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*So happy for Fredrick and Derrick , boy/girl twins due in 11 weeks! NT
21 0   08/13/17 01:53 AM
*What are Steve's turn ons? (ohhhh Steve! )
petite6110 0   07/13/17 01:12 PM
*Sweet Home Oklahoma - I'm so glad it's back - I LOVE THESE WOMEN!!! I wish the housewives were like them. NT
chris4266237 4   07/11/17 04:27 PM
x*I can't stop laughing at this show. A GIANT chia pet Tubbers. lmao. NT
LettucePray08/09/17 07:59 PM
x*This week's show made me tear up with the photo shoot and the gift with Tubbers + kids. So sweet. Tubbers help driving Sam's new car was priceless NT
LettucePray07/24/17 07:48 PM
x*That was a beautiful/thoughtful gift and I love how Tubbers is like a main character on the show. NT
chris426607/25/17 06:06 PM
x*Me too. I love watching and lmao NT
LettucePray07/17/17 09:20 AM
*Shep looks horrible on this reunion. NT
Gamecock505 4   07/10/17 10:05 PM
x*Katherine has not changed one teeny tiny bit. She is as vindictive & mean as ever. And she completely over dresses every year...that dress & hair!! NT
Gamecock07/11/17 11:05 AM
x*She is paranoid and delusional. I am not surprised that she has few, very few, friends. I really feel sorry for her kids. NT
Puffy07/13/17 12:32 AM
x*His lifestyle is starting to really show in his face and body. Hopefully the beach life treats him better than the downtown life:) NT
chirtygirl7407/11/17 06:44 AM
x*Totally agree. NT
Gamecock07/11/17 11:01 AM
*Fredrik has a song out on iTunes, he has a video out on his facebook page of it. Decent song compared to other Bravo stars, money goes to charity NT
184 2   06/28/17 02:28 PM
x*Nice he's doing that....Ill have to check it out. How about Steves date? Seriously...she's a shopper...for herself, ha Bad Botox! NT
wyndycty06/30/17 03:10 PM
x*She could put down the drinks too! NT
chirtygirl7407/01/17 11:30 AM
*Southern Charm, I just LOVEEEE Craig's relationship with his cat!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who talks to their cat(s) like people :) NT
littlewop114 1   06/19/17 06:41 PM
x*My hubby makes fun of me talking to my furbabies. I tell him I am not the only one that does this:) NT
chirtygirl7407/01/17 11:31 AM
*MDLNY: Michael Lorber is back next week. I miss him on the show. NT
chris4266331 5   06/16/17 06:17 PM
x*I just watched...his hair went totally Grey! Ryan cracks me up with his faces and stuff about the Fat Jew (which I had never heard of) ha NT
wyndycty06/23/17 02:40 PM
x*I loved his corny joke about the tissue. That was my son's favorite joke when he was about 4. NT
chris426606/24/17 10:20 AM
x*I missed that season because he doesn't look familiar at all. NT
georgia938206/16/17 10:54 PM
x*He was on the first season. It was him, Frederick and Ryan. He quit after the first season. His father owns the company that Frederick works for.
chris426606/17/17 03:45 PM
x*I liked Michael , he was a nice quirky balance & a lawyer. I think his father wanted him to be on tv ( promo for his company) more then Michael. NT
06/19/17 05:05 PM
*Thomas Ravenel Hooking Up With Landon Clements? Kathryn And Her Ex Make Amends As Landon Starts To Take Thomas Seriously
Dreamer494 2   06/06/17 04:03 AM
x*The girl in the yellow dress in the picture... pulling that dress so the split rides up more. NT
Gamecock06/06/17 08:34 AM
x*In one of the preseason previews, Cam made a comment that if Landon really had done that, it changes her opinion of her (paraphrased)...I can't wait
littlewop06/06/17 07:33 AM
*Ole Chels knows crabbin SC style NT
Gamecock67 0   06/05/17 10:55 PM
*Million Dollar Listing - NY. This new guy is yuuuuuuuuuuummy! lol NT
MegsMom3161116 17   06/01/17 09:54 AM
x*Finally watched... And I concur with your post! But, the name Steve just doesn't gell, he needs to be a Dominic or Dante, something Italian -:) NT
wyndycty06/04/17 06:31 AM
x*ITA, which is probably why I couldn't remember his name after his first episode, too normal for those looks lol NT
MegsMom31606/04/17 06:59 AM
x*Something tells me that the 'son & nephew' are trying to pull one over on Steve. I bet the owner is at a lower price but they want to pocket a mil. NT
MegsMom31606/03/17 04:52 AM
x*Yeah, those kids seem to be up to no good NT
Gamecock06/03/17 02:58 PM
x*Wait? It started again? Hmmmm will check dvr when I get home later! NT
wyndycty06/01/17 11:07 AM
x*Yes, just started. NT
MegsMom31606/01/17 11:14 AM
x*Ok I found it to both 1&2 to watch to catch up NT
wyndycty06/01/17 07:47 PM
x*I didn't know there were 2, where I watch only has 1 up, guess I need to do some digging to see epi 2. NT
MegsMom31606/02/17 06:33 AM
x*Okay 2 is up now so I will watch it at lunch time lol NT
MegsMom31606/02/17 07:15 AM
x*Still amazes me how much these places cost! I would need some outside space or I would get so claustrophobic NT
wyndycty06/04/17 06:34 AM
x*I didn't realize Fredrik had a boss, I always thought he was the owner. NT
MegsMom31606/01/17 10:40 AM
x*Fredrick's boss is Michael's(Lorber) father from season 1, he was the awkward lawyer/realtor. Fredrick owns his own company in Europe. NT
06/03/17 10:55 PM
x*I think I've only seen the last 3 or 4 seasons so I missed this. NT
MegsMom31606/04/17 06:59 AM
x*I wish there was a way to watch season 1 , I liked Micheal better then Luis or Steve, he was so quirky it was like comic relief. NT
06/04/17 12:01 PM
x*I agree. I always wished he would come back. I never liked Luis and so far not a fan of Steve. NT
chris426606/04/17 12:22 PM
x*Me too? NT
wyndycty06/01/17 11:08 AM
x*We get to meet his boss in the first episode of this season, I was very surprised. NT
MegsMom31606/01/17 11:15 AM
*Does anyone else notice when Katherine pulls at the front of her hair? I realize she has a lot of hair... could she be adding to it? NT
Gamecock67 0   05/30/17 12:54 PM
*More.... all about Kathryn Dennis (and her cousin Judge Dennis) and Thomas....
LettucePray251 0   05/29/17 06:49 PM
*What is Cam issue with Katherine ? I mean Cam is hell bent on no one talking or mending fences with Katherine .
kathyG507 5   05/22/17 07:02 PM
x*Disagree. NT
LettucePray05/29/17 06:24 PM
x*I agree, I think some try to make stuff an issue w Cam & Landon more so bc that train wreck Katherine has so many issues. NT
Gamecock05/30/17 09:26 AM
x*She seems to be under pressure to have a story line..pushing Shep towards Chelsea and keeping Katherine out..since she has no story line with her NT
pusssykatt05/29/17 04:24 PM
x*I was just excited to see more of Daisy, even if it was for a few seconds. NT
chris426605/23/17 04:52 PM
x*I havent gotten that impression this year NT
Gamecock05/22/17 09:23 PM
*Below Deck Lauren, what a drama queen. Tells the camera one thing, Hannah another and Bobby a 3rd version...then whines because people don't believe
littlewop244 1   05/17/17 09:13 AM
x*Hannah did her no favors by interjecting. Hannah has been real snotty towards Bobby... which makes me think Bobby's suspicions are right or at least
Gamecock05/17/17 10:28 AM
*Bravo Media Developing Six New Series
Dreamer659 6   05/16/17 02:49 PM
x*The first 3 are totally unneeded. Just show Annette Benning doing "I will sell this house today" from American Beauty & they'd be more interesting
CubbyPuppy05/26/17 08:59 PM
x*I just saw a new one offered up tonight...What Happens at The Abbey!! From zap2it tv schedule>>>
Mazita05/16/17 06:28 PM
x*It's similar to Vanderpump Rules...just more R rated...LOL NT
littlewop05/16/17 06:52 PM
x*A couple of them do not sound to bad. They are adding 6... has anything been cancelled? NT
Gamecock05/16/17 04:15 PM
x*hopefully the real housewives franchise NT
PointBeing05/16/17 04:17 PM
x*horrible NT
PointBeing05/16/17 03:34 PM
*Does Cameron get a pay bonus if she hooks up Chelsea and Shep? She doesn't appear to be a friend to either...he doesn't want it, and why do that to
pusssykatt572 5   05/09/17 02:52 PM
x*Idk but she really need's to stop being a busy body and stay out of everyone business . Plus she hides her own dirt that she doesn't want on Tv
kathyG05/16/17 11:11 AM
x*LOL... trying for that on air wedding, since K&T went bust. NT
Gamecock05/09/17 09:15 PM
x*If Cameron can't have him, no one will. NT
PointBeing05/09/17 03:35 PM
x*not even. Cameran ... let's spell the name right.... isn't interested in lame Shep or lame Craig. NT
LettucePray05/29/17 06:24 PM
x*I agree. Those fellas are good for show... but no way in helll would Cam want to live w them long time or even a day. NT
Gamecock05/30/17 09:24 AM
*I don't like Austen, Southern Charm, very much. Shep is a player but he's honest about it. Austen lied to Chelsea about how many hook ups he's had. NT
georgia9382367 3   05/08/17 08:09 PM
x*Why lie?
PointBeing05/09/17 10:43 AM
x*LOL... apparently guys like to reduce the #.. some NT
Gamecock05/09/17 09:18 PM
x*They all lie about the #. Shep admitted that a couple of episodes back. NT
Gamecock05/08/17 08:32 PM
*OMG...never realized that Chelsea from Southern Charm was 2nd runner up on Season 24 of Survivor. NT
littlewop784 7   05/05/17 08:17 PM
x*I'm re-watching that crappy season just for her NT
mebe05/16/17 10:47 AM
x*News to me too. NT
georgia938205/08/17 08:06 PM
x*i googled her & dont remember her NT
PointBeing05/06/17 05:35 PM
x*I slightly do... but to be honest... they all look alike by the end of each season... all dirty & gross. NT
Gamecock05/06/17 06:04 PM
x*It was mentioned somewhere... I thought Cameran said it on the show. But yeah, I didnt realize she was 2nd runner up either. NT
Gamecock05/06/17 06:40 AM
x*What...she was on come I don't remember her? NT
SkyBluePink05/05/17 09:05 PM
x*I always thought she looked familiar but couldn't place her! Thanks!!! 😀😀 NT
jmtoad2205/05/17 09:20 PM
*Sweet Home Ok is cracking me up with their pranks. I lmao at the Tubbers b'day party. Did my heart good to laugh so much Sippy cups and all. lol NT
LettucePray1137 11   04/18/17 05:23 PM
x*Tubbers cracks me up. Love this show. NT
chris426604/19/17 03:35 PM
x*Comic relief in the middle of Housewives, Southern Charm and V.R. Drama. NT
georgia938204/18/17 09:55 PM
x*I'm watching it, too, and just love it! I love to see people enjoying life like they seem to be doing. NT
LibraLady04/18/17 07:08 PM
x*The interviews with the 'okie town' people crack me up. "What to do with teenagers?" A: "lock them in the closet" ... so funny and true. So real NT
LettucePray04/18/17 07:32 PM
x*And Josh using a screwdriver and pulling weeds on a skateboard. The most inept DH ever!!! lol NT
LettucePray04/18/17 07:36 PM
x*DH? NT
Gamecock04/18/17 08:47 PM
x*Darling Husband. NT
LettucePray04/18/17 09:45 PM
x*ahhhh hahha... all I could get was designated hitter NT
Gamecock04/19/17 08:59 AM
x*OMG the sippy cups...and she had a whole-lotta sippy cups! I was not going to watch this show but it is just TOO funny not to! NT
chirtygirl7404/18/17 06:38 PM
x*Me too, but it makes me LMAO all the time. Sort of refreshing. I love the pranks. AND the Service Dog vest for $49 online. lmao NT
LettucePray04/18/17 07:02 PM
x*Want to add... I have 2 service dogs that work with our Wounded Warriors. So her prank about Tubbers in no way offended me nor my doggies. lol. NT
LettucePray04/18/17 07:04 PM
*Why isn't Whitney in the opening credits? NT
georgia93821208 10   04/13/17 10:19 PM
x*He seemed to be pulling back last year. NT
Gamecock04/14/17 10:34 AM
x*I think he is a producer of the show NT
kathyG04/14/17 05:32 AM
x*Other cast members also have a financial interest in the show. It's almost an infomercial for bad behavior. NT
DaveG04/20/17 06:25 AM
x*Shep & Trav? NT
Gamecock04/20/17 10:35 AM
x*I'm reluctant to mention the name since I have only one source and my old journalism professor always said to sources we necessary if the result
DaveG04/22/17 02:00 PM
x*I know Kats family still owns some chunks of land... but for some reason I didnt think they had this kinda money... I was under the impression things
Gamecock04/22/17 04:13 PM
x*It's not Katherine... NT
DaveG04/22/17 08:09 PM
x*Geeze... I give. :D NT
Gamecock04/23/17 08:32 AM
x*From what I can find, Cameron's family is upper class...but Landon's is filthy rich....
littlewop04/23/17 03:46 PM
x*ohhh, I kinda figured the Landon part... I just wasnt giving her any credit for some reason. Cameron's family upper class??? Alll this time, since her
Gamecock04/24/17 11:29 AM
*Southern Charm's Landon's web site,, is awful.
Puffy1415 12   04/11/17 12:16 AM
x*Not to change the topic, but why are we not discussing Whitney's escort, Daisy? NT
chris426604/13/17 04:53 PM
x*How in the heck did I miss an escort. LOL NT
Gamecock04/14/17 10:35 AM
x*Bahhaaaaa that chick was out there NT
kathyG04/13/17 06:39 PM
x*He so prim and proper, with a stick up his butt, that you would never picture him with that train wreck. I want to see more of her on the show. NT
chris426604/14/17 11:21 AM
x*So, are you suggesting that she is operating a real business and that it's not a sham created by BRAVO and the show's producers? Curious! NT
DaveG04/13/17 05:37 AM
Gamecock04/13/17 08:15 AM
x*From my understanding . You couldn't get on the sites for months . The site show's only 2 people blogging and none are Landon NT
kathyG04/13/17 05:56 AM
x*Shep needs his own storyline instead of getting in the middle of everyone else's. NT
georgia938204/12/17 07:00 PM
x*10000000000000% agree. NT
Gamecock04/12/17 07:53 PM
x*Shep wasnt trying to help her. He was meddling, much like he was w Craig. The manner in which he is speaking to them is turning them off. NT
Gamecock04/11/17 07:19 AM
x*I agree. I was like, who died nd made you God? Shep's problem is he's losing his own self-respect and taking it out on others. NT
LibraLady04/11/17 08:17 AM
x*Just bc Shep owns or invests in businesses doesnt mean he knows, hands on-daily detail, how to make it work. I see him as a behind the scenes
Gamecock04/11/17 10:47 AM
*These people on Southern Charm are a mess they call Katherine a bad person , Meanwhile Thomas is chasing after 20's something . More
kathyG2990 23   04/06/17 05:23 AM
x*I think they are all a mess... & anyone who thinks just one of them doesnt is as craycray as they are. I still like watching their mess. :D NT
Gamecock04/11/17 07:16 AM
x*Long line of arrests for "Angel" Kathryn Dennis ....
LettucePray04/10/17 08:38 PM
x*Was there a single conviction? NT
DaveG04/13/17 05:38 AM
x*Long line? I see one for underage drinking in 2012. Meanwhile Thomas served 10 months in federal prison for drug charges in 2007. Was also arrested
littlewop04/11/17 06:33 PM
x*oh these two are tit for tat NT
Gamecock04/11/17 09:49 PM
x*With the exception of Katherine, the entire bunch appears to be a collection of entitled pretenders. And, Katherine's sin is legal in a bunch of
DaveG04/06/17 04:34 PM
x*Holy crap... so not true. NT
LettucePray04/10/17 08:34 PM
x*What isn't true? NT
DaveG04/11/17 05:01 PM
x*Drug tests last June found that she had amphetamine, marijuana, crack and/or cocaine and methadone in her system. NT
LettucePray04/14/17 10:32 PM
x*I knew it was more than just pot... her parents wouldnt have "sent" her Cali, asap... for just pot NT
Gamecock04/15/17 08:28 AM
x*Which sin is legal? that you would be referring to? bc she did fail a drug test. Not sure how he passed it... other than using someone elses p NT
Gamecock04/11/17 09:50 PM
x*She gave them not only hair from her head, but body hair which goes further back for drug use. He did not, she claims he shaved his entire body
littlewop04/12/17 06:11 PM
x*oh I totally agree. T played the system. Hell, he probably knew every player... from the Judge to the person running the drug testing facility. NT
Gamecock04/12/17 06:23 PM
x*My understanding is that her failure was for marijuana. It's legal in eight states and the District of Columbia. Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas
DaveG04/12/17 05:32 PM
x*Nope: drug tests last June found that she had amphetamine, marijuana, crack and/or cocaine and methadone in her system. NT
LettucePray04/14/17 10:33 PM
x*It isnt legal here in SC... so the court will rule in T's favor.I have no opinion on pot.. I have read in multiple places, & no I do not have the
Gamecock04/12/17 06:22 PM
x*I run an international trade legal services practice here in Colorado, so I'm probably well versed on how the courts act, but that wasn't my point.
DaveG04/13/17 05:35 AM
x*True, that being said just bc it is legal... doesnt mean someone cant be held accountable for using, in these situations & even job related.
Gamecock04/13/17 08:35 AM
x*"True, that being said just bc it is legal... doesnt mean someone cant be held accountable for using, in these situations..." Obviously. NT
DaveG04/13/17 07:54 PM
x*hahaha, you funny NT
Gamecock04/06/17 10:44 PM
x*Exactly, and how soon they forget he was thrown out of office because of drugs. He and Landon know how to push Katherine's buttons while remaining
littlewop04/06/17 09:38 AM
x*And Kathryn failed her drug tests and lost custody of her kids. Thomas didn't. Link
LettucePray04/10/17 10:33 PM
x*Jennifer & both of them had started to get along by the time the reunion rolled around.... but seems some kind of difference came up yet again w
Gamecock04/06/17 09:44 AM
*Vanderunion... OMG these kids. NT
Gamecock791 6   04/03/17 05:42 PM
x*those 3 girls... they cant even see what they are doing/saying! NT
Gamecock04/03/17 05:53 PM
x*I'm not a fan of LaLa, but she's right, the girls are so mean and do not see their part in anything. NT
chris426604/06/17 02:30 PM
x*Agreed NT
Gamecock04/06/17 10:44 PM
x*I think if you eliminated Stassi, Katie would be easier to get along with. Not sure about Kristen, but do I think she is more bark than bite. NT
chirtygirl7404/04/17 05:14 AM
x*Stassi stirs things up. That is why the producers brought her back. NT
Puffy04/09/17 11:03 PM
x*You are right... it was proven when Stassi took the break NT
Gamecock04/04/17 08:12 AM
*Bravo's "Southern Charm Savannah" Premieres Monday, May 8 at 10PM ET/PT
Dreamer747 6   04/01/17 04:50 PM
x*OOPS .. some of us below are talking about SC Charleston. New show SC Savannah hasn't aired yet. OOPS. lmao NT
LettucePray04/03/17 08:12 PM
x*where? NT
Gamecock04/03/17 08:21 PM
x*That momma (Patricia) was laying in bed with white gloves on reading the paper. LOL she didnt want the ink on her precious fingers. NT
Gamecock04/03/17 06:17 PM
x*but she didn't mind the dog eating a pretzel in bed NT
PointBeing04/03/17 09:38 PM
x*The new season looks awesome! NT
enter_a_name04/03/17 08:45 AM
x*I so agree. I was cracking up until they showed Kathryn Dennis. UGH. Go away. Wrong show ... SC Charleston... OOPS....NT
LettucePray04/03/17 08:10 PM
*Are you all getting ready for the big wedding? Are you all going to cry? Are you all dressing up an eating fancy snacks? OMG-SO EXCITING-LOL NT
xrayspex570 4   03/27/17 08:06 AM
x*And Shay leaves w a tiny bit of clothes in a tiny PURPLE suitcase. NT
Gamecock03/27/17 07:09 PM
x*No but i have my puke bucket near by NT
kathyG03/27/17 03:30 PM
x*No, bc a part of me thinks it is fake. NT
Gamecock03/27/17 12:20 PM
x*maybe that's why Tom didn't fly his brothers out NT
PointBeing03/27/17 08:27 PM
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