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Subject Poster V R Posted on
*Julia was evicted: 3-0 NT
Dreamer1458 1   09/10/15 07:11 PM
x*Thank goodness.One whiney annoying voice finally gone! (Would have rather it have been Liz tho.No more showmance yelch!) NT
BigBroBearBug09/11/15 06:48 AM
*Tuesday is the surprise eviction night because of Football. There will be a POV played that night as well. NT
Poopie3144 1   09/10/15 07:01 PM
x*Most likely will happen Monday night in real time to be shown Tuesday. Feeds blocked for Monday and Tuesday at least. NT
KataGarbo09/10/15 10:59 PM
*HoH Picture Day - A Tutu for You, Too
Dreamer6605 0   09/09/15 04:38 AM
*What started as a promising week with Steve's HOH, Vanessa turns into a NIGHTMARE FOR VIEWERS (details inside). #BB17
Tigrress46784 47   09/09/15 03:11 AM
x*Great recap. But the opinions?
Thegirlnextdoor09/10/15 09:19 AM
x*On POINT Post NT
NovemberRain09/10/15 09:15 PM
x*Sorry Control Alt Delete is hilarious. Its obvious you favor Steve. NT
somethinggood09/10/15 06:56 AM
x*Ctrl+Alt+Delete????? Do they even know what this does?
Gilbert09/10/15 11:29 AM
x*You know what is so funny about this remark....
BootsieGurl09/10/15 07:07 AM
x*No, they did not give him a compliment. They actually meant that he was rebooting. He needs to reboot and get out. He would get on my last nerve NT
NovemberRain09/10/15 07:58 AM
x*Well Stated!!
Matzak09/10/15 06:53 AM
x*Vanessa is not the swing vote as Austin was never voting against Liz. only one of Johnny Mac/Vanessa needs to evict Julia NT
somethinggood09/10/15 06:49 AM
x*Great article, thanks! Go Steve! Hope you read this when you are out NT
Mmb199609/10/15 04:09 AM
x*Anyone who sees Steve as a victim is seeing Steve through rose colored glasses. He is not just sexually aggressive & inappropriate but he is also
wrinky09/10/15 03:56 AM
x*Finally someone who is correct about Steve (THANKS Winky)
420bklyn09/10/15 12:16 PM
x*Thank you. I totally agree about the derogatory comments about Steve. A lot of people do not realise that such a comment is mean and think we may be
Rosiet09/10/15 03:15 AM
x*I agree with a lot of this. But as far as Steve... all of them have called him Boy, incl. James and twins. It has gotten real old. NT
KataGarbo09/09/15 11:00 PM
x*Boo Vanessa.
kristin_hennig09/09/15 08:19 PM
x*Tigress has mistaken opinion for logic and reason. The conclusions could be correct but the resoning comes down to "because I say so."
CommentCents09/09/15 08:13 PM
x*Yowsers! You just nailed it! and here's your AMEN!
BootsieGurl09/10/15 06:43 AM
x*For me, the main reason to take out Liz over Julia is how it tips the relationships....
MaryAnn09/10/15 02:35 AM
x*Something you might consider you said...
BootsieGurl09/10/15 06:48 AM
x*Steve is a big baby and I would have made wayyyy more fun of him than he has gotten in that house. He is puke city. As for Vanessa being the
NovemberRain09/09/15 07:53 PM
x*I could not have said it better! I am so tired of watching all of them, I only come for my chat room friends!NT
Wrain09/09/15 07:08 PM
x*This is so dumb. Keeping counting out Vanessa and look foolish. And stop being so sensitive. Vanessa and Austin's comments were harmless. NT
smooth212109/09/15 05:34 PM
x*Great Post, enjoyed it thoroughly, right on point NT
SnarkyMom09/09/15 04:19 PM
x*if Liz was to go, JMac and Steve would have to worry about Vanessa and Austin's close relationship. NT
17black09/09/15 03:58 PM
x*I would agree with you if........
BootsieGurl09/10/15 06:57 AM
x*Enjoyable read. NT
TazzyD21109/09/15 02:31 PM
x*You are 100% on point, with everything. My only hope is that Vanessa is beaten by either Austin or Liz so she can regret her gameplay someday and it
TrueNes09/09/15 11:36 AM
x*I didn't hear all this hoopla when the entire house flipped to KEEP Vanessa over Shelli! It's BB this stuff happens! NT
BigBroBearBug09/09/15 11:25 AM
x*Great post. Totally agree. NT
hoops2bugs09/09/15 10:27 AM
x*I just want to Thank You. This was a perfect summation of this week - NT
Sinc0409/09/15 09:56 AM
x*Great recap of the week!!! NT
Sizzle09/09/15 08:40 AM
x*Very well said. It made me ill to see Steve's HOH being twarted. I now hope that JMac wins HOH put Van/Austin up. It would make my day. NT
freebryd09/09/15 07:18 AM
x*If Steve would have a serious and sincere game talk with Jmac it could happen. NT
TrueNes09/09/15 11:38 AM
x*By keeping Liz, Vanessa has sealed her own fate to be jury bound...just sayin' NT
spikewells09/09/15 05:41 AM
x*great post, wraps up the week for me (haven't followed much this week), but have to agree with Bootsie, Vanessa isn't the villain in this, at least
Bilbo09/09/15 05:39 AM
x*Tigrress, insightful article thanks! NT
Dawplgangr09/09/15 05:30 AM
x*Uthummm No Disrespect intended but...
BootsieGurl09/09/15 04:14 AM
x*Totally agree with you. NT
CatLady5409/10/15 10:42 AM
x*Well said!!!! NT
xXxCxXx09/09/15 05:27 PM
x*This is what most people forget while watching feeds and I respect you for pointing it out! The best player should win--not the most popular! NT
anwa09/09/15 11:30 AM
x*Rarely happens. Most obvious example Jordan in BB 11. Last year it happened. :-) NT
KataGarbo09/09/15 11:03 PM
x*I agree, best player should win, not most popular. Vanessa is best. NT
cathymcs09/09/15 01:50 PM
x*You are Very Correct! There's no singling out,they're all doing the same exact things!What's being pointed out about one or two,should be about all NT
BigBroBearBug09/09/15 11:21 AM
x*Yours is the best post I ever read that was by someone with less than 30 posts! NT
azdean09/09/15 07:47 AM
x*Agree!!! NT
DaisyChain09/09/15 07:06 AM
x*I agree wit ya Boots! NT
angelatmytable09/09/15 06:22 AM
x*I respect your opinon & reply that calling someone a nasty name is NOT game related. Yes they all lie but that wasn't the point. Again thank you :) NT
Tigrress09/09/15 05:24 AM
x*I also agree with Boots & that it's not only Vanessa with F2's
debhead09/09/15 11:24 AM
*Austin used POV to save himself, Julia was the replacement. Liz and Julia are nominated. NT
Dreamer3815 0   09/07/15 12:55 PM
*Austin won the POV. NT
M3gabyt37100 0   09/05/15 03:25 PM
*Steve Gets the Deed Done
Dreamer11903 0   09/05/15 10:14 AM
*Vanessa's Game Theory = Everyone Else's Shame Theory
Dreamer13930 1   09/04/15 07:24 PM
x*James or Meg wouldnt have gotten my vote, most of the season for them, was spent this way......no winner with these two. NT
DaniTheWinner09/05/15 01:39 PM
*Steve's first night as HOH. The scampering has begun and Steve shone brightly! (Details Inside.)
Tigrress22285 9   09/04/15 06:51 AM
x*I feel a bit better after reading this...thank you!
RedSkitch09/05/15 08:54 AM
x*This post made me so happy. For weeks I've dreaded/avoided the feeds. FINALLY something to celebrate! One of the AUSTWINS are outtahere!TY poster NT
RetroMommy09/04/15 09:26 PM
x*Thank you for this article. Really enjoyed and agree with your take on things. I wanted a bold move last night, but it all played out well. NT
TazzyD21109/04/15 07:11 PM
x*Thanks for the udate. I'm elated that Steve is elated. So happy for him. Best case scenario, JMac wins POV. NT
Rosiet09/04/15 06:15 PM
x*Thanks for a great assessment of this important day, and for helping me to understand Steve better. This is the finest recap BB I've ever read! NT
ShrewLou09/04/15 04:35 PM
x*Thank you :) and you're welcome! NT
Tigrress09/04/15 04:40 PM
x*I don't agree with all your takes, but this still was a terrific update. Thank you. NT
knockknock09/04/15 11:41 AM
x*Great Post.. You have made my day... NT
Sizzle09/04/15 09:07 AM
x*Thank you for this. I'm so happy that someone other than Austwins/Vanessa won. NT
AZ_Cards_1109/04/15 08:00 AM
*Double eviction night outcome...Evited: Meg and James, new HOH: Steve (details inside)
M3gabyt318907 0   09/03/15 06:07 PM
*Sometimes A Flip Flop is Just a Shoe
Dreamer7149 1   09/03/15 10:47 AM
x*yes steve, you need to convince jmac to vote her out with you and james. mainly because both twins did good in that comp they were practicing!!! NT
dollady09/03/15 05:32 PM
*Is Steve Flipping? His late night mumblings indicate that he might. (details inside.)
Tigrress12022 6   09/03/15 04:19 AM
x*I'm still hoping when Julie announces DE, Steve & JMac will flip & toss Julia NT
amber42809/03/15 10:39 AM
x*Steve and Jmac ultimately decided not to flip. Seems as if Meg is out. Steve pulled the twins aside and made them swear not to put him up. NT
Sparktan09/03/15 10:32 AM
x*Steve still has not slept or decided. Just before last switch to Jeff, he was saying he needs to play his game, not Vanessas or JMacs (paraphrased) NT
Tigrress09/03/15 03:40 PM
x*Thank you for posting this summary. NT
RocketFeathers09/03/15 06:03 AM
x*who is the megaphone guy? NT
laci09/03/15 07:46 AM
x*Goes by BBTooms on Twitter. NT
bubblez09/03/15 08:45 AM
*MEGAPHONE YELLER TRANSCRIPTION @ 9:13pm BBT. James heard it incorrectly. (see details below.)
Tigrress33072 21   09/01/15 10:01 PM
x*How do you know this is what is said?
gergsport09/02/15 03:44 PM
x*I listened to it LIVE and rewound repeatedly for about 30 minutes to ensure it was accurate. I put my ear against the ipad speaker on full blast.
Tigrress09/02/15 09:38 PM
x*Embarrassed to admit at first I thought "Megaphone" was some new slang phrase for Meg campaigning. NT
RocketFeathers09/02/15 12:48 PM
x*Wouldn't "Save Meg" work better NT
mebe09/02/15 10:37 AM
x*what did James think he heard? NT
dollady09/02/15 10:19 AM
x*I heard Austin say he wanted Julie out because he wants to get closer to Liz and Julie keeps interfering and he is getting sick of her. NT
laci09/03/15 07:49 AM
x*JAMES HEARD: Austin wants Julia out. (I had it in the body of text but a mod removed it when they moved this from updates to highlights.) NT
Tigrress09/02/15 11:31 AM
x*Here is audio
Cindy09/02/15 08:24 AM
x*It's clear in this audio ~ it can also be heard on BBAD NT
Dreamer09/02/15 05:38 PM
x*Neither James, Meg or John actually heard what was really said !!!! NT
DaniTheWinner09/02/15 10:42 AM
x*Did any of them get it right and hear it? NT
DaisyChain09/02/15 08:01 AM
x*I hate the speaking for everyone I for one want useless Meg out NT
BBFanJ09/02/15 04:30 AM
x*Of course, Julia is equally useless, so either result is a win this time. NT
Nusa09/02/15 10:36 PM
x*I hate it too. Damn narcissistic twit with a megaphone thinking they should be in control of the outcome of a tv show. Freaking psychos. NT
WillettDrizzle09/02/15 06:52 AM
x*The game isn't going the way they like so why shouldn't they try to interfere? Why shouldn't everyone try? NT
Blockhead09/02/15 06:53 AM
x*Heck, I want someone to send a drone over and drop a note to James. With drone technology what it is, it could be a very targeted drop. But,
agent9909/02/15 07:02 AM
x*Lol. Right now I'm working on a tunnel that leads to the storage room. Once complete I am sending Audrey and Devin back into the house! NT
WillettDrizzle09/02/15 07:01 AM
x*Add Nicole, Jun, Erika, Howie, Amber, Dustin, Lawon, Renny, Shelly, Russell to that list for a TRULY crazy cast... NT
Evil_TX_Redhead09/02/15 01:23 PM
x*I'm glad he heard it wrong, lol NT
gwennanapatmal09/01/15 11:41 PM
x*Sure he heard it wrong. We were listening for the megaphone words, they were in middle of convo so heard a part of it. NT
GazingEyes09/02/15 11:52 AM
x*amen again
jtric196309/01/15 11:42 PM
*Monday Morning Briefing - Here's What You Need to Know
Dreamer18006 0   09/01/15 01:02 AM
*James used POV to save himself, Julia was the replacement. Meg and Julia are nominated. NT
M3gabyt34320 0   08/31/15 04:26 PM
*James wins POV NT
M3gabyt34845 0   08/29/15 05:12 PM
*Veto players are Austin, Liz, Julia, Meg, James, Vanessa NT
nickc02212704 1   08/29/15 10:42 AM
x*The mean girl Twins say they would be afraid to use POV if they won it..why?...,
BigBroBearBug08/29/15 11:24 AM
*Vanessa nominated Meg and James NT
Dreamer3543 0   08/28/15 04:19 PM
*Vanessa chooses this seasons last Have Nots
Dreamer6899 1   08/28/15 04:19 PM
x*That HN selection was BS! They had been doing a fair rotation,Cry Baby Austin and Liz should be in there with Julia this week! NT
BigBroBearBug08/29/15 11:34 AM
*John evicted. However John won his spot back into the game hanging on the longest, and Vanessa won HOH. NT
M3gabyt37673 0   08/27/15 07:33 PM
*The Week Drones On as the Ants Put in a Good Day's Work
Dreamer5310 1   08/26/15 05:08 PM
x*I agree with your last statment, we arent shown anything worth watching on BBAD/POP. Its sad too. NT
DaniTheWinner08/27/15 03:57 PM
*Scenes From Last Night - Doing Lines With the Devil (8/24)
Dreamer8078 0   08/26/15 05:11 AM
*Summer of Tattletales
Dreamer10656 0   08/24/15 07:31 PM
*Vanessa Gets Down to Brass Tacks, and The Script Gets Flipped
Dreamer20348 0   08/23/15 02:39 PM
*PoV Aftermath - The House Guests Quietly Panic as Vanessa Clutches the Cards
Dreamer9819 0   08/23/15 02:18 PM
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