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*Liz and Julia...
Sizzle2077 12   09/04/15 08:36 PM
x*I am so happy that both the twins are now on the block...
Sizzle09/07/15 04:29 PM
x*Ok now that Austin is the POV winner..
Sizzle09/06/15 07:28 AM
x*My thoughts...I do wish James was still there. NT
BBAnnie09/06/15 08:00 PM
x*so do I BBAnnie... NT
Sizzle09/07/15 11:29 AM
x*I wish both James and Meg were still there and Austin and Van gone. NT
Mikentosh09/07/15 11:39 AM
x*Even better. Twins cannot think on their own. NT
BBAnnie09/07/15 02:58 PM
x*I'm with you. The twins outrage at being targets is pathetic. But I do think it would be fitting if
bb4peeker09/05/15 02:47 AM
x*Doesn't look like it's anything to worry about. Either Liz or Julia will be going this week. NT
Nusa09/05/15 05:43 PM
x*I Never thought of it that way bb4peeker...
Sizzle09/05/15 08:57 AM
x*Yep. While I would hate that F2, it would serve the others right for leaving such a critical mass in the game so long that it ate them. NT
JAF09/05/15 06:51 AM
x*Whoa! If the Austwins are F3 -- that'd make this one of THE MOST infamous seasons in BB history AND it's not inconceivable! Today will tell! NT
BBenthusiast09/05/15 06:08 AM
x*Now this BB, we agree on 100%. NT
Sizzle09/05/15 09:11 AM
*Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda (What Is, What Was, What Could Be)
Mikentosh2447 16   09/04/15 11:54 AM
x*memories of Monica...She was so entertaining! NT
bb4peeker09/05/15 02:29 AM
x*GREAT 30 minute Rob Has a Podcast BB analysis 9/04/15 posted on Jokers News & Rumors forum! Comments on Meg/James & Steve's HOH - fun to listen to! NT
BBenthusiast09/04/15 07:46 PM
x*IF JU wins POV and saves twin sis, Will Steve then put up V or JMac? THIS will be the most intriguing outcome of POV &
BBenthusiast09/04/15 01:33 PM
x*Vanessa, almost certainly. She'd talk Julia into evicting Austin instead of her which is enough with Johnny Mac. Liz's vote isn't required. NT
Nusa09/04/15 03:59 PM
x*I don't think Julia would ever vote out Austin over Vanessa, it'd be going against her sister. Steve has to put up JMac if Julia wins. And JMac goes.
Majuro09/04/15 06:47 PM
x*We can argue on Van's odds of succees, but surely we agree that JMac has near-zero chance of staying if put up. So Steve would still put up Van. NT
Nusa09/05/15 02:52 PM
x*If Steve wimps out once more...
Sizzle09/04/15 08:27 PM
x*At this point he can't afford to lose Van or Steve. Austin will work w/ him until Thursday & Liz/Julia won't be able to forget or forgive him. NT
JlynnB09/04/15 08:39 PM
x*Steve must know he has less chance with Vanessa at F2 than anyone else. NT
bb4peeker09/05/15 02:37 AM
x*Only if he puts up Vanessa,
Sizzle09/04/15 02:00 PM
x*That move could get him the win if he made it to F2. NT
bb4peeker09/04/15 04:02 PM
x*Steve would never put out Vanessa!! He is to scared to make a move like that! The Austrians are his target! Great post as always! :-) NT
macysmom09/04/15 02:37 PM
x*Steve would never put up JMac either! Anyway, Steve wouldn't be putting her out, the ones with the votes are making that choice. NT
Nusa09/05/15 02:55 PM
x*Then he will never be a BB legend... NT
Sizzle09/04/15 02:55 PM
x*LOL -- Can a moment make a HG a legend? --
BBenthusiast09/04/15 05:51 PM
x*Yes... NT
Sizzle09/04/15 08:29 PM
*Steve's HOH - NOW WHAT??? One thing's for sure -- it ain't going to be status quo!
BBenthusiast3443 18   09/04/15 07:16 AM
x*I see a lot of posters talking about how Steve screwed up by keeping Julia but I think a big part is look who now gets credit for breaking up Austwins
JlynnB09/05/15 05:31 PM
x*Excellent post! And I mostly agree. One point I have to take exception to based on developments since posted is
jube09/04/15 03:12 PM
macysmom09/04/15 02:43 PM
x*Thanks, MM! LOTS of differing opinions this year -LOL- as there are EVERY year! Half the social experiment is how WE react to the HGs shenanigans! NT
BBenthusiast09/04/15 02:50 PM
x*Even Julie Chen thinks Steve screwed up last night...
Sizzle09/04/15 10:37 AM
x*Of course, much of that would have gone out the window had Austwins won HOH.
JAF09/04/15 10:16 AM
x*Not all Steve's fault - Everyone ignored the risks. NT
bb4peeker09/04/15 01:57 PM
x*Weeks ago, I'd agree. But Austwins won the previous 2 HOH's so it wasn't possible in those. For this particular eviction (Meg's), it came
JAF09/05/15 06:59 AM
x*I agree, totally on Steve... NT
Sizzle09/05/15 09:24 AM
x*So do I JAF, so do I... NT
Sizzle09/04/15 10:26 AM
x*I Couldn't disagree with you more......
Sizzle09/04/15 09:52 AM
x*100% true. NT
bb4peeker09/04/15 02:00 PM
x*the ONLY bad outcome for Steve at least in his current HOH reign is: S puts up L&A. Ju wins POV, pulls off L. V. goes up & out. Steve is left with
BBenthusiast09/04/15 11:03 AM
x*And I beg to differ with you this week BB...
Sizzle09/04/15 11:56 AM
x*As much as I like Steve, it sure seemed he threw both HoH and PoV. After not evicting Julia. NT
Mikentosh09/04/15 12:41 PM
x*I concur!!! NT
macysmom09/04/15 02:45 PM
x*I agree.. NT
Sizzle09/04/15 02:04 PM
x*Yet Another chance for Steve to Do the Right Thing and advance his game... NT
rodh09/04/15 08:36 AM
*Why does everyone hate on Austwins
Lorelael2763 17   09/03/15 10:39 PM
x*Anybody else, think Liz should of threw last nights HOH to Julia, she never wins then Liz could of played in 2nd HOH, which she would of been more
peggyb09/04/15 10:35 PM
x*Of course, it's possible she WAS trying to throw it, but not knowing the correct answer to the question, managed to win it instead. NT
Nusa09/05/15 05:41 PM
x*Isn't hindsight wonderful...
Sizzle09/05/15 09:17 AM
x*They r floaters. Even though, Liz won HOH comps, Austin ran the week. They are always too busy whining instead of strategizing. Now they say they
peggyb09/04/15 10:31 PM
Sizzle09/05/15 09:19 AM
x*Bottom line, BB fans find no worth in them as players, and they are whiners who don't know the game at all. Julia's comment about
AuntieDee09/04/15 05:58 PM
x*So well said Auntie Dee... NT
Sizzle09/04/15 08:16 PM
x*Simple! Inside!
WillettDrizzle09/04/15 02:10 AM
x*Would like them better if Liz and Julia didn't say so many nasty things with their hypocritical potty mouths. They're like HS entitled mean girls. NT
Nusa09/03/15 11:36 PM
x*ding ding NT
Bilbo09/04/15 03:39 AM
x*So right Bilbo... NT
Sizzle09/04/15 09:27 AM
x*To be clear, I'm mostly talking about how they rag in private, not in public, but feeders still see and hate them for it. NT
Nusa09/03/15 11:39 PM
x*Agree! And I'm a fan. Also I say this a lot to the people who accuse them of being mean girls. They were the only girls in the house minus Vanessa who
Ses197909/03/15 10:46 PM
x*they aren't even that mean. Like most of us they trash talk about someone who is annoying them but they are quick to forgive and forget NT
tedismyhomeboy09/04/15 06:08 AM
x*THIS!!!! Exactly my feelings! NT
BBenthusiast09/04/15 02:07 AM
x*The same reason people hate on rival sports teams. Tribalism. People have a primitive tendency to pick sides and irrationally hate everyone else. NT
Saedron09/03/15 10:42 PM
x*Tom Brady was exonerated.... NT
Sizzle09/04/15 09:32 AM
*Don't Worry Folks -- There's PLENTY of game left...Vanessa's still there -- and ANYTHING can happen!!! BUT -- did the HGs goof???
BBenthusiast1375 6   09/03/15 07:33 PM
x*I Woke Up Hoarse…
Mikentosh09/04/15 07:36 AM
x*My own take on last few HG's
Lorelael09/03/15 10:24 PM
x*Not for me BB...
Sizzle09/03/15 08:54 PM
x*It's been a very disappointing season (results-wise) to be sure. There hasn't been a satisfying eviction since Audrey (IMO).
JAF09/04/15 06:29 AM
x*I hear you Sizzle -- but --following some sage advice --
BBenthusiast09/04/15 02:02 AM
x*BB, I had this same epiphany several seasons ago. I finally learned to follow the gameplay more than my personal favorites. NT
bb4peeker09/04/15 02:56 AM
*Someone help me out here. Van can't play in the hoh comp. If Meg leaves that leaves just jmac & Steve against the 3 austrians and James...
dazyhazy810 5   09/03/15 11:36 AM
x*If there were ever a perfect moment... they let it pass. Re-nom would've done it after Van relaxed. And ding, dong, the witch is dead. NT
Mikentosh09/03/15 07:04 PM
x*Except there's no time for real fighting next HoH since it's DE time again. Everything happens in an hour. They just don't know it yet. NT
Nusa09/03/15 12:20 PM
x*Everything happens in 30 minutes really because of when the DE starts. NT
Pyke09/03/15 04:33 PM
x*Whatever...the point is they had almost no time to collaborate and think options through. NT
Nusa09/03/15 11:41 PM
x*I believe it was FeedWatcher who said that Production may tell them to put on athletic wear and if they include Vanessa that may be a huge clue. NT
Mikentosh09/03/15 05:16 PM
*Steve's very own "Long Day's Journey Into BB Night" .......AND.......Beyond!
BBenthusiast1629 9   09/03/15 05:00 AM
x*Nice post BB, very amusing.. NT
Sizzle09/03/15 09:17 AM
x*The Steve Show is having a reverse effect on me! I've gone from thinking he's very smart to being convinced he may have a high IQ but he has no
jube09/03/15 07:55 AM
x*He is Ian without the constant rocking in the hammock. NT
BBAnnie09/03/15 07:12 PM
x*Steve is a drama king. He plays to the feedsters all the time. He is acutely aware he is being watched.
agent9909/03/15 07:08 AM
x*That's what i've been saying since way back when. :) NT
starrynite09/03/15 12:46 PM
x*I totally agree with you...
Sizzle09/03/15 09:25 AM
x*He loses that easily to James, Meg or Johnny Mac. NT
BBAnnie09/03/15 07:13 PM
x*Yep, I meant to add that. NT
agent9909/03/15 09:36 AM
x*And doing a pizz poor job of it! NT
dazyhazy09/03/15 09:34 AM
*How Do You Feel / What Do You Think About Austin’s Defensive PoV Game Plan?
Mikentosh675 4   09/02/15 07:40 PM
x*Did it work for him?...NOPE... NT
Sizzle09/03/15 09:13 AM
x*Austin is NOT the sharpest knife in drawer! He told Vanessa he wouldn't split twins til F3? Lol. NT
bb4peeker09/03/15 04:09 AM
x*I picked up on that but Vanessa and Steve, both act like they didn't hear it!! Wonder where they think they will be then?? That right
txladybug09/03/15 12:27 PM
x*LOL. THAT is funny! NT
BBenthusiast09/03/15 05:18 AM
*Lots of people are saying BB tightwads this year relative to "America's Team" players last year. Well, what was
bb4peeker790 4   09/02/15 02:21 AM
x*Americas team was advertised to viewers. The pranks are fun but not $5k fun NT
SkinMama09/03/15 01:47 PM
x*This. NT
starr4all09/05/15 01:20 AM
x*So glad no america's team
Lorelael09/03/15 10:34 PM
x*Ask Derrick, Donny and Franklie how much fun they were. NT
Mikentosh09/03/15 01:58 PM
*The obvious 3 person alliance
chaos1593640 26   09/01/15 07:46 PM
x*Liz and Austin were the two HoH's previously so that's one reason. Vanessa wants to break them up, but she doesn't want to be the one to do it,
Majuro09/03/15 02:09 PM
x*Welcome to Jokers In-Depth Forum chaos159..
Sizzle09/03/15 09:04 AM
x*So sad...it's over for me. Only care about Johnny Mac and he is toast unless he wins HOH or POV this week. Clownshoe NT
BBAnnie09/03/15 07:07 PM
x*I think Steve just talked himself into voting out Julia, to improve his personal chances of surviving the next HoH.
Nusa09/03/15 03:17 AM
x*And now he's talked himself out of it again. But it's still early, subject to change. NT
Nusa09/03/15 11:11 AM
x*I wish WE could talk him into it. NT
JAF09/03/15 11:18 AM
x*Yes, Yes and Yes...
Sizzle09/03/15 08:47 AM
x*Too bad the dipshits left aren't logical. NT
BBAnnie09/03/15 07:08 PM
x*But Liz or Austin are the ones who have to go, not poor Julia! NT
jube09/03/15 08:48 AM
x*But they are not on the block right now... NT
Sizzle09/03/15 09:08 AM
x*True. I thought we were talking DE NT
jube09/03/15 09:11 AM
x*If Steve flips, I would LOVE to see him voted out by James/Meg in DE!! Would serve him right for not realizing they are gunning for him NT
jube09/03/15 08:46 AM
x*But if Steve goes to james & meg with a deal they won't target him. As already posted his odds increase & austrians decrease. He becomes a
dazyhazy09/03/15 09:30 AM
x*Steve is NOT...
Sizzle09/03/15 09:02 AM
x*Did you listen to James/Meg last night after he caught Steve whispering to Austin (after his convo with James)? He declared it would be better to
jube09/03/15 09:13 AM
x*I think if Steve keeps meg,James target will be austrians or van. NT
dazyhazy09/03/15 09:40 AM
x*Today is a new day, I think...
Sizzle09/03/15 09:21 AM
x*Agree. This is a numbers game. Gotta break up the three-some. Send an FU message to Vanessa at the same time! Team Johnny, Steve, James & Meg! NT
PartyN09/02/15 09:56 PM
x*And, as Ben Franklin said: "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately". (Declaration of Independence, 1776) NT
PartyN09/03/15 09:12 AM
x*In a nutshell, the 3 are still there cause the other 3 (V-S-JM) feel it is best to wait til F6 to get one out. (That may change when they realize
jube09/02/15 08:28 AM
x*Not to me..
Sizzle09/02/15 10:16 AM
x*Why try to take someone who is gunning for you to F2 when you can take someone who isn't targeting you, just cause you believe neither will win a
jube09/02/15 03:04 PM
x*As another Poster said in a thread...
Sizzle09/03/15 08:55 AM
x*This is a BB17 twist that the HGs have actually concocted themselves! Leaving the triple-headed monster intact has been baffling BUT understandable!
BBenthusiast09/01/15 11:39 PM
x*Listening to the Scamper Squad (Fs & Gs) 2:33AM 9/2 BBtime - the dialogue comes fast & furious, and one realizes why this crew has made it this far!
BBenthusiast09/02/15 05:02 AM
x*I have been saying this...
Sizzle09/03/15 09:10 AM
*Big Brother. What it means to me ||| "The Observer."
SpaceEVA1024 3   09/01/15 03:10 PM
x*Excellent observations and commentary about BB, its audience and why it endures.
BBenthusiast09/02/15 12:11 AM
x*Nice followup/addition to. :D
SpaceEVA09/02/15 01:40 AM
x*It is why I enjoyed season one the most. We had more episodes/that showed us the interactions of people who may have never gotten to know one
BBAnnie09/02/15 05:40 PM
*I have to say that This season and especially this week has been the best in many a year...
Sizzle1525 9   09/01/15 10:15 AM
x*(((Joining the group hug)))
Mikentosh09/02/15 11:05 PM
x*Bravo, Sizzle, and ITA! This is my favorite forum of them all and I don't even have the feeds. Just BBAD and the show. Makes me take a look at
BBAnnie09/01/15 06:02 PM
x*Yes! ...and only gonna get better come Thurs! NT
bb4peeker09/01/15 03:03 PM
x*Excellent words, and very true!!! Liz NT
macysmom09/01/15 03:00 PM
x*Thank you Sizzle and all IN DEPTH posters. I've been reading for years, this is the 1st year I tried to contribute. NT
Papacrispin09/01/15 02:50 PM
x*You are one of the posters I failed to mention, but I enjoy your post... NT
Sizzle09/01/15 08:35 PM
x*Thank YOU, Sizzle! BB17's had a perfect mix of unpredictability & a young, but really interesting cast--gives us Old-timers PLENTY to work with! NT
BBenthusiast09/01/15 11:59 AM
x*I still think the gameplay is weak this season, but at least it's pretty equally weak, making the game a real crapshoot down the stretch.
JAF09/01/15 12:25 PM
x*Awww thank you. My sentiments exactly. I always check In Depth 1st thing in the morning and last before I go to sleep. I know BB is just a game but
dazyhazy09/01/15 11:21 AM
*Why can't James/Meg team up with JMac and Steve to take out Vanessa next week and the Austin/Liz the following?
burtonab1330 10   09/01/15 09:02 AM
x*Steve is not budging. And it's not because he is scared of Van. He wants Meg out. Plus he feels safer with Liztin than with James NT
jube09/01/15 10:51 AM
x*This is what I don't understand. Why in the world does he feel safer with the austrians? A party of 3. NT
dazyhazy09/01/15 11:32 AM
x*Because he knows that they won't target him (Jmac/James/Van will go if next to him) and James, Van & Jmac would target A/L/J. He's sitting pretty. NT
JlynnB09/01/15 11:36 AM
x*But the numbers are dwindling. Does he not see this? NT
BBAnnie09/01/15 06:08 PM
x*BBAnnie that's what I think...but than what do I know :) NT
dazyhazy09/01/15 08:25 PM
x*I guess we would view it differently if we were stuck in that house. I could never do it. NT
BBAnnie09/02/15 05:41 PM
x*Ok thanks NT
dazyhazy09/01/15 11:40 AM
x*Welcome to Jokers In-Depth Forum burtonab...
Sizzle09/01/15 10:26 AM
x*For that to happen they'd have to keep Meg this week and I don't see that happening NT
dazyhazy09/01/15 10:15 AM
x*Good post but...
Sizzle09/01/15 09:41 AM
*Alls fair in Love & BB! James & Meg (Jeg) in the early AM of the first day of Sept 1. Story of the BB17 Trojan Horse
BBenthusiast2201 15   09/01/15 07:02 AM
x*WOW!!! How does Vanessa do it??? She just posited the Trojan Horse scenario!! -- Although she's thinking Austin would spearhead it! WOW!!!
BBenthusiast09/01/15 02:20 PM
x*I honestly think DR is behind a lot of this 'tipping off' they want a show NT
trini23309/01/15 05:08 PM
x*Bingo...it's just too coincidental that she always figures it out. NT
BBAnnie09/01/15 06:03 PM
x*Her mind never shuts down!!! NEVER... NT
txladybug09/01/15 04:55 PM
x*Vanessa is a queen. That is all. NT
Pyke09/01/15 02:48 PM
x*I read your post b4 hearing James Trojan plan . I wish James would find out that jmac & Steve are working together before he says anything. NT
dazyhazy09/01/15 01:50 PM
x*Your post along with Sizzle and several other posters is why I love this forum. I can be confident in my assessments of the hg's and with one post it
dazyhazy09/01/15 11:01 AM
x*I don't think this will help Meg, but their plan could totally help the Jmac/Steve/Van alliance...
JlynnB09/01/15 10:28 AM
x*Great post BB...
Sizzle09/01/15 09:32 AM
x*Here is to hoping so, Sizzle. I still don't see why JMac and Steve who want to break up Austwits don't see the benefit of dumping Julia. NT
BBAnnie09/01/15 05:57 PM
x*A few comments from the peanut gallery
Mikentosh09/01/15 09:27 AM
x*I think James would be pleading his case to Judas... NT
Sizzle09/01/15 09:38 AM
x*Agree with your point #3 (the second one, so maybe #5?): dead in the water. James is no mastermind. All this is too little too late. NT
jube09/01/15 07:29 AM
x*Oops! Thanks for spotting that! Correction made! (It's an important point!!) NT
BBenthusiast09/01/15 07:34 AM
x*Love this, thanks :) NT
AprilSky09/01/15 07:10 AM
*If James wins HOH should put up Van & Austin or Liz, time for 1 of those to go
Kerouackat439 3   09/01/15 06:52 AM
x*He should cut the head off the snake and that's Vanessa and Austin. Target Vanessa... she is controlling too many people now.. the twins, austin and
txladybug09/01/15 04:59 PM
x*If Julia survives this week, he should put up Austin AND Liz, with Julia as the backup. Priority #1 should be making sure Austwins don't remain 3.
JAF09/01/15 07:24 AM
x*Very true... NT
Sizzle09/01/15 09:05 AM
*I must admit I am not a fan of
bb4peeker988 6   09/01/15 06:06 AM
x*I'd vote for anyone who makes it to the F2. Only real consideration is whether they did better than the person sitting next to them. NT
Nusa09/01/15 07:27 PM
x*I would like her if she'd just wink to the audience in her DR sessions, but she talks to use like she talks to the other HG's, like we're stupid.
Majuro09/01/15 03:00 PM
x*Well, she IS playing with a bunch of blind idiots! NT
bb4peeker09/01/15 03:07 PM
x*She has been great entertainment for us feed watchers NT
MoodyBBfan09/01/15 08:49 AM
x*That's the way I'd be too if I were on the jury. While her emotional meltdowns and paranoid discussions with other HGs turn me off
JAF09/01/15 07:28 AM
x*So would I.. But right now it seems the only person in that house...
Sizzle09/01/15 09:04 AM
*Unless James wins DE HOH, Vanessa is going to the F2 (and probably wins).
BoBoB2636 22   08/31/15 01:29 PM
x*Remember, HOH only nominates, not evicts! I'm hoping for Austin/Vanessa OTB - Win-Win! NT
bb4peeker08/31/15 04:04 PM
x*Yep!! Right now JMac/Steve/Vanessa are all gunning for the Austrians! James can gun for Vanessa all he wants -- she's protected by all the others! NT
BBenthusiast08/31/15 03:19 PM
x*If that's the case, then Julia should be toast Thu. We know James will vote to evict her, and if JMac and Steve are gunning for that trio then
JAF08/31/15 04:11 PM
x*Because Julia and Meg are equivalent pawns who cant win, and Steve wants to end up with Julia as his pawn after the twins break up. NT
Nusa09/01/15 07:31 PM
x*But he has to make it that far first. With 3 Austwins left in the house (and Vanessa often protecting them), odds are they'll keep winning lots of
JAF09/03/15 09:33 AM
x*JAF, that has been my point all this week...
Sizzle09/01/15 08:58 AM
x*Exactly. NT
JAF09/01/15 09:24 AM
x*It would be the smart move for Steve and Johnny Mac. Good for James too since they expect him to vote Julia out over Meg. NT
BBAnnie08/31/15 04:55 PM
x*As Jaf said I don't believe James would put up Van if all 3 are still around. NT
dazyhazy08/31/15 03:35 PM
x*I have been wrong before, but I'm almost sure James will nom Van if he gets HOH. NT
bb4peeker08/31/15 04:06 PM
x*That would depend on who's OTB with her. NT
bb4peeker08/31/15 03:21 PM
x*James has said on numerous occasions that he would target Austin with Vanessa. NT
Sizzle09/01/15 09:00 AM
x*I hope he wasn't too vocal with that. It's been this season's downfall with so many.
Caramel09/01/15 09:33 AM
x*He only says this to Meg but he did tell Vanessa he would target her after he won HOH. NT
Sizzle09/01/15 09:35 AM
x*Mea Culpa!! THAT is true! NT
BBenthusiast08/31/15 04:00 PM
x*Actually, I think all but Steve may be glad to see her go. NT
bb4peeker08/31/15 04:31 PM
x*Well, that's basically Vanessa's plan and what i imagine she hopes happens. The question is will it play out that way so much in her favor. NT
SpaceEVA08/31/15 03:17 PM
x*If it...
Sizzle08/31/15 03:12 PM
x*Much too soon to predict. NT
bb4peeker08/31/15 03:08 PM
x*I wouldn't go so far as to predict F2, but I'd agree that Vanessa should be a lesser target (as a solo relative to the other pairs/trips) for
JAF08/31/15 01:40 PM
x*The permutations til F2 are too many to predict with any level of certainty but I think we agree on the essential point that a Vanessa eviction will
BoBoB08/31/15 01:47 PM
x*I would agree that it *should* be that way. Unfortunately I'm still not convinced that the rest of the house is ready to band together
JAF08/31/15 01:53 PM
*My predictions: Meg is gone this week. Unless one of the austrians win hoh, both Liz and Austin will be otb. Unless she wins pov Liz goes home. If
dazyhazy1839 14   08/31/15 12:06 PM
x*On the Voicemail show (#RHAP), they discussed turning the vote on Julia/Austrians
Mikentosh09/01/15 07:49 AM
x*What always bothers me about HGs saying "let's hold off another week, we'll just do it then instead" is that they forget how hard it is to win HOH.
JAF09/01/15 12:40 PM
x*We'll see today if they come around to your way of thinking. I hope they do. NT
dazyhazy09/01/15 12:27 PM
x*I think James will nominate Vanessa if he is HOH. NT
bb4peeker08/31/15 03:09 PM
x*If there are still 3 Austwins in the game at the time, he would be foolish to go after Vanessa instead. NT
JAF08/31/15 03:14 PM
x*It may be best to get V out & then pull JMac & Steve for a 3 team. NT
bb4peeker08/31/15 03:38 PM
x*Why? He must for Meg! If he noms her & Austin he can settle for either out. NT
bb4peeker08/31/15 03:33 PM
x*If he wants to "do it for Meg" he certainly can, but I don't think it would be smart for his game to leave all 3 Austwins intact with
JAF08/31/15 04:06 PM
x*Jaf I agree. James may not be the best gamer,but a fool he isn't. Once he knows Austin was going to put him up he would put him up with Liz NT
dazyhazy08/31/15 03:31 PM
x*I think 1st thought to James is vengeance for Meg! Austin would be best other nom. Let the votes fall however - win-win. NT
bb4peeker08/31/15 03:44 PM
x*If he plays for vengeance and not what's best for his game he will lose. NT
dazyhazy08/31/15 04:18 PM
x*If HOH & he nominates her & Austin 1 is guaranteed to go! Exactly what I would do! Both are his biggest comp threats. NT
bb4peeker08/31/15 04:52 PM
x*That would be my play..
Sizzle09/01/15 08:53 AM
x*And if one comes down and it isn't Liz who wins POV, Liz is the replacement. The perfect plan. NT
BBAnnie09/01/15 06:05 PM
*I've been reading variations on "Meg is hurting James' game/James is ruining his game for Meg" on the Discussion board, but another way to look at it
BoBoB2495 16   08/31/15 10:09 AM
x*First welcome to Jokers In-Depth Forum BoBoB...
Sizzle08/31/15 01:23 PM
x*Sizzle I'm going to disagree with you on this one. Meg has a better social game than Julia. I believe Van wants Julia for final 2. With Austin is so
dazyhazy08/31/15 02:07 PM
x*I keep repeating…
Mikentosh08/31/15 02:27 PM
x*Absolutely spot on! NT
bb4peeker09/01/15 05:53 AM
x*I somewhat agree as far as no one caring what Van wants. But I still think they will play nice this week. This group isn't the brightest and
dazyhazy08/31/15 03:23 PM
x*Wow am I on a disagreeing..
Sizzle08/31/15 06:14 PM
x*Ha, I agree they're well educated. However look at where we are in the game & yet no one has attempted to slay the 3 headed dragon...
dazyhazy08/31/15 10:18 PM
x*Your right..no one has the balls to go after the Dragon so far... NT
Sizzle09/01/15 08:38 AM
x*Your assuming that Vanessa gets...
Sizzle08/31/15 02:17 PM
x*Yes! My thoughts also! NT
bb4peeker09/01/15 05:25 AM
x*Ok I may concede James. Though James is an enlisted soldier & may not have the same mind set but
dazyhazy08/31/15 03:04 PM
x*Besides James, who do you think is after Vanessa at this point? NT
Sizzle09/01/15 08:47 AM
x*Good question! As of now, it appears no one. The rest of the hg's target is James. Which makes no sense. He's only 1 person. You'd think jmac & Steve
dazyhazy09/01/15 09:43 AM
x*That is certainly a good point because no one can ever really know what Vanessa is thinking but Vanessa.
BoBoB08/31/15 01:37 PM
x*It really does not matter what Vanessa wants one POV ceremony is over. Ask Becky about that. NT
BBAnnie08/31/15 05:32 PM
x*I have been out most of the day...
Sizzle08/31/15 02:45 PM
*Time for Austin to make a "big move" - My idea -
bb4peeker1000 6   08/31/15 04:25 AM
x*Might work but I think van is usually 1 step ahead of Austin and will think he was the vote against Julia NT
dazyhazy08/31/15 11:43 AM
x*Yeah, I don't see a "secret" vote like that staying secret, especialy a big one like this. There would be accusation all over but
JAF08/31/15 12:12 PM
x*Deny, deny. deny - act pissed for Liz - JMac would also be suspect. NT
bb4peeker08/31/15 01:26 PM
x*Austin can be an evil ***. He's done that before with the vote and lied about it. And he told Vanessa to make Jeg Have Nots to affect their game.
Caramel08/31/15 06:49 AM
x*The only move I hope Austin makes is out the door and into the jury house. NT
procheervet08/31/15 09:20 AM
x*F-f-f-fine by me. NT
StealthBlanket08/31/15 10:20 AM
*This is where i see James' game and plans going forward, analysis/theory, etc.
SpaceEVA4385 32   08/30/15 03:16 PM
x*I was thinking about it some more, and i don't think James has to win the next HoH for this theoretical best case path scenario.
SpaceEVA08/31/15 02:59 PM
x*SarahEva your analyzing abilities are phenomenal. I want to see James in the final 2. So I'll take your analysis and hope that's how it works out! NT
dazyhazy08/31/15 04:13 PM
x*Thanks!!! In realistic truth i don't expect it working out that way. I mean how often does theoretical best case scenarios work out.
SpaceEVA08/31/15 08:16 PM
x*I agree...
Sizzle09/01/15 08:45 AM
x*Yea Sizzle we agree! It's not likely but BB is 50% strategy & 50% luck. It could happen. A good example is Jordan. NT
dazyhazy09/01/15 09:54 AM
x*Comparing anyone to Jordan this season, you have to think of MEG.. NT
Sizzle09/01/15 10:18 AM
x*Very true. But I'm saying though James chances don't look promising, going with the 50% luck theory it's possible he can get to the final 2. NT
dazyhazy09/01/15 10:30 AM
x*There are a lot of assumptions that have to take place for James to sit in that spot..the first being an Austwin otb against Meg...otherwise Austwin
rodh08/31/15 06:50 AM
x*Great analysis of James w-out Meg -- IF he does win HOH during DE -- your scenarios will be played out at warp speed, making DE this Thursday epic! NT
BBenthusiast08/31/15 01:45 AM
x*I enjoyed reading your post. Nice job NT
Papacrispin08/30/15 05:54 PM
x*Sarah, what a post...
Sizzle08/30/15 05:50 PM
x*That's an interesting perspective. Everything i've seen leads me to believe that Meg will be leaving, however i'm not a fan of absolutes and
SpaceEVA08/30/15 07:02 PM
x*Logical reasoning - I can't see any way Julia will be voted out over Meg. Vanessa is aware
bb4peeker08/31/15 03:16 AM
x*I agree that by far the most likely to leave this week is Meg, for all the reasons you enumerated, SarahEva. Also would (going back to your OP)
jube08/30/15 10:54 PM
x*I agree with you that the odds are probably stacked against James in winning next HoH and better chances at winning PoV.
SpaceEVA08/31/15 12:06 AM
x*Wow, what a great response...
Sizzle08/30/15 09:42 PM
x*Thanks for the compliment, i see your point. I might be concluding that Meg's leaving a little prematurely as a basis. Fair point on that.
SpaceEVA08/30/15 10:54 PM
x*SarahEva, it is quite obvious that...
Sizzle08/31/15 08:52 AM
x*At the same time i'm probably lacking in other areas as well, i'm more of a philosopher type, deep thinker, big picture kind of person.
SpaceEVA08/31/15 01:05 PM
x*My comment on this is...
Sizzle08/31/15 02:08 PM
x*I completely agree with you where Vanessa's concerned. She's trying to play out the two path scenario but is under/over estimating too much imo. NT
SpaceEVA08/31/15 02:41 PM
x*Finally we agree... NT
Sizzle08/31/15 02:46 PM
x*Well, i think we agreed on that in the Vanessa thread... but yeah we agree on that. :D NT
SpaceEVA08/31/15 03:00 PM
x*A few truths
Mikentosh08/30/15 08:11 PM
x*I think Sarah makes some very valid points. The problem as he points out which is huge is I don't think James is capable of this level of strategic
dazyhazy08/30/15 10:49 PM
x*Strange - I feel like James is mostly looking at BB as a fun Summer job & isn't as concerned as others about winning. NT
bb4peeker08/31/15 03:19 PM
x*He can be HOH without being holed up alone. He can hang out all day and all night and only stay up there to sleep. You many have a point about James.
Caramel08/31/15 07:00 AM
x*2 Additional Points
Mikentosh08/31/15 05:39 AM
x*I think if house knows about DE before 1st eviction Thurs JMac & Steve may vote out Julia. NT
bb4peeker08/31/15 03:14 PM
x*And it would make a whole lot of us very happy! NT
Caramel08/31/15 07:01 AM
x*Mikentosh, once again you can get right to the point..
Sizzle08/30/15 09:47 PM
x*Anytime, Buddy NT
Mikentosh08/31/15 05:30 AM
*Yesterday, on the anniversary, I spent some time with people who had gone through TBK with us. Two, an older couple, are casual watchers of BB.
Mikentosh1268 4   08/30/15 10:15 AM
x*Oh yes I remember that show it also drove me nuts. Hard to believe it's been 10 years since Katrina. What a horrible tragedy. NT
dazyhazy08/30/15 10:59 PM
x*All vocal patterns can get old pretty fast. Just Nicole last year...
Nomajority08/30/15 03:38 PM
x*Sorry to sound ignorant but what is TBK? NT
Sizzle08/30/15 01:51 PM
x*My bad. That bitch Katrina NT
Mikentosh08/30/15 02:32 PM
*Who is going to be the replacement nominee?
sommie7893097 25   08/29/15 07:47 PM
x*If I Can Dream…
Mikentosh08/30/15 06:36 PM
x*Smart money puts up Liz since if she goes, Austin will want to leave next to be with her in jury. Van can act totally shocked that Liz gets sent
procheervet08/31/15 10:18 AM
x*Sending Liz will hurt Julia, but Austin is there for face time on TV, not Liz. Maybe just my opinion. NT
StealthBlanket08/31/15 10:31 AM
x*In which case he should shower and get all that tacky stuff out of his hair and beard. NT
Caramel08/31/15 10:41 AM
x*Definitely in favor of Austin getting a shower, maybe even give the others some lye soap and scrub brushes...
Mikentosh08/31/15 11:04 AM
x*Right on my man, right on... NT
Sizzle08/31/15 12:58 PM
x*I just want Austin scrubbed out of the house (and my TV). NT
JAF08/31/15 11:09 AM
x*"I wanna wash that man right outta my hair. I wanna wash that man right outta my hair" lol NT
BBAnnie09/01/15 06:21 PM
x*Looks likely as of this moment to be Julia. She is even "volunteering" NT
jube08/30/15 08:22 AM
x*Vanessa has been brilliant in her manipulation to make them think it is their idea to put Julia up as a pawn. If she goes up, I think she will be gone
zazuzooey08/30/15 05:53 AM
x*Have to disagree with you. Van wants Julia for final 2. Steve will hit austrians in the DE. (check my reasoning:) under SarahEva's post above) NT
dazyhazy08/30/15 11:10 PM
x*Could be the plan but nobody will believe it was accidental. Van has a huge problem because everyone knows she has an f2 agreement with every HG but
TSalad08/30/15 12:10 PM
x*Looks to me like Meg is going home. The others seem confident they can wait till next week to get the twins out NT
jube08/30/15 02:14 PM
x*No one can tell on a Sunday until the POV Ceremony..
Sizzle08/30/15 05:20 PM
x*I so hope you are right.. NT
Sizzle08/30/15 01:48 PM
x*I hope you're right, but the whole house has been "missing the chance" to break up the Austwins week after week after week.
JAF08/30/15 08:38 AM
x*So true... NT
Sizzle08/30/15 08:41 AM
x*I think Steve will vote however Vanessa tells him to this week. NT
bb4peeker08/30/15 06:00 AM
x*If V didn't put up the Austwins to begin with, I'd be surprised if she puts up one of them now. If she does (as a target rather than a pawn),
JAF08/29/15 09:01 PM
x*Steve's Thinking BIG TIME about putting up Liz & Austin-Slow & Steady (to quote M'tosh) he's going to make his move (IF he gets his chance!)MAYBE DE??
BBenthusiast08/30/15 03:26 AM
x*If Steve pulls it all off he will join ranks with Will, Dan, and Derrick. NT
bb4peeker08/30/15 04:21 AM
x*Steve could blame Austin for the vote to evict Julia and I think there's a good chance it would destroy the Austin-Liz showmance NT
TSalad08/30/15 12:39 PM
x*Who would care?? NT
Sizzle08/30/15 01:53 PM
x*I wouldn't say that. If he pulls it off, he will have been handily enabled by Van to do her dirty work for her! NT
jube08/30/15 08:54 AM
x*"IF" NT
Sizzle08/30/15 08:19 AM
*YES, YES, YES...James won the POV and
Sizzle3107 22   08/29/15 05:11 PM
x*Have you all read or watched Queen Vanessa and..
Sizzle08/30/15 08:55 AM
x*If she stays with Austin and the twins, they will choose each other over her. She can win over the rest and claim breaking the threesome up! NT
zazuzooey08/30/15 05:46 AM
x*Not if they all agree to the plan she outlined to Austin yesterday in which they agree ahead of time to each have an
jube08/30/15 08:21 AM
x*That will and never could happen with
Sizzle08/30/15 08:40 AM
x*Did you watch their discussion? He sounded genuinely into it. I think he is worried
jube08/30/15 08:53 AM
x*Personally jube...
Sizzle08/30/15 09:04 AM
x*Thus always to tyrants! NT
AwfuLeeHandsome08/30/15 11:03 AM
x*I always find it interesting when people talk about "social game." It seems it often is taken to mean
jube08/30/15 11:02 AM
x*Just so I’m clear — do you think Austin has HGs that like him or viewers?
Mikentosh08/30/15 11:14 AM
x*On the simple level of "likability,"
jube08/30/15 01:36 PM
x*I don't agree with you jube...
Sizzle08/30/15 01:45 PM
x*The interesting thing is
jube08/30/15 02:12 PM
x*Queen V is the smartest person in that house without a doubt, but
Sizzle08/30/15 05:16 PM
x*I agree with your post Mikentosh BUT...
Sizzle08/30/15 01:35 PM
x*THIS is why I'm addicted to this gosh darn game! It's SO unpredictable! Just when it looks like the game is heading one direction - NO WAY JOSÉ!!! NT
BBenthusiast08/29/15 05:47 PM
x*Well first, as a Van fan, I am bummed! I think she would have to be dumb to put up Austwins when that is her most dependable
jube08/29/15 05:24 PM
x*It's going to happen this week... NT
Sizzle08/30/15 01:46 PM
x*I think Austwins might vote against JMac or Steve as bigger comp threats. NT
bb4peeker08/30/15 06:07 AM
x*And unless an Austwins is nominated they control the vote. NT
bb4peeker08/30/15 06:09 AM
x*Exactly NT
Sizzle08/30/15 08:13 AM
x*I agree with you totally...
Sizzle08/29/15 05:38 PM
x*Amen to that and to me, the DE is the best time to take out Vanessa. She wouldn't have time to work her magic. NT
BBAnnie08/30/15 07:09 PM
*Last Night (This Morning) I Had The Strangest Dream…
Mikentosh499 2   08/29/15 01:21 PM
x*AS always a great post!!
macysmom08/29/15 01:55 PM
x*LOL, Mike, this could be your funniest post ever...I loved it... NT
Sizzle08/29/15 01:54 PM
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