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*Bachelor Pad 3 *detailed episode descriptions* (Updated 8/28/12)
Dreamer3118 0   Sticky Post
*Season 3 of ABC's 'Bachelor Pad' ~ Cast + Show Info
Dreamer9509 0   Sticky Post
*Play the new BP Grab Game and win great prizes!
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*The Bachelor Pad Spoiler Forum
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*"Bachelor" executive producer Mike Fleiss has confirmed "Bachelor Pad" will not be returning this summer. NT
Camlawnman1431 4   03/18/13 09:10 AM
x*I guess Michael Stagliano & Erica Rose were busy - evidently they can't have that show without them. NT
underheight03/21/13 01:58 PM
x*They probably couldn't find anyone who tested negative for STDs NT
TrinaE03/18/13 05:50 PM
x*well he just sucks! I like my summer smut! lol! NT
Karina8603/18/13 09:59 AM
x*Bummer...loved that trainwreck...LOL NT
SkyBluePink03/18/13 10:15 AM
*ABC's Bachelor Pad Shuttered for the Summer
Cindy641 0   03/16/13 05:38 PM
*Ok so I have a prediction....its kinda pun intended..but I think 50 shades girl will be on this show. NT
flightsy2902 9   01/12/13 11:07 AM
x*LOL But of course!! What better candidate? NT
TrinaE01/12/13 11:17 AM
x*Clearly, Tierra will be a candidate for the Pad, also. NT
onlymom01/15/13 04:14 PM
x*as long as Stagliano doesn't come back, I'm all good! NT
Karina8601/16/13 11:15 AM
x*Or t-Erica. Or Casey/Vienna NT
onlymom01/23/13 12:16 PM
x*Erica has a real job as a new associate in a Houston legal firm. Time for TV is one thing she won't have, NT
DaveG03/06/13 07:19 AM
x*Glad to hear she has a good job! I can't help it, I loved her! Very entertaining & one very smart cookie! NT
Karina8603/06/13 08:32 AM
x*OOOH you know he will be back in some way, shape or NT
flightsy01/16/13 03:37 PM
x*He'll be blogging at the very least... NT
corgi703/14/13 02:59 PM
x*I can't wait to see the new cast list. I hope it is more new than old contestants. NT
Betsy03/15/13 06:52 AM
*not sure where to post this or if anybody cares but Jonathan Novack (The Weatherman) has a job with Tennis Channel now doing in-studio segments NT
caressastar562 0   01/11/13 12:46 PM
*Dr Blake Julian was on The Doctors today...Mr. January in the 13 most beautiful doctors in America. NT
BBAnnie542 0   01/08/13 05:24 PM
*Blakeley and Tony split up
bunnielebowski1280 0   11/09/12 06:54 AM
*Blake and Holly update
IsitReal3013 1   10/26/12 10:24 PM
x*I'm a little leery if my dentist says "Hey, let me put a vibrator in your won't notice the needle at all." NT
CubbyPuppy11/08/12 03:50 PM
*Brittany Taltos run over by truck lives, twins appeared on the reality show Bachelor Pad
Camlawnman997 0   10/24/12 12:15 PM
*Michelle Money: Me and my man SampognaMarc love him like crazy!!!!!
Dreamer2369 2   10/21/12 04:22 AM
x*Didn't she kind of hook up with somebody during her season? I forget who - anybody? NT
loriclp11/05/12 04:59 PM
x*She hooked up with Graham Bun of Deana's season.
Obaasima11/05/12 08:09 PM
*just got around to watching bachelor pad finale. I loved how Nick was unapologetic for winning and screwing partner over
grandjete3520 5   09/29/12 06:55 AM
x*The difference is in BB they have to talk BEFORE the vote, so "screw you" isn't an option. NT
TrinaE09/30/12 11:26 AM
x*Who was the partner? From what I read in bits and pieces, his partner had abandoned the game? HG have not asked Dan for an apology
v_voyante09/29/12 07:56 AM
x*r u kidding me
LyotoM09/29/12 09:29 AM
x*You're right. It's a GAME. Period. Everyone has to lie, be deceptive etc. etc. Nick
lisatwns01/19/13 09:19 AM
LyotoM09/29/12 07:03 AM
*I just finished watching the finale. I knew who the final couple was
seahorse1220 1   09/25/12 02:20 PM
x*Actually, the more I think about it, the more I am torn... NT
seahorse09/25/12 02:49 PM
*Nick Peterson will be on The Murtz Show at 2pm EST LIVE today to talk about his decision! Come ask him your questions!
Shele902 0   09/15/12 10:33 AM
**** questions for Bach Pad people listed on tonight's Rose BTR *** (Nick too)
Jokerette5080 6   09/12/12 05:46 PM
x*Not too interested NT
suzieQ3909/15/12 10:03 PM
x*Congrats Nick! I always have liked him! Was that his girlfriend, the short blonde, walking backstage with him? If so, they make a cute couple! NT
BB11isRigged09/15/12 05:23 PM
x*No she was production staffer leading him out of the building. NT
Betsy09/16/12 08:00 AM
x*I want to know how Nick is handling his sudden Bachelor Nation fame? NT
sassyflalassy09/12/12 06:05 PM
x*GOOD one - you should see what Coas has picked up off
Jokerette09/12/12 06:20 PM
x*In early episodes Nick was kissing fan Donna, was that showmance or was he really interested? NT
Betsy09/13/12 07:12 AM
*Rose's Bach Pad finale BTR - you won't believe the list attending because I don't.
Jokerette1366 0   09/12/12 05:34 PM
*Jokerette, Coastal and Natalie Getz are back for another BTR tonight
coastal898 0   09/12/12 01:33 PM
*Michael Stagliano Blog
sweetbebe6446 8   09/12/12 03:48 AM
x*She practically forced him to tell her he didn't like her on national TV. If he doesn't like her, he doesn't like her. What're gonna do? He
ElvisandMe09/12/12 06:03 PM
x*I felt bad for her though. But like he said, that was his relationship and it is between them.
amIsane09/14/12 12:57 PM
x*Nine days does not make a relationship. NT
sassyflalassy09/12/12 06:06 PM
x*He said he liked her when they were kissing lol. NT
IrishA09/12/12 06:05 PM
x*Sorry...still not a fan...he said over and over on the show he was...
georgia938209/12/12 11:59 AM
x*Why should Nick pay for what Michael did to Rachel. Nick did what he did because he played the game to the end..
Betsy09/12/12 03:12 PM
x*Michael is still a good guy in my book! Nice write up for a show that is just not nice. I hope Rachel is out of her fog & moves on. NT
suzieQ3909/12/12 11:14 AM
x*I really like him too. NT
vmaw09/12/12 03:23 PM
*I loved the wrap up at the end where they showed taped comments with people saying that Nick was clueless and would never win. Perfect ending! NT
Puffy2628 5   09/11/12 11:15 PM
x*that was pretty hilarious. they were badmouthing him NT
JulietBlvd09/12/12 02:06 PM
x*Maybe the "COOL" kids (wanabees) won't play anymore, and that will be the end of BP! Sad sad sad NOT NT
TrinaE09/12/12 11:55 AM
x*LOL!!! Love your posts! :) NT
vmaw09/12/12 03:24 PM
x*LOL and that music when Rachel was standing in the dark after Nick left sobbing ( is ugly, right Rachel?) NT
IrishA09/12/12 08:19 AM
x*agreed NT
Texaslady09/12/12 06:10 AM
*If it had been between Nick and Erika Rose, his original partner, would she have said share or keep. If share, then how would she have handled it? NT
onlymom2404 4   09/11/12 07:55 PM
x*Why were they all so mean to Ryan? I didn't watch the first show. NT
TrinaE09/12/12 11:56 AM
x*She seemed like she respected his decision. I do too, Rachel had an aire of entitlement for some reason, she can suck it.. Lol. NT
shesgg09/12/12 01:35 AM
x*I was like high school and the popular kids all over again! NT
kristina2309/12/12 07:43 AM
x*Erica would have picked Keep-no doubt in my mind-and screwed both of them. NT
Betsy09/12/12 07:09 AM
*Coastal Blogs Bachelor Pad Finale
coastal1726 2   09/11/12 03:38 PM
x*Way to go Nick!!! Haven't watched the finale but these video are priceless. Good for Nick. Don't blame him at all.
Guppy09/13/12 07:34 PM
x*LOL "repricussions"? NT
TrinaE09/12/12 04:12 AM
*4 reasons Nick won: Did not toy with girls romantically so girls didn't vote him out early, Won final Karaoke comp, booted Jac&Ed, deceived Rachel NT
onlymom7274 14   09/11/12 02:56 PM
x*Nick won because no one thought of him as threat . they never
Texaslady09/12/12 06:09 AM
x*Nick won because he was smarter than everyone else. He played the game perfectly. NT
Betsy09/12/12 07:08 AM
x*Call him what you will - maybe an opportunist - but "smart" is probably not a word he's been called much in his life. NT
nan109/12/12 04:04 PM
x*the only reason he won was because he was Rachel's partner. He would not have gotten the votes without her NT
klmom309/11/12 08:02 PM
x*And she wouldn't have made it to the end if Jaclyn and Michael didn't carry her all the way there! NT
kristina2309/12/12 08:12 AM
x*If you were to poll the jury, they were voting against Chris, not for Rachel. The vote would have been the same if Erica was Nick's partner at end. NT
onlymom09/12/12 05:52 AM
x*The only reason he won is because he outsmarted her. I should feel sorry for her, because she made a BIG OL fool out of herself not only with
ElvisandMe09/11/12 08:54 PM
x*She was screwed either way; no way was he going to 'share' ; all she coulda done was pick 'keep' too & give the money to the
ratts09/11/12 09:39 PM
x*Reason 5...He played the game until the last second...Rachel never played the game. NT
vmaw09/11/12 04:32 PM
x*Agree 100% ... I just do not feel sorry for Rachel at all ... NT
suzieQ3909/11/12 06:31 PM
x*That's the sum of it. I am not sure why people are morally outraged at him when they have all been playing since the beginning. He beat them at
sassyflalassy09/11/12 03:06 PM
x*I'm not morally outraged other than he came across as a complete jerk.
bean9909/11/12 07:00 PM
x*I absolutely agree. Like he said "I'm a Schmuck with $250K." He won. AND he's not a "nice" guy. Chris would have done same. Kalon? Ed? probably NT
onlymom09/11/12 07:45 PM
x*One of my fave Kalon lines: "I lied 17 times that night". LOL NT
IrishA09/11/12 03:31 PM
*I always hated that BP was about a cocky group of players picking off the others(inside)
Sepono19848299 16   09/11/12 02:45 PM
x*I think we'll see a season where the voted out contestants get the money
vmaw09/11/12 04:34 PM
x*Those guys and galls are sexing each other up all over the house then try to play the "morality" card?
Pig3209/11/12 03:46 PM
x*LOL!!! Great post! NT
vmaw09/11/12 04:34 PM
x*ITA I hate the damn cliques....Glad Nick got the entire $250k...sorry Rachel you should of concentrating on your partner Nick, than MS NT
Brn2Wander09/11/12 02:59 PM
x*I noted that Nick stated that Rachel was calling MS and asking him how she should vote and strategize. He was still calling the shots. NT
sassyflalassy09/11/12 03:16 PM
x*She couldn't make a move without being directed by someone else in the house....Michael, Jaclyn.....she has no backbone NT
kristina2309/12/12 08:14 AM
x*Your avatar always cheers me up LOL. NT
IrishA09/11/12 03:29 PM
x*Luann would vote to Keep, I am sure. NT
sassyflalassy09/11/12 03:59 PM
x*She's NICK! She'd have a speech almost as good as Nick's, too! (Loved, loved his speech lol) NT
IrishA09/11/12 04:19 PM
x*Me too!!! It's about time the mean girls/guys had it all handed back to them. :) NT
vmaw09/11/12 04:35 PM
x*Unfortunately, Rachel didn't seem to hear a word of it. NT
sassyflalassy09/11/12 04:44 PM
x*She was in her 'entitlement cocoon'. Still is LOL. NT
IrishA09/11/12 04:47 PM
x*I was already rooting against her, but her dropping of so many F bombs made me dislike her even more! NT
vmaw09/11/12 05:46 PM
x*What Rachel did at the end of the show calling out like she was in control really showed what kind of person she
Betsy09/11/12 03:41 PM
x*I loved it and it is a shame Rachel didn't hear a word he said in explanation. NT
sassyflalassy09/11/12 02:55 PM
x*I agree. Good for nick
Maggiepie109/11/12 02:52 PM
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