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*My first impression, based on nothing.
Ephandis1564 9   06/16/16 11:19 PM
x*Nice to see the In-Depth Forum ball's gotten rolling again! Ha! Gotta re-read Ephandis' list on day what? 99? of BB18 to compare FINAL impressions! NT
BBenthusiast06/18/16 01:29 PM
x*BBenthusiast so happy to see you again this season.
macysmom06/18/16 07:00 PM
x*Hi, Macysmom -- Great to see your post's again too, & Mikentosh's, Ephandis' -- all of us "old-timers". For me 17 seasons & counting!! NT
BBenthusiast06/18/16 07:56 PM
x*Same here!! Cannot wait for Wednesday to get here. Lol NT
macysmom06/18/16 10:50 PM
x*Can We Talk About the Siblings Chances?
Mikentosh06/17/16 05:44 PM
x*I don't think either of them is going to be good at BB. Paulie is clueless (it's in his genes) and Tiffany will play too hard (again, genetic) NT
Ephandis06/18/16 10:43 PM
x*I have missed ya Mikentosh!! So happy to see you!
macysmom06/17/16 08:21 PM
x*You always seem to be on point or nearby..great to see you again! NT
rodh06/17/16 08:42 AM
x*I can relate..welcome Ephandis
macysmom06/17/16 12:32 AM
*The houseguests have moved in..
macysmom1041 5   06/16/16 07:33 PM
x*I think the phone is a receiver only - Calls must be made from HOH room. Will they tell HOH, or make them discover it? NT
bb4peeker06/25/16 05:14 AM
x*Production will tell them about the phone im sure
MedicOne41106/16/16 07:36 PM
x*Welcome to Jokers. NT
presleys_child06/18/16 09:12 AM
x*Welcome!!They most like will, but it would be fun if they didn't! NT
macysmom06/16/16 09:13 PM
x*Hi MedicOne! Since you're new, has anyone explained how to use the "NT" feature? If you have nothing in the text section below, hitting the NT (No
LibraLady06/16/16 08:17 PM
*Since the BOB is gone..
macysmom289 0   06/16/16 01:14 PM
*Hypothetically, say each rumored returnee was the ONLY returnee of the season. Who would you see Nicole, Day, James, and Frank aligning with? Also
krh5038323 1   06/15/16 10:30 PM
x*Hard to answer
macysmom06/16/16 11:04 AM
*Hey all
macysmom166 0   06/15/16 07:08 PM
*First impressions of Zakiyah?
ForumAdmin857 7   06/14/16 04:02 PM
x*I'll reserve judgment til I see her playing the game. NT
Majuro08/27/16 12:08 PM
x*Beautiful woman,,, NT
Sizzle06/24/16 02:22 PM
x*I like her! And I'm excited to see how her experience teaching 3 year old's helps her in the crazy BB house. NT
BucsGal06/16/16 08:36 AM
x*Looks like a little bit of a diva NT
macysmom06/16/16 05:08 AM
x*I get a Chima vibe NT
colleenag06/16/16 05:09 AM
x*It will be interesting to see which guy she likes.. NT
rodh06/14/16 08:30 PM
x*HAWT!!! NT
06/14/16 04:49 PM
*First impressions of Victor?
ForumAdmin392 2   06/14/16 04:02 PM
x*Really disliked him from his bio but the Jeff interview gave me a glimmer of hope. NT
RatFloater06/14/16 04:36 PM
x*Exactly the same here. NT
06/14/16 04:36 PM
*First impressions of Tiffany?
ForumAdmin1072 10   06/14/16 04:01 PM
x*She looks like Lindsay from Freaks and Geeks in this picture NT
Dulcie06/26/16 08:17 PM
x*First impression is she's way too serious and I don't want another summer of crying and bullying like I saw with her sister.
Majuro06/26/16 07:23 PM
x*She is gorgeous and Bi, what more could you ask for?? NT
Sizzle06/24/16 02:21 PM
x*Is the #3 involved in that opinion? lol! NT
bb4peeker06/25/16 04:52 AM
x*Like her a lot but afraid she will be targeted quickly because they will know the Vanessa connection. NT
Debra_Kadabra06/14/16 05:41 PM
x*Easily my favourite of the bunch. Seems like she has Vanessa's intelligence without the dramatics. NT
RatFloater06/14/16 04:34 PM
x*my thoughts exactly ... no high hopes here ... just expecting her to be the total package and the best female player ever :p NT
dustysnemisis06/14/16 05:43 PM
x*I want to give her a chance. She is not Vanessa and I hope no one expects her to be. NT
06/14/16 04:31 PM
x*Hoping for the best but feel she may be wound a lil tight, like Van. We;ll see. She's certainly got the brains and beauty! NT
colleenag06/14/16 04:32 PM
x*Agree. For all we know she'll be a great player--or an epic fail (I hope she's great). NT
06/14/16 04:35 PM
*First impressions of Paulie?
ForumAdmin336 1   06/14/16 04:01 PM
x*I like him a lot... NT
Sizzle06/24/16 02:24 PM
*First impressions of Paul?
ForumAdmin635 5   06/14/16 04:01 PM
x*Not a good person. So aggressive and disrespectful. NT
Truthful1306/24/16 02:22 PM
x*Total tool! *I hope I get proved wrong but I doubt it
MedicOne41106/16/16 07:35 PM
x*please "NT" if there is no body to your post NT
colleenag06/16/16 07:36 PM
x*Think he'll handle the pressure pretty well. NT
Debra_Kadabra06/14/16 05:39 PM
x*Nobody wants to hear about your band. He'll annoy me. NT
RatFloater06/14/16 04:48 PM
*First impressions of Natalie?
ForumAdmin245 0   06/14/16 04:01 PM
*First impressions of Michelle?
ForumAdmin526 4   06/14/16 04:01 PM
x*Very cookie-cutter, non-threatening HG. Nicole 2.0 which isn't exactly a good thing. NT
RatFloater06/14/16 06:15 PM
x*Yes! With a touch of Christine thrown in. NT
BucsGal06/16/16 08:37 AM
x*Liked her picture but she snorted in her interview turning me off her. NT
Debra_Kadabra06/14/16 05:43 PM
x*most likey to say in a nasal tone....hayyyyydennn stoppp...snort NT
06/14/16 05:23 PM
*First impressions of Jozea?
ForumAdmin826 7   06/14/16 04:01 PM
x*Put some pants on for gosh sakes....enough is enough. NT
jjnewboots06/29/16 11:57 AM
x*Not a good person. He's a bully. He is disrespectful, ignorant, and offensive. NT
Truthful1306/24/16 02:22 PM
x*Total recruit. Her to be on TV not play
MedicOne41106/16/16 07:33 PM
x*He wants to bring his body, mind and clothes into the house. When were you not allowed to bring those things? NT
RatFloater06/14/16 05:45 PM
x*Why is he wearing that hat? Why does he want to be on BB? What is he all about? That was my impression. NT
06/14/16 04:49 PM
x*i remember him from new kids on the block...he is dreamy NT
06/14/16 04:51 PM
x*Are you serious??? NT
Sizzle06/24/16 02:19 PM
*First impressions of Glenn?
ForumAdmin705 7   06/14/16 04:01 PM
x*Quick tempered NT
DeeDee06/16/16 09:08 PM
x*I think this guy only has one path either one of the greats or a total bottom feed no middle ground for him.
MedicOne41106/16/16 07:32 PM
x*Was he wearing the same shirt as Jeff? (Seriously, that was my first impression, lol) NT
BucsGal06/16/16 08:38 AM
x*I think he'll be his own worst enemy. He'll probably get frustrated trying to fit in with the younger cast and piss off a side of the house. NT
RatFloater06/14/16 04:44 PM
x*Yeah I can see that happening. We'll see. NT
06/14/16 04:47 PM
x*He brings lots of life experience to the game. That mean's the kids will cut him as soon as they can. NT
06/14/16 04:36 PM
x*yeah first one out NT
06/14/16 04:51 PM
*First impressions of Corey?
ForumAdmin558 5   06/14/16 04:01 PM
x*Nice guy, easy on the eyes, someone I'd like to root for. But so far he seems too clueless. Just gonna be a pawn. NT
JAF06/24/16 01:50 PM
x*Clay 2.0. NT
iheartBigB06/21/16 04:29 PM
x*I am a Texan a have to pull for a fellow Texan... Not a bad interview
MedicOne41106/16/16 07:30 PM
x*Ugh, I am in Louisiana, I will NOT be rooting for Victor, lol. NT
AnneTSocial06/16/16 09:06 PM
x*I am an ex-Texan and would never root for Corey. NT
robin006/16/16 07:35 PM
*First impressions of Bronte?
ForumAdmin645 6   06/14/16 04:01 PM
x*She's probably the hottest woman in the house in bed LOL NT
Sizzle06/24/16 02:26 PM
x*my snap Judgement is I cant stand that voice and gives me a bad liar vibe..
MedicOne41106/16/16 07:29 PM
x*Can she stay in character for the whole summer? If a sab is offered...will she take it? NT
rodh06/14/16 08:35 PM
x*She'll be disliked and dragged to the end. NT
Debra_Kadabra06/14/16 05:42 PM
x*most likely to have been hit by a train and work at the GAP, i wanna be a mathematician, whats 9x9, 89, face palm NT
06/14/16 04:49 PM
x*She's exactly what I can't stand, the "nerd" character with the added bonus of an annoying voice. She can go but she'll win. NT
RatFloater06/14/16 04:39 PM
*First impressions of Bridgette?
ForumAdmin774 7   06/14/16 04:00 PM
x*ER nurse
MedicOne41106/16/16 07:27 PM
x*I thought her interview was in the top 3. NT
Debra_Kadabra06/14/16 05:38 PM
x*I got a kick out of her but I'm afraid she will wear out her welcome quickly. NT
MegsMom31606/14/16 04:43 PM
x*Honestly, she reminds me of Helen. NT
06/14/16 04:48 PM
x*STFU Bridgette NT
Satchmo06/14/16 04:30 PM
x*Yup NT
RatFloater06/14/16 04:45 PM
x*Lol yes NT
colleenag06/14/16 04:31 PM
*What is your favorite / most satisfying single episode of BB ever? From any season, a single show that you just want to see again and again?
unclevanya665 7   06/10/16 06:13 PM
x*When Janelle won that comp and said to the other alliance, "Bye bye bitches!" NT
Truthful1306/24/16 02:24 PM
x*Two words: clown shoe. I love seeing that jerk get evicted! NT
cinecism06/13/16 02:12 PM
x*BB 10, Dans Roulette Noms NT
Papacrispin06/11/16 10:37 AM
x*^^^This ! NT
krh503806/13/16 08:46 PM
x*Just watched Frank cheating in POV,Dan's funeral and Brit backdoor. Pretty good stuff NT
Debra_Kadabra06/11/16 09:05 PM
x*Season 14: Dan's funeral! NT
SpartanJack06/11/16 09:19 AM
x*S6 episode 16 the "Pressure Cooker" episode NT
Satchmo06/11/16 07:05 AM
*TOP 10 BB Gifs!!! Everybody submit your favorite gifs between now and 6/11. Submit as many as you want as it may only be a couple of us. We will...
WillettDrizzle5723 40   06/07/16 08:26 PM
x*Thank you for this thread! NT
06/12/16 04:43 PM
x*Wonky eye!
WillettDrizzle06/08/16 11:33 AM
x*One of my favorites
FurlessBat06/07/16 11:09 PM
FurlessBat06/07/16 11:12 PM
x*Speaking of BB12....
krh503806/07/16 10:29 PM
x*LOL. That has a lot of elements to it. Top 10 worthy for sure. We will see when we vote. I Still have no clue how the vote works. NT
WillettDrizzle06/07/16 10:40 PM
x*I tried to find one of just Matt at the end but I couldn't. NT
krh503806/07/16 10:42 PM
x*Nah. That was the right one. NT
WillettDrizzle06/07/16 11:06 PM
x*Maybe take 1st and 2nd motions under each one to have it included in the vote? If that makes sense. NT
krh503806/07/16 11:13 PM
x*But then again that would be hard to do with the ones w/ multiple gifs. NT
krh503806/07/16 11:16 PM
x*I've always loved this one
nicholaspuppy06/07/16 10:28 PM
x*This could be Top 10...or Top 10 Most Hated...your choice.
unclevanya06/07/16 10:25 PM
x*Meh. Somewhere in the middle. NT
WillettDrizzle06/07/16 10:26 PM
x*Mastermind of BB12
nicholaspuppy06/07/16 10:22 PM
x*Team America member in the house
nicholaspuppy06/07/16 10:20 PM
WillettDrizzle06/07/16 10:18 PM
x*Does anybody have the one with Christine walking by and giving the death stare to Cody and Nicole? The only one I can find is too large to post. NT
krh503806/07/16 10:07 PM
Blockhead06/08/16 02:03 PM
x*Hahahaha. Awesome. NT
krh503806/08/16 02:06 PM
x*Blockhead has it. I am just patiently awaiting the post. NT
WillettDrizzle06/07/16 10:08 PM
x*Here is a classic!
WillettDrizzle06/07/16 10:06 PM
x*Umm...I got this.
unclevanya06/07/16 10:04 PM
x*LMFAO! Look up. I guess that is an auto top ten. NT
WillettDrizzle06/07/16 10:07 PM
x*This has always been one of my favorites, but it kind of needs to be in context...
krh503806/07/16 10:01 PM
x*A PaqsBro fave
nicholaspuppy06/07/16 09:49 PM
x*Oh that is good. Not sure if it can crack top ten though. But I very much appreciate it. NT
WillettDrizzle06/07/16 10:02 PM
x*yeah that was just for you. I unfortunately couldn't find a good Graig one but....
nicholaspuppy06/07/16 10:08 PM
x*LOL. I think we have to disregard BBCan. But if we include it I would say Poppin' Paul doing the worm would be in the top 10 for sure. NT
WillettDrizzle06/07/16 10:10 PM
x*more Devin... because why not?!
nicholaspuppy06/07/16 09:42 PM
x*another Devin....
Blockhead06/08/16 02:47 PM
x*S16 (i.e., the season of Devin and Mama J)
nicholaspuppy06/07/16 09:32 PM
x*I've searched and searched. Still haven't found one of Devin talking to pants. We as a people, cannot lose that moment. NT
WillettDrizzle06/07/16 09:35 PM
x*Is there a video of that anywhere? NT
Blockhead06/08/16 02:49 PM
x*I have too!!! I can't find it. It's a travesty NT
nicholaspuppy06/07/16 09:37 PM
x*LOL. I knew they were coming. I didn't have to wait long. NT
WillettDrizzle06/07/16 09:34 PM
x*I would like to submit the kiss heard around the world.
WillettDrizzle06/07/16 09:24 PM
x*Dani M is deserving of her own post
nicholaspuppy06/07/16 09:23 PM
x*Patiently awaiting all the Devin GIFs. NT
WillettDrizzle06/07/16 09:32 PM
x*Ok BB10 is deserving of its own post, so here we go
nicholaspuppy06/07/16 09:15 PM
x*LOL. How do we vote?!?!?! NT
WillettDrizzle06/07/16 09:22 PM
*Agree 100%. You are awesome! NT
Linenosie68 0   06/04/16 02:19 PM
*Why the show doesn't work as much as it used to, (I hope you read)
BigBrotherFly1797 27   06/04/16 01:06 PM
x*You're right - with any reality show, the more popular/mainstream it gets, the more a network will try to intervene & create "thier own" realities...
tv_savage06/05/16 12:10 PM
x*So we shouldn't talk about what Jeff said. It's a contradiction to criticize the lack of discussion among HGs and not being able to disagree with
FurlessBat06/04/16 05:18 PM
x*That's not what I said -- I just believe certain things are blown out of proportion including Jeff's comment. Just because he's BB Golden Boy..
BigBrotherFly06/04/16 05:47 PM
x*EXACTLY. Nor is anyone who disses him each and every season perfect. There are no perfect people, God forbid anyone not live up to expectations NT
LibraLady06/04/16 08:49 PM
x*There are not perfect people. However, when he is implying such a hateful idea...I don't have to give him a pass nor should people go all frozen and
FurlessBat06/04/16 08:56 PM
x*After all these years, if one can't let it go. I wonder if anyone anywhere would ever be worthy of forgiveness. What happened to forgiveness in our
LibraLady06/05/16 01:23 AM
x*Because his statement was still very diacriminatory and he never truly apologized for it. I am all for respecting different opinions, but we can't
FurlessBat06/05/16 01:36 AM
x*I have to ask…
Mikentosh06/07/16 01:56 PM
x*lol he barely got any consequences for the comment, he's still the golden boy.
FurlessBat06/04/16 05:54 PM
x*He received so much flak for it NT
BigBrotherFly06/04/16 06:09 PM
x*He also got a hosting job from Grodner and CBS for it. That's the message the show sent in terms of his words. He needed to hear that flak. NT
unclevanya06/05/16 12:54 AM
x*I disagree, it was forgotten so fast that he even won 25,000 NT
FurlessBat06/04/16 07:07 PM
x*The casuals are the ones that vote too. NT
BigBrotherFly06/04/16 07:23 PM
x*Well said! The irony is that people tune in to see the train wrecks, and then get all upset when they happen because someone said
JAF06/04/16 04:26 PM
x*Great post! Agree 100%! NT
katharina446206/04/16 04:19 PM
x*It really sucks that it's the society we live in where people become so hypersensitive about everything. NT
BBFan199506/04/16 02:44 PM
x*loley BBFan1995 does 1995 have a special significance? NT
colleenag06/04/16 02:47 PM
x*Take a guess.. NT
BBFan199506/04/16 03:08 PM
x*:-p are u considered Gen Z or a Millinnium? NT
colleenag06/04/16 03:10 PM
x*I consider myself a Millennial. I think that Gen Z are people born after 2000. NT
BBFan199506/04/16 05:58 PM
x*my guess Gen Z ;p NT
colleenag06/04/16 03:31 PM
x*Very well said, BigBrotherFly. NT
CatsRock06/04/16 02:16 PM
x*Standing ovation! Great insight. NT
LillyBell06/04/16 02:13 PM
x*Def agree with your points NT
HES06/04/16 01:59 PM
x*Great post! First sentence, 2nd paragraph, speaks to the society we live in...no room for disagreements or conflicting opinions allowed , least you
LibraLady06/04/16 01:27 PM
x*Social media mob..good thing bb2-7 didnt have that around much..good post NT
uvp06/04/16 01:14 PM
x*Great post! I will have to re-read but I get you gist! NT
colleenag06/04/16 01:08 PM
*I have seen a few of Vanessa's interviews & she is so articulate. IMO her F2 vote was bitter. She has been questioned about it in each interview I
JillyBean10582 40   10/06/15 09:35 PM
x*Very interesting analysis. Food for thought. NT
FurnitureAlliance11/28/15 12:46 PM
x*Great Post JillyBean... NT
Sizzle10/10/15 05:16 PM
x*Very well written! Thank you for your insights. I agree completely. NT
SockThief10/08/15 05:12 PM
x*Bitter, Bitter, Bitter Bitter: Guesssssss whooooo???? A tale of Ego, Social Experiment, TV, controversy, hypocrisy, Yellow Lamborghinis and Beanies.
BBenthusiast10/07/15 11:50 PM
x*Barely any truth in the whole post actually... but respect your opinion
PinkAuraGirl11/28/15 09:51 AM
x*This section in itself is surely fabrication... but I understand its totally an opinion :)
PinkAuraGirl11/28/15 09:43 AM
x*Sorry, VW! No fabrication here. Too bad flashbacks are no longer there -- this is just what happened in that James/Vanessa HOH confrontation. NT
BBenthusiast11/30/15 09:29 PM
x*The video.. no being practically ballistic and no crying.. so yes fabrication
PinkAuraGirl12/02/15 02:20 PM
x*Mea Culpa: about 1 thing: no crying! BUT watching that video again, she seems even more demeaning and insulting to James than I remember...
BBenthusiast12/03/15 01:11 PM
x*James was being sincere. NT
katharina446212/28/15 10:13 AM
x*James wasn't being sincere.. he was being a d*** lol. He expressed beforehand how he felt about her. There is no sugarcoating the conversation NT
PinkAuraGirl12/31/15 12:06 PM
x*He was being cocky and being an a**.. He was that way before he went up there. I watched the video many times.. and I remembered even before
PinkAuraGirl12/03/15 03:01 PM
x*I'm a second person who has watched the clip many times and see it differently. Vanessa was the a$$. NT
BigGirlPanties12/04/15 06:38 AM
x*Good to know.. I think she's great and that's my opinion NT
PinkAuraGirl12/04/15 03:41 PM
x*I grant you your opinion, and by all means call it what you want, BUT...in my neck of the woods...
BBenthusiast12/03/15 07:05 PM
x*oh dear... again.. your opinion lol NT
PinkAuraGirl12/04/15 03:39 PM
x*LOL! That's all of us Jokersposters with our strong opinions -- WE'RE part of the BB social experiment too! We watch the same shows, the same feeds,
BBenthusiast12/04/15 11:27 PM
x*I can't wait.. I want an All Stars this coming year! NT
PinkAuraGirl12/05/15 08:33 PM
x*I lol'd at the end of the "talk" where James says "I play the lazy way" LOLOL okay NT
colleenag12/03/15 03:11 PM
x*Blather, blither and blah blah blah, Vanessa rules, Steve drools...short, simple and sweet! NT
colleenag10/08/15 06:04 AM
x*Vanessa's justification of her jury vote for Liz: Blather, blither and blah blah blah! NT
BBenthusiast11/25/15 04:54 PM
x*Lol :) NT
PinkAuraGirl10/08/15 08:15 AM
x*Yes, Steve drools all over his winnings. Winning! :) NT
BigGirlPanties10/08/15 07:56 AM
x*Yes, but Vanessa has sooo much more money to drool over :) NT
colleenag10/08/15 07:57 AM
x*Late but its not about the money. Its the prestige title of "Winner of BB". I personally want that title should I audition. NT
Kay1911/26/15 08:53 AM
x*I think Van would have been happy to win the BB 500K, but more, I think she wanted to be the winner of BB17. I don't think she begrudges Steve the $,
JillyBean10/08/15 04:49 PM
x*Who could have been her #2? Austin had Liz, Liz had Julia, Steve had John, Becky had Jackie, Jason had Day then Meg, Meg had James, Jeff had Jackie
PinkAuraGirl10/09/15 12:12 PM
x*I agree with you that had Van been in the F2 she would have won. What I was saying was that her whole expectation rationale that Liz deserved her vote
JillyBean10/09/15 07:20 PM
x*One other point: You would expect a person who was trained in being able to read people like Vanessa was, to have sussed out the fact that Steve
FurnitureAlliance11/28/15 01:17 PM
x*Vanessa said after the game and some interviews she didn't realize all that Steve had done. She then said he played a good game. so there is that NT
PinkAuraGirl11/28/15 01:40 PM
x*That's my point. The expert at reading people failed to read Steve, allowing him to play her and win. Steve should get extra credit for
FurnitureAlliance11/28/15 05:19 PM
x*Naw Steve just got lucky .. nice try lol NT
PinkAuraGirl11/29/15 08:32 AM
x*Audrey coulda shoulda been that number 2, but was too caught up in creating chaos, IMHO NT
dustysnemisis10/09/15 12:18 PM
x*The truth is Vanessa had many connections in the house. she did have bonds with the hgs. How can people say she didn't? James even had a great
PinkAuraGirl10/09/15 12:23 PM
x*ITA ... her social game is way underrated, IMO NT
dustysnemisis10/09/15 12:25 PM
x*for sure .. had a hand in how many evictions? NT
PinkAuraGirl11/28/15 04:45 PM
x*^^^^^! NT
BigGirlPanties10/08/15 05:56 AM
x*If she actually believes what she said in her interview, her logic is skewed. Why would anyone feel a person who dragged to F2 be more worthy
Caramel10/06/15 09:40 PM
x*My point exactly. I wish she would just say she promised Liz her vote so she voted for her. The End. But Van always needs a convoluted "reason" NT
JillyBean10/06/15 10:28 PM
x*lol Exactly NT
FurnitureAlliance11/28/15 01:19 PM
*Help!!! I can't find the Steve, Liz, or Van interviews with Jeff Schroder...
Papacrispin1005 3   09/25/15 08:40 PM
x*I don't think there is a studio interview with Vanessa, but the others are out there. He also did backyard interviews of all of them. NT
Nusa09/26/15 11:31 AM
x*Go to CBS.com -- under the Shows -- Big Brother -- then on the Big Brother page, click on Videos -- scroll down and you'll see his interviews
BBenthusiast09/25/15 10:06 PM
x*Thank You NT
Papacrispin09/27/15 05:51 PM
*Van lied & connived all summer, she made deals she never meant to keep she cried & played victim/loner, it was like watching a soap opera Other times
JillyBean26718 79   09/25/15 07:40 PM
x*Excellent analysis! I couldn't add a word to it, except that if she ever shows up on All Stars, she should be the first one evicted. NT
PartyN09/28/15 10:43 PM
x*Vanessa's Jury vote bothers me!
BBenthusiast09/28/15 09:23 AM
x*Vanessa's Reason and the vote she cast for winner were a contradiction. NT
CougarSpy09/28/15 10:58 PM
x*Yep, some people think you should vote for who they think played the better game. I'm not one of them. I say it's your vote and vote how you want
colleenag09/28/15 09:36 AM
x*I cant argue with anyone who has a Tom Brady shirt..... NT
Sizzle10/01/15 09:09 AM
x*I agree about her not being one of the greats and her horrible tactics and personality being turn offs NT
somethinggood09/27/15 03:25 PM
x*Great post on Vanessa's game...we saw the same things and your thoughts were right on point! NT
rodh09/26/15 03:35 PM
x*You are on point from start to finish. I had no love for Vanessa, but had to give her props for her game play until something she said after the game.
Caramel09/26/15 03:29 PM
x*She did say great game.. you got me! that isn't enough? NT
PinkAuraGirl09/29/15 08:36 PM
x*If she was sincere, I think she would have voted for the person who played a good game, rather than the one who was good at being gullible. NT
Caramel09/30/15 09:47 PM
x*She wanted to vote for Liz.. even before finale Vanessa was pep talking Liz. She was much closer to her than Steve.. and Steve lied in his finale
PinkAuraGirl10/01/15 03:32 PM
x*Plus Liz has lady parts, so that seemed to all but guarantee Vanessa's vote for her over Steve (despite Liz being a far worse player). NT
JAF10/02/15 12:42 PM
x*Liz was definitely a worse player. NT
Caramel10/02/15 04:04 PM
x*Yep was all about "girl power" and how! Evicted almost half the men in the BB house...Jeff, Jason, Austin, Jmac and had Liz/Julie evict James.
colleenag10/02/15 12:46 PM
x*Out of curiosity, what was Steve's lie during his speech? NT
Caramel10/02/15 12:30 PM
x*I sure would like to win $500K for not playing. NT
Caramel10/02/15 12:34 PM
x*that he played the game :) NT
Belle10/02/15 12:31 PM
x*I have to agree, when Boogie was outplayed by Ian, his reaction gained major respect from me. NT
Lark09/26/15 12:56 PM
x*Ditto. I was very impressed by Boogie's mature reaction. NT
bb4peeker09/27/15 03:35 AM
x*Boogie about cried with pride. It was a touching moment NT
FurnitureAlliance09/27/15 03:37 AM
x*Ian didn't outplay Boogie. He just took credit for the move. Steve won the rock-paper-scissors style part 3 crapshoot final HOH. He didn't outplay
NoSoupForYou09/26/15 04:32 PM
x*He obviously outplayed her since he won. We even have her own confession that he had tricked her into believing he would take her to F2. NT
AwfuLeeHandsome09/26/15 04:49 PM
x*Results based analysis does nothing for me. If I am all-in with pocket aces against 2-7 and lose, that doesn't mean I was outplayed. Vanessa did the
NoSoupForYou09/26/15 05:03 PM
x*Ah, JillyBean, the power in well-laid-out truth. THIS. NT
BigGirlPanties09/26/15 12:49 PM
x*Where's the "Like" button when you need one? Thank you for writing what I've been thinking most of this summer. NT
MissSallyO09/26/15 12:32 PM
Sizzle09/26/15 11:54 AM
x*thank you. NT
JillyBean09/26/15 11:59 AM
x*Welcome to InDepth
Mikentosh09/26/15 11:37 AM
x*There are tons of people that just watched the show, Tons of people that watched feeds a couple of times a week. I watched every day for hrs
PinkAuraGirl09/29/15 08:33 PM
x*Why on this earth...
Sizzle10/01/15 09:17 AM
x*Well... enjoy :) NT
PinkAuraGirl10/01/15 03:34 PM
x*So, let me get this straight - as long as you agree with someone's opinion then you can respect it? Sounds about right.
procheervet10/01/15 09:37 AM
x*I very much respect your opinion, but by your own wording and beliefs a mediocre player outplayed the best player.
Mikentosh09/30/15 02:17 PM
x*Steve owned nobody..Vanessa's game was very impressive. Steve didn't have a clue as to what was going on in the house. NT
PinkAuraGirl09/30/15 09:40 PM
x*Thanks for the opinion. The results say otherwise. NT
Mikentosh10/01/15 02:30 PM
x*I got some news....
Sizzle10/01/15 09:22 AM
x*So what if he won.. you don't have to be like that! NT
PinkAuraGirl10/01/15 03:36 PM
x*Thank you for the welcome & for your reply. NT
JillyBean09/26/15 11:58 AM
x*I agree, her game was blown up a number of times. Which seriously undercuts claims of her 'greatness'. She was a good player, just not good enough NT
AwfuLeeHandsome09/26/15 11:52 AM
x*ITA... NT
Sizzle09/26/15 12:08 PM
x*Anyone consider Van did not need the money and gave the win to Steve. Bitter Betty is all an act, comes from joy she expressed revealing her secret NT
ne14cookies09/26/15 04:21 AM
x*Are you serious? NT
bb4peeker09/27/15 03:39 AM
x*Yes. we are all entitled to an opinion or to ask a question as varying as they may be. NT
ne14cookies09/27/15 05:07 AM
Sizzle09/26/15 12:03 PM
x*But on the other sign of the coin has she wisely invested her winnings & be worth a ton? I really don't know her net worth. Her reveal just odd NT
ne14cookies09/27/15 05:10 AM
x*I found the fact that she had to mention $4.5 million really odd. The reveal would have been enough and left the others a bit more impressed NT
BBAnnie09/27/15 10:56 AM
x*Many have said that CBS wanted her to say it? I thought that was a known fact? NT
PinkAuraGirl09/29/15 08:38 PM
x*I'm a Vanessa fan, but I too found it odd. I have since found out that that is how poker players are ranked, by winnings. That's why it was said. NT
shae1409/27/15 12:24 PM
x*Thanks, that helps clarify it for me. :D NT
ne14cookies09/27/15 03:56 PM
x*Ditto...but this cast not being part of the poker world, it made it seem like bragging. NT
BBAnnie09/27/15 05:03 PM
x*She selflessly gave him the win but voted against him? I don't see it, cookies NT
AwfuLeeHandsome09/26/15 11:28 AM
x*No way she gave Steve the Win. That is her M.O. its all about winning. Who says Van doesn't need the money? I don't believe anything she says NT
Matzak09/26/15 01:20 PM
x*LOL, I know it is a stretch...it is just how she revealed her secret was really off putting to me and this rationalized it. NT
ne14cookies09/26/15 12:13 PM
x*Oh I absolutely agree on that, was one of the strangest moments of the finale. She has a really off-putting way of presenting information NT
AwfuLeeHandsome09/26/15 12:18 PM
x*I saw this post in BBD and was going to let it go because I can't respond to every over-the-top critical post against Vanessa, but since it was posted
NoSoupForYou09/26/15 01:41 AM
x*I totally agree with this! Well done! NT
PinkAuraGirl09/29/15 08:43 PM
x*And yet she lost. NT
BigGirlPanties09/26/15 12:52 PM
x*Thank you for your reply. The reason I reposted here was b/c it was suggested I do so. As I stated, it was my 1st post here. I appreciate opposing
JillyBean09/26/15 11:52 AM
x*I also wanted to add that I obviously see her different than some others do on a personal level. She is very competitive, is a high achiever with a
NoSoupForYou09/26/15 10:43 PM
x*As I said, I appreciate your point of view even if we didn't get the same perception of what we viewed. I must say I do not know Vanessa personally so
JillyBean09/27/15 11:42 AM
x*One thing is for certain. She is very lucky to have such a loyal supporter as you, and I hope the both of you will be great friends some day. For
LibraLady09/26/15 11:10 PM
x*The only time I saw Van get pissed and call someone out was when they were lying to her (Austin, Clay, JMac) or acting deaf and dumb during
colleenag10/01/15 03:50 PM
x*I think she's amazing too! There are actually many of us that really like her.. She seems to have a a great live out of Big Brother. She leads a very
PinkAuraGirl09/29/15 08:24 PM
x*I respect others having different viewpoints than my own concerning various houseguests. We like who we like. And I understand the point you are
NoSoupForYou09/27/15 12:01 AM
x*I should have been more clear. First, I encourage everyone on this site to post in InDepth. Second, the reason I responded to your post here is
NoSoupForYou09/26/15 04:29 PM
x*Another great post JillyBean...
Sizzle09/26/15 12:15 PM
x*your inside post: some people just wont face facts..... Vanessa got outplayed by Steve. My proof is very simple, Steve went home with the $500,000
PinkAuraGirl10/01/15 03:40 PM
x*We make our own luck.....
Sizzle10/02/15 10:19 AM
x*And sometimes we are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. NT
colleenag10/02/15 10:20 AM
x*I face facts always and people have differnt opinions. I watched the live feeds every day for hrs and hrs. I put myself in each persons position
PinkAuraGirl09/29/15 08:08 PM
x*NoSoup, you are fighting a gallant fight. When judgments are formed based on an incident or two as if they occurred every time or all the time,
Elle51109/26/15 05:48 AM
x*I agree with everything you said NT
PinkAuraGirl09/29/15 08:42 PM
x*Just like in real life, one failure trumps a dozen successes when it comes to social or news media. NT
Nusa09/26/15 11:38 AM
x*Vanessa sure got a lot of people to drink her Cool Aid.... NT
Sizzle09/26/15 12:07 PM
x*Isn't that the game? Convince others to do things which benefit you and not them? NT
Blockhead10/01/15 03:43 PM
x*Kool-Aid NT
PinkAuraGirl10/01/15 03:42 PM
x*Hats to you! This is a fantastic brief on the many flaws in Van's losing game. I have such an affinity for the posters that saw things clearly NT
AwfuLeeHandsome09/25/15 09:22 PM
x*Enjoyable post jellybean NT
Papacrispin09/25/15 08:49 PM
x*GREAT post! BB18 -- keep posting on the In-Depth forum! -- Posts stay around longer -- we certainly don't all agree -- but that's A-OK!!! NT
BBenthusiast09/25/15 08:29 PM
*What Liz could have said in her Q&A/final speech: I know that Steve is well liked. I like him too. But what he is trying to sell to you is hot air.
NoSoupForYou1134 3   09/25/15 06:06 PM
x*That would have required Liz to have more than half a brain. LOL NT
BBAnnie09/27/15 11:26 AM
x*Of course what actually happened is she gave basically the same answer to all the questions: the twin twist was hard, but I made it to F2! NT
Nusa09/27/15 04:40 AM
x*If only you could have been there to write that for her. Unfortunately Liz could not really think that well on her own. When asked what her biggest
JillyBean09/26/15 01:47 PM
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