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***Reminder to keep discussion on BB and the HG's only, not each other. It's okay to ask each other questions, make direct comments regarding
Starr5852 0   Sticky Post
*The #1 Rule of Big Brother
zoneoutcards681 3   09/12/17 01:09 PM
x*I may go with "don't trust anything anyone says to you." NT
Mikentosh09/12/17 01:16 PM
x*Those were Alex's words to Josh...
shaunab09/12/17 02:04 PM
x*Three words: She's a dingbat! NT
Caramel09/12/17 08:02 PM
*So Ian is saying that what Dan did was wrong.
Zap1069 2   09/14/12 12:31 AM
x*the only thing that would save this season, for me, is if Ian and Dani wake up and work together now NT
Fra09/14/12 05:59 PM
x*yes and I think he is sincere as he does have a conscience NT
Fra09/14/12 05:50 PM
*Honesty, Trust and Integrity.
Zap1064 4   09/18/12 01:43 PM
x*PS: Frank needs to take his honesty and integrity and shove it up his $%^&* ... wrong game, "son." :)~ NT
Jennerific71309/19/12 04:22 AM
x*Dani & Ian (among others) are the definition of Pawns. They made moves to protect the King. The King, ALWAYS controlling the game. $500k game:) NT
Jennerific71309/19/12 04:21 AM
x*Hearing people state that they were lied to . Not just Frank in JH NT
Zap09/18/12 04:30 PM
x*What does Hippocrates have to do with this...Dani's not really a doctor. lol NT
EvilDuck09/18/12 04:01 PM
*So are no big moves and "the house" votes because of fear of a bitter jury?
zagger3510 18   08/17/13 03:07 PM
x*The first thing you should worry about is making final 2. Why worry about jury votes, if the moves you make to keep people happy ends
agent9908/18/13 09:19 AM
x*Exactly, except for the part about being put up in the first place. NT
Caramel08/18/13 09:21 AM
x*Everybody in the JH is VERY bitter, especially Judd. He may calm down. If they're not sequestered Jessie will fill in some blanks. NT
Mikentosh08/17/13 08:01 PM
x*They probably didn't want a bitter jury because of what happened last year and every accusation is a "Bitter Jury". NT
Digitalpotato08/17/13 04:42 PM
x*I disagree that the MAIN factor in Dan's loss was the jury's bitterness (explanation within)
KnockoutMouse08/17/13 05:30 PM
x*Ditto that. ITA as well. NT
AngelsofCa08/19/13 04:22 AM
tedismyhomeboy08/18/13 04:56 PM
x*Did you hear Amanda say it's time to stop doing what the house wants
roadrunner08/17/13 04:13 PM
x*I think she thinks she is the house, so does she want to stop listening to herself? NT
AngelsofCa08/19/13 04:10 AM
x*Amanda has been "the House" and she has manipulated these fools to do what she wants at the expense of their game (Helen, Aaryn) now she cuts loose NT
rodh08/18/13 11:48 AM
x*Don't really think that is what is going on...
scottzet08/17/13 04:13 PM
x*Explaining why she's doing it prevents him from misinterpreting it as her stabbing him in the back
zagger08/17/13 04:17 PM
x*But it WASN'T her decision...
scottzet08/17/13 04:35 PM
x*It was her decision, she was HoH, she could have gone against "the house" and taken her chances NT
zagger08/17/13 04:51 PM
x*Chances would be slim and none if she did that....
scottzet08/17/13 05:16 PM
x*I beg to differ. If she'd nommed Amanda, Amanda would be gone and a lot more of them would be happy. NT
Mikentosh08/17/13 07:55 PM
x*She didn't have a lot of time to think about it. She was frustrated, nervous and scared with a bully in her ear. NT
Caramel08/18/13 10:56 AM
x*And holding see the HOH title she certainly didn't want NT
frustratedposter08/19/13 12:42 AM
*Haven't posted in years, so...Paulie wanted Tiff out for game play (mainly). He wants credit for taking out a "big" player to leave a mark. That's
yummyboo333 1   07/14/16 01:35 PM
x*Oh, and at the rate he's going, Bronte may be able to declare her love for him before the finale. NT
yummyboo07/14/16 01:41 PM
*Why so boring? My thoughts on the lackluster season.
Yoyogo2727 13   07/29/13 12:14 PM
x*Howard? NT
Quirkydude07/30/13 03:04 AM
x*I agree except the Elissa being mean person part..
Neonis07/30/13 02:30 AM
x*I'm not vindicating other HG's by calling out Elissa.
Yoyogo07/30/13 02:13 PM
x*You say advantage, but isn't it also a target? At least it should be and would be if I were new in a house with one legacy HG. NT
Mikentosh07/30/13 09:19 PM
x*I concur!
Cherrywinz07/29/13 11:19 PM
x*Great post -- I completely agree that for the most part, this has been a subpar season...
Ser8finak07/29/13 02:32 PM
x*Good to see there are others that see it my way
Yoyogo07/29/13 06:11 PM
x*I started watching this show cont...
Kim5422007/30/13 02:09 PM
x*The original US version of BB was the same...a social experiment and much more fulfilling. I started rewatching it last night. NT
BBAnnie07/30/13 01:55 PM
x*The best part of BB 1 was the live stream.
Yoyogo07/30/13 02:01 PM
x*Even better...it was FREE!!!!!! NT
BBAnnie07/31/13 04:35 PM
x*I appreciate the thought that went into your post...
Ser8finak07/30/13 01:30 AM
x*I am not a big fan of production interference in that....
tabbybear07/31/13 01:20 PM
*My opinions on Ian's final speech...
yoyo34921067 3   02/06/13 08:53 AM
x*my opinion at ian speech................best speech ever NT
Belle06/04/13 02:12 PM
x*Yep! Me too! NT
VelvetWind06/05/13 05:11 AM
x*Best and most memorable. I agree! NT
FurnitureAlliance06/04/13 02:17 PM
*Finally some honesty from the winner of BB14 in an interview with Jodi:
yoyo34921004 0   02/06/13 08:54 AM
*Here it is.How production tried to fark up Dan's game:
yoyo3492592 0   01/26/13 04:12 PM
*BB14 wrap up.
yoyo34921165 2   01/11/13 09:38 AM
x*That was nice to read. You had alot of good points! NT
lluvmycats01/11/13 09:57 AM
x*Thnx.Looking forward to BB15. NT
yoyo349201/11/13 10:00 AM
*I think Amanda is the best in the house right now. I completely disagree with all the hate she's getting on Jokers
yoloswaggins3627 22   08/22/13 11:25 AM
x*She is a very good player, up there with the best of them. People can't stomach her personality is all it is. I like her. I like honesty and good
FurnitureAlliance08/25/13 10:33 AM
x*Honesty and good strategy are fine. But nasty vile racism from an immoral woman with no ethics or values? No thanks. NT
BBAnnie08/25/13 02:06 PM
x*If Amanda had a nicer personality or was a pretty guy, everyone on Jokers would worship the ground she steps on. *cough*Jeff*cough* NT
Digitalpotato08/23/13 07:11 PM
x*Seriously? Comparing Jeff to Amanda? I'm speechless because I don't see it. NT
BBAnnie08/25/13 10:15 AM
x*She will have a hard time making it to the end but she controlled the house for nine weeks. No other player has come close to that ever NT
Markymark08/23/13 04:37 PM
x*What about Maggie? NT
Sizzle08/23/13 05:53 PM
x*She was my fave @ the start, then she started making incredibly stupid comments on a personal level. I won't deny that she's running the game tho. NT
geminigirl08/23/13 12:34 PM
x*Up until last night it was Amanda's game! If either her or Mc go this weeks then it's anyones game. NT
Sizzle08/23/13 01:45 PM
x*The hate is deserved because she truly doesn't realize she's being hateful. Unlike Dan, who did it on purpose, it cost him the game on votes. NT
Nusa08/23/13 11:04 AM
x*Personal feelings aside she is a mess and not a tactical genius. She does not believe she is a bully so can how that be her strategy? She is not
tedismyhomeboy08/22/13 10:59 PM
x*Nice post. I agree with you. I thought awhile back, Amanda's worst move is crying about not winning comps. A smart player would make people think
trifecta08/23/13 03:52 PM
x*Oh I hope you are right! BUT I would prefer that she never gets that close. NT
Sizzle08/23/13 04:36 PM
x*I don't love Amanda -- probably wouldn't hang out with her in real life -- but she's played the best game so far, IMHO. NT
StarfishTwo08/22/13 09:03 PM
x*I couldn't agree more. She's easily the best player this season, imo. She's Very Dr. Will-ish. NT
Saedron08/22/13 07:51 PM
x*She will be gone before F4. Her "controlling the game" is really just playing into what the remaining HG's need done, while she takes the heat. NT
BIGBRO1108/22/13 03:49 PM
x*There are a lot of strong players in the House right now...
scottzet08/22/13 02:10 PM
x*Who is a "STRONG" player??? Andy is a wuss. NT
Sizzle08/23/13 11:21 AM
x*"...this is one of the most intriguing seasons of Big Brother ever." YES! NT
bb4peeker08/22/13 02:51 PM
x*I think I agree - if Amanda goes, Andy's game remains just as strong. If Andy goes, Amanda's power over the house fizzles out. NT
KnockoutMouse08/22/13 02:40 PM
x*I agree. NT
BlondeMoment08/22/13 02:43 PM
x*We all have our opinions. :) Some of us don't like her bully game and her just plain mean comments. Other people love it. NT
stlgirlie08/22/13 01:53 PM
x*And some couldn't care less about her comments NT
barnsey08/23/13 06:43 AM
*This is the worst looking cast in the history of BB. It's kind of a good thing for me though.
xx2000xx821 2   07/12/12 02:53 PM
x*I'm guessing you've never seen BB4 then... ;) NT
BlondeLife07/13/12 02:40 AM
x*Or BB9. NT
Ephandis07/13/12 09:15 AM
*I've watched BB from day one and feeds on S3. I know this is a 80% female to 20% male ratio. But Boogie has ALWAYS been about making good.......
xx2000xx1002 2   07/16/12 10:52 AM
x*80% to 20% ratio? of what? NT
lianna07/17/12 06:23 AM
x*I don't mind Boogie..
doodles444s07/16/12 11:12 AM
*Danielle back in Reality after BB
WxRachel1159 2   09/11/12 10:27 PM
x*Jokers' rankings aren't really a good barometer. There are "site favorites" that skew the results for other hamsters. Janelle, Jeff, Jordan, etc. NT
Ephandis09/12/12 09:48 AM
x*I think she never accepts/admits fault. Always the other persons fault/problem. IMO, she is so delusional she will try to spin it around to benefit
buckshot09/12/12 05:18 AM
*New BB concept...... see inside
WxRachel3311 5   09/21/12 07:44 PM
x*I do like it. Here's some expansion on it
Butterbean1309/23/12 11:31 AM
x*Wicked idea ... however, sounds pretty expensive. NT
dustysnemisis09/23/12 01:15 PM
x*Interesting idea. The winner of the second go around should get a bigger prize IMO. NT
dustysnemisis09/23/12 11:08 AM
x*Capital Idea... and t hat is why...
Spacefarer09/22/12 02:45 PM
x*Just off the top of my head, I thought of this
observer909/21/12 10:09 PM
*Do we know why some of the HouseGuest's stuff was confiscated?
WxRachel1281 2   07/03/13 09:02 PM
x*It happens almost every season if not every season
Mikentosh07/04/13 11:28 AM
x*I don't! NT
Sizzle07/04/13 11:18 AM
*ginamarie question
WxRachel1438 4   07/13/13 05:50 PM
x*Ha! I told the hubby the other night that they should leave the title, just put a line through it, that'd be awesome! :) NT
nisey07/14/13 07:15 PM
x*Being unemployed doesn't change your chosen profession. It just means you're unemployed. NT
Nusa07/13/13 11:20 PM
x*they list Jessie as "unemployed" NT
Majuro07/14/13 10:32 PM
x*email CBS on that one. NT
Sizzle07/13/13 08:32 PM
*Question about POV Power
WxRachel842 3   07/12/14 02:21 PM
x*PoV wiiner is safe if PoV is used. But are the 2 noms that won BotB safe by virtue of the BotB win from being replacement noms? NT
Mikentosh07/12/14 03:54 PM
x*Yes, but the dethroned HOH can be put up as a replacement. NT
SolitaryDParty07/12/14 04:05 PM
x*The only time POV winner is not safe is if they
frustratedposter07/13/14 07:31 AM
*are they on indoor lockdown right now? I was hoping of one more night of Zach shooting pool before tomorrow. #zachattack
WxRachel305 0   08/20/14 09:46 PM
*McCrae is going to win BB15... he has a clean slate, nothing to lose and I think will be a beast at comps. I also think he knows Andy is a rat but
Woofie922 4   09/05/13 07:30 PM
x*Unless he wins PoV this week, he goes. He's a lame duck at HoH, so that can't save him. Everyone else is working together. NT
Mikentosh09/05/13 09:00 PM
x*McCrae is outnumbered. NT
bb4peeker09/05/13 09:22 PM
x*Fine by me. I've been rooting for McCrea to win ever since Nick left. NT
JAF09/05/13 07:41 PM
x*I am ok with that - Andy is playing/ lying so I am actually getting more at ease with him winning NT
andysneice09/05/13 07:38 PM
*A few highlights (or at least what I thought were highlights) September 5-6... Please note that I am a huge Zach fan so my highlights will probably
Woofie7912 14   09/06/14 06:13 AM
x*Did anyone talk of how they lost their virginity? I do think they all love Zach and I hope Vic buys him a new hat. I can see Zachtoria in future NT
FurnitureAlliance09/06/14 01:25 PM
x*Zach's not going to be wanting for pink hats. Amber is bringing him one at the finale. Fans are mailing them to him in droves. NT
Chaddiwicker09/06/14 01:41 PM
x*I'm a Zach fan too. But production has no business telling Victoria what she can do with her own personal property, which the pink hat was, even if
hbkrvdbew09/06/14 07:23 AM
x*She admitted that she gave it to him. So she destroyed his property. Gifts do not come with a right to take back and/or destroy. NT
RussAZ09/08/14 11:05 PM
x*Victoria gave Zach the hat, 1st week. She admitted it last night. She was a b**** to
magnolia4309/06/14 11:28 AM
x*Exactly! Vic is NOT an innocent by any means. Vic is a LITTLE quieter version of Chris. Vic IS mean and malicious. Zack was NEVER malicious NT
Emijo09/12/14 11:25 AM
x*Is it against the rules to be an "Indian Giver? NT
bb4peeker09/07/14 04:40 PM
x*Guess not NT
frustratedposter09/08/14 04:04 PM
x*I think Zach's split personality in the house is why Victoria hated him. When he was nice to her she loved him. When he was unnecessarily mean to
Corndogger09/06/14 11:47 AM
x*Thank you! NT
liquidman66609/08/14 09:03 PM
x*The house pinned stuff on Zach too that he didn't really deserve NT
FurnitureAlliance09/06/14 01:27 PM
x*Like what? You mean the whole sabatuer thing? COME ON he got caught stealing a cue ball so they couldn't play pool when this was going on. And he's
John33Dorian09/06/14 07:39 PM
x*They made up things, just like they did with Nicole and Donny. He became the scapegoat for just about everything the week he was evicted. NT
Chaddiwicker09/06/14 11:16 PM
x*Zack WAS the scape goat for ALL the TA mission tasks. They made it to be a target Z and get him evicted mission EVERY time. V is a disgusting HG NT
Emijo09/12/14 11:16 AM
*hellen turns on elissa
wolf327631109 6   07/26/13 07:17 AM
x*Yes, but it is working for her. Helen can even keep her lies straight....at least so far. Wow is all I can say. LOL NT
darkling5607/26/13 09:57 AM
x*I hope so. She went from fav to least fav for me. Lying is OK in BB but she goes to extremes about everything & everybody. NT
starrynite07/26/13 09:36 AM
x*Not to mention she's delusional, she thins she's a true MASTERMIND..! NT
Texas7407/26/13 10:43 AM
x*She could be if she'd keep her mouth shut NT
frustratedposter07/27/13 06:38 AM
x*She is a politician! NT
Sizzle07/26/13 10:18 AM
x*Definitely ! NT
starrynite07/26/13 10:27 AM
*I wish they could vote none of the above and then donate the money to charity bc I don't want any of these 3 to win just my opinion
wolf32763641 2   09/17/13 04:48 AM
x*Well, if bad people weren't given money, the robber barons who run most of the world's corporations would be destitute. NT
Ephandis09/17/13 03:02 PM
x*That would be a different twist. If everyone collectively agreed to "none of the above" and donated it. But unfortunately they played the game
nycszq09/17/13 12:24 PM
*In all honesty, If Dan had went to AS2 and not this season, would he have been to final 4 let alone final 2? Alot of freebies for Dan and recruited HG
will_bunkyfan641 1   09/19/12 09:13 PM
x*Well considering AS1 had brilliant minds like Chicken George, Marcellus, and Howie...yes, possibly. NT
SoCalBBFan333309/20/12 05:58 AM
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