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Subject Poster V R Posted on
*All my recent posts keep disappearing and some of the old posts on my profile aren't mine. Anyone else having this problem? NT
Nathalie1057 4   09/13/13 09:21 AM
x*are the one's that are not yours replies to you? Which method of searching for your posts do you use? NT
frustratedposter09/16/13 03:39 AM
x*BBD posts don't last long, due to volume, esp on live show nights NT
frustratedposter09/14/13 03:00 AM
x*yea i have posts from like years ago, but many of my most recent posts have disappeared NT
cherlte09/15/13 11:34 AM
x*Me too. I've got some that show from 2005. But BBD has so many rip posts,
frustratedposter09/16/13 03:38 AM
*Maybe dumb question- how do you put a picture in a post? NT
Littlefinger640 2   09/12/13 12:26 PM
x*A few ways
M3gabyt309/12/13 01:41 PM
x*Thank you! NT
Littlefinger09/13/13 12:02 AM
*Does anyone know how to cancel the live feeds? NT
carryon660757 2   09/01/13 02:16 PM
x*if its for 48 free trial feed, go to help, ask question, then state you want to cancel your trial, they will email you shortly after. NT
WeirdReality09/03/13 06:49 PM
x*If you bought the season pass, you won't have to cancel. It was a one time charge. NT
cjj309/01/13 08:14 PM
*How do I use the flashback feature? NT
summer13996 3   09/01/13 07:33 AM
x*Thanks. I was trying to do it on my iPad and I think I have to do it on my computer NT
summer1309/01/13 07:41 AM
x*Works on iPad with puffin browser NT
frustratedposter09/04/13 06:56 AM
x*Only can use if you have live feeds. If you have live feeds..........
agent9909/01/13 07:36 AM
*Is there some work happening with My Posts feature, particularly in BBD? Other than today's posts, my profile shows nothing more modern than '09. NT
TwoMinutesHate679 2   08/31/13 03:04 PM
x*Maybe your vag swallowed them up? I've been around some demonic ones and they are insatiable. NT
BeBeeGun08/31/13 07:52 PM
x*I asked about this recently and was told the BBD is periodically purged and recent posts disappear especially when they is a heavy volume of posts. NT
Blockhead08/31/13 03:06 PM
*how do i have all my posts removed from this site? NT
monkeyface709 2   08/31/13 09:45 AM
x*if you mean in BBD, posts don't last long because off the volume of posts made
frustratedposter09/01/13 05:47 AM
x*sorry, misunderstood. Are you asking to have all posts removed?
frustratedposter09/01/13 06:01 AM
*BB viewer Help
lisalee675 1   08/30/13 06:02 PM
x*Not sure what "hot keys keep going out for sound" means NT
frustratedposter08/31/13 05:32 AM
*BBViewer keeps asking me to update. It downloads, then errors when it tries to upgrade.Restarts and asks me again to install. Anyone else? on a Mac NT
johne3819684 2   08/30/13 12:51 PM
x*Choose to download and install later. NT
M3gabyt308/30/13 03:44 PM
x*Thank you, that's what I had been doing I was hoping there was a way to make it stop altogether NT
johne381909/03/13 01:08 PM
*Anyone with a stream for tonight's episode? NT
Pecker734 2   08/29/13 05:07 PM
x*running now
Hekate09/05/13 06:14 PM
x*this works for me
Hekate09/05/13 03:51 AM
*Wonder if anyone else keeps getting logged off when trying to respond to posts or switching to another forum? NT
BBAnnie911 3   08/29/13 02:47 PM
x*It's happening again. Anyone having this problem? NT
BBAnnie09/10/13 02:56 PM
x*happened to me twice overnight NT
frustratedposter09/12/13 02:54 AM
x*Not with me. Hope all is ok Annie. NT
GazingEyes09/10/13 02:56 PM
*At the bottom of the BBD can we get a "Next" button added for the pages instead of just the numbers "1, 2, 3, etc."
Blockhead419 1   08/25/13 01:39 PM
x*There is a NEXT on the bar below the page numbers. It duplicates the
frustratedposter08/27/13 05:55 AM
*Quick question...
cjj31839 7   08/24/13 12:51 PM
x*I don't think they will rebill you. I did the same and I'm not worried unless I hear otherwise. NT
Whirley08/24/13 09:46 PM
x*Glad you saw it my way, but....
cjj308/24/13 11:51 PM
x*I got a clarification and season subscriptions DO re-bill automatically! You have to call to cancel.
cjj308/25/13 09:03 AM
x*I found this on their site. It says Season Pass is a one time charge
Whirley08/25/13 01:37 PM
x*I submitted a question and got this reply: one time payment
Whirley08/25/13 01:43 PM
x*They finally gave me their 877 number. The snippy representative said a season pass does not re-bill. NT
cjj308/25/13 04:03 PM
x*I Thought that was just for the month to month pass? I don't want to get rebilled! NT
Whirley08/25/13 01:32 PM
*Live feeds on my iphone?
buddy1981488 1   08/23/13 03:04 PM
x*Go to the bottom of the CBS page and click on the desktop page option.
frustratedposter08/27/13 05:57 AM
*i am having trouble loading live feeds on my new computer. I have a subscription. I logged on like usual. I keep getting the loading symbol. NT
LillyBell273 0   08/21/13 04:17 PM
*Help with BB Viewer! My feeds are messed up and about 20 minutes late! Solution please! NT
supreme2013 7   08/16/13 03:55 PM
x*sign out and back into CBS - worked for me after someone told me earlier NT
rockabye08/16/13 03:59 PM
x*If this worked, great and thanks, but...
liquid8d08/16/13 05:46 PM
x*How do you log out of CBS login on BB Viewer? NT
supreme08/16/13 04:01 PM
x*Hover and click on Tools, Log out of CBS NT
rockabye08/16/13 04:02 PM
x*Finally worked! Thanks rockabye! NT
supreme08/16/13 04:06 PM
x*sure thing! NT
rockabye08/16/13 04:06 PM
x*I haven't been able to get my BBviewer to work for a couple of weeks now NT
jerrijan08/16/13 03:57 PM
*I was motivated this evening to my 1st screenshot, but realized I didn't know how. Is this something that the Viewer supports? Is this a dumb ? NT
BleacherBum461 1   08/15/13 11:21 PM
x*the Windows version does, I believe NT
frustratedposter08/16/13 07:53 AM
*For those having 403 Forbidden error msg. from mobile devices..here's solution:
who_DOES_THAT1604 5   08/15/13 09:11 PM
x*thank you for posting this, had the problem since lastnight! this fixed it NT
Sold2Gypsies08/17/13 08:27 PM
Sunfirehere208/16/13 08:00 PM
x*I hope you figured it out by now..just saw this,..sorry. It's at the bottom of the page on the mobile site. NT
who_DOES_THAT08/17/13 01:30 AM
x*Thank you. NT
crazyq08/15/13 09:24 PM
x*you're welcome. NT
who_DOES_THAT08/15/13 11:08 PM
*I want to change my password, and don't know what I need to do. Help please NT
TexasBlondie373 1   08/15/13 08:01 PM
x*Problem is that because of auto login I don't remember my password, so how do I change it? NT
TexasBlondie08/15/13 08:02 PM
*For the past few weeks the mobile feeds no longer play on my Android browser (stock bwsr on 4.3). The thumbnail images refresh but no streaming. NT
banner_boy1183 5   08/14/13 02:37 PM
x*we're you always using 4.3? Or did you just upgrade to that? NT
frustratedposter08/15/13 09:34 AM
x*Got 4.3 on my Nexus 4 a few weeks back. May have been related but I don't know the exact date. I'll look into it. NT
banner_boy08/15/13 12:38 PM
x*you may need to reinstall flash NT
frustratedposter08/16/13 07:53 AM
x*mobile feeds aren't using flash, are they? I thought it was html 5 video? When I play them on iOS they certainly aren't flash. NT
banner_boy08/18/13 05:54 PM
x*it may just be the thumbnail images using flash. I thought I read both are used NT
frustratedposter08/19/13 03:19 AM
*Anyone else having problems with the "flash plugin" screwing up during feeds?[Windows 7 32 bit] NT
curt37218 0   08/14/13 02:16 AM
*Totally giving up on BBViewer. Doesn't work.. stops/starts/stops/freezes. NT
Vissie1701 8   08/13/13 03:46 AM
x*There are occasional glitches, but easy enough to fix IMO. Still far better than cbs.com NT
BleacherBum08/15/13 11:17 PM
x*Mine too. It worked great all summer until last thursday. Freezes, loads, ect. NT
rockstars08/14/13 04:37 PM
x*Sorry about that...
liquid8d08/14/13 04:36 PM
x*And liquid, I really appreciate you taking the time to post such a thorough reply NT
Vissie08/15/13 11:30 AM
x*I'm sorry too liquid.. your viewer was great until recently :< NT
Vissie08/15/13 11:29 AM
x*BB Viewer works great for me!! When even I'm having problems with it people using cbs site report having the same troubles. NT
banner_boy08/14/13 02:32 PM
x*it is driving me crazy today! NT
Pearlett08/13/13 03:57 PM
x*I haven't had issues with it NT
frustratedposter08/14/13 07:30 AM
*Im getting really sick of cbs.com... now not only feeds won't work, it appears that my month to month sub has ran out and there is now way for me to
Pecker683 2   08/08/13 07:31 PM
x*At the top of the forum there is a locked post that says CBS help line/submit a question.
mhg7608/08/13 07:33 PM
x*I have no sound on my feeds. Might get 5 -20mins and nothing. I've used BB viewer, IE and Firefox, and I'm able to watch TV shows, pod casts, YouTube
TexasBlondie08/13/13 06:01 PM
*Is there a BBViewer for Android? NT
melmo1522 1   08/07/13 01:05 PM
x*Sorry, not at this point..
liquid8d08/08/13 12:00 PM
*Need help making banner! Need one made!
BBnightmarez376 1   08/07/13 11:38 AM
christinaN08/07/13 02:39 PM
*WOW So if you have timewarner internet you cant even watch big brother online either??? IS THIS A JOKE? NT
HeyJack3714 14   08/04/13 10:01 PM
x*CBS, Time Warner Cable trade barbs on day seven of blackout
liquid8d08/08/13 03:59 PM
x*actually, it looks like CBS is the one blocking TW..
liquid8d08/04/13 10:08 PM
x*Regardless of any other issues. I would cancel my isp in a second if they kept me from accessing a website like that. NT
Markymark08/04/13 10:04 PM
x*yeah, if that's the case, that is absolute BS. NT
liquid8d08/04/13 10:07 PM
x*Is it the ISP stopping them or CBS stopping them because of their ISP? NT
doodles444s08/04/13 10:05 PM
x*CBS is the one blocking website in response to tw NT
sword112208/04/13 10:05 PM
x*Yea I thought it was this too NT
doodles444s08/04/13 10:06 PM
x*I don't understand how they think they can literally block the CBS website. It's the freaking Internet. NT
BreachofTrust08/04/13 10:03 PM
x*CBS blocking website NT
sword112208/04/13 10:06 PM
x*I don't understand why those affected are unable to watch Over the Air. NT
banner_boy08/04/13 10:03 PM
x*In certain areas. Milwaukee still has it. NT
ChuckInWI08/04/13 10:02 PM
x*That's what I've heard. I have TWC but still have CBS NT
jerrijan08/04/13 10:02 PM
x*What I don't get is I have TW but BB is on my tv?? NT
SpencersBeard08/04/13 10:01 PM
x*Only certain markets NT
sword112208/04/13 10:04 PM
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