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*OT: WAY off topic, and long too! Regards Dom Vi. If you didn't head for the hills at a dead run, please read.
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*REMINDER: Discussion of moderation and disrespecting Joker's Staff has not been, and is not permitted...
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*Just a little reminder to all.....(updated 1/22/2014)
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*Small, but important announcement. (Lurkers, especially those of you who have pmd me... please read.)
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*Tis that time of year again when we need to discuss respect... or ETTE-iquette, if you will. :)
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*Good morning Jokers! Get out the Rumba vacuum for National Lazy Mom's Day!
jblig41 12   09/04/15 03:30 AM
x*Good morning, jblig & all! Happy Friday! I love Drew Carey! NT
GazingEyes09/04/15 06:35 AM
x*my station is FINALLY streaming!
Bilbo09/04/15 05:47 AM
x*Just tuned in. You're telling everyone cats have no association to their owner. NT
jblig09/04/15 07:35 AM
x*Bilbo, I love listening to your station! NT
GazingEyes09/04/15 06:49 AM
x*I think we need a requests forum now :-) NT
jblig09/04/15 07:36 AM
x*Woot!!! Thanks for this Bilbo!! I am going to listen to you live every morning, now! I hear someone doing news. Is that you? NT
GazingEyes09/04/15 06:34 AM
x*Never mind. That wasn't you! NT
GazingEyes09/04/15 06:36 AM
x*dumbass NT
Bilbo09/04/15 07:04 AM
x*Well, call me what you like! I do like the music! Also, you do have a southern accent! Cute voice for such a meanie! Lol. NT
GazingEyes09/04/15 07:24 AM
x*what E V E R ... it's an Okie accent if anything, not Southern NT
Bilbo09/04/15 07:40 AM
x*Well, you are not from NY they are all southern accents to me:)... NT
GazingEyes09/04/15 08:06 AM
x*My bright idea has resulted in physical labor... Not so bright!?!?!? NT
ne14cookies09/04/15 05:37 AM
*DE live thread. Filling in for my TeamAdorable alliance mate wyndycty
Blockhead677 123   09/03/15 05:29 PM
x*And the winner is...
jblig09/03/15 10:54 PM
x*I am thrilled for Steve. Him and John are the 2 that could put up Austin and Liz and not get blood on their hands since it was Austin that put him
GazingEyes09/04/15 06:22 AM
x*I can see it now... Steve puts up Austin/Liz. Julia wins veto, takes down Liz. Then the twins have 2 of the 3 votes and save Austin. :-(
JAF09/04/15 06:40 AM
x*Julia will not save Austin over Vanessa. Just my opinion. Not after she will hear how he wants her out. Sorry. So much will come out, imo. NT
GazingEyes09/04/15 06:47 AM
x*Do you think Liz would be OK with Austin being evicted rather than Vanessa? I don't see the twins going against each other, so for Julia to
JAF09/04/15 06:58 AM
x*and the Austwins are already panicing ;) NT
Bilbo09/04/15 01:32 AM
x*I am loving it! I do still want Austin out first! NT
GazingEyes09/04/15 06:30 AM
x*Oh they'll probably avoid eviction again this week somehow. They always do. The rest of the house has been on a mission to knock themselves
JAF09/04/15 05:58 AM
x*JAF, I believe one of them will leave this week. NT
GazingEyes09/04/15 06:28 AM
x*One would hope. But knowing Steve he'll go all "Scamper Squad!" and evict JMac instead. :-/ It's just the way this season has gone. NT
JAF09/04/15 06:36 AM
x*JAF, you are forcing me to go all Moonstruck on you like I did to jblig last night! lol.
GazingEyes09/04/15 06:39 AM
x*LOL! Well, I'll believe it when I see it. So far this has been a "whatever can go wrong..." season. NT
JAF09/04/15 06:42 AM
x*You have to admit there is never a dull moment! I do want Steve, Jmac & Van in F3. Is it wrong I don't want any of the Austwins in F3 at all? NT
GazingEyes09/04/15 06:45 AM
x*Not wrong at all! That's the way I want it to unfold as well, but unfortunately that's not how S/J/V seem to want it to go.
JAF09/04/15 07:02 AM
x*'It's not fairrrah!' NT
jblig09/04/15 02:46 AM
x*2 of the most spoiled, entitled women I've ever seen on this show NT
Bilbo09/04/15 03:37 AM
x*Awwww...Adorable -:) havnt watched, but just reading...Damn -:( NT
wyndycty09/03/15 08:40 PM
x*I missed the show tonight as well. :) Just got caught up. NT
Blockhead09/03/15 09:08 PM
x*Well, another week that went about as bad as it could go. That's been the pattern this season. Ugh. What idiots for not taking out Julia. NT
JAF09/03/15 07:55 PM
x*at least the twins were idiots right back by keeping Jmac NT
Bilbo09/03/15 08:18 PM
x*Nooooo-ah! NT
Caramel09/03/15 10:07 PM
x*Thanks Blockhead! I still want to join your alliance, if I may? NT
Molly09/03/15 07:40 PM
x*Absolutely! Everyone is welcome in the Adorables! NT
Blockhead09/03/15 09:08 PM
x*Thanks~ I will be a yellow lab mix. NT
Molly09/03/15 09:47 PM
x*Something like this?
Blockhead09/03/15 09:56 PM
x*YES!! Thanks Blockhead, it sorta looks like Spike! NT
Molly09/03/15 09:58 PM
x*Awww..Reminds me of Yellow Dog in Funny farm! NT
GazingEyes09/03/15 09:57 PM
x*ok, my new conspiracy theory. At the start of DE, James put the press on Steve and John to flip the vote right in front of everyone.
jblig09/03/15 07:24 PM
x*Is he really that stupid, jblig? NT
Caramel09/03/15 10:09 PM
x*Well, I'd say he was that dejected. NT
jblig09/03/15 10:19 PM
x*umm.. what is fun dip? Is it code? NT
Molly09/03/15 07:41 PM
x*While they use 'camping' as code for 'sex', Fun Dip is actually a candy they found in the storage room a few days ago...
jblig09/03/15 08:40 PM
x*Thanks jblig! I can't do sugar, so out of the candy loop. NT
Molly09/03/15 09:49 PM
x*Live feeders voted to give them Fun Dip. NT
deVinePoet09/03/15 08:54 PM
x*Thanks poet! NT
Molly09/03/15 09:49 PM
x*Ah... thanks :-) NT
jblig09/03/15 09:25 PM
x*yep NT
Bilbo09/03/15 07:40 PM
x*Thanks for hosting, Blockhead! NT
GazingEyes09/03/15 07:00 PM
x*Yes, thanks, Blockhead! You're Adorable! NT
robin009/03/15 07:07 PM
x*You're both welcome! NT
Blockhead09/03/15 09:09 PM
x*James must have had a premonition. He packed yesterday. NT
robin009/03/15 06:56 PM
x*See how Austin hugs Liz but looks at the camera. NT
GazingEyes09/03/15 06:56 PM
x*He doesn't fool us. NT
robin009/03/15 06:57 PM
x*WHY COULDN'T IT HAVE BEEN LIZ!?!?! Or Austin So unfair. NT
alex_220309/03/15 06:54 PM
x*IKR? Now we have more gropemance to look forward to. NT
robin009/03/15 06:55 PM
x*If John doesn't win HOH I'm gonna have to be done with feeds I think. I say that now. NT
alex_220309/03/15 06:57 PM
x*I would love to see John in the HOH room for an entire week. And all that power after being forced to throw comps, getting evicted, and still going
robin009/03/15 07:00 PM
x*IA. I don't see Van or Steve really wanting it. I think it'll be Jmac vs Austin & Julia. Praying for a Jmac win. NT
JlynnB09/03/15 07:00 PM
x*Liz can't win the next HoH. No room for her. Austin, I hope throws the next one, or loses. NT
GazingEyes09/03/15 06:52 PM
x*Van can play HOH now. I bet she gets it. NT
robin009/03/15 06:53 PM
x*Ok time for a Jmac win. . NT
GazingEyes09/03/15 06:50 PM
x*that would be best of all NT
Bilbo09/03/15 06:58 PM
x*Austwins control the vote. NT
alex_220309/03/15 06:45 PM
x*It's Groundhog Day again! NT
robin009/03/15 06:47 PM
x*There must have been a deal made or James wouldn't have thrown that. NT
jblig09/03/15 06:42 PM
x*Steve threw it, too. NT
robin009/03/15 06:43 PM
x*he had reason to, didn't want to be in the position to save Jmac NT
Bilbo09/03/15 06:44 PM
x*That and a unanimous eviction must not make JMack very confident in the ppl he can supposedly trust. NT
robin009/03/15 06:46 PM
x*don't think he threw it NT
Bilbo09/03/15 06:43 PM
x*WOW, Julia finally won a comp. Wasn't expecting that. NT
JlynnB09/03/15 06:41 PM
x*Wow she pulls it off. Her first win. NT
GazingEyes09/03/15 06:41 PM
x**sigh* Makes me almost miss Frankie...
jblig09/03/15 06:39 PM
x*Hey, jblig???
GazingEyes09/03/15 06:47 PM
x*Thanks, I needed that :-) NT
jblig09/03/15 06:48 PM
x*Don't mention it:). NT
GazingEyes09/03/15 06:49 PM
x*what you need is a good bitch slap NT
Bilbo09/03/15 06:49 PM
x*Haha! You crack me up! NT
robin009/03/15 06:49 PM
x*nothing will make me miss himr NT
Bilbo09/03/15 06:42 PM
x*Sadly, I prefer him to Austin. NT
robin009/03/15 06:41 PM
x*Me too. NT
JAF09/03/15 07:58 PM
x*I say Jmac wins Veto. Steve goes up. If James wins veto, Steve goes up. Who would leave in either scenario? Mine- James wins Steve goes. JM wins
GazingEyes09/03/15 06:35 PM
x*As long as JMack survives this evening, I can salvage this episode. NT
robin009/03/15 06:37 PM
x*Agreed. NT
alex_220309/03/15 06:44 PM
x*he should, James is a goner NT
Bilbo09/03/15 06:42 PM
x*but then again, the twins don't like Jmac either. it's a toss up but I think Vanessa will talk them into keeping Jmac NT
Bilbo09/03/15 06:45 PM
x*Or as James would say, it's a hand toss. Lol! NT
robin009/03/15 06:51 PM
x*nah Jmac will go either way ... they won't evict Steve NT
Bilbo09/03/15 06:36 PM
x*A quick hi! Haven't watched yet tonight, but from what I can tell I'm not going to be happy... check in with you kids later! NT
jteaz09/03/15 06:34 PM
x*Keep the nitroglycerin handy. NT
robin009/03/15 06:35 PM
x*Someone hold my hand. NT
robin009/03/15 06:32 PM
x*This is the worst possible result. NT
alex_220309/03/15 06:33 PM
x*Here robin, also, I have PUFFs. NT
Molly09/03/15 06:33 PM
x*Thanks! This is not my night. Worse yet, grossmance on feeds still. NT
robin009/03/15 06:34 PM
x*Who will be leaving? Who will she put up? I know she will put up James but who else,? James and Jmac? NT
GazingEyes09/03/15 06:30 PM
x*I bet one of them goes. NT
robin009/03/15 06:31 PM
x*Or Steve, just to teach him a lesson. James needs Veto or he's gone. NT
jblig09/03/15 06:31 PM
x*James and Jmac probalby NT
alex_220309/03/15 06:30 PM
x*I bet they're sorry they didn't evict Julia. NT
robin009/03/15 06:29 PM
x*No doubt. NT
alex_220309/03/15 06:29 PM
x*Noooo.... the worst uggg NT
Molly09/03/15 06:27 PM
Bilbo09/03/15 06:29 PM
x*oMG!!!! NT
alex_220309/03/15 06:26 PM
x*The worst! NT
robin009/03/15 06:27 PM
x*Come on Jmac! I need an Austwin out!! Do it!! NT
GazingEyes09/03/15 06:22 PM
x*GE, great minds think alike! NT
Molly09/03/15 06:25 PM
x*I wish he did win it but hopefully JM wins this one coming up! NT
GazingEyes09/03/15 09:49 PM
x*Yes!!! NT
robin009/03/15 06:23 PM
x*Maybe next one:(. NT
GazingEyes09/03/15 09:50 PM
x*I'm dying for MsB right about now. NT
robin009/03/15 06:22 PM
x*She had a graceful exit. I have to say, Meg has beautiful teeth. NT
GazingEyes09/03/15 06:19 PM
x*I wish they would change their votes now that it's DE. NT
robin009/03/15 06:16 PM
x*With this edit, obviously Julia is staying. NT
jblig09/03/15 06:11 PM
x*Yeah, there goes the little bit of hope that I was clinging to. NT
robin009/03/15 06:12 PM
x*Nooooo..... D@@@! Why are they so stupid? NT
Molly09/03/15 06:16 PM
x*Dang it! NT
LibraLady09/03/15 06:20 PM
x*Grandma's fallen and she can't get up. NT
robin009/03/15 06:18 PM
x*awww..what a cutie pair! May I join? I would like to be a cute yellow lab mix, thanks NT
Molly09/03/15 06:07 PM
x*Awwwww how sweet NT
alex_220309/03/15 06:05 PM
x*Someone posted that on the intro Aus looks like he's pushing out a fart. Now that's all I see. NT
robin009/03/15 06:02 PM
x*Here & hoping for a Julia & Austin eviction in one week of BB in one night! NT
Bilbo09/03/15 05:59 PM
x*That would be so amazing. NT
alex_220309/03/15 06:07 PM
x*Bilbo, that is my dream! Liz would be a wreck! NT
Molly09/03/15 06:05 PM
x*Same, or preferably Julia/Vanessa. NT
LibraLady09/03/15 06:05 PM
x*And if I can't have that, I'll take both twins. NT
robin009/03/15 06:01 PM
x*So excited - hoping something happens to make the feeds more interesting NT
ccquilter09/03/15 05:53 PM
x*Hey, I thought I was in that alliance too!!
GazingEyes09/03/15 05:33 PM
x*Of course you are in the Adorables, GE! NT
Blockhead09/03/15 09:10 PM
x*Thank you kindly:) NT
GazingEyes09/03/15 09:48 PM
x*Yeh GE! NT
Molly09/03/15 09:55 PM
x*They told me I was in Chilltown, til I got evicted! NT
jblig09/03/15 05:58 PM
x*Looks like a couple of the hgs. Lol! NT
robin009/03/15 05:44 PM
x*Just kidding:). Nice of you to host! NT
GazingEyes09/03/15 05:42 PM
x*Adorables FTW!!! Yeah!!! NT
robin009/03/15 05:32 PM
*Good morning Jokers! Cruise on up to the top of National Skyscraper Day!
jblig161 19   09/03/15 03:17 AM
x*Good morning, jblig & all! Happy Thursday! Well, not for the hgs being evicted tonight! NT
GazingEyes09/03/15 07:24 AM
x*Steve has been substantially more restless than normal overnight. A flip could be in the making. NT
jblig09/03/15 06:10 AM
x*I hope it happens. I want Julia gone. Yes, I know I am a Van fan but I also like big moves by hgs. I want all the Austwins out. There-said it.
GazingEyes09/03/15 07:27 AM
x*That's my #1 hope for tonight. My #2 would be Liz following Julia to jury. NT
robin009/03/15 03:48 PM
x*meeeeeeee toooooooooooo - will make feeds watchable again NT
Bilbo09/03/15 09:17 AM
x*Bilbo, you agreeing with me just made my millennium. NT
GazingEyes09/03/15 10:33 AM
x*no I want twins gone bam bam tonight........they can deal with Austin later. he would really be more a mess in the house by himself than
Belle09/03/15 07:54 AM
x*true, at least Van could maybe count on him, if he's not in too much of a huff NT
Bilbo09/03/15 09:18 AM
x*As long as she still wants him out & doesn't try any f2 stuff with him. NT
robin009/03/15 03:50 PM
x*Yeah, but every episode I don't have to look at Austin's grossness on my TV screen is bonus, so the sooner the better for my tastes. ;-) NT
JAF09/03/15 08:04 AM
x*You and Audrey are Truth Cannons! NT
robin009/03/15 03:51 PM
x*:). Van supporters/Austwin haters unite! NT
GazingEyes09/03/15 10:34 AM
x*I can deal with that too. NT
GazingEyes09/03/15 07:57 AM
x*That would be a perfect episode tonight... Julia blindsided followed by Austin 30 minutes later. They'd be like "What just happened?!?!?". Hehe. NT
JAF09/03/15 07:52 AM
x*Sure hope so. Can't believe he doesn't see this as a slam dunk opportunity to finally break up the Austwins, who will just roll their way
JAF09/03/15 06:40 AM
x*And while they have been working with Van and Clelli before they were evicted, the 6S has been in power all season. I think James and Becky were the
robin009/03/15 03:56 PM
x*Absolutely. All the others should be s art enough to figure this out and the best part is the 'blood' will be on Vanessa's hands. Right now, the most
Caramel09/03/15 06:59 AM
x*My partner wants to throw something at the TV everytime Vanessa whines about "blood on my hands!". :-) NT
JAF09/03/15 08:02 AM
x*Elvis shot his TV. Haha. NT
robin009/03/15 03:58 PM
*Wed post... NT
wyndycty865 85   09/02/15 05:01 PM
x*I'll be in and out friends.....taking my Ipad with me....Ciao for now NT
wyndycty09/02/15 05:59 PM
x*Have a wonderful time!!! NT
robin009/02/15 06:01 PM
x*Wyndy have a blast. ****muah*** NT
MsB09/02/15 06:00 PM
x*Looks like I'll be spending a whole week with y'all tomorrow night :-) NT
jblig09/02/15 05:56 PM
x*Can't wait. NT
robin009/02/15 05:57 PM
x*I'd love to have the ability to read James's mind during that conversation. NT
Blockhead09/02/15 05:49 PM
x*I imagine there was a lot of imaginary body language being thrown around, i.e. him flipping her the bird in his mind. Oh wait- that was me. NT
jteaz09/02/15 05:51 PM
x*OMG. Her freaking out proves him right- she is playing too hard. NT
jteaz09/02/15 05:49 PM
x*"You're playing too hard." "NO I'M NOT!!! Why would you say that? I'm not playing too hard!! Don't insult me!!!" NT
Blockhead09/02/15 05:52 PM
x*He fell into her trap. She wanted a reason to be mad at him. NT
jblig09/02/15 05:50 PM
x*She'll file that away for sure and fire it at him when he least expects it. NT
robin009/02/15 05:57 PM
x*Vanessa Sucks.... NT
wyndycty09/02/15 05:49 PM
x*So is there a chance Julia leaves or its all just smoke? NT
wyndycty09/02/15 05:36 PM
x*It's Meg, but I'm not giving up hope until live show. NT
robin009/02/15 05:39 PM
x*The plan is to pass on breaking up the trio of Austin and the twin sisters to take out the powerful Meg. Sigh. NT
Blockhead09/02/15 05:38 PM
x*When they make f3 the rest will implement their diabolical plan. NT
robin009/02/15 05:40 PM
x*Twin sisters and one of them is in a showmance with a giant. Yet no one talks about breaking that up. Insanity. NT
Blockhead09/02/15 05:45 PM
x*Devin came in a year too soon. He likes big alliances. NT
robin009/02/15 05:46 PM
x*A very very small chance. NT
alex_220309/02/15 05:37 PM
x*That makes me sad. That's really the best move this week to break that threesome up. NT
jteaz09/02/15 05:38 PM
x*My thoughts on these players...
Blockhead09/02/15 05:48 PM
x*Lol!!! NT
robin009/02/15 05:52 PM
x*lol...yep NT
wyndycty09/02/15 05:50 PM
x**sigh* I love you, Block. You always know how to make me smile! Roddy McD FTW! *smooch!* NT
jteaz09/02/15 05:50 PM
x*:) NT
Blockhead09/02/15 05:50 PM
x*It would be awesome if Julia leaves...the look on her face would be priceless NT
wyndycty09/02/15 05:48 PM
x*I feel like she should have just make a deal with James and Meg to go after Austwins and declare war but that's just me. NT
alex_220309/02/15 05:39 PM
x*I agree with you... NT
wyndycty09/02/15 05:48 PM
x*I am stunned. I cannot believe James won that. NT
robin009/02/15 05:29 PM
x*"I'm tired of being next to Sasquatch." Ha! NT
jteaz09/02/15 05:34 PM
x*It is funny seeing them side-by-side. Earlier in the season a poster called him Queequeg. Lol. NT
robin009/02/15 05:38 PM
x*What a Mess! NT
wyndycty09/02/15 05:24 PM
x*I feel exactly like Liz lol. It gives me anxiety. NT
alex_220309/02/15 05:25 PM
x*I have to have everything neat and organized. This would give me something to do after the comp. It would at least kill a few hours of boredom. NT
Blockhead09/02/15 05:28 PM
x*Did they clean it up or did BB clean it up? NT
wyndycty09/02/15 05:28 PM
x*They had to NT
alex_220309/02/15 05:31 PM
x*The ones who sat out cleaned up the most. NT
robin009/02/15 05:31 PM
x*I read that they cleaned (or at least some of them did). I also read that one of the twins stopped during the comp to eat a protein bar. NT
Blockhead09/02/15 05:31 PM
x*Excellent music for James. NT
jblig09/02/15 05:24 PM
x*Nook and cranny for granny :-) NT
jblig09/02/15 05:19 PM
x*****FYI PX'rs***** .......
wyndycty09/02/15 05:16 PM
x*So happy for you! Have a great time- Chi town is beautiful this time of year IMO (as you know!) Love to the kids! NT
jteaz09/02/15 05:35 PM
x*It's an outdoor wedding and so far the weather is sunny & 85! whew..... NT
wyndycty09/02/15 05:38 PM
x*I hope the weather holds. A thunderstorm hit my niece's outdoor graduation party. It wasn't fun. NT
Blockhead09/02/15 05:41 PM
x*Possibility of AM showers, wedding at 4:45pm...keep fingers crossed. NT
wyndycty09/02/15 05:43 PM
x*Whoot! Getcha some of that warm weather while it lasts up there! Ha! Maybe you'll get a nice breeze off of the Lake. NT
jteaz09/02/15 05:39 PM
x*Awwww have fun!!!! NT
alex_220309/02/15 05:24 PM
x*Congrats! I hope you have a safe trip and memories to last a lifetime! NT
robin009/02/15 05:19 PM
x*Wow! Congrats and enjoy :-) NT
jblig09/02/15 05:18 PM
x*Congrats!! Have a great time! NT
Blockhead09/02/15 05:17 PM
x***Block, you did see that your in charge tomorrow, right? Should you choose to forgo this honor, you will have to appoint your replacement -:) NT
wyndycty09/02/15 05:40 PM
x*I'll do my best. and not my worst. :P NT
Blockhead09/02/15 05:57 PM
x*And no funny business, Blockhead! I've clicked on one too many of your pics! NT
robin009/02/15 05:44 PM
x*I left Block one in Odds & Ends..... NT
wyndycty09/02/15 05:46 PM
x*I just went & had a peek. Am I still in The Adorables? NT
robin009/02/15 05:51 PM
x*We're all Adorables....
Blockhead09/02/15 05:58 PM
x*Stinkin Adorables..... NT
wyndycty09/02/15 06:04 PM
x*Awww! NT
robin009/02/15 06:02 PM
x*Of course! We are an all inclusive group, bunnies & birdies too are welcome too NT
wyndycty09/02/15 05:54 PM
x*Love the photo!!!! Yay, Mama of the Groom. Have a blast! NT
MsB09/02/15 05:17 PM
x***Thank you everyone**...I'm still packing & we leave th house at 5:45am! NT
wyndycty09/02/15 05:24 PM
x*Yikes NT
MsB09/02/15 05:42 PM
x*Tonight's cocktail is a new delicious experiment w/no name. Pear Vodka, St Germain & Lemon sour. Shaken w/ ice & served in a chilled martini glass NT
MsB09/02/15 05:08 PM
x*MsB, I already finished mine...May I have another? -:) NT
wyndycty09/02/15 05:41 PM
x*LOL...are you reading my mind. I am about to make a second round with a slightly different recipe NT
MsB09/02/15 05:43 PM
x*TY!! Call it Harvest Pear. NT
robin009/02/15 05:14 PM
x*Oh I like that name a lot! I think that could be a keeper. NT
MsB09/02/15 05:19 PM
x*May I suggest Holy Puckered Pear? NT
jblig09/02/15 05:13 PM
x*Hahaha....another good one. I may have to have my sone be the tie breaker :) NT
MsB09/02/15 05:20 PM
x*If it tastes good, go with Robin's. If it's not so good, go with mine :-) NT
jblig09/02/15 05:26 PM
x*Crazy person here...drink muchly needed, Thx! NT
wyndycty09/02/15 05:12 PM
x*Haha...hiya crazy person. I won't be here tomorrow. Lots of people in my house, it's UMass move in weekend. But......
MsB09/02/15 05:16 PM
x*Your house party's are always fun! Enjoy! NT
wyndycty09/02/15 05:26 PM
x*Thank you! Sounds delicious! NT
alex_220309/02/15 05:11 PM
x*YW :) NT
MsB09/02/15 05:20 PM
x*Thank you. Much appreciated. NT
Blockhead09/02/15 05:09 PM
MsB09/02/15 05:10 PM
x*I can't wait to see them playing pov. NT
robin009/02/15 05:06 PM
x*As long as we don't have to hear twin whining afterwards. NT
jteaz09/02/15 05:10 PM
x*Me too. NT
alex_220309/02/15 05:10 PM
x*Meg is a sweet girl but she sucks at this. NT
alex_220309/02/15 05:04 PM
x*Yeah, she is not suited to play the game of BB. Why not throw someone under the bus to avoid the block. NT
Blockhead09/02/15 05:08 PM
x*I hope this is a good epi NT
Blockhead09/02/15 05:02 PM
x*Runs in... NT
wyndycty09/02/15 05:01 PM
x*Woohoo, I just barely made it myself. NT
alex_220309/02/15 05:02 PM
*Good morning Jokers. Take extra care to make sure the hole doesn't close up after Pierce Your Ears Day!
jblig187 11   09/02/15 02:50 AM
x*Ouch. I won't even discuss my experiences with a pierced ear. Hi jblig & all! Bowling shirt reminds me of Charlie Sheen/Harper. Love popsicles. NT
GazingEyes09/02/15 09:35 AM
x*Morning, ok that just hurts, ouch! NT
wyndycty09/02/15 05:28 AM
x*Let's tell Liz we've found Austin's twin! NT
robin009/02/15 05:19 AM
x*I just wish CBS Security would give me back my bull horn. That thing set me back $80 on eBay NT
Bilbo09/02/15 05:19 AM
x*I'm surprised they didn't have better counter measures ready. Evel Dick start making noise yesterday that this guy was coming. NT
jblig09/02/15 07:00 AM
x*What did you yell? NT
wyndycty09/02/15 05:29 AM
x*did you not read about it? I think it was James & Meg who heard it
Bilbo09/02/15 05:31 AM
x*It should be observed Megaphone Man would be partial to Meg. Seeing as they share the same first name :-) NT
jblig09/02/15 06:32 AM
x*Good one, jblig. Truth be told, they could scream anything over the wall. It doesn't represent everyone's view. Very subjective. Laughable. NT
GazingEyes09/02/15 09:31 AM
x*Wow...no I'm behind on my reading, been working the early shift & late shift. Wonder if it will work, good job NT
wyndycty09/02/15 05:48 AM
x*Lol! So it was you! NT
robin009/02/15 05:20 AM
*Good morning Jokers! It's as if they knew it is American Chess Day!
jblig149 9   09/01/15 04:43 AM
x*I like chess but can't play well for spit. Good morning, jblig & all! Happy Tuesday. I do love dolphins. NT
GazingEyes09/01/15 07:55 AM
x*Same here. NT
robin009/01/15 08:49 AM
x*It is worth noting I did a considerable chunk of the grocery shopping at the hardware store yesterday. NT
jblig09/01/15 06:38 AM
x*Did you have any rhyme or reason for doing that much shopping in Hardware store? May I ask what you bought? NT
GazingEyes09/01/15 07:56 AM
x*I did. A new Menard's super store just opened here and I scoped out prices last week. They have pop, munchies and pantry items. Very sneaky! NT
jblig09/01/15 08:04 AM
x*I remember Menard's from when I lived in the midwest. Also Farm & Fleet. NT
robin009/01/15 08:50 AM
x*Hardware stores have munchies? Sounds like a huge store and not a Mom & Pop store. Good for you!!! I love shopping in hardware stores! NT
GazingEyes09/01/15 08:07 AM
x*Yes, Menard's is huge. Like a Sear's store. NT
robin009/01/15 08:51 AM
x*Bonus clip: For the dolphins...
jblig09/01/15 04:47 AM
*WHITE RABBIT! I can't believe it is Sept. NT
Molly178 11   08/31/15 09:40 PM
x*White Rabbit, White Rabbit!! Time sure flies! I can't believe it is September, also! NT
GazingEyes09/01/15 07:53 AM
x*White Rabbit! Time to flip the calendars :-) NT
jblig09/01/15 04:41 AM
x*Rabbit Rabbit White Rabbit. Have a fun filled September. NT
Quench09/01/15 04:06 AM
x*What the heck is white rabbit? NT
robin009/01/15 02:40 AM
x*Hi robin, nice to meet you. You say White Rabbit the first thing at the beginning of a new month, it is for good luck. I have been doing it for
Molly09/01/15 02:45 AM
x*Okay, thanks!! That's a new one for me. I will start doing it. White rabbit! NT
robin009/01/15 08:42 AM
x*I could use some good luck. Enjoy your day, Molly. NT
Blockhead09/01/15 02:47 AM
x*{{{blockhead}}} thanks, WHITE RABBIT! NT
Molly09/01/15 02:50 AM
x*TY, Molly. :) NT
Blockhead09/01/15 03:49 AM
x*Yep, it is officially September 1st now! I also can't believe it's September already. I find the weeks and months fly by so quickly wow! NT
BBcbsRocks09/01/15 02:15 AM
x*It seems like it was just yesterday that the new cast for BB was introduced. NT
robin009/01/15 08:46 AM
*Good morning Jokers! Enjoy it while you can on Eat Outside Day!
jblig332 14   08/31/15 03:45 AM
x*Bonus clip: Sneaking up on Bilbo...
jblig08/31/15 03:47 AM
x*Lmao! NT
GazingEyes08/31/15 08:18 AM
x*not funny. Have we heard who Van is gonna choose for renom, who is going? NT
Bilbo08/31/15 04:17 AM
x*I agree with Cara about the interesting arguments but I think it will be Julia on the block. NT
GazingEyes08/31/15 08:18 AM
x*There were some interesting developments in the wee hours of the night. Flashback to 1:33 AM Meg offered Vanessa a deal in the HOH that left her
Caramel08/31/15 06:42 AM
x*Thanks Caramel! I would LOVE for Julia to leave, then Austin, Liz would be a wreck with out them. NT
Molly08/31/15 09:43 PM
x*I wish that would happen. I keep hoping the votes flip somehow and it's Julia out the door. She'd be so super mad at Vanessa. NT
BBcbsRocks09/01/15 02:14 AM
x*Just caught up. Looks like everything hinges on if Vanessa believes James when she talks to him this morning. NT
jblig08/31/15 07:44 AM
x*I think Meg lost that deal as soon as she said James would put up Meg as a pawn. Never happen, imo. Vanessa knows it. Good try. NT
GazingEyes08/31/15 08:16 AM
x*Killjoy. Unless things changed overnight, Julia is going up and Meg is going. NT
jblig08/31/15 05:11 AM
x*so how is Van explaining Julia & what is keeping James, Jmac & Steve from getting rid of Julia? NT
Bilbo08/31/15 06:15 AM
x*Van knows that Steve would not vote out Julia. He won't. Imo. John, could throw a vote that way. TBH, I would love a blindside on Thursday &
GazingEyes08/31/15 08:21 AM
x*yeah, would LOVE to see DE result in a twin & Austin out of house OR both twins NT
Bilbo08/31/15 09:55 AM
x*IDK, but they plan to vote out Meg for now. NT
Caramel08/31/15 06:44 AM
*Sunday a Night BB Thread.. NT
wyndycty2939 140   08/30/15 04:56 PM
x*Thanks for hosting, wyndy.. Off watching MTV Awards. NT
GazingEyes08/30/15 06:05 PM
x*I can't wait to see the POV comp! Same Bat Time, same Bat Channel! Thanks for the drinks, MsB!!! NT
robin008/30/15 05:59 PM
x*YW Robin....see you all Wed. I don't know if I can be here Thursday. It is back to school and I may have a house full of people. NT
MsB08/30/15 06:02 PM
x*See you Wed all, or around the board, ciao for now NT
wyndycty08/30/15 06:02 PM
x*Ciao Wyndy. Thanks for hosting :) NT
MsB08/30/15 06:03 PM
x*Adorables forever!!! NT
Blockhead08/30/15 06:03 PM
x*We got this!....
wyndycty08/30/15 06:06 PM
x*fist bump....
Blockhead08/30/15 06:16 PM
x*Hey!!!! I know you are all in a hidden alliance!! No fair!
GazingEyes08/30/15 06:21 PM
x*lol. Everyone is welcome in the Adorables. NT
Blockhead08/30/15 06:23 PM
x*Thank you!! NT
GazingEyes08/30/15 09:57 PM
x*I think we've heard this speech from Meg before about really feeling played. Like when Day was booted. And when Jason was evicted. NT
jteaz08/30/15 05:57 PM
x*Yes, I wonder if she'll ever figure things out. NT
Blockhead08/30/15 05:59 PM
x*Exactly! Duh.....silly girl NT
wyndycty08/30/15 05:59 PM
x*Lather, rinse, repeat. If you feel played, Meg- do something about it! Geesh! NT
jteaz08/30/15 06:00 PM
x*"Maybe they're lying to me. No, they wouldn't do that. Everyone is so honest." NT
Blockhead08/30/15 06:01 PM
x*I wish Austin would lather, rinse, repeat. NT
robin008/30/15 06:01 PM
x*Ha! NT
jteaz08/30/15 06:02 PM
x*James doesn't want to bring up the deal they made because it will make Vanessa think they don't trust her? I don't get the logic. NT
Blockhead08/30/15 05:54 PM
x*It's not you, Block. It's because there wasn't any logic. You can't miss what isn't there, sadly. NT
jteaz08/30/15 05:59 PM
x*On the feeds, Meg told him not to then he said what he did about not trusting. As soon as this happened the DR called Vanessa to DR. NT
GazingEyes08/30/15 05:59 PM
x*That was odd. Why not remind her. NT
jblig08/30/15 05:55 PM
x*I thought have nots was over. Why are they have nots? NT
zebe8308/30/15 05:54 PM
x*They brought it back this week. Why? Because they've run out of ideas. NT
Blockhead08/30/15 05:55 PM
x*They were just off for one week. NT
alex_220308/30/15 05:55 PM
x*Running in very late with this evenings Martini, Lime basil vodka, vermouth and a basil garnish over an ice ball NT
MsB08/30/15 05:49 PM
x*Now your talking. NT
zebe8308/30/15 05:51 PM
x*:) NT
MsB08/30/15 05:53 PM
x*Is mine Shaken, not stirred? -:) Thx MsB! NT
wyndycty08/30/15 05:51 PM
x*LOL...always shaken. :) NT
MsB08/30/15 05:52 PM
x*Thank you! I need to forget that Austin Liz segment. *shudders* NT
Blockhead08/30/15 05:50 PM
x*I'm with you!!! NT
robin008/30/15 05:51 PM
x*YW...LOL...I haven't seen it :) NT
MsB08/30/15 05:51 PM
x*Make sure you have your remote in hand so you can FF. NT
robin008/30/15 05:52 PM
x*Hahaha NT
MsB08/30/15 05:53 PM
x*James & Meg...Noooooo NT
wyndycty08/30/15 05:46 PM
x*James may be better off without her. NT
zebe8308/30/15 05:48 PM
x*That red lipstick is the kiss of death to all her peeps. NT
robin008/30/15 05:50 PM
x*That may be true. NT
alex_220308/30/15 05:49 PM
x*She's just sitting there like...duh, what? NT
wyndycty08/30/15 05:50 PM
x*Bless it, she's sweet but not so bright. NT
alex_220308/30/15 05:51 PM
x*She reminds me of a sweet, wholesome Caleb. NT
robin008/30/15 05:54 PM
x*Did I just hear Meg drop the 'f' bomb on TV or was that wishful thinking? NT
jteaz08/30/15 05:45 PM
x*It would still make her family more proud than the twins'family. NT
robin008/30/15 05:47 PM
x*James and Meg know they might go up, Vanessa gives them a chance to save themselves and they keep quiet. Just go home. NT
Blockhead08/30/15 05:45 PM
x*She had her mind made up. She would have used anything they said to target them. NT
zebe8308/30/15 05:47 PM
x*I think that's what they were thinking. It's hard to tell if she's trying to help or trying to bait. NT
jblig08/30/15 05:50 PM
x*Nothing to lose at that point. Throw Austin under the bus and hope to avoid the block. NT
Blockhead08/30/15 05:48 PM
x*I would! NT
robin008/30/15 05:51 PM
x*Austins ex girlfriend is a very lucky woman tonight. Here momentary lapse in judgement will not be punished further. NT
zebe8308/30/15 05:43 PM
x*And I bet she's thanking her lucky stars that she used birth control! NT
robin008/30/15 05:45 PM
x*Lol NT
zebe8308/30/15 05:48 PM
x*This was so last week and I turned the feeds then and changed the channel for a few minutes now. NT
GazingEyes08/30/15 05:42 PM
x*Where is JMack's gag reflex now?!?!?! NT
robin008/30/15 05:44 PM
x*Omg, do you think they will show that? I doubt it. CBS is trying to build up this relationship in a positive light. Ugh. Won't work. NT
GazingEyes08/30/15 05:45 PM
x*I wish they would. NT
alex_220308/30/15 05:47 PM
x*Excuse me while I go Barf... NT
wyndycty08/30/15 05:41 PM
x*Ugh gross. NT
alex_220308/30/15 05:41 PM
x*It's unbearable and I haven't had a drink. NT
Blockhead08/30/15 05:42 PM
x*Block...I think we should put our difference aside & form an alliance....
wyndycty08/30/15 05:39 PM
x*Lol NT
GazingEyes08/30/15 05:41 PM
x*OMG! How cute! I want in! NT
robin008/30/15 05:40 PM
x*Ok Robin....bu it's a secret. Don't tell Jteaz ...
wyndycty08/30/15 05:42 PM
x*You've been taking lessons from Vanessa! NT
robin008/30/15 05:46 PM
x*Sorry Robin, I misspoke and really meant zebe...he's out, ha NT
wyndycty08/30/15 05:49 PM
x*Oh, you're good. NT
robin008/30/15 05:57 PM
x*It's a deal. F2 to the end!!! NT
Blockhead08/30/15 05:40 PM
x*If you two go all Liztin on me, I swear I'll go Audrey on your butts.... NT
jteaz08/30/15 05:42 PM
x*If that happens you have my permission to take us out. NT
Blockhead08/30/15 05:43 PM
x*That makes me feel better. I'll go put my blanket and sunglasses down now. NT
jteaz08/30/15 05:44 PM
x*OMG. No wonder Van's running this game. The rest of this cast is so quick to believe the bad without asking for context or confirmation. NT
jteaz08/30/15 05:38 PM
x*No one has called a house meeting since they confronted Audrey. NT
robin008/30/15 05:40 PM
x*Or use logic. Lets see, they voted John out and he returns but voting out James or Meg would be better for them. Makes sense. NT
Blockhead08/30/15 05:39 PM
x*I wish the DRs gave us more insight into what they were thinking & how they are playing. I miss Dan telling us what he planned, then watching him
robin008/30/15 05:37 PM
x*John wears freakishly long socks. NT
Blockhead08/30/15 05:37 PM
x*You know what they say about long socks.... NT
jteaz08/30/15 05:39 PM
x*I would laugh if Austin hurt himself doing those flips and had to be pulled from the game. NT
Blockhead08/30/15 05:27 PM
x*Or if he pulled a groin muscle. Then, like Pavlov's dog, he'd experience pain every time he reached over to snuggle Liz in bed and finally STOP! NT
jteaz08/30/15 05:29 PM
x*Hahahaha!!! NT
robin008/30/15 05:30 PM
x*Wishful thinking. NT
robin008/30/15 05:27 PM
x*Give it a rest Vanessa. She loves to brow beat. NT
Blockhead08/30/15 05:17 PM
x*Gotta say..Vanessa sure knows how to make 15 different alliances... NT
wyndycty08/30/15 05:28 PM
x*I wonder how many are due to people agreeing just to get her to stop. "OK, OK, I'll be in an alliance with you." NT
Blockhead08/30/15 05:30 PM
x*I think that's for certain. NT
robin008/30/15 05:31 PM
x*Not this week. She has been full throttle. NT
robin008/30/15 05:19 PM
x*I wish Vanessa had thrown it to JMac so he would put up Austin/Liz. Put an end to the grossmance. NT
Blockhead08/30/15 05:20 PM
x*I think she realizes that now. Plus, little does she know she can't compete for hoh in DE. NT
robin008/30/15 05:22 PM
x*I knew that would be a long recap to dismiss all the unfair DQ theories. NT
robin008/30/15 05:15 PM
x*I didn't look that hard...said from the safety of my couch -:) NT
wyndycty08/30/15 05:14 PM
x*That's what she said? NT
Blockhead08/30/15 05:15 PM
x*ha, And we have a winner....
wyndycty08/30/15 05:20 PM
x***applauds** NT
jteaz08/30/15 05:16 PM
x**smooch* NT
Blockhead08/30/15 05:18 PM
x*Too bad John didn't win. :( NT
alex_220308/30/15 05:13 PM
x*This was not Julia's competition as opposed to all the other comps she beasted. NT
Blockhead08/30/15 05:07 PM
x*Ha! Yet isn't she calling Meg a loser for not winning anything? Um...Pot- it's the kettle. You're black. NT
jteaz08/30/15 05:08 PM
x*She's beyond obnoxious. NT
alex_220308/30/15 05:10 PM
x*She's a huge comp threat. NT
robin008/30/15 05:08 PM
x*Swinging for all of 5 mins NT
wyndycty08/30/15 05:04 PM
x*Didn't this same comp go on for hours in Dans season? NT
zebe8308/30/15 05:08 PM
x*I don't think they spun in that season and they were allowed to sit on the disk in that season. NT
Blockhead08/30/15 05:11 PM
x*Good memory!! NT
robin008/30/15 05:13 PM
x*Okay. NT
zebe8308/30/15 05:12 PM
x*And in two more minutes, the recap will have lasted longer than the comp! Ha! NT
jteaz08/30/15 05:07 PM
x*This one must have been a lot harder than it looked. But then again I like spinning and I'm always running into things, so... :-) NT
jblig08/30/15 05:15 PM
x*^^^This^^^ I kept watching it thinking wow it didn't take this long on the feeds. NT
JlynnB08/30/15 05:14 PM
x*Welcome to the PX, JlynnB NT
Blockhead08/30/15 05:16 PM
x*Yes, welcome! This is my first season here, too! NT
robin008/30/15 05:20 PM
x*And hopefully not regretting it! :) We feed you here and get you drunk (virtually)... Ha! NT
jteaz08/30/15 05:23 PM
x*I love it here! The BBD goes way too fast and I end up missing parts of the show. And they're not as nice. The food & drinks will keep me coming! NT
robin008/30/15 05:27 PM
x*Where is Ms B with the drinks? NT
Blockhead08/30/15 05:24 PM
x*My question too. Getting a little parched over here.... NT
jteaz08/30/15 05:25 PM
x*I have some leftover vegetables and fresh squeezed lemonade. Sorry, nothing stronger. NT
robin008/30/15 05:29 PM
x*She is probably having one of her big Italian Dinner Party's ...busy busy lady NT
wyndycty08/30/15 05:27 PM
x*Just in case I absconded with Vanessa's HoH wine. Enjoy, enjoy!
jblig08/30/15 05:30 PM
x*Thx JB...cheers NT
wyndycty08/30/15 05:36 PM
x*Hahahaha!!! NT
robin008/30/15 05:32 PM
x*They've stretched it out longer than the comp. Very impressive editing skills by the BB people. NT
Blockhead08/30/15 05:14 PM
x*Lol!! NT
robin008/30/15 05:08 PM
x*I haven't missed Shelli. NT
alex_220308/30/15 05:04 PM
x*The fake smile? Who doesn't love that? NT
Blockhead08/30/15 05:05 PM
x*Here. But still making dinner. NT
zebe8308/30/15 05:02 PM
x*WIll you be having dinner with Austin and Liz. That looks like it will be unbearable to watch. NT
Blockhead08/30/15 05:04 PM
x*Whatcha making us? :) NT
jteaz08/30/15 05:02 PM
x*Salmon. Grilled carrots and a grilled sweet onion. Keeping it light. NT
zebe8308/30/15 05:04 PM
x*Sounds better than mine. We had Sheldon's Cruciferous Vegetable Night. NT
robin008/30/15 05:07 PM
x*What is that? NT
zebe8308/30/15 05:09 PM
x*From BBT. It's the only way I can get my kid to eat a few vegetables. We had Brussels sprouts and cauliflower. NT
robin008/30/15 05:11 PM
x*Sounds great. NT
zebe8308/30/15 05:50 PM
x*Mmm.... I'll bring the wine. NT
jteaz08/30/15 05:05 PM
x*Sure. NT
zebe8308/30/15 05:06 PM
x*Yeah..what? NT
wyndycty08/30/15 05:04 PM
x*So, reading the updates, Meg is going home this week....Unless they bring back the unexpected NT
wyndycty08/30/15 05:00 PM
x*That's the pre-Veto meeting plan. Will have to see what pre-Veto meeting freak out Vanessa wants to pull to be sure. NT
jblig08/30/15 05:02 PM
x*Thanks! *smooch!* NT
jteaz08/30/15 05:01 PM
x*hiya! anything good happen on the feeds today? I haven't had time to catch up. NT
jteaz08/30/15 04:59 PM
x*Looks like Julia will go up as the pawn. That's new :-) NT
jblig08/30/15 05:03 PM
x*PLEASE BB gods... Please grant us a twin eviction. Sadly, I think I've been forsaken, but it's worth asking. NT
jteaz08/30/15 05:04 PM
x*Julia will be the replacement nom and the plan is Meg goes. I wonder if Steve/JMac try to flip it. Maybe even Austin? NT
Blockhead08/30/15 05:03 PM
x*Me either my compadre NT
wyndycty08/30/15 05:01 PM
*Good morning Jokers! No fair taking the elevator on Slinky Day!
jblig94 2   08/30/15 02:37 AM
x*A couple bonus clips...
jblig08/30/15 08:39 AM
x*Good morning, jblig & all! Happy Sunday! NT
GazingEyes08/30/15 06:36 AM
*Post-Veto carnage through-out the house, but the most devastation was in the HoH room.
jblig233 6   08/29/15 05:41 PM
x*What Happened? Holy Cow....does the Happy Dance for James! NT
wyndycty08/29/15 06:12 PM
x*It was the Hide-The-Veto comp :-) NT
jblig08/29/15 06:13 PM
x*I can't wait to watch that .....& Vanessa freaking out NT
wyndycty08/29/15 06:15 PM
x*I am watching how Austin is all over James & Meg again. Hope he tries to plan something to sabotage Vanessa, she finds out & he is up on the block. NT
GazingEyes08/29/15 06:03 PM
x*Vanessa crying! What a surprise...Not NT
wyndycty08/29/15 06:14 PM
x*Lol!! *waves at wyndy* NT
GazingEyes08/29/15 06:16 PM
*Does anyone do the new Adult Coloring Books and there not x-rated lol NT
ToadFarm207 6   08/29/15 04:21 PM
x*I have several. They're lots of fun to do & let the imagination soar. All are G rated. They have more complicated patterns/pictures to them. NT
Quench08/29/15 08:22 PM
x*I color with the kids all the time. They instruct me to not color out of the lines, lol. I enjoy it. NT
GazingEyes08/29/15 06:02 PM
x*You mean I'm not crazy?! Yes I have two and bought markers and pencil crayons lol! NT
Mcandice08/29/15 04:26 PM
x*I haven't, but I'm a librarian and know of several libraries that have started Adult Coloring groups. It is a huge hit! NT
CarolinaGirl42508/29/15 04:23 PM
x*I just started doing them about 2 weeks ago. Funny you ask. NT
TrueNes08/29/15 04:23 PM
x*I just use the kiddie ones when I want to color..lol NT
jacobsmom08/29/15 04:22 PM
*Good morning Jokers! You don't even have to study on International Day Against Nuclear Tests!
jblig89 2   08/29/15 02:59 AM
x*Good morning, jblig & all! Happy Saturday!. NT
GazingEyes08/29/15 05:58 AM
x*Morning jb, football game at 3 w/spicy Sausage Queso & Margaritas -:) NT
wyndycty08/29/15 05:48 AM
*Good morning Jokers! Probably shouldn't wear white on Red Wine Day!
jblig190 5   08/28/15 04:50 AM
x*Reading the updates at lunch...I can't stand Vanessa & the Austintwerps NT
wyndycty08/28/15 10:26 AM
x*Hiya jblig & all! Cute vids. I never drink red wine, or eat pasta or use ketchup when wearing white. The end. NT
GazingEyes08/28/15 09:06 AM
x*Me, too! NT
BBcbsRocks08/28/15 02:03 PM
x*Lol. NT
GazingEyes08/28/15 02:58 PM
x*Oh, since I am not wearing white & it is 5 PM in England, let me have a sip of red wine, lol. NT
GazingEyes08/28/15 09:07 AM
*BB Thurs Night Evict, wash & Return Thread NT
wyndycty5472 183   08/27/15 05:58 PM
x*Ah it came true. Another week of not watching. NT
Quench08/28/15 04:03 PM
x*Are J/M the targets or is there a backdoor plan in the works? NT
JAF08/28/15 04:05 PM
x*Only thing I've seen is that if James doesn't win Veto, he's the target. NT
jblig08/28/15 04:38 PM
x*Yep, and the twins are sitting around making fun of Meg. Plus Vanessa had the audacity to make fun of Meg crying! NT
wyndycty08/28/15 05:30 PM
x*Night all! Thx for the drink MsB... NT
wyndycty08/27/15 07:20 PM
x*Thanks for hosting! NT
GazingEyes08/27/15 09:38 PM
x*smooch! NT
jteaz08/27/15 07:21 PM
x*I really hope Vanessa puts up Austin and Liz and we get to see them complain that they should have backdoored her when they had the chance. NT
Blockhead08/27/15 07:17 PM
x*Me toooooo! NT
alex_220308/27/15 07:18 PM
x*I think it's a real possibility. NT
jblig08/27/15 07:19 PM
x*I miss the days of coming up with creative reasons for staying home on Friday because of Endurance Thursdays. NT
jblig08/27/15 07:09 PM
x*Ah...memories. Still mad at Kaysar for taking his finger off the button! NT
jteaz08/27/15 07:11 PM
x*Good old Jennifer. NT
Blockhead08/27/15 07:16 PM
x*Me too. NT
Quench08/27/15 07:11 PM
x*Cries NT
wyndycty08/27/15 07:13 PM
x*I sat up all night and actually called in sick to work the next day. It wasn't a lie- that night made me ill. NT
jteaz08/27/15 07:14 PM
x*Lol! NT
robin008/27/15 07:09 PM
x*Holy Crap...Vanssa wins & Johns back! NT
wyndycty08/27/15 07:05 PM
x*Well, time to start a new book. Don't think I can stomach another Vanessa/Austwins HoH. NT
LibraLady08/27/15 07:10 PM
x*I picked a great week to go on vacation NT
amandajaye08/27/15 07:17 PM
x*Sounds like a plan. NT
Quench08/27/15 07:13 PM
x*At least no shenanigans to watch up there this week. Whatcha reading? NT
robin008/27/15 07:11 PM
x*Hi Robin. Just saw this. I haven't decided yet. I just downloaded about 10 cheapies from Amazon, so I need to study to see which one first. NT
LibraLady08/27/15 07:24 PM
x*Just wondering bc I love to read! I would love to read a book with someone sometime. NT
robin008/28/15 04:17 AM
x*Oh bloody hell. So it'll be John and Steve back on the block? NT
amandajaye08/27/15 07:07 PM
x*Johnny Mac may get Vanessa to split up James & Meg -:( NT
wyndycty08/27/15 07:10 PM
x*Not with Van in power. She will target the twins & Aus. She's a crybaby, but not dumb. NT
robin008/27/15 07:09 PM
x*They could have started the comp earlier and not all that filler blah and we could have seen this live. Not much film to edit for Sunday. NT
Quench08/27/15 07:07 PM
x*We could have waited to see the hometown on Sun. NT
robin008/27/15 07:10 PM
x*You are so right...that comp lasted like 5 mins NT
wyndycty08/27/15 07:08 PM
x*They will stretch it out and make it look like the comp took an hour. NT
Blockhead08/27/15 07:07 PM
x*Unless we have some mad scampering this week! NT
robin008/27/15 07:13 PM
x*I didn't watch at all last week and don't think I'll watch this week unless she does something creative. I'll check in tomorrow for noms. NT
Quench08/27/15 07:09 PM
x*Cool I can read updates...James & Liz out! NT
wyndycty08/27/15 07:04 PM
x*Wow! Feeds are already back up! NT
jblig08/27/15 07:01 PM
x*And it's over! NT
jblig08/27/15 07:04 PM
x*John just gave it to Vanessa. NT
jblig08/27/15 07:05 PM
x*It's over already? NT
Blockhead08/27/15 07:06 PM
x*Yeah. I blinked and missed it myself, apparently. That'll teach me to run to the restroom. NT
jteaz08/27/15 07:07 PM
x*Where's the weed you promised last night? :P NT
Blockhead08/27/15 07:09 PM
x*Here ya go......
wyndycty08/27/15 07:12 PM
x*Did you know they got the dandylions in Kenya? :D NT
jteaz08/27/15 07:14 PM
x*Good tie in.....But now that stupid song is in my head! NT
wyndycty08/27/15 07:16 PM
x*My work here is done. *flees* NT
jteaz08/27/15 07:17 PM
x*I have enough of those. NT
Blockhead08/27/15 07:13 PM
x*Ha! Saving it for Sunday's show. We're going to need it after watching the power trip that will be unfolding over the next few days. NT
jteaz08/27/15 07:10 PM
x*There will be interrogations galore! NT
jblig08/27/15 07:12 PM
x*Who'll get the angry tears first? Taking bets now! NT
jteaz08/27/15 07:13 PM
x*Johnnymac.....sob,I had to vote you out, sob NT
wyndycty08/27/15 07:14 PM
x*Steve. He's already in the DR asking for Depends. NT
Blockhead08/27/15 07:14 PM
x*hahaha NT
Quench08/27/15 07:16 PM
x*Someone will be drunk with power. NT
Blockhead08/27/15 07:11 PM
x*sigh NT
jteaz08/27/15 07:05 PM
x*Sigh also NT
wyndycty08/27/15 07:07 PM
x*Ditto sigh..... NT
robin008/27/15 07:06 PM
x*Why does Meg suck so much at everything in the game? I want to like her, but it's almost as if she's trying to fail at everything. NT
amandajaye08/27/15 06:59 PM
x*Today, John went to her to explain that not only did Austin and the twins have a F5 with James and Meg but also with he and James. Meg went straight
Blockhead08/27/15 07:02 PM
x*They need a Swiffer comp. NT
robin008/27/15 07:00 PM
x*HA! Or a 'who gets hurt first' comp. NT
jteaz08/27/15 07:01 PM
x*Meg can sure catch candy with her face! NT
robin008/27/15 07:04 PM
x*Wow....Steve, Julia and Meg out already? Losers... NT
wyndycty08/27/15 06:58 PM
x*I'm just hoping the other evil twin is close behind! NT
jteaz08/27/15 06:59 PM
x*Yeah, she worries me. She's good at comps. NT
robin008/27/15 07:01 PM
x*Man, they are crashing into one another. It looks painful. NT
amandajaye08/27/15 06:55 PM
x*This is a lot better than that ridiculous comp they had last year with those pucks. NT
Blockhead08/27/15 06:54 PM
x*It looked like shuffleboard. Couldn't believe Jocosta almost made it! NT
robin008/27/15 06:55 PM
x*This is the one from BB9, right??? NT
GazingEyes08/27/15 06:52 PM
x*I think so. Who's got the advantage? Those who took dance class/ballet? NT
jteaz08/27/15 06:54 PM
x*Jackie is a professional dancer so she should be able to avoid getting dizzy but will she be able to hold on. NT
Blockhead08/27/15 06:55 PM
x*I think James....low center of gravity NT
amandajaye08/27/15 06:55 PM
x*Similar. It's going to be a long one, I think. NT
jblig08/27/15 06:54 PM
x*It started raining too didnt it? NT
wyndycty08/27/15 06:56 PM
x*I remember one with a paint brush and paint. NT
jblig08/27/15 06:58 PM
x*I remember someone completely flipping and still staying on too. NT
jblig08/27/15 06:59 PM
x*Woah! Who is this Hilfiger guy on the commercials?? Whew. NT
GazingEyes08/27/15 06:52 PM
x*I think John is mad at Meg for blabbing to Aus earlier. I also think John will go with Van, and she wants Meg out. I cannot believe no one sees the
robin008/27/15 06:51 PM
x*Ha! Van's face.... someone's feeling awkward.... NT
jteaz08/27/15 06:46 PM
x*Did Shelli even hug her? NT
LibraLady08/27/15 06:54 PM
x*I think she did. NT
Blockhead08/27/15 06:57 PM
x*I don't think so. Unless I missed it. My eyes are still watery. NT
robin008/27/15 06:57 PM
x*Good question. I need to rewind- it'd be telling if she didn't. NT
jteaz08/27/15 06:56 PM
x*I know. NT
GazingEyes08/27/15 06:47 PM
x*I'm rooting for Jackie! NT
amandajaye08/27/15 06:45 PM
x*I'm not a Jackie fan but she is the one that needs to come back to keep things interesting. NT
jblig08/27/15 06:51 PM
x*Jackie works for me...John wants to target Meg? Um No NT
wyndycty08/27/15 06:50 PM
x*Isn't that the stupidest thing? I swear, for a doctor, that guy is soooo dense. NT
LibraLady08/27/15 06:55 PM
x*I don't know who I want back now. It was JMac until he said he would target Meg. Shelli? Becky? NT
Blockhead08/27/15 06:51 PM
x*I think John will come to his senses, but Jac & Bec seem like they will blaze a trail over Austwins. Shelli will just join them. NT
robin008/27/15 06:54 PM
x*I hope so. NT
Blockhead08/27/15 07:03 PM
x*Still want John, but she's a good second. NT
robin008/27/15 06:48 PM
x*I back this too! NT
jteaz08/27/15 06:47 PM
x*MsBs Drink....one for everyone! ....
wyndycty08/27/15 06:42 PM
x*Thanks to MsB! Wow this is some drink! NT
GazingEyes08/27/15 06:48 PM
x*Beautiful! NT
robin008/27/15 06:44 PM
x*Thanks. It tastes as good as it looks :) NT
MsB08/27/15 06:45 PM
x*Now I'm really thirsty! NT
robin008/27/15 06:47 PM
x*Yay!!! How the heck do you do that ??? NT
MsB08/27/15 06:43 PM
x*I'm on an iPad....I save the pic to my gallery, then..
wyndycty08/27/15 06:48 PM
x*Thanks Wyndy I will try to practice and try next time NT
MsB08/27/15 06:57 PM
x*He talked like he was High...and Stupid! NT
wyndycty08/27/15 06:39 PM
x*Ugh. Any repsect I had for JMac is gone. He'd target Meg? Meg? Meg? Not Austin and twins but Meg? NT
Blockhead08/27/15 06:37 PM
x*I think he'd put up Aus/Liz if he were hoh. Someone is bound to make him see how dangerous it is to let that trio get any further. NT
robin008/27/15 06:40 PM
x*Forget it! Get Becky back!! Going after Meg??? NT
GazingEyes08/27/15 06:37 PM
x*C'mon Becky....! NT
jteaz08/27/15 06:38 PM
x*Who would have thought I would be rooting for Becky to come back?? Lol. *shaking my own head at myself* NT
GazingEyes08/27/15 06:39 PM
x*I love how our opinions change about things when the HGs make stupid decisions. Meg? NT
Blockhead08/27/15 06:40 PM
x*And the sucking up for jury votes begin. Why don't they say in the video what they've been saying on the feeds? *drops mic* NT
jteaz08/27/15 06:36 PM
x*This is the most awkward interview ever. NT
Blockhead08/27/15 06:33 PM
x*In a weird way it's cracking me up. He's so comfortable with himself, and I'm loving it. NT
jteaz08/27/15 06:34 PM
x*Steve looks nice tonight. Austin put on shoes. NT
zebe8308/27/15 06:28 PM
x*I hope they all heard those cheers. Suck it, Austin! NT
jteaz08/27/15 06:32 PM
x*They did hear the cheers. They said the audience went insane for him. NT
GazingEyes08/27/15 06:34 PM
x*I wonder what they will think of that when he walks back in?!? NT
robin008/27/15 06:34 PM
x*There's a picture of Austin's bare feet and the bottoms were black and he was laying in bed. yuck. NT
Blockhead08/27/15 06:30 PM
x*Saw that. Made me sick. NT
robin008/27/15 06:31 PM
x*Well damn. First stiff drink's on me, Robin. Our boy is gone. Darn Thing one and Thing two for getting their way. NT
jteaz08/27/15 06:27 PM
x*I know.....so sad....come back, JMack, come back! NT
robin008/27/15 06:29 PM
x*If the new HOH doesn't put Austin and Liz on the block it's over. NT
Blockhead08/27/15 06:28 PM
x*Wish they'd OPEN their eyes! NT
robin008/27/15 06:30 PM
x*Chenbot made a funny about the Zingbot :-) NT
jblig08/27/15 06:17 PM
x*I really hate when the game devolves into groupthink. NT
amandajaye08/27/15 06:17 PM
x*Last year was the worst! NT
robin008/27/15 06:20 PM
x*I really hate that. The players should always be acting in their own self interest. Instead, most of the time it's what one person wants and everyone
Blockhead08/27/15 06:19 PM
x*Yay! We've avoided a Liz/Austin hometown segment again this week! Thank you, BB gods! NT
jteaz08/27/15 06:17 PM
x*Wish we could get down to brass tacks and just get on with it! NT
robin008/27/15 06:23 PM
x*Gizmo for the win! You with me Block? :) NT
jteaz08/27/15 06:21 PM
x*Of course! Cats rule!! NT
Blockhead08/27/15 06:22 PM
x*doggies > furballs NT
wyndycty08/27/15 06:26 PM
x*Love me a dog, but I have to disagree. Cats contribute to my 'no exercise' rule. Ha! NT
jteaz08/27/15 06:29 PM
Blockhead08/27/15 06:27 PM
wyndycty08/27/15 06:31 PM
Blockhead08/27/15 06:32 PM
wyndycty08/27/15 06:34 PM
x*lol NT
Blockhead08/27/15 06:35 PM
x*Oh yea!
jblig08/27/15 06:30 PM
x*Even funnier! Thanks for cheering me up tonight with all the cute animals, guys! NT
robin008/27/15 06:33 PM
x*Haha! NT
robin008/27/15 06:30 PM
x*Lmao! Where do you find these, Blockhead? NT
GazingEyes08/27/15 06:29 PM
x*Twitter. :) NT
Blockhead08/27/15 06:30 PM
x*So cute! NT
GazingEyes08/27/15 06:31 PM
x*The roommate rocks as well! Give that man his twenty bucks! Ha! NT
jteaz08/27/15 06:23 PM
x*Noname cocktail for all. Cucumber gin, ginger simple syrup, lime juice, basil leave, schezwan peppercorns. In a martini glass over orchard ice ball NT
MsB08/27/15 06:15 PM
x*Struggling with how to post a photo NT
MsB08/27/15 06:35 PM
x*Do you have a URL or is it on your PC? NT
jblig08/27/15 06:41 PM
x*It's on my tablet . But I also have it on Facebook NT
MsB08/27/15 06:42 PM
x*Just in time, Vanessa was driving me to drink! Thank you NT
wyndycty08/27/15 06:20 PM
x*I've hated that crying since first night of live feeds! NT
robin008/27/15 06:21 PM
x*Make mine a double! I'm on the edge of my seat tonight! NT
robin008/27/15 06:18 PM
x*That sounds tasty! NT
Blockhead08/27/15 06:17 PM
x*:) NT
zebe8308/27/15 06:17 PM
x*STFU Vanessa! NT
wyndycty08/27/15 06:14 PM
x*I cannot take her crying anymore! NT
amandajaye08/27/15 06:13 PM
x*The Crying Game! Zing! NT
robin008/27/15 06:16 PM
x*And the snotty self-entitlement. Playing a great game because they all take her crap and no one's targeting her. NT
jteaz08/27/15 06:15 PM
x*If Vanessa was grilling me like that. I would curse at her and walk out of the room. NT
zebe8308/27/15 06:13 PM
x*Maybe she's not as smart as she thinks. This is the perfect week for her to rally the troops to chip away at the Austwins next week. NT
jteaz08/27/15 06:19 PM
x*I think she's waiting to see who comes back. NT
jblig08/27/15 06:20 PM
x*I think that and she's worried one of the twins will get hoh this week. NT
robin008/27/15 06:24 PM
x*Vanessa had a new knit hat on in the DR NT
wyndycty08/27/15 06:12 PM
x*I like the brown one best. NT
robin008/27/15 06:14 PM
x*Lets see you twist that Liz... you're just pissed off that you got caught. NT
jteaz08/27/15 06:10 PM
x*One of the twins was pissed off that he was campaigning to stay. Huh? NT
Blockhead08/27/15 06:11 PM
x*Man, those tears stopped really quick... NT
wyndycty08/27/15 06:08 PM
x*Here. NT
zebe8308/27/15 06:07 PM
x*Did you bring snacks? NT
wyndycty08/27/15 06:11 PM
x*She's "lower on the totem pole than she thought" with Austwins? Where exactly did she think she was? NT
amandajaye08/27/15 06:07 PM
x*Vanessa has had a couple of horrible reads like when she thought she was safe with Becky as HOH. NT
Blockhead08/27/15 06:08 PM
x*Yes, she has made some serious mistakes. Still think she's playing a great game, though. NT
robin008/27/15 06:10 PM
x*Haha! I know! NT
robin008/27/15 06:08 PM
x*Lol. NT
zebe8308/27/15 06:08 PM
x*I can't get into the music. I've got that "Kenya" song stuck in my head. Between that & John, where is MsB?!? NT
robin008/27/15 06:06 PM
x*I could use a few drinks NT
Blockhead08/27/15 06:08 PM
x***hangs head** NT
jteaz08/27/15 06:07 PM
x*I'm going to play it for my kid. He loves things like that a million times in a row. Keeps him occupied. NT
robin008/27/15 06:09 PM
x*An EPIC battle....watch, it will be so lame NT
wyndycty08/27/15 06:05 PM
x*So "The Epic Battle will begin for the juror to come back into the game." Seems that they will all compete at once, for return & Hoh. NT
GazingEyes08/27/15 06:05 PM
x*I don't know if I'm going to make it through the entire show. Looks like my JMack is leaving. NT
robin008/27/15 06:00 PM
x*Move on over, Robin... I'm there with you. *passes tissues* NT
jteaz08/27/15 06:05 PM
x*When MsB gets here, let's get drunk and commiserate. NT
robin008/27/15 06:13 PM
x*But he may turn right around & return NT
wyndycty08/27/15 06:02 PM
x*There, there....
Blockhead08/27/15 06:02 PM
x** gasp* NT
wyndycty08/27/15 06:03 PM
x*Sweet. Thanks, Blockhead! NT
robin008/27/15 06:03 PM
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