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*REMINDER: Discussion of moderation and disrespecting Joker's Staff has not been, and is not permitted...
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*Just a little reminder to all.....(updated 1/22/2014)
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*Small, but important announcement. (Lurkers, especially those of you who have pmd me... please read.)
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*Tis that time of year again when we need to discuss respect... or ETTE-iquette, if you will. :)
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*I hit 97,000 posts? For real? I do thank all my fellow Jokers in helping me reach this milestone! :) NT
GazingEyes22 5   09/30/14 10:30 AM
x*Congrats! WAY ahead of me! NT
jblig09/30/14 10:58 AM
x*Thanks! No where near Bilbo but then he is in a category of his own! lol. NT
GazingEyes09/30/14 10:59 AM
x*But I'm trying to catch up. NT
jblig09/30/14 10:58 AM
x*That makes three. I better take a break now. NT
jblig09/30/14 10:59 AM
x*They all add up! NT
GazingEyes09/30/14 11:00 AM
*Bilbo STREAKS in & starts the Tuesday Morning Utopia Thread: Red is back, but not for long if Rob has anything to do with it! Josh confronted
Bilbo46 7   09/30/14 04:43 AM
x*Hi Bilbo! I appreciate these updates. When will someone finally get the boot? NT
GazingEyes09/30/14 05:03 AM
x*It's looking like Wednesday. Aaron and Kristen were back to their scheming ways last night too. They had an extended screw-the-others chat. NT
jblig09/30/14 05:09 AM
x*Thanks! NT
GazingEyes09/30/14 05:18 AM
x*i can't force myself to listen to those 2. God they piss me off NT
Bilbo09/30/14 05:10 AM
x*Ditto. NT
GazingEyes09/30/14 05:18 AM
x*IIRC the vote/eviction is Wednesday morning & the 2 new Ute's come in the afternoon, stay a few days & one of those will be voted as replacement NT
Bilbo09/30/14 05:09 AM
x*This is what I find interesting! I love it that the ones coming in have insight to what is going on because of the feeds. NT
GazingEyes09/30/14 05:17 AM
*Good morning Jokers! Do you really want to tempt fate on Blasphemy Day?
jblig43 5   09/30/14 04:07 AM
x*Winter is just around the corner.
JAF09/30/14 07:27 AM
x*Blasphemy! ok, the picture's pretty. NT
jblig09/30/14 07:55 AM
x*We didn't get any snow at the new house yet, but we can see the mountain tops got some. I just took this pic from my front porch...
JAF09/30/14 09:57 AM
x*Makes me want to go price for lift tickets! NT
jblig09/30/14 10:57 AM
x*Good morning, jblig & all! Happy Tuesday. Another stupid question day? Lol. (That was my stupid question). :) NT
GazingEyes09/30/14 05:01 AM
*Bilbo STREAKS in & starts the Monday Morning Utopia Thread: Busy weekend. Nominations on Saturday with Bella getting most votes (5) and a tie
Bilbo55 5   09/29/14 05:46 AM
x*You would imagine with all the outside info they really get clues and wake up. I would hope it is bri leaving. Bella is feeds gold. NT
GazingEyes09/29/14 09:30 AM
x*dream on, I'll be shocked if Red doesn't get voted off this round NT
Bilbo09/29/14 09:32 AM
x*If he isn't back today, he may find a way to not come back. I just don't like Bri. NT
GazingEyes09/29/14 09:33 AM
x*the EP said he'd be back today NT
Bilbo09/29/14 09:34 AM
x*And Rob may have been given the word from production that Red must go. He seems to want to go anyway. Wants to leave but get still get the stipend. NT
jblig09/29/14 09:40 AM
*Good morning Jokers! Not sure how I feel about Confucius Day since...
jblig79 8   09/29/14 04:01 AM
x*Hi everyone! ummm... poison blackberry day? NT
Molly09/29/14 09:03 PM
x*I just list it, but I don't recommend it :-x NT
jblig09/29/14 09:27 PM
x*jblig, thanks for doing them everyday! NT
Molly09/29/14 09:40 PM
x*Good morning, jblig (you happy goose) & all! Happy Monday. I am sipping on my 2nd cup of coffee. NT
GazingEyes09/29/14 09:31 AM
x*International Coffee Day! Does that mean we get free coffee all day? Poisoned blackberries day? NT
Blockhead09/29/14 05:34 AM
jblig09/29/14 07:30 AM
x*how about poisoned blackberry coffee? NT
Bilbo09/29/14 05:47 AM
x*Thanks, I'll pass. NT
Blockhead09/29/14 06:12 AM
*Bilbo STREAKS in to the PX to make his 170,000th post. I'm sure it'll be much higher by the time you read this because of Utopia Discussion :) NT
Bilbo124 9   09/28/14 06:23 PM
x*{{{{{{BILBO}}}}}} Congrats!!! NT
Molly09/29/14 09:04 PM
x*Holy cow! NT
ccquilter09/29/14 06:14 PM
x*Wow, impressive! NT
Shar09/29/14 06:09 AM
x*Wow, that is amazing! NT
Frodolass09/28/14 09:43 PM
x*Wow! Unreal and amazing, Bilbo! I am really impressed! Congrats. I guess I am not that chatty after all, lol. NT
GazingEyes09/28/14 09:03 PM
x*your posts are more annoying, so you have that :) NT
Bilbo09/28/14 09:04 PM
x*You wish.. :-P (That is me sticking my tongue at you). NT
GazingEyes09/28/14 09:07 PM
x*In honor of your post count and also Utopia...
jblig09/28/14 07:47 PM
x*geez, hope the Utes don't hear about this! Honey, Betsy & Ca$h will be on auction block tomorrow NT
Bilbo09/28/14 07:49 PM
*Good morning Jokers! Can you think of one to ask on National Ask A Stupid Question Day?
jblig95 3   09/28/14 03:29 AM
x*Did you just pose that question? Happy Sunday, jblig & all! NT
GazingEyes09/28/14 09:16 AM
x*Isn't that a really stupid question? NT
ne14cookies09/28/14 08:36 AM
x*In the Utopia Compound, Red managed to gum up the works after the vote for nominations. He's now working hard to get himself voted out. Feeds will be
jblig09/28/14 03:36 AM
*Good morning Jokers! Can you be creative on National Crush A Can Day?
jblig249 7   09/27/14 05:03 AM
x*Hi jblig & all! Happy Saturday! NT
GazingEyes09/27/14 09:27 AM
x*In the Big Brother house, maintenance crews begin day 2 of trying to get the stains out of the carpets. NT
jblig09/27/14 05:16 AM
x*The Utopia Veterinarians were watching the live feeds when Bri tried to force feed the calf. We were listening to the feeds when they called Red to
jblig09/27/14 05:15 AM
x*When do they find out who is nominated? I have to get in and catch up on Utopia! NT
GazingEyes09/27/14 09:28 AM
x*I think they do their voting today for two noms, but not sure when they find out our pick yet. NT
jblig09/27/14 09:33 AM
x*sounds like the Noon (their time) meeting is gonna be a must see NT
Bilbo09/27/14 09:35 AM
x*Thanks, Bilbo! Going to turn on the feeds now. NT
GazingEyes09/27/14 09:36 AM
*Bilbo STREAKS in & starts the Utopia TGIF!! Morning Thread: A new Ute arrived (baby calf), Red up already for the 4am feeding. Rob on a rampage
Bilbo467 12   09/26/14 05:20 AM
x*yawns! but the show is cool.NT
Pugsley09/26/14 03:45 PM
x*I am so behind on this show. Not sure how to catch up. Maybe the tv shows first? NT
GazingEyes09/26/14 12:15 PM
x*best to just dive into the feeds & discussion. tv show is really edited to tell the story they want to present. but you'd want to watch
Bilbo09/26/14 12:26 PM
x*Thanks! I figured as much! Last I followed, Dave wasn't allowed back in. I missed all with the girls coming in. I am sure Bella is the same! NT
GazingEyes09/26/14 01:08 PM
x*I am in the same boat at GE... was hoping could find some Clef notes somewhere :D... I got so far behind and find on free feeds so out of it. Is
ne14cookies09/26/14 01:24 PM
x*I was paying the 5 a month but stopped it a few weeks ago. I really haven't had much time to watch it. I saw today I still have the 4 so I have
GazingEyes09/26/14 03:27 PM
x*Don't forget, there's always a chance of adorably cute calf cam. :D NT
terlu09/26/14 06:00 PM
x*Aww. NT
GazingEyes09/26/14 07:16 PM
x*worth $5/month to not deal w commercials & feed blocks during shows NT
Bilbo09/26/14 01:28 PM
x*Is there any truth to what I hear is really low ratings and show may get pulled? NT
ne14cookies09/26/14 02:11 PM
x*The last I remember, they said they would keep it for a bit to see if it gets some traction, since it is for a year but the competition is
GazingEyes09/26/14 03:25 PM
x*The new rules kinda makes our choice useless. Sorry about Nikki. I did happen to catch one of the others in her birthday suit...
jblig09/26/14 06:39 AM
*Good morning Jokers! Walk the part, talk the part, put on plaid flannel, boots, and suspenders and dress the part on Lumberjack Day!
jblig404 10   09/26/14 04:01 AM
x*Sans the suspenders, pretty much describes the attire here in the North Country NT
ne14cookies09/26/14 01:26 PM
x*I do love plaid flannels. Now do decide whom to send a love note too. *scratching head*.... NT
GazingEyes09/26/14 12:14 PM
x*We can send one to each other. Haven't had a date forever... LOL NT
ne14cookies09/26/14 01:26 PM
x*I don't care...
tas09/26/14 08:29 AM
x*Good find! NT
jblig09/26/14 12:03 PM
x*Good morning, jb & all. lol @ first pic!! Cute little koala. It doesn't get cold enough here for flannel. Happy Pancake Day! :) NT
debbiedu2209/26/14 07:32 AM
x*I wear plaid flannel pj bottoms during the winter months NT
Bilbo09/26/14 05:41 AM
x*Morning...heading to Denver today for my Moms 80th Birthday! (I love flannel jammies in the winter) :-) NT
wyndycty09/26/14 05:40 AM
x*Happy 80th to your mom. NT
GazingEyes09/26/14 12:15 PM
x*Have fun, wyndy!!! We're hosting 80th party for my Mom on Nov. 15 (her actual bday is 19th). Hope your Mom enjoys her bday! :) NT
debbiedu2209/26/14 07:29 AM
*Bilbo STREAKS in & starts the Utopia Thursday Morning Thread: Vets tell Bri she is malnourishing the cows but she finds a way to blame Red
Bilbo211 4   09/25/14 05:59 AM
x*Oh that roasted maggot flavor that was surely getting into the food is about all I can take. Amanda knows about them and I am surprised she hasn't
jblig09/25/14 07:01 AM
x*I'm trying to catch up on the TV episodes, and haven't started feeds yet. What are the peak viewing hours? NT
Shar09/25/14 06:42 AM
x*The barn crew tries to start around 6:00 am and it's pretty much non stop until they go to bed around 11:00ish Pacific NT
jblig09/25/14 07:07 AM
x*Thanks! NT
Shar09/25/14 07:15 AM
*Good morning Jokers! Bilbo better change his playlist because it's National One Hit Wonder Day!
jblig159 3   09/25/14 03:35 AM
x*I do love comics. NT
GazingEyes09/25/14 04:44 PM
x*Is that a compliment? he he he. NT
jblig09/25/14 05:44 PM
x*Lol NT
GazingEyes09/25/14 06:00 PM
*BB Finale Night.... NT
wyndycty8008 246   09/24/14 06:21 PM
x*Congrats Derrick-Dang telephone,from your posts I missed the answers, will have to watch. Another season over, now Survivor to watch a MN guy NT
ne14cookies09/24/14 08:23 PM
x*Did they show Vics parents there tonight? NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 08:07 PM
x*Yes, near the start of the show. I believe they were in the second row and identified as her parents. NT
Blockhead09/24/14 08:10 PM
x*Thanks! I am so glad they both were there for her. NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 08:23 PM
x*So Derrick will be on The Talk tomorrow too. Maybe they mentioned Frankie earlier knowing he didn't get AFP and she wants all TA there on Talk? NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 08:06 PM
x*Oh cool, I'm glad to hear Derrick will be on too...I guess I'll watch it now! lol NT
Karina8609/24/14 08:08 PM
x*She told Derrick he would be on tomorrow. Maybe she will have the F3 there. If not, poor Vic. She may have Donny as TA and AFP. We shall see. NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 08:20 PM
x**You get a car, *You get a car & *you get a car* Wyndy hands out parting gifts...Nite all NT
wyndycty09/24/14 08:04 PM
x*Thanks! I am so verklempt, I can't even speak! NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 08:06 PM
x*Now for the chaos of the backyard interview - ah, good times! NT
jblig09/24/14 08:01 PM
x*Good night all see you next year if not before. NT
zebe8309/24/14 08:00 PM
x*so much fun hanging with you guys this summer! Big hugs for all except that Squareskull guy NT
Karina8609/24/14 08:02 PM
x*Good night. It was a pleasure to chat about BB with you all this season. NT
Blockhead09/24/14 08:01 PM
x*Thank you everyone for watching & hanging in all season! NT
wyndycty09/24/14 08:00 PM
x*Yay! I love us! Thanks for the fun, my fellow Dingi! NT
jteaz09/24/14 08:00 PM
x*Yes, not here as much as I'd liked but was great to be so welcomed when I showed up. You all are a great bunch and look forward to next time. NT
ne14cookies09/26/14 01:28 PM
x*Aww... "Holla" I knew then the baby was coming up the stage. NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 07:59 PM
x*that was sooo sweet :) NT
Karina8609/24/14 08:02 PM
x*Congrats Donny! NT
wyndycty09/24/14 07:58 PM
x*Did you hear Amber tell Donny she helped him get votes? Omg.. Did Caleb speak to Amber at all? NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 08:08 PM
x*who were the other two besides Donny in the Top 3 AFP? NT
RedBB09/24/14 08:05 PM
x*Nicole and Zach. NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 08:06 PM
x*thanks NT
RedBB09/24/14 08:07 PM
x*Yup! NT
jteaz09/24/14 07:59 PM
x*I knew it! Wow..... Will Julie tell them he won 50k more? NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 07:58 PM
x*okay, I am now dreading the eleventy gajillion posts that will proclaim Donny is bitter. Ugh. NT
Karina8609/24/14 07:55 PM
x*I dont think he is bitter, his vote just shows what I have known the entire time, that he doesnt know how BB works NT
Gorf09/24/14 07:57 PM
x*Why would they say Donny is bitter?
Blockhead09/24/14 07:56 PM
x*You? Are dead to me NT
Karina8609/24/14 07:58 PM
x*That's the best news of the night!!! NT
Blockhead09/24/14 07:59 PM
x*Okay. You've now turned this into an art form. My admiration grows! :) NT
jteaz09/24/14 07:57 PM
x**muah* NT
Blockhead09/24/14 07:59 PM
x*Cody always liked Cody and even said he would vote for Cody. NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 07:56 PM
x*Donny always liked Cody better during the game. That wasn't a surprise at all. NT
zebe8309/24/14 07:56 PM
x*He he he! NT
jblig09/24/14 07:55 PM
x*lol NT
Karina8609/24/14 07:58 PM
x*Donny went personal. Wouldn't have seen that coming until the jury segment tonight. Christine was a surprise too. NT
jblig09/24/14 07:55 PM
x*Donny also said Cody won comps and he voted on that too. Cody did win the last HoH. He told Cody while in the house that he would vote for him. NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 08:02 PM
x*Plus, Derrick tried to snow Donny and he didn't appreciate that not one bit. He knew that Derrick knew he was onto him and he was a
Caramel09/24/14 08:16 PM
x*I agree it was personal...he genuinely did like Cody more, plus he was still ticked at Derrick. But I think personal is different than bitter NT
Karina8609/24/14 07:56 PM
x*Did Derrick just tell Cody I will take care of you. NT
zebe8309/24/14 07:53 PM
x*Derrick wins 550K for winning alone not to mention the extra TA money. I bet he does something special for him. NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 08:04 PM
x*Yes, he did!!!! NT
Caramel09/24/14 08:00 PM
x*I don't have a DVR. Can someone rewind and see if Derrick said that to Cody when they embraced. NT
zebe8309/24/14 07:55 PM
x*he better have! NT
Karina8609/24/14 07:54 PM
x*Derrick wins! NT
wyndycty09/24/14 07:53 PM
x*Woohoo!! NT
alex_220309/24/14 07:54 PM
x*Joey has pink hair. NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 07:51 PM
x*So they didn't get credit for that task when they had to have an argument at the noms. They thought they did. I didn't think so. NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 07:50 PM
x*It's good thing they brought back the HGs who didn't make jury so we could catch up with them. NT
Blockhead09/24/14 07:49 PM
x*The Derrick Show has very few co-stars. NT
zebe8309/24/14 07:49 PM
x*Ten points to Griffendor for this response! :) NT
jteaz09/24/14 07:51 PM
x*So why did they bring out the non-jury members if we weren't going to talk to them? Go home, BB- you're drunk. NT
jteaz09/24/14 07:48 PM
x*Yeah, that's pretty obnoxious :( NT
Karina8609/24/14 07:49 PM
Blockhead09/24/14 07:49 PM
x*Great. Now you have access to my thoughts. I better not dream of tight blue shorts tonight. NT
jteaz09/24/14 07:54 PM
x*lol. oh, you will. NT
Blockhead09/24/14 08:01 PM
x*I know that was funny... NT
wyndycty09/24/14 07:49 PM
x*Zach is pissed about TA now that he realized he was the brunt of it. NT
zebe8309/24/14 07:45 PM
x*Yup, and they got paid for it, he got screwed. NT
Blockhead09/24/14 07:48 PM
x*Cody is dying inside .... NT
wyndycty09/24/14 07:48 PM
x*Ok, I'm cracking up! NT
wyndycty09/24/14 07:45 PM
x*Joey doesn't even get credit for being in TA. NT
zebe8309/24/14 07:43 PM
x*I agree! They never mentioned Joey. The only one who really knew still in the house was Hayden but didn't know if he truly believed it. NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 07:49 PM
x*I would love them to have a cast play the game twice. Everyone back again. This cast would be great to try that on. NT
zebe8309/24/14 07:40 PM
x*Oh man! That would be FUN! What a great idea! NT
Karina8609/24/14 07:41 PM
x*I think it would. It wouldn't play out the same way at all. NT
zebe8309/24/14 07:49 PM
x*I hope they tell them that Derrick is a cop NT
Blockhead09/24/14 07:36 PM
x*that was a cool reveal! Of course we KNEW Frankie would be thrilled that he was right! ugh NT
Karina8609/24/14 07:49 PM
x*Caleb did ok this season, I was worried in the beginning NT
wyndycty09/24/14 07:36 PM
x*Agreed. NT
zebe8309/24/14 07:38 PM
x*I would have bet money that he would be removed at some point. NT
Blockhead09/24/14 07:37 PM
x*yep, I think everybody was waiting. I liked him in the game NT
wyndycty09/24/14 07:40 PM
x*I think Christine voted for Derrick. NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 07:35 PM
x*And Frankie just ripped off RuPaul. **rolls eyes** NT
jteaz09/24/14 07:35 PM
x*Does RuPaul always say "I have had better?" NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 07:37 PM
x*HA! No... that trash was pure Frankie. "May the best houseguest... WIN" is from Drag Race (love that show!) NT
jteaz09/24/14 07:38 PM
x*It is time to lip synch for your life and don't f it up. NT
zebe8309/24/14 07:39 PM
x*Now *that* would be a fabulous way to end this show. I can see Cody dancing across the floor singing "I will Survive" in his final speech even now! NT
jteaz09/24/14 07:40 PM
x*Cody would make a good model boy that Ru keeps around. NT
zebe8309/24/14 07:51 PM
x*"Thank you Victoria" Translation: Thanks for telling us your vote even after I said not to. -Chenbot NT
jteaz09/24/14 07:36 PM
x*Lol. NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 07:37 PM
x*Hahaha Donny "I left my skittles at home" NT
alex_220309/24/14 07:34 PM
x*Jocasta must be voting for Derrick because she said.. "I guess fake praying works." NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 07:33 PM
x*Donny and the Skittles! They *have* to be a sponsor next year. NT
jteaz09/24/14 07:34 PM
x*Omg! So funny! Skittles and Pop Tarts. NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 07:36 PM
x*Foot Loops has to be happy too! NT
wyndycty09/24/14 07:37 PM
x*Ack, edit edit, please edit! NT
jblig09/24/14 07:39 PM
x*lol what? you don't wanna picture a bit of toejam in your loops? Mmmmm! NT
Karina8609/24/14 07:41 PM
x*I got a very disturbing visual! NT
jblig09/24/14 07:44 PM
x*Right? Zach deserves his own box cover with Toucan Sam. NT
jteaz09/24/14 07:38 PM
x*I didn't hear answers to questions just BS. Are they running. For office or what? NT
Caramel09/24/14 07:33 PM
x*They were all smiling and nodding when Derrick gave his answer. I think he has it in the bag. NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 07:32 PM
x*Yup. I can't see Derrick losing this. NT
Blockhead09/24/14 07:33 PM
x*Cody now realizes he made a mistake. NT
Blockhead09/24/14 07:32 PM
x*Good speech Cody. Point to you. NT
jteaz09/24/14 07:32 PM
x*Good speech Derrick. Point to you. (Yeah- I know I'm no help.) NT
jteaz09/24/14 07:32 PM
x*ok, give them all their keys and the first one that get's theirs in the box wins $25k. GO! *Just tryin to speed up the process.* NT
jblig09/24/14 07:29 PM
x**applauds* NT
jteaz09/24/14 07:30 PM
x*lol! I like how you think! NT
Karina8609/24/14 07:30 PM
x*Derrick pointed to Zach's pink hat! They are realizing he got another one. Love it! NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 07:27 PM
x*Derrick just saved himself with that answer..at least until their speeches NT
wyndycty09/24/14 07:27 PM
x*Good question Victoria. NT
alex_220309/24/14 07:27 PM
x*Cody- There is no WE when it comes to 500k. NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 07:25 PM
x*Bingo! NT
Blockhead09/24/14 07:27 PM
x*oooh I think Cody just blew any chance he had w/ that answer NT
Karina8609/24/14 07:23 PM
x*He blew it when he kept Derrick. But yeah that answer was baaaadddd! NT
Blockhead09/24/14 07:28 PM
x*Yeah, he got a little cocky on Frankie, but I liked it :-) NT
wyndycty09/24/14 07:24 PM
x*Yeah... I know why he did so, but it wasn't too smart in my opinion. NT
jteaz09/24/14 07:24 PM
x*I don't think either one is doing well. NT
zebe8309/24/14 07:24 PM
x*Glad that Donny, Zach and Hayden dressed for the occasion. NT
zebe8309/24/14 07:22 PM
x*tee hee NT
Karina8609/24/14 07:25 PM
x*Lol. NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 07:24 PM
x*The three D's of BB will now be Derrick, Dan and Dr. Will :-) NT
jblig09/24/14 07:18 PM
x*Are there any family members there for Victoria? Is Ariana seated in the audience or in the back? TIA. Does the jurors family sit in the audience? NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 07:17 PM
x*Victoria's family is there. I don't know about Ariana or the juror's family. NT
Blockhead09/24/14 07:19 PM
x*I read in BBD that she Ariana is there sitting between Jeff and Rachel. Frankie must have seen her because he was putting his hand in his mouth. NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 07:22 PM
x*Very short interview with Victoria NT
Blockhead09/24/14 07:16 PM
x*Call me crazy but I like her. NT
zebe8309/24/14 07:17 PM
x*I like her too. She's grown on me. She's not a good player but I like her. NT
Blockhead09/24/14 07:19 PM
x*So who won NT
MsB09/24/14 07:15 PM
x*hiya MsB..what are drinking tonight? NT
wyndycty09/24/14 07:21 PM
x*Cody final HOH NT
zebe8309/24/14 07:15 PM
x*Hi Zebe ....thanks NT
MsB09/24/14 07:16 PM
x*Hi Ms B. Yw. :) NT
zebe8309/24/14 07:18 PM
x*Cody wears those jeans well! NT
zebe8309/24/14 07:14 PM
x*Cody just gave Derrick $450k. Good job! NT
Blockhead09/24/14 07:14 PM
x*Yep, he's gonna be wishing for a reset button by the end of the night. NT
jblig09/24/14 07:15 PM
x*I think so too, but I do give him credit for being a loyal friend NT
Karina8609/24/14 07:17 PM
x*He met the guy 3 months ago. $450K could have done a lot for his family and he gave it away. NT
Blockhead09/24/14 07:18 PM
x*I know, but I have a soft spot for peeps who demonstrate loyalty NT
Karina8609/24/14 07:19 PM
x*me too... NT
wyndycty09/24/14 07:21 PM
x*Here's the thing about that
Blockhead09/24/14 07:20 PM
x*Ha...damn! NT
wyndycty09/24/14 07:25 PM
x*Excuse me for a moment. For some reason I feel the need to pour myself another drink. *smacks self on the head* NT
jteaz09/24/14 07:22 PM
x*you? Are evil. Pure evil NT
Karina8609/24/14 07:21 PM
x*To let you all know I usually hang around in the Bravo show forums and TAR when bb is not on. Wanted to get that in before the night is over. NT
zebe8309/24/14 07:13 PM
x*ha,Good to know, you will find me in The Score..we love all Cheeseheads, birds, bears, cowboys, Indians and
wyndycty09/24/14 07:20 PM
x*and you are a fine intern, young man! NT
Karina8609/24/14 07:15 PM
x*#teamsonya. NT
zebe8309/24/14 07:17 PM
x*:) NT
Karina8609/24/14 07:17 PM
x*Woot Cody!!! I want him to win it all. NT
zebe8309/24/14 07:09 PM
x*Unfortunately he's got a big fight ahead. But he didn't take the easy route to get there (via Victoria) so there's credit for that. NT
jteaz09/24/14 07:14 PM
x*Nervousing ....wow NT
wyndycty09/24/14 07:08 PM
x*Me too girly! Oh please let Cody be dumb and take Derrick! NT
Karina8609/24/14 07:09 PM
x*I know! what to do...what to do.... NT
wyndycty09/24/14 07:11 PM
x*He will take him. But I think he may still have a chance to win. NT
zebe8309/24/14 07:11 PM
x*These answers sound so scripted. NT
Blockhead09/24/14 07:06 PM
x*Cody is going to win this. NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 07:02 PM
x*Nailed it! Vic will not go to Finals. NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 07:09 PM
x*Derrick isn't throwing this, is he? I can't tell. NT
jteaz09/24/14 07:05 PM
x*The answers are so arbitrary that is hard to tell. NT
Blockhead09/24/14 07:08 PM
x*Neither will throw this one, imo. NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 07:08 PM
x*I hoped not, but since he knew Cody would most likely take him, he can secure Victoria's vote by not winning this. NT
jteaz09/24/14 07:09 PM
x*If you mean F1, bite your tongue. NT
ne14cookies09/24/14 07:04 PM
x*Ouch. Wow so this gives Cody another win. I still think Derrick has this one in the bag. Cody will take Derrick. He can't stand Vic. NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 07:10 PM
x*But I think you might be right. NT
ne14cookies09/24/14 07:09 PM
x*I didn't see it all, but did it seem like the production of the opening was mostly about Derrick's game, felt like they are saying he should win NT
ne14cookies09/24/14 07:01 PM
x*Yes, it was mostly all about Derrick. NT
Blockhead09/24/14 07:02 PM
x*I crack up when "bitter jury" comes up. I am emotional person and would totally vote against someone that screwed me over. NT
zebe8309/24/14 07:00 PM
x*I like to think I wouldn't, but I probably would lol. NT
alex_220309/24/14 07:01 PM
x*It's a game. Everyone but the winner gets screwed over. NT
Blockhead09/24/14 07:01 PM
x*Yes but sometimes knives go in deeper. NT
zebe8309/24/14 07:10 PM
x*I have a feeling I would vote personally NT
wyndycty09/24/14 07:13 PM
x*Cody needs to emphasize in his speech Derrick couldn't have done what he wanted to do without Cody winning down the stretch. That could work. NT
zebe8309/24/14 06:59 PM
x*Um, Dr Will is bugging me tonight, he's all yours Jteaz, I'll stick to my memories :-) NT
wyndycty09/24/14 06:59 PM
x*Thanks! I love trying to rehabilitate bad boys... NT
jteaz09/24/14 07:02 PM
x*Settle down Jacosta NT
wyndycty09/24/14 06:55 PM
x*Shes's making herself look like an idiot. NT
alex_220309/24/14 06:58 PM
x*TY... NT
ne14cookies09/24/14 06:57 PM
x*Lol. NT
zebe8309/24/14 06:57 PM
x*donny is such a dumbass. backstabbing and manipulating people all the way to jury is the game. stupid donny. NT
Carrot_Stick09/24/14 06:55 PM
x*Donny is hurt that Derrick sent him out of the game after being in the TA NT
wyndycty09/24/14 06:56 PM
x*lame. NT
Carrot_Stick09/24/14 06:57 PM
x*That was just a thought...could be wrong, could be right NT
wyndycty09/24/14 07:04 PM
x*Shut up Frankie you crybaby. NT
Blockhead09/24/14 06:53 PM
x*Ha! Dr. Will's "that's nice and all but lets move on" thing was funny! NT
jteaz09/24/14 06:54 PM
x*Jocasta claiming Derrick fake praying with her. GMAB NT
Blockhead09/24/14 06:56 PM
x*The first part of the HOH was pure physical but this part is too physical as well. Unfair advantage to the guys. NT
Blockhead09/24/14 06:50 PM
x*The second part is always physical and mental though, isn't it? NT
alex_220309/24/14 06:51 PM
x*Except when Jordan had to roll the balls. NT
Blockhead09/24/14 06:52 PM
x*True. NT
alex_220309/24/14 06:53 PM
x*Wow... I'm hurting just watching that. Ouch! NT
jteaz09/24/14 06:49 PM
x*Great strategy Victoria..Im sure they like hearing that about them NT
wyndycty09/24/14 06:49 PM
x*If Caleb was in this pyramid comp, he'd be looking for $5k cash prizes instead of pics of the HGs. NT
Blockhead09/24/14 06:47 PM
x*And hoping that one offers him a record deal too. NT
jteaz09/24/14 06:47 PM
x*Cool comp set up! NT
jblig09/24/14 06:46 PM
x*Hey zebe- I gotta ask. Did you see Frankie during the Survivor commercial? And if so, is he wearing your outfit again tonight? :) NT
jteaz09/24/14 06:45 PM
x*No. I decided I'm Boycotting survivor. I didnt know until tonight they cast a known anti Semite homophobe. They did it on purpose so I am too. :) NT
zebe8309/24/14 06:50 PM
x*Wow- I'm out of the loop! Sorry we won't have you this season, but totally understand! NT
jteaz09/24/14 06:52 PM
x*Is that Erin with Dr Will, man he had to lean over & kiss her & blow up my dreams NT
wyndycty09/24/14 06:43 PM
x*I am so over Dr Will. NT
zebe8309/24/14 06:46 PM
x*Right? Love is pain, I guess. :) NT
jteaz09/24/14 06:44 PM
x*Not ashamed to say this, but DAMN! Dr. Will, you still got it baby. I forgive you for breaking up with me during All Stars. NT
jteaz09/24/14 06:42 PM
x*bahahaha! That cracks me up so much! NT
Karina8609/24/14 06:44 PM
x*Bb should at least get 2 hours for the final and a reunion episode. Do you all see it was renewed for 2 years? NT
zebe8309/24/14 06:38 PM
x*I agree about it being 2 hours! I don't know how their gonna cram all this in! And yes, I saw the great news! 2 more years - YAY! NT
Karina8609/24/14 06:40 PM
x*Wow...hubby will be thrilled...NOT, ha NT
wyndycty09/24/14 06:40 PM
x*I feel your pain. *sighs* :) NT
jteaz09/24/14 06:41 PM
x*Ready. NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 06:37 PM
x*Woo Hoo GE ... haven't seen you in what seems like forever. :D NT
ne14cookies09/24/14 06:51 PM
x*She brought cheese and crackers and punch. NT
zebe8309/24/14 06:42 PM
x*You know it's a party when GE shows up! Whoot! Glad you joined us! NT
jteaz09/24/14 06:40 PM
x*WhooHoo...GE in the house! NT
wyndycty09/24/14 06:39 PM
x*I've missed you GE! Glad you're here! NT
Karina8609/24/14 06:39 PM
x*Hey! Good to see you!! NT
Blockhead09/24/14 06:38 PM
x*Thanks, all! Glad to be back and missed you all!! NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 07:01 PM
x*Hi ya'll Just got off work... Did I miss anything... Oh, goodie did it just start? NT
ne14cookies09/24/14 06:36 PM
x*Just starting, did you bring cookies, cookie? NT
wyndycty09/24/14 06:37 PM
x*Was just gonna ask. I'm drinking Jack and Coke. Ya got anything that goes with that? NT
jteaz09/24/14 06:38 PM
x*Absolutely....... enjoy Cookies 4ne1 and everyone :D
ne14cookies09/24/14 06:45 PM
x*I am jackless, but will enjoy your treats w/ my Diet Coke! Thank you :) NT
Karina8609/24/14 06:46 PM
x*mmm....cookies. Thanks sweetie! NT
jteaz09/24/14 06:46 PM
x*she must be baking them as we speak :-) NT
wyndycty09/24/14 06:44 PM
x*YOu are just too dang smart :) NT
ne14cookies09/24/14 06:47 PM
x*they did a recap of the season, so you haven't missed a thing, baby :) Glad you're here! NT
Karina8609/24/14 06:37 PM
x*They are using half the show on the intro. NT
zebe8309/24/14 06:36 PM
x*I can now die happy. The BB announcer dude just said Judy Chop. I'm in love. NT
jteaz09/24/14 06:34 PM
x*Lol NT
zebe8309/24/14 06:37 PM
x*Judy Chop..BMC NT
wyndycty09/24/14 06:34 PM
x*It was nice to spend the sum with you all. After sitting out of last season, it was nice to have decent people on BB this year. NT
zebe8309/24/14 06:33 PM
x*Yes, this year was angst free NT
wyndycty09/24/14 06:37 PM
x*I'm glad I got to know you...you are fun to post with :) NT
Karina8609/24/14 06:35 PM
x*You as well. Everyone in the PX is very nice and respectful. NT
zebe8309/24/14 06:36 PM
x*except for that Blockhead dude! ha NT
Karina8609/24/14 06:38 PM
x*This is true. NT
Blockhead09/24/14 06:39 PM
x**snicker* NT
wyndycty09/24/14 06:41 PM
x*This is why we love it. In honor of our last live show, I'm buying the first round for the PX. Toast to you all, ya fooligans! NT
jteaz09/24/14 06:37 PM
x**muah* Thank you darlin'! NT
Karina8609/24/14 06:38 PM
x*Let's go!!! NT
Blockhead09/24/14 06:32 PM
x*Here's hoping Derrick wins. NT
Quench09/24/14 06:32 PM
x*Right with ya Quench! NT
wyndycty09/24/14 06:42 PM
Karina8609/24/14 06:32 PM
x*Here we Go... NT
wyndycty09/24/14 06:31 PM
x*I popped into BBD earlier and saw scuttlebutt that Frankie would be on the Talk but the winner would not be. Is that true? NT
jblig09/24/14 06:27 PM
x*Yes, Frankie and not the winner or F3. NT
Blockhead09/24/14 06:35 PM
x*Thanks! Guess I won't be seeking that out. NT
jblig09/24/14 06:39 PM
x*Heard that too. And I need to stop drinking: I read your sentence as "I pooped into BBD earlier..." and started to laugh. *waves at jb* NT
jteaz09/24/14 06:33 PM
x*lol! howdy! NT
jblig09/24/14 06:33 PM
Karina8609/24/14 06:33 PM
x*I read that too...Julie is all up Frankies butt NT
wyndycty09/24/14 06:28 PM
x*While I wait for my Survivor friends to join us (no spoilers pls) did anybody vote for AFP? NT
wyndycty09/24/14 06:22 PM
x*I voted 20 times for Donny every day! :) *fingers crossed* NT
Karina8609/24/14 06:32 PM
x*I did not. You can blame me if Frankie wins. NT
jblig09/24/14 06:24 PM
x*I voted about 22 times for Donnie :-) NT
wyndycty09/24/14 06:27 PM
x*I voted like 3 days in a row, then I forgot :( NT
alex_220309/24/14 06:32 PM
*Bilbo STREAKS in & starts the BB Finale & Utopia Humpday Morning Thread: thankfully BB is over tonight, Utopians had a busy day w/
Bilbo314 4   09/24/14 05:04 AM
x*I'm mentally not ready at all for this night of television. I don't even watch Utopia. NT
PointBeing09/24/14 04:45 PM
x*I gotta give Derrick kudos. He kept the undercover cop thing secret the whole game. Will he reveal in his speech tonight? Ready for some jury
jblig09/24/14 06:17 AM
x*I forgot, Farmer Lefty is coming by today and oh yeah, Aaron is planning Thanksgiving dinner! NT
jblig09/24/14 06:28 AM
x*i've heard several call him Lucky & others call him Lefty. wonder which is actually right? NT
Bilbo09/24/14 06:29 AM
*Good morning Jokers! Alas my exclamation ended with a question mark period and there is not a comma in sight on National Punctuation Day!
jblig135 2   09/24/14 03:09 AM
x*! , ? ,! NT
zebe8309/24/14 03:53 PM
x*!?! NT
GazingEyes09/24/14 05:53 PM
*Bilbo STREAKS in & starts the BB/Utopia Tuesday Morning Thread: is BB over yet? It was a Redventful day Utopia. Red succeeded from the others
Bilbo214 3   09/23/14 05:28 AM
x*Sounded like they may get a jump for the tractor from the Bee Keeper. With Bella relinquishing the garden, this could be good! NT
jblig09/23/14 08:40 AM
x*already started off good with Pancakegate between Bella & Amanda, whining about Nikki NT
Bilbo09/23/14 08:45 AM
x*The funniest thing in BB right now is the fight between Zach & Donnie fans voting for AFP. NT
wyndycty09/23/14 06:08 AM
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