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***Reminder to keep discussion on BB and the HG's only, not each other. It's okay to ask each other questions, make direct comments regarding
Starr5866 0   Sticky Post
*Need your input on a few questions (for Marcellas)
Jokerette153569 251   09/02/05 02:58 PM
x*I would like to ask Maggie why she kept saying American hasn't seen everything
Sandi4Cs09/09/05 06:34 AM
x*James told her that, early on, I think
frustratedposter09/10/05 02:12 AM
x*Really? I'm sure James knows they show what happens in there and
Sandi4Cs09/14/05 06:24 AM
x*Yeah, made it fun for us. Thanks James :) NT
Gianni09/14/05 06:31 AM
x*Ask about the Friendship's pact to share the prize money.
Jochie09/06/05 02:38 PM
x*What part of going through then hiding Janelle's personal belongings falls under playing with intergrity and honor?
janka09/06/05 02:19 PM
x*Both Ivette and Maggie have made slandering remarks about Howie's and Janelle's (at least) parents - H & J apparently are so evil that their parents..
Astros09/04/05 01:25 PM
x*Wow, you've opened a can of worms! I'd like to ask .....
fnfish09/04/05 10:46 AM
x*Un-Islamic????Your comments aren't filled with the milk of human kindness,either.Pot,kettle=black. NT
Tamj09/04/05 06:37 PM
x*Okay, I'm trying again, with no personal questions--and more HGs than just Janelle :)
Peachy72009/04/05 09:34 AM
x*I don't recall Janelle saying she did it on purpose, could you point to where you read that in the updates. :)
janka09/06/05 02:22 PM
x*I'd like to ask Ivette, specifically what did Janelle do to warrant her having the most evil soul of any human being Ivette has known?
Olivia09/04/05 07:31 AM
x*I'd like to see Marcellas ask the three remaining ladies of the Nerd Herd why they said last night that
Melissa09/04/05 06:32 AM
x*I'd also like to ask the remaining 3 NHs how they consider Janelle selfish for not using the veto she won
BettyRubble09/04/05 07:24 AM
x*Comments and questions for each HG......
justme09/04/05 07:32 AM
x*Re: Need your input on a few questions (for Marcellas)
CainEJW09/03/05 10:28 PM
x*Jokerette, read this one (that I replied to) - MANY good points were nailed! NT
fnfish09/04/05 08:52 AM
x*For April/Ivette/Beau/Maggie:
BettyRubble09/03/05 10:07 PM
x*Ask the NH if they would be surprised to know that Kaysar received 82% of the total vote in AC to return to the house. NT
Rycoblake09/03/05 02:37 PM
x*Just for fun, ask Ashlea why she left sequester
moonunit09/03/05 02:11 PM
x*I think she would probably prefer not to talk about that, as she left because her father was very ill NT
Melissa09/03/05 02:12 PM
x*Thanks for the info -- I hadn't heard that. I guess "for fun" was a poor choice of words, then... :( NT
moonunit09/03/05 02:48 PM
x*Here are mine
zezzie42009/03/05 01:21 PM
x*I agree with the poster below to ask jenn and april about the false sexual harrassment claims...
dayzdnconfuzd09/03/05 12:51 PM
x*I very much agree. Jen wants attention BADLY, don't give it to her. NT
applecrisp09/03/05 07:41 PM
x*She's in for a shock when she sees that Katrina has taken the spotlight. NT
neopolss09/03/05 08:31 PM
x*If no one has brought this up yet, how about Eric and Maggie's motto, "Lie, lie, lie, deny,deny, deny" and then going on about honesty, integrity and
Whatever09/03/05 11:55 AM
x*Boy have you asked the right question while feeds are down...
deVinePoet09/03/05 08:55 AM
x*Great devine..but what about Howie? NT
Moscco09/03/05 09:51 AM
x*I want to know if April wondered why Matt bought her all the same stuff Janelle had,
Melissa09/03/05 08:55 AM
x*Question for all - "Whould you prefer people to talk behind your back or to your face?" NT
Jana09/03/05 08:12 AM
x*to my face, If someone has a valid
snakey09/03/05 11:11 AM
x*James' comment about "effing housewives"
bec_dee09/03/05 06:44 AM
x*or all of his negative comments about teachers and how he thought it would be easy to "pretend" to be one, even though his mom is a teacher. NT
Sunflake09/03/05 06:59 AM
x*The friendship have made a pact that no matter who is up with Janlle if she is final 2, they will not vote for Janelle to win NT
amIsane09/03/05 06:39 AM
x*Can they actually make a pact like that? Thats not right, that's why there should be some independent voting maybe 50% viewers and 50% jury l NT
trini23309/03/05 10:42 PM
x*IF you watched that - Maggie NEVER gave her agreement - said they would talk in Sequester NT
Jana09/03/05 07:54 AM
x*Actually I did watch that and she agreed. NT
amIsane09/03/05 11:55 AM
x*Ask NH what Janelle has done to them personally in the game to make her "soul-less"? in life
makmadden09/03/05 06:35 AM
x*Okay, here's my list of things I didn't see posted down below....
BettyRubble09/03/05 05:56 AM
x*For J-Blo (lol, i'd love for marc to actually call her that, then go oops, i mean Jennifer, lol...i can dream!!)
KaysarFan0509/02/05 10:30 PM
x*Jen should only be asked about the Mike accusations, any more attention is giving her what she wants. NT
applecrisp09/03/05 07:48 AM
x*excellent point! No one should mention what she did to Kayser, It would be a waste of time listening to the same ol' lies. NT
crazyq09/03/05 07:50 AM
x*good point, i never thought of that...i just hate the biatch's guts, but already know what her answer would be so no point in asking
KaysarFan0509/03/05 10:11 AM
x*He actually confronted her right before the POV ceremony which is worse since the plan was a definite go at that point. NT
BettyRubble09/03/05 05:27 AM
x*Ivette's racial slurs re: Kaysar...
applecrisp09/02/05 08:57 PM
x*... and Maggie calling him a 'fake Muslim' NT
BettyRubble09/03/05 05:28 AM
x*here's one... Maggie: "Are you an expert on the Muslim faith that you know they don't use computers?"
BettyRubble09/03/05 05:57 AM
x*This I personally heard/watched Ivette say
amIsane09/02/05 07:00 PM
x*things Ivette personally said
ladeedi1209/02/05 09:57 PM
x*How about not asking the NH *anything* and pretending like they're not there? NT
Zazny09/02/05 06:23 PM
x*Jokerette one more please...Ask them to play the song " TOWN WITHOUT PITY " by Gene Pitney
Zingara09/02/05 04:19 PM
x*Ask April how she could be so evil & use every tactic to try to get rid of Kaysar when he was so kind & supportive of her when she was feeling so bad.
starrynite09/02/05 04:17 PM
x*You should put this in In-depth so it doesnt get lost NT
justme09/02/05 03:59 PM
x*LOL. Ask Janelle if she was really abducted by aliens. NT
Frodolass09/02/05 03:49 PM
x*Jokerette you have opened Pandora's Box !!!! NT
Zingara09/02/05 03:41 PM
x*I think I've read every reply to this thread and all I can say is...........
mommamia09/02/05 03:35 PM
x*LOL! It DEFINATELY needs to be more than an hour. ;-) NT
honeyb09/02/05 04:08 PM
x*To most of the cast (but not all):
Babyblue09/02/05 03:34 PM
x*LOL cherub That is new to me and I spent more then a few weeks with folks I did not know NT
Maelstrom09/02/05 03:53 PM
x*Why does Maggie feel the need to share such details about her BM? And
mamasaid09/02/05 03:34 PM
x*Jinx, mamasaid!! NT
Babyblue09/02/05 03:38 PM
x*Ask Maggie why it is bad for BB to talk about her weight since it has nothing to do with the game, but when asked what Janelle lied about all they can
MissKIA09/02/05 03:31 PM
x*LOL I vote for this one :) Especially after how PO'd she was when Julie brought up her weight :) NT
Kaz09/02/05 03:37 PM
x*I vote for this one, too. NT
Babyblue09/02/05 03:39 PM
x*How about asking Janelle why she never lifted a finger to help out unless she was pushed to do so, also,
IHEARTNERDS09/02/05 03:29 PM
x*Shouldn't we be asking game questions, who cares if she is a slob. NT
JackNapier09/03/05 01:14 AM
x*that's what I was thinking. a lot of these questions sound like personal attacks.
crazyq09/03/05 07:15 AM
x*At least she admits most of her flaws. The friend cult admit nothing. LOL NT
amIsane09/03/05 06:40 AM
x*Actually, Maggie is the one that spends the most time laying in bed. NT
James0009/02/05 03:34 PM
x*NO way does Maggie lay in bed more than Janalien, no way.She has done it since week 2 NT
IHEARTNERDS09/02/05 03:46 PM
x*Maggie sits in bed all day/night and has the friendship bring her whatever she needs. She definitely does more Housework than Janelle would ever
James0009/02/05 03:52 PM
x*WOW we are not watching the same show. Maggie works out every day, cooks cleans
IHEARTNERDS09/02/05 04:00 PM
x*Janelle works out more than Maggie and works out harder. She also spends hours a day in front of the mirror. Her and Howie spend a ton of time in the
James0009/02/05 04:20 PM
x*Actually, Janelle works out a lot too! I've seen her work out way more than Maggie! NT
Skipper09/02/05 04:11 PM
x*hanelle not only runs longer than maggie, janelle actually runs. maggie isnt eve at 1 mph NT
bunnylove09/02/05 04:12 PM
x*Cool, I am glad that I AM watching the same feeds as everyone else. :) I see Janelle working out much more than Maggie also. NT
James0009/02/05 04:16 PM
x*If Janalien works out so much, then why has she continued to gain weight while Maggie has lost so much? NT
IHEARTNERDS09/02/05 04:22 PM
x*Because Janelle works out like this outside of the house and takes diet pills. In the house she doesn't have the diet pills. Maggie does not work out
James0009/02/05 04:25 PM
x*James00 I agree, Maggie ER Nurse
TnGirl09/05/05 06:00 AM
x*Janelle only works out just before a competition or ,lmao, when she thought Michael was coming back in the house.
IHEARTNERDS09/02/05 04:31 PM
x*Nope, she works out everyday. Sometimes she doesn't get around to it until midnight or
applecrisp09/02/05 04:54 PM
x*Evidently you will only believe what you want to believe, despite that three people have corrected you. We will just have to agree to disagree. NT
James0009/02/05 04:34 PM
x*I think the reason some people have not seen Janelle do much, is that you have to be a nightowl like her to see it.....
Doni09/03/05 11:58 AM
x*Sorry, "corrected" was the wrong word. We see it differently. NT
James0009/02/05 04:36 PM
x*I want to know why they think they are good and EVERYONE else is evil and
Zingara09/02/05 03:29 PM
x*Ask April why she could get fired for saying 'slut' but not 'c*nt face' NT
mamasaid09/02/05 03:28 PM
x*And why Janelle's obviously the sult/whore, despite April is the one sharing that her husband ejaculates on her face. NT
janka09/02/05 03:54 PM
x*NOW THATS NASTY!!! Who in their right mind would admit that on NATIONAL TV!!
brandi248709/03/05 03:55 PM
x*Ask the Nerd Herd how they think the producers feel about their negative comments; and how they think the viewers feel about the
Caramel09/02/05 03:27 PM
x*lol ETTE did you know what you were getting into here? NT
HokieNation09/02/05 03:27 PM
Babyblue09/02/05 03:24 PM
x*Maggie said that she loves seeing fear in peoples eyes. I would like to ask her
zuzu09/02/05 03:39 PM
x*She said that? That's just creepy. NT
shadowomyn09/02/05 03:41 PM
x*Yes, she did. She was in the hot tub with the NH. NT
zuzu09/02/05 03:43 PM
x*April, Why did you belive if you smoke it would'nt be seen on tv? and again, Why did you all think the hoh room was not being seen on the feeds? NT
LazyMom09/02/05 03:33 PM
x*Also for Maggie:
Babyblue09/02/05 03:29 PM
x*Ask Maggie where I can ship her a poop cake :-) NT
ams0609/02/05 03:24 PM
x*Before sarah had her BB catered birthday party you said you could make her a shi* cake? Can you please describe the recipe? NT
Hypnotoad09/04/05 07:52 AM
x*All of the above. just kidding what I would like to ask is this...
Maelstrom09/02/05 03:24 PM
x*The Janelle Inquisistion--sorry, but I feel only fair to point things in her direction
Peachy72009/02/05 03:23 PM
x*Actually if you have watched HC's. Marcellas has brought up Janelle racism quite a few times
amIsane09/02/05 07:06 PM
x*Don't leave Kaysar off that list, he made racists remarks towards Ivette, he is no better than the rest of them NT
bama_chevygal09/02/05 10:01 PM
x*really. What did he say? NT
amIsane09/03/05 05:47 AM
x*and right you are about calling everyone out. Marc did a good job from what I saw, but I was really disappointed in the Kaysar episode.
Peachy72009/02/05 08:13 PM
x*Ok Janelle DUI bad ..Maggie reafer smoker?Ok Maelstrom loves Playboy
Maelstrom09/02/05 03:43 PM
x*I love you Maelstrom. I can understand how the FS brings up such strong feelings in you guys, and I REALLY wish you all could see where I'm coming
Peachy72009/02/05 03:50 PM
x*Janelle has charisma, the Sheep don't
islandfan09/03/05 06:17 AM
x*I have to say that the context and the way in which she insults the others is done in a superficial way. Maggie and friends do in such a way that it
Whatever09/02/05 04:19 PM
x*Peachy is your issue with Janie or us?
Maelstrom09/02/05 04:05 PM
x*As usual Malestrom you are right on! NT
Sizzle09/03/05 07:55 AM
x*My original issue has always been with Janelle.However, it disturbs me to see people wish death on the FS, and their family, make hate-websites,
Peachy72009/02/05 04:23 PM
x*The turd sheep deserve what they get
deliasgirl09/02/05 06:38 PM
x*thank you for proving my point, deliasgirl! Exactly what I'm talking about. Bringing personal attacks into it, comparing me to Pat Robertson. I
Peachy72009/02/05 07:02 PM
kirby4ever09/02/05 03:58 PM
x*Beau, who came up with the plan to blackmail Howie with a "Hand job"? NT
LazyMom09/02/05 03:55 PM
x*The other night, prior to Howie winning HOH, Maggie suggested Beau sleep (have sex) with Howie. NT
CougarSpy09/02/05 04:03 PM
x*glad I missed that one ::::::;ughhhhh:::::::: they just keep topping themselves!! NT
LazyMom09/02/05 04:07 PM
x*Whow talk about issues.. LOL but good Questions NT
Maelstrom09/02/05 03:29 PM
x*Peachy, very few of those things have anything to do with the GAME. NT
Kaz09/02/05 03:26 PM
x*Good point, Kaz. NT
mommamia09/02/05 03:28 PM
x*I think those questions are all acceptable except for the court one. that dosnt have anything to do with game NT
Gorf09/02/05 03:25 PM
x*I agree but I also think the playboy and Bahama questions are completely irrelevent. NT
justme09/02/05 03:31 PM
x*that's a good point, gorf--but I was thinking of because she made fun of Ivette's whole family being in jail--
Peachy72009/02/05 03:28 PM
x*So did James, so he should be called out as well. NT
zuzu09/02/05 03:42 PM
x*ditto. she should be called out on not being the best person NT
kirby4ever09/02/05 03:32 PM
x*What, exactly, does "being the best person" have to do with it, outside Sheepworld? NT
STella66809/14/05 09:55 PM
x*did you forget james rant about ivette should be in jail with the rest of her family already? NT
booboo12309/02/05 03:34 PM
x*if someone wants to ask him that they should do it NT
kirby4ever09/02/05 03:37 PM
x*just keeping it real! NT
booboo12309/02/05 03:37 PM
x*neither does posing for playboy, giving a homeless man fake money and why do you care if she asked about Britney Spears??
Kaz09/02/05 03:28 PM
x*Forget it, Kaz. As always, I can't say anything without it being wrong, Meanwhile, ANYTHING the FS does is fair game. Makes sense to me. NT
Peachy72009/02/05 03:30 PM
x*Personal questions really arent part of the game its not fair or important.
kidfresh51209/03/05 07:14 PM
x*No body is saying anything about the Friendship's past/life outside the game. If and when they do, I would correct them as well. NT
Kaz09/02/05 03:33 PM
x*Because most of what you want asked has nothing to do with playing the game. It's personal. NT
mommamia09/02/05 03:32 PM
x*seems more personal than game related to me. hmmm NT
booboo12309/02/05 03:29 PM
x*yeah true, my eye just kinda stuck to the court one :P NT
Gorf09/02/05 03:28 PM
x*a little bit of a conscience gorf???
Kaz09/02/05 03:30 PM
x*I was just going to write that. And the Britney Spears one. Who cares if she asked about that??? NT
slh12709/02/05 03:26 PM
x*Ask Beau if he actually knows all the celebrities that he claims to be friends with NT
knifey_spooney09/02/05 03:22 PM
x*I'd like Marcellas to ask Janelle to tell that hilarious homeless man story to America! NT
IHEARTNERDS09/02/05 03:20 PM
x*yes! i would love that NT
kirby4ever09/02/05 03:21 PM
x*I know you just asked for a 'few' Ette - but please have him call the NH out on being so rude and talking back to BB NT
mamasaid09/02/05 03:20 PM
x*For the NH members: Now that you know there were cameras and
sage09/02/05 03:20 PM
x*Why they air their dirty laundry, if they don't want the entire country to know. We see & hear everything - 24/7! NT
indipam09/02/05 03:19 PM
x*Jeez Ette, after reading all these questions it seems as though the S6 won't be speaking at all, the whole show will be calling out the NH! : ). NT
Denise09/02/05 03:18 PM
x*This may be cleared up before the show ends - but what about the quarters?
mamasaid09/02/05 03:17 PM
x*Yep, Maggie owes Janie a quarter. NT
applecrisp09/02/05 04:13 PM
x*For Howie, and perhaps Rachael as well:
Babyblue09/02/05 03:17 PM
x*This question is an absolute must!!!! NT
James0009/02/05 03:23 PM
x*Ask Ivette how she can get so attached to Eric in 3 weeks but when Janelle
Gorf09/02/05 03:14 PM
x*excellent Gorf! NT
BigMama09/02/05 03:15 PM
x*Ivette and others complaining about poor sportmanship from Rachel and others--they should have to give examples (I can't think of any) and then have
ejj195509/02/05 03:13 PM
x*for howie and kaysar: why did they believe what April said about James after knowing she is a liar plus on a wrong side? NT
kirby4ever09/02/05 03:12 PM
x*because April repeated confidential convos to him verbatim...but I dont think April lied in that conversation..
trini23309/03/05 11:14 PM
x*Good question. I would love to hear that answer. NT
James0009/02/05 03:24 PM
x*for James
ValleyGirl09/02/05 03:11 PM
x*excellent questions Valleygirl...i want to know the answers to those questions too. NT
KaysarFan0509/02/05 09:56 PM
x*Why its okay for Ivette to tell Maggie there was no time on their friendship
ccquilter09/02/05 03:10 PM
x*Or, worse yet, Ivette's tears over Cappy, who she knew what? one week longer than Janelle knew Michael? NT
ejj195509/02/05 03:15 PM
x*Oh here's a good one, how about when Maggie, April, and Jen said they couldn't see Beau when he was sitting on the brown couch
IHateApril09/02/05 03:10 PM
x*Ok, that's offensive. What the heck did Beau say to that? NT
Caramel09/02/05 03:12 PM
x*He wasn't there. I only read that on Updates, I did not witness it personally. NT
IHateApril09/02/05 03:15 PM
x*They better be glad someone like me wasn't there. They think Ivette cried the other day....... It would not have been pretty! NT
Caramel09/02/05 06:45 PM
x*Was it the whole school or just the fraternity thatJ-BLO serviced? NT
booboo12309/02/05 03:09 PM
x*I am interested to know why pretty much every Friendsheep said in their pre-show interview with Marcellas
knifey_spooney09/02/05 03:09 PM
x*Oh boy...I could write a book....lol
justme09/02/05 03:09 PM
x*I want the whole "integrity & honesty" crew to defend their lying to Kaysar in the pressure cooker. They all had their faces pressed against the glass telling K about the
jettheadpb09/02/05 03:08 PM
x*Why are the nerds so upst with Janelle getting a phone call from Michael. She is 25 not 15. NT
Panda409/02/05 03:08 PM
x*All of the lies that James has admitted to should be called out to see the reactions of the HGs:
James0009/02/05 03:08 PM
x*For Ivette:
Babyblue09/02/05 03:08 PM
x*And add that the word "Janellousy" was created by the internet people to describe her non-stop hatred of Janelle. NT
James0009/02/05 03:29 PM
x*What's it like being the most hated group in Big Brother history?! Oh yeah, and there was a Beau on this show? NT
crateriko09/02/05 03:07 PM
x*Does April regret calling the BB viewers pieces of s***? NT
BB6Addict09/02/05 03:06 PM
x*why did james want kaysar out so bad after james took himself off the block and kept saying kaysar has got to go!!!!!! NT
booboo12309/02/05 03:06 PM
x*How they could laugh at Janelle's story about the first time she saw a black person as a child, then call her racist for it behind her back! NT
mamasaid09/02/05 03:06 PM
x*Ask Eric why he hates women, and why he feels he can just call Janelle's mouth a c*ckhole. NT
IHateApril09/02/05 03:06 PM
x*I would like to know, why the NH always refers to them good, the other side evil. Can they give specific examples of what makes them good, and what
CatWoman09/02/05 03:05 PM
x*Very good question! NT
Dogsarunnin09/02/05 03:06 PM
x*TY :) NT
CatWoman09/02/05 03:10 PM
x*Things I would like the houseguests called out on:
BigMama09/02/05 03:05 PM
x*Particularly re the campaign to oust Ivette
moonunit09/03/05 02:02 PM
x*Great list, a couple additions:
James0009/02/05 03:20 PM
x*Very very good! I forgot to mention #2, #3, and #5, all screaming examples of hypocrisy. NT
ejj195509/02/05 03:19 PM
x*Actually you had some really awesome questions. NT
Denise09/02/05 03:07 PM
x*what did Maggie say about her hospital people? NT
Jokerette09/02/05 03:07 PM
x*Last night (9/01) Maggie said when BB was over she'd be back to shoveling sh*t out of people's a**es. NT
Frodolass09/02/05 03:46 PM
x*When April asked her this morning to help her with a " going to the bathroom" problem
Zingara09/02/05 03:18 PM
x*Maggie & Eric both talked about poor patients that they hated helping. Just last night Maggie said she hated half the people she
jettheadpb09/02/05 03:12 PM
x*Said she hated most of them NT
mamasaid09/02/05 03:12 PM
x*Maggie was talking about taunting prisoners when they were brought in for treatment, she was showing the HG's how she mocked
Denise09/02/05 03:10 PM
x*I don't understand how these people can go through life not realizing how pathetic they are. Did Maggie say these things in the HOH room when she
Lucinda09/02/05 04:20 PM
x*Actually no, there were times where she and Eric would talk openly about this in the kitchen amongst themselves or other HG's. It was actually
Denise09/02/05 04:35 PM
x*They are scum bags. NT
mommamia09/02/05 03:08 PM
x*I want to know why they treated Janelle so badly? Why they hid her stuff, why they always bashed her and made fun of her.They were terrible to her NT
Dogsarunnin09/02/05 03:05 PM
x*I would like to see Maggie / Eric called out on leaving a giant "gift" in Kaysars HOH toliet NT
knifey_spooney09/02/05 03:05 PM
x*So would I NT
applecrisp09/02/05 06:06 PM
x*Don't forget Maggie saying that she wanted to give Sarah "poop on a plate" for her Birthday. NT
Denise09/02/05 03:12 PM
x*Yeah and on the meat NT
Dogsarunnin09/02/05 03:05 PM
x*what about the meat? NT
Jokerette09/02/05 03:08 PM
x*Here is a recent thread pertaining to that...
applecrisp09/02/05 04:50 PM
x*Someone left kaysars meat out. We never did find out who did it. NT
mommamia09/02/05 03:22 PM
x*Maggie has continuously stated that she deals with the scum of the earth in the ER. She has talked about
BigMama09/02/05 03:13 PM
x*I hope this info gets back to her employer. Substandard medical care is criminal. NT
Caramel09/02/05 03:18 PM
x*Someone left Kaysars meat out overnight and it went bad NT
Dogsarunnin09/02/05 03:10 PM
x*According to a few different HGs, when BB reviewed the tapes it was actually Kaysar that left his own meat out. NT
James0009/02/05 03:15 PM
x*I think that ended up being Kaysar, himself......not sure, though. NT
jettheadpb09/02/05 03:14 PM
x*Here are some......
mommamia09/02/05 03:04 PM
x*wow! i didnt know she said that!! i really hated her before but now i want to kill that bi-tch! NT
ninja109/02/05 03:06 PM
x*Saying Kaysar never prayed is like saying she doesn't bitch! NT
Caramel09/02/05 03:20 PM
x*She said every single one. The sand n*gger comment? My mouth dropped. I heard it with my own ears :-( NT
mommamia09/02/05 03:07 PM
x*Racist things Ivette has said / done ...
knifey_spooney09/02/05 03:04 PM
x*Ette, I want Eric called out on his babyish behavior watching the S6 practice throwing the ball the week he was evicted. NT
Denise09/02/05 03:04 PM
x*Marc tried this with Eric on House Calls. He justified it somehow NT
Zazny09/02/05 06:18 PM
x*Ask April if she'd like to apologize to America for calling us pieces of ****! NT
westhollywood09/02/05 03:03 PM
x*I second, third and fourth this one. ;) NT
James0009/02/05 03:12 PM
x*Ask Ivette how Rachel was considered a poor sport... while her reacting to Janelle's phone call wasn't NT
crateriko09/02/05 03:03 PM
x*Ask IN FRONT of other houseguests, how Kaysar enjoyed filming Y & R! NT
Doofannes09/02/05 03:03 PM
x*I want to know how they can always tear Janelle up for her extentions and the such when their friend April has more plastic than a tupperware party NT
HokieNation09/02/05 03:03 PM
x*LMAO some of these remarks on here make me choke laughing, i was eating a dove n about sucked it down NT
Dogsarunnin09/02/05 03:09 PM
x*Good one! And why April goes along with it knowing she has had more *work* done. NT
mommamia09/02/05 03:06 PM
x*I would definitley bring up the the whole Michael, sexual predator thing. That was horrible. NT
Vermicious_Knid09/02/05 03:03 PM
x*and specify that Internet people saw the incident
Jokerette09/02/05 03:04 PM
x*ITA...that was an injustice ! NT
Zingara09/02/05 03:39 PM
x*What happened? I missed all of that. NT
Caramel09/02/05 03:22 PM
x*Exactly!!! NT
CatWoman09/02/05 03:12 PM
x*Exactly!!! NT
Vermicious_Knid09/02/05 03:05 PM
x*Ask for a specific lie that janelle had said i would love to see the spin NT
kindaobsessed09/02/05 03:02 PM
x*and preface it with ABOUT THE GAME. Hair extensions is a ridiculous thing to say she's lied about. NT
jettheadpb09/02/05 03:03 PM
x*besides its none of their business wether or not she has extensions...why do they care so much? NT
ninja109/02/05 03:04 PM
x*racist things Janelle said, unfair accusations towards mike (ask jenn this) NT
kirby4ever09/02/05 03:02 PM
x*April may be even more guilty than Jenn on the accusations. She is the one that started the whole thing. Jenn just went with it. NT
James0009/02/05 03:10 PM
x*you are right. i forgot cause jenn's story made so much impact NT
kirby4ever09/02/05 03:11 PM
x*Janelle called Ivette cuban trash, and implied that she should be the cleaning lady NT
knifey_spooney09/02/05 03:07 PM
x*she has also said all Latins smell, all Latins/Hispanics should be cleaning people (specifically hers) because they're poor trash, Latin people are
Peachy72009/02/05 03:26 PM
x*At least Janie was drunk when she said all this stuff. Ivette and co. say stuff like that 24/7. NT
Caramel09/02/05 03:30 PM
x*excuses, excuses NT
kirby4ever09/02/05 03:36 PM
x*No, Janelle had made all those comments while NOT drunk. It's the ones from when she WAS drunk I don't remember NT
Peachy72009/02/05 03:31 PM
x*yep, so if ivette is called out on hers i want same with janelle NT
kirby4ever09/02/05 03:10 PM
x*Of course, Marcellas will do this. He always brings up that both Janelle and Ivette have made racist remarks. NT
James0009/02/05 03:11 PM
x*this is good. i watched HC for the first time today NT
kirby4ever09/02/05 03:13 PM
x*April and Jenn should be called on trying to get Ivette voted out when it was Sarah vs. Ivette on the block. NT
James0009/02/05 03:01 PM
x*That is one of the biggest things I want to see come out. NT
Caramel09/02/05 03:25 PM
x*Yeah, ask them what made them think the online viewers wouldn't see and hear everything they were saying? Let them know that they can't lie, we ALL
MissKIA09/02/05 03:35 PM
x*Second! NT
reverendmediocre09/02/05 03:08 PM
x*I agree. I want that one cleared up once and for all. NT
slh12709/02/05 03:02 PM
x*Me too. NT
mommamia09/02/05 03:05 PM
x*Ask the Fiendship how they could think they were better people for not bashing other houseguests...
Bonita09/02/05 03:01 PM
x*IVe's racist comments, Hating Americans, Bashing Jane repeatedly, and Outragous lies about MIke. NT
Vaseflower200009/02/05 03:16 PM
x*Ask the sheep why they would want to burn someone elses positions and why they went through Janey's personal items. NT
Goddess200xxx09/02/05 05:23 PM
x*Ask the Sheep why would they want to use Janey's stuff, but it is unholy for Janey to use their stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NT
Goddess200xxx09/02/05 05:23 PM
*Did the fans ruin BB15 more than anything else did? The answer is Yes.
tv_savage66529 153   09/19/13 04:39 AM
x*By your own words.....
CheeseFries10/10/13 06:28 AM
x*They are to blame for what they did. And fans are to blame for the way they reacted, in distressingly large numbers NT
frustratedposter10/11/13 07:52 PM
x*the fact remains, had the HG's not been so vile, the fans wouldnt have reacted in the way they did. its not the fans fault this season was horrid NT
CheeseFries10/12/13 05:11 AM
x*so if Jeopardy started infusing racial slurs & pedophile comments into the game, fans of the show should just roll with it? Ha! I THINK NOT!! NT
spikewells10/08/13 06:21 PM
x*You make absolutely no sense. BB producers did not "infuse racial slurs/pedophile comments" into the game. That is the product of an unscripted format
tv_savage11/05/13 12:44 AM
x*I think for this reason it's gonna get harder and harder to find people willing to do BB. To do the show is to ask for intense scrutiny of your
FurnitureAlliance11/05/13 01:23 AM
x*Perhaps that is why so many cast members are brainless and vapid these days :) NT
tv_savage11/08/13 03:50 PM
x*Exactly. NT
CJinIowa10/08/13 06:31 PM
x*The answer is NO. The racist, misogynistic, homophobic hg's ruined it for everyone. NT
DaisyChain10/07/13 03:23 PM
x*I want to respond to the part about Spencer.
ellen809/27/13 06:58 AM
x*lather. rinse. repeat NT
naomii09/26/13 01:57 AM
x*They ruin it by trying to "force" their way of life onto others. Posts show they try and force the way people(on BB & in forums)talk, think and act NT
Pugsley09/22/13 10:53 PM
x*This is true. I feel like a lot of people want everyone to march in goose-step. Personally I prefer live and let live NT
FurnitureAlliance09/26/13 05:24 PM
x*One might even say they try to bully people into falling in line with their point of view NT
FurnitureAlliance09/23/13 02:06 PM
x*Logic, reason, calling for the treatment of others with a modicum of basic decency is not bullying. NT
Blockhead09/23/13 02:40 PM
x**Faulty logic NT
tv_savage09/23/13 03:28 PM
x*Hardly. It's human decency NT
CJinIowa09/25/13 09:01 PM
x*Ah, the tyranny of "human decency", which can mean whatever you want it to mean. NT
Ephandis10/01/13 07:59 AM
x*So if I say I try to treat others as I would like to be treated that makes me tyrannical? That's a new one to me. NT
FeministKilljoy10/01/13 08:27 AM
x*Yeah, basic politeness equals tyranny. Makes perfect sense. NT
Blockhead10/01/13 08:33 AM
x*But there is no universal definition! We are tyrants! How should we now proceed with our agenda of decency? Oh, the power, can you feel it? NT
FeministKilljoy10/01/13 08:41 AM
x*Start by saying "hello" and "please" and "thank you" to people and if they don't reciprocate then just keep doing it to the next person. NT
Blockhead10/01/13 08:44 AM
x*Sounds dangerous. Heh. :) NT
FeministKilljoy10/01/13 08:47 AM
x*I'm with Pugsley on this one. NT
madjellybean09/23/13 01:32 PM
x*Agree absolutely with everything you said except; "Categorically, Big Brother 15 will go down as one of the worst seasons ever…".....
bb4peeker09/22/13 04:04 AM
x*You nailed it - categorically, meaning when people look back and recall what their least favorite/worst season was, BB15 will spring to mind NT
tv_savage09/22/13 03:34 PM
x*This actually was one of my favorite seasons! NT
bb4peeker09/29/13 03:28 AM
x*I liked it as well, but I liked BB9, too, and in general, people tend to look back on that season with dissatisfaction NT
tv_savage10/01/13 01:54 PM
x*What a great post! It's so nice to read a totally rational, reasonable post! NT
ShrewLou09/21/13 07:32 PM
x*How could the fans ruin BB15 when they had only a little bit of influence at the beginning of the game with the MVP vote? It seems you just didn't
jovoh09/21/13 02:44 AM
x*To be as specific as possible, a "collection" of fans ruined the "experience" of Big Brother 15 for me. I actually don't dislike this past season...
tv_savage09/21/13 04:34 AM
x*Yeah, I just felt that you were baiting us by not including "for me" in the thread title. NT
jovoh09/26/13 05:18 AM
x*Wow, tv, I have so much respect for you. You said it better than I ever could. NT
FurnitureAlliance09/21/13 07:19 PM
x*Thank you! NT
tv_savage09/21/13 08:17 PM
x*Thanks for writing what I didn't have time to! agree! NT
cynmhutc09/20/13 11:14 PM
x*Great post TV. You said pretty much what I have felt all season. NT
jerrijan09/20/13 11:05 PM
x*Thank you, tv. Such a well-written article deserves to be published, it's that good. And you're only 23? APPLY FOR BB ASAP NT
FurnitureAlliance09/20/13 07:24 PM
x*Thanks for the love, FurnitureAlliance! You're the best!! NT
tv_savage09/20/13 10:37 PM
x*;) NT
FurnitureAlliance09/21/13 07:23 PM
x*While I agree with you on the reactions of the fans, that isn't what ruined BB 15 for me. It did make me realize that their are a lot of people in
trifecta09/20/13 08:40 AM
x*Helen's strategy was so transparent, but being newbies they didn't see through it. Yes she was awful and I can't believe they let her get away with
FurnitureAlliance09/20/13 07:37 PM
x*"STFU Helen!" ITA, it didn't help that there was not a whole lot going on in the game to distract me from some of the crazy fans NT
tv_savage09/20/13 03:51 PM
x*If the fans had nothing to talk about this would not be an issue. You're not putting the blame where it belongs. The BB15 cast said and did all that
Caramel09/20/13 05:15 AM
x*No, not exactly. I encourage discussion on racism & homophobia. I discourage the perpetuation of "facts" that are not true NT
tv_savage09/20/13 03:53 PM
x*By the way no the fans did NOT ruin BB15. This season was one big house vote. That's why it was awful, not because of Twitter conversations. NT
UnproductiveBB09/19/13 10:27 PM
x*You contradict yourself though. You say.. (inside)
UnproductiveBB09/19/13 10:25 PM
x*You are one person, but many many people called for the houseguests to be silenced one way or another NT
FurnitureAlliance09/20/13 07:40 PM
x*Objecting to racism and homophobia is great. Calling Spencer a pedophile when he is not one is not right. NT
tv_savage09/20/13 03:50 AM
x*He sure thinks like one, the things that came out of his mouth are always sexual who even thinks about someone drinking 55 gals of c** NT
AprilSky09/20/13 05:03 AM
x*Someone trying to be shocking? I just don't follow how he thought like a pedophile... NT
tv_savage09/20/13 05:13 AM
x*People I know don't think it's funny to joke about toddlers being raped in a basement. NT
CJinIowa09/20/13 05:27 AM
x*Same! It sucks that they cast someone that said that, but what formula would one go about predicintg whether Spe would make jokes like that? NT
tv_savage09/20/13 05:30 AM
x*How about simply asking potential HGs in interviews if they find jokes about raping children to be funny? With Spencer, it was not a one-time thing.
chicagoloopy09/24/13 06:07 PM
x*Not sure but it still doesn't make it right or a joke. NT
CJinIowa09/20/13 05:58 AM
x*Does it make it ok to call Spencer a pedophile when we know the police have gone through his house and hard drive and found nothing. There have
FurnitureAlliance09/20/13 07:44 PM
x*who's calling him a pedophile???? OMG! Wow... NT
LuckyLizzie7409/26/13 05:23 PM
x*Read all the comments NT
FurnitureAlliance09/26/13 05:28 PM
x*I don't think anyone has called him a pedophile but it is impossible to prove he is not one. NT
Blockhead09/26/13 05:30 PM
x*and again, following your same logic, it is impossible to prove that he is one NT
tv_savage09/27/13 02:52 PM
x*Calling him out for joking about babies being raped in a basement is different. NT
CJinIowa09/20/13 04:58 AM
x*How do you know for a fact he is not a pedophile? What proof do you have? NT
Blockhead09/20/13 04:03 AM
x*Are we now Guilty until proven Innocent? This is where I think we are crossing a line. The police have been involved and cleared him. NT
LuckyLizzie7409/26/13 05:24 PM
x*The police investigated and cleared Gary Ridgway in the Green River killer case. He went on to murder at least 70 women. Cops can screw up. NT
Blockhead09/26/13 05:29 PM
x*Seriously?? Oh good lord. I'm sorry but really?? Wow... NT
LuckyLizzie7409/27/13 10:38 AM
x*I knooooow... NT
tv_savage09/27/13 02:53 PM
x*It does take a warped mind to even go there...so, yeah. NT
laurajhuff09/22/13 10:06 AM
x*Please... NT
tv_savage09/20/13 04:48 AM
x*Please, what? NT
Blockhead09/20/13 04:50 AM
x*Please calm down. NT
tv_savage09/20/13 05:14 AM
x*I'm perfectly calm. I have seen no evidence to prove that Spencer is not a pedophile and have inquired for the basis of that claim.
Blockhead09/20/13 05:22 AM
x*I think this country's motto is "innocent until proven guilty..." but nice try NT
tv_savage09/20/13 10:43 PM
x*So the police investigation instigated by Union Pacific wasn't good enough to prove it? It turned up no evidence of pedophilia. NT
FurnitureAlliance09/20/13 07:46 PM
x*No, not at all. Gary Ridgeway was the Green River Killer and early in the investigation he was questioned, polygraphed, released and eliminated as
Blockhead09/23/13 02:38 PM
x*:) i like the way you think. NT
cynmhutc09/20/13 08:37 PM
x*In that case, it is impossible to prove ANYONE is not a pedophile. NT
cynmhutc09/20/13 01:31 PM
x*Right. So he may or may not be a pedophile. Just like McCrae. NT
tv_savage09/20/13 05:28 AM
x*More than most if he was in fact investigated. Or at least good at not leave breadcrumbs behind NT
frustratedposter09/20/13 04:36 AM
x*It is...what it is. Nothing ruined. BB15 -- a big mirror of our times from HGs AND fans...for better and for worse. NT
BBenthusiast09/19/13 04:10 PM
tv_savage09/20/13 05:15 AM
x*you give us too much credit, you can't ruin something that is already destroyed. NT
spikewells09/19/13 03:01 PM
x*Let’s Break Down Just Which Fans
Mikentosh09/19/13 10:23 AM
x*Re-education camps for Big Brother houseguests? That's a bit much. Let them reflect on what has happened. Let them grow from this. I wish them
FurnitureAlliance09/20/13 07:56 PM
x*For the record, I have always loved Jokers and the community here so I hope that none of the fans here took what I said to heart...
tv_savage09/20/13 04:57 AM
x*I agree with Mikentosh that a lot of those people were probably not regulars, just people pushing an agenda and then disappearing again NT
FurnitureAlliance09/20/13 08:02 PM
x*I think he nailed it and so did you in your concise description. That was the problem this season. NT
BBAnnie09/23/13 09:14 AM
x*I am shocked about you Mikentosh.....
Sizzle09/19/13 12:00 PM
x*No, but Mom enjoys it. Seldom I can enjoy an episode when there is someone with a bigger problem than wanting to be on TV. NT
Mikentosh09/19/13 08:24 PM
x*Not to mention Dr. Phil himself! It's easy to call someone stupid for their actions, quite another to actually help someone with a problem. NT
FurnitureAlliance09/20/13 08:06 PM
x*Thank you for this! NT
MaryAnn09/19/13 11:13 AM
x*ITA, especially your first few sentences. I've never been a fan of the PC Police, and the PC Police were on steroids this season.
JAF09/19/13 09:36 AM
x*It sucks when the PC Police label everything. NT
Blockhead09/19/13 11:47 AM
x*By definition BIG BROTHER= P C, ill be the first to point out knee jerk reactions , but thats not whats this is NT
AprilSky09/19/13 09:47 AM
x*I hate that it migrated so much from BBD to Media & News, etc. ... it's easy to stay out of BBD, like to keep up in other forums NT
Bilbo09/19/13 09:42 AM
x*Yes, the usage of Celebrity Dirty Laundry for "News" was horrifying. NT
tv_savage09/20/13 05:00 AM
x*It also spoiled the BB InDepth Forum for me this season. NT
Sizzle09/19/13 12:02 PM
x*Okay let's pretend all those comments didn't happen. What were you actually going to discuss? Reality: season 15 lacked gaming. NT
UnproductiveBB09/21/13 05:33 AM
x*I guess Amanda wasn't intending to hurt Elissa with the sr door she always opens doors with such might and anger NT
AprilSky09/19/13 09:28 AM
x*Ridiculous to blame the fans. Production was absolutely complicit in the disaster that was BB15 so blaming them is justified but...
MaryAnn09/19/13 09:05 AM
x*Personally, I thought the original concept of BB was to cast controversial people... maybe not to THIS extreme, but...
tv_savage09/20/13 05:12 AM
x*Original concept was not so much controversial people but people from different walks of life to see how they could learn to live together in a
BBAnnie09/23/13 09:20 AM
x*don't remember Karen at all but I still remember Jordan going on david letterman :) I think he had a crush NT
Belle05/28/14 09:00 AM
x*True... but we can't deny that over time, the "people from different walks of life" morphed into "people that might stir up controversy"
tv_savage09/23/13 03:27 PM
x*I won't disagree with that. I mean if you think about it Mega was controversial. Jordan was controversial. Even Karen and her issues made her
BBAnnie09/24/13 09:33 AM
x*Early BBs would cast gay people with Conservatives (Bunky & Kent), strippers with beauty queens, etc. They always want sparks to fly. NT
FurnitureAlliance09/25/13 04:00 AM
x*They do but I don't think they would ever have been cool with the level to which reality TV casts have sunk in the last five years or so. thanks
BBAnnie09/25/13 08:27 AM
x*I agree! Also think It's funny to look at the casts of reality shows from 2000/2001 and see how "real" people look compared to...
tv_savage09/24/13 12:52 PM
x*Your post should be the top post it is well thought out and a more accurate analysis. NT
ratts09/19/13 10:50 AM
AprilSky09/19/13 09:15 AM
x*What context does child porn go in exactly?!? NT
AprilSky09/19/13 08:58 AM
x*the context is that it was a joke about mcrae and had nothing to do with child porn. NT
BleacherBum09/19/13 11:03 AM
x*Child porn is not a joke in any context these ppl know they are being watched by the public and we had every right to react to stupidity not a joke NT
AprilSky09/20/13 03:27 AM
x*That doesn't make it not a joke. It was just a joke that you didn't like. NT
JAF09/20/13 05:56 AM
x*Actually it isn't a joke, at all. A toddler being penetrated while they lay there crying out in pain and fear is not a ha ha subject. This ruins
CJinIowa09/20/13 05:57 AM
x*People make jokes about the Holocaust. It happens. Doesn't mean they're going to go out and commit genocide. Cable humor is rife with it. NT
Ephandis10/01/13 08:03 AM
x*Which is irrelevant to whether he was using it as a joking razz vs seriously supporting it. Call it a terrible joke, or an inappropriate joke,
JAF09/20/13 06:18 AM
x*I found it inappropriate and inexcusable humor. It doesn't make him a pedophile but it just isn't something to be joked about IMHO. NT
BBAnnie09/23/13 09:22 AM
x*More specifically, he was trying to make production laugh on a boring night. Funny or not, it was intended as a joke. NT
FurnitureAlliance09/20/13 08:38 PM
x*But isn't it a lot more fun to be offended? Plus, it makes me look oh-so-saintly. NT
Ephandis10/01/13 08:06 AM
x*Excellent question. This "out of context" doesn't fly with me. I watched most of this on the feeds so it was IN context and extremely offensive. NT
Theory09/19/13 09:13 AM
x*out of context, meaning, Spencer's comment about jacking off to child porn was made bc he was trying to make McCrae sound like a creep/bad/whatever
tv_savage09/20/13 05:22 AM
x*Or that he really supports child porn because he happened to reference it in a joking razz. Hell, Dean Martin & Co did "roasts"
JAF09/20/13 06:14 AM
x*I wonder if he thought about what those babies went through while they were being subject to pain and fear and terror when he made that joke. NT
CJinIowa09/20/13 05:59 AM
x*Just because he failed to think of the consequences of his words does not mean it is not out of context NT
tv_savage09/20/13 06:11 AM
x*It's like someone razzing their friend by calling them an MF. Does that mean they really support the action of them F-ing their M? No, of course not.
JAF09/20/13 06:30 AM
x*I don't think anyone is saying it is an endorsement of child porn. They are saying it is an inappropriate subject matter because children are being
Blockhead09/20/13 06:34 AM
x*If some didn't think it was more than a joking razz, then why the pedophile accusations? Taking such a leap pretty clearly shows they
JAF09/20/13 06:39 AM
x*I submit the amount of detail is the reason so many took offense. There was more than the subject like jerking off to kiddie porn. NT
Mikentosh09/20/13 02:02 PM
x*Spencer is 32 years old and has probably read books & articles or watched movies or tv shows addressing child porn. So it's possible he has knowledge
FurnitureAlliance09/20/13 08:57 PM
x*Who has accused him of being a pedophile? NT
Blockhead09/20/13 06:40 AM
x*Just search the various BB forums for the word, or similar suggests for the same thing. You'll find it directed at Spencer.
JAF09/20/13 06:43 AM
x*I just searched BBD and InDepth and most if not all the posts say Sp is not a pedophile. NT
Blockhead09/20/13 06:47 AM
x*I edited that too slowly, and now see you replied before my edit. I've seen more of it in BBD but that rolls off the end too fast.
JAF09/20/13 06:55 AM
x*which means it is in response to someone saying he is :) NT
Bilbo09/20/13 06:49 AM
x*Not necessarily. There are posts that say something to the effect of "People say Sp is a pedophile but..." However, I don't see the posts that claim
Blockhead09/20/13 06:52 AM
x*i've seen tons of posts saying he is ... but then I guess I'm lying too NT
Bilbo09/20/13 07:04 AM
x*Please point out where I accused anyone of lying. Thank you. NT
Blockhead09/20/13 07:10 AM
x*you didn't say the word specifically, but you show your doubt of our statements ... same thing NT
Bilbo09/20/13 07:15 AM
x*No, not the same thing. I choose my words carefully. NT
Blockhead09/20/13 07:17 AM
x*exactly .. and i'm not gonna continue to play your silly little 'prove it' game NT
Bilbo09/20/13 07:18 AM
x*Fine. It's sad that you think logic, evidence, standards of proof are silly little games. And thanks for the false accusation! NT
Blockhead09/20/13 07:23 AM
x*Quit tainting the post! NT
tv_savage09/20/13 02:24 PM
x*Well the fans should just poof go away cause we made these hg say outrageous statements they are already backtracking and we were wrong to care! NT
AprilSky09/19/13 08:43 AM
x*Excellent and spot on take of what went down. NT
Noles8809/19/13 06:55 AM
x*Thank you! NT
tv_savage09/20/13 05:23 AM
Blockhead09/19/13 04:49 AM
x*Well said! I believe if a HG or production would have said anything in week 1 or 2, it would have made a difference. The acceptance was the culprit NT
MaryAnn09/19/13 09:07 AM
x*I agree with No...without fans there would be no BB..and fans have the right to express how they feel when watching one of their favorite shows NT
rodh09/19/13 07:30 AM
x*Did you read? Never said ANYTHING about them not deserving to lose their jobs... NT
tv_savage09/19/13 04:53 AM
x*Yes, I did and blaming the fans is ludicrous. The fault lies with the HGs not with the "overly sensitive" people who complained. NT
Blockhead09/19/13 04:56 AM
x*to quote one of you jokers "THAT" NT
dollady09/19/13 07:53 AM
x*I think it's all in how you react to what is presented to you...
tv_savage09/19/13 05:16 AM
x*Really? A "majority"? Their own words are what vilified them... NT
MaryAnn09/19/13 09:23 AM
x*I couldn't say it any better. NT
CJinIowa09/19/13 04:51 AM
*Some medical info on gastroparesis you won't hear from Raven.....
bb4peeker5904 101   07/26/17 04:31 AM
x*bb4peeker, I find your medical info to be incorrect in some of your statements:
Majuro07/31/17 05:32 PM
x*Majuro, those were copied and pasted from medical pages online, not merely my opinions NT
bb4peeker08/02/17 04:59 PM
x*A lot of people have 'severe' gastroparesis - RAVEN AIN'T ONE OF 'EM!!! NT
bb4peeker08/01/17 03:17 AM
x*Not incorrect just because they may differ from your's. How can you think that? Foolish. NT
bb4peeker07/31/17 07:40 PM
x*I offered credible links to my claims, you've offered nothing but your opinion so far, where's your links?
Majuro08/01/17 12:56 AM
x*You posted info about the disease in general is all. People who actually have this disease say she's exaggerating, which is my stance. NT
bb4peeker08/02/17 07:40 AM
x*Read your own medical links, Can you post just one referring to RAVEN'S case? NT
bb4peeker08/01/17 03:25 AM
x*PLEASE! Just ONE reliable link saying RAVEN - NOT 5 million others - has 'severe'gastroparesis. NT
bb4peeker08/01/17 03:21 AM
x*From Big Brother application....
bb4peeker07/30/17 02:30 PM
x*Ok, no offense, but I'm sick of people getting the name of her disease wrong. Once again, its CHRONIC INTESTINAL PSEUDO OBSTRUCTION, and
Majuro07/26/17 11:04 PM
x*All that certainty! Cause SHE said so - Where's proof she has that? You aren't yelling about that anymore, why? NT
bb4peeker08/01/17 03:29 AM
x*well Mrs Disease sure looks different now in that video .
ToadFarm07/29/17 10:32 PM
x*Question - If I have a cold, can't I say I have pneumonia? Would it be wrong? NT
bb4peeker07/30/17 05:51 AM
x*If you're ok with seriously exaggeraging or just plain lying, sure. NT
Nusa07/30/17 08:01 AM
x*While you're on your soap box, don't forget to tell Raven she's using the wrong word for her affliction. NT
bb4peeker07/27/17 02:31 PM
x*raven only came up with that description a couple nites ago in the spa. if that is what raven's got, then she's clearly the one getting it wrong NT
msmarya07/29/17 12:20 PM
x*I don't have a soapbox, all of them were taken by many others in the rush to judgement to lynch her based on faulty conclusions...
Majuro07/27/17 06:23 PM
x*When does she use the wrong word? She has both afflictions. NT
Majuro07/27/17 05:33 PM
x*Here it is in her own words....
bb4peeker07/28/17 04:57 AM
x*keeping it 100. I AGREE. I heard go fund me is closed issuing refunds. NT
msmarya07/29/17 12:22 PM
x*FUND ME OPEN and only collected $4000 of the $200,000 they asked for
usprimerbj07/31/17 07:48 AM
x*Andddddddddddd...the go fund me page was started by a fan, not her or her family, is says so on it. Anyone can start a go fund me page. NT
Majuro07/31/17 04:46 PM
x*The GFM page has been turned over to her family. NT
bb4peeker07/31/17 05:04 PM
x*The funds have to be, that's part of the rules of a GoFundMe page, that means NOTHING NT
Majuro08/01/17 12:20 AM
x*What it means is her fans who started the page have seen through her lies and want nothing else to do with giving her money. NT
bb4peeker08/01/17 03:51 AM
x*Her mother and a friend were calling CPS and people's jobs cause they dared question Raven's veracity NT
bb4peeker07/31/17 05:06 PM
x*So you the internet can flame her and they're not allowed to be upset by it, to fight fire with fire? Some are attacking her brother now too
Majuro08/01/17 12:22 AM
x*I too would be upset to be talked about. But I would be more ashamed to be caught in lies. NT
bb4peeker08/01/17 08:04 AM
x*Facts are the truth and can not be denied. As they (sorta) say...You can lead fools to facts, but you can't make 'em believe.... NT
bb4peeker08/01/17 02:52 AM
x*But you have no facts you evil woman. all you have is HATE NT
Sizzle08/01/17 03:31 PM
x*Wow. I think that's against the rules. NT
HarleyQ08/02/17 08:05 AM
x*I have no problem with you believing whatever you like. Allow me the same courtesy. Look up definition of 'opinion'. NT
bb4peeker08/02/17 07:47 AM
x*She has severe gastroparesis, no dispute on this. That's what those links say.
Majuro07/28/17 10:18 AM
x*MAJURO-WHERE, other than Raven and family, do any links say she has 'SEVERE' gastroparesis? There IS a dispute. NT
bb4peeker07/31/17 07:45 PM
x*Many MORE links say much less severe than claimed. NT
bb4peeker07/29/17 09:59 PM
x*Where are these links? You say this and never post them. Why is that? NT
Majuro08/01/17 12:23 AM
x*I posted PLENTY of links. So have many others. Why can't you post a reliable link enforcing your belief she's not exaggerating? I'm waiting. NT
bb4peeker08/01/17 02:57 AM
x*Only ones that say are opinions of people who have no access to her condition. Her doctor affirmed it in the instagram from 10 days ago NT
Majuro08/01/17 01:04 AM
x*Where's that link? Verbatim report? Your opinions are NOT truth. Learn to deal with FACTS. NT
bb4peeker08/01/17 03:00 AM
x*Still waiting... NT
bb4peeker08/02/17 07:53 AM
x*I think it best
bb4peeker07/28/17 11:21 AM
x*I'm happy to continue this argument as long as you wish.
Majuro07/29/17 05:36 PM
x*Bring it on! Only one of us is showing ignorance, and it AIN'T ME! NT
bb4peeker08/01/17 08:12 AM
x*You have become very ignorant and NEVER post any links that mean anything. All you do is hate... NT
Sizzle08/01/17 03:34 PM
x*Posting rules prohibit this. NT
HarleyQ08/02/17 08:12 AM
x*I know, but...
bb4peeker08/02/17 10:03 AM
x*Go away, you little yapping ankle-biter. Let the pitbull handle her own fights. NT
bb4peeker08/02/17 07:55 AM
x*So very well stated Majuro. The voice of sanity and reason in this thread...
Sizzle07/31/17 09:41 AM
x*...is ONLY being posted by bb4peeker. NT
bb4peeker08/02/17 08:42 AM
x*Peas in a pod....Sizzle and Majury believe their opinions are facts. NT
bb4peeker08/01/17 03:04 AM
x*hmmm I smell a relative or friend of family. In my opinion, the red flags tell me there's 2 people who might just have a dog in this race. NT
msmarya08/02/17 11:36 AM
x*She's only FOOLING a few, I'd be ashamed to say I was one of them. NT
bb4peeker07/31/17 05:18 PM
x*Me too, Majuro....
bb4peeker07/31/17 03:34 AM
x*Ahh, but you completely ignored my points on Munchausen's, how convenient NT
Majuro08/01/17 12:24 AM
x*I never claimed Raven has Munchausen's, I suggested 'Sickened' to understand how it CAN happen. I only seriously suspect fraud for monetary gain. NT
bb4peeker08/02/17 08:19 AM
x*I can tell you know less than I about Munchausen's. I ALREADY recommended a book on the subject. NT
bb4peeker08/01/17 08:17 AM
x*bb4, all your words are hateful, ill informed and nasty. You have never been like this in the past. NT
Sizzle07/31/17 09:44 AM
x*Ill informed? I gave sources. NT
bb4peeker07/31/17 04:56 PM
x*You've given 2 sources so far, her saying she has gastroparesis. Where are all the other sources you talk about? Where is your research? NT
Majuro08/01/17 12:25 AM
x*You must have missed a few postings! Where is a link other than Raven and her family saying she has 'severe' gastroparesis? NT
bb4peeker08/01/17 03:08 AM
x*Reading "Sickened" isn't research, since you or I have no idea for sure if she could possibly have Factitious Disorder, and frankly
Majuro08/01/17 01:08 AM
x*Raven's BB viewers comments and tweets....
bb4peeker07/30/17 03:32 PM
x*A site with expert viewpoints (sarcasm intended). People giving their Diagnosis by Proxy with no proof then others shooting it down, but I will
Majuro08/01/17 12:31 AM
x*I think opinions from people who see and observe someone on a daily basis is credible. Her fellow HGs are laughing at her embellishments. NT
bb4peeker08/01/17 03:45 AM
x*LOL, I bet you read the National Inquirer also.. NT
Sizzle07/31/17 09:47 AM
x*That's a dumb remark as you and Majuro are the blind believers, not me. Hell, I bet you got a subscription! NT
bb4peeker07/31/17 07:49 PM
x*Once again, not believing either side, not taking either side, my point is I don't have proof to do so. Where's your proof to take a side? NT
Majuro08/01/17 12:32 AM
x*Listen to yourself! You have DEFINITELY been 'taking a side', and definitely without proof. If true, your side should be easier to prove. NT
bb4peeker08/01/17 03:49 AM
x*You must, you're swallowing Raven's lies without thinking. NT
bb4peeker07/31/17 04:57 PM
x*I never once said I swallowed her lies, I'm not gullible. GULLIBLE is accepting them to be lies without proof. Where's your proof? NT
Majuro08/01/17 12:34 AM
x*You didn't SAY it, you PROVED it by defending her lies. BTW...'GULLIBLE' means accepting lies as truth. NT
bb4peeker08/01/17 03:12 AM
x*More news...
bb4peeker07/30/17 12:34 PM
x*Great source, Paul and Kevin wondering. That's proof! NOT. Once again, since you're a little dense, her GoFundMe Page was started by a FAN, not
Majuro08/01/17 12:39 AM
x*The HG have lived with Raven 24/7 enough for me to lend credence to their opinions, especially when ALL of them seem to be leery of her. NT
bb4peeker08/02/17 08:58 AM
x*Raven is a lot smarter than you... She doesn't sit at home and obsess over other peoples illness. She works hard and knows how to promote herself. NT
Sizzle07/31/17 09:51 AM
x*LOL. How can she work hard, she's at death's door! But, you're right about her promoting herself, she's got that down to an art! NT
bb4peeker07/31/17 05:22 PM
x*The masses are speaking......
bb4peeker07/29/17 09:56 PM
x*I will grant you one thing bb4peeker:
Majuro07/31/17 04:43 PM
x*My first post was only facts, not even my opinions. I was very surprised by your vitriolic response. Here's my personal opinion.....
bb4peeker07/31/17 07:36 PM
x*You're entitled to your opinion, I'm entitled to not fall for your conclusions and keep an open mind. I now do dislike Raven btw
Majuro08/01/17 12:45 AM
x*Is the fact that we ALL are entitled to our OPINIONS finally getting through? Halleluja! NT
bb4peeker08/02/17 09:07 AM
x*MAJURO & SIZZLE! - Thanks! You two have given me a great idea for a blog about how far some people will go to defend their opinions! NT
bb4peeker08/02/17 09:30 AM
x*For words, including 'gastroparesis', read her Doctor's report on HG tab. NT
bb4peeker07/27/17 12:53 PM
x*Lol - Look up definition of 'pseudo'- That certainly seems to fit. NT
bb4peeker07/27/17 12:48 PM
x*Same difference. But, either way, it's way too much posturing for my stomach!! NT
msmarya07/27/17 07:00 AM
x*I agree, msmarya. She obviously uses them interchangeably. Ergo, same difference. I'm not including the 'Raven disease' NT
bb4peeker07/28/17 06:30 AM
x*Its not "SAME DIFFERENCE"...
Sizzle07/27/17 10:34 AM
x*Idiot Comment: LOL. Same difference is an idiomatic oxymoron. whether the subjects are same or different is immaterial to me. NT
msmarya07/29/17 12:29 PM
x*I agree Sizzle...
bb4peeker07/28/17 07:26 AM
x*See that is where you are 100% WRONG...
Sizzle07/29/17 03:15 PM
x*^^^^Want a laugh? Read this nonsense!^^^^ NT
bb4peeker07/31/17 08:03 PM
x*You seriously believe CBS has a morality clause for "reality stars"? LOL LOL LOL
bb4peeker07/29/17 10:10 PM
x*If you do a bit more indepth research on this, it can be a bit more serious than what is posted here, but overall not as fatal as any day now LOL. NT
msmarya07/26/17 04:24 PM
x*There are great live feeds of Paul questioning her... NT
bb4peeker07/28/17 05:39 AM
x*lot of truth said in Jest and paul as mentioned a couple times ravens fake disease, ravens fake illness. I dont think she fake, just over doing it NT
msmarya07/29/17 12:34 PM
x*How seriously does it seem to be affecting Raven? NT
bb4peeker07/27/17 04:32 AM
x*Yeah, your point being? I've had friends die of cancer who were perfectly healthy til the last month or so. Again, not saying she's dying,
Majuro08/01/17 01:23 AM
x*My point is, bottom line, I think she is a fraud using her condition to bilk people out of money. NT
bb4peeker08/02/17 08:38 AM
x*Your point being? NT
Sizzle07/26/17 10:35 AM
x*Exactly what it says - Check your gullibility. NT
bb4peeker07/26/17 11:24 AM
x*EXACTLY check gullibility before your wallet. NT
msmarya07/26/17 04:28 PM
***Quotes, Notable Moments, and Over-Used Phrases of BB14**
BBInsider122166 97   09/12/12 11:04 AM
x*Eagle Eye NT
BBInsider109/30/12 10:03 AM
x*solitary dance party NT
BBInsider109/27/12 08:56 PM
x*Dan: "You can call me a turn coat. Call me a traitor. One thing you'll never call me in the game is a quitter..." NT
BBInsider109/27/12 08:56 PM
x*Britney quotes about Dan post-backdoor:
BBInsider109/27/12 08:21 PM
x*Let's day drink ~ NT
FurnitureAlliance09/25/12 01:57 AM
x*Janelle: It's our house too, Willie! NT
FurnitureAlliance09/25/12 01:56 AM
x*Joe to Dan: Shane, Dan just followed me in here NT
FurnitureAlliance09/25/12 01:55 AM
x*Dan: Danielle, you're dead to me in this game NT
FurnitureAlliance09/25/12 01:54 AM
x*JoJo: I know. I know. Oh, I know! I know! I know. I know! NT
FurnitureAlliance09/25/12 01:52 AM
x*Ian: I'll marinate on it NT
FurnitureAlliance09/25/12 01:46 AM
x*Dan (on Frank): "I gotta keep tabs on this bushy haired maniac" NT
BBInsider109/24/12 08:29 PM
x*Dan: "Shank Frank" NT
BBInsider109/24/12 08:27 PM
x*Ian/Dan: "Ducktales..Woohoo!" NT
BBInsider109/19/12 10:17 AM
x*damage control NT
BBInsider109/18/12 12:42 AM
x*Ian: "Nebbish" NT
BBInsider109/18/12 12:38 AM
x*Dan about Shane: "Captain America" NT
BBInsider109/16/12 06:30 PM
x*Ian: "I will get that red-headed beast!" NT
BBInsider109/16/12 02:45 PM
x*Frank: "I wish I had 2 of these jokers!" NT
BBInsider109/16/12 02:25 PM
x*Stipendo NT
BBInsider109/16/12 02:25 PM
x*Dan/Ian: add to (my/your) resume, resume builder NT
BBInsider109/16/12 09:44 AM
x*Ian: "Your social game is sh**!" NT
BBInsider109/15/12 08:48 PM
x*Jenn: "Sweatin' my tits off!" NT
BBInsider109/15/12 08:45 PM
x*porkrinds NT
BBInsider109/15/12 08:30 PM
x*Dan's antics NT
BBInsider109/15/12 04:35 PM
x*Mr. Monk Monk, Ted NT
BBInsider109/15/12 04:29 PM
x*Dan: "...Pull out a Hail Mary" NT
BBInsider109/15/12 02:15 PM
x*Zingbot: "Danielle, After the show, Shane has a special gift waiting for you outside of the house..... A restraining order! Zzzziiinnggg! NT
BBInsider109/15/12 12:03 PM
x*skull duggery NT
BBInsider109/14/12 08:59 PM
x*Boogie: "Not cool, doggie." NT
BBInsider109/14/12 08:55 PM
x*weak sauce NT
BBInsider109/14/12 08:54 PM
x*meat-shield NT
BBInsider109/14/12 08:42 PM
x*Ian "I didn't want to write a check I couldn't cash." Boogie: "This is BB! You can bounce checks!" NT
BBInsider109/14/12 08:12 PM
x*Ian: "It's not in the forseeable future" NT
BBInsider109/14/12 08:10 PM
x*Boogie: "Daddy's home!" NT
BBInsider109/14/12 08:10 PM
x*Ian re-using Boogie's line: "Get ta steppin'" NT
BBInsider109/14/12 06:22 PM
x*Frank: "Porcupy" NT
BBInsider109/14/12 06:04 PM
x*Ian: "Awkward. Party of 3..." NT
Shay09/14/12 10:45 AM
x*you broke my heart. do you know how that made me feel? I cried.
crazyq09/14/12 01:57 AM
x*Wil: "Understandings, alliances, allegations..." NT
BBInsider109/14/12 01:37 AM
x*Danielle: "Touche" NT
BBInsider109/14/12 01:26 AM
x*backdoor and anal... not necessarily in the same sentence NT
stlgirlie09/13/12 11:13 PM
x*Dan: "Epic" NT
BBInsider109/13/12 11:10 PM
x*Dan to Danielle: "I cut 'em up. You stitch em up." NT
BBInsider109/13/12 06:41 PM
x*Quack Pack, "quack quack", Silent Six, The Surgeons, Tits alliance NT
BBInsider109/13/12 06:41 PM
x*Team Diversity, The Headhunters NT
BBInsider109/24/12 08:19 PM
x*"A Hot Minute", "On the Reg".....BOTH over-used NT
NanaBanana09/13/12 05:35 PM
x*Dan: "I'm always open..." (Said both in BB10 & BB14) NT
BBInsider109/13/12 05:09 PM
x*Frank: "Eat your f**** Fruit Loops, I'm not bothered." NT
skeeb1409/13/12 04:40 PM
x*Boogie: "I'm gonna go get some fruit loops and I'll eat my salmon up in here too while you eat your fruit loops!" NT
BBInsider109/13/12 05:11 PM
x*Ian: "So, I'm gonna make a DiGiorno. Would anybody wanna split some with me?" NT
BBInsider109/13/12 05:12 PM
x*blindside NT
BBInsider109/13/12 04:38 PM
x*Ian: Comedy GOLD Wikipedia GOLD NT
skeeb1409/13/12 04:38 PM
x*Feed GOLD NT
BBInsider109/13/12 04:39 PM
x*Ebay GOLD NT
Shdbepaintin09/15/12 05:06 PM
x*HGs said about Dan:The Mist & He's dangerous in this game. NT
BBInsider109/13/12 03:33 AM
x*Ian re-hashing every past season! Bringing up Kristen, Dani Donato, and Hoffman NT
BBInsider109/13/12 02:52 AM
x*Ian (on Shane): "He's just too good at sports!" NT
BBInsider109/13/12 02:44 AM
x*"beast mode" NT
BBInsider109/13/12 01:02 AM
x*In the words of every hg esp Dani: DAN!! NT
Zap09/13/12 12:51 AM
x*Jenn: "I'll burn this house down!" NT
BBInsider109/13/12 12:23 AM
x*"I love right now" Oh, wait, sorry but that was TGH. LOL NT
BBAnnie09/12/12 07:37 PM
x*Dan's funeral NT
BBInsider109/12/12 04:59 PM
x*Danielle: "You are one sick person, Dan." NT
BBInsider109/12/12 04:58 PM
x*Dan: "This is Dan." Joe: "Wassup?!" Dan: "Go to bed, Joe." NT
BBInsider109/12/12 04:53 PM
x*Anything involving Jenn's "power move".... Biggest.BBJoke.EVER. NT
Evil_TX_Redhead09/12/12 04:24 PM
x*Pop a squat. NT
LibraLady09/12/12 02:59 PM
x*Dan: "Don't worry. You can still see the mirror from over there." NT
LibraLady09/12/12 02:59 PM
x*haha! love Dan ;) NT
BBInsider109/12/12 03:34 PM
x*Dan: "This might be my finest hour in this house." NT
BBInsider109/12/12 02:41 PM
x*Shane: "I'm 50/50, Yes, absolutely. 100%. I agree.Of course, of course." NT
BBInsider109/12/12 02:39 PM
x*Dan : "Harm, HARM!!" NT
BBInsider109/12/12 02:35 PM
x*Frank: "son" & "bubba" NT
BBInsider109/12/12 02:30 PM
x*Britney about Jenn after she became the replacement nom "She's acting like a sour beaver!" NT
BBInsider109/12/12 02:28 PM
x*Ian/Dan: "2012..." NT
BBInsider109/12/12 02:27 PM
x*Rip your face off. NT
LibraLady09/12/12 02:01 PM
x*That's so John Blaise. NT
LibraLady09/12/12 02:00 PM
x*On the reg. NT
LibraLady09/12/12 02:00 PM
x*"I'm heated." NT
Butterbean1309/12/12 01:55 PM
x*Preesh! ::barfs:: NT
Ephandis09/12/12 01:39 PM
x*Preesh? Is that the Eubonics for I appreciate it, Lost Girl? NT
Mikentosh09/13/12 05:11 AM
x*That's Jeff's word from S11 NT
BBAnnie09/14/12 06:17 PM
x*Thanks, NT
Mikentosh09/14/12 07:01 PM
x*Quite welcome, Mike. I liked Jeff but I got SO sick of that word in his first season. NT
BBAnnie09/14/12 08:59 PM
x*It's Frankspeak. Bleah. NT
Ephandis09/13/12 09:16 PM
x*How about the fans who say they'll never watch again once their favorite player is voted out. NT
Rayann09/12/12 12:03 PM
x*Danielle "You have NO idea." NT
Marley09/12/12 11:53 AM
x*Dan/Ian: "That's so cash...sooo cash!" NT
BBInsider109/12/12 11:45 AM
x*" So caish" ( alternate pronounciation) NT
FurnitureAlliance09/25/12 08:18 PM
x*Danielle: "ever...Ever!" NT
BBInsider109/12/12 11:45 AM
x*"I'm not salty about it." I've never heard that so much in my life! NT
Marley09/12/12 11:29 AM
x*"He's so salty" or "She's so salty" NT
BBInsider109/12/12 02:27 PM
x*(Dani) "I got backdoored" (wishful thinking?) NT
phygit09/12/12 11:13 AM
x*"whenever" about singular events, when "when" is proper. (ie. "Whenever I got up this morning") NT
phygit09/12/12 11:11 AM
x*This one makes me crazy, I first heard it when I moved to the south...and it's very common here. <sigh> NT
AnneTSocial09/13/12 07:38 AM
x*Ian/Dan: "Thanks, I will." NT
BBInsider109/12/12 11:06 AM
x*headbutted NT
BBInsider109/12/12 11:05 AM
x*Dan: "Likewise" NT
BBInsider109/12/12 11:05 AM
*Open Letter to the Nerd Herd
Tweeds35659 92   08/29/05 08:58 PM
x*lol interesting recap to the season NT
Belle11/18/12 06:37 AM
x*Follow-up on my letter
Tweeds09/22/05 01:10 PM
x*Well said! NT
wisny09/21/05 02:57 PM
x*She said it all! Bravo! NT
Caramel09/21/05 02:53 PM
x*Open Letter to the Nerd Herd
carra09/02/05 04:09 PM
x*Someone PLEASE PRINT AND WAD UP 500 copies and start tossing them over the wall! Awesome post. NT
VickiVale09/01/05 12:59 AM
x*All I can say is "BRAVO" NT
Kristee08/30/05 02:31 PM
x*nerd herd letter
wardsgal08/30/05 12:03 PM
x*Open letter to Nerd Herd
rbennie08/30/05 10:08 AM
x*Nerd Herd Letter
jaimy200408/30/05 09:43 AM
x*the usual exageration to hate them. send it to them, make them laugh NT
kirby4ever08/30/05 09:38 AM
x*I'm laughing anyway... Is it possibly that some take BB WAY 2 serious? NT
John_DK_08/30/05 09:59 AM
x*You seem to as well...so don't go pot kettle black on us ok? LOL NT
amIsane08/30/05 10:49 AM
x*Don't *really* think you can compare... ;) NT
John_DK_08/30/05 10:51 AM
x*just did ;-) NT
amIsane08/30/05 10:52 AM
x*Yes you did, but you can't... Really... ;) NT
John_DK_08/30/05 10:56 AM
x*Oh, I can..and I did...really, I did ;-) LOL NT
amIsane08/30/05 10:57 AM
x*Oh John..
amIsane08/30/05 11:06 AM
x*Not mad at all, just couldn't find anything clever 2 say.......... :)) NT
John_DK_08/30/05 11:10 AM
x*LOL!!!! I love ya John!!! :-) NT
amIsane08/30/05 11:13 AM
x*errrr.... in a friendly way that is!! LOL NT
amIsane08/30/05 11:15 AM
x*OK was about 2 write I'm getting embarrassed here... LOL NT
John_DK_08/30/05 11:17 AM
x*I don't see any exagerations , nor do I see hate
frustratedposter08/30/05 09:47 AM
x*You know as well as I do if they got a letter like that at home they would be humiliated about it. NT
Sizzle08/30/05 09:43 AM
x*As is the NH would be humiliated by anything. And... after the way they have acted... should we care if they are humiliated??? NT
HippyFeet08/30/05 11:24 AM
x*not really. NT
kirby4ever08/30/05 09:50 AM
x*You are right...they have no shame ;-) NT
amIsane08/30/05 10:52 AM
x*name one single exageration NT
Bilbo08/30/05 09:41 AM
x*here's one: Janelle's AC. they didn't have a meltdown
kirby4ever08/30/05 09:50 AM
x*harping on it for well over 48 hours is a pretty big clue
missp08/30/05 10:01 AM
x*Maggie and April saying "No way America chose her"
frustratedposter08/30/05 09:55 AM
x*ummm, ok....guess that whole accusing BB of rigging it and saying F america, ALL DAY didn't happen NT
Bilbo08/30/05 09:52 AM
x*tweedle was actually really good about not saying "hate" NT
jmmram08/30/05 09:40 AM
x*You could mail it to their homes... www.zabasearch.com has birth dates so easy to match. I've found Ivette & Eric so far NT
littlewop08/30/05 09:28 AM
x*Bravo Tweedle Bravo!!! NT
n2deep08/30/05 09:18 AM
x*i hope you repost this after it's all over so the HG's can read it!! NT
MonsterDubs08/30/05 08:49 AM
x*NH Letter - WoW..but y'all think they would understand even half of it? <in my best April imitation> NT
Fairy08/30/05 08:49 AM
x*Good letter. You wrote how most of us feel and I would sign my name to it, but you need to add one more thing
pandacubgal08/30/05 08:49 AM
x*I join in the co-signing!! NT
jmmram08/30/05 08:46 AM
SMLuvsBB08/30/05 08:41 AM
x*Bravo!! Well said. I sincerely hope the NH does get to read your letter.
BlueDiva08/30/05 08:40 AM
x*Great letter! Thanks for summing it up for all of us. I really, really hope they read this letter. NT
Vermicious_Knid08/30/05 08:39 AM
x*RIGHT ON, Tweedle! NT
Yaya00708/30/05 08:37 AM
x*one part that was missing....
dizzy08/30/05 08:36 AM
x*oh and how april and jen were plotting against ivette and then denied it and now ap tried to discredit anything they say so she doesnt get caught NT
MonsterDubs08/30/05 08:51 AM
x*You can add my name to the list. NT
DefntlyDiffrnt08/30/05 09:11 AM
x*Add my name to the letter also... NT
Pia09/01/05 05:45 AM
x*Mine too NT
Ahimsa08/30/05 07:45 PM
x*Let me sign my name to your letter PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! NT
Sizzle08/30/05 08:34 AM
x*You need to email this Macellaes or House Calls..He owuld love it and maybe read on AIR! NT
spidyman08/30/05 08:29 AM
x*WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO this is GREAT!!!!!!!! I hope they read this!!!! NT
luvinsurvivor08/30/05 08:25 AM
x*Great letter !! Maybe they could have a AC let Ivette win it since shes sad she hasnt won anything then let her & the NH read it NT
Toddbone08/30/05 08:25 AM
x*Great letter!!! I hope they actuallly get an opportunity to read it. NT
Painter08/30/05 08:24 AM
kristie7290608/30/05 08:22 AM
x*I like it! NT
HalleyG08/30/05 08:17 AM
x*Great letter, Acopy should be passed on to each one to there websites and fan sites NT
RoseNess08/30/05 08:16 AM
x*Great job, tweedle NT
bidz_yo08/30/05 08:12 AM
x*Fantastic letter. Dont forget they are sanctimonious
justme08/30/05 07:09 AM
x*Couldn't have said it better. One "p.s." ... Ivette's slithering
emptynest08/30/05 06:40 AM
x*Tweedle speaks for me, I know that much! I'll cosign this! ;) NT
Shereebie08/30/05 06:34 AM
x*ref: open letter to nerdherd
ladeedi1208/30/05 06:16 AM
x*WoW! Extremely well-written letter, tweedle! I loved it and wish so badly that the friendship could see it! NT
BurgerBoy08/30/05 05:53 AM
x*Great post! You speak for me as well..especially numbers 5 and 6 NT
SpicyPomS08/30/05 05:38 AM
x*Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!!! Where do we all sign!?
BettyRubble08/30/05 04:41 AM
x*Great post
nana11008/30/05 04:24 AM
x*Wow, I like that letter. Maybe we should give it to Marcellas to read to the nerd herd on final HC :-) NT
amIsane08/30/05 04:20 AM
x*Excellent letter! It makes me want to bake Maggie a cake and then **** on it. I hear she likes that kind of thing. ;) NT
jettheadpb08/30/05 02:56 AM
x*What I don't get is that a lot of people trash talk the HGs for lying. It's called strategy.I think the only person that got away with it was Lisa. NT
Shadow46and208/29/05 10:21 PM
x*It's not the lying, per
frustratedposter08/30/05 03:47 AM
x*I am so happy this was moved here. I didn't want this to be lost in discussion. NT
BlondeMoment08/29/05 09:49 PM
x*Woohooo Tweeds! Love it!! You told it like it is..point blank! Hope the nerd herd reads it. ...every single one of them...including "Crappy"!! NT
Darlene08/29/05 09:44 PM
x*good job... i'd also like to add - how they accuse everyone of lying & trashtalking YET that's all they do! Nerd Herd disgust me & i am Canadian! NT
makmadden08/29/05 09:30 PM
x*Bravo Tweedle!!! Excellent letter!!! I "really" hope they see this
DeeDee08/29/05 09:29 PM
x*I love it tweedle. I hope they read it. NT
indigohill08/29/05 09:28 PM
x*Great letter! I would put my name on it!! NT
craftyflalady08/29/05 09:26 PM
x*Tweedle that was fantastic.......Wish that would fit on a banner!!!! NT
puddles08/29/05 09:21 PM
x*Wow, that was awesome tweedle!! I'm almost tempted to print it out, frame it, and hang it over my computer, lol, i'm that impressed
KaysarFan0508/29/05 09:18 PM
x*Kudos...great letter...AND I'll CO-Sign THAT!! LOL NT
Mazita08/29/05 09:15 PM
x*Excellent. You ought to Fedex that to each member upon return home. Fabulous! NT
Minx08/29/05 09:15 PM
x*Bravo tweedle! Perfectly said! NT
BlondeMoment08/29/05 09:10 PM
x*LOVE IT! Couldn't have said it better. NT
luvmyBB608/29/05 09:10 PM
x*Furthermore, their vindictiveness extends beyond the parameters of the show.
Fetch08/29/05 09:08 PM
x*Excellent Point Fetch ! NT
Vidiette09/01/05 02:05 AM
x*Can we have these copied and about 4.1 million dropped on the bb house? lol NT
iseeu08/29/05 09:06 PM
x*That is PERFECT!!! Wow! They need to see that. Sums everything up perfectly. NT
Nantucket08/29/05 09:06 PM
x*Way to go Tweedle, excellent wording! Your letter is right on. :) NT
misshell08/29/05 09:06 PM
x*Great Letter.I think this qualifies for In Depth if not already there - so it doesn't get lost.,How are you going to get it to Nerds? Please tell NT
lounger08/29/05 09:05 PM
x*No clue yet.... but I am working on it. NT
Tweeds08/29/05 09:08 PM
x*A banner?
Joolz08/29/05 09:15 PM
x*Post it on Jennifer's IMDB profile? NT
Melissa08/29/05 09:09 PM
x*Awesome letter...love it NT
simplykaysar08/29/05 09:01 PM
x*WOW! great letter!!! NT
peppervegas08/29/05 09:01 PM
*I can’t beleive anyone is still leaning on the “bitter jury” crutch
Mikentosh33819 91   02/05/13 07:55 PM
x*I agree. putting players in the jury who LIKE you is ALSO strategic. NT
Digitalpotato06/10/13 02:55 PM
x*Meh, My opinion is they were, but bitterness is just one of many factors a HG should include with their strategies.
Venthus02/13/13 06:15 AM
x*I can't believe anyone cares at this point. NT
BBAnnie02/07/13 05:10 PM
x*Very surprising BBAnnie.I think many BB fans who care enough about BB think this issue exposes a flaw in the format of the show.Do we want BB juries
yoyo349202/14/13 05:43 AM
x*Its human nature to do most things on a personal level. So if a player wants to play by burning their opponents and making them look like fools...
bbwarrior04/26/13 05:36 PM
x*Yes! BB is a social game, moreso than Survivor. You have to live with the people you're secretly plotting against, The social game matters. NT
unclevanya02/17/13 11:41 PM
x*Perfectly put... NT
bbwarrior04/26/13 05:37 PM
x*I vote not to change the rules of Big Brother. Maybe some other game can have rules that restrict the jury to voting on strategic game only,
FurnitureAlliance02/17/13 09:18 PM
x*I want them to vote however the heck they want, like they always have. NT
NMC02/17/13 09:01 PM
x*Who are any of us to dictate what the show is or should be?
Mikentosh02/17/13 07:03 PM
x*Because its the truth. The jury did not want to award a former contestant. Maybe Brittney over Dani or Frank. Dan should of taken Dani. NT
Adamlovechild102/06/13 02:41 AM
x*You seem to ignore or forget the most important point
Mikentosh02/07/13 05:58 AM
x*So true, so very true ~ NT
FurnitureAlliance02/17/13 09:19 PM
x*Actually, Dan took Ian to the F3 after Ian gave up at the F4 after he lost the veto. Ian didn't try to make any deals on his own nor was he
Blockhead02/07/13 06:02 AM
x*Trees, Meet the Forest
Mikentosh02/07/13 06:15 PM
x*So it was Dan's decision.He saved his arse.LOL. NT
yoyo349202/10/13 12:07 PM
x*Why Dan saved Ian has nothing to do with the fact that Dan saved Ian. Without Dan's unilateral action Ian was out of the game.
Blockhead02/07/13 06:24 PM
x*I'll try to make this simple. Dan evicted Shane, NOT saved Ian. NT
Mikentosh02/07/13 06:33 PM
x*Yes, I don't see that as making Dan superior to Ian, rather more the fool Dan. NT
Augustkm02/07/13 07:26 PM
x*Ian would have been evicted but for Dan's action. Dan acted and thus Ian was saved. Dan's motivation is irrelevant. Without Dan's action Ian
Blockhead02/07/13 06:37 PM
x*Same can be said for when Dan gave up at F3. Ian saved Dan and took him to F2 NT
Karina8602/08/13 01:37 PM
x*Dan didn't give up at F3. He threw the last HOH because he knew Ian would take him over Danielle. It was a calculated move. Ian giving up at F4
Blockhead02/09/13 06:58 AM
x*Some of us believe that deciding the winner should be based on gameplay and not on who is friends with whom,or who already has $500K.
yoyo349202/05/13 08:31 PM
x*I'll try again; if Dan told Boogie that nobody could beat Ian at the end, what gave him that impression and why didn't Dan get rid of him? NT
FurnitureAlliance02/08/13 01:59 PM
x*If Dan thought Ian would win why didn't he get rid of him? NT
FurnitureAlliance02/06/13 02:11 AM
x*He tried and BB set up Shark Fin a comp ONLY IAN COULD WIN. NT
yoyo349202/09/13 07:09 AM
x*So, why didn't any of the brilliant minds get rid of Ian when there were comps IAN COULD NEVER WIN? NT
CubbyPuppy02/12/13 07:51 AM
x*That didn't look like something "only Ian could win."
NMC02/09/13 08:37 AM
x*Bwahahahahahaha!!!!! NT
yoyo349202/10/13 12:08 PM
x*He was definitely the favorite to win at that type of comp. NT
dustysnemisis02/09/13 08:39 AM
x*Shoving something along a maze? Why? NT
NMC02/09/13 08:42 AM
x*A maze like that favors someone with an engineering background. Ian said he quickly figured out that each section had 3 paths and 2 of which were
Blockhead02/09/13 08:51 AM
x*And Ian also figured out that he only had to wipe off the names on the final comp while Dani wiped off the whole face. Intelligence ~ NT
FurnitureAlliance02/10/13 12:52 AM
x*Exactly so. Pure logic. NT
dustysnemisis02/09/13 08:53 AM
x*Ian's good at identifying patterns quickly. He said himself that it was easy once he figured that out. NT
dustysnemisis02/09/13 08:48 AM
x*Skill at pattern recognition is a sign of intelligence. IQ tests usually test you for pattern recognition ~ NT
FurnitureAlliance02/10/13 12:56 AM
x*Interesting. One shot at Ian ... 3 at Shane. Who was the bigger threat? NT
dustysnemisis02/09/13 07:16 AM
x*Dan wanted to get Ian out first and then Shane so he could get to a D/D/Jenn F3 and then take Jenn to the F2 because that was his best remaining
Blockhead02/09/13 07:40 AM
x*No Ian wouldn't be bitter towards Dan for voting him out. He's not that type person. Also, there's no way Dan would've been put up if Ian was
FurnitureAlliance02/10/13 12:23 PM
x*Another key wrench thrown in Dan's plans was Shane's deal with Ian at the volcano HOH. It led to QP2 and the end of any chance of a floater advancing.
dustysnemisis02/09/13 07:49 AM
x*Dan had already talked to Shane before that to smooth things out.The QP went in reformed.They quacked when they were the last
yoyo349202/10/13 12:10 PM
x*Yep. Ian wanted that HOH because he wanted to get back at Frank for having evicted his BFF Britney. That points to Ian's DR session where
Blockhead02/09/13 08:05 AM
x*There was no rush getting Frank out no matter how good he was at comps. Just let him think he has an alliance then vote him out the following week
FurnitureAlliance02/10/13 12:30 PM
x*Sort of for the same reason, after Boogie's eviction, Ian didn't want to nominate Frank and have him eligible to play in the veto, but wanted to
NMC02/09/13 08:41 AM
x*And if he had won veto as a non-nom he saves Ashley. NT
yoyo349202/16/13 05:35 AM
x*Ashley wasn't on the block. She was Frank's replacement when Frank used the veto on himself. Had Frank not been nominated they may have nominated
NMC02/16/13 08:37 AM
x*Backdooring Frank would have been the smart move and it is what Ian wanted buy you have to wonder why Ian who was HOH and could do what he wanted
Blockhead02/09/13 08:53 AM
x*He wanted to work with his alliance. He spent hours, literally, trying to explain to Dan, Dani, and Shane, and he succeeded. Then, the next day,
NMC02/16/13 08:46 AM
x*Loyalty to his alliance. NT
dustysnemisis02/09/13 08:55 AM
x*Loyalty to his alliance and Ian don't belong in the same sentence. :) NT
Blockhead02/09/13 08:56 AM
x*<applause> NT
yoyo349202/10/13 03:40 PM
dustysnemisis02/09/13 08:57 AM
x*Yup, backdooring Frank was the smart move. NT
dustysnemisis02/09/13 08:44 AM
x*gameplay = manipulating, dealing, and making others like you, or dislike, as it suits your need for the week, game. NT
TwoMinutesHate02/05/13 08:50 PM
x*the real point is that calling them a "bitter jury" means nothing. if they were bitter, then it was dan's fault. NT
TwoMinutesHate02/05/13 08:03 PM
x*I couldn't agree more. NT
Dexter02/05/13 08:45 PM
x*Disagree. I can see why they'd be that way but since they're grown adults, it's on them how to react to the game and moves Dan made. NT
CJinIowa02/05/13 08:13 PM
x*Grown adults can be mistreated just as much as children can ~ NT
FurnitureAlliance02/08/13 02:00 PM
x*I always agree with you CJ but I HAVE to disagree on this one. Dan played the best game, no competition, but a bitter Jury IS something
Venthus02/07/13 10:31 AM
x*what? seriously? i couldn't disagree more. a big part of the game is managing the emotions of your opponents. maybe the biggest part. no jury is
TwoMinutesHate02/05/13 08:46 PM
x*You can't manage the jury once they leave the house and get together and talk NT
Adamlovechild102/06/13 02:42 AM
x*This is true as well, which is why I hate the unavoidable fact that they are sequestered together. BUT, once again, you can argue that
Venthus02/07/13 10:33 AM
x*Exactly. This "voting on game" business implies that there is some criteria as to what constitutes "game" that juries are supposed to refer
NMC02/05/13 08:53 PM
x*^ some TROOF with a side of wisdom NT
tv_savage02/06/13 07:02 AM
x*The "This "voting on game" business" business made me genuinely laugh.It sneaked up on me. NT
yoyo349202/05/13 10:25 PM
x*Always nice to know you brought a smile to someone. Peace. NT
NMC02/06/13 01:02 AM
x*Applause! NT
NMC02/05/13 07:59 PM
x*Not a crutch for me, they literally said it. NT
CJinIowa02/05/13 07:57 PM
x*They said "bitter jury?" Or is this that figurative use of the word literally? NT
CubbyPuppy02/05/13 08:01 PM
x*Frank admitted to being bitter and turning two others on him, and Britney said the entire JH was totally against Dan, that they were bitter. Does
CJinIowa02/05/13 08:14 PM
x*No because his jury management was abysmal, a huge part of the reason he LOST the game. NT
AwfuLeeHandsome02/05/13 08:33 PM
x*Ian did ZERO jury management.Actually 'abysmal' would a complimnet to Ian's JM.Btw,in my opinion,jury management in BB
yoyo349202/05/13 08:38 PM
x*If you really believe that, then I can see where you might be deluded into thinking Dan played a great game NT
NMC02/05/13 09:17 PM
x*THE greatest game ever. even 70% of tv fans after his crappy edit can see that. NT
LyotoM02/05/13 10:46 PM
x*Dan had a crappy edit? You really think that? NT
FurnitureAlliance02/06/13 02:17 AM
x*YEAH!The unprovoked evil edit.Meanwhile everyone around him got golden edits[Dani Ian Frank Shane Brit]. NT
yoyo349202/06/13 04:25 AM
x*Dan gave himself the evil edit. I wish I had it recorded but I don't. He played the villian voluntarily as I remember it ~ NT
FurnitureAlliance02/10/13 12:59 AM
x*Uh oh you just called me deluded.Oh boy your gonna get it now.LOL. NT
yoyo349202/05/13 10:23 PM
x*The "you" in my post was a generalized "you," not a specific yoyo "you." I'll re-word it. If one seriously believes that then I can see
NMC02/06/13 01:03 AM
x*you yoyo yo.LOL. NT
yoyo349202/06/13 04:26 AM
x*Yo! :) NT
NMC02/06/13 10:09 AM
x*Leaving Ian out of the equation for now....if there are two people left at the end and one is abysmal, the other need not be stellar to beat that
NMC02/05/13 08:57 PM
x*you don't have to be the fastest runner during the zombie apocalypse, you just have to be faster than the slowest dude. NT
TwoMinutesHate02/05/13 09:01 PM
x*But the zombies run right past the slower dude because he's covered in ketchup and they can't smell him and they come for you anyway.LOL. NT
yoyo349202/05/13 11:09 PM
x*Zombies don't like ketchup? Do they prefer mustard? :) NT
dustysnemisis02/05/13 11:11 PM
x*It was a ref to Brit's ketchup statement.LOL. NT
yoyo349202/05/13 11:21 PM
x*LOL. Yeah, I caught that. NT
dustysnemisis02/05/13 11:24 PM
x*It was also a veiled ref to the Walking Dead.The zombies don't smell humans if they're covered in zombie blood. NT
yoyo349202/05/13 11:35 PM
x*Really. Haven't watched. Better add that to my Zombie Apocalypse To Do list. NT
dustysnemisis02/05/13 11:39 PM
x*I'm not up on my Zombie rules and True Blood keeps changing the vampire rules NT
NMC02/06/13 08:47 PM
x*LMAO. Very true. Well put. NT
dustysnemisis02/05/13 09:34 PM
*Dare I say it???
dizzy40446 89   09/10/08 08:56 AM
x*I never thought I'd say it, but I agree with you - Dan has dethroned Dr. Delicious in my book NT
Karina8609/14/08 11:58 AM
x*I agree with you and Dan is so much more likable....Will made me ill NT
lmbrccmom09/13/08 08:32 PM
x*Dan is a much better player than Dr. Will, IMO. Dan IS the man! NT
BlackScorpio09/11/08 07:20 PM
x*ITA! And if you want to talk money...
BurgerBoy09/11/08 06:34 PM
x*They were both fun to watch and see what they would come up with next. I liked the fact Dan won comps and played his own game. NT
palmettobug09/11/08 12:50 PM
x*Dan may be 3rd or 4th on the list of best gamers in the BB house but the title will always belong to Will with EvelDick second. NT
Suzanne09/11/08 10:13 AM
x*why do you think Will can never be beat? NT
dizzy09/11/08 11:17 AM
x*Will completely controlled every aspect of the house both times he was in the game. If BB hadn't tipped off Erica and Janelle he would have...
Idiotboy09/12/08 06:59 AM
x*I'm sorry, but CBS/BB didn't conspire against Will. He was out played
Mikentosh09/12/08 08:25 AM
x*The DR tipped Janelle off that Will and Boogie had the same F3 deal with Erica that they did with her. She never even suspected it before then. NT
Idiotboy09/12/08 09:06 AM
x*Wrong!! Erica and Janie got to talking, and Erica told Janie about her deal with the guys. They compared notes. NT
NuttyBBFan09/13/08 11:41 AM
x*yep. I remember (and I dont even have the feeds). Janie and Erica were outside talking about it during their smoking session NT
doublestar09/13/08 12:58 PM
x*Okay, you all got me so curious I tried to piece it together from old youtube clips. I think this is how it went :
Idiotboy09/15/08 12:13 AM
x*interesting. so the DR inferred with it. i always thought Will bowed out so Boggie could win but maybe not NT
Belle03/28/14 11:00 AM
x*I watched that entire season on the feeds and read updates daily and never heard that before. What is your source of info on this?? NT
Sizzle09/13/08 07:33 AM
x*My source is that I watched it happen. Janelle hated Erica and didn't like talking to her at all then one day she came out of the DR and
Idiotboy09/13/08 10:15 PM
x*actually Janelle was in the gym doing her make up in the mirror when Erika came in and started talking to Janelle. NT
_paradise_09/13/08 10:17 PM
x*It has been a couple of years, maybe I'm remembering it wrong and it was Erica who came straight out of the DR and found Janelle. NT
Idiotboy09/14/08 03:00 AM
x*I think BB wanted Janelle to win that season. NT
StarfishTwo09/12/08 09:07 AM
x*That was pretty obvious, besides Dr Will getting evicted made for good TV, That last Chilltown phonecall where Boogie was alone was perfect. NT
Idiotboy09/12/08 09:26 AM
x*Dan has not yet lost a game due to underestimating the perceptiveness of a showmance. NT
STella66809/12/08 08:55 AM
x*The fact that Dan met with Michelle after she was in the jury house and Memphis wasn't allowed to tell K that she was leaving completely taint
Idiotboy09/12/08 09:35 AM
x*That was because of Dan's brilliant play he got Memphis to throw himself under the bus or on the sword with Keesha, when all Dan was doing was........
Sizzle09/13/08 07:42 AM
x*some day everyone will realize that this is Big Brother, and it's not 'fair', they clearly tell the contestants
Bilbo09/12/08 09:40 AM
x*I really don't care who wins at this point, I just don't think that Dan is that great of a player. If BB wants to help him win that's their choice but
Idiotboy09/12/08 09:55 AM
x*No you don't. Trust me, I have been on your side of the fence many times during all the BB seasons and I didn't like it any better than you do now. NT
dizzy09/12/08 10:02 AM
x*BB has always used the DR to manipulate the game but it just seems like since AP in S8 it's gotten so blatant that its getting hard to take the
Idiotboy09/12/08 10:14 AM
x*Agreed. But I think some of the fans need to realize this more than the contestants. NT
dizzy09/12/08 09:45 AM
x*that's who I was talking about :) NT
Bilbo09/12/08 09:49 AM
dizzy09/12/08 09:55 AM
x*I don't think Memp *would have won*. Most people on the jury will realize he was carried to the finals, and didn't do much to get there on his own. NT
dizzy09/12/08 09:39 AM
x*How did he get carried to the finals? He had an F2 deal with everybody in the house but Renny. He didn't have to win much because he was...
Idiotboy09/12/08 09:45 AM
x*For the 1st time all season I have to agree with you. BUT Dan did pick up his social skills starting week 4. Memphis played a great game also. NT
Sizzle09/13/08 07:49 AM
x*He never made *any* moves inside the house. He never won HOH, he never nominated anyone...
dizzy09/12/08 09:55 AM
x*Then that would mean Will was carried also in S2 NT
Sizzle09/13/08 07:51 AM
x*Well, I remember S2 differently from everyone else. I remember that there was always bigger targets so Will kind of slid thru. NT
dizzy09/13/08 10:08 AM
x*Except that Will should have been the biggest target as a smart young physically fit male. His whole game was based on making everyone look like a
Idiotboy09/13/08 10:23 PM
x*Dr Will never won anything but I doubt anybody would ever say he was carried to the end. Memphis didn't have to win the HOH/Veto games because
Idiotboy09/12/08 10:04 AM
x*Again I have to agree with you 100% NT
Sizzle09/13/08 07:53 AM
x*You may have a point. To me personally, the difference is that Will was more fun and witty. I felt that Dan
pickandstrum09/11/08 04:20 PM
x*Just because you don't like him he is still the best BB game player in all aspects in 10 seasons NT
Sizzle09/11/08 07:37 PM
x*Exactly. He layed low when needed, he won when needed, and he manuevered and manipulated brilliantly. NT
dizzy09/12/08 09:27 AM
x*That may very well be true! But I sure didn't have as much fun as I did watching
pickandstrum09/11/08 08:52 PM
x*I thought Will was smarmy. NT
JustNo09/12/08 01:29 AM
x*me too. perfect word for him. NT
dizzy09/12/08 09:25 AM
x*His strategy was unique and there have been multiple wannabes since, but Will stands alone. There may come a day when someone takes the ...
Suzanne09/11/08 11:51 AM
x*"Will stands alone' because he thinks so highly of himself and so little of others. BTW Will WAS beaten in AS. NT
Mikentosh09/11/08 12:49 PM
x*that's the good thing about opinions, we all have them and I think Dan is better than Will. :) NT
dizzy09/11/08 12:10 PM
x*Way better than Will. All Stars proved that when Jannelle kicked his ass out NT
Sizzle09/11/08 07:39 PM
x*I agree, Dan had to throw comps when everyone knew about Dr. Will's stratagy already, then had to win comps when necessary & look where he's at! NT
palmettobug09/11/08 02:00 AM
x*I think Dan is an amazing player. Hands down the best this season, and in the last few. He's intelligent and able to adapt to
closeonak09/10/08 04:12 PM
x*Who was better in all around game play???? NT
Sizzle09/10/08 05:36 PM
x*Except that Will has proven his worth twice. I think that
honestabe09/10/08 02:41 PM
x*ITA a lot of short term memories,imo. i wouldn't even put Dan on Dani and Jason's level. NT
Pothead09/10/08 05:40 PM
x*no way Dani/Jason are on the same level as Dan. That was a fluke and Dani proved it in All Stars. NT
dizzy09/10/08 06:44 PM
x*Quit smokin that Pot and your mind will clear up NT
Sizzle09/10/08 06:00 PM
x*no thanks. it doesn't seem to work for you. NT
Pothead09/10/08 06:00 PM
x**giggle* NT
Jade09/10/08 06:11 PM
icant09/10/08 06:01 PM
x*maybe some people will do that - but not me. NT
dizzy09/10/08 04:18 PM
x*Twice?? Didn't Janelle evict him like in F5? I loved..............
Sizzle09/10/08 02:52 PM
x*I agree because for the most part - Dan did it on his own. Sure he had alliances, but he made his decisions on his own. NT
dizzy09/10/08 04:15 PM
x*I agree. Didn't like him at all at first, but I like how smart he's played. and,
emptynest09/10/08 11:13 AM
x*Dan is a great player some of the things he has done and gotten away with, def good player. We can't forget though the one AP week America did point
Melonie09/10/08 10:30 AM
x*I think he would have voted Jessie out that week.
CoyoteBB09/11/08 09:54 AM
x*Memphis is to stupid to realize how dumb he is and how Dan has played him NT
Sizzle09/10/08 10:43 AM
x*What I love about Dan is that he is always thinking...
moonunit09/10/08 09:30 AM
x*yeah, you can see it in his eyes when the wheels are whirring, like when the Sumo wrestler
Bilbo09/10/08 09:39 AM
x*I didn't like him either in the beginning. His brilliant game play is what won me over. NT
dizzy09/10/08 09:32 AM
x*Same here! NT
Sizzle09/10/08 10:06 AM
x*Dan now becomes the best player to play BB since Will. He will have to win to keep this distinction but so far he has been briliant. ED is my # 3 NT
Sizzle09/10/08 09:21 AM
x*Dan is the man. He and Memphis are both great players. NT
Ephandis09/10/08 09:05 AM
x*Memphis has done nothing in this game except win a few well-needed Vetos. And he was played by Dan as much if not more than anyone else was. NT
dizzy09/10/08 09:17 AM
x*plus Dan threw the last pov to Memphis, seems like there was another one Dan threw to him, not the morph one, can't recall the comp NT
palmettobug09/11/08 12:54 PM
x*well, i can agree with the 1st four words anyway :) NT
Bilbo09/10/08 09:07 AM
x*As do I. but then this opinion will send Will-Lovers into a tail spin and they will say
Bilbo09/10/08 09:00 AM
x*without being cruel? like Dick was? NT
Pothead09/10/08 05:41 PM
x*Dick was because he was allowed to. Nobody had the guts to stop him. NT
Sizzle09/10/08 06:02 PM
x*so cruel's great? as long as the other HGs tolerate it? NT
Pothead09/10/08 06:02 PM
x*More importantly, because the voters tolerated (loved, in many cases) it. Dick and Dan each did something Will didn't so much -- got the voters on
STella66809/12/08 09:28 AM
x*Great Post! NT
Sizzle09/13/08 07:56 AM
x*No. But then again he won by a landside so it was OK with his peers. Also CBS keeps on bring
Sizzle09/10/08 06:06 PM
x*CBS has never fired Gretchen and they also use Bunky and Kaysar as co-hosts. color me impressed. NT
Pothead09/10/08 06:07 PM
x*And what do you have to say about Dick winning BB8 by a hugh vote? NT
Sizzle09/10/08 06:11 PM
x*he was in F2 with his daughter and they were paying the AP to campaign and vote for him. who was supposed to win? NT
Pothead09/10/08 06:14 PM
x*ITA Bilbo NT
Sizzle09/10/08 09:23 AM
x*I expect that from Will fans. :) But I never cared for how unnecessarily *mean* he was. NT
dizzy09/10/08 09:15 AM
x*I don't think Dan has copied Will at all. Will was openly deceitful. Dan is more insidious. NT
Ephandis09/10/08 09:07 AM
x*I agree Bilbo..I am a huge Will fan but I do think Dan has done the same type of game without the cruelty.
_paradise_09/10/08 09:07 AM
*Postulated this on BBD but wanted more in-depth discussion. What do you think of the idea of a all non-white cast? Or just one white?
LuckyLizzie7420958 89   08/16/13 11:38 AM
x*I 100% support this idea. It upsets me how people are so opposed to it. NT
Heloise08/20/13 03:20 AM
x*I am quite surprised at the overwhelming negative response. I really am! NT
LuckyLizzie7408/20/13 12:14 PM
x*Personally I'd rather just cast all colour-blind contestants... and I mean people who honestly don't CARE what race you are. NT
Digitalpotato08/17/13 04:40 PM
x*There are many BB shows. bigbrotherafrica.com is pretty much what you're asking for. NT
Nusa08/17/13 12:32 AM
x*Most of us have noticed that there are non-whites living right here in America! Imagine that! NT
Caramel08/17/13 12:37 AM
x*It's shocking, isn't it? I can go out shopping in my neighborhood and not see a white face, but somehow I should watch BB Africa if I want to
FeministKilljoy08/17/13 12:52 AM
x*He's simply pointing out....
scottzet08/17/13 04:17 PM
x*It's not actually the same. The US/Canada version of BB is a LOT different than the other int'l versions. So casting an all minority BBUS game would
FeministKilljoy08/17/13 04:39 PM
x*Pitch it to Univision or BET....
scottzet08/17/13 05:22 PM
x*Survivor: Cook Islands did something similar
patmanbnl08/16/13 09:31 PM
x*Don't believe they got the results they were hoping for on that one. NT
AngelsofCa08/19/13 04:07 AM
x*If it would get higher ratings they would do it. NT
SolitaryDParty08/16/13 05:51 PM
x*No it wouldn't, it would be cancelled after a week. NT
intothegrinder08/19/13 09:00 PM
x*I totally agree. I even suggested as much a few weeks ago. Since it seems to be totally acceptable to have had all whites since this show's inception,
Caramel08/16/13 04:25 PM
x*1 it has never been all white 2 Danielle Reyes, Jun Song NT
zagger08/16/13 04:33 PM
x*Of course I didn't mean ALL white, but it may as well be, because they never cast more than one or two black people -- never. NT
Caramel08/17/13 12:41 AM
x*wrong again, BB13, Kalia, Lawon, Keith, Brendon, Dominic NT
zagger08/17/13 08:37 AM
x*I thought Dominic was Mediterranean? NT
Digitalpotato08/17/13 04:47 PM
x*Sort of, he's half Italian and half Filipino. NT
FeministKilljoy08/17/13 05:04 PM
x*Oh, I didn't know he was half Filipino. o.o I knew he was Italian. (Like southern part - trust me that's olive skin.) NT
Digitalpotato08/17/13 06:16 PM
x*I totally agree and I think it would be very interesting to have a season where they flip it completely. NT
LuckyLizzie7408/16/13 04:32 PM
x*I think it's interesting how apposed people would be to the idea! I'm surprised really. NT
LuckyLizzie7408/16/13 03:01 PM
x*The US population by race (according to Wiki): Whites on 63.7% in the US yet get way more than that in the house.
LuckyLizzie7408/16/13 02:27 PM
x*I wonder how many people refuse to answer ( like my family ) and how that is counted NT
MsB08/17/13 04:45 PM
x*You Read Stats Wrong. US is 72% White.
scottzet08/16/13 02:46 PM
x*I might have gotten the wrong page but this is what I see: Non-Hispanic White or European American 196,817,552 63.7 % NT
LuckyLizzie7408/16/13 03:00 PM
x*You read that fine, the Hispanic/Latino numbers are broken down and one of the categories within the that category is white so the person you replied
FeministKilljoy08/16/13 03:09 PM
x*Yes, you need to add the lower table.
scottzet08/16/13 03:39 PM
x*Technically, white isn't a race either. When we speak of race and racism we are talking about social constructs. We've assigned people to different
FeministKilljoy08/16/13 04:07 PM
x*I was gonna write Caucasian, but it took up too many letters for my opening sentences! lol! NT
LuckyLizzie7408/16/13 04:30 PM
x*I think your post is fine, I understood what you were proposing just fine. :) NT
FeministKilljoy08/16/13 04:33 PM
x*Race is a proxy for a group of closely
scottzet08/16/13 04:27 PM
x*Oh, good lord. Next you're gonna start talking about eugenics. Yes, there are genetic differences between individuals. Race is still a social
FeministKilljoy08/16/13 04:32 PM
x*Social construct with a biological basis....
scottzet08/16/13 05:31 PM
x*Yes, that is useful, but it has very little to do with the concept of "race," especially as we see more genetic drift among populations.
FeministKilljoy08/16/13 05:46 PM
x*You are confusing concept of averages and groups vs individuals...
scottzet08/16/13 05:57 PM
x*I understand it very well, you don't know how to interpret modern research on genetic differences between populations and how that correlates with
FeministKilljoy08/16/13 06:04 PM
x*I'm sure this wasn't meant to be slightly condescending, but the statement
AngelsofCa08/19/13 05:10 AM
x*Typical PC anti-science
scottzet08/16/13 06:31 PM
x*Heh. I have to admit, this thread has been very entertaining. Thanks again for linking that article. :) NT
FeministKilljoy08/16/13 06:40 PM
x*Recently my friends & I were discussing racism & how it will never go away & I said, actually, racism is a form of classism. Racism may disappear, but
LuckyLizzie7408/16/13 04:55 PM
x*Infants recognize and sort themselves by race...
scottzet08/16/13 05:35 PM
x*Do you have a cite for that claim? Because race is a relatively modern concept. Historically groups such as the ancient Greeks and Romans
FeministKilljoy08/16/13 05:55 PM
x*Babies show same race preferences as early as 3 months...
scottzet08/16/13 06:03 PM
x*The title of the article invalidates your claim. It says right there that the difference is not seen in newborns, and after 3 months social and
FeministKilljoy08/16/13 06:08 PM
x*I thought everybody knew that it was learned. NT
Caramel08/17/13 12:56 AM
x*So did I. I guess some people didn't get the memo. NT
FeministKilljoy08/17/13 01:07 AM
x*I said infants, not newborns
scottzet08/16/13 06:28 PM
x*Did you read the article? I did. What you are claiming is the exact opposite of what the authors of the article are.
FeministKilljoy08/16/13 06:30 PM
x*Babies display race preference as early as three months...
scottzet08/16/13 06:34 PM
x*Dude. No. You are totally misreading the article. I was willing to read your evidence, the fact you presented some that argues the opposite of
FeministKilljoy08/16/13 06:36 PM
x*You are the one misreading the article. We are hard wired to have racial bias. By the age of 3 months....
scottzet08/16/13 06:45 PM
x*Read it again. If we were hardwired with a racial bias then newborns would show a preference. They didn't in the studies.
FeministKilljoy08/16/13 06:48 PM
x*Not what the study shows at all....
scottzet08/17/13 12:15 AM
x*I think a baby identifies with the person/s who care for them. Many babies have black or brown nannies. I think if babies show any preference
BlondeMoment08/17/13 06:04 PM
FeministKilljoy08/17/13 12:38 AM
x*It's such a complicated topic, but from my layman's pov, I very much agree that racism and classism are so closely interlinked
FeministKilljoy08/16/13 05:02 PM
x*Well-stated. NT
Caramel08/17/13 12:57 AM
x*I don't think he has to do with ethnicity. The show is stale & predictable. This cast speaks to to *how* stale and *how* predictable. NT
Iris08/16/13 02:19 PM
x*You're confusing skin color with ethnicity. For instance Hitler treated blacks better than jewish whites. Whites come in multiple flavors too. NT
Nusa08/16/13 01:06 PM
x*Exactly - genetically speaking, Middle Easterners and Indian people are white. So are most hispanics.
Digitalpotato08/17/13 04:49 PM
x*No, I'm just discussing lots of different aspects of the issue. I'm white: German, Irish, Scottish, English. But we've had the full white spectrum
LuckyLizzie7408/16/13 01:46 PM
x*The only reason that black people weren't incarcerated in large numbers during the holocaust is because there weren't large numbers of them living in
FeministKilljoy08/16/13 01:16 PM
x*Unfortunately, it'd never happen in the US. Hollywood has long thought that white audiences won't turn out or tune in for programs and movies
FeministKilljoy08/16/13 12:56 PM
x*I can see that this idea isn't really taking off, it seems people think making it non-white would make it about race, but making it all white's ok? NT
LuckyLizzie7408/16/13 12:38 PM
x*When have they had an all white cast? NT
JAF08/16/13 12:46 PM
x*Not sure, but I know they've had 90% white most of the time. NT
LuckyLizzie7408/16/13 12:49 PM
x*I think the percentage is a bit lower than that, but it depends on how you count people.
JAF08/16/13 01:01 PM
x*What percentage do you think it is this season? NT
IrishA08/16/13 01:00 PM
x*It's simple math. 12.5% black, 6% Asian, 81.5% white with one claiming a portion of Native American heritage. (+/- a few points) Why? NT
LuckyLizzie7408/16/13 01:55 PM
x*I'm what many called "half breed"...meaning most of my youth I was tormented
AngelsofCa08/16/13 06:04 PM
x*Hate it. It would just make race differentiation an even bigger deal. I want it to be NO deal. NT
JAF08/16/13 12:30 PM
x*It's worse when it's just a mostly white cast. It's just more common so everything thinks its normal. But it's not. NT
LuckyLizzie7408/16/13 12:36 PM
x*Not IMO. Just depends on the HGs. It's usually a non-issue, which is the way I prefer it. NT
JAF08/16/13 12:49 PM
x*Not feeling it
DonnaG08/16/13 12:14 PM
x*but you do understand that just because it would be all or mostly non-white doesn't mean it will be all the same ethnicity, right? It would be a
LuckyLizzie7408/16/13 12:19 PM
x*Something to think about.
DonnaG08/16/13 12:43 PM
x*Here's something else to think about, why is it that only the white people are supposedly not interested in watching cultures that aren't their own?
FeministKilljoy08/16/13 01:05 PM
DonnaG08/16/13 01:37 PM
x*I appreciate this response. I can rarely identify with people's culture because I grew up Pennsylvania Dutch and only like .0001% can relate! lol!
LuckyLizzie7408/16/13 12:48 PM
x*I think they recruit based off of the demographic of the viewers, that would be my guess.
JSpears508/16/13 11:53 AM
x*But don't they kind of make race an issue when they have a mostly all white cast anyway? There were only 3 non whites this season and 1 non-hetero. NT
LuckyLizzie7408/16/13 12:01 PM
x*Cast was 81% white....
scottzet08/16/13 02:55 PM
x*How accurate can this be? Isn't Candice 50/50 more or less? NT
bb4peeker08/16/13 04:19 PM
x*In USA, one half black is considered black....
scottzet08/17/13 05:31 PM
x*Holy archaic terms, Batman. May I ask where you are from, because you've just stepped back in time 50 years or more with those terms you are
FeministKilljoy08/17/13 05:42 PM
x*I am from USA but have lived all over globe. And I don't think US media ever got your message about One Drop Rule....
scottzet08/17/13 09:33 PM
x*I don't know much about Tiger Woods other than he had a messy divorce and he identifies as multi-racial. I'm sure that there probably are people in
FeministKilljoy08/17/13 09:43 PM
x*Tiger refers to himself as "blasian". I have seen this in interviews. NT
BBAnnie08/19/13 09:38 AM
****Danielles Life Story*** The Story so far...
Gorf43351 84   08/22/12 03:22 AM
x*She sure was a character!! NT
StingMe10/05/14 07:47 PM
x*no life? NT
jcblueeyes227609/20/12 06:29 PM
x*awesome; poor dani lol NT
watever09/20/12 11:46 AM
x*Janie loves you Gorf!
Whirley09/19/12 03:47 PM
LilKsweezy09/25/12 01:52 AM
x*Danielle is going to hunt him down and castrate Gorf with a butter knife ;-) NT
crazyq09/19/12 09:42 PM
x*This needs to be reposted on the first page Gorf! NT
Kixx09/18/12 04:07 PM
x*she told Dan she was working 3 jobs - one of which was Substitute teacher NT
luvmykitties09/16/12 07:56 PM
x*Sweet!! Thankyou much! : ) NT
Taz1309/12/12 10:35 PM
x*Gorf, this is amazing! NT
Jade09/11/12 11:16 AM
x*OMG I LOVE THIS!!!!!great just fabulous NT
MsPink09/10/12 03:17 PM
x*father jumped through a Mercedes and threw a guy thru the window from INSIDE the car
luvmykitties09/10/12 03:11 PM
x*has a mass on one of them, and had radiation treatment before coming in the house. But it's non-malignant. NT
luvmykitties09/10/12 03:07 PM
x*has silicone breast implants. NT
luvmykitties09/10/12 03:06 PM
x*Last night on BBAD she said that she worked for a photographer when she was 16. NT
dzzyedge09/08/12 10:12 PM
x*She had 4 legal guardians
WillettDrizzle09/07/12 05:44 PM
x*She worked in a rollerskating rink. (lol) Sept 3 - 10:09pm Cam 3 NT
Kixx09/03/12 10:19 PM
x*Her mom was an olympic swimmer NT
kiwiberries09/09/12 05:38 AM
x****Danielles Life Story*** The Story so far... [Updated Sept 3]
Gorf09/03/12 04:03 PM
x*She made President's List NT
Optics09/25/12 06:51 PM
x*oh my Lord.....so FUNNY! NT
stewart09/19/12 04:00 PM
x*this is the greatest bb list EVER! congrats Gorf! NT
Hope4Rain09/19/12 03:56 PM
x*Seems we have a COMPLETE list here,,,,,,, Love the pic! NT
Bbluvbug1109/11/12 11:10 AM
x*Had chemo, yes chemo.....How the other HG's have straight face hearing this is amazing lol NT
awesomepossum09/10/12 04:06 PM
x****Danielles Life Story*** The Story so far...
00reality09/10/12 08:57 AM
x*She "knows" the entire Alabama football team!
omgitsjami09/09/12 11:45 AM
x*IF 20% is true = explains a lot...... NT
msunderstood109/08/12 09:21 AM
x*Beginning of the season pic & same zit n same place to boot... NT
msunderstood109/08/12 09:19 AM
x*I really hope she sees this! NT
vintage09/07/12 01:13 PM
x*I hope she doesn't. I don't like the looney toon, but I don't wish this wall of reality on anyone...she's going to fall hard... NT
Evil_TX_Redhead09/07/12 02:05 PM
x*She's been compared to Salma Hayek and Kim Kardashian. Hears it all the time. NT
mhg7609/03/12 10:59 PM
x*and J-Lo and Katherine Zeta Jones NT
CheeseFries09/05/12 07:50 AM
x*Under she has breast implants (which she did say) you need to say her boobs are real (which she also said either last night or night before) NT
Evil_TX_Redhead09/03/12 08:18 PM
x*add she's a charge nurse in trauma who saw a lady who had a sprouting potato shoved up in her hooha, she swears! - fb 9/3/12 12:58pm c3&4 NT
franklinlives09/03/12 04:28 PM
x*and as a charge nurse, she manages the other nurses, but cares for 60 patients a day alone NT
frustratedposter09/05/12 03:35 AM
x*Possibly true. I was a supervisor of a 120 patient facility and cared for 30 patients on my own. By the way, I changed my profession after that! NT
ShrewLou09/25/12 07:25 AM
x*also, she's not a teacher, but all the modelling, that's true! NT
franklinlives09/03/12 04:34 PM
x*does anybody have the fb for any of these? NT
franklinlives09/03/12 04:12 PM
x*She told Shane she came in 2nd in Miss Teen Alabama. NT
lilabean09/03/12 03:58 PM
x*This is great, thank you for putting this list together! NT
babalooie09/03/12 03:53 PM
x*was asked to be a Budweiser Girl -- talking to Joe and Shane in backyard
lemonpie09/03/12 12:13 PM
x*Danielle's father was chosen by a Ouija board. True story..hehehe.
mhg7609/03/12 01:36 AM
x*Dani said Jodi tried to touch her teeth on the first night in BB NT
awesomepossum09/02/12 11:15 PM
x*GORF...is this the most recent list? NT
Evil_TX_Redhead09/01/12 05:16 PM
x*Danielle has ovarian cysts NT
anastasia61209/01/12 04:00 PM
x*Sept 1, 2:23am .... She tells Joe/Shane she has 2 vibrators NT
BearRunner09/01/12 11:36 AM
x*She told Brit she had fake boobs but then told the guys that they were real. NT
awesomepossum09/01/12 10:18 AM
x*Danielle's brother has had cat scratch fever before. NT
mhg7608/29/12 07:27 PM
x*and she was almost caught doing it. (after Brit's story) NT
crazyq08/29/12 07:34 PM
x*2:50 pm cam 3 Danielle got sick on BB because of the toxic paint NT
CandieLand08/28/12 02:53 PM
x*Gorf....11:53pm Cam 4 Danielle lost her swimsuit bottoms in the ocean and had to have someone bring them back to her. NT
CandieLand08/28/12 12:01 AM
x*Gorf, Danielle has slept through a tornado Cam 3/4 Aug 28 11:12 PM. Add it to the list NT NT
LilKsweezy08/27/12 11:16 PM
x*Danielle says her brother is a professional fighter, Mon 8-27-12, approximately 5:50PM BBT NT NT
anastasia61208/27/12 06:40 PM
x*And he may or may not have taken steroids at some time. NT
anastasia61208/27/12 07:06 PM
x*She teaches Sunday school (telling Frank she wouldn't lie because they'd think she's a bad person.) NT
anastasia61208/27/12 03:15 PM
x*Gorf, add that Danielle 'had a stalker and she had to change her locks and phone number' - Aug 27, 1:18 AM Cam 1/2 NT
LilKsweezy08/27/12 10:44 AM
x*Her latest quote tonight: "I gave up med school to be here..."
skyblue2108/27/12 12:33 AM
x*Has been paid to be in over 10 photo shoots NT
SunnyInAZ08/26/12 02:20 PM
x*She always lied about what Janelle said, and was outraged at how "mean" Janelle was
skyblue2108/24/12 11:25 PM
x*You have to add the Trey stuff and Her Dad in just like Bruce Willis in Armegeddon NT
AlNisa08/24/12 10:48 PM
x*She worked 15 hours a day at the mall. NT
CuriousGypsy08/24/12 10:20 PM
x*She was pulled up on stage at a male strip club...because they all wanted to take pictures with her. NT
dzzyedge08/24/12 10:10 PM
x*Her father is a Sunday school teacher.
Amberbeauty308/24/12 09:51 PM
x*Hi Gorf, I think this is a new one. She gets migraines. NT
BabyMakeItNice08/24/12 12:41 PM
x*i love brit in the back of that gif NT
RaRaRiot08/23/12 05:42 PM
x*She one made them stop and amusement ride and threw up over the side NT
CandieLand08/23/12 12:39 AM
x*Also, she has a hot dad, who works for UPS NT
enter_a_name08/22/12 11:23 PM
x*That little face she makes on your pic is perfect for this post NT
coffeetx08/22/12 11:19 PM
x*Thats courtesy of SnapDragoon NT
Gorf08/22/12 11:20 PM
x*Never heard this one! Is it TRUE?-She was a Platoon Captain during the Vietnam War NT
koala08/22/12 11:19 PM
x*no lol I make that clear at the bottom of the list with the *** note *** NT
Gorf08/22/12 11:21 PM
x*Gorf you have out done yourself. I don't know how your kept tabs on that self made fairy tale. She is one french fry short of a happy meal. NT
CIAO08/24/12 12:26 PM
x*lol, sorry I got stuck on that one...lmao Awesome Post! NT