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*Is it just my opinion...
macysmom2528 20   08/13/16 08:16 PM
x*Paulie is simply a fake
racenbug08/18/16 06:52 AM
x*He seems like the typical HG who knows he's the target to me. I think he's very hurt about what happened and is reacting similar to Chima,
Majuro08/14/16 02:48 PM
x*I don't much like Paulie, let me get that straight... However
Louise4608/14/16 06:33 AM
x*I agree with much of what you say, BUT... It seems as if bullying and intimidation are excused as part of the game, and baiting and telling aren't NT
TrinaE08/15/16 07:20 AM
x*Have any of the others spoken or considered what will happen if Paulie has the RT?
Mikentosh08/14/16 09:18 AM
x*Only Paulie himself alluded to not caring if he had RT, since "I'd just be targeted again", but that was when he wanted to quit Jury. Also,
Majuro08/14/16 03:30 PM
x*Right now I think Paul and Vic are too high on themselves to give any thought to what would happen if Paulie had the RT.
Louise4608/14/16 10:05 AM
x*Yep. Getting sick of them. And can't stand Michele or Natalie now either. James I'm iffy on. The only ones left I kinda like now are Corey
JAF08/15/16 05:15 AM
x*Well said! NT
JAF08/14/16 07:44 AM
x*No offence to toddlers, but Paulie acts like one when he doesn't get his way. He is a Bully. NT
Molly08/14/16 12:01 AM
x*He's an entitled prick. He thinks everyone else is supposed to hand him the game. He is the poster child for stereotypical Millennials. NT
Ephandis08/13/16 11:54 PM
x*This reminds me Survivor is gonna be the two warring tribes of Gen Xers VS Millennials. NT
08/14/16 09:17 AM
x* I think he's cracking. Maybe he's had his way up to now, and can't handle defeat. Definitely some mental issues. NT
08/13/16 09:00 PM
x*I'm a bit behind on the Updates (am gonna read them in a minute), but I wonder if he feels so defeated he will just self-evict. I'd probably be
debbiedu2208/13/16 08:43 PM
x*Just got caught up on updates. It seems the other hg's overheard Paulie's convo about the psych eval & wanting to leave, etc. Now they're awake
debbiedu2208/13/16 09:56 PM
x*He didn't let up on others as they left NT
dustysnemisis08/13/16 08:54 PM
x*There have been others that got "pounded" more than he has.
Ashes08/13/16 08:50 PM
x*Absolutely! - Never cared - 0 f**ks given NT
08/13/16 09:22 PM
x*I so agree
Ashes08/13/16 08:42 PM
x*What really got me about Paulie was when he peed in the hot tub! That's expected from a 2 yr. old but not someone his age. That's just disgusting! NT
DeBB08/15/16 03:36 PM
*BB seriously needs to do more mental health exams on these people. DR is
1471 10   08/13/16 07:25 PM
x*Nicobra...good one!! NT
DeBB08/15/16 03:39 PM
x*Um, I am not so sure Paulie is really on the ledge! As far as Nic and Corey go...
Louise4608/14/16 07:41 AM
x*I am surprised they don't do their own psych evaluations on each HG. NT
awenck08/13/16 08:32 PM
x*This evening's conversation..
macysmom08/13/16 07:56 PM
x*Liz - I'm pretty sure DR gave him xanax or something. He seems calmer, but
08/13/16 08:17 PM
x*For the love of Pete... Nicole's 'Fake' concern? You have take into account that she and Corey are still in the game and in real danger
Louise4608/14/16 08:19 AM
x*I think your right!!
macysmom08/13/16 09:26 PM
x*Me too! NT
08/14/16 09:24 AM
x*If the idiot wants to lie and put himself in jeopardy, that's on him, not on BB. NT
FurnitureAlliance08/13/16 08:00 PM
Ashes08/13/16 09:51 PM
*Paulie thinks he is good at playing BB, he was tutored by Derrick, he studied the game, he was bred for BB. In reality he spouts off about loyalty
JillyBean1157 9   08/13/16 03:49 PM
x*Just my opinion but...
Louise4608/14/16 09:07 AM
x*Face it Paulie - Here's a movie quote that seems to fit:.....*I coulda been a contender...*¯ NT
08/13/16 08:03 PM
x*His last chance will be the return ticket. NT
Nusa08/13/16 05:20 PM
x*BB is probably praying he doesn't have it! NT
08/13/16 08:27 PM
x*I think production is ensuring that he has it or making a buy back competition just for him. NT
TrinaE08/15/16 07:27 AM
x*He's done now that his game is blown. He came in expecting...
chaos15908/13/16 04:39 PM
x*Well according to that logic, no group of more than 2 can ever be loyal in BB. EVER. Because there's always a final 2. NT
JAF08/13/16 03:58 PM
x*My point was that Paulie was saying if his game is blown because he was loyal is laughable. He chastised James for not being loyal even after it
JillyBean08/13/16 04:05 PM
x*Exactly....I totally agree! Another thing that gets me is now he says he wants to stay "to help THEIR game"! He is so full of himself. NT
DeBB08/15/16 03:50 PM
*Just looking at some of Paulie's and Cody's underwear model pics....
495 1   08/13/16 03:39 PM
x*LOL Enhanced? NT
TrinaE08/15/16 07:29 AM
*I’m not so sure how I feel about being asked to pay to see BB
Mikentosh476 4   08/13/16 01:52 PM
x*Right now I too have more questions than answers. Still undecided about it all. NT
macysmom08/13/16 04:25 PM
x*i was rather looking forward to BB ending so I could get back to real life... NT
08/13/16 02:26 PM
x*THis real life thing -- the elders spoke of this to me :) NT
Mikentosh08/13/16 03:15 PM
x*lol NT
08/13/16 03:40 PM
*Once Upon a Time... Sorry not Sorry, JMO LOL
Louise462033 21   08/13/16 12:54 PM
x*Every player uses a different strategy. Overall, she's being nice to people. Those jabs to Paulie were well deserved. NT
jannequin08/17/16 07:35 PM
x*I don't disagree, but why is Paulie's behavior OK and game play but Nat's is not? Because he seemingly came into the game with an outline of Derricks
TrinaE08/15/16 07:39 AM
x*I never said Paulie's behavior is OK. I don't much like him to be honest. However, I do believe Nat blows a lot out of proportion... NT
Louise4608/15/16 07:46 PM
x*I really liked her at first, and then the real Nat showed up. Great post, Louise ~ you nailed it! NT
debbiedu2208/14/16 09:05 AM
x*Lol classic, glad I'm not the only one who sees this. The slant has been real this year NT
LongTimeLurker08/14/16 08:35 AM
x*I always said I felt wasn't right aboutvNat NT
Papacrispin08/13/16 06:36 PM
x*Nicole, wholesome?? Bwaa-haaa-haa! Should have had Magic Fingers in her Care Package. She's the worst! Thought she'd sleep the whole summer. NT
beachbum708/13/16 06:02 PM
x*I can’t believe this…
Mikentosh08/13/16 03:38 PM
x*I get confused because most fans hate liars, especially ones who don't own up to it. But yet Natafake lies and it's 'good gameplay' LOL NT
Louise4608/13/16 04:37 PM
x*Oh...sorry..must have wandered into the Fiction Forum... NT
deVinePoet08/13/16 03:02 PM
x*Need to put on your glasses, the fiction forum is next door to the left. NT
Louise4608/13/16 03:06 PM
x*Calafiore's sister is that you? The promised beat down for anyone who dares defy misogynist PeeWee Paulie. NT
HarleyQ08/13/16 02:54 PM
x*Actually, I don't like Paulie that much. I have seen the way Natafake has been playing since long before her fights with Paulie. NT
Louise4608/13/16 03:06 PM
x*I applaud the seeming reasonable speech, but when all the name calling starts, I often just see an angry person. NT
TrinaE08/15/16 07:43 AM
x*There ARE Nicobra fans on the internet... NT
08/13/16 02:40 PM
x*How confused Michelle and Natalie must be that Nicole has ACP. NT
Mikentosh08/13/16 03:27 PM
x*They were confused alright. PISSED even. Meech bolted back to bed. I imagine crying her eyes out that she didn't get it. James was in shock
Louise4608/13/16 04:46 PM
x*Which was different than how Nicole reacted to both Nat and James CPs? I believed she carried on for quite a while, campaigning for one. Let's not
beachbum708/13/16 06:26 PM
x*Nicole was worried she was being portrayed a certain way or hated. Don't remember her attacking or hating NT
LongTimeLurker08/14/16 08:41 AM
x*Trying to make TS Eliot turn over in his grave? NT
Nusa08/13/16 01:16 PM
x*This old jalico cat is happy this story was told. He too has seen Natafake's game. NT
Mikentosh08/13/16 01:08 PM
*A Quick Left Turn
Mikentosh367 2   08/13/16 11:56 AM
x*Said to Howie in S7 by Boogie, said to Boogie in S14 by Ian, Needs to be said to Paulie in S18 by BB - *Get to Steppin'* NT
08/13/16 08:57 PM
x*Paraphrasing a little maybe, Boogie said in BB14...*This is the Big Brother house, you can bounce checks up in here!* NT
08/13/16 08:35 PM
*The change of BB18's future and why Bridgette was the spark that gave life to change in BB18.
SpaceEVA2222 20   08/12/16 07:27 PM
x*Speaking of Brigette, a day or so back, Paulie said that she's one of the few people he'd like to hang out with, outside the BB House, because
ShrewLou08/15/16 11:49 PM
x*A nice analysis. Thanks for taking the time. NT
TrinaE08/15/16 07:56 AM
x*Great post! Beautifully written!! NT
DeeDee08/14/16 05:34 AM
x*Huh, I never thought of it that way! :)
batoracle08/13/16 05:39 PM
x*Awww. That was super nice :D Thanks also for taking the time to read with an open mind. That means a lot that it could give someone a new appreciation
SpaceEVA08/14/16 03:06 AM
x*nah, I disagree. NT
Blockhead08/13/16 03:23 PM
x*Bravo, very enjoyable. Pretty much the way I saw it too NT
Dulcie08/13/16 03:21 PM
x*I had begun to pull out points to talk about, but then…
Mikentosh08/13/16 12:28 PM
x*"In Depth" for real - And damn insightful! BB18 has so far been reminiscent of
08/13/16 08:04 AM
x*So glad I checked here today. Fantastic post. I think personally the little nurse should go down in BB history as best player. NT
dustyma08/13/16 07:25 AM
x*There are a few unanswered areas in your pro-Bridgette dissertation, one being her Julie interview where she seemed totally unaware as to
rodh08/13/16 07:07 AM
x*As to your point about Bridgette's interview with Julie
SpaceEVA08/13/16 02:56 PM
x*I had to stop reading since your foundation is so very flawed.
Mikentosh08/13/16 03:24 PM
x*My foundation isn't flawed. Bridgette put in maximum effort with Paul. Paul said himself the words to Paulie that he's okay with Bridgette now
SpaceEVA08/13/16 04:53 PM
x*I was really impressed with Bridgette, and I think she used her time being socially exiled from the house to really sit back and let opinions on
08/13/16 06:55 AM
x*A+ NT
08/13/16 05:58 AM
x*Need a TLDR version. NT
Nusa08/12/16 10:33 PM
x*i concur :) NT
SeilleanMeala08/12/16 10:31 PM
x*That is an amazing post and is by far the best breakdown of the events leading up to the flip that I've seen. NT
JlynnB08/12/16 08:40 PM
x*Thanks! There was more details to it all but i was trying to keep it tight in what i was focused on rather than every single detail.
SpaceEVA08/12/16 10:09 PM
*Is It Just Me?
Mikentosh1715 10   08/12/16 01:08 PM
x*Michelle told Paulie that Zakiyah told her she was just playing him
Majuro08/12/16 01:47 PM
x*You clearly didn’t notice this.
Mikentosh08/12/16 07:11 PM
x*I don't think Paulie had/has any feelings about Z except to use her. He was ticking off his idea of the BB wining list. Get a posse-check, get rid
TrinaE08/15/16 08:17 AM
x*You clearly didn't read my entire post lol.
Majuro08/13/16 04:05 PM
x*The Good and The Bad
jakeisfake08/13/16 06:09 AM
x*JakeIsNerd..omg this is..
macysmom08/13/16 04:20 PM
x*Very well argued. Good job. This's the 2nd post this morning that I’m having to stop myself from answering with counter points from last night. NT
Mikentosh08/13/16 11:45 AM
x*So true. NT
08/13/16 08:13 AM
x*I my friend is in total agreement. Very eloquently explained! Liz NT
macysmom08/12/16 10:39 PM
x*Zakiyah played Paulie?
Waverly08/12/16 06:12 PM
*After last night AD...
macysmom1307 6   08/12/16 06:51 AM
x*Sorry, Liz. James IS who said that to Da’
Mikentosh08/12/16 08:48 AM
x*I went back and watched the comment orginated with Paulie..
macysmom08/12/16 09:36 AM
x*But Nicole didn't say James name b/c of that, she said it to throw suspicion on him and deflect that it originated with Paulie NT
beachbum708/12/16 09:30 AM
x*Thats right!! I forgot about that convo
macysmom08/12/16 09:27 AM
x*I really dislike them all at this point, except Natalie. NT
Ephandis08/12/16 08:39 AM
x*Thanks for the summary! :) NT
BucsGal08/12/16 08:39 AM
*The Punchline is gone!
Mikentosh681 2   08/11/16 08:25 PM
x*Maybe we should call her "Blanche" instead of Bridgette? NT
08/12/16 09:30 AM
macysmom08/11/16 08:32 PM
*Tonight was the BEST
16yrBBfan1590 9   08/11/16 07:56 PM
x*this female vs male post thing is so annoying because I dont see the one problem being addressed, BB does pick the women who can beat the men
quakecanada08/12/16 03:06 PM
jakeisfake08/11/16 08:24 PM
x*There’s this line in “The Breakfast Club”
Mikentosh08/11/16 09:40 PM
x*That's so right! He steered, but they all sit back and rode along. NT
08/12/16 09:35 AM
jakeisfake08/12/16 04:10 AM
16yrBBfan08/11/16 08:55 PM
x*I didn't say anything
jakeisfake08/11/16 09:04 PM
x*Females just seem unable to stick with an alliance. Correct me if I'm wrong,
08/12/16 09:46 AM
x*I'm one of those fans. There's literally no reason to watch anymore. It's checkmate for any non-Brigade member (i.e. female). NT
Ephandis08/12/16 08:36 AM
*With the DE looming, what needs to be done to keep the power from Paulie?
jakeisfake555 2   08/11/16 05:44 PM
x*A few things…
Mikentosh08/11/16 07:36 PM
x*Excellent post!!
macysmom08/11/16 06:01 PM
*Hmmmmm I think all of us in this forum can agree on something!!
macysmom566 3   08/11/16 05:07 PM
x*Yes, Now I totally agree with you! lol NT
08/11/16 05:41 PM
x*This is a really beautiful post...
jakeisfake08/11/16 05:14 PM
x*Insightful and true post. Glad you are enjoying the communication here. I have been admiring your posts here for a while. NT
08/11/16 05:47 PM
*I will think less of the girls
610 3   08/11/16 01:13 PM
x*I would agree if...
jakeisfake08/11/16 02:23 PM
x*Yes! They already decided it was futile to continue clueing her in. It's a sad situation. Da will help her out in JH. NT
ShrewLou08/11/16 02:57 PM
x*I also see it that way. She is collateral damage. No real sympathy from me. NT
08/11/16 02:35 PM
*Light The Torches, Wake The Villagers. The Monster is Loose Again
Mikentosh2290 19   08/11/16 11:06 AM
x*ITA. Natalie likely hurt her game with a target on her back. Had Paulie not gotten so obnoxious, it could have - and almost did - backfire on her. NT
ShrewLou08/11/16 03:03 PM
x*Oh, I almost forgot - updaters mentioned "crazy hip action" from Paulie with Z after some of the ruckus in early AM. How disgusting is that?: NT
ShrewLou08/11/16 03:05 PM
x*I have absolutely no respect for Z after that.She has no dignity at all. She can cry "game play" all she wants. After everything Natalie told Z
SpoiledMom08/11/16 03:55 PM
x*You know what; I've got to agree with you, Zac was my favorite until just a few weeks ago; she's lost all respect for herself NT
txladybug08/12/16 01:12 PM
x*The problem is she isn't listening, she even kissed his butt after he didn't use PoV on her... He's making a fool of her and it's pretty sad... NT
stlgirlie08/11/16 01:30 PM
x*There is NO defense for what those girls did.
Mikentosh08/11/16 01:40 PM
x*I didn't see it like that at all. NT
08/11/16 12:44 PM
x*That pounding was not right..
macysmom08/11/16 11:26 AM
x*"Pounding"? I saw the girl's being concerned for Z's emotions and
08/11/16 01:01 PM
macysmom08/11/16 01:22 PM
x*Liz, I think they were considerate and caring when they told her,
08/11/16 02:31 PM
x*If Paulie had stayed quiet or with Zak, we’d probably be seeing Michelle go tonight.
Mikentosh08/11/16 11:49 AM
x*"James had to defend Natalie to try to save face" BS!
08/11/16 01:08 PM
x*No one called James that word. He defended Natalie.
macysmom08/11/16 01:25 PM
x*Very hard to rely on just updates..I appreciate them but...
macysmom08/11/16 12:39 PM
x*LOL, opinions are exactly what it is all about. Opinions on what we see, hear or who we dislike or favor
starrynite08/11/16 12:13 PM
x*I’m not defending or ignoring anything any of them have said or done.
Mikentosh08/11/16 12:31 PM
x*See, you proved my point ! You see Nicole as playing a strong game, I see her as being one of the weaker ones playing under the covers & hanging with
starrynite08/11/16 03:00 PM
x*Beat down & attack ? Wow, I must have missed something. I never saw a beat down or attack by any of the girls,
starrynite08/11/16 11:17 AM
*After everything that happened last night
macysmom373 1   08/11/16 10:17 AM
x*The only “comp beast” on the Flippers is Paul. Vic can’t play HoH.
Mikentosh08/11/16 10:49 AM
*love the subtle jab Paul there at them "I literally can't get romantically involved with someone in this house after just 40-50 days" true these
Lise394 1   08/11/16 02:34 AM
x*Yep. This isn't a dating show, it's a COMPETITION. NT
JAF08/11/16 05:29 AM
*Mikentosh YOU were so right!!!
macysmom342 1   08/10/16 10:28 PM
x*Thanks, I think, Liz. NT
Mikentosh08/11/16 10:34 AM
*I apologize now..do not read if ur a Bridgette fan..
macysmom1185 10   08/10/16 03:55 PM
x*What you said is valid. However, I've grown to like that cussin' like a sailor little girl. Her voice gets high pitched when she's nervous. NT
ShrewLou08/11/16 03:09 PM
x*I can't handle her fake voice and innocent act after hearing her and frank literally degrade everybody... I'm ready for her to get "got" NT
stlgirlie08/11/16 01:29 PM
x*I only like her now because she's not an Executive, so I can tolerate her. Paulie I'd like to see evicted and replaced with the Tonga Flag Bearer!
Majuro08/10/16 06:15 PM
x*I must be getting soft in my old age. I think she's
08/10/16 04:45 PM
x*I think she suffers from social anxiety & is trying very hard to get over it to fit in. One can appear very awkward & silly when trying too hard. NT
starrynite08/11/16 10:32 AM
x*Your post made me lol! Her voice has been driving me nuts since Day 1!! NT
debbiedu2208/10/16 04:44 PM
x*I don't understand all the talk about Brigette or Bronte's voice when Nicole is always screeching in that whiney high pitched voice that is far worse.
starrynite08/11/16 10:22 AM
x*Far worse bc we've had to listen to it for another season NT
SeniorSuperFan08/11/16 02:04 PM
x*She's not a comp beast, but statistically, she's one of the better competitors this season.
jakeisfake08/10/16 04:31 PM
macysmom08/10/16 05:27 PM
*here's a quote from Natalie IRL fitting her situation now.....
479 0   08/10/16 01:35 PM
*Will the tornado hit the BB house???
macysmom1659 15   08/10/16 11:10 AM
x*Macysmom, I love the way you summarized late last night and early am in a short, accurate and non-judgemental way, WTG! NT
ShrewLou08/11/16 03:24 PM
x*Holy Jinkies!
Majuro08/10/16 07:10 PM
x*"Spools of lies" Where have I heard that phrase before? NT
08/11/16 03:56 PM
x*Sadly my friend Majuro..
macysmom08/10/16 10:33 PM
x*Last night the whole time they were talking Mich was pulling the cover over her Mike. BB did not EVER say "Stop obstructing your mike." NT
08/10/16 02:09 PM
x*Michelle teaming up with mortal enemy Bridge, without continued malice and for a joint cause, gives me hope for the human race! NT
ShrewLou08/11/16 03:26 PM
x*I am totally on board for this change in the game. I want to see the game being played and Paulie's game blown up. No lap dogs in the BB house. NT
jannequin08/10/16 02:05 PM
x*I Can't wait for Michelle to pretend hanging out with Nicole. Would be fun to watch. NT
Mybbhg08/10/16 01:26 PM
x*I am so excited to catch the fall-out coming down! I have kept
08/10/16 01:06 PM
x*Try to rmember…
Mikentosh08/10/16 02:09 PM
x*I think the eviction of Zak IS "cast in stone" It shows what idiots
08/11/16 07:56 AM
x*Ditto NT
starrynite08/11/16 10:36 AM
x*Past performance for comps don't mean much when so many of them are throwing them, we don't know what they can really do NT
beachbum708/10/16 11:46 PM
x*Mikentosh you are so right. Lol You hit the nail on the head..
macysmom08/10/16 05:47 PM
x*I think she will be told in the jury house, unless Paulie comes in the door NT
macysmom08/10/16 01:54 PM
*I WAS Wrong, wrong wrong
Papacrispin796 5   08/10/16 11:08 AM
x*No shame in being mistaken in your evaluations ; It happens to everyone, Admitting it shows character. (You may not have been completely off base) NT
Grammy08/10/16 06:00 PM
x*Thanks for your apology. I was going to post "I told you so!" To all the naysayers! NT
08/10/16 11:27 AM
x*Lol bb4peeker!! :) NT
macysmom08/10/16 11:35 AM
x*Successful or not, at least they're standing up for themselves. NT
08/10/16 12:14 PM
x*Oh Papacrispin no apologies needed
macysmom08/10/16 11:17 AM
*"Sokath, his eyes opened/uncovered."
SeilleanMeala301 1   08/10/16 08:21 AM
x*And James, and Paul, and Vic.... NT
08/10/16 01:07 PM
*Could the flip happen?
TeeGeeCee625 6   08/10/16 07:28 AM
x*It could happen! Last chance, I think. NT
08/10/16 07:47 AM
x*You have the ppl mixed up a bit!
macysmom08/10/16 07:37 AM
x*Embarrassed to say it. But my prayers to the BB gods have been answered! NT
08/10/16 10:56 AM
x*I'm behind on the feeds!
TeeGeeCee08/10/16 08:48 AM
x*I credit Natalie and Bridge as the brains of this move. NT
08/10/16 07:45 AM
x*Absolutely. NT
TeeGeeCee08/10/16 08:48 AM
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