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Subject Poster V R Posted on
*I clicked on the link to sign up through Jokers and get a free week trial but after I signed up it charged me today, June 22 and said that my next
tamtlp550 2   06/22/16 05:46 PM
x*tamtlp ~ call CBSI at (888)-274-5343
Dreamer06/22/16 06:21 PM
x*Thank you I will call. I couldn't find it anywhere. NT
tamtlp06/22/16 09:04 PM
*Please help. I have been trying to update BBViewer for a while now & cant. I get pop up that says it isn't safe & will close. Thank you. NT
seahorse524 2   06/22/16 02:32 PM
x*You can disable your virus software then update BBViewer. I don't know which virus software you're using but you should be able to
binkie9406/23/16 04:03 PM
x*Thanks. It's Norton. At some point when I can stay off internet, I'll try it. I thought maybe problem was activex since Ive never had probs before NT
seahorse06/23/16 04:55 PM
*Where is the Link for BB Viewer? NT
Snapple1565 3   06/22/16 06:15 AM
x*Here it is Snapple ~
Dreamer06/22/16 06:27 AM
x*Thanks so much Dreamer...I was looking for it too ! Let the BB games begin NT
angel06/23/16 07:19 PM
x*Thank you. It won't let me download on my iPhone. Won't let me download Adobe air either. NT
Snapple06/22/16 03:22 PM
*Trying to watch BB17 live feeds, but it only let's me view the first 5 min of each day. Help? NT
kenian12160 0   06/18/16 10:38 PM
*Help on prior episodes
racenbug183 0   06/18/16 09:16 PM
*Can I get BB on iPad?
Allthumbs1302 7   06/18/16 05:41 PM
x*If you're talking about the feeds, last year I got a Puffin app that I heard about through here. It's great. NT
seahorse06/22/16 02:34 PM
x*What is a Puffin app? What does it do? NT
LibraLady06/22/16 03:05 PM
x*Search for Puffin in app store it's free. I have only used it to watch the feeds (Need all access though)but I think it has a variety of shows etc NT
seahorse06/22/16 03:25 PM
x*I haven't tried the feeds (yet) but I have played games on Facebook that I can't play on any other browser. NT
DeeDee06/22/16 03:28 PM
x*(PS: It's a browser with built in flash, great for mobile devices w/out flash) NT
frustratedposter06/24/16 07:13 PM
x*I have that on my cell (Android) It has a built in Adobe Flash. NT
DeeDee06/22/16 03:11 PM
x*If you mean the feeds, yes, I get them on my iPad mini by loading the CBS All Access app via iTunes. You cannot get liqiuid8's BB Viewer, so you'll
LibraLady06/18/16 07:28 PM
*I'm trying to log into BB Viewer with my cbs all access account. it says disconnected and doesn't do anything if I try to log in. Advice? NT
MaddyP2790 17   06/17/16 08:32 PM
x*Thanks everyone. It works! NT
MaddyP06/20/16 04:23 PM
x*Yeah, it won't let me log in either. I put in my info, and when I click log in nothing happens. NT
sugarskulls06/17/16 08:59 PM
x*My guess then would be your email/password is incorrect. When I was doing it, mine was wrong but it didn't seem like it was even acknowleding it but
nodoubter106/17/16 09:04 PM
x*I will try this, thanks! NT
sugarskulls06/17/16 09:08 PM
x*I hope it works for you. :) NT
nodoubter106/17/16 09:09 PM
x*It worked! :) <3 NT
sugarskulls06/17/16 09:12 PM
x*oh good! NT
PinkVelvet06/17/16 09:14 PM
x*Great! :) I know for me when I clicked on the button it didn't seem like it was even taking the info but it was, it was just the wrong info lol. NT
nodoubter106/17/16 09:14 PM
x*yep go to cbs access and get a new password maybe NT
PinkVelvet06/17/16 09:06 PM
x*I just did it for the first time. Apparently the email I have on the CBS All Access account is an old one but it took it and I'm connected. Also
nodoubter106/17/16 08:48 PM
x*Turns out I had the incorrect password. Says connected but still doesn't let me access any flashbacks. NT
Ohfreckles06/17/16 09:07 PM
x*click on file... then video..(cbs allaccess) then the live feeds.. you can select which feeds NT
PinkVelvet06/17/16 09:16 PM
x*After you login are you specifically going to the BB17 feeds? You need to do that first before you can access Flashback, Bookmarks, etc. NT
Corndogger06/17/16 09:11 PM
x*Oh that's right! Was looking for BB16, forgot I had to do that first been a while. Thanks for your help! NT
Ohfreckles06/17/16 09:17 PM
x*Thanks for the information NT
PinkVelvet06/17/16 08:58 PM
x*been having that same problem myself... NT
Ohfreckles06/17/16 08:42 PM
x*did you log in? NT
PinkVelvet06/17/16 08:36 PM
*Does anyone use a Roku stick? Do you guys recommend it? NT
BigBrotherFly589 4   06/17/16 11:06 AM
x*I love mine. Just no flashbacks NT
SweeBee06/17/16 11:36 AM
plopbellie06/17/16 11:11 AM
x*Love it....easy to pack and take with you. NT
augie06/19/16 06:57 PM
x*I've got one in spare room. Don't use it often but seems to work fine for me. Have a Roku box on the main TV. It's great. Would recommend either. NT
Debra_Kadabra06/17/16 11:10 AM
*Will there be a new bbviewer or we gonna be using the same one as last season? TIA NT
CrazyDaisy20151977 12   06/15/16 07:46 PM
x*The current version (5.2) should work (required actually), but I will likely get an update out quick to resolve any issues NT
liquid8d06/15/16 09:15 PM
x*any news on a Roku Channel for the BBViewer NT
mebe06/17/16 11:39 AM
x*I've only worked a bit on Roku.. depending on how much time I have we'll see how it goes NT
liquid8d06/18/16 08:53 AM
x*Is it still not available for iPad Mini? Thanks. NT
LibraLady06/16/16 06:27 PM
x*No sorry. If I can find a way for a browser based version that might be the only way iDevice happens anytime soon NT
liquid8d06/18/16 08:54 AM
x*Can't update under Linux. Message says Air requires an update not available. NT
Debra_Kadabra06/16/16 05:54 PM
x*oh okay. I will update mine and keep my eyes open for any changes. :) NT
CrazyDaisy201506/15/16 07:53 PM
x*I believe it's going to be the same one we used for BB17 and BBCAN4. NT
Corndogger06/15/16 07:47 PM
x*Last time I was on it about a week ago it asked me to update it, that could be all we need to do. NT
krh503806/15/16 07:51 PM
x*Liquid8d said he'll probably have to do some tweaking so we might need to do another update but I doubt we'll have to download a new version. NT
Corndogger06/15/16 07:53 PM
x*Yeah, I just updated mine but now it won't let me log in to All Access. NT
sugarskulls06/15/16 07:53 PM
x*pm me if you are having issues NT
liquid8d06/15/16 09:16 PM
*Way to bypass ALL ACCESS ADS on the CBS Website Inside: (!!)
BigBrotherFly656 5   06/11/16 02:29 PM
x*Doesn't seem to work using Adblock Plus. CBS web site is still telling me to disable my adblocking software NT
binkie9406/17/16 01:02 AM
x*I finally uninstalled AdBlockPlus and installed AdBlock and the code worked perfectly. NT
colleenag06/17/16 03:59 AM
x*Do you have a direct link for Adblock? Is it www.getadblock.com? NT
binkie9406/17/16 12:00 PM
colleenag06/17/16 12:05 PM
x*Thank you! NT
binkie9406/17/16 12:09 PM
*How much are the feeds this season? NT
tamtlp798 6   06/02/16 04:57 PM
x*One week free, too!
Dreamer06/02/16 06:21 PM
x*CBS All Access is 5.99 per month. NT
LibraLady06/02/16 05:34 PM
x*How difficult is it to unsubscribe? I still have PTSD from Real subscriptions.. NT
TinyDancer06/22/16 07:35 PM
x*Easy. I did it online last summer and recently joined again. NT
GazingEyes06/22/16 07:36 PM
x*Thanks so much, Gazing!! NT
TinyDancer06/22/16 07:38 PM
x*You are very welcome, enjoy! You can join CBS access right here via Joker's link! NT
GazingEyes06/23/16 09:11 AM
*Not being tech savvy, I want to get a tablet but my question is, is there any tablet that doesn't support the CBS app? Or is it pretty much they
FurnitureAlliance2163 8   03/19/16 04:14 PM
x*CBS keeps a page updated with all supported devices (link inside)
unclevanya06/02/16 06:36 PM
x*Many thanks, Uncle NT
FurnitureAlliance06/03/16 01:48 PM
x*I'm trying to find the cbs all access app on my ipad, but can't find it. So would like to know as well if we can watch on ipad? NT
Sonny06/02/16 03:25 PM
x*Yes, Sonny, you can watch on iPad and iPad Mini. Go to iTunes, and search for CBS All Access. I think it's the second CBS app to come up. Then, whe
LibraLady06/02/16 04:01 PM
x*I think this whole time I've been trying to look exactly for "cbs all access" app, which doesn't seem to exist...
Sonny06/02/16 08:17 PM
x*I hear ya. I just bought a Sony Blu-Ray player with apps for a hundred channels built-in, and CBS-AA would be a perfect fit, but it's not there. NT
unclevanya06/02/16 11:02 PM
x*You are correct, Sonny. I went crazy looking for an app that specifically said "All Access". That's why I said download the first one that said
LibraLady06/02/16 08:33 PM
x*Thanks. NT
Sonny06/03/16 12:27 PM
*How can I fix the date on the posts? It's almost a full month ahead. NT
olivia024665 2   09/26/15 02:04 PM
x*You set the time offset in preferences...
M3gabyt309/26/15 02:36 PM
x*TYVM for your help. My dates and times have been off for many months and it was annoying me. thanks again NT
olivia02409/26/15 03:25 PM
*Help!! How do I cancel my feeds? All access that is. A hundred places to sign up no place to cancel that I can find. NT
Jandles1300 4   09/25/15 06:35 AM
x*Thank you soooo much :) NT
Jandles09/25/15 06:41 AM
x*Go to "cbs all access account" under username in top right corner. then scroll to bottom and you'll see "cancel my subscription" NT
RoadZombie09/25/15 06:37 AM
x*I wasn't able to cancel that way. I Had to actually call to cancel before I received my cancelled confirmation email. NT
CroixSinclair09/25/15 08:52 AM
x*Why weren't you able to? What happened? NT
banner_boy09/28/15 11:16 AM
*BBViewer quest, Can it be downloaded after the BB season has ended and still have 'live feeds' on it or does it only work during the season? Startup
seahorse824 2   09/18/15 11:25 AM
x*You can email liquid8d and ask but I would assume you can reinstall it. The feeds obviously won't be live but flashback should work NT
binkie9409/18/15 07:09 PM
x*Thanks, binkie. I ended up clearing everything trying to re-install from the beginning, but it isn't working quickly. At this rate BB18 will be on NT
seahorse09/20/15 11:14 AM
*CBS wont allow lots of us tro vote AFP?
racenbug270 0   09/18/15 04:07 AM
*I'm having problem..I used to post...a very long time ago...under kaizev....now I'm alexxia...I can do one post...then I'm out. Any suggestions..?? NT
alexxia532 1   09/12/15 05:33 PM
x*Can you clarify what you mean by "I can do one post then I'm out" NT
binkie9409/13/15 10:53 PM
*All the sudden, my CBS feeds are black. I see the scroller about feeds being down today, but just black screen. It was fine this morn.
tsk0928625 1   09/11/15 06:50 AM
x*I'm having the same problem. Did you find a solution? NT
sjsara09/11/15 08:26 AM
*My BBViewer quad cam keeps freezing. Is this happening to anyone else? NT
bedhead661240 3   09/03/15 10:22 PM
x*Ya it started yesterday for me. It runs for about 7 seconds and freezes. The fix for me is moving the slider dot forward until the time changes. NT
binkie9409/04/15 02:12 AM
x*Yes, just started today for me. Another poster suggested opening two different windows, to view two cams. That worked for a while b4 freezing. NT
Shar09/03/15 10:28 PM
x*yeah that's what I'm doing now, thanks! NT
bedhead6609/03/15 11:09 PM
*My iPhone feeds keep jumping back to this morning. I have reset cleared history and updated still does it NT
Lbc597 1   09/03/15 12:13 PM
x*My iPhone feeds keep jumping back to this morning. I have reset cleared history and updated still does it NT
angel7009/03/15 07:00 PM
*How do I search for a post in BBD for example? NT
NMFireman1273 4   08/30/15 07:52 AM
x*NMFireman ~ click on the "Find" link located at the top of the forum, choose BB Discussion in the dropdown box.....
Dreamer08/30/15 03:28 PM
x*Or go to the bottom of the forum page and you can search by words or poster ;) NT
binkie9408/30/15 10:43 PM
x*But remember, BBD posts expire quickly. You won't find June/July/Aug posts, most of the time NT
frustratedposter10/01/15 11:31 AM
x*which is a bummer. sometimes I wish I knew who I rooted for earlier.....so good to see you FP NT
Belle10/01/15 11:31 AM
*My BBViewer is on the fritz...keeps saying Player Error - anybody else know a fix? Have reinstalled 4.2, made sure Adobe Air is uptodate,what else?
augie837 2   08/29/15 09:48 AM
x*AHA....figured out my VPN was still connected! DUH NT
augie08/29/15 10:29 AM
x*ty for coming back with the solution. I hate when someone fixes a problem but leaves the question open NT
frustratedposter10/01/15 11:30 AM
*Help with making live feed a youtube video
troublekn679 1   08/28/15 09:47 PM
x*depends what operating system you're using. google screen recording for your os maybe? various solutions for recording video of screen. NT
banner_boy08/28/15 11:59 PM
*BBView quad cam is not working for me. Anyone else having this same prob. NT
Dolffie2009 5   08/27/15 06:50 PM
x*BBView quad cam is not working for me.
angel7009/03/15 07:19 PM
x*Mine is screwed up too. It won't go live and keeps playing feeds from last night NT
binkie9408/27/15 07:09 PM
x*I'm having the same problem. NT
Shar08/27/15 10:45 PM
x*Mines working like a champ NT
Buffering08/27/15 06:54 PM
x*Mine playing fine right now. NT
WillRulz08/27/15 06:50 PM
*iPhone/iPad Help?? Looking for scroll bar to reverse and also issues with car.
MeAgain1252 3   08/27/15 07:05 AM
x*With my iPad I can't get Flashbacks. I use a bluetooth headphone to listen. But be careful of your ears if the twins are on - they are either
augie08/29/15 09:51 AM
x*You need the desktop version of the page to do FB and rewind. some mobile browsers let you work with
frustratedposter10/01/15 11:29 AM
x*That's all you can do on the iPad sadly NT
butterfly08/27/15 11:19 PM
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