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*I much prefer to use BBViewer than CBS site but I have to restart or sometimes close completely and reopen at least 4-5 x per hr. Any suggestions? NT
AnneTSocial834 2   07/28/15 05:48 PM
x*Same here, it seems to have a memory leak. Mine freezes after about an hour. NT
no1home07/31/15 08:49 PM
x*Try lowering quality and see if that helps NT
binkie9407/28/15 07:47 PM
*Anyone using the Roku to stream the feeds on their tv? Do you cast your phone to the tv thru Roku, or can you use the CBS All Access directly on roku
BreachofTrust1486 4   07/23/15 08:24 PM
x*Use the cbs app on the roku directly. NT
gooch07/23/15 09:38 PM
x*You go to the Roku store and add CBS All Access channel. Then click on the channel on your Roku, choose live feeds, pick your cam and done NT
binkie9407/23/15 09:30 PM
x*Awesome. Thanks! NT
BreachofTrust07/25/15 03:19 PM
x*It is great to use, right? NT
GazingEyes07/29/15 02:18 PM
*hey guys, i have a screenshot question. how do i do it on bbviewer? i clicked the button on the bottom and it said saved but how do i retrieve it to
jaymee1635 6   07/20/15 04:47 PM
x*On my computer, BBViewer placed a folder in "Documents". It should be in there NT
binkie9407/20/15 08:38 PM
x*yep, in Documents (or My Documents)\bbviewer. You might need to upload it to an external site like imgur first if it's too big NT
liquid8d07/20/15 08:50 PM
x*Click start button all programs system paint open select paste NT
noog07/20/15 04:54 PM
x*im confused, i got to paint which opened another box? but don't understand the rest of the steps NT
jaymee07/20/15 05:04 PM
x*I don't know if you found your answer, but the best thing to do is to use the help files on Paint. YouTube may have a Paint tutorial as well. NT
AnneTSocial07/25/15 09:46 AM
x*bbviewer has a built in capture (windows version) and this thread was about where the caps were saved.
frustratedposter08/06/15 03:24 PM
*Wondering why there is approx. 25 minute delay in the feeds? Can't get it to go "live" or close to it.... NT
dianamite1926 3   07/20/15 06:26 AM
x*Time is incorrect today (both CBS + BBViewer) due to feed outage last night. For BBViewer, read inside..
liquid8d07/20/15 10:27 AM
x*liquid 8, how do i take/retrieve a screen shot to post on here? NT
jaymee07/20/15 05:06 PM
x*See your post above NT
binkie9407/20/15 08:38 PM
*Can i download it ipad air 2? NT
LillyBell448 1   07/17/15 09:01 AM
x*Not sure what "it" is but if you mean BBViewer no you can't NT
binkie9407/17/15 02:37 PM
*Can I view the feeds on am iphone? NT
meredith706 2   07/17/15 02:00 AM
x*You can. Thru safari. NT
Dolffie07/17/15 02:01 AM
x*yes, via cbs site. NT
banner_boy07/17/15 02:01 AM
*need help with editor
pipper643 2   07/15/15 02:48 PM
x*You should get updated changes now. Is it self completing before you hit space or punctuation? NT
M3gabyt307/15/15 08:23 PM
x*Thanks. I believe it happened when i hit the space bar. I just tried and Vanessa comes up now with "Va space" but not "va space" other shortcuts? NT
pipper07/20/15 02:05 PM
*Is anybody else's Q feed frozen on BB viewer? Mine will come up for a second and then freezes. NT
Janienjm251 0   07/13/15 10:10 PM
*Any news on the BBViewer? Mine is playing feeds from yesterday afternoon!! The CBS feeds constantly freeze for me. NT
DaisyBug476 1   07/13/15 07:28 PM
x*Same here... Both iPhone and iPad are getting issues... Freezing, sound going out or flash backing to sleeping houseguest from last night NT
Pecker07/13/15 09:36 PM
*When I go to reply in Discussion the Notify Moderator page appears plus when I go to My Page a very long thread is frozen. I have tried changing
imalady1073 3   07/13/15 10:46 AM
x*I had to restore my pc and everything is ok. I do thank you for responding and will keep in mind if ever happens again NT
imalady07/13/15 03:09 PM
x*Can you click 'Who's On' and tell me if that's the 'big post' you were describing? NT
M3gabyt307/14/15 06:12 AM
x*Are you clicking on the flag icon (instead of reply arrow) and the 'who's On' links instead? NT
M3gabyt307/13/15 01:23 PM
*where can I download the bbviewer at? NT
Teresah761 2   07/12/15 06:23 PM
x*Keep in mind it's not working properly right now but liquid8d is working on the fix NT
binkie9407/12/15 08:31 PM
x*bbviewer.com NT
M3gabyt307/12/15 07:23 PM
*can someone please tell me how to change time (flashback ) on BBviewer? Thank you NT
azluvbb399 1   07/12/15 08:29 AM
x*Oh my so sorry I just figured it out after 3 days of looking. Sorry to bother. :) NT
azluvbb07/12/15 08:31 AM
*How do I unmark a "favorite" that I accidentally clicked on? I don't want the email notification for those posts. NT
eggplant885 3   07/12/15 06:37 AM
x*Click on "My Home" at top of page. Then, click on "Edit" on third box under "Main Configuration". It's called
debbiedu2207/12/15 07:25 AM
x*Thank you so much! NT
eggplant07/12/15 07:32 AM
x*Yvw! NT
debbiedu2207/12/15 08:01 AM
*is there something wrong on my end? The hgs tags at the bottom of posts when postting are missing for me this season NT
MsPink582 2   07/11/15 02:37 PM
x*The tags aren't in all of the forums NT
Dreamer07/11/15 06:32 PM
x*ty dreamer NT
MsPink07/12/15 04:35 PM
*BBViewer Cam 1 and Quad Cam are playing older feeds (from yesterday maybe?) but other cams are working. Anyone else have this issue? NT
bedhead661556 7   07/10/15 11:23 PM
x*No. There's a new version out you can try installing. Make sure you uninstall the old version first NT
binkie9407/10/15 11:46 PM
x*Ok tried it again and now it's working. Thanks! NT
bedhead6607/11/15 12:05 AM
x*I did uninstall and reinstall the latest version. The problem is still happening. NT
bedhead6607/11/15 12:03 AM
x*I'm working on fixes for this kind of stuff.. as soon as I can NT
liquid8d07/11/15 11:52 PM
x*Thank you, mine's working great this morning(Sunday) NT
BigBroWatcher07/12/15 06:41 AM
x*Thanks so much! NT
bedhead6607/12/15 01:51 AM
x*I have the latest installed & was working fine, but now says audio pan disabled? please help when you get a chance, thanks! NT
scandalous07/12/15 01:37 AM
*why don't I see any vids or pics in the international media forum? NT
BC_Canuck156 0   07/10/15 02:59 PM
*Thank you, Liquid8, for all your hard work!
Lollipop385 1   07/10/15 04:03 AM
x*I agree, but my bbviewer has really been acting up lately and I have uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version NT
BigBroWatcher07/11/15 05:28 PM
*What viewer works best on a Samsung Galaxy Android tablet?? NT
kado918 3   07/09/15 08:07 PM
x*You don't need a viewer. Just open Chrome and go to cbs big bro live feeds NT
binkie9407/09/15 08:22 PM
x*Or get the CBS app. NT
BleacherBum07/13/15 10:04 AM
x*Even the app sends you to a browser to watch the feeds.
frustratedposter07/14/15 12:51 PM
*i just got the newer version but when i switch feeds it goes to error everytime NT
charmed69416 1   07/09/15 07:26 PM
x*He released a new version of 4.2. Redownload it and it will fix the issues
binkie9407/09/15 07:37 PM
*How are y'all watching feeds, my BBviewer has Player error and CBS access is just loading NT
Dulcie655 4   07/09/15 07:15 PM
x*Mine had that too but I just tried again he has a new update and it fixed mine. NT
bbfankat07/09/15 07:18 PM
x*Thanks I will get the update now NT
Dulcie07/09/15 07:24 PM
x*Yay version 4.2 works NT
Dulcie07/09/15 07:32 PM
x*What happens when you switch to a different camera? I didn't start getting the error until I updated NT
binkie9407/09/15 07:51 PM
*Keep getting player error on bbviewer. It was working for a while, I did uninstall the previous version & I've tried re-booting. 'Preash any help! NT
scandalous2434 11   07/08/15 09:39 PM
x*Just an FYI as of now .. if you get player error when switching cameras, download (or re-download) 4.2 and you should be good NT
liquid8d07/10/15 10:01 PM
x*mine was working fine until just now getting an error as well NT
charmed6907/09/15 05:17 PM
x*I'm getting the error too! It just started an hour ago NT
bbfankat07/09/15 05:01 PM
x*I'm getting error too, any help? NT
BigBroWatcher07/09/15 05:00 PM
x*One thing I've noticed is after it freezes and you close it, it's still running in Task Manager. You may be getting the error because it's hanging NT
binkie9407/09/15 02:22 PM
x*Yes, mine is frozen NT
Dulcie07/09/15 05:43 PM
x*I too get player error even though it's been working most of the day. NT
Lawyerman07/09/15 04:50 PM
x*Mine is now doing this as well. Player Error. It was working fine all day. NT
MacGirl07/08/15 09:41 PM
x*Started working after re-starting about 6 times. Liquid8d, if you're troubleshooting it happened when I was watching flashbacks if that helps NT
scandalous07/08/15 09:46 PM
x*I don't think you can run it without updating Air, but make sure that is current NT
frustratedposter07/08/15 10:41 PM
x*Mine is, thanks NT
scandalous07/08/15 11:52 PM
*since viewer was updated mine hasn't worked! NT
Roxy1957553 3   07/08/15 02:11 PM
x*Mine works but after about an hour i have to close it and reopen it...but now, i just keep getting player error message NT
BigBroWatcher07/09/15 05:02 PM
x*Same for me. NT
Lollipop07/09/15 05:44 PM
x*Did you uninstall the previous version? NT
binkie9407/08/15 02:24 PM
*Anyone having trouble getting on feeds on iPhone?
slhornberger562 3   07/06/15 07:10 PM
x*Im having trouble on my mac and iPhone 6 this past few days, on mac it works for a half minute then loads for awhile , works a half minute then loads
Roxy195707/07/15 02:39 PM
x*Use Chrome or Puffin for your browser. I like Puffin the best on IPhone do feeds. NT
ToadFarm07/07/15 02:49 PM
x*I haven't been able to sign in on my 6 plus since last night.Keeps spinning. My ipad works fine though. NT
Sov4Allstars07/07/15 01:11 PM
*If I go to "cbs all access account" and it doesn't let me see the feeds, I am not subscribed, correct? I think I forgot to cancel last year... NT
safety835 4   07/06/15 06:30 PM
x*Did you to to cbs big brother and log in then click live feeds? If they play you're subscribed NT
binkie9407/06/15 06:48 PM
x*It is showing the "try one week free" ad...that must mean I am not subscribed, bc i am logged in. NT
safety07/06/15 07:00 PM
x*Yep you aren't subscribed NT
binkie9407/06/15 08:42 PM
x*thanks for your help!! NT
safety07/06/15 08:44 PM
*I can't get flashback on my android tablet.
jeansmx612 3   07/06/15 12:40 PM
x*Darn my computer is broken, that sucks. NT
jeansmx07/06/15 12:58 PM
x*In Dolphin settings, set the Agent to Desktop Version
frustratedposter07/06/15 07:47 PM
x*You won't be able to get flashback on any tablet or phone NT
binkie9407/06/15 12:56 PM
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