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Subject Poster V R Posted on
*Bridgette > James. Puppet to an ally > Puppet to an enemy
BoogalooDudes879 5   07/24/16 01:14 PM
x*I see this another way
Papacrispin07/24/16 02:33 PM
x*Due? Production? Conspiracy? Fooey!
Mikentosh07/24/16 02:24 PM
x*Well stated!! Excellent post!!! NT
macysmom07/24/16 04:47 PM
x*Excellent post Mikentosh NT
Papacrispin07/24/16 02:37 PM
x*Nail on head again, Mike! NT
07/25/16 06:13 AM
*Paul attacked Frank last night?
Majuro893 6   07/24/16 11:32 AM
x*Paul is a Chihauaua…
Mikentosh07/24/16 12:25 PM
x*Chihuahua? I've never heard a MMA fighter called that. NT
07/25/16 06:21 AM
x*I had high hopes for Paul (if you scroll down, I wrote a lot about him) so I'm sad to see him become Paulie's lapdog. NT
jakeisfake07/24/16 05:25 PM
x*Lol reminds be of "crazed cocker spaniel gnawing on a raw piece of meat" comment that I think Wil Wikle used once :) NT
Majuro07/24/16 12:33 PM
x*Great question!
macysmom07/24/16 11:43 AM
x*Thanks MM -- yes you're right, I also read Cassie's transcript of this after posting this question, I see it was just a tempest in a teapot. NT
Majuro07/24/16 12:38 PM
*I hear so much about horrible hamsters......
darkling56222 1   07/24/16 11:31 AM
x*There's competitive aggression, and then mean-spirited aggression. They get too close to the latter sometimes for my taste, but I do like this year NT
Majuro07/24/16 12:46 PM
*Ppl complain abt Da'vonne being disgusting..
macysmom850 4   07/23/16 08:59 PM
x*I enjoy your texts macysmom. Keep posting your opinions! NT
KnowThis07/24/16 04:34 PM
x*Day has a distinctive air of entitlement I can't stand and also her use of the race card. NT
07/24/16 03:05 AM
x*Hi bb4peeker
macysmom07/24/16 07:12 AM
x*Hi MM!
07/24/16 07:43 AM
*Why so many "haters"........?
1225 11   07/23/16 10:50 AM
x*....And yet still watching and discussing.... NT
07/25/16 06:24 AM
x*I might agree with you if I had a favorite for things to go wrong to. Frankly I can't stand anybody on this cast.
AustinDaWeasel07/25/16 02:28 AM
x*I find this season almost unwatchable, worse than 16 because I've already seen it. This is a redo. Big alliance takes out the leftovers.. yawn.
Lalliey07/24/16 10:15 AM
x*Because we are watching the development of a "manufactured" society with a goal causing the HG's to behave in ways that most of find
Grammy07/24/16 08:19 AM
macysmom07/24/16 11:36 AM
x*You're welcome--MM.... we make judgement and guesses; that's our part of the game and that's what makes this board and its posters interesting. NT
Grammy07/24/16 04:43 PM
x*i remember when season 15 was the worst season ever then people were like "Man these people are cowards" the next two years lol. NT
Digitalpotato07/24/16 01:15 AM
x*It is the worst season ever imo. This one is just killing me with boredom, that one was disgustingly hateful. There's a difference. NT
Lalliey07/24/16 10:17 AM
x*I liked the gameplay moves in S15, the cast less so. I overall think S13 is the worst. (How on earth are Elissa and Rachel related?) NT
Digitalpotato07/24/16 08:08 PM
x*There is not a likeable person that knows how to play the game. Boring or obnoxious people fill the screen. NT
07/23/16 08:34 PM
x*This is no different than any other season in progress. How quickly people forget. NT
Nusa07/23/16 07:18 PM
*Who do you think would have lasted longest if they won the battleback, and why?
Digitalpotato322 2   07/22/16 10:42 PM
x*Bronte if she could lay low she'd be invisible NT
bunnielebowski07/23/16 02:20 AM
x*Yeah, I think so too - because Bronte was kind of evicted for (Admittedly) poor reasons. NT
Digitalpotato07/24/16 01:15 AM
*In Defense of DaVonne:
3150 21   07/21/16 05:12 PM
x*I'm just disappointed in Da'vonne's gameplay
Majuro07/23/16 11:42 PM
x*I want my Fatal 5 back
Mikentosh07/24/16 08:27 AM
x*Deception is honorable, not lie-spreading and s**t stirring. NT
07/22/16 01:25 AM
x*Lying is part of the game. So is sh**-stirring, both of which Dan did in his seasons to great results. NT
07/22/16 01:33 PM
x*Since you wrote this before the episode, do you want to still defend Da’?
Mikentosh07/21/16 08:47 PM
x*To be honest, yes. She's not always the moral/ethical compass that say Donnie was, but she's also not doing anything that terrible. There have been
07/22/16 06:29 PM
x*Donnie was really too innocent for the cut-throat game of BB. NT
07/23/16 10:51 AM
x*I feel differently after seeing the..
macysmom07/22/16 08:33 AM
x*MacysMom, I'm with you. I, too, was okay with Da until she gave Tif that cocky farewell speech! It would have been better received by fans it she'd
ShrewLou07/22/16 07:24 PM
x*It was unnecessary, vindictive and stupid (because of battleback). Think of the low-road behavior example she's setting for her children! NT
Nusa07/22/16 03:04 PM
x*I could not agree more Nusa it truly changed my viewpoint NT
macysmom07/22/16 03:50 PM
x*Next NT
lianna07/21/16 08:20 PM
x*Bravo!! Day seems to be blamed for everything and for whatever reason is scrutinized way harsher than the rest when most do the same thing. NT
CindiCindi07/21/16 08:07 PM
x*What do you think of her hearty laughter and enjoyment of Tiffany being completely distressed and in tears in front of her? NT
Stevedotdec07/21/16 07:54 PM
x*Let's not pretend this is the worst a HG has done to someone else on BB, or did you miss Evel Dick's season? NT
07/22/16 01:32 PM
x*ED is a horrible human being but it doesn't lessen how awful day was when tiff was crying NT
Belle07/22/16 01:33 PM
x*And Tiffany was awful for wanting to put devil horns on Da's Bible, Bridgette was awful for calling the girls all b****es, Frank was awful
07/22/16 06:26 PM
x*I feel the same thing applies to Frank ! NT
starrynite07/23/16 01:03 PM
x*Zakiyah was laughing as well and Day stayed and comforted her-- that was left out NT
somethinggood07/22/16 03:34 AM
x*Totally agree NT
elle207/21/16 07:24 PM
macysmom07/21/16 05:43 PM
*Does anyone think..
macysmom1446 7   07/21/16 12:22 AM
x*Corey let's Nicole tell him what to do. Paul will never betray Paulie. NT
07/21/16 01:50 PM
x*Never say never, cause that's the one thing that's certain to happen eventually. This is Big Brother, after all, only ONE can survive. NT
Nusa07/21/16 01:54 PM
x*I don't think James and Natalie(no vote anyway) are overly concerned about which way it actually goes this time, so long as they are safe.
Nusa07/21/16 12:22 PM
jakeisfake07/21/16 06:05 AM
x*Makes sense..
macysmom07/21/16 12:26 PM
x*Your timeline is off.
Mikentosh07/21/16 01:15 PM
x*Thank you Mikentosh..
macysmom07/21/16 02:23 PM
*If Frank
1144 4   07/20/16 05:51 PM
x*To be frank about Frank
macysmom07/20/16 07:52 PM
x*Who knows?
07/21/16 02:56 AM
x*Just a few possible reasons we may find this season boring
Mikentosh07/21/16 12:12 PM
x*Agreed. If he takes out the other alpha male (Paulie) and his No. 1 hater (Da'), I can see him going far. NT
jakeisfake07/20/16 06:04 PM
*Was it just
615 2   07/20/16 12:31 PM
x*I don"t think so NT
starrynite07/20/16 08:14 PM
x*Yes NT
GradyBridges07/20/16 01:03 PM
*dont worry tiff, we saw it all
msmarya1309 2   07/20/16 12:25 PM
x*She never mentioned Day because she thought Day was her #1. NT
N2BB07/20/16 01:35 PM
x*Yup she was protecting Day NT
Dulcie07/20/16 01:38 PM
*Is the footage of Gasping for Air proof that Roadkill is rigged?
jakeisfake2988 20   07/20/16 07:54 AM
x*Lame. If they were going to go through the trouble of rigging a comp why not the veto comp. RK helps no one. NT
Rainedrop07/21/16 03:52 PM
x*Everyone wants to win RK to make sure they're safe. But most don't want to actually have to nominate someone when the choices are all "friends". NT
Nusa07/21/16 04:03 PM
x*Try it again, except this time try counting the number of ones dropped or left on the rack.
Nusa07/21/16 01:24 PM
x*Oh my, I forgot about that. smh self. NT
jakeisfake07/21/16 03:59 PM
x*Z mentioned a few times that she had a lot hanging but they kept falling. NT
LillyBell07/20/16 01:31 PM
x*personally I think BB is a drama and there is lots and lots of rigging NT
Belle07/20/16 12:53 PM
x*My opinion on rigging.......
07/20/16 11:02 AM
x*I hope you understand “Nerd Hurd” is a name we, the viewers put on them, not they on themselves. They played for blood, not fans. Just sayin’ NT
Mikentosh07/20/16 11:12 AM
x*Oh yes. I know and remember well.........
07/20/16 12:49 PM
x*Thank you for your investigation..
macysmom07/20/16 10:01 AM
x*Frank may be some fan's favorite but I highly doubt he is for AG considering the edit he get on CBS & BBAD. NT
starrynite07/20/16 12:07 PM
x*Frank came in as a favorite but has ruined that. NT
07/21/16 03:02 AM
x*But - Wining RK isn't really that much help. I'd expect more rigging on POV. NT
07/20/16 10:25 AM
x*Same, but everyone is present at POV whereas RK is individual. Only production truly knows the indiv. results so it'd be easier to rig RK NT
jakeisfake07/20/16 10:27 AM
x*They have did individual POVs before. NT
07/20/16 10:43 AM
x*Oh, right! Sorry I was just thinking this season. NT
jakeisfake07/20/16 10:53 AM
x*Do you have a time stamp on that comment? If so, there's legit evidence RK is rigged or at least very suspicious... NT
jakeisfake07/20/16 10:10 AM
x*Give me a few days to go back thru the feeds Slaymommaday!!,
macysmom07/20/16 12:33 PM
x*Thanks! (Sidenote: Changed the name bc Day no longer slays :( ) NT
jakeisfake07/20/16 08:06 PM
x*Didn't think we could change name? NT
macysmom07/20/16 08:34 PM
*The distinction of information in how it applies to Big Brother with archetypes.
SpaceEVA623 3   07/20/16 03:28 AM
x*Very interesting read!
macysmom07/20/16 07:01 AM
x*The thing with Paul is that he does have some potential to be a good spy player from the position he's in but he doesn't take advantage of it
SpaceEVA07/20/16 05:32 PM
x*Spy VS Spy! One of my biggest pleasures from Mad Magazine! NT
07/20/16 05:07 AM
*This weeks HG assessment since last HOH
macysmom2133 13   07/19/16 09:55 AM
x*Great read! Thank you taking the time to post this...I agree with you 100% NT
angelloveseddie07/20/16 09:47 AM
x*Your very welcome..
macysmom07/20/16 10:03 AM
x*Tiffany, after losing last HOH,
07/20/16 05:42 AM
x*Hey bb4peeker!!
macysmom07/20/16 06:43 AM
x*I want Bronte or Victor back to spearhead a counter Newbie alliance...... NT
07/20/16 11:57 AM
x*I think Victor would target Frank so that would be my choice. NT
macysmom07/20/16 12:35 PM
x*We have to wonder where Paul's loyalty would be... NT
07/21/16 03:04 AM
x*Hi Liz! NT
07/20/16 11:10 AM
x*Good Assessment MM, thanks for taking the time to do it, it helps me understand what's going on this confusing week...
Majuro07/19/16 11:58 PM
x*Hi Majuro
macysmom07/20/16 06:32 AM
x*I agree with some of your points but not all of them. This is my interpretation:
futurelpc707/19/16 11:00 AM
x*Good analysis. People like Nicole who are not used to being deceptive can really look bad when they try to be deceptive. Her face gives her away. NT
jannequin07/19/16 08:06 PM
x*Hi futureipc7 welcome!!
macysmom07/19/16 01:30 PM
*What bothers me about the HG's strategy...
jakeisfake708 3   07/19/16 08:20 AM
x*Keeping Tiffany last week was against wishes of Paulie and James. I think if Paul had been told decision would have changed. NT
07/20/16 05:17 AM
x*Good analysis, Thanks!
Majuro07/20/16 12:11 AM
x*I agree on most points.
Papacrispin07/19/16 10:04 AM
*Tried to watch on DVR this a.m. ~ got thru 10 min. & hit delete. Felt like I was watching the Frank & Day show. Can't stand either. I'll do
debbiedu22400 2   07/18/16 11:07 AM
x*yawn, me too, dull. NT
Dasidhe07/20/16 06:43 AM
x*Same here, I have not used live feeds in over 3 weeks NT
Sizzle07/18/16 11:55 AM
*It's weird how against Tiffany Paulie has become. They had the sibling connection. I really thought they would work together. He better be careful
b3autiful_cha0s500 2   07/17/16 11:54 PM
x*Yep, he's sorta planting seeds. His brother could have WON his season, while Van came in third!
ShrewLou07/18/16 10:44 PM
x*Bottom line, Z was jealous of the connection between Paulie and Tiffany. She had to shut that down. I think this is why he turned on Tif. NT
BBAnnie07/18/16 04:49 PM
*Frank's story should be instead of
960 1   07/17/16 01:49 PM
x*He speaks as though he doesn't remember saying it, lol. He's just a 'good ole boy' kind of guy. It was about tit for tat, verbally. NT
ShrewLou07/18/16 10:48 PM
*Beware of Pual.
Papacrispin717 3   07/17/16 08:04 AM
x*Maybe he can sell Tiff a t-shirt - He designed one that says "Not givin' a F**k" NT
07/17/16 10:33 AM
x*Paul has potential to play an Andy game. But he will have to tone it down. Last night he was WAY too obvious. NT
07/17/16 09:28 AM
x*I've been a fan of his and am wondering
07/17/16 08:30 AM
*Did you'll notice know-it-all gamer Paulie's
485 1   07/17/16 06:28 AM
x*Actually I'm sick to death of "I'm bred for this game" Paulie. He's is so full of himself and can't hold a candle to lil bro Cody!! MINI FRANK NT
txladybug07/17/16 06:40 AM
*So does Day now know how Audrey felt? Help me compare and contrast . . .
719 3   07/17/16 04:39 AM
x*You're right in your comparison, but my question is
07/17/16 06:09 AM
x*I thought she did well last night assuring them she trusted them to keep her safe. I think she came into this season distrustful (after last year) NT
07/17/16 09:25 AM
x*They are blinded by PTVD NT
dustysnemisis07/17/16 06:11 AM
*Who was it Derrick got upset about and
1385 7   07/16/16 03:41 PM
x*I thought it was Zach NT
Papacrispin07/17/16 08:23 AM
x*Donnie, I think NT
starrynite07/16/16 04:16 PM
x*If Donnie hadn’t kept his sleep schedule from home…
Mikentosh07/16/16 04:44 PM
x*PREACH Mikentosh!!
macysmom07/16/16 08:18 PM
x*The best part is…
Mikentosh07/17/16 06:45 AM
x*My view is as your's: "an ego the size of Alaska" NT
07/17/16 07:29 AM
x*I'm with ya Mike! Donnie was too
07/16/16 05:16 PM
*Since Paulie is trying to "channel" Derrick, I'm wondering.....
681 3   07/16/16 08:16 AM
x*Derrick had a lot of luck and a lot of skil on how to read people and get the trust but that was another time and.....
txladybug07/17/16 06:48 AM
x*Mastermind, but he had it easy.
07/16/16 01:37 PM
x*"In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is King" NT
07/17/16 08:42 AM
701 1   07/16/16 06:02 AM
x*lmao good one, mrs calafiore! :D NT
hepsibah07/17/16 08:17 PM
*I don't agree with, and tired of hearing....
521 1   07/16/16 04:04 AM
x*Wow, you were out of the milk "type thing"? Friendship. NT
BBAnnie07/17/16 08:16 AM
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