. Aaarrgghhhhh NT
wyndycty09/20/17 06:31 PM
x*I think 5-4, Paul wins. NT
LibraLady09/20/17 06:34 PM
x*I'll go 7-2 for Paul to win. NT
jblig09/20/17 06:37 PM
x*Bite your tongue. I am not so sure... they didn't seem overwhelmingly favoring one over the other... Might be reay close. NT
ne14cookies09/20/17 06:33 PM
x*But you are probably right. NT
ne14cookies09/20/17 06:33 PM
x*Yes, he sure does. Ugh. Knew this was going to be a big nothing. NT
PawsDeDeux09/20/17 06:32 PM
x*Yep. NT
zebe8309/20/17 06:31 PM
x*Josh: I laid low. Me:
amandajaye09/20/17 06:29 PM
x*Haha NT
robin009/20/17 06:30 PM
x*I told Paul to cut Josh and keep Kevin. Didn't he get my telepathic msg? NT
robin009/20/17 06:28 PM
x*Paul didn't own his game. NT
BlondeMoment09/20/17 06:26 PM
x*If you had been that big an ass and effed over your "friends" would you own it? NT
Caramel09/20/17 06:34 PM
x*Man. He talked a mile a Minute, I couldn't listen NT
wyndycty09/20/17 06:30 PM
x*Try it after downing a glass of cab NT
amandajaye09/20/17 06:30 PM
x**giggle* me, too NT
robin009/20/17 06:42 PM
x*See how Paul is acting. He's a very poor sport and he's nervous. He's like, "Don't touch me." He's embarrassed, but he's used Josh for the last time
Caramel09/20/17 06:24 PM
x*I just can't stand either of them, but I guess I would vote Paul over Loudmouth Josh NT
wyndycty09/20/17 06:22 PM
x*Dang Paul for making me down a glass of wine just to get thru that! Now I'm all warm and lightheaded! NT
amandajaye09/20/17 06:22 PM
x*Lol. I'm going back for seconds (half glass) just to help me deal with AFP. NT
LibraLady09/20/17 06:25 PM
x*I am going to need the rest of the bottle in that case. NT
robin009/20/17 06:27 PM
x*Yep, drinking cabernet sauvignon here. Now I need a second glass. NT
robin009/20/17 06:24 PM
x*Merlot here, or Merlohohoh NT
LibraLady09/20/17 06:37 PM
x*Me too!!!!! OMG!!! Twinsies!! NT
amandajaye09/20/17 06:24 PM
x*Lol NT
robin009/20/17 06:27 PM
jblig09/20/17 06:20 PM
x*Love it NT
amandajaye09/20/17 06:24 PM
x*lol.... NT
wyndycty09/20/17 06:23 PM
x*lol NT
AprilSky09/20/17 06:22 PM
x*I am speechless... ROFL NT
ne14cookies09/20/17 06:21 PM
x*Lol NT
robin009/20/17 06:21 PM
x*Is it me, Paul is lying and Josh seems to be very articulate? NT
ne14cookies09/20/17 06:18 PM
x*Paul should have owned his game. I still think he wins but why not own what he did? NT
Blockhead09/20/17 06:22 PM
x*Paul is thinking. I've lost again. NT
zebe8309/20/17 06:19 PM
x*Are they believing him? NT
robin009/20/17 06:19 PM
x*I think Paul wins but it won't be unanimous. NT
Blockhead09/20/17 06:24 PM
x*Well, a win is a win. NT
robin009/20/17 06:30 PM
x*Hard to tell. Only one showing anything on her face to me was Alex...and no she isn't believing him and neither is Paul, was shaking his head NT
ne14cookies09/20/17 06:22 PM
x*The business industry is a fairly large industry. NT
zebe8309/20/17 06:18 PM
x*She walked out as normally as possibe and no crutches.... what a scam NT
ne14cookies09/20/17 06:14 PM
x*I guess Xmas didn't have a leg to stand on with that speech! NT
robin009/20/17 06:12 PM
x*Well she had one, but she must need 2 for her brain to work NT
amandajaye09/20/17 06:15 PM
x*Too funny! Both of you! NT
Caramel09/20/17 06:48 PM
x*Lol NT
robin009/20/17 06:20 PM
x*Josh needs a noogie! Why can he not see what a bad decision that was! NT
Caramel09/20/17 06:12 PM
x*So Josh wins final HOH and passes on a chance to make a big move by evicting Paul so he can evict Xmas on one leg. NT
Blockhead09/20/17 06:10 PM
x*Paul's ugly ass thinks he's got this in the bag! NT
Caramel09/20/17 06:09 PM
x*Unfortunately he probably does NT
wyndycty09/20/17 06:13 PM
x*This is killing me! I need a drink too! NT
Caramel09/20/17 06:49 PM
x*Oh Xmas...you went with High Integrity & Social game? Blech NT
wyndycty09/20/17 06:08 PM
x*Blech. NT
zebe8309/20/17 06:13 PM
x*Paul...telling Xmas to throw her crutch at Cody....Cody is still in his head NT
wyndycty09/20/17 06:06 PM
x*And why I don't want him to win... NT
ne14cookies09/20/17 06:13 PM
x*I have to let you guys in on a little secret: I CANNOT STAND PAUL! NT
Caramel09/20/17 06:50 PM
x*Josh blubbering thru evicting Xmas NT
wyndycty09/20/17 06:05 PM
x*Good night everyone.
Blockhead09/20/17 06:04 PM
x*I want top one or fourth from bottom. Or both. Can you imagine having all of them? Chaos would reign. NT
LibraLady09/20/17 06:13 PM
x*Now you've put them to beddy bye, you aren't going anywhere !!!! NT
ne14cookies09/20/17 06:10 PM
x*It's not a party without you, Blockhead! NT
robin009/20/17 06:08 PM
x*Awwwww....you know how hard that must have been to get them all to lay still! NT
wyndycty09/20/17 06:07 PM
x*You can't go before the jury gets let loose with their questions. They ought to be fun NT
amandajaye09/20/17 06:06 PM
x*lol! NT
jblig09/20/17 06:05 PM
x*What a fool. He let Paul in his head. Paul deserves this win sad to say. NT
ne14cookies09/20/17 06:04 PM
x*Oh Josh! Noooooo!!!! NT
amandajaye09/20/17 06:04 PM
jblig09/20/17 06:04 PM
x*Xmas has rolled over....dead NT
wyndycty09/20/17 06:03 PM
x*Christmas didn't even try to plead a case. NT
amandajaye09/20/17 06:02 PM
x*Could Josh beat Christmas? I think he is so disliked, he'd lose either way. NT
LibraLady09/20/17 06:01 PM
x*Seal Team will be on my DVR list -:) NT
wyndycty09/20/17 06:00 PM
x*Me too. Can't wait. And so looking forward to return of Designated Durvivor. NT
LibraLady09/20/17 06:03 PM
x*One of my favorites last year, so me too. NT
ne14cookies09/20/17 06:05 PM
x*Mine too... of course. :D NT
ne14cookies09/20/17 06:01 PM
x*I do love Sealy Booth from Bones -:) NT
wyndycty09/20/17 06:02 PM
x*I said it yesterday!! Paul will have to adjust his speech. He kept practicing saying he had to win Part 1 to choose. (he has to change it) :) NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 06:00 PM
x*I need a drink!
jblig09/20/17 05:59 PM
x*Me too, jblig!! NT
Caramel09/20/17 06:12 PM
x*Can you add some vodka for me? NT
robin009/20/17 06:07 PM
x*Gotcha covered. Been fermenting in the hay field for months :-) NT
jblig09/20/17 06:12 PM
x*Lol NT
robin009/20/17 06:22 PM
x*Share please.....got another straw? NT
ne14cookies09/20/17 06:01 PM
x*I utterly do :-) NT
jblig09/20/17 06:02 PM
x*TY, it is "Moo ve lous" NT
ne14cookies09/20/17 06:12 PM
x*Oh come ON, who do they think bought that Part3 rewrite...? I know Paul wins now NT
PawsDeDeux09/20/17 05:57 PM
x*Huh? I don't understand NT
ne14cookies09/20/17 05:59 PM
x*Me either? NT
wyndycty09/20/17 06:01 PM
x*Wow....he already thinks Xmas may win because she was so nice & had a hurt foot...I bet he evicts her NT
wyndycty09/20/17 05:57 PM
x*I am afraid Paul got in his ear about that... but hoping he realizes that is Paul method and ignores him. NT
ne14cookies09/20/17 05:59 PM
x*Do it Josh!!!! Kick out Paul!!!! NT
BlondeMoment09/20/17 05:57 PM
x*I haven't read any updates. Who is he taking? NT
zebe8309/20/17 05:57 PM
x*Jumping up and down, Yippie Josh..... now send Paul home...PLEASE!!! NT
ne14cookies09/20/17 05:56 PM
x* I hope he takes Christmas and wins! Why do we have to see the Frankie bobblehead on the front row? NT
ccquilter09/20/17 05:59 PM
x*Please send Paul home with no money. Please. NT
zebe8309/20/17 05:55 PM
x*Please please please please. Let's all send it out into the atmosphere so he can hear us!!! NT
amandajaye09/20/17 05:56 PM
x*Ok, here goes, Send Paul Home Josh, Send Paul Home Josh, Send Paul Home Josh.... NT
ne14cookies09/20/17 05:57 PM
x*Wow!!!! Good for him!!! NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 05:55 PM
x*Yes for a meatball NT
AprilSky09/20/17 05:56 PM
x*Josh wins part 3?!? NT
amandajaye09/20/17 05:55 PM
x*Yes! Josh won Part 3! NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 05:56 PM
x*Amazing! I was sure Paul would win that. NT
jblig09/20/17 05:56 PM
x*Paul 2nd guessed himself a few times. I had a feeling he wouldn't win this part. NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 05:57 PM
x*So happy for Josh, but I hope he didn't eff up!!!!!! Dammit! NT
Caramel09/20/17 06:08 PM
x*He did. vs Xmas is a toss up. Vs Paul is a loss. NT
Blockhead09/20/17 06:09 PM
x*If Josh doesn't evict Paul he's the biggest idiot since Cody S16. NT
Blockhead09/20/17 05:56 PM
x*Off Topic-You hate the name Cody right??? lol NT
BlondeMoment09/20/17 05:58 PM
x*lol NT
Blockhead09/20/17 05:58 PM
x*Was it really that bitter? Do you think Josh can actually win? NT
robin009/20/17 05:48 PM
x*I thought it was equal, not the amount of bitterness I expected NT
PawsDeDeux09/20/17 06:01 PM
x*Given they had time to chill, they were way more bitter than I thought they'd be. NT
jblig09/20/17 05:50 PM
x*Yes, very bitter and some screaming matches between Maven and Mark. NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 05:49 PM
x*I hope they don't go against Paul just to go against those goofballs Maven. NT
robin009/20/17 05:51 PM
x*They all hated Josh for banging Pans....they felt Xmas was Carried & a Paul played a mean game NT
wyndycty09/20/17 05:55 PM
x*Dang phone. So, who's voting for whom? Who? Which? NT
LibraLady09/20/17 05:48 PM
x*Maven for Paul, for sure....really not sure about the rest, they went back & forth NT
wyndycty09/20/17 05:53 PM
x*couldn't tell. NT
ne14cookies09/20/17 05:53 PM
x*Adjusting my seat for the rest of the show...
jblig09/20/17 05:48 PM
x*Haha! I hope we all don't get blown away! NT
robin009/20/17 05:49 PM
x*Every single one of those bitter Bettys would be arguing that the lying was just part of the game if they were in the F3. NT
Blockhead09/20/17 05:47 PM
x*For sure!! NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 05:47 PM
x*Did anyone else think Dr. Will promoting Paul for the win? NT
ne14cookies09/20/17 05:45 PM
x*Yeah, him pushing Alex, " didn't you lie like Paul did"? NT
wyndycty09/20/17 05:47 PM
x*All he had to ask was who was the 2nd vote for Matt? She lied to all their faces when she said she didn't vote for him. NT
amandajaye09/20/17 05:49 PM
x*Yes which is why I seriously think Paul doesn't win this. NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 05:46 PM
x*Loving this segment! They all hate the Final 3 like we do! lol NT
wyndycty09/20/17 05:45 PM
x*Well that was stressful NT
amandajaye09/20/17 05:45 PM
x*Dr. Will was having a tough time with this group. NT
jblig09/20/17 05:46 PM
x*Paul has Maven & Kevin.. Christmas... NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 05:43 PM
x*I love Alex taking on Dr Botox NT
zebe8309/20/17 05:43 PM
x*Sounds like he lost Alex NT
AprilSky09/20/17 05:43 PM
x*Wow, Josh may win this. NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 05:38 PM
x*Wow bitter and angry is putting it mildly! NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 05:37 PM
x*They should have kept the cameras in Jury! NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 05:36 PM
x*Can't wait to see how much more Botox Dr Will has since last season NT
zebe8309/20/17 05:34 PM
x*Wow...look at Dr Will's gray hair...I like it -:) NT
wyndycty09/20/17 05:38 PM
x*Yay Survivor next week! Don't let me down Jeff & Co. NT
amandajaye09/20/17 05:34 PM
x*Dr Will up next! They told Cody to do his death stare again -:) NT
wyndycty09/20/17 05:34 PM
x*Cody actually laughed... NT
wyndycty09/20/17 05:36 PM
x*what a smile! NT
Matzak09/20/17 05:38 PM
x*Wow...all 3 crying, "I'll help my family"....blah, blah, blah....ha NT
wyndycty09/20/17 05:32 PM
x*Of course late. Come in Paul saying if he wins he will spread friendship even more.... I think I threw up a little. NT
ne14cookies09/20/17 05:29 PM
x*Lol! Hiya, cookies! NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 05:32 PM
x*LOL add for Survivor, "Get sucked back in" NT
ne14cookies09/20/17 05:34 PM
x*Oh no Xmas...tears are not going to do it. NT
wyndycty09/20/17 05:29 PM
x*You are the girl with the broken foot that was carried through. NT
zebe8309/20/17 05:29 PM
x*Jerry BB10 would have beat both of these losers. NT
Blockhead09/20/17 05:27 PM
x*Lol what about chicken George NT
Belle09/20/17 05:27 PM
x*or meg mallaly NT
Matzak09/20/17 05:28 PM
x*Or Pao Pao NT
robin009/20/17 05:30 PM
x*Wow part 2 was super close: Christmas 1hr39min, Josh 1hr32min NT
amandajaye09/20/17 05:27 PM
x*I don't think they have done this type of slingshot comp before Before? NT
wyndycty09/20/17 05:23 PM
x*Battle back Cameron Vs Cody NT
zebe8309/20/17 05:27 PM
x*But not knocking down big cardboard cutouts...or Im complexly losing it, ha NT
wyndycty09/20/17 05:30 PM
x*Oh wow she took so long it's now night time NT
amandajaye09/20/17 05:22 PM
x*I don't like adding a crapshoot element to Part 2 of the final HOH. It's too important to have the season ride on who can figure out the various
Blockhead09/20/17 05:21 PM
x*She's not very good at this. NT
zebe8309/20/17 05:21 PM
x*Really not good
jblig09/20/17 05:23 PM
x*ha..... NT
wyndycty09/20/17 05:33 PM
x*Sorry I'm late. My unicorn had to stop and poop. Rainbows. And sparkles. My neighbors are pi$$ed. NT
LibraLady09/20/17 05:16 PM
x*Lol! Hiya, LL! NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 05:19 PM
x*lol Hey LL! NT
Matzak09/20/17 05:18 PM
x*Haha NT
robin009/20/17 05:18 PM
x*I've been told that glitter is the herpes of the craft world because it never goes away! NT
amandajaye09/20/17 05:17 PM
x*Well, I would like to think of something clever to say about sex and glitter and herpes, but I just can't. Maybe a little more wine... NT
LibraLady09/20/17 05:32 PM
x*Frankie would know! NT
robin009/20/17 05:19 PM
x*you read my mind! hey Robin! :) NT
Matzak09/20/17 05:34 PM
x*Haha! Hi there! When you have herpes and glitter in the same sentence, it's automatically Frankie. NT
robin009/20/17 05:45 PM
x*Mine too! NT
ccquilter09/20/17 05:17 PM
x*lol.... NT
wyndycty09/20/17 05:17 PM
x*I'm on the west coast, so ya'll are going to have tell me who wins. NT
robin009/20/17 05:13 PM
x*Paul win first part of HOH. NT
zebe8309/20/17 05:14 PM
x*I'll add no one threw it. Josh couldn't hang and Christmas lost her grip. NT
amandajaye09/20/17 05:15 PM
x*We already knows who wins part 2...spoiler..
wyndycty09/20/17 05:17 PM
x*I heard it was a very long comp NT
Belle09/20/17 05:22 PM
x*Xmas said it in her own words....she hasn't been able to compete in so many comps... NT
wyndycty09/20/17 05:13 PM
x*Unicorns farting....yepp that's this season. NT
amandajaye09/20/17 05:12 PM
x*Perfect comp for them! NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 05:13 PM
x*Ooooo, I'll have some! NT
robin009/20/17 05:02 PM
x*Thanks for the beer. Team Adorables™
Blockhead09/20/17 05:02 PM
x*Team Adorables get more and more adorable... :D NT
ne14cookies09/20/17 05:32 PM
x*So precious!! Hiya, Blockhead! NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 05:14 PM
x*Awwww Stinkin Adorable! NT
wyndycty09/20/17 05:04 PM
x*They're furrific! NT
jblig09/20/17 05:04 PM
x*Awww NT
robin009/20/17 05:02 PM
x*I'm here ...
amandajaye09/20/17 05:00 PM
x*Lol, Hiya, Dr. Amanda! NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 05:18 PM
x*Lol. Good one! NT
LibraLady09/20/17 05:18 PM
x*Lol NT
zebe8309/20/17 05:08 PM
x*Hahaaaaaaa NT
wyndycty09/20/17 05:05 PM
x*Lol NT
robin009/20/17 05:03 PM
x*Yep, ready to Scrub the season :-) NT
jblig09/20/17 05:01 PM
x*Ha NT
robin009/20/17 05:03 PM
x*I complained for years that an hour finale was too short and tonight I find myself thinking a 2 hour finale is too long! NT
jblig09/20/17 05:00 PM
x*Excellent. To top off the beer and popcorn, the final temptation is your choice...
jblig09/20/17 04:59 PM
x*Mmmmmm Red Velvet please! NT
wyndycty09/20/17 05:06 PM
x*Omg, thank you! NT
robin009/20/17 05:05 PM
x*Yum! Thanks, jblig! Hiya! NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 04:59 PM
x*Thanks. I have watched Elena laughing at Raven in the jury house at least 20 times. It cracks me up every time. NT
zebe8309/20/17 04:52 PM
x*Yep, I have, too. NT
robin009/20/17 05:06 PM
x*Same here! Lol. Hiya, zebe! NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 04:57 PM
x*Hi, wyndy & all!! Happy BB Finale night! Thanks for snacks!! "Team Adorkables" here ready for action!!
GazingEyes09/20/17 04:51 PM
x*2 cute GE! The first one is me holding onto that 500K NT
Matzak09/20/17 05:13 PM
x*Thanks, Matzak! Hiya! NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 05:16 PM
x*:) NT
zebe8309/20/17 05:09 PM
x*Lol...GE... That's Paul for sure, ha NT
wyndycty09/20/17 05:07 PM
x*Lol NT
robin009/20/17 05:09 PM
x*Cute. I love kitties. NT
robin009/20/17 05:07 PM
x*Thanks, robin0! Hiya! :) NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 05:17 PM
x*Hiya! NT
robin009/20/17 05:32 PM
x*Ready to go :-) NT
jblig09/20/17 05:00 PM
x*How nice of you wyndy, you guys have :) NT
AprilSky09/20/17 04:51 PM
x*Hiya, April! NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 04:58 PM
x*Hey GE Love your Team Adorkables the last one looks just like my Stormy NT
AprilSky09/20/17 05:10 PM
x*Awe! Glad I found one of yours! NT
GazingEyes09/20/17 05:20 PM
*Good morning Jokers! I might even hit rewind on Pause the World Day!
jblig406 8   09/21/17 03:33 AM
x*Good morning, jblig & all! Happy Thursday! NT
GazingEyes09/21/17 08:34 AM
x*Still in shock Josh won!
jblig09/21/17 03:58 AM
x*Awe!!! I think this outcome was the ultimate blindside for the season!! Lol. NT
GazingEyes09/21/17 08:38 AM
x*True! I thought he would take Christmas but what do I know. Would Christmas have won over Josh? NT
tweeter09/21/17 04:52 AM
x*I am not sure. Wonder if they were asked in any of the interviews this question. NT
GazingEyes09/21/17 08:36 AM
x*I need a recapp of the BY interviews! NT
wyndycty09/21/17 04:54 AM
x*I ended up watching/listening while I got ready for work,,,,
wyndycty09/21/17 07:06 AM
x*I am going to start listening to some interviews today. NT
GazingEyes09/21/17 08:37 AM
*Good morning Jokers! I got my rake out for The First Day of Fall!
jblig119 2   09/22/17 06:39 AM
x*Happy 1st Day of Fall from Texas! ...
wyndycty09/22/17 01:38 PM
x*Hi, jblig & all! Happy fall Saturday! 2 of my favorites. Love the picture of my fav season, the fall & love Working Girl movie!! NT
GazingEyes09/22/17 12:43 PM
*Good morning Jokers! We baitter let them go on Fish Amnesty Day!
jblig252 6   09/23/17 05:31 AM
x*Oh, I'm sure the guy wanted to release that fishie anyway lol. And a Happy HOT Saturday to you both! It's a tropical HEAT WAVE here 40C/104F!!!! NT
CatsRock09/23/17 02:25 PM
x*That's a scorcher. Wierd here 1/2 state 50's other mid 80's. NT
ne14cookies09/23/17 08:48 PM
x*Wow! Pretty unusual for them parts :-) NT
jblig09/23/17 07:43 PM
x*Well, the actual temperature today is going to be 31C but with the humidity, it'll be more like 41C/105F! I'm staying in with my A/C & Netflix lol! NT
CatsRock09/24/17 06:04 AM
x*They'd be posting heat advisories here... stay cool and safe. What's on the Netflix agenda? Trying to decide what my next "binge" will be. :) NT
ne14cookies09/24/17 06:17 AM
x*Hi, jblig & all! Happy Saturday! NT
GazingEyes09/23/17 06:34 AM
*Good morning Jokers! Let's have a Festival of Latest Novelties!
jblig46 0   09/24/17 04:37 AM
*Good morning Jokers! Why not take a trip for Family Day!
jblig75 1   09/25/17 06:03 AM
x*Good morning, jblig & all! Happy Monday! Love lobster! NT
GazingEyes09/25/17 06:07 AM
*Good morning Jokers! Having it helps on National Situational Awareness Day!
jblig247 5   09/26/17 04:02 AM
x*Evening...funny videos. Trying to catch up! NT
wyndycty09/26/17 05:25 PM
x*Hiya, jblig & all! Happy Tuesday! NT
GazingEyes09/26/17 09:49 AM
x*hey GE and jblig! hate pancakes! as a kid my dad would make them every weekend. I would throw them on the roof as soon as he left the kitchen! he
Matzak09/26/17 09:52 AM
x*Lmao, Matzak! Too funny. I liked them as a kid but too doughy for my taste now! *waves*! NT
GazingEyes09/26/17 09:54 AM
x*I still to this day can't eat them! everyone loved my Dad's cooking tho. *waves* to GE! Enjoy the Day! :) NT
Matzak09/26/17 10:06 AM
*Good morning Jokers! Can't help but be reminded of my incredible good looks on Ancestor Appreciation Day!
jblig90 1   09/27/17 04:38 AM
x*Good morning, incredibly good-looking, jblig & all! Happy Wednesday! To my ancestors- "Thanks a lot". lol. NT
GazingEyes09/27/17 06:03 AM
*Good morning Jokers! Some take them literally when they say it's Fish Tank Floorshow Night!
jblig69 1   09/28/17 04:49 AM
x*Amazing! Good morning, jblig & all! Happy Thursday! NT
GazingEyes09/28/17 06:23 AM
*Could have sworn I saw a post earlier. Happy 15 year Joker's anniversary to Belle!
jblig44 0   09/28/17 08:08 PM
*Good morning Jokers! There may be a free cup waiting for you this National Coffee Day!
jblig74 1   09/29/17 04:06 AM
x*Good morning, jblig & all! Happy Friday! NT
GazingEyes09/29/17 05:15 AM
*Good morning Jokers! Anyone up for a game of flag football on Nickelodeon's Worldwide Day of Play?
jblig72 1   09/30/17 04:37 AM
x*Hi, jblig & all! Happy Saturday! NT
GazingEyes09/30/17 02:30 PM
*Good morning Jokers! White rabbit white rabbit and a Fire Pup Day!
jblig78 1   10/01/17 07:30 AM
x*Hi, jblig & all!! White Rabbit, White Rabbit!! A little late but here! NT
GazingEyes10/01/17 05:29 PM
*Good morning Jokers! Here's a car name generator for National Name Your Car Day!
jblig277 6   10/02/17 02:57 AM
x*Great, according to that my car's name is Jesse. Good thing we already named him Leonardo lol NT
Wildcard10/04/17 09:12 PM
x*Good morning, jblig & all! NT
GazingEyes10/02/17 07:51 AM
x*My car's name is Gadget. So when I go up a hill I can say "Go, go, Gadget car." NT
amandajaye10/02/17 06:58 AM
x*lol i've always named them myself NT
Belle10/02/17 06:56 AM
x*Mine is Sheldon NT
jblig10/02/17 02:58 AM
x*Mine is ~ chitty chitty bang bang NT
AprilSky10/02/17 06:54 AM
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