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Subject Poster V R Posted on
*Stick a Fork in Him, Because He's Nearly Done. (Hopefully.)
Dreamer387 0   08/18/16 08:35 PM
*Please Pass the Vomit Bag
Dreamer16583 16   08/16/16 09:42 PM
x*Just thought I would throw some facts in about Advil since some think they are experts!
ladyfon08/17/16 08:17 AM
x*She did OD, just not in a way that would require medical attention. She should have taken Advil and Tylenol instead of double dosing on Advil.
KShinigami08/18/16 04:21 PM
x*Exactly! I was ready to jump in response to feed ster's "idiot" comment. I take 800 mg ibuprofen as per my doctors instructions for menstrual cramps
jaymee08/17/16 12:48 PM
x*You take it within 8 hours, not 2 hours like Nat did. And everyone reacts differently to meds. Thus the adverse reaction warnings. Just because that
Thinkin08/18/16 08:09 AM
x*Technically she did OD. An overdose is not just taking too much of medicine it is also taking too much over a certain period of time.
Thinkin08/17/16 09:36 AM
x*Throwing up because you took meds on an empty stomach is not ODing. NT
ladyfon08/17/16 11:03 AM
x*I said nothing about vomiting. An OD is TAKING MORE THAN THE RECOMMENDED DOSAGE & has nothing to do with vomiting, plain and simple. She vomited
Thinkin08/18/16 08:05 AM
x*When you're in a lot of pain, your body often reacts by purging anyway it can. 8 Advil may have upset her stomach, but I think puking was mostly
HintOLime08/17/16 02:19 AM
x*Before you call someone an idiot, you should know what you are talking about.
LaraB08/17/16 12:37 AM
x*I'm reading Directions off the bottle.Take up to 2 tablets"200mg" every 4-6 hours not to exceed 6 in 24 hour period, unless directed by doctor NT
poorbabi08/17/16 10:24 AM
x*She took 1600 mg within a few hours (8 pills) ~ Per Advil site: Do not exceed 6 tablets/caplets/gel caplets in 24 hours unless directed by a doctor.
Dreamer08/17/16 09:11 AM
x*So wrong. You would overdose taking that much Ibuprophen. You can take a max of 3200 mg in a day, so not every 4 hours. NT
JoeTheInformed08/17/16 12:43 AM
x*Yes that's prescription strength. (4) 200 mg tablets every 6 hrs. She took it too close together. NT
08/17/16 12:58 AM
x*When I was in the military, I injured by ankle by rolling it during a run. Medbay (on site medical) gave me motrin 800.
08/16/16 11:02 PM
x*Recommended doses are chosen to avoid most side effects, but it can be adjusted for weight. She's too small to warrant any adjustment. NT
Nusa08/17/16 01:47 AM
x*I've definitely taken 8 advil in the span of 24 hours and been perfectly fine. NT
robin8608/17/16 12:45 AM
*Have not Pies at yesterday's carnival: Nicole, Corey, Paul got Pies with "Have" (thanks, Polly) NT
RugratBB9425 4   08/16/16 08:54 PM
x*why did only Nicole Corey & Paul get them? NT
gizmo2tc08/17/16 12:27 AM
x*The rest of the HGS got 'have not' pies. NT
08/17/16 01:00 AM
x*I don't understand? can you explain to us who did not see? NT
08/16/16 10:59 PM
x*No one got to see because they cut the feeds for the Ziggy Marley performance during that time. NT
WolfDShadow08/16/16 11:16 PM
*The Executive Takes Out the Trash
Dreamer5644 4   08/16/16 01:46 PM
x*i think Dreamer is suggesting.....
MBrown08/16/16 04:52 PM
x*I don't think dreamer wrote it, just posted. Dreamer, correct me if I'm wrong & it was Paulie who wanted everyone to open their tickets. NT
08/16/16 11:02 PM
x*Wait, if Paulie does have RT, Corey isn't evicted. Just means Paulie comes back in, and no one leaves that night.
Cherriblue7808/16/16 02:19 PM
x*Exactly. Even if everyone not on the block opened their tickets, the most that can be known is whether or not Paulie OR Corey has it. Only 1 can go NT
geekchicklet08/16/16 06:24 PM
*Victor did not use the POV, Corey and Paulie remain nominated this week. NT
M3gabyt33557 0   08/15/16 12:33 PM
*PoV Aftermath - Who Says There is No Justice in America?
Dreamer20902 3   08/14/16 02:18 PM
x*Why is anywhere in quotes? NT
geri03170608/14/16 05:41 PM
x*Nicole did ask Corey if Hawaii was in the US. NT
Cpm108/15/16 07:59 PM
x*geri031706 ~ this is the BB Highlights forum NT
Dreamer08/14/16 09:01 PM
*Prize/Punishments and Zings from Veto Comp (Update as Necessary-Not all info revealed yet)
24386 7   08/13/16 06:43 PM
x*Thank you for the help guys! NT
08/14/16 07:24 AM
x*I think James' zing was set up with something about his pranks scaring people, then Zingbot saying the only ones he's scaring are Natalie's parents.NT
jovoh08/14/16 01:57 AM
x*Michelle said Zingbot called Paulie "A poor man's Cody" NT
08/14/16 01:30 AM
x*Paulie zing - something about poor mans Cody NT
Dulcie08/14/16 01:19 AM
x*Nat said her zing made her cry. NT
Corndogger08/13/16 10:29 PM
x*It involved hairy armpits. NT
08/14/16 05:00 AM
x*She was Ditzy or something like that NT
PinkVelvet08/13/16 10:53 PM
*Have-nots ~ Michelle, Nicole and Natalie
Dreamer3811 3   08/13/16 05:47 PM
x*Nicole reminds me of this celebrity.....
agent9908/14/16 06:47 AM
x*I LOVE corn on cob! Dreamer, thanks for the pics! Vic is Fine! NT
Molly08/13/16 11:23 PM
x*You're welcome Molly ~ and I agree ~ he's mighty fine!! NT
Dreamer08/14/16 02:12 AM
*Victor won the POV. NT
M3gabyt31710 2   08/13/16 04:51 PM
x*Justice was handed down from BB god, bye Paulie
McLean08/13/16 05:51 PM
x*there is a BB god! NT
dollady08/13/16 05:44 PM
*Veto players: Vic, Paulie, Corey, Paul, James, Nicole NT
2394 0   08/13/16 11:05 AM
*Caution: Dangerous Curves Ahead.
Dreamer9864 0   08/12/16 06:26 PM
*Nicole receives the Super Safety care package. Scrunchies, Deep Woods Off, Hair clips, one week safety and her Super Safety Hero costume. NT
RenegadeGirl10712 17   08/12/16 11:57 AM
x*All Hell didn't break loose soon enough to make a difference...
Tounces08/13/16 03:43 PM
x*AG definitely was doing the counting. NT
JoeTheInformed08/12/16 05:16 PM
x*Nicole has been getting a good edit for the masses. That's the only reason I can think for her winning it. And everyone else is a scum bucket. NT
HoneyJoker08/12/16 04:28 PM
x*how could one of the most hated HG's win a care package that involves being safe for the week over HG's that are liked? I smell Grodner picking the
WolfDShadow08/12/16 04:00 PM
x*Why is everyone so surprised about Nicole getting the Care Package???
Verno5308/12/16 09:54 PM
x*Perfect like a witch, very fitting for her personality
McLean08/12/16 03:09 PM
x*who the heck voted for her??!!
gemini108/12/16 02:54 PM
x*Got all my votes. She's better liked than a lot of people think. Those who hate are usually more vocal than the those who love. Way of the world. NT
nightlight08/13/16 07:39 PM
x*Since she is not popular on any social media site it makes zero sense, obvious rigging. NT
JoeTheInformed08/12/16 05:17 PM
x*Bridgette was probably getting most of the votes from the anti-Paulie/Nicole/Corey crowd & after her eviction it went to Nicole by default. NT
JlynnB08/12/16 04:45 PM
x*Wish Super-Safety applied to "quick" Double Eviction
stormycat08/12/16 08:55 PM
x*That's the only way she could win!
stormycat08/12/16 08:52 PM
x*I concur. No rigging. Nicole just received the highest number of votes after Bridge. I'd love to know the difference in % between the two. NT
Waverly08/12/16 05:39 PM
x*99% Bridgette and1% Nichole NT
ToadFarm08/12/16 05:41 PM
x*from everyone I have heard from Meech, Paul, and Victor were right behind Bridgette on votes 0 have said Nicole and a few were going to vote Corey
WolfDShadow08/12/16 07:37 PM
x*TV viewers have a much different perspective than the live feedsters. NT
debbiedu2208/12/16 04:19 PM
x*Not me...... NT
kenisgod108/12/16 03:04 PM
*The House Post-Double Eviction
8258 4   08/12/16 05:36 AM
x*Yes Paulie did throw Vics name out but so did James. James floated that idea with Nat and with Paulie/Corey. NT
SpaceDog9708/12/16 10:30 AM
x*First of all, I dislike James, but he was just repeating Paulies orders, he did not come up with it. NT
JoeTheInformed08/12/16 05:18 PM
x*Yup. He also said it when he opened his big mouth in front of day by accident. NT
Bklyngrl2808/12/16 01:40 PM
x*Thank you for this. NT
AZ_Cards_1108/12/16 08:01 AM
*Victor is the new HOH after double eviction
M3gabyt35557 0   08/11/16 10:07 PM
*Big Meech Unleashed - It's a Revenge-Type-Thing
Dreamer14041 12   08/11/16 11:48 AM
x*Talk about a slanted summary... Geez, nat was attacked by Paulie and then fought back. Is this Nicole's version? NT
savjoz08/11/16 04:28 PM
x*Doesn't really matter if she was or not as it's within game rules either way. What matters is she's using that angle to play the game herself. NT
Nusa08/12/16 08:55 AM
x*I agree. Nat is playing a smart game. It's not always about brawn. Misogynistic much? Paulie and whoever wrote this. NT
katchword08/11/16 09:36 PM
x*What does "F.T." mean? NT
AZ_Cards_1108/11/16 01:12 PM
x*FT = Fake tatas NT
Dreamer08/11/16 01:25 PM
x*if I was Nat I would say my tatas are all mine bought and paid for I wouldn't let Pauli insult me
Kim5422008/12/16 08:37 AM
x*Thank you. What a jerk. NT
AZ_Cards_1108/11/16 01:25 PM
x*thanks! this sums every thing up pretty good, except Bridge actually called it 1st and got Nat involved...they both deserve credit for starting
spikewells08/11/16 12:39 PM
x*cbs should have stepped in
jtric196308/11/16 12:29 PM
x*They've literally signed up for verbal abuse. So long as it doesn't become physical, it's within the game rules. His game, let him play it. NT
Nusa08/12/16 08:53 AM
x*Absolutely right CBS should have stepped in and unleashed all the alcohol they could find for them while they were in the most need of it to date. NT
IceColdBeer08/11/16 02:11 PM
x*Hahaha. Great name too NT
AZ_Cards_1108/11/16 03:55 PM
*Karma Just Might be a Big Bitch This Week
Dreamer14580 0   08/10/16 02:37 PM
*It is very important to point out that the "house flipping" thing could not have happened w/o James being on board...
7249 6   08/10/16 11:40 AM
x*wimp james was FORCED to do it or have a bunch of people mad at him, he was too wimpy to do it on his own so don't act like he is some hero. THe guy
JoeTheInformed08/12/16 05:20 PM
x*James is the key but i give nat the credit, and bridge
kc6408/10/16 01:43 PM
x*LOL, not sure why it's important to point this out, let alone very important. NT
mulmanster08/10/16 01:28 PM
x*Because this was the proud moment J found his sac. Alas, there's plenty of time for him to climb back into Paulie's anus. We'll see what happens. NT
cara1608/10/16 02:26 PM
x*Yeah he found his sac in Gnat's hands NT
LongTimeLurker08/14/16 09:22 AM
x*Possible without James, just far more unlikely. Just have to get 3 votes, and the first 2 are easy. NT
Nusa08/10/16 12:13 PM
*6:32 AM to 9:32 AM Highlights from Flip the House Meeting in London Bedroom & Aftermath (Evict Zakiyah Instead of Michelle)
7889 0   08/10/16 09:33 AM
*Honor. Integrity. Total Bull****.
Dreamer7560 3   08/09/16 05:41 PM
x*even without reading it all, I know you got Paulie's number.and that number is a big fat "0" LOL Thank you for telling it like it is!! NT
spikewells08/09/16 09:09 PM
x*The link doesn't work NT
Chatter408/09/16 07:20 PM
x*Try this Chatter~
Dreamer08/09/16 10:09 PM
*Her Knight in Shining Harm(s) Her
Dreamer9844 0   08/08/16 08:11 PM
*Paulie did not use the POV. Michelle and Zakiyah remain nominated. NT
M3gabyt32462 0   08/08/16 12:11 PM
*PoV Aftermath - A Big Mess for the Damsels in Distress by FeedWatcher
Dreamer7248 0   08/08/16 12:36 AM
*The Winds of Change Dividing the Boys...
13094 1   08/07/16 07:05 AM
x*Thanks again Cassie. This is the first year I don't have feeds and your posts help me to see what's going on. NT
mixmemargarita08/07/16 10:44 AM
*The Have-Nots are Corey, Bridgette and James ~ their food for the week is hash browns and corned beef hash.....
Dreamer1879 0   08/07/16 06:12 AM
*I'm a Fool to Do Your Dirty Work, Again
Dreamer2435 0   08/07/16 02:19 AM
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