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*3 new episodes (#8, #9 and #10) start airing on Mon. June 5, 10pmEST until the Finale on Mon. June 19 at 10pmEST! I can't wait to watch them!! NT
CatsRock25 0   05/28/17 06:50 AM
*Last night episode was the best of the season.
Blockhead202 5   05/09/17 10:43 AM
x*OMG, I love this show. It just keeps getting better & better. Ya' hear the previews him saying "It's all good man!"...and I think that's NEXT WEEK! NT
KatOnAHotPC05/10/17 11:48 PM
x*i agree. good episode. ***** Chuck. NT
KlausHeissler05/10/17 04:34 PM
x*I will be happy to MOVE on from the Chuck and his drama.I also liked how he mentioned Saul Goodman! NT
Mazita05/24/17 06:46 AM
x*I was tired of the Chuck thing early on. But now that he finally got his comeuppance, I kinda liked it. :-) NT
JAF05/24/17 08:01 AM
x*Oh yes for sure I enjoyed his comeuppance !!! NT
Mazita05/24/17 08:12 AM
*Season Premiere tonite! NT
Dulcie206 5   04/10/17 06:08 PM
x*Looks like Gus will be in the next episode! NT
BBO04/12/17 10:02 AM
x*I am so tired of Jimmy's problems with his brother...have a hard time sticking with it. Even with Gus & Mike Ermantrout in the is boring. NT
Mazita04/27/17 10:49 AM
x*I loved Breaking Bad and Saul was such a great character. Jimmy is not as interesting. I'm tired of the back story and want to see Saul doing criminal
Blockhead04/27/17 01:39 PM
x*i love it. yea its slow for the most part but its not the type that bores me. NT
KlausHeissler04/27/17 01:36 PM
x*Glad I watch On Demand...I can rewind if I fall asleep...LOL!! NT
Mazita04/27/17 10:50 AM
*Better Call Saul Season 3: 'Mugshot' Official Teaser
Dreamer152 2   01/05/17 02:02 AM
x*I heard a lot of bad things about the show from twd posts, but I enjoy this show. NT
eve_dallas01/10/17 04:06 PM
x*sweet. cant wait. NT
KlausHeissler01/05/17 09:04 PM
*Programming Note: After the Better Call Saul Finale Monday night, there will be an episode of Talking Saul right after (11pmEST). NT
CatsRock3709 25   04/17/16 08:07 PM
x*I don't think I'll be watching weekly next year. After an entire final devoted to Chuck, and hardly any story progression, it's binge next year. NT
Veruta04/19/16 09:13 PM
x*We binge it too. Or at least we did this year. Watched the season over the last week, finishing last night. Overall, I loved it. High quality stuff,
JAF06/05/16 09:03 AM
x*That is a good idea! Just have to watch out for spoilers (at least in my case; that tends to dampen my enthusiasm, but maybe not so much with
04/20/16 03:38 AM
x*That's a good alternative but what if the next season is really good? I'm hoping that, anyway. NT
CatsRock04/20/16 02:00 AM
x*I was hoping this season would be really good, but I honestly don't feel like anything ever happened. They just rehashed Chuck as jealous of Jimmy. NT
Veruta04/20/16 01:03 PM
x*Yes, I was a bit disappointed, too. Hope next season picks up. NT
CatsRock04/20/16 02:25 PM
x*About the Finale tonight, I'm really hoping that we see more signs of Breaking Bad characters/situations. That would be so awesome! NT
CatsRock04/18/16 02:28 PM
x*I found this episode.....
CatsRock04/19/16 01:54 AM
x*Agree that it was too much Chuck. The Mike stuff was really good but didn't like how they left that story. I need closure!
Blockhead04/19/16 12:22 PM
x*On Talking Saul after the final, fans think they know who left the note.
CougarSpy04/22/16 07:46 PM
x*There were rumours that they had filmed his appearance at the end, but they cut it. NT
Veruta04/23/16 07:00 AM
x*My comments too...<spoilers>
04/19/16 04:02 AM
x*I just looked up the New Mexico law.
AZ_Cards_1104/20/16 03:17 AM
x*Wow! That's so weird to me...of course one person knows it is recording! The person doing the recording! The only exception, I guess, would be if
04/20/16 03:35 AM
x*about Chuck and Jimmy
Blockhead04/19/16 12:36 PM
x*LOL I must re-watch the end...spoiler>>
Mazita04/19/16 10:22 AM
x*More of my comments:
CatsRock04/19/16 02:19 PM
x*I rewatched the end of the episode and.....
CatsRock04/19/16 04:03 PM
x*Oh dear..sorry for the confusion! What I meant to say was I knew (not Jimmy) as soon as Jimmy left Chuck that Chuck had recorded the convo! :/ NT
04/19/16 04:21 PM
x*Ohhh, ok, now I get it. I totally misunderstood your sentence there and thought you meant Jimmy haha. Yes, I figured that out, too, about Chuck. NT
CatsRock04/19/16 04:28 PM
x*Thanks,CatsRock for looking that up you saved me some time looking it up ;) That makes sense! NT
Mazita04/19/16 04:16 PM
x*Yes, I guess that's why but Jimmy isn't dumb or naïve...he must've realized Chuck was up to something, yet knew that Chuck doesn't like
CatsRock04/19/16 04:30 PM
x*Maybe Chuck thought he recorded Jimmy and did, but there will be no recording on playback because the heat shield material or whatever Chuck uses
CougarSpy04/22/16 07:55 PM
x*Thanks Rocks! That will be a bonus. Now get yourself over to games. LOL! NT
CougarSpy04/17/16 08:12 PM
x*LOL, Cougar! I'm so busy watching BBCAN live feeds and reading the updates that I barely have time for Games anymore. BBCAN Finale is May 12 so....
CatsRock04/18/16 02:26 PM
*What an episode! I adore Kim NT
Dulcie5299 33   04/11/16 08:20 PM
x*On this we agree.
Blockhead04/12/16 06:08 PM
x*Yes and it is too bad an innocent person tried to help the truck driver and ended up dead.Mike feels the guilt of that for sure...too sad! NT
Mazita04/13/16 05:15 AM
x*Yes, you could tell that bothered Mike. It's one thing to do harm to a criminal but to kill a good samaritan is evil and must be dealt with. NT
Blockhead04/13/16 08:56 AM
x*Oh I'm in no hurry for Saul, I have really enjoyed slippin Jimmy :) NT
Dulcie04/12/16 11:25 PM
x*I'd like to see more cobbler squatting, and less montages. NT
Veruta04/13/16 10:02 PM
x*I just want more of Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks, Tuco and Hector. NT
CatsRock04/14/16 01:58 AM
x*Slippin Jimmy is fun but the office politics of HHM law firm were boring. I want to see a lawyer doing criminal stuff. NT
Blockhead04/13/16 08:54 AM
x*Oh, I love both Jimmy and Saul. Love everything Bob Odenkirk does. He's an excellent quirky actor! NT
CatsRock04/13/16 01:56 AM
x*Blockhead, love your commentary! Totally agree with everything! NT
CatsRock04/12/16 07:05 PM
x*I have been pretty anti-Kim for season 2, but she did herself justice in this episode. I don't understand why Mike is doing what he's doing.
Veruta04/11/16 11:00 PM
x*Did he ever get the $50K he asked for for taking responsibility for the gun? Also, the threat to his grandaughter(?) makes it necessary to move
04/13/16 08:59 AM
x*Yes, he got the $50k and then gave $25k back to Nacho because the job Nacho hired Mike for didn't work out for Nacho.
Blockhead04/13/16 09:09 AM
x*That's right now i remember. He didn't really take responsibility for the gun just said it wasn't Tucos. I remember him sharing the money now too NT
04/13/16 09:15 AM
x*PS I cheered when Mike was at the bar finishing his drink and pulls out some of the money he got from the robbery and bought a round of drinks
04/13/16 09:26 AM
x*Yes that was fun to watch a bar full of happy people! Congrats on your Updater Star, colleenag!! NT
Mazita04/13/16 09:32 AM
x*I don't watch BBUK but I am sure you do just fine! NT
Mazita04/13/16 10:26 AM
x*lol thank you. I'm hardly as good as the super updaters who can quote dialogue but I try to summarize as best i can. NT
04/13/16 09:33 AM
x*Another behaviour out of character with Mike. You do that kind of thing if you want someone to notice you. NT
Veruta04/13/16 09:30 AM
x*Maybe he has a plan. NT
AZ_Cards_1104/13/16 02:48 PM
x*I hope it turns out to be part of a larger plan, because I am confused about what Mike has been doing since the meeting with Hector. NT
Veruta04/13/16 09:58 PM
x*I think Mike is still bent on getting back at both Tuco and Uncle Hector. He's not done yet. Hope this leads into Breaking Bad-like scenes. NT
CatsRock04/14/16 01:57 AM
x*Mike always has a plan. NT
CatsRock04/13/16 07:31 PM
x*IA. I kept expecting for someone to come up from behind him at the bar and pull a gun and tell him to "come outside" I feel that a lot with Mike NT
04/13/16 09:32 AM
x*I really liked this episode. Was very well done. I think Mike is getting revenge on Tuco because of that fight they had and since Hector is
CatsRock04/12/16 01:58 AM
x*Agree. I hope Chuck is ok but I fear the worst. I also look for Breaking Bad things on the show. I hope Skinny Pete, Badger, or Combo show up. NT
Blockhead04/13/16 08:52 AM
x*I guess what happens next is they sue the print shop for his slip and fall injury? NT
M3gabyt304/14/16 09:32 AM
x*I am just tired of Chuck's mental/electrical problems ;) I hope to see those 3 Breaking bad guys too!! NT
Mazita04/13/16 09:20 AM
x*Imagine my surprise when I saw this article about smuggling in tires yesterday on a Mexico forum I follow! The writers know their stuff link >>
Mazita04/13/16 05:26 AM
x*I loved this epi too! Go Mike! I kind hope this is the end of Chuck.Kim was great! NT
Mazita04/12/16 06:32 AM
x*I do and don't. If Chuck dies, imagine the guilt Jimmy would have. NT
CougarSpy04/12/16 07:25 AM
x*Yes, I did have that thought too.It will be interesting to see the outcome! NT
Mazita04/13/16 05:12 AM
x*I had to rewatch when Chuck's head hit the counter and it looked like he hit it pretty hard with a THUNK! NT
CatsRock04/12/16 05:38 PM
x*Another great epi! I laughed, cheered, pumped fists! Love Jimmy and Mike getting their revenges! Love how Kim's role is expanding! NT
04/12/16 06:59 AM
*Loved the music at the very beginning of the episode before the credits were done. However, too much time spent on:
CatsRock2035 12   04/05/16 01:59 AM
x*Me2! Hubby's ears picked up, I could tell I'd found more good music...anyway Can't wait to w
colleenag04/09/16 07:19 AM
x*Me, too, colleenag! NT
CatsRock04/10/16 08:11 AM
x*I'm also glad I'm not the only person who loved that song at the beginning of the last episode. Anyone know what it's called? NT
CatsRock04/10/16 02:56 PM
x*It's an original composition by Dave Porter, who does scoring for Better Call Saul. Search youtube for "fifi intro better call saul".
Veruta04/12/16 10:16 PM
x*Awesome! Thank you for this info! NT
04/12/16 10:17 PM
x*I re-watched and tried to read the credits at the end but at one point when I think they do list the musicians the screen rolls too fast. Maybve
04/12/16 07:00 AM
x*Just rewatched the beginning of that that music so much! It's so different, so wonderful. NT
CatsRock04/07/16 07:14 PM
x*I like Chuck less and less each episode. Why does he hate Jimmy so much? And what was behind Jimmy changing the address numbers on many pages in the
CougarSpy04/05/16 08:23 AM
x*Probably meant to ruin the Mesa Verde project, and embarrass HHM. Chuck and Kim should get married and move to a Kansas/Nebraska border town. NT
Veruta04/05/16 08:41 AM
x*I read a recap, and it was all the pages dealing with "building permits". Yes, that will screw them up. NT
CougarSpy04/06/16 08:45 AM
x*LOL that will screw up Chuck for sure...glad to know the scheme Jimmy/Saul was working! I found that review and liked it better than the rest! NT
Mazita04/06/16 09:34 AM
x*Yes, I'm looking forward to seeing next week's episode. Love everything Jimmy/Saul/Mike/Tio/Tuco do (even though Tuco's in prison right now). NT
CatsRock04/06/16 02:36 PM
*OT: caught up on Better Call Saul and now watching Concussion ...anyone else think "Mike" is Terry Bradshaw"? and I can't wait to start DareDevil NT
colleenag3514 20   04/02/16 11:11 AM
x*Where are you watching Concussion if I may ask ? NT
Mazita04/04/16 08:13 AM
x*On Demand (Comcast) NT
colleenag04/04/16 09:55 AM
x*Thanks...I will have to wait till it streams or buy it on Amazon. NT
Mazita04/04/16 10:30 AM
x*Only 3 episodes left. Seems like the season just started. NT
CougarSpy04/03/16 08:21 PM
x*In the sense that almost nothing has happened yet? NT
Veruta04/03/16 11:16 PM
x*uh oh, I'm sitting here wondering if I should start S2. I recall S1 was too slow for me. There isn't a lot of eps though.
M3gabyt304/04/16 07:37 AM
x*My opinion, if you felt S1 was slow (it was OK for me), S2 so far might be challenging. Maybe it would be easier to binge. NT
Veruta04/04/16 09:45 AM
x*I'll probably start, and think I can just stop this one in the middle and not care what happens after NT
M3gabyt304/04/16 10:04 AM
x*I caught up. S2 is just as blah as S1. I assume we're not getting a conclusion to the nursing home stuff now? NT
M3gabyt304/13/16 06:41 AM
x*I think we did get some "conclusions" on the nursing home. Jimmy is out but got the ball rolling with his ad and HH&M put out another ad
04/13/16 06:47 AM
x*This show just is what it is. I'd say it was a waste of time watching S2, but I knew I would feel that way before starting. NT
M3gabyt304/19/16 09:29 AM
x*Seems like the last preview I saw, it will be the end of Jimmy and beginning of Saul tonight. NT
CougarSpy04/04/16 03:41 PM
x*Can hardly wait to catch up to last night's episode...and that's what keeps me going, waiting to see the tie in to Breakin Bad! NT
colleenag04/05/16 08:25 AM
x*I'm watching Teen Wolf :O lol. First season and a half i was so ready to drop that mess but it's actually kind of getting good 3rd season.
SpaceEVA04/02/16 11:33 AM
x*Season 3 is really good, but it dips in Season 4. Season 5 is an improvement though, especially the back half. NT
Aspiring04/02/16 11:37 AM
x*Cool. I'm in it for the long haul now for better or worse. Once i start a series past a season and a half or two it's so hard to give up. NT
SpaceEVA04/02/16 11:38 AM
x*I'm the same. I figure if I can get through BB16, I can probably get through anything. It's why I'm probably going to stick with Arrow til the end NT
Aspiring04/02/16 11:43 AM
x*Oh gawd. Don't get me started on Arrow. Can't lie though, i enjoyed bee girl episode. I might have a crush on a bee girl and her bee puns :D NT
SpaceEVA04/02/16 11:47 AM
x*You think that's bad? I watched Glee from start to finish. NT
Aspiring04/02/16 11:52 AM
x*Wow! You should get some kind of medal for that. I made it through 3 seasons cuz i like Jayma Mays soooo much. It was good for some laughs i guess
SpaceEVA04/02/16 12:41 PM
*Very funny episode last night. Really enjoyed it. Just love Bob Odenkirk. NT
CatsRock538 3   03/29/16 02:01 AM
x*Happy that he and Kim are out of the office politics gig, so hopefully that means new wacky characters. NT
Veruta03/29/16 08:32 PM
x*Yes, and hopefully wacky characters from Breaking Bad might start appearing. NT
CatsRock03/30/16 02:09 PM
x*Loved the mortician telling Jimmy he liked his flashy tie. The juicer scene was great. Loved Jimmy's assistant too. NT
CougarSpy03/29/16 06:26 AM
*Can't wait for tonight's episode. Hope it concentrates on Jimmy, Mike, Tio and Tuco (Breaking Bad)! NT
CatsRock441 2   03/21/16 02:16 PM
x*Better Call Mike. NT
Veruta03/22/16 02:04 PM
x*lol! Or Better Call Tio. He seems to be in charge right now. NT
CatsRock03/22/16 02:09 PM
*Better Call Saul renewed for Season 3. (tvbythenumbers) NT
Veruta330 1   03/15/16 03:41 PM
x*Yay! Excellent news! Thanks for posting this, Veruta! NT
CatsRock03/15/16 05:52 PM
*Won't spoil tonight's episode but loved the last 5 minute surprise segment! NT
CatsRock1831 9   03/14/16 08:04 PM
x*I finally caught up last night (spoilers I guess)
Blockhead03/15/16 01:53 PM
x*Completely agree. I love the Mike stuff, but I'm bored as hell with Jimmy and his vomit brother. NT
Veruta03/15/16 02:56 PM
x*Oh, Blockhead, I totally agree with you, on everything you wrote there! My feelings exactly! Spoilers.....
CatsRock03/15/16 02:16 PM
x*Hear hear!! Spoilerish>>>
Mazita03/15/16 02:24 PM
x*I also don't get Chuck's fear of electricity/cell phones. Why? Did BCS ever explain that at the beginning? I don't remember. It's kind of dumb. NT
CatsRock03/15/16 05:51 PM
x*In case you didn't see these clips on about final scene with the writers and Jonathan comments>>
Mazita03/16/16 05:44 AM
x*About Kim Wexler calling all those lawyer firms, those scenes were too long and I was going "Enough already! We got the message!" Same with
CatsRock03/16/16 02:09 AM
x*That was great. Also interesting the Chuck-Kim coffee chat. NT
CougarSpy03/14/16 09:15 PM
x*Great episode. I've always loved Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks. NT
CatsRock03/15/16 01:57 AM
*Wow, what a great show last night! Especially Mike's segment...just wow! NT
colleenag487 2   03/08/16 09:10 AM
x*I just caught up online>> Mike takes a licken but keeps on ticken! Yikes! We all knew he could not kill Tuco though didn't we? ;) Great episode! NT
Mazita03/08/16 03:47 PM
x*Yes! That was a great episode! I felt like I was watching Breaking Bad again. Let me just say: Mike & Tuco! I love them both! Great actors! NT
CatsRock03/08/16 05:54 PM
*Great new episode. Love Jimmy and his salesmanship, very personal touch. Loved the commercial too. Made me tear up. Was funny Jimmy describing Murder
CougarSpy980 4   02/29/16 09:46 PM
x*I loved this episode, too. Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks are such excellent actors. The ending had tones of Breaking Bad. NT
CatsRock03/01/16 01:57 AM
x*Just caught up this morning....I agree good epi! I hope the commercial is a hit with the bosses! It was very touching! Agree about the ending!! NT
Mazita03/01/16 07:27 AM
x*Same here! Enjoyed this episode too. Lots to look forward to in next one. I really like dramedies. NT
colleenag03/01/16 10:23 AM
x*I just love how Bob Odenkirk plays Jimmy/Saul. Love his sense of humour throughout everything. Can't wait for next Monday's episode. NT
CatsRock03/01/16 02:19 PM
*What do we think of Kim? Knowing what we know about Jimmy and his "transformation" to Saul, did she ultimately help or hurt him? NT
colleenag645 3   02/24/16 07:58 AM
x*I think Kim, along with his brother, will be what ultimately turns Jimmy to Saul. NT
TheFly03/28/16 12:20 PM
x*Yeah, can't wait for Saul to be born and seeing more of Mike, Tio, Tuco plus who knows who else and less of Chuck and Kim who are so boring. NT
CatsRock03/28/16 03:44 PM
x*In the short run, here, I see her helping him like no other, not even his own fukn brother. NT
colleenag02/24/16 08:19 AM
*I must have missed something. Mike negotiated to get the baseball cards back plus 10 grand. The guy kept the drugs. So what happened with
AZ_Cards_11702 3   02/24/16 07:22 AM
x*The guy got the Hummer too (what I thought). To either sell whole or parts... NT
colleenag02/24/16 07:24 AM
x*The Hummer ended up being part of the deal. The past owner saying how to care for it, when it was just going to the chop shop for chopping. LOL! NT
CougarSpy02/24/16 08:01 AM
x*yep NT
Bilbo02/24/16 07:57 AM
*I liked the episode last night. Very well done, and pretty funny, too. I laughed so much at the end when Jimmy was talking to the cops lol. NT
CatsRock1863 9   02/23/16 01:56 AM
x*Me2. LMAO ... "squatters cobbler" indeed! NT
colleenag02/24/16 04:15 AM
x*TMI! Then the poor guy had to make a video of the crazy story Jimmy told. Hahahaha! NT
CougarSpy02/24/16 08:03 AM
x*LMFAO ... "and his tears were real" NT
colleenag02/24/16 08:05 AM
x*I really prefer the Mike part of the show over the Jimmy parts. I almost wish the show was about Mike. NT
Veruta02/23/16 05:13 PM
x*there'd be a hell of a lot less dialogue NT
zagger02/23/16 06:07 PM
x*lol but he says soo much without uttering a word love it! NT
colleenag02/24/16 04:14 AM
x*yeah, much better than epi 1 NT
Bilbo02/23/16 03:39 AM
x*Loved that Mike mentioned Tuco! He was on Breaking Bad, an excellent actor and also I think he was in Season 1 of Saul very briefly. Love him a lot NT
CatsRock02/23/16 02:32 PM
x*I'm hoping Tuco will be on this season. He's awesome! NT
CatsRock02/23/16 07:16 PM
*Looking forward to tonight's episode. No Talking Saul episode afterwards, though, not until the Finale. NT
CatsRock770 3   02/22/16 01:54 AM
x*Enjoyed the first episode of Season 2. Love this show. Didn't watch Talking Saul yet. NT
colleenag02/22/16 09:54 AM
x*I was disappointed with Talking Saul. Vince made it really clear they are trying way too hard to create memes and easter eggs. Just write content. NT
Veruta02/22/16 07:14 AM
x*They need to sit the guests at a table. They looked quite uncomfortable sitting on that couch too.I was not impressed with that show either. NT
Mazita02/22/16 07:36 AM
*A Look at Season 2: Better Call Saul
Dreamer868 4   01/20/16 11:43 AM
x*Can't wait! NT
Dulcie02/15/16 06:05 PM
x*Dreamer, thanks for that video. Looking forward to tonight's Premiere. Remember to watch Talking Saul right after (or PVR it, like I am). NT
CatsRock02/15/16 06:33 AM
x*Another Chris Hardwick talk show? NT
Veruta02/15/16 12:55 PM
x*Yes, and Bob Odenkirk/Saul/Jimmy is on the show tonight. NT
CatsRock02/15/16 01:59 PM
*Trailer: The Right Thing: Better Call Saul: Season Premier
Dreamer436 1   11/08/15 10:53 PM
x*S'all good man! Can't wait NT
Dulcie11/09/15 03:40 PM
*Trailer: Dolla: Better Call Saul: Season Premiere
Dreamer231 0   11/08/15 10:52 PM
*First Look at 'Better Call Saul' Season 2
Dreamer467 1   08/01/15 02:04 AM
x*Just read in my newspaper that Season 2 of Better Call Saul premieres on Mon. Feb.15 at 10pmEST on AMC!!! Can't wait to watch it! NT
CatsRock11/17/15 02:14 PM
*AMC's 'Better Call Saul' Season 1 Finale Delivers 5.1 Million Viewers in Live + 3 Ratings
Veruta256 0   04/13/15 12:58 PM
*Just wanted to post that I finally finished watching the entire season and totally adore Bob Odenkirk work as Jimmy and was pleasantly surprised
colleenag552 1   04/10/15 03:24 AM
x*You mean as a comedy writer? Yep, he's been around for decades. Mr. Show is a 20 year old sketch comedy show, and still pretty funny today. NT
Veruta04/10/15 04:42 PM
*Towards the end of the episode, Mike was on the phone with someone and said something like "Have you ever done business with him?". Maybe he was
BBO301 0   04/08/15 10:18 AM
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