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*I think there's a distinction between good gameplay and a good narrative. Paul had the better narrative because he started on the wrong side of the
jovoh1668 10   09/22/16 06:24 AM
x*It's obvious to both Casual viewers and Alumnis that Paul played a better game. Nicole had easy mode, Paul had hard mode. Just like season 13:
Kay1910/02/16 09:13 AM
x*Not SO Obvious...
Mikentosh10/02/16 06:43 PM
x*I agree. plus Paul would have been screwed if Victor never returned. I bet he wouldnt even make final 4. NT
JSDSandiego09/23/16 02:44 AM
x*Neither would have Nicole so your point is valid. NT
09/23/16 01:43 PM
x*You can't know that! Please preface opinions as such, not fact. NT
09/23/16 05:27 AM
x*Nicole's narrative, in her own words, was that she sat back for most of the game and let her alliance do everything. I don't see a difference between
09/22/16 07:27 AM
x*Nicole played the same game James did only she won comps where James didnt. Thats the difference. NT
09/22/16 08:09 PM
x*Nicole herself said "everything was happening the way she wanted." What they fail to realize it's because Paul divided and conquered the 8pack. NT
Pyke09/22/16 08:04 AM
x*Paul didn't even KNOW about the 8 pack until after it was breaking up. NT
Nusa09/22/16 07:47 PM
x*Anthropologists have determined it was Da’Vonne and Frank’s feud that fractured the 8 Pac. :)
Mikentosh09/22/16 08:28 AM
*I believe the Jurors that voted for Nicole to win will regret their vote once they settle in and learn about her public opinion this season.
Whoisnoone949 5   09/22/16 12:19 AM
x*As I go back and watch the feeds I started realizing that people came to them to talk game. They definitely were not left out of things. NT
BoPeep09/27/16 07:29 AM
x*Jurors shouldnt base their vote on who America likes. The majority thought Nicole played a better game. She deserved to win. Get over it. NT
JSDSandiego09/23/16 02:46 AM
x*I agree. But also I dont think it will matter because they all (with the exception of Nicole, James Day and Frank) got new fans. BBOTT will wash
09/22/16 08:12 PM
x*I don't feel that way at all. NT
Papacrispin09/22/16 06:33 PM
x*I am feeling regretful already. NT
augieslimpo09/22/16 07:06 AM
*My only solice to nicole winning IS:
Whoisnoone2909 19   09/21/16 10:18 PM
x*i thought Nic played well. Even Danielle Reyes said ..
Papacrispin09/22/16 06:44 PM
x*This American loves Nicole and has all season. This American hates jealousy clouding reality.
Mikentosh09/22/16 08:23 AM
x*Most Americans who "Love Nicole" are TV watchers only. She acted like a saint, then sexed it up with Corey day & night. NT
09/23/16 05:30 AM
x*Well, I would call that a win-win! :-) NT
debbiedu2209/23/16 06:10 AM
x*Excellent analysis of the game of Nicole -- and other observations! NT
BBenthusiast09/22/16 08:51 AM
x*Re: "America was SO not in her corner"... then how come she won the 3rd America's Care Pkg while Paul didn't win any of them? NT
JAF09/22/16 06:55 AM
x*It's called a rig. Nobody believes for one second Corey actually won that package. More production help for Nicole. She got alot of help NT
somethinggood09/25/16 11:42 PM
x*Because most of "America" only saw the good edits she got on TV. They didn't see the truth. NT
augieslimpo09/22/16 07:06 AM
x*So in other words they did back Nicole over Paul, and you're blaming that on the edit
ShadowNinja09/22/16 09:43 AM
x*Irrelevant to the OP's claim though. It still reflected the way America felt (those that chose to vote, anyway). NT
JAF09/22/16 08:08 AM
x*Hope the person who wrote this will be cured of bitterness. Nicole may not have been America's favorite, but she played better than Paul
JSDSandiego09/22/16 01:49 AM
x*Opinions only, and others are different. NT
09/23/16 05:32 AM
x*Wasn't Paul the one protecting Victor? Paul did all right without him. NT
jovoh09/22/16 02:35 AM
x*Vic won 3 HOHs, giving paul 3 weeks of safety. Also the HGs saw Victor as a bigger threat, so he was shielded but Vic being a threat. NT
JSDSandiego09/23/16 02:49 AM
x*Paul never, ever protected Victor. Paul only cared about Paul. NT
CougarSpy09/22/16 02:43 AM
x*He did when Victor re-entered the first time. Paulie should have been threatened by Victor's return, but Paul integrated him. NT
jovoh09/22/16 03:44 AM
x*$500,000 goes a long way in Ubly. Winning Big Brother was her dream, and she achieved that. She was gonna be criticized anyway, so better she won. NT
jovoh09/21/16 11:44 PM
x*I'm ok with Nicole winning, especially when it could have been one of those duds in jury. But I'm so ready to never listen to her whiney ass again NT
09/22/16 07:30 AM
x*She only does paid appearances according to RHAP NT
Adamlovechild109/21/16 11:29 PM
*Congratulations to Nicole! She proved me wrong. I thought for sure that she wrote the check to Paul when she didn't evict him during her HOH. I don't
jovoh2233 15   09/21/16 08:14 PM
x*I don't believe higher powers bother with things like Big B, but I have to say "Paul, Karma is a bitch". NT
Grammy09/22/16 05:50 AM
x*Corey of all people switched my vote to Nicole when he said Paul played a great game being nominated so much but Nicole too by NOT being nommed.
Majuro09/21/16 09:01 PM
x*Perhaps, but the people ranked the best BB winners are those who survived danger being on the block NT
ShadowNinja09/22/16 09:54 AM
x*In two seasons, Dan faced an eviction vote only once. Derrick never, unless you count final three. NT
jovoh09/22/16 10:38 AM
x*Taken at face value, I do think that staying off the block is more impressive than surviving the block, but with Paul being a new player and being on
jovoh09/21/16 09:42 PM
x*You can't ignore the piss-poor jury management. #NeverCared NT
Mikentosh09/21/16 10:10 PM
x*He put a lot of time into rectifying things with Michelle, but yeah, his attitude with Natalie might have been part of his downfall. NT
jovoh09/21/16 11:14 PM
x*Actually Paul's speech was horrible. All he did was repeat himself and say he is crazy. NT
arbo09/21/16 08:50 PM
x*True. He never acknowledged or answered the question about disrespecting the women, and talked around it instead. NT
Nusa09/21/16 11:39 PM
x*I wasn't crazy about Paul's speech when he was rehearsing it, but to end your F2 speech with "I don't know" is unforgivable. NT
jovoh09/21/16 09:06 PM
x*I was shocked that Michelle voted for Paul.
Mikentosh09/21/16 08:24 PM
x*Meech hated Paul a bit less than Nicole. Those 2 were her nightmare F2 NT
Canucklehead09/21/16 08:37 PM
x*That alone makes me happy they WERE the F2 then. ;-)
JAF09/22/16 07:02 AM
x*Just Michelle. Bridgette is fine with it. NT
Nusa09/22/16 07:49 PM
x*Meech and Bridgette still voted for Paul... then again, Bridgette I wasn't shocked. NT
Digitalpotato09/21/16 08:27 PM
*It ain't over till it's over!!!!! Who'da thought the outcome would be Nicole?? Happy or Sad? What say you JokersPosters?
BBenthusiast2192 16   09/21/16 07:56 PM
x*Disappointed. Nicole deserved to go out 3rd. NT
somethinggood09/25/16 11:42 PM
x*The more I think about the happier I am that she won
ShadowNinja09/22/16 09:59 AM
x*Happy, especially since so many of those nasty women in the jury house hate her. Hehe. :-)
JAF09/22/16 06:44 AM
x*Was a Nicole fan in season 16, not so much this time. She became such a whiner. But couldn't stand Paul or his game play, so I'm HAPPY! NT
jube09/22/16 06:35 AM
x*Wasn't a huge Nicole fan but I'm happy with the outcome NT
Kryamina09/22/16 12:30 AM
x*I couldn’t be happier
Mikentosh09/21/16 10:32 PM
x*I 'm with you on both Paul and James. I think Paul was the worst Winner in BB history. His jumping around like a devilish imp around a Hell-fire
Grammy09/22/16 02:55 PM
x*I thought when James voted Paul Paul had won so was pretty surprised but she played a game deserving to win as did Paul. NT
arbo09/21/16 08:48 PM
x*Paul deserved to lose, which means Nicole deserved to win by default.
Canucklehead09/21/16 08:47 PM
x*In Nicole's defence, Paul made some pretty bad moves. (Did Meech take Paul's brains out with Pablo?)
Digitalpotato09/21/16 08:42 PM
x*Pauls worst move was not taking James to F2. That cost him $450,000! NT
Nusa09/21/16 11:33 PM
x*That did shock me. He got cocky, convincing himself he'd win easily either way. Serves him right. That was an even worse F2 choice than Cody made
JAF09/22/16 06:50 AM
x*Very happy!! I've always liked her, too. :-) NT
debbiedu2209/21/16 08:35 PM
x*It redeemed an otherwise lousy season (well, partially redeemed anyway). Loved the upset finish! NT
JAF09/22/16 06:52 AM
x*I didn't find her sweet or endearing. She played like her last go round and should have been beaten in the end by the newbie who owned F5. NT
cjj309/21/16 08:33 PM
x*You mean F4. Corey and Nicole owned F5 and evicted Vic. NT
Nusa09/21/16 11:34 PM
*I think it's a possibility that James played a better game that it seems.
KarenC3950 5   09/21/16 04:34 PM
x*Whether or not James threw a bunch of competitions is beside the point. He's a vet that was nominated only once and reached final three. His gameplay
jovoh09/21/16 05:23 PM
x*Of course, Nicole is also a vet that was nominated only once and reached final three. On that score they're equal. NT
Nusa09/21/16 05:40 PM
x*Indeed, James and Nicole had similar strategies, either by accident or design. Nicole backed it up with some actual comp wins when it mattered. NT
Nusa09/21/16 05:18 PM
x*I don't think there's any way Paul takes James. He talks to Nicole the way he would talk to Victor if he was there. I do think Paul is afraid of
FurnitureAlliance09/21/16 04:53 PM
x*Everything that Paul said about not wanting to lose against James can be said about Nicole too. It's possible he wants to blindside her, but I think
KarenC309/21/16 06:05 PM
*I just had an idea...Didn't Corey get a jock strap in his "care package"?...
364 1   09/21/16 02:54 PM
x*When they get out let's beg them to do the Hiney Dance NT
FurnitureAlliance09/21/16 05:22 PM
*Thanks to everyone...
jasunny170 0   09/21/16 11:09 AM
*See Ya Next Season! Thanks for the fun chats!
Majuro504 3   09/20/16 09:30 PM
x*So in a week then? NT
09/21/16 10:08 AM
x*It's not over yet! I've enjoyed your posts and look forward to seeing more! NT
09/21/16 02:46 AM
x*You too! See ya! I did come back to post because Finale was so good! Normally it's not, but I loved those comps, and final vote was dramatic! NT
Majuro09/21/16 09:05 PM
*Interesting opinions of Julie Chen.....
3189 20   09/20/16 11:39 AM
x*Brent Wolgamott doesn’t like Nicole personally either, but he admitted she is the better player.
Mikentosh09/20/16 01:35 PM
x*Mikentosh terrific post about RHAP. I never an episode of RHAP but,
Papacrispin09/21/16 03:33 PM
x*I think Brent has his place on the show. He represents the viewers who get passionate about what happens in the house.It makes the show better imo NT
FurnitureAlliance09/21/16 05:06 PM
x*Nicole hung Michelle and Z out to dry with the Da'Vonne vote. Then those two were on the block the next week. That was very snakey. NT
jovoh09/21/16 10:13 AM
x*It’s the classic conundrum —
Mikentosh09/21/16 02:47 PM
x*Michelle finished seventh as a first-time player with no chance to return. That's better than "superfan" Nicole in 16. NT
jovoh09/21/16 05:18 PM
x*Not better than. Equal to. Nicole finished 7th in BB16. NT
Nusa09/21/16 05:43 PM
x*True dat! NT
09/21/16 03:08 PM
x*Disagree. If Z/M were so out of the loop to not know who was going to be evicted, that is on THEM. Play the game, or go home. NT
LettucePray09/21/16 10:47 AM
x*Disagree with what? Nicole pretended to be aligned with them and turned her back on them with that vote. There's nothing else to it. NT
jovoh09/21/16 05:14 PM
x*It's their vote to cast and how to cast it. Not Nicole's. Z asked Paulie how he was voting and he told her. Meech did nothing and went to bed. NT
LettucePray09/22/16 01:46 AM
x*He musta meant better than James. His tweets reflect a definite bias toward Paul. NT
09/21/16 02:44 AM
x*He said he likes Paul better but admits Nicole played a better game. NT
FurnitureAlliance09/21/16 05:08 PM
x*Whoever is the "better player".....
09/20/16 02:46 PM
x*I agree with you but it's true that Paul was saved over and over again because Victor kept coming back and Vic was always a bigger target. So
FurnitureAlliance09/21/16 05:12 PM
x*Here’s something that is not AT ALL opinion…
Mikentosh09/20/16 09:48 PM
x*Paul lacks sportsmanship. When he and James played pool, each time James would win, Paul would wait for James to rack the pool balls. Then Paul would
CIAO09/21/16 05:23 PM
x*That was Paul's social game at work, not Paulie deciding to be charitable to Paul. NT
FurnitureAlliance09/21/16 05:13 PM
x*Paulie took him in because he earned his trust by not using veto to save vic early in the season. NT
CougarSpy09/21/16 02:57 AM
x*That fact can also be seen as an accolade to Paul's gameplay. I'm sure he put some effort into changing Paulie's mind about him. NT
09/21/16 02:07 AM
*What is your definition of a showmance?
BoPeep473 3   09/19/16 07:43 AM
x*A relationship that starts on a TV show, and usually ends shortly after show does. NT
09/19/16 07:48 AM
x*I'd just go with the first half of that. e.g. just because Jeff and Jordan made it work, doesn't mean it wasn't a showmance at the time. NT
Nusa09/19/16 08:21 AM
x*There are a few more marriages that started as showmances. NT
09/19/16 08:41 AM
*Observations drawn from the official Jokers Prediction Poll (1623 votes at this writing):
Nusa673 2   09/19/16 12:19 AM
x*Surprising! I have James only getting Natalie's and Michelle's votes! NT
09/19/16 06:49 AM
x*After listening to Nicole's speech and lies SHE may just get 2 votes! NT
09/19/16 01:11 PM
*I have really enjoyed this season! So many new
2957 25   09/17/16 10:02 AM
x*Roadkill is the one element I would keep. Throw out returning vets, jury buybacks, RT tickets. NT
jillpole09/19/16 07:46 PM
x*i liked RT and wish it had been used :) NT
Belle09/20/16 11:42 AM
x*I did like the road kill comp..but
macysmom09/18/16 11:24 PM
x*I like this season. I give it a B+. NT
bluegreen09/18/16 09:37 PM
x*I give it a C-. Thought it was in the bottom half. Hated having two eviction reversals (and could have been 3 had a return ticket been found).
JAF09/19/16 06:37 AM
x*I think the RT ticket and return of a juror was an either or situation NT
09/19/16 07:10 AM
x*Good point. So woulda been 2 either way. Although still 2 too many for my tastes. NT
JAF09/19/16 07:18 AM
x*For me it has been the worst season ever. I quit watching in July.. NT
Sizzle09/18/16 02:52 PM
x*I did like Road Kill and some of the better comps. However, I think overall this has been a bad season.
starr4all09/17/16 08:55 PM
x*I loved this season too. I know I am I seem to be in the minority based of all the complaints here at jokers but I thought it was a great season. NT
jjnewboots09/17/16 07:28 PM
x*I can't understand people hanging around game discussion if they hate the game..... NT
09/19/16 07:12 AM
x*Hate the player, not the game. NT
09/20/16 12:28 AM
x*Hate is what's wrong with the world. None of the BB players are worth hating. It's not like they've killed anyone. NT
Nusa09/20/16 08:58 AM
x*I'm the opposite. Vets protected by teams, bad gameplay, boring personalities. A lost year. NT
09/17/16 04:07 PM
x*Really interested to know why you've stuck it out? I will close a book if it gets boring, same with a TV show. NT
09/17/16 05:59 PM
x*I always come to Jokers especially when feeds are too boring. NT
09/17/16 10:39 PM
x*Most of the time Jokers IS about the feeds and game, so it should be boring here also. NT
09/19/16 07:15 AM
x*Weren't you the one that was throwing in the towel a while back, being unable to handle the people and twists this season? NT
Nusa09/17/16 04:00 PM
x*Hell no! I have complained many times, but never about being bored - Look up my posts if you need verification. NT
09/17/16 05:56 PM
x*Glad you stuck it out. Almost a month ago you were pretty down:
Nusa09/18/16 06:31 AM
x*LOL-I wonder what pissed me off that day! Oh yeah, it was feed blocking. Disappointed and disgusted yes. Bored no. NT
09/18/16 07:14 AM
x*IMO,It would've been better if there were NO vets and NO family members or friends of former hgs. NT
bluedevilsfan7109/18/16 05:53 PM
x*But then we woulda missed Paulie's melt down! NT
09/19/16 07:29 AM
x*That would be ok with me he's a bully, only has respect for himself. NT
bluedevilsfan7109/19/16 10:58 AM
x*I'm totally onboard with that! I hope they have listened to all the complaints about that this season. NT
09/19/16 07:17 AM
*So I got into a nice little debate with my younger niece during Wednesdays Episode where they were using the Veto and she told me she felt sorry for
Tamms1908 12   09/17/16 07:52 AM
x*In James's case, he never tried to memorize days/events. That means he never intended to try to win, even if he needed to. No pity. NT
09/18/16 11:17 AM
x*Nobody complained about him throwing the wall comp to Nicole even though it was stupid to trust her. NT
dark_star09/18/16 05:59 PM
x*Most of us watching feeds could tell he was losing and decided to drop to save face. It was obvious. NT
09/19/16 07:21 AM
x*Well that isn't entirely true, some did think he was a fool. I think the rest thought he was really ready to fall and tried to "look good. NT
ne14cookies09/18/16 06:10 PM
x*I would have been more interested in what made her sorry for James, rather than trying to change her viewpoint. She's entitled to her feelings. NT
Nusa09/17/16 03:57 PM
x*I agree..
macysmom09/17/16 11:56 AM
x*I don't totally agree. I don't think James intentionally blew that comp. I think James really is not good at retaining details, he can't even
JillyBean09/17/16 08:58 AM
x*I don't think he threw it. I think he simply didn't keep track of events by days, and guessing was next to useless in that comp. NT
Nusa09/17/16 04:37 PM
x*Did you also tell her he almost certainly will win at least 50K? NT
09/17/16 08:30 AM
x*All the returnees got 50K to come, more to make jury and James has 5K more. Already. NT
Mikentosh09/17/16 10:12 AM
x*It was 22K, according a Nic/James convo on feeds a while back. And from a Frank convo, we know they got it even if they didn't make jury. NT
Nusa09/17/16 03:50 PM
x*I don't think they got 50K to come back. Source? Please don't repeat gossip as fact. NT
09/17/16 10:55 AM
*Late night rant.
angelboo1882 8   09/17/16 05:03 AM
x*Derrick on RHAP: he spoke w Paulie by phone for an hr, gave him some tips. Made a good point: Paulie's personality is the real problem. NT
jillpole09/20/16 09:29 PM
x*Derrick disavowed all coaching claims tho he called Nic/James/Cody/Paulie & distanced himself f/Paulie's women hating game & James claims of
HarleyQ09/17/16 07:36 AM
x*Did it ever occur to anyone?
muzichead09/17/16 07:13 AM
x*All true. NT
09/17/16 08:33 AM
x*Always remember they are STILL PLAYING and in their own feedback cycle. We won't get honest comments from them until after the win is in the bag. NT
Nusa09/17/16 07:43 AM
x*Human nature...sadly! NT
Nomajority09/17/16 06:46 AM
x*Derrick coached Paulie. I doubt he had much to do with James as J works for his father who he is not on speaking terms with. NT
09/17/16 05:57 AM
x*You don't remember Vanessa & Liz ripping on Steve for days at the end? NT
somethinggood09/17/16 05:14 AM
*If part 3 of final HOH is
801 4   09/17/16 04:02 AM
x*2 Things -- Ian coached Nicole how to win this part (according to #RHAP); Paul - NEVER CARED NT
Mikentosh09/17/16 06:30 AM
x*I'm sure Ian didn't advise her to lay up in bed while others are exchanging information and thoughts. NT
09/17/16 08:36 AM
x*No, Ian rocked in the hammock instead. NT
Nusa09/17/16 03:40 PM
x*The hammock was almost necessary for Ian due to his Aspergers. I'm sure he did quite a bit of strategizing NT
09/17/16 03:51 PM
*I have to laugh at the claims by certain HGs that James is playing Derrick's game. It's funny not so much because it shows how ignorant these people
jovoh1624 12   09/17/16 03:19 AM
x*I think Derrick is just an elevated, better version, of a floater! NT
09/17/16 04:38 AM
x*I completely disagree!!!! Bleah!!!! NT
macysmom09/17/16 11:49 AM
x*I just hated his entitled patronizing persona. I remember the exact moment I quit
09/18/16 05:49 AM
x*tsk, tsk, tdk NT
Mikentosh09/17/16 06:32 AM
x*I don't think James wanted to win any comps at all this season...
muzichead09/17/16 07:21 AM
x*On the contrary, his jury management is quite acceptable and he'll get some votes even now. He failed to back it up with endgame wins so he loses. NT
Nusa09/17/16 07:46 AM
x*I can tell you a vote James nor Paul will get unless they’re the only choices — Da’s vote
Mikentosh09/17/16 10:09 AM
x*I actually think she will vote.....
09/17/16 01:56 PM
x*I don't think she would vote for Paul. She already said twice now that if Nicole was in final two she has her vote. NT
starr4all09/17/16 09:06 PM
x*Loses? He's almost guaranteed 50K! NT
09/17/16 08:38 AM
x*can u imagine all the potentially great HG's out there and we get JAMES AGAIN! NT
Matzak09/17/16 08:40 AM
x*ain't that the truth! NT
09/17/16 10:04 AM
*The suspense is killing me.....
969 3   09/15/16 10:11 PM
x*I wonder if Paul or Nicole consider James as beatable since jury might not think of him as "earning" his position or else unbeatable for his
Grammy09/16/16 07:59 AM
x*IMO, James & Paul would take Nic & Paul would also take Nic. Nic & Paul should both takes James - to win - but for some reason Paul dislikes James,
ShrewLou09/15/16 10:34 PM
x*Nicole is one of very few people that can fool me as to whether they are lying or not. I am almost in awe sometimes with her talent. NT
09/16/16 01:22 AM
*Are you happy with the final three?
Majuro1164 8   09/15/16 07:57 PM
x*Not really, there were others that deserved to be there more. Want Paul to take James to F2, with Paul BB18 winner. NT
DaniTheWinner09/16/16 07:17 PM
x*Who "deserved" to be there more? 2 great players + 1 goat = average F3. NT
09/19/16 07:27 AM
x*I would be happy with Paul or Nicole winning. Both played good games (different but good). James imo did nothing and I hope he doesn't win. NT
jjnewboots09/16/16 04:38 PM
x*Incredible post!!
macysmom09/16/16 04:02 PM
x*I can stomach 2 out of 3 of them. James not so much.NT
colebbfan09/16/16 08:11 AM
x*As long as James walks out #3. The only 2 seasons I have really disliked F3 were #9 and #15. About season #5.....
09/15/16 09:15 PM
x*For me it is what it is. I really do not dislike anyone left. NT
Papacrispin09/15/16 08:38 PM
x*I think Nicole and Paul deserve to be there, both are different players. Can't stand Nicole, love Paul. There's some suspense. So it's cool. NT
09/15/16 08:34 PM
*What reasons or info do you use???..
macysmom3457 29   09/15/16 08:15 AM
x*Normally, I have a favorite person that I follow around the feeds and that is the person I vote for. They are usually good game players or
broncogal09/20/16 11:10 PM
x*I usually base it on who's personality I liked best or who was more entertaining. If I thought they played a great game and got screwed over I might
starr4all09/17/16 09:25 PM
x*Liz, The pertinent word here is *Favorite*. If we all only
09/17/16 08:00 PM
x*I base it on them. Their personality, what they talk about, how they interact with the HGs, Do in my opinion they actually need the money, are they
09/16/16 07:39 PM
x*I base it on who played the game, by winning comps, not throwing them and also one who had a good relationship with all/most of the hgs. NT
DaniTheWinner09/16/16 07:22 PM
x*Thank you all for sharing your opinions!! All of you are amazing!! NT
macysmom09/16/16 12:57 PM
x*I'm voting for Bridge. First, I'm also an RN, so I relate to her on that level, and I like that she's traveling around to see the country
ShrewLou09/15/16 11:16 PM
x*The title is "favorite", so I always vote for whoever was my favorite. If we voted on gameplay, they would probably have made it to F3 anyway. NT
09/15/16 09:22 PM
x*Through the season I find myself avoiding some when they're onscreen and much more interested when others are on. I vote for who I liked watching. NT
09/15/16 08:42 PM
x*I vote for who I like the best. Period. NT
FurnitureAlliance09/15/16 07:53 PM
x*I guess it's my age, but my favorites are those I would like to see in my house and then I vote for the one I would most like to be in my family. NT
Grammy09/15/16 07:44 PM
x*PS.. Some years I don't vote. NT
Grammy09/15/16 07:45 PM
x*I simply vote for who I like as a person. NT
Papacrispin09/15/16 07:02 PM
x*You don't use cute butts as a voting criteria??!?!?! In the words of Natalie, I don't even know who you ARE Macysmom! Sheesh! NT
Majuro09/15/16 05:59 PM
x*Being a little silly Majuro..you know how goofy I can be!! Lol NT
macysmom09/16/16 03:58 AM
x*Lol. NT
09/15/16 09:24 PM
x*I vote for the person I feel most deserves to win, but didn't make it to the final 3. NT
jasunny09/15/16 01:46 PM
x*#Glemm4AFP This season Glenn has given me least redass of any HG and so he gets my loyalty for AFP.
Mikentosh09/15/16 10:29 AM
x*He seemed like a great guy, but we had no chance to find out. NT
09/18/16 10:50 AM
x*I had thought of throwing him some sympathy votes, but he said Nicole, Corey, and James were rooting for him for AFP, so I laughed and said FU. NT
09/15/16 03:59 PM
x*Glenn would be a fitting AFP winner for this lousy season. :-) NT
JAF09/15/16 10:49 AM
x*I vote for who I like best or who entertained me the most. I don't really look at game play at all. NT
09/15/16 10:23 AM
x*That's why it's called "Favorite", not "Best Player" Vic gets my votes. NT
09/15/16 03:57 PM
x*It's not even favorite player, it's favorite houseguest. That they don't have a box to tick for Pablo or Mr. Jenkins is a shame. NT
Majuro09/15/16 05:57 PM
x*The title "AFP" is acronym for America's Favorite PLAYER" NT
09/15/16 09:27 PM
x*(((tongue firmly planted in cheek))) Player? It has to be Paulie then. No!! Wait!! He’s our favorite 'playa.' NT
Mikentosh09/16/16 08:06 AM
x*That's what he thinks! NT
09/16/16 02:24 PM
x*LMAO!!! Omg this post made my day!!! NT
macysmom09/16/16 12:56 PM
x*They are house residents, not house guests :P NT
dustysnemisis09/15/16 05:59 PM
*I really do not like that so many posters are saying James doesn’t deserve to win. I think he has played an OK game.
JillyBean1533 12   09/14/16 09:21 PM
x*Before Corey left, Nic was trying to figure out what to say to the jury to justify her winning, and she decided her big move was talking Nat & Meech
ShrewLou09/15/16 10:52 PM
x*I think he was looking for an easy, decent paying summer job. Be everybody's pal be no comp threat, and play to viewers, maybe pick
Grammy09/15/16 07:57 PM
x*I think he also tried to do pranks again thinking that he could get AFP again. NT
starr4all09/17/16 09:27 PM
x*I agree with your assessment of his gameplay. or lack there of, but hope you're wrong about his ending status. NT
09/15/16 09:36 PM
x*I hope I'm wrong also. I think he was a nice guy to have in the house, but stereotypical under-achiever. Didn't even fake trying many times. NT
Grammy09/16/16 03:31 PM
x*James does NOT deserve to win as much as Nic and Paul deserve to win. He has been a floater all summer. NT
09/15/16 04:43 AM
x*Whoever gets to F2 and gets 5+ Jury votes deserves to win. Doesn't matter which of them it is. That's the game. NT
Nusa09/15/16 09:51 AM
x*I would assume whoever got the majority votes deserving, but I don't like a goat to get 50K. NT
09/20/16 11:18 AM
x*Maybe so, but surely you want the part 3 winner to pick the better choice for THEIR game? Be a real shame if they lost out of cockiness. NT
Nusa09/20/16 12:11 PM
x*James had some good moments in the game. He had a great sense of timing on when he needed to spill info and when he needed to keep his mouth shut but
09/14/16 10:30 PM
x*what is the second prize? sorry forgot!! TIA NT
Matzak09/14/16 09:22 PM
x*$50,000. NT
jillpole09/14/16 10:17 PM
*Thinking about the AFP vote..
macysmom1330 15   09/14/16 08:57 PM
x*On the CBS site, it's "America's Favorite Houseguest" not "Player". That difference had me vote for Victor. I enjoyed him the most this season.
Majuro09/15/16 05:52 PM
x*I noticed that! I always thought it went from player to jury, and back to player. NT
09/17/16 06:06 PM
x*You should know my vote was in agreement with yours..hehehe NT
macysmom09/16/16 03:56 AM
x*Yes-he ended up in jury house, but he had to battle his way back in both times - instead of just luck or chance. & I am not a Vic fan NT
jasunny09/15/16 01:54 PM
x*The ONLY one who won AFP that was a good player too, to my knowledge, is Janelle. There is a big history of poor-mouthing AFP winners. NT
Mikentosh09/15/16 07:23 AM
x*I agree..
macysmom09/15/16 08:09 AM
x*Donny is an exception as well -- gret guy, well liked and surely loved, but not game savvy was he NT
Mikentosh09/15/16 10:00 AM
x*I think he WAS game savvy. Derrick wanted him out cause he was catching on to his manipulations and he was afraid Donnie would expose him. NT
09/17/16 06:29 PM
x*It is not "Best Player" we are voting for, it's who we liked the best. NT
09/15/16 04:49 AM
x*Yes! Get rid of AFP. Watching James & Natalie shamelessly play to "America" has been gag-inducing. Vote Victor to deny those 2, then get rid of it. NT
jillpole09/14/16 10:16 PM
x*Paul & Victor shamelessly played played to America also. NT
JillyBean09/14/16 10:19 PM
x*"America's Favorite Player" has nothing to do with gameplay or 'deserving' or anything like that. It's just who America likes best. NT
Ephandis09/14/16 10:03 PM
x*It depends on what type of player you like..
macysmom09/14/16 10:21 PM
x*First, I hate AFP. I think it gives HGs an incentive to be fake. Or that's what it has become, anyway. But, since someone's getting it, I feel
09/14/16 09:50 PM
x*It's not about best player but who you enjoyed watching. Usually decided by what CBS airs. Last year 3 episodes in a row featured James' pranks. NT
09/14/16 09:20 PM
Majuro1072 10   09/14/16 07:05 PM
x*Paulie is a double talker. He rarely makes a point with validity. Day's right but I wish she wouldn't feed into his BS by responding to it. NT
09/15/16 10:09 PM
x*When Day said he only bullied women did I actually hear him brag about confronting James? NT
09/15/16 04:55 AM
x*Zakiyah has to learn this lesson on her own, unfortunately. We can all see what's in store for her, but she has to learn this the hard way. NT
Ephandis09/14/16 10:01 PM
x*Ahhhh Majuro!!
macysmom09/14/16 08:47 PM
x*Side note - Was it just me or did Natalie look like a $20 hooker? NT
09/15/16 04:57 AM
x*She dresses to show off her assets. Many of the females HGs on BB dress provocatively, which production apparently likes. Like it, BB fans? NT
ShrewLou09/15/16 10:39 PM
x*I thought she looked nice, wish I could wear a boob dress like that. NT
Majuro09/15/16 05:39 PM
x*I loved the dress! I was frowning on the thigh-high boots, and the sandals with laces to the knees. NT
09/17/16 06:30 PM
x*You won't find a $20 hooker dressed up like that. Maybe if you picked a higher price point. NT
Nusa09/15/16 09:54 AM
x*Hey Nusa! I bow to your better knowledge! LOL NT
09/16/16 01:15 AM
*The problem with listening to HG's at this point is that truly honest conversions require a listener that doesn't have a horse in the race.
Nusa227 1   09/14/16 03:53 PM
x*True, endgame is always boring. Nicole was being cagey with Paul and even James about type of comp F4 HoH would be, hoping they wouldn't study NT
Majuro09/14/16 07:14 PM
macysmom985 7   09/14/16 09:41 AM
x*James is sure whoever wins F3 will take him. NT
09/15/16 05:10 AM
x*He may be right. Paul is telling both James and Nicole that he'll take them. But I still think both of them would take James, given the choice. NT
Nusa09/15/16 09:59 AM
x*I don't believe James is completely clueless. After all, it's not his first rodeo. But Corey going is probably the best thing for James as well.
Nusa09/14/16 12:59 PM
x*This isn't a hard one, Liz. Would Nicole do better sitting opposite James or Paul in F2? James may only get Nat's vote, possibly Bridgette. NT
Mikentosh09/14/16 10:21 AM
x*Mikentosh, I completely agree James is the best choice to take.
macysmom09/14/16 02:30 PM
x*I don't think Paul wants to take N to F2. He's just telling N that so if N wins N will agree to take P. N nods her head and plans to take J anyway. NT
Nusa09/14/16 03:47 PM
x*Maybe Meech(hates Nicole). Maybe Vic(actually said he would vote for James). And maybe Paul(for F2 revenge). Maybe even Day. Lotsa maybes. NT
Nusa09/14/16 01:03 PM
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