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*ABC Announces the Celebrity Cast Along With Their Professional Dance Partners For Dancing With The Stars ~Premieres Monday March 20th
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*Dancing With The Stars Forum Rules/Guidelines
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*Derek Hough Sings In New Dance Music Video, Opens Up About Vocal Cord Surgery
Dreamer20 0   03/29/17 12:35 PM
*Is Charo annoying anyone else. like I get shes a comedianne but she comes off as not funny to me but disrespectful? Like Keo had to pull her back NT
Tamms269 9   03/28/17 04:28 AM
x*Charo was completely disrespectful to Bruno. She said that.....
Mozartist03/29/17 06:07 PM
x*She is a royal pain in the tookus and I wish she'd cut it out. Maybe she'll get voted off soon, unless there are people who like her. She's
susie84103/28/17 12:34 PM
x*Yes, she's loud and abrasive, and she plays the ethnic stereotype to insulting excess. That's always been her schtick
Beard03/28/17 09:29 AM
x*Me too... NT
ne14cookies03/28/17 12:58 PM
x*I like her and I think she is funny but it won't be funny if she keeps doing it. I'm not sure if she'll be around after next week. NT
Hidef108003/28/17 05:29 AM
x*That is all she has ever done... Same act for 50 decades ... it is old and so very tired of it. A reason she hasn't been in the limelight much NT
ne14cookies03/28/17 12:57 PM
x*She is not funny, and I don't think she will be around long. NT
tweeter03/28/17 06:14 AM
x*I hope she goes next week. NT
mixmemargarita03/28/17 09:01 AM
x*Yep, her next, then Mr. T. NT
Beard03/28/17 09:30 AM
*I thought Chris was better than Mr. T. Mr. T's fan base would be much larger however. NT
Hidef108020 0   03/28/17 12:52 AM
*Charo and Keo / Chris and Whitney are in jeopardy. All others safe. NT
jblig64 3   03/27/17 06:59 PM
x*Two worthy choices, and the best choice goes home. I'll miss Witney. NT
Beard03/27/17 07:00 PM
x*Chris and Whitney are eliminated. NT
jblig03/27/17 07:00 PM
x*I feel so bad for him NT
Dulcie03/27/17 07:00 PM
*David and Lindsay – Cha Cha (“Bust a Move” by Young MC) Phone 1-800-868-3404 - Score: 7-6-7-7=27 NT
jblig84 5   03/27/17 06:49 PM
x*Theres 2 minutes left for eliminations this is awful NT
03/27/17 06:58 PM
x*I don't know how I feel about that. Good effort, but so many elements of the overall thing just didn't work for me. NT
Beard03/27/17 06:56 PM
x*It was fun. He had the fortune of following Mr. T so it looked pretty good. NT
jblig03/27/17 06:56 PM
x*that was bad, but in a fun way. NT
chris426603/27/17 06:55 PM
x*Good way to put it. NT
Beard03/27/17 06:57 PM
*Mr. T and Kym – Paso Doblé (“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor) Phone 1-800-868-3407 - Score: 6-5-6-5=22 NT
jblig63 6   03/27/17 06:39 PM
x*So Kym is going to be the female Tony now? She deserves better. NT
krh503803/27/17 06:52 PM
x*He's not going to be around long. NT
chris426603/27/17 06:47 PM
x*Kym choreographed that perfectly for him. He almost looked like he was dancing. NT
Beard03/27/17 06:47 PM
x*OH dear. That was all Kym NT
Dulcie03/27/17 06:46 PM
x*Can't have too much Kym. NT
Beard03/27/17 06:48 PM
x*Good dance for him. Can get away with just doing macho poses. NT
jblig03/27/17 06:46 PM
*Rashad and Emma – Viennese Waltz (“Suffer” by Charlie Puth) Phone 1-800-868-3411 - Score: 8-8-8-8=32 NT
jblig84 8   03/27/17 06:33 PM
x*Carrie Anne is gonna be the foot lift police. NT
cjj303/27/17 06:36 PM
x*Apparently she's playing good cop tonight, even complimentary cop. NT
Beard03/27/17 06:38 PM
x*Glad she said drag, lol. NT
cjj303/27/17 06:38 PM
x*I enjoy watching him dance so much NT
03/27/17 06:36 PM
x*ooo that was smooth NT
Dulcie03/27/17 06:36 PM
x*He dances a little small, but he's a good partner to show off Emma. NT
Beard03/27/17 06:36 PM
x*Very nice. Smooth! NT
jblig03/27/17 06:36 PM
x*Agree. Love him! NT
chris426603/27/17 06:36 PM
*Normani and Val – Cha Cha (“Give Me Your Love” by Sigala featuring) Phone 1-800-868-3410 - Score: 8-8-8-8=32 NT
jblig94 9   03/27/17 06:23 PM
x*LOL. I think Val IS jetlagged. what was he talking about? Vampire blood? NT
bbdove03/27/17 06:29 PM
x*The best dance of the evening so far. NT
chris426603/27/17 06:26 PM
x*I totally agree, but I didn't like how they had the crowd all up close to them. I'd love to see that dance out in the middle of the floor. NT
LibraLady03/27/17 06:31 PM
x*only dance I have liked or I thought was any good so far but Rashad hasn't gone yet so I may like another
taemin803/27/17 06:30 PM
x*I love Rashad and hope he does well tonight. NT
chris426603/27/17 06:34 PM
x*I agree NT
Dulcie03/27/17 06:27 PM
x*I love this girl. I love her energy and stage presence. NT
bbdove03/27/17 06:25 PM
x*Dramatic, sexy and fun, but short. First really good dance of the night. NT
Beard03/27/17 06:25 PM
x*Distracting camera angle with the crowd there. Seemed better than last week though. NT
jblig03/27/17 06:25 PM
*Chris and Whitney – Jive (“Hey Ya!” by OutKast) Phone 1-800-868-3403 - Score: 6-5-6-5=22 NT
jblig91 8   03/27/17 06:14 PM
x*Better. I feel badly for him. NT
zebe8303/27/17 06:18 PM
x*He probably wasn't a good candidate to be on the show. Wonder how he got cleared to compete? NT
cjj303/27/17 06:19 PM
x*Witney really has that vintage glamour queen thing down pat. She vamped a lot of distraction and support, but it just couldn't cover enough. Ick! NT
Beard03/27/17 06:17 PM
x*Better than last week....but still pretty bad. NT
cjj303/27/17 06:16 PM
x*I laughed through the whole thing. He was better than last week, but not that much better. Lol NT
chris426603/27/17 06:16 PM
x*It's hard to watch him NT
Dulcie03/27/17 06:16 PM
x*Well.. I'll say that was vintage Chris. NT
jblig03/27/17 06:15 PM
x*Yes indeed! NT
bbdove03/27/17 06:18 PM
*Simone and Sasha – Cha Cha (“Burnin’ Up” by Jessie J featuring 2 Chainz) Phone 1-800-868-3412 - Score: 7-7-7-8=29 NT
jblig90 8   03/27/17 06:04 PM
x*Are they serious- CA and Julianne thought Bonner's dance was better than hers??!! NT
03/27/17 06:08 PM
x*I was thinking the same thing. At least she committed. He seemed very stiff, lol, guess he was worried about hand placement. NT
cjj303/27/17 06:10 PM
x*She looks crushed NT
Dulcie03/27/17 06:08 PM
x*Sasha's a really good choreographer. I liked it a lot NT
03/27/17 06:07 PM
x*I agree NT
chris426603/27/17 06:08 PM
x*Once she got to dancing with her partner, she was good. That stuff at the beginning just looked like muscle posing. NT
Beard03/27/17 06:07 PM
x*Those darn flexible gymnasts. NT
bbdove03/27/17 06:07 PM
x*I'd say she "committed". Well done. NT
jblig03/27/17 06:07 PM
*Bonner and Sharna – Viennese Waltz – (“Unlove You” by Jennifer Nettles) Phone 1-800-868-3401 - Score: 8-6-8-7=29 NT
jblig162 17   03/27/17 05:54 PM
x*Wow, Len is really in a mood tonight. NT
Beard03/27/17 05:58 PM
x*8 was way high. NT
cjj303/27/17 06:04 PM
x*So am I have not liked anybody so far NT
taemin803/27/17 06:00 PM
x*Maybe the elimination will cheer us up. :-D NT
Beard03/27/17 06:03 PM
x*depends who it is NT
taemin803/27/17 06:04 PM
x*Really short. Leg spread in the beginning looked like he was on a saddle. NT
jblig03/27/17 05:57 PM
x*The cowboy dun good. A little bit stompy toward the end, but generally smooth and graceful. NT
Beard03/27/17 05:57 PM
x*That seemed super short. NT
bbdove03/27/17 05:56 PM
x*I thought the same thing NT
chris426603/27/17 05:57 PM
x*Lil awkward, but I like this guy NT
Dulcie03/27/17 05:56 PM
x*Better than last week NT
03/27/17 05:56 PM
x*Pull some romance out of his saddle bags? Well howdy ma`am. NT
bbdove03/27/17 05:55 PM
x*I LOVE Sharna's outfit! NT
03/27/17 05:55 PM
x*If they put in a part where she has to move his hand, I'll give them an extra point. NT
jblig03/27/17 05:55 PM
x*How about if she doesn't move the hand? NT
Beard03/27/17 05:58 PM
x*Then he scores :-) NT
jblig03/27/17 05:59 PM
x*Lol NT
chris426603/27/17 05:56 PM
*Heather and Alan (Maks) – Jive (“Grown” by Little Mix) Phone 1-800-868-3406 - Score: 8-6-8-8=30 NT
jblig146 12   03/27/17 05:42 PM
x*Geez Len, it was just a few seconds worth NT
Dulcie03/27/17 05:46 PM
x*I liked it until that break in the middle with the two other woman. I agree with Len, do a Jive. NT
chris426603/27/17 05:46 PM
x*Thay was fun. I knew Len would say not enough Jive. NT
bbdove03/27/17 05:46 PM
x*I'm not giving opinions on her. She is a pro and doesn't belong here. NT
zebe8303/27/17 05:46 PM
x*That reads a lot like an opinion. lol. Obviously the producers and ABC don't care. DWTS hasn't been a dance competition for many seasons so I
DaveG03/27/17 09:23 PM
x*Fast, lots of variety, but somehow disappointing. Didn't care for it at all. NT
Beard03/27/17 05:45 PM
x*I liked it. Bold move with the extras paid off. NT
jblig03/27/17 05:45 PM
x*Len's gonna hate it lol NT
03/27/17 05:45 PM
x*lol, and he did. Julianne too. NT
jblig03/27/17 05:50 PM
x*Impressed considering she lost her original partner. NT
dillybean03/27/17 05:45 PM
x*Nice NT
Dulcie03/27/17 05:45 PM
x*Sad about Maks but ALAN!! He shoulda been a pro this season NT
03/27/17 05:43 PM
*Nick and Peta – Foxtrot (“Love Me Now” by John Legend) Phone 1-800-868-3409 - Score: 7-5-7-6=25 NT
jblig232 17   03/27/17 05:32 PM
x*Julianne and Carrie Ann are smoking something not worth a 7 at ALL NT
taemin803/27/17 05:42 PM
x*I wonder if Peta is sending us a signal with this disconnected choreography. It's not like her at all. Even when trying to look serious, Nick
DaveG03/27/17 09:27 PM
x*To give Nick a 5 and Charo a 6. Cmon Len. NT
zebe8303/27/17 05:42 PM
x*5!! Whoaaaa NT
03/27/17 05:41 PM
x*Indeed. What did he see from Charo that he thought was better. NT
Beard03/27/17 05:43 PM
x*Too skippy lol NT
Dulcie03/27/17 05:42 PM
x*Madness on the floor? It wasn't that bad. NT
bbdove03/27/17 05:39 PM
x*yes it was it was bad in my opinion NT
taemin803/27/17 05:40 PM
x*Not bad. A little shaky at times, but if he can loosen up, he could be quite good. NT
Beard03/27/17 05:39 PM
x*They all seem off tonight. NT
dillybean03/27/17 05:39 PM
x*I agree. Not a thing so far that has much entertained me, let alone grabbed me. NT
Beard03/27/17 05:41 PM
x*Good leg work. Upper body seemed awkward at times. NT
jblig03/27/17 05:38 PM
x*He was better last week. NT
chris426603/27/17 05:38 PM
x*They were good. NT
zebe8303/27/17 05:38 PM
x*I think he was better last week. He walked through most of that NT
03/27/17 05:38 PM
x*This show is a total mess tonight yikes lol Nick and Peta rehearsing on stage and production telling them they're on camera lol NT
03/27/17 05:33 PM
x*They have new show runners this season. The people that actually run the show. I thought last week was bad too. You can tell. NT
zebe8303/27/17 05:35 PM
*Charo and Keo – Paso Doblé (“España Cani” by Charo) Phone 1-800-868-3402 - Score: 6-6-7-6=25 NT
jblig195 18   03/27/17 05:22 PM
x*Can't wait til she gets a really bad score. She will leap over the balcony. NT
dillybean03/27/17 05:33 PM
x*I don't care, she cracks me up, always has NT
Dulcie03/27/17 05:32 PM
x*I just caught the very end of that- what the heck just happened lol NT
03/27/17 05:32 PM
x*That over-scoring was far more than a sympathy vote. Where the hell did that 7 come from? NT
Beard03/27/17 05:32 PM
x*From fear perhaps? NT
DaveG03/27/17 09:28 PM
x*That was just plain stupid. NT
zebe8303/27/17 05:31 PM
x*Poor Keough. He was obviously told by producers to control her. And they feed her the accent line. NT
zebe8303/27/17 05:30 PM
x*It's a losing battle controlling NT
dillybean03/27/17 05:31 PM
x*I didn't find that whole act entertaining at all. NT
zebe8303/27/17 05:32 PM
x*That shtick might get old, but I don't think I've laughed at anyone more. NT
jblig03/27/17 05:38 PM
x*That was not dancing it was walk and stomp and walk and stomp get rid of her ASAP NT
taemin803/27/17 05:28 PM
x*She's a little hard to control during the judges NT
dillybean03/27/17 05:28 PM
x*You think? Lmao NT
chris426603/27/17 05:29 PM
x*I don't know what I just watched. That was so confusing. NT
chris426603/27/17 05:27 PM
x*It was fun. Either she kept counting or she was having a full blown conversation out there. NT
jblig03/27/17 05:27 PM
x*Lots of mistakes. NT
zebe8303/27/17 05:27 PM
x*She really oversold Passo being her life. That was awful. NT
Beard03/27/17 05:27 PM
x*Yeah I thought she'd do better. I think she just does what she wants. NT
bbdove03/27/17 05:29 PM
*Erika and Gleb – Foxtrot (“Bad Intentions” by Niykee Heaton) Phone 1-800-868-3405 - Score: 7-7-7-7=28 NT
jblig164 13   03/27/17 05:13 PM
x*Anybody know what kind of car that was? NT
bbfankat03/30/17 12:34 AM
x*Not sure what it is just don't get excited. Guess that was a nod to her son, the cop. :whoknows: NT
bbdove03/27/17 05:25 PM
x*don't talk about her son. NT
chris426603/27/17 05:28 PM
x*OMG! How dare you! $&!?!$ you for that, $&!?!$ you. That's all. (j/k, LMAO, just a silly RHOBH joke!) NT
KatOnAHotPC03/29/17 10:56 PM
bbdove03/27/17 05:32 PM
x*I really thought they would get on her about having to be so sexy all the time and not show a more serious side. Probably will happen though NT
dillybean03/27/17 05:24 PM
x*It was ok. Better than last week. NT
chris426603/27/17 05:18 PM
x*Oops, that was the sound of a crew member being fired. NT
jblig03/27/17 05:18 PM
x*She has great potential, but there's a stiffness that hurts her performance. I think she's trying to hard to be sexy and not dancing.
Beard03/27/17 05:17 PM
x*AWFUL with a capital A for a foxtrot NT
taemin803/27/17 05:16 PM
x*Dumb story NT
Dulcie03/27/17 05:16 PM
x*Overall good form. Too much messin about at the end. NT
jblig03/27/17 05:16 PM
x*Meh. NT
zebe8303/27/17 05:15 PM
*If anyone's going to have a wardrobe malfunction tonight, it's going to be Julianne. She's very close to a nip slip in that dress. NT
chris426684 6   03/27/17 05:08 PM
x*I think she may be too well bound into that contraption for a nip slip, unless she busts the whole thing. I think the dress is a bit restrained
Beard03/27/17 05:14 PM
x*I think her boobs are trying to break free from the dress. NT
chris426603/27/17 05:19 PM
x*They deserve to be free. NT
Beard03/27/17 05:21 PM
x*Lol NT
chris426603/27/17 05:24 PM
x*lol, and when she raises her arms, her mic is muffled. NT
jblig03/27/17 05:10 PM
x*I know. Lol NT
chris426603/27/17 05:11 PM
*Nancy and Artem – Cha Cha (“No Rights No Wrongs” by Jess Glynne) Phone 1-800-868-3408 - Score: 7-7-7-7=28 NT
jblig149 9   03/27/17 05:03 PM
x*It's tough to be first out on the dance floor. The judges want to leave room for higher scores but not hurt the first pair with too low a score.
DaveG03/27/17 09:31 PM
x*I like her, and she's got great legs, but there's something awkward about how she moves them. A high OK. NT
Beard03/27/17 05:06 PM
x*Good effort, but she seems to be overthinking everything NT
Dulcie03/27/17 05:06 PM
x*I thought it was good. Liked that she did a few seconds by herself in the intro. NT
chris426603/27/17 05:06 PM
x*Parts were very good. Ending was a little off. NT
jblig03/27/17 05:05 PM
x*Did Artem's mic pack get stuck? NT
03/27/17 05:05 PM
x*Seems like it. They didn't let us see what Tom was talking about. NT
jblig03/27/17 05:07 PM
x*Maybe he had a nip slip and they covered for him. NT
Beard03/27/17 05:10 PM
x*Boohooing already? NT
jblig03/27/17 05:04 PM
*Tonight's dances per
jblig93 0   03/27/17 11:02 AM
*Maksim Chmerkovskiy Injured, Will Sit Out 'DWTS' Week 2
138 0   03/27/17 08:49 AM
*Fantasy game for DWTS
TheRobRyan110 1   03/22/17 11:32 AM
x*If I could play it on a normal computer... I'm a luddite at heart so I ain't got no smarty pants phone. NT
Hidef108003/27/17 07:30 AM
* William Shatner Is Trying Really Hard to Get Nick Viall Kicked off Dancing with the Stars
petite6725 10   03/22/17 08:10 AM
x*Unless Shatner was supposed to be on and Nick took his spot, why should he give one damn about Nick being on the show?? NT
longtimebbfan03/25/17 10:54 AM
x*Perhaps the same reasons many of us have our favourites and those we absolutely hate and want to see humiliated in every possible way. NT
Beard03/25/17 11:34 AM
x*I don't subscribe that the idea someone not being a favorite needs to be humiliated in every possible way. Can we get back
ne14cookies03/25/17 02:27 PM
x*That wasn't me. I was speaking for those who seem to get much too personally involved in the lives and futures of the contestants and pros.
Beard03/25/17 02:33 PM
x*Now that sounds more like you :D TY NT
ne14cookies03/25/17 04:02 PM
x*He has a screw loose... think this is ridiculous NT
ne14cookies03/24/17 07:53 PM
x*Silly old bugger - and me a massive Trekkie.
Jokerette03/24/17 07:50 AM
x*Don't be so hard on yourself, you're not that big. NT
Beard03/24/17 09:35 AM
x*My thought.
TheRobRyan03/22/17 11:34 AM
x*yes, it's very odd. Kind of felt bad for Nick NT
petite603/22/17 11:44 AM
*Groping With The Stars
petite6678 6   03/21/17 06:28 AM
x*As Charo would say Cuchi-cuchi NT
03/21/17 11:47 AM
x*DWTS' Bonner Bolton Speaks About That Viral Moment Where He Touched Sharna Burgess
03/21/17 11:46 AM
x*Ryan Lochte last season and now this. I guess this is the "new" way producers drive interest in the show. Good to know... NT
Hidef108003/21/17 12:55 PM
x*I doubt it would have been an issue if he hadn't done the grabbin' NT
petite603/21/17 01:18 PM
x*Sharna was on TMZ talking about it. I really think the producers are spinning it to promote the show. NT
Hidef108003/22/17 07:51 PM
x*Are the producers spinning it? It seems like a passing incident that went viral all on its own, to me.
Beard03/22/17 07:56 PM
*'Dancing With the Stars': Standouts, Surprises and Slip-Ups From the Season 24 Premiere!
Dreamer362 1   03/21/17 12:51 AM
x*In My Opinion
TheRobRyan03/22/17 11:38 AM
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