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*What tablets are working well with the live feeds?
gardenman983 7   07/05/15 02:36 PM
x*I have a Kindle Fire HD (2nd Gen I think) that works. Also, Ipad and Android tablets work. NT
binkie9407/05/15 03:13 PM
x*Have you tapped the black screen to trigger Flash to start? NT
frustratedposter07/06/15 07:50 PM
x*I wish it was that easy.
gardenman07/07/15 04:04 PM
x*Can you get the Puffin browser on Fire? That one is fast and has worked for many NT
frustratedposter07/08/15 10:43 PM
x*I downloaded Puffin on my Kindle and it worked. It's the only browser that I can see the feeds correctly on. NT
Boosey0207/08/15 11:46 PM
x*Thanks! Puffin works! I've got the feeds again. NT
gardenman07/11/15 03:26 AM
x*Good question! I'm thinking of getting one but I have no idea (don't want to spend a whole lot) NT
FurnitureAlliance07/05/15 02:37 PM
*Question about CBS chat room..I do not show on the chatters list and do not have the icons to mute/flat etc. Some people see me others do not..
deVinePoet403 2   07/05/15 12:50 PM
x*I don't know about the CBS chat though I know you can chat
Dreamer07/05/15 05:26 PM
x*There's also a Jokers chat room on the CBS site NT
frustratedposter07/06/15 07:49 PM
*Anyone know why every time i open bbviewer i have to go file>videos>cbs all access>live feeds>season17>season 17 live feeds for my feeds to play?? NT
oh_boy528 3   07/05/15 09:41 AM
x*He made it different this year. There are other options in the video drop down besides BB17 NT
binkie9407/05/15 12:07 PM
x*4,1 seems to have solved this. I get right to the feeds now NT
frustratedposter07/08/15 10:43 PM
x*So that you have the choice of what to watch. NT
Debra_Kadabra07/05/15 11:35 AM
*The B3Viewer says it is updated to version 78 but only version downloads is version 76. Is anyone using this one or know
BamaJake570 2   07/03/15 10:20 PM
x*Did you uninstall the previous version? NT
binkie9407/04/15 01:49 PM
x*The link on it's website installed .78
M3gabyt307/04/15 12:14 AM
*Can't open more than one window in BB Viewer 4.0 :(
JennDiaz1613 5   07/03/15 05:48 PM
x*No. What happens when you click - file > new window? NT
binkie9407/03/15 07:30 PM
x*The new window will open, but it is just black. :( NT
JennDiaz07/03/15 07:55 PM
x*You have to go through the whole process of clicking file-videos etc. It doesn't automatically start like it used to NT
binkie9407/03/15 08:05 PM
x*I did that....but still stays black. :/ NT
JennDiaz07/03/15 08:31 PM
x*There's still some multi-window issues, but it should work. Try playing a different video from BBViewer provider and see if that plays NT
liquid8d07/04/15 01:36 PM
*Problem with BBViewer. Plays for about 20 minutes and freezes. Click to close and I get the error message that it is not responding. NT
MisterMac287 1   07/03/15 02:54 AM
x*same.. just started this morning. Have tweeted to Liquid , waiting for reply. Did you manage to get this fixed ? if so, how ? lol NT
Boo6907/07/15 10:08 AM
*anyone know whats going on with BBviewer? it wont go live and keeps going back to prom night dinner? NT
MsPink1304 7   07/02/15 06:56 PM
x*Where is the link so I can download BB Viewer, please? NT
CIAO07/03/15 06:26 PM
x*bbviewer.com There's also a sticky at the top of the discussion forum NT
binkie9407/03/15 07:32 PM
x*O.K. this morning. CBS site did the same to me last night. Something wrong on their end I think. NT
Debra_Kadabra07/03/15 09:33 AM
x*they both typically start from midnight and seek from there. So any goof with seeking plays at midnight NT
liquid8d07/03/15 12:18 PM
x*ty liquid NT
MsPink07/03/15 04:49 PM
x*It's working again NT
binkie9407/02/15 11:12 PM
x*Something wacky on the streams today. Should just be something today, but I'm working on fixes for the next version. NT
liquid8d07/02/15 07:49 PM
*Anyone having problems changing rooms on CBS site? NT
katharina4462333 1   07/02/15 02:01 PM
x*Fixed it. NT
katharina446207/02/15 02:08 PM
*anyone else having problems with bbviewer? every time i open it it starts from last night when the have nots are about to eat. please help! NT
supreme1383 10   07/02/15 07:03 AM
x*Yes NT
katharina446207/02/15 01:52 PM
x*It's happening for me too. People have told liquid8d on his Twitter and he replied that he's looking into it.
unclevanya07/02/15 11:57 AM
x*I noticed that too. I think that I just clicked the live button to fix it. NT
noog07/02/15 07:08 AM
x*Live button doesn't work. Even is you use FF button then click live the feeds revert to midnight NT
binkie9407/02/15 11:06 AM
x*The live button doesn't work for me. Only feeds 2 and 4 work, the rest are stuck at midnight. NT
HumanShaped07/02/15 10:49 AM
x*Yup. It's been that way for me since last night. NT
bbfan3407/02/15 07:06 AM
x*Yup. Same. And there doesn't seem to be a way to get it back to normal, that I can figure out anyway. Sometimes time heals these things tho. NT
Dolffie07/02/15 07:04 AM
x*use the FF>> feature to skip to current time (or time you want). NT
KnightHawk07/02/15 07:07 AM
x*oh ok thanks for clearing that up and i'm not the only one having problems. feeds 2 & 4 work fine though NT
supreme07/02/15 07:06 AM
x*I used Flashback to get close to the current time. You can't click live after that or it starts at midnight again NT
binkie9407/02/15 11:14 AM
*Do you guys ever get the "This content has not started" error on feeds? NT
nammer258 1   07/02/15 05:46 AM
x*I get that error on my phone when I use Firefox and can't for the life of me find what's causing it. Chrome and stock browser work fine though NT
binkie9407/02/15 12:14 PM
*Question-what feature does by viewer have that cbs doesn't? I just downloaded the viewer and I want to make sure I know how to use all the features NT
Ses1979411 2   07/01/15 02:34 PM
x*There are a few options CBS doesn't have - resize the viewing window, open multiple windows, toggle left/right speakers, take screenshots if you
binkie9407/01/15 06:50 PM
x*You can adjust bandwidth now, so you don't use your ISPs quota in a week NT
frustratedposter07/08/15 10:46 PM
*BBViewer 4.0 installation problem.
Hostus1174 4   06/30/15 09:38 PM
x*Version 4.1 installed without a hitch! Thank you! NT
Hostus07/07/15 05:26 PM
x*Did you try uninstalling BBViewer? You keep saying you uninstalled Air but not BBViewer. It's running fine on my Win 7 laptop but I uninstalled
binkie9406/30/15 10:48 PM
x*Yes. Manual uninstall. I have an uninstall utility too that I used. Same error. Thank you for the suggestion. NT
Hostus07/01/15 09:54 PM
x*yep.. need to uninstall old BBViewer first. Thanks! :) NT
liquid8d07/01/15 06:38 PM
*Im watching on my kindle.. feeds are fine even though they freeze a lot.. But I cant find ANY Flashback calender. Help ? NT
Taelyn401 2   06/30/15 07:01 PM
x*Tablets and phones don't have the flashback feature NT
binkie9406/30/15 09:16 PM
x*neither does iPad. I did see a 30 second rewind but it would take forever to go back 3 or 4 hours, forget days. NT
seahorse07/01/15 08:43 AM
*I am logged into CBS on my laptop, but get a black viewer screen and the feed selectors are grayed out. Feeds work fine on my mobile. Any ideas? NT
BleacherBum580 3   06/30/15 05:14 PM
x*I had the same issue. In the screen where the feeds should be, it asked me to "update" or "activate" Adobe Flash Player. I only "activated", because
LibraLady06/30/15 06:27 PM
x*Do you have Adobe Flash installed/updated, adblocker turned off and javascript enabled? NT
binkie9406/30/15 05:50 PM
x*What browser? NT
frustratedposter06/30/15 06:23 PM
*Where do you download the BB viewer at NT
Roxy1957377 1   06/30/15 10:36 AM
x*bbviewer.com should direct you to the right place NT
M3gabyt306/30/15 10:37 AM
*Anyone else's BBViewer freezing up every 2 hours? I have to close it and reopen it to get it to work. It makes me sad. :( NT
maggiemae1194 5   06/29/15 11:20 PM
x*I switch feeds about every 30-45 minutes to keep it from happening. Perhaps it will be fixed in a future update. NT
MisterMac06/30/15 02:14 PM
x*yes, there's a memory issue - seems to drop off if you switch. still looking into it NT
liquid8d06/30/15 07:51 PM
x*Thanks at least I know it's not just me. NT
maggiemae06/30/15 08:11 AM
x*Yes. Guessing that's when the feeds ask if you're still watching? That popped up when I watched on the cbs site, but not on Viewer. NT
whoscatisthat06/30/15 04:16 AM
x*Ya mine does it too. I'm not sure how long it takes but I have to do the same as you NT
binkie9406/30/15 12:11 AM
*BBViewer Help Please........ (TIA) .....
PNWGirl38772 2   06/29/15 04:30 PM
x*Per the BBViewer login screen, it doesn't support social media logins. NT
binkie9406/29/15 05:35 PM
x*I'm working on this, hopefully I'll get it working sometime soon NT
liquid8d06/30/15 07:51 PM
*I signed up for the free week trial, but can't seem to get it to change from camera 1. Anyone know a solution? Thanks. NT
CaptLurker248 1   06/29/15 01:35 PM
x*You're gonna have to give us a little more info. Are you on a computer, tablet, phone? What browser are you trying to use? NT
binkie9406/29/15 05:41 PM
*Off topic question about feeds
jjnewboots623 3   06/29/15 07:55 AM
x*Are you using a mobile device? You can't use the flashback option on mobile. NT
DiamondK06/29/15 08:00 AM
x*Click the calander icon... select data\time and cam NT
KnightHawk06/29/15 07:56 AM
x*Here at Jokers we have Flashbacks. Look at the menu at the top NT
headsup06/29/15 07:56 AM
Cliff445 1   06/28/15 11:19 PM
x*I was having the same problem, could only access prior years. Have you updated Adobe Air. That is what I had to do to get it going. NT
marybeth06/29/15 08:23 AM
*Having problems w/ BBviewer on linux.It doesn't "retrieve providers,"so I can't view feeds.Any other BBviewer linux users that can help or the app
Whovian1325 6   06/28/15 09:01 PM
x*I was able to duplicate this in a Ubuntu VM. Looking into it... NT
liquid8d06/29/15 02:27 PM
x*Okay. :) NT
Whovian07/01/15 09:19 PM
x*Same issue here. NT
XREJX106/28/15 10:55 PM
x*I don't use linux but did you click refresh or check the drop down? I know when I had 2 windows open it was blank but I clicked the dropdown
binkie9406/28/15 09:03 PM
x*yes I did all of that, and nothing shows up in the dropdown window. When I hit 'refresh', it just says "retrieving providers...hang on" forever. NT
Whovian06/28/15 09:07 PM
x*You can send liquid8d a private message and let him know. He may be able to help NT
binkie9406/28/15 09:36 PM
*Can we get the page indicator/selector at the top of the Flashbacks forum also? NT
liquid8d219 0   06/28/15 08:59 PM
*Anyway to drop the quality on the feeds to save on data? Comcast is killing me with this 300 GB of data limit. NT
Sov4Allstars251 1   06/28/15 07:56 PM
x*No NT
binkie9406/28/15 08:59 PM
*How long do I have to wait till episode 3 can be viewed on all access? It aired 2 hours ago in my time zone but it won't let me watch? NT
silverspoons223 1   06/28/15 07:47 PM
x*They promise "next day" I believe NT
frustratedposter06/29/15 01:42 PM
*Does CBS All Access have BB Flashbacks? NT
KeeshasLaugh230 1   06/28/15 07:14 PM
x*Yes. It's the little calendar next to the live button. Click it, pick the date, time and camera you want then click go NT
binkie9406/28/15 09:01 PM
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