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*Finding Answers Before You Ask...
ForumAdmin15867 0   Sticky Post
*FAQ: Where did my post go?
ForumAdmin8539 0   Sticky Post
*CBS' feed/subscription "help line" and Submit a Question form ~ call toll free (888)-274-5343
Starr5019 0   Sticky Post
*liquid8d: BBViewer 5.3 Available Now!
Dreamer3738 0   Sticky Post
*New UBB Codes to embed tweets and instragram posts
ForumAdmin2698 0   Sticky Post
*B3V Viewer is ready for S19 (similar to BBViewer). See inside for links and instructions. Works with Windows and Macs
binkie941298 0   Sticky Post
*Real is interested in what YOU think of the new format...
Jokerette140530 149   07/10/10 11:51 PM
x*If they don't know what a Stop/Pause button is, it's highly unlikely they have the skills to implement any other suggestions...
Astros07/14/10 08:02 PM
x*I liked last year's better because ...
Mandy5507/14/10 02:32 PM
x*I Think We Need to Exert Some Real Pressure On Real NT
BHiles07/14/10 09:38 AM
x*That Pressure Should Come Out in the form of MEDIA COVERAGE NT
BHiles07/14/10 09:40 AM
x*I am sure the Wall Street Journal would be interested in something that affect earnings
BHiles07/14/10 09:51 AM
x*Their Earning Report Comes out July 29th and I am SURE investors would like to also know What kind of garbage they have produced. NT
BHiles07/14/10 09:43 AM
x*Well, it SUCKS and should be fixed!, I want the old format back...NT
eibeh00707/14/10 06:20 AM
x*Since you asked...
CarolP07/13/10 09:48 PM
x*I hate it I miss the old format NT
Honeynut07/13/10 09:04 AM
x*Flash feeds should be widescreen and be available in 480p, 720p resolution NT
Hoozah07/13/10 08:20 AM
x*First we have to complain to CBS to produce the show in HD before that can happen NT
unclevanya07/14/10 06:22 AM
x*What's with the maintenance every night at Midnight PT? Your own site says 1 feed, at a time down and each feed only 5 minutes. NT
maggiemae07/13/10 12:11 AM
x*BBAD goes off and everyone is logging back onto feeds. NT
N2BB07/13/10 12:57 AM
x*Thumbnails of the feeds should match what the feeds actually are NT
bedhead6607/12/10 11:33 PM
x*Im truely mad about spending 40 dollars and the feeds are crap ready for a refund NT
MsPink07/12/10 11:32 PM
x*They have 1 Week or I am filing a Class Action for Breach of Contract
BHiles07/12/10 09:43 PM
x*I want the option of watching in Real Player. I hate having to have a browser open taking up screenspace. Fullscreen whitespace s*cks! NT
chowdah_head07/12/10 09:14 PM
x*Hey Real FU NT
triplecrunch07/12/10 08:44 PM
x*Fix it now!
Anonymous07/12/10 05:44 PM
x*time to cancel new feeds
Anonymous07/12/10 04:35 PM
x*We need a PAUSE And REWIND BUTTON PAHEESE. AND able to put Minutes on FB!!!! NT
Snoopa07/12/10 02:07 PM
x*You CAN NOT Watch Live Feeds Outside of USA !!
BannerPilot07/12/10 12:43 PM
x*Takes WAY too much BW.....loading.....loading AND there's no FULL screen! NT
VanWinkle07/12/10 12:10 PM
x*Multiple streams
JanBrady200907/12/10 12:46 PM
x*My Must Fix Problems
liquid807/12/10 11:54 AM
x*Excellent in every way. RealPlayer should hire you. NT
Chunkerton07/13/10 01:16 AM
x*Best summary so far of the issues with Real Superpass NT
infomachine07/13/10 12:49 AM
x*The best overall response I've seen. Thank you. NT
maggiemae07/13/10 12:06 AM
x*yeah. what liquid8 said. NT
Babyblue07/12/10 12:31 PM
blueeyed07/12/10 10:00 AM
x*Too much bandwidtch/CPU usage required to view the feeds. NT
KennyN07/12/10 08:42 AM
x*Same complaints as listed below! Really would like Real Player or some other option available. NT
BoJangles7607/12/10 01:33 AM
x*@BigBroLiveFeeds: Real's Response Via Twitter:
Adiva07/12/10 01:33 AM
x*I want the full screen option, plus a bigger quad cam. NT
Sizzle07/12/10 07:19 AM
Pyke07/12/10 12:36 AM
x*My thoughts on the "new" player we've been given for S12...
Chunkerton07/12/10 12:25 AM
x*Amen!! NT
momof407/12/10 08:57 AM
x*i want the old real player back
Whoopee9507/12/10 12:12 AM
x*Stop doing daily maintance at 3 am. It's right after BBAD and there is usually still stuff going on. Pick a better time.
SouthernBelladonna07/12/10 12:11 AM
x*This years real is horrible, it never works, and it doesnt pop out! NT
krypton31107/12/10 12:08 AM
x*A complete disaster. I'll be watching a feed and then it will jump to the previous day's feed. It's all over the place. NT
dave91107/11/10 10:08 PM
x*I thought I would like it in a browser but no...
Folie07/11/10 09:18 PM
x*And just think. They had a year to come up with this crap. NT
titan907/11/10 07:59 PM
x*And still didn't do a public test run, until the night before. Idiots. I feel cheated. NT
maggiemae07/13/10 12:17 AM
x*Horrible - Need to change it back. NT
tsj07/11/10 07:57 PM
x*I like the new format ok, but I hate the flashback because we need to be able to rewind back up to catch exactly what we want to see what we missed,
Melonie07/11/10 07:51 PM
x*Hot ass mess.. I prefer the other one. NT
jade9500607/11/10 07:49 PM
x*"Hot ass mess." Haha... I like that description. NT
titan907/11/10 07:52 PM
x*The entire thing is a mess. Real knew it did not work, yet released
Noles8807/11/10 06:55 PM
x*The bandwidth usage is the big problem. This needs to be corrected in order for me to view the feeds. NT
Jolt1007/11/10 06:00 PM
x*I don't want to use the web based browser, it's slows everything down too much and I have to reboot, also something where
Denise07/11/10 05:09 PM
x*And I'll take 2 front row seats to a Bruce Springsteen concert to compensate for all the annoyance Real Player has put me through. NT
Denise07/11/10 05:10 PM
x*my feeds are horribly choppy, not fluid, my cpu usage us pinned at 100 % go back to the old format NT
Anya197607/11/10 05:04 PM
x*Canceled and am going to be getting a refund. Will resubscribe if they go back to RP!!!!
mainstreetman07/11/10 04:55 PM
x*the thumbs aren't accurate when you click
Imagine4vr07/11/10 04:17 PM
x*I just posted this on the CBS Facebook page. I'm sure it will be removed in no time...
Adiva07/11/10 03:29 PM
x*where's the popout viewer? video image on a white background? amatuers NT
triplecrunch07/11/10 03:15 PM
x*HATE THEM .. Constant Loops. Low Volume, Small size, No Quad volume, and no control over the feeds watched.
Taelyn07/11/10 02:25 PM
x*volume is my #1 complaint. By now they should realize that these people whisper and they need to really crank up the volume or provide subtitles! NT
spinsister07/12/10 12:15 PM
x*Yep, I forgot the volume's too low. NT
Denise07/11/10 05:13 PM
x*I know this be would too much to ask but sound selection by mouse-over pic in quad would be A W E S O M E!! NT
bbfan66107/11/10 02:39 PM
x*Since when does FULLscreen mean a quarter screen? How about a 3/4 refund? NT
Jandles07/11/10 01:38 PM
x*4 different feeds, rewind, bigger full screen...Bring back RP NT
jaginboston07/11/10 01:13 PM
x*Big Request
kaycee200507/11/10 12:27 PM
x*I have over 10 GB of drivespace left and when I open the feeds it's all gone instantly untill I close the page. NT
bbfan66107/11/10 12:01 PM
x*Feed is not "up to speed" and fullscreen should actually be a FULLSCREEN!! Everyone pays for this and it is not worth a crap!! NT
VirgoGirl7907/11/10 11:41 AM
x*4 feeds, 2 duplicates, 1 room
addicted2BB1207/11/10 11:34 AM
x*We pay for this, we shouls getr decent service!! We are not getting good service!! NT
LindaS201007/11/10 10:44 AM
x*Super Pass has a facebook with lots of complaints. Add yours....
presleys_child07/11/10 09:02 AM
x*Here's CBS's facebook
Dreamer07/11/10 10:40 AM
x*Thanks Presley. I left a message over there. Hopefully they will do something. NT
GemStar07/11/10 10:07 AM
x*twitter about the bandwidth issue people @Real_SuperPass and @bigbrolivefeeds - Everything else is minor - this could mean no internet for 6 months NT
PinkElephant07/11/10 09:07 AM
x*Needs a pause or shut off button without having to shut down the window. NT
NoJunque07/11/10 08:59 AM
x*Yes! Good suggestion! NT
SouthernBelladonna07/12/10 12:12 AM
x*Evaluation Score 2 out of 10 D-...FAIL
deeplakes07/11/10 08:34 AM
x*I totally hate the new format .. I didn't ever use fullscreen but I would double the size of the screen and would use the non-time-outs links .. and
lollieb07/11/10 08:24 AM
x*I want it back to streaming in REALplayer.. Or atleast FULLscreen. or I cancel. NT
Ziroc07/11/10 08:20 AM
x*I can't believe I'm paying for this, Never happened before! Please give us back RP!!! NT
Denise5007/11/10 08:10 AM
x*I have had Real solid since season 5. Never have cancelled but the bandwidth issue may make me do that. NT
presleys_child07/11/10 08:02 AM
x*YEOW! After reading this thread. This will be the first time I will not get feeds. Unless at least the bandwidth issue is fixed. NT
MsB07/11/10 07:34 AM
x*Full Screen should mean FULL SCREEN!!!!! I do not care for it at all :( NT
CruiseCritic07/11/10 06:56 AM
x*Data usage and single feed viewing.
notprevioususer07/11/10 06:47 AM
x*Dumb question; how are you able to track how much net you've used with Comcast?
kpaq0007/11/10 12:38 PM
x*Go your comcast page "my account" and look under users and settings NT
Quirkydude07/11/10 03:38 PM
x*The 250G limit is mentioned in the Acceptable Use Policy
frustratedposter07/11/10 02:18 PM
x*Pretty sure all comcast customers have the 250 GB limit. Just log into you comcast account....
LettersinKanji07/11/10 12:59 PM
x*The bandwidth issue is a big one for me too. I wish they would go back to the old rp format
MsAnalysis07/11/10 08:34 AM
x*Just want to second the bandwidth issue. If I pay for 24 hour/day feeds, I want to be able to watch them at my leisure and not have to worry about
LettersinKanji07/11/10 07:29 AM
x*I may havie to get with Comcast to add a new "business" internet line NT
Quirkydude07/11/10 08:05 AM
x*How much is that going to cost you? I'm so annoyed by this whole situation. They really dropped the ball here. NT
LettersinKanji07/11/10 08:39 AM
x*I am serious feed watcher, there has to be something wrong with Reals bandwidth estimates... I spoke with a Real Customer service person...
PinkElephant07/11/10 08:14 AM
x*BTW Big Brother will lose ratings soon unless they fix the feeds. It's turning fans off BIGTIME. and they leave 'done' with BB. :(
Ziroc07/11/10 08:25 AM
x*Not enough people watch the feeds to make a difference on the ratings.
titan907/12/10 04:41 PM
x*We need to send twitters to superpass/grodner en mass. Or hack the swf file. NT
PinkElephant07/11/10 08:27 AM
x*I think it's all falling on deaf ears. I vote for hacking! (joking....kinda) NT
Adiva07/11/10 03:59 PM
x*Because each thumbnail is also a 500kpbs stream! Real genius programming, huh? NT
OMGWTFBBQLOL07/11/10 08:16 AM
x*Ugh, seriously? How could they have made such a huge mistake? So frustrating. Did they not think this through at all? NT
LettersinKanji07/11/10 08:36 AM
x*One poster said that the feeds have been outsourced . . .
Dreamer07/11/10 09:29 AM
x*5x500kbps=2500kbps which is 1.13 GB/h or 810.00 GB/m. If you opened 2 feed windows and switch between them you are screwed! NT
PinkElephant07/11/10 08:20 AM
x*thats exactly what it is isnt it... stupid wow. how do we block the thumbnails. Theres got to be a way. NT
PinkElephant07/11/10 08:19 AM
x*There isn't yet. I'm not a technical person, but a poster elsewhere...
OMGWTFBBQLOL07/11/10 08:24 AM
x*Here are my issues with the new format.
Dimples07/11/10 08:31 AM
x*Kevin, this is all so ridiculous. They need to give us back the RealPlayer. Never thought I'd say that. NT
presleys_child07/11/10 08:07 AM
x*Wow, I just checked it. 1 hour of feeds uses 1.2% of my 250GB allotment. At current settings + work -> I can do 50 hours BB only per month NT
PinkElephant07/11/10 07:16 AM
x*Less than 2 hours per day. Ouch! Feeds should be free since you can hardly watch them. NT
CougarSpy07/11/10 07:22 AM
x*If you did nothing else with your internet except BB...
PinkElephant07/11/10 07:36 AM
x*ability to scale video, ability to turn off side thumbnails, pause in Fast Forward, cant be precise when moving scroller in Fast Forward NT
PinkElephant07/11/10 06:43 AM
x*don't do feed resetting at midnight. do it at 5 or 6 a.m. and sound for the quad cam. missing the equalizer too. NT
lins07/11/10 06:31 AM
x*and the flashback replays have hours and hours of sound instead of one, which makes trying to get to certain points impossible. NT
lins07/11/10 06:32 AM
x*so far I think it is terrible
Trip07/11/10 06:13 AM
x*Go back to the old way, this one keeps loading and I have a hard time hearing them NT
SunnySunshine07/11/10 07:47 PM
x*I like the Realplayer, we had the options to adjust the color, an equalizer, pause, fastforward, rewind, audio control, resize the player
Dreamer07/11/10 06:04 AM
x*I agree with Dreamer... just return to RealPlayer. (or at least give US that option) NT
Kylie2207/11/10 07:10 AM
x*Just make the feeds like we've had them for the past 10 seasons. NT
Starr07/11/10 06:00 AM
x*I agree with Starr... Same format only with better quality! NT
Louise4607/11/10 06:02 AM
x*Feedback for Real RE: the feeds
OMGWTFBBQLOL07/11/10 05:59 AM
x*ITA, couldn't have said it any better. Bandwidth is the biggest and most important issue. NT
sailingsan07/11/10 08:47 AM
x*Everything is wrong with this it needs to be fixed Tomorrow!
kungfuwomn07/11/10 05:53 AM
x*Missing pause and rewind, thumbnail mismatch, no sound on quad - it wasn't broken - sorry they changed it NT
ccquilter07/11/10 05:43 AM
x*on flashback, its really hard to get to the exact time you want. you can go to the right hour, but when you try to navigate back and forth it sends ..
katerade07/11/10 05:43 AM
x*S12 Flashback function is utterly frustrating and almost completely unusable. NT
sailingsan07/11/10 10:15 AM
x*Preview window content does not match what's actually being played. NT
momof407/11/10 05:20 AM
x*the always-on-top feature and the ability to resize the window
bruiser07/11/10 05:37 AM
x*Uses ALOT of bandwidth. I have to ration watching the feeds now not to exceed my carriers usage limits. NT
hillbilly07/11/10 04:48 AM
x*bandwidth is a huge issue. we already pay for Superpass, we shouldnt have to pay extra because superpasses new format
Adiva07/11/10 05:41 AM
x*It's a mess! And I hate that I can no longer use BB Reloader. NT
Kapri07/11/10 03:13 AM
x*Feed Improvements
Catssp107/11/10 12:34 AM
x*Small Screen; poor sound volume; strobes from one feed to the next on its own; disappointed... NT
Dawplgangr07/11/10 12:25 AM
x*Sound volume so bad I went and got external speakers for my laptop.I note all of the above problems too! NT
Mazita07/11/10 09:23 AM
x*Does anyone know if it is possible to cancel the 3 month subscription??? NT
Mazita07/11/10 09:24 AM
x*real player feedback
Mister112807/11/10 12:14 AM
x*Complaint about new format.
BBLover4Life07/11/10 12:11 AM
x*I agree, simply going back to RP would be outstanding. NT
Squiggs07/11/10 12:13 AM
x*Hate it. Return to the old format PLEASE! I like viewing it in real player NT
Cassandra_07/11/10 12:05 AM
x*Stop messing up the feeds when BBAD ends. NT
SouthernBelladonna07/11/10 12:03 AM
x*Also, the small screens FREQUENTLY are frozen or don't reflect the actual feeds.
SouthernBelladonna07/11/10 12:05 AM
x*from chat...
Jokerette07/11/10 12:02 AM
x*Huge step backwards
gallandro07/11/10 12:01 AM
x*Resize/fullscreen ,Pop out player, Live thumbs, Snaps and PLEASE make the looping stop, it's so confusing. NT
Squiggs07/10/10 11:58 PM
x*what are thumbs and snaps? NT
Jokerette07/11/10 12:04 AM
x*The feed thumbnails are usually from hours before, they should be live. Snaps = I'd like to take snapshots. NT
Squiggs07/11/10 12:07 AM
x*We need fullscreen! NT
xrayspex07/10/10 11:56 PM
x*we need sound on quad too, right? NT
Jokerette07/10/10 11:59 PM
x*Yes! NT
xrayspex07/11/10 12:00 AM
x*Absolutely. NT
Squiggs07/11/10 12:02 AM
x*My biggest complaint is not being able to resize the feed. Second is not being able to easily open multiple feeds. NT
tsk092807/10/10 11:55 PM
x*Volume and Rewind NT
Moonie07/10/10 11:55 PM
x*FULL SCREEN/Be able to adjust video size. NT
aps81707/10/10 11:52 PM
x*we need to be able to resize bigger AND smaller, NT
Adiva07/11/10 05:38 AM
*yes! finally! BBviewer...
mcoop39322 67   07/12/10 06:32 PM
x*I wish I could get this to work for me. This is what I have done. Can someone see if I am missing something?
GazingEyes07/13/10 01:37 PM
x*Ok, so I had this working fine last night....why can't I get anything to play this morning? I'm still signed into
SportsChick07/13/10 05:38 AM
x*Ok, so I am answering my own question with another one, and I'll list what I did if anyone else is having the same problem:
SportsChick07/13/10 05:51 AM
x*Hi all ... I'm having problems with the bb12flvlauncher / player too. It was working great but not now ...
WyndSpirit07/13/10 02:17 PM
x*Awww nuts!!!
WyndSpirit07/13/10 02:33 PM
x*Mine are playing for 5 to 10 mins and then freezing :( NT
Whirley07/13/10 06:00 PM
x*I get this behavior on my other computer
M3gabyt307/13/10 07:13 AM
x*For those still having problems with the bb12flvlauncher,
WyndSpirit07/14/10 02:01 AM
x*It's a shame they won't make a Mac version NT
MeAgain07/13/10 03:34 AM
x*Thank you M3gabyt3!!! This is GREAT! :) :) :) NT
OMGWTFBBQLOL07/12/10 11:51 PM
x*Big TIP - Use the tab key to hide all the controls. NT
M3gabyt307/12/10 11:43 PM
x*Left arrow rewinds 5 seconds, right arrow forward 5 seconds, spacebar pause/play. (more)
rig_antonius07/13/10 01:03 AM
x*Mouse wheel also fast forward and rewinds, but quicker than arrows. NT
rig_antonius07/13/10 01:18 AM
x*This works great! So lightweight. NT
rig_antonius07/12/10 11:03 PM
x*Perfect....TY all 4 screens up with volume finally NT
IamBigBrother07/12/10 08:20 PM
x*Is there a way to keep the windows on top? NT
SportsChick07/12/10 07:59 PM
x*Not without using something else that will let you keep any window on top.
M3gabyt307/12/10 08:15 PM
x*Thanks tho, it's been working great so far. NT
SportsChick07/13/10 05:35 AM
x*Deskpins works great NT
BigBroWatcher07/12/10 08:44 PM
x*Deskpins for me too.. NT
augie07/13/10 01:07 PM
x*how do i put always on top? NT
jaymee07/12/10 07:48 PM
x*Will this work using Google Chrome? NT
SportsChick07/12/10 07:06 PM
x*You need to login with Internet Explorer first.
M3gabyt307/12/10 07:25 PM
x*Thank you, lol, I figured it out. NT
SportsChick07/12/10 07:51 PM
x*i logged in like ten times....it keeps saying i am not logged into superpass, i did it with ie so what's going on? NT
jaymee07/12/10 07:40 PM
x*Run IE as Administrator to do the login step, here is a screen shot
M3gabyt307/12/10 07:43 PM
x*help, i downloaded it and followed all instructions. the bbviewer window is open but is black, how do i get feeds playing in it? NT
jaymee07/12/10 07:04 PM
x*Hmm. Same here. Somebody? Anybody?? NT
SportsChick07/12/10 07:05 PM
x*Thanks for posting the link! My feeds are SO clear now! I love it. :)
Trishness07/12/10 06:56 PM
x*Nice! can anyone tell me how to size it? I must not be doing it right, also any idea how to always keep it on top so I can watch & browse the net? NT
Denise07/12/10 06:56 PM
x*Click and drag the corner, use the 5x/1x/2x buttons, or double click for fullscreen NT
M3gabyt307/12/10 07:22 PM
x*Thanks M3, I love it! NT
Denise07/12/10 07:59 PM
x*ugh! I wanna get this to work soooo bad but I am signed into real player but it keeps telling me to sign in
kindaobsessed07/12/10 06:48 PM
x*I'm having the same problem and ran IE as administrator. IDK what the issue is. Ugh NT
LettersinKanji07/13/10 01:25 AM
x*Ok, I just cleaned my temp files and restarted IE and it works now. Try that! Make sure to ran as admin too. NT
LettersinKanji07/13/10 01:26 AM
x*Run IE as Administrator when you login.
M3gabyt307/12/10 07:27 PM
x*Sign in through your browser and tell it to remember you or "always keep your signed in"
Dimples07/12/10 06:53 PM
x*don't cry! are you signed in under internet explorer? NT
mcoop07/12/10 06:50 PM
x*BBViewer 1 Realplayer 0 Works great..... Thanks NT
deeplakes07/12/10 06:47 PM
x*the instructions sound too complicated for me! NT
YouGotGot07/12/10 06:45 PM
x*It's really not at all. Just download two things. 1, 2, 3. :) NT
Trishness07/12/10 06:54 PM
x*has anyone figured out how to keep it on top while playing? NT
Pearlett07/12/10 06:44 PM
x*I don't get it. How do you play the feeds in it? NT
nic220007/12/10 06:44 PM
x*I adore you for posting this...thanks! NT
DiamondK07/12/10 06:43 PM
x*<3 NT
mcoop07/12/10 06:44 PM
x*Does it work for Macs? NT
friendlydaisy1107/12/10 06:43 PM
x*Nope NT
M3gabyt307/12/10 07:27 PM
x*works great! Awesome :) also u dont have to have logged in using IE. I used Firefox NT
Gorf07/12/10 06:43 PM
x*wow! really? i wonder if anyone can access them? NT
mcoop07/12/10 06:43 PM
x*couple complaints though. It should say what feed I am currently watching :P also I hate that it opens a new window NT
Gorf07/12/10 06:45 PM
x*nm fixed the opening new windows problem. Now I just wish I knew what feed I was watching :P NT
Gorf07/12/10 06:48 PM
x*If you look at the feed URL displayed in the title bar...
M3gabyt307/12/10 07:30 PM
x*Is this M3's viewer? NT
Judybug07/12/10 06:41 PM
x*It has a virus alert...is it OK? NT
Teepee07/12/10 06:38 PM
x*What virus software and what does it say it has? NT
M3gabyt307/12/10 06:58 PM
x*I didn't get one and it works great! NT
Pearlett07/12/10 06:39 PM
x*I never got a virus alert...works great! fast, clear NT
mcoop07/12/10 06:39 PM
x*thanks guys! NT
Teepee07/12/10 06:40 PM
x*I can't get this one to work at all. Guess I'll stick with B3V . NT
Squiggs07/12/10 06:37 PM
x*Sweet, I got it to work! NT
Squiggs07/12/10 06:43 PM
x*Bless you....will try it very, very soon! NT
RocknKnit07/12/10 06:37 PM
x*It pauses and all too! NT
mcoop07/12/10 06:35 PM
x*No freaking way.... NT
nic220007/12/10 06:37 PM
x*Can this be made a sticky or posted in the tech or help section too? NT
RCSAR07/12/10 06:37 PM
x*pause??? yay.. and record? am i asking for too much? NT
VelvetWind07/12/10 06:36 PM
x*I love it but is there a way to keep it on top while playing? NT
Pearlett07/12/10 06:35 PM
RCSAR07/12/10 06:34 PM
*To hide the hg banner for now...
M3gabyt328563 12   03/25/15 05:54 PM
x*What time was that? Thanks. NT
JennDiaz11/17/16 10:12 AM
x*Huh? NT
frustratedposter08/18/17 04:50 PM
x*it is now 3:52 PM :) thanks for playing NT
Belle09/19/17 01:52 PM
x*She's Production's pet & they have slipped up a few times this season by saying things. No way she could guess correctly twice in a row. NT
LillyBell11/06/16 02:16 PM
Emijo11/04/16 06:48 PM
x*I TOTALLY agree NT
Debbie_Lynne10/24/16 10:27 AM
x*right my thoughts omg!! NT
zacksmommy10/21/16 09:18 PM
x*If Daniel is evicted this week, then Kryssie needs to go next wk NT
Emijo10/14/16 04:05 PM
x*xx2000xx. Has anyone ever told you how AMAZING you are? NT
LillyBell09/29/16 10:48 AM
x*I was thinking the same thing, is nic even awake NT
naomii08/24/16 09:44 PM
x*No, it takes away the power of the Hoh NT
Usernamejax06/24/16 01:54 PM
x*He's being a baby NT
Tara8306/28/15 01:58 PM
*BBViewer 3.1: Devin is a complete Whackjob edition! (quickfix)
liquid8d24220 33   06/29/14 09:12 PM
x*is bbviewer down? NT
JoeTheInformed08/04/14 04:37 PM
x*Thank you! NT
BB_Historian08/04/14 03:44 PM
x*Thanks so much! Have no idea why I waited so long to use this viewer, but I think I love you. ;) NT
Starr07/10/14 01:01 PM
x*Will this work on iPad? NT
tamtlp07/05/14 03:25 PM
x*no, this is not for any mobile devices NT
liquid8d07/09/14 03:40 PM
x*Running Windows 7 and it works perfectly! Thanks! NT
BleacherBum07/04/14 11:04 PM
x*issue with screenshot...
luvmykitties07/03/14 08:00 PM
x*Screenshots are in..
liquid8d07/05/14 09:39 AM
x*thank you!! You're awesome :-) NT
luvmykitties07/05/14 01:50 PM
x*Thanks liquid :o) NT
mhg7607/02/14 01:27 AM
x*beautiful! thanks again, liquid. the viewer truly saves this show. NT
TwoMinutesHate07/01/14 02:51 PM
x*thank you for this SOOOO much!!!!!!!!!! <3 NT
Folie07/01/14 02:49 PM
x*Just like last year, when I try to use the bbviewer, when I click on it, all I get is the "do you want to install adobe air" which I already
decafjnr07/01/14 03:44 AM
liquid8d07/01/14 09:48 AM
x*Well darn! That didn't work. It's doing the same thing. NT
decafjnr07/02/14 04:08 AM
x*Ok, I'll try that, but I deleted it and reloaded it and the same thing happened NT
decafjnr07/02/14 01:56 AM
x*Updated version worked great yesterday and this morning. This evening buffering like crazy. Clicking "Live" brings it back, but... Just me? NT
maggiemae06/30/14 09:04 PM
x*sounds like your connection.. did you try setting quality to low? NT
liquid8d06/30/14 09:43 PM
x*No I didn't try that, because it was working fine yesterday and this morning. :( It looks so great in high quality. I'll try. Thanks! NT
maggiemae06/30/14 11:28 PM
x*I'm so sad! This is the 1st year Ive ever not been able to use BB Viewer! I'm pretty sure the problem is with the CBS browser within the viewer.
Jadey06/30/14 04:28 PM
x*:( What's the problem? Trying to login with social account or?? NT
liquid8d06/30/14 07:52 PM
x*Exactly. I signed up for feeds using google plus. The CBS browser in the viewer makes the google link unclickable. NT
Jadey07/02/14 12:28 PM
x*Did we lose the screencap feature in this latest update? NT
susanr34206/30/14 03:43 PM
x*make sure you got the Windows (exe) version.. NT
liquid8d06/30/14 09:55 PM
x*Thank you liquid8d that did the trick. Didn't notice that the one downloaded when starting viewer was not an exe file. I have my screencaps back. NT
susanr34207/01/14 08:57 AM
x*Thank you so much liguid...BB viewer is wonderful...you are truly appreciated. NT
reddgirl06/30/14 03:07 PM
x*I just want to say Thank you!! I don't think I could/would enjoy the feeds as much as I do without your BBViewer. NT
AMK06/30/14 11:55 AM
x*Thank you! NT
Sonny06/29/14 11:48 PM
x*Thank you! NT
KnightHawk06/29/14 10:06 PM
x*Thank you! Working much better now. NT
maggiemae06/29/14 09:32 PM
x*The hanging "circle" when changing feeds was driving me nuts today. This seems to have solved the problem. Thanks! NT
Corndogger06/29/14 09:31 PM
x*i know.. it was annoying! :) NT
liquid8d06/29/14 09:43 PM
x*You are so fantastic - works so much better.THANKS and THANKS again. NT
augie06/30/14 06:26 PM
*I just got off the phone with RP again. I spoke to a person in Seattle. Guess where it the chat is going to be Winelle LIVES! Yeah! NT
Ariel117123451 33   09/26/06 04:10 PM
x*In ChillTown Ariel1171 or LA? lol You're funny lol NT
joyce0609/26/06 04:29 PM
x**jumping up and down doing freeze frame high 5's* NT
starstar6709/26/06 04:16 PM
x*awww, 5 star dinner is when they did the freeze frame, how sad... NT
JCutie09/26/06 04:21 PM
x*Someone just ask James where he is chatting from? NT
GloJean121609/26/06 04:15 PM
x*they're just trying to get you to stop calling lol - the chat is in seattle NT
WootWoot09/26/06 04:14 PM
x*BB is doing the interveiw. RP is not doing any of the interveiws at all. They are just providing the feeds NT
Ariel117109/26/06 04:21 PM
x*how do you know are you with RP? you seem to have so many answers NT
femmee09/26/06 04:17 PM
x*B/c I called and was persistant about it. I am calling CBS tomorrow too NT
Ariel117109/26/06 04:30 PM
x*Are you in CA.. or do you just have too much time on your hands LOL NT
iheartrealitytv09/26/06 04:35 PM
x*Ok so ummm what exactley are we going to do with this pertinant information? NT
Skygirl09/26/06 04:14 PM
x*taking bets that kaysar will be there standing by durin janey's chat...lol NT
debz09/26/06 04:14 PM
x*They may have lied to you...I think it will be in a safe house in Wyoming! NT
BB5327409/26/06 04:14 PM
x*lol.. NT
shanna1109/26/06 04:15 PM
x*Ariel your persitance pays off-nice work!! NT
StillHere09/26/06 04:13 PM
x*Am I the only one getting a headache? NT
LunaC09/26/06 04:12 PM
x*Nope. NT
lindsay348209/26/06 04:28 PM
x*I really don't get all this fuss over where the chat is going to be held. Why does it matter..we'll all get to see them on our little computers. It
iheartrealitytv09/26/06 04:12 PM
x*exactly. even if they have it in the back room at les deux again its not likely she and will will see each other NT
WootWoot09/26/06 04:15 PM
x*OMG - pls don't tell me that this is yet another pipe dream for Winnelle - if the chat is in CA. NT
iheartrealitytv09/26/06 04:16 PM
x*LMAO ... yeah, you didn't get that? NT
WootWoot09/26/06 04:22 PM
x*I suspected.. but I tried to give the benefit of the doubt that common sense and awareness of the obvious would prevail... guess I was wrong :( NT
iheartrealitytv09/26/06 04:27 PM
x*My head is going to explode! ;) NT
justme09/26/06 04:20 PM
x*I'd prefer a few others did instead... they're proving to be quite empty LOL NT
iheartrealitytv09/26/06 04:23 PM
x*I only care if it's done in Nantucket NT
IggysPINKTights09/26/06 04:14 PM
x*maybe not to you NT
femmee09/26/06 04:13 PM
x*Well then tell me why it matters to you.. what's the big deal on the location? NT
iheartrealitytv09/26/06 04:14 PM
x*is TP same as RP? NT
femmee09/26/06 04:11 PM
x*Sorry I am so excited. The interveiw is being done by BB at CBS NT
Ariel117109/26/06 04:13 PM
x*i dont want it to be by BB the other guy is not scared to ask questions, and when he said just make a note erin is here with us NT
kindaobsessed09/26/06 04:16 PM
x*the same guy who did the kaysar and CT chats is doing this one NT
WootWoot09/26/06 04:23 PM
x*will is conducting the interview. NT
forgetaboutit09/26/06 04:14 PM
LunaC09/26/06 04:16 PM
x*Um.. okay NT
AeRo_2109/26/06 04:11 PM
*What is the best viewer to use?
nascargirl20941 31   07/06/06 09:22 AM
x*I am in love with M3's BB Viewer .....
Kaz07/06/06 09:26 AM
x*another BB viewer question. I just downloaded it to my work computer, and am getting a message saying: to view this content using AOL
diana07/07/06 06:30 AM
x*You need to login to Real, with IE or with Real Player first. NT
M3gabyt307/07/06 07:17 AM
x*that makes sense..lol. thanks m3 :) NT
diana07/07/06 07:31 AM
x*That link just gives an error message
cricket07/06/06 10:09 PM
x*go to bbviewer.com instead. Or read other posts in here first. NT
M3gabyt307/06/06 10:29 PM
x*I just downloaded BBViewer. (very nice M3!!) it keeps timing out after about a minute.
diana07/06/06 04:49 PM
x*Feeds will not be showing at all until after the BB program airs.
dustbunny207/06/06 04:49 PM
x*i have stripes, like during the emergency broadcast test? lol. i'm worried about the timing out.
diana07/06/06 04:52 PM
x*1 min 23 seconds to be exact. NT
diana07/06/06 04:55 PM
x*It's normal until the feeds start. NT
Nece07/06/06 04:58 PM
x*Thanks Nece :D NT
diana07/06/06 07:04 PM
x*test pattern here! NT
Alexa07/06/06 04:51 PM
x*Can the BB7viewer have more than one applic up on the desktop
Lil_Moco07/06/06 04:34 PM
x*What is the difference between the two (Rp and BB Viewer)? :) NT
Disneyisme07/06/06 12:51 PM
M3gabyt307/06/06 01:13 PM
x*I do forget that with realplayer one can rewind the feeds up to a certain amount of time....
Kaz07/06/06 02:03 PM
x*Okay! Wow! That's a lot of information, thanks M3..I am definitely going to check out BB Viewer! NT
Disneyisme07/06/06 01:52 PM
x*I've never used anything other than Real Player. But I just downloaded M3's viewer.
MsB07/06/06 11:43 AM
x*Real Player is what I use, I may have go download M3's later though NT
RedBB07/06/06 12:05 PM
x*That's what I have...M3 is a GENIUS!!!! NT
strkaholic07/06/06 10:42 AM
x*when i go to that page i get ..Sorry, this GeoCities site is currently unavailable. NT
TaeLinn207/06/06 10:17 AM
x*Try bbviewer.com instead. NT
M3gabyt307/06/06 10:39 AM
x*sounds great :) (thanks in advance m3!) but the site is unavailable.. :( NT
TwoMinutesHate07/06/06 10:17 AM
x*ah, its up now and i downloaded...a big thanks m3. it looks great, and i love that it stays on top..fab. NT
TwoMinutesHate07/06/06 10:37 AM
x*How much RAM is enough to run all 4 cams??? I have 448MB. Will that do it??? NT
HippyFeet07/06/06 10:10 AM
x*that should be enough... I know that 256 wasn't enough for me.
Kaz07/06/06 10:13 AM
x*Kaz...is anything ever really enough for you? LOL :) NT
cynben07/06/06 10:15 AM
x*I just realized M3 made that. Duh! I'm going to try it now. Thanks Kaz & M3! :) NT
Nece07/06/06 10:02 AM
x*I give it two enthusiastic thumbs up plus a Woo Hoo! :-) NT
Nece07/06/06 10:32 AM
x*Thanks, I will give that a try! NT
Scarlett07/06/06 09:48 AM
*computer help? (please)
RayBB8818877 30   06/30/06 03:25 PM
x*what browser are you using? Do you have VideoLan installed? NT
Hypnotoad06/30/06 04:02 PM
x*all of those worked
RayBB8806/30/06 03:39 PM
x*Are you in the USA ? It doesn't work for me because I am not... NT
Zingara06/30/06 03:56 PM
x*Have you checked for Flash player?
Dreamer06/30/06 03:50 PM
x*flash is working... but what is video lan exactly? (i do live in USA)
RayBB8806/30/06 04:38 PM
x*I know when I've had problems with video appearing black, I had to adjust ...
Nece06/30/06 06:26 PM
x*i did everything that was said.... on bb7's site i click kaysars interview, it is black, only audio...
RayBB8806/30/06 07:29 PM
x*RayBB88 . .try this . . ..
Dreamer06/30/06 08:18 PM
x*that doesn't work, but i might know the problem maybe someone can help?
RayBB8806/30/06 08:40 PM
x*your internet explorer security settings do not allow activex ???? NT
Hypnotoad07/01/06 05:21 AM
x*I wonder if we changed it to work with WMP
Nece07/01/06 02:56 AM
RayBB8807/01/06 09:12 AM
x*You must be going nuts. Do you still get a red circle with a line through it like it's blocked?
Nece07/01/06 01:56 PM
x*firefox seems to be doing better than IE... but it still doesn't showww uppp :( NT
RayBB8807/01/06 03:05 PM
x*I'm sorry, Ray. I don't know what else to suggest. :-( You have all the current players, right? NT
Nece07/01/06 04:35 PM
x*yea i think i have all the recent players... would URGE play those? i mean it is BETA though... thanks anyways NT
RayBB8807/01/06 05:39 PM
x*I'm not familar with Urge. I wonder if you're missing codecs, but I'm not sure how you'd check that. NT
Nece07/01/06 06:56 PM
x*ohhh yeaaa, i always get those messages about codecs, hard to figure out what I'm missing... :-/ HELP ANYONE, CODECS? NT
RayBB8807/01/06 07:06 PM
x*You do? Well DING DING DING, I think we're onto something.
Nece07/01/06 07:21 PM
x*Here's what you should download if you install Divx ...
Nece07/01/06 07:25 PM
x*I HEART my google toolbar :) NT
Bilbo07/01/06 07:23 PM
x*There is much love for the Google Toolbar. Just want Ray to be aware. :) NT
Nece07/01/06 07:26 PM
x*personally hate any toolbar, they are all spyware and take up space on your browser window, a simple link on the browser works and is tiny! NT
BBallstars07/01/06 08:05 PM
Nece07/01/06 08:35 PM
x*me too NT
honeyb07/01/06 07:25 PM
x*i looked... but does anyone know the codec needed to watch videos online, especially bb? I don't want to download everything lol NT
RayBB8807/01/06 07:40 PM
x*Ray, I think we're having some communication problems and it would probably be best if we went through all this thorugh PMs.
Nece07/01/06 08:41 PM
x*when I'm on firefox, it says at the bottom instead of the red circle and white dash "transferring data from cbs.com" but nothing ever happens! NT
RayBB8807/01/06 08:16 PM
x*Did you get this to work? I am having the same problems.
Tabitha02507/07/06 10:31 PM
x*Have you tested your RealPlayer?
Dreamer06/30/06 03:33 PM
*A few people had the sign in problem... was it resolved for anyone? I reinstalled RP and now I have it too.
Astros16377 29   07/08/06 05:34 PM
x*Unbelievable! Problem solved... The popup to get Desktop Weather was not showing the Continue button to continue with the signin process!
Astros07/09/06 10:18 AM
x*Yay!! So glad you got it straightened out Astros! I just spent an hour and a half on the phone with RP
diana07/09/06 10:36 AM
x*ugh - they timed out twice in 5 min. i give up. what are the odds they'll give me my money back? NT
diana07/09/06 10:49 AM
x*Do they also time out with other viewers, like BBViewer or BBLive? NT
Astros07/09/06 10:57 AM
x*is it possible you had increased the text size
frustratedposter07/09/06 10:26 AM
x*Very good observation! I usually do that in IE when I have to use it for one specific site, but haven't changed font size for a while. NT
Astros07/09/06 10:41 AM
x*Have you been downloading the RP Plus?
Dreamer07/08/06 08:00 PM
x*No luck... Thanks for your help Dreamer... This one doesn't think I'm online and I've set the "assume I'm online" option. I have no firewall...
Astros07/08/06 08:19 PM
x*Will you be recording the audio of the call? ;) NT
dustbunny207/08/06 08:56 PM
x*Video too... of me smashing an lcd monitor with RP on it... it will be on YouTube shortly :) NT
Astros07/08/06 09:09 PM
x*they'll be getting one of those from me too Astros. I DESPISE real player.
diana07/08/06 08:55 PM
x*When you uninstalled your RP did you use the r1pclean program?
Dreamer07/08/06 07:06 PM
x*I tried to do it manually but I probably missed some. I'll try this program and I'll report back... NT
Astros07/08/06 07:11 PM
x*grrrr! Astros the same thing is happneing to me now!! I deleted RP b/c it was timing out every 20-30 seconds.
diana07/08/06 06:44 PM
x*You get a page with a button? You're lucky ... :).... I get the stupid weather thing and nothing else. NT
Astros07/08/06 07:01 PM
x*i walked away in frustrating and came back and it finally went through. did you have any luck yet? NT
diana07/08/06 07:02 PM
x*No! lol... I'm going crazy.... (not that I wasn't before :) ) ... RP doesn't like me... waaahhhhhh!... I'll try Dreamer's suggestion above. NT
Astros07/08/06 07:10 PM
x*i spoke too soon. it brought up RP, but won't let me log in.
diana07/08/06 07:36 PM
x*I run .r1pclean.exe (it's in the Setup folder in RealPlayer), I salso run ccleaner to clean up cookies, rebooted, nothing. Same crap. NT
Astros07/08/06 07:38 PM
x*good luck! NT
diana07/08/06 07:14 PM
x*Isn't it maddening? At one time I did a system restore and that seemed to work ... for awhile. NT
Nece07/08/06 06:54 PM
x*I had problems connecting but not signing in NT
LifeHappens07/08/06 06:32 PM
x*I've been having the same problem intermittently. I uninstalled it.
Nece07/08/06 06:21 PM
x*Thanks Nece, I end up to a page that says if I have the icon click it, if I don't have it then d/l the player. I'm online with...
Astros07/08/06 06:29 PM
x*Sorry Astros. I know it's messed up if you can't figure it out.
Nece07/08/06 06:35 PM
x*Incompetence is king in software. Everyone is used to the idea that they don't have to produce working software - their customers will find the bugs..
Astros07/08/06 06:41 PM
x*Did you get it resolved? Don't hate the computer, hate the programmers. ;-) Not all programmers, of course. NT
Nece07/08/06 06:42 PM
x*No solution yet... I did a "clean" reinstall according to some instructions on their pathetic support site, no good. NT
Astros07/08/06 07:00 PM
x*This is absurd! Dons tinfoil hat. Makes me wonder if they don't have the bandwidth & users are being randomly bumped off.
Nece07/08/06 07:05 PM
*New Adobe Air player.. BBViewer
liquid8d16362 45   07/25/12 12:27 PM
x*Thanks soooo much for this! But one question: the Quad feed freezes on me constantly. Anyone else have this issue? NT
bedhead6608/04/12 10:06 AM
x*I've have seen some freezing issues....
liquid8d08/04/12 06:54 PM
x*Just wanted to say THANK YOU for this!! It's awesome. NT
ChexMix08/01/12 07:29 PM
x*Quick Bug Fixes: Version 1.2.2 - should autoupdate on next launch
liquid8d08/01/12 06:39 PM
x*screen caps ?
EARTHDOG08/02/12 08:37 PM
x*work on s12/s13, s14 is still a no go :( Having a difficult time tracking down the reason.. still trying though! NT
liquid8d08/04/12 06:55 PM
x*Auto Update works perfectly. Thanks for the fixes :) NT
binkie9408/01/12 06:48 PM
x*New Version - 1.2.1 - Autoupdate, updated UI
liquid8d08/01/12 12:39 PM
x*Awesome sauce!! thank you so much!! :) NT
honeyb08/01/12 06:22 PM
x*love the new updated player...Looks great with the black sides! NT
rockstars08/01/12 05:58 PM
x*Help! I downloaded the viewer but all I get is a black screen :( NT
Pearlett08/01/12 05:53 PM
x*Thanks for all our hard work! NT
binkie9408/01/12 02:42 PM
x*Does it work on the iPad? NT
BreachofTrust08/01/12 12:33 PM
x*Updated download links..
liquid8d08/01/12 08:41 AM
x*Simply Awesome Thank you so much!!! NT
my0wn07/30/12 05:14 PM
x*1.21 Prerelease version..
liquid8d07/29/12 04:15 PM
x*me love BBViewer 1.21 long long time. Nice job, and Congrats on a great product! u rock NT
rainingflowers07/31/12 06:46 PM
x*Good job. Thank you. NT
ish07/28/12 10:48 AM
x*Gotta say thanks much! Cut my BW usage by 2/3 and with a 100 Gig cap, it saves my life. NT
deej107/28/12 10:11 AM
x*Thank you so much! You're amazing! NT
LadySnark07/28/12 09:06 AM
x*strange question is 50k the low setting because it says press7
rockstars07/27/12 08:41 PM
liquid8d07/27/12 08:53 PM
x*Thank you so much, this is great!! NT
BigBroWatcher07/27/12 02:23 PM
x*OMG Thank you Thank you Thank you! NT
Singaling07/27/12 01:41 PM
x*Thank you! Mwah! Mwah! NT
MacGirl07/26/12 09:15 PM
x*Thank you. This is great! Let us know when screen caps work. :) Appreciate it!! NT
BBInsider107/26/12 01:59 PM
x*Very good, except one thing, missing time display
franklinlives07/26/12 09:58 AM
x*on my list! :) NT
liquid8d07/26/12 10:02 AM
x*thanks! can you package it as apk for android?
bigbrous407/26/12 12:23 AM
x*I can probably put one together tonight :) NT
liquid8d07/26/12 08:10 AM
x*great! thank you! NT
bigbrous407/26/12 08:53 AM
x*might take just a bit longer..
liquid8d07/26/12 05:35 PM
x*is an android version still coming? ty. NT
bigbrous407/29/12 03:29 PM
x*still working on it...
liquid8d07/30/12 11:58 AM
x*I'm looking for a way to watch with lower bandwidth on android
bigbrous407/30/12 01:59 PM
x*New Version - 1.2 with S14 Flashback!
liquid8d07/25/12 07:08 PM
x*Easy to use! Love it! Like u mentioned just pixelation not to par but overall awesome! TYVM NT
bbfankat07/25/12 08:28 PM
x*Thank u soooo much..Great work NT
rockstars07/25/12 08:10 PM
x*We don't need no BBlite. We got BBViewer - Great job! NT
binkie9407/25/12 07:37 PM
x*this is great! but I can't figure out how to open more than one window NT
tvwatcher07/25/12 03:08 PM
tvwatcher07/25/12 03:14 PM
x*some info..
liquid8d07/25/12 03:41 PM
x*quality info
tvwatcher07/25/12 03:46 PM
x*quick and to the point, working great :) NT
Dexter07/25/12 12:37 PM
x*Already installed and it looks good! Thanks NT
binkie9407/25/12 12:37 PM
*i already have superpass, bb viewwer does it download to real player...sorry im dumb NT
alienangel16131 22   07/13/08 11:34 AM
x*bbviewer doesn't work on a Mac... as far as I can tell. ? NT
Whirligig07/13/08 11:46 AM
x*can we have both? NT
alienangel07/13/08 11:40 AM
x*Yes. The only diff is you will open BBViewer to watch the feeds instead of RP.
Whirley07/13/08 11:41 AM
x*IMO the best thing about BBViewer is that it doesn't time out. The real player feeds time out after 20 mins and it's usually in the middle of
Adiva07/13/08 11:57 AM
x*That too! There really is just too many "best things" about it to type out. NT
Whirley07/13/08 11:58 AM
x*Does it work with Vista Windows and do you people recommend it? NT
Brn2Wander07/13/08 11:46 AM
x*I'm not positive. M3 is a mod/admin here and he developed it so yes I recommend it. NT
Whirley07/13/08 11:49 AM
x*Yes, and definitely. NT
LunaC07/13/08 11:47 AM
x*Is that a YES for Vista? It's hard to follow this board at times. NT
Brn2Wander07/13/08 11:51 AM
x*LOL i say yes and yes. I love my bb viewer NT
alex_220307/13/08 11:52 AM
x*Yes, it works with Vista. :-) NT
LunaC07/13/08 11:52 AM
x*thank you. ;) NT
Brn2Wander07/13/08 11:53 AM
x*No it's a separate program. NT
Whirley07/13/08 11:36 AM
x*Superpass uses Real Player. BB Viewer is just another option to view feeds but you must have Superpass either way. NT
JJMtl07/13/08 11:36 AM
x*Kinda sorta...DL bbviewer and it links to your superpass so you can watch 4 feeds on 4 different screens NT
Adiva07/13/08 11:36 AM
x*ty, but can we have both... like two icons (bb10) and viewer and watch either one? NT
alienangel07/13/08 11:42 AM
x*yes (sorry i got distracted) but once you start using BB Viewer, you won't want to use RP for feed watching
Adiva07/13/08 11:59 AM
x*I only have RP, where can I get the BB Viewer, and yes
Jade07/13/08 12:03 PM
Adiva07/13/08 12:16 PM
x*bbviewer.com NT
Whirley07/13/08 12:06 PM
x*Thanks Whirley...that seems simple enough :) NT
Jade07/13/08 12:12 PM
x*I haven't used rp since I got bbviewer. I like the quality of the feeds
Katylittle07/13/08 11:45 AM
*any suggestions for the best viewer? I lost everything from my last computer (don't ask!) and
Moody72515897 28   06/27/07 12:34 PM
x*Are any of the viewers compatible with a mac? NT
Lizbah06/27/07 01:35 PM
x*I'd like to know this also. TIA NT
starrynite06/29/07 07:34 PM
ShariJean06/27/07 01:11 PM
x*RealTV is the one i THINK i used as well...does the BB7 verson work for 8 if i just change the 7's to 8's in the URL's? NT
Moody72506/27/07 01:34 PM
x*you can put the new links in yourself, or RealTV should have a update you can download in the next week
RedBB06/27/07 01:49 PM
x*i can't find the place that shows the URL's in order to update them...can clue where they are hiding? NT
Moody72506/27/07 02:10 PM
x*Sorry it took so long Moody, here's the info you requested
RedBB06/27/07 03:46 PM
x*Thanks RedBB. What i can't find is where to put the info in my RealTV NT
Moody72506/27/07 05:46 PM
x*Go to File, Open location and change the 7 to an 8 and the 350 to 256 NT
Whirley06/27/07 08:01 PM
x*well that doesn't save it :( I think we have to wait for an update. NT
Whirley06/27/07 08:06 PM
ShariJean06/27/07 02:29 PM
x*yes, that's what I did. NT
Whirley06/27/07 01:35 PM
x*i couldn't get it to download at all. :( NT
Lelie06/27/07 01:36 PM
x*RealTV NT
ShariJean06/27/07 01:08 PM
Astros06/27/07 12:48 PM
x*Thanks for this link. I like the way this one looks, although I don't see a record button...btw, what's with the Hare Krishna music? lol NT
Starr06/28/07 04:07 PM
x*For something simple, free, and close to BBViewer that records try RealTV.
M3gabyt306/28/07 04:34 PM
x*Thanks.. I'll check it out. NT
Starr06/28/07 04:38 PM
x*It doesn't record the feeds, it just takes snapshots. As for the music, I think I heard a station ID yesterday - it's a CA radio station probably. NT
Astros06/28/07 04:17 PM
x*Oh, good. As long as it isn't the FOTH music this year! :) NT
Starr06/28/07 04:42 PM
x*Question about BBViewer
Whirley06/27/07 08:41 PM
x*The speaker icon to the right of the volume fader mutes all other BBV windows that are open - BBV's main feature is that it can play multiple feeds...
Astros06/28/07 03:28 PM
x*TY Astros! I "thought" that's what they meant but I wasn't positive. NT
Whirley06/28/07 06:16 PM
x*I use BB Viewer too... in fact I just downloaded it ad signed up for the feeds. LOL next week can't come soon enough! NT
Kaz06/27/07 01:14 PM
x*Kaz, do they play OK for you? Can you please take a look at the BB Help forum for a Q I posted? Thanks :) NT
Astros06/27/07 02:25 PM
x*i'd avoid BB Reloader. i had it last year and it pretty much sucked. NT
Pothead06/27/07 12:37 PM
x*thanks for that info..what DO you use? NT
Moody72506/27/07 12:39 PM
x*i'm not sure what to try this year but i'm ruling out BB Reloader. maybe it was just my computer but their record feature was useless. NT
Pothead06/27/07 12:44 PM
*Changes coming to the feeds.....
Bratface15857 38   07/07/10 04:28 PM
x*How about some VOLUME. I can only hear it sitting in front of computer this year NT
MeAgain07/09/10 03:26 PM
x*Where's the pause button? We have to go to the bathroom "occasionally!" NT
mcraig207/08/10 09:47 PM
x*Yeah...and the scroll bar...can't even rewind if you miss something! Ugh NT
mcraig207/08/10 10:13 PM
x*Changes coming to the feeds.....
CarolP07/07/10 08:04 PM
x*Another attack of the incompetent interns and the third-world programmer farms. Who the h* is Blink Interactive?
Astros07/07/10 06:10 PM
x*does the browser you use make a difference? is it better on IE vs Firefox vs Safari? NT
Adiva07/07/10 05:13 PM
x*I would imagine IE is the worse, it pretty much sucks. I have it up on Chrome but until they show something I won't know how good it is. NT
MegsMom31607/07/10 05:14 PM
x*yeah, I figured the same. my only issue with firefox is it turns into a resource hog after about 24 hours
Adiva07/07/10 05:19 PM
x*I'm using Safari and I didn't have problems with the Live event. NT
LettucePray07/07/10 05:29 PM
x*bah, it keeps stopping and starting in Safari :( NT
Adiva07/07/10 06:13 PM
x*How about Higher resolution for once? 225kbps is a joke.... NT
Ziroc07/07/10 04:59 PM
x*how about a flashback feature so we can rewind what we missed and always on top feature so we can surf jokers while watching the feeds! NT
jaymee07/07/10 04:45 PM
x*I love the always on top feature NT
addictedtobb07/07/10 04:58 PM
x*It looks that that will be part of the same player NT
M3gabyt307/07/10 04:50 PM
x*anyone else getting no sound on the quad feeds? NT
zagger07/07/10 04:45 PM
x*I don't see the quad feed - where is it? All I have is a blank space under the 4th feed. I'm already getting Viewer withdrawal! NT
augie07/07/10 05:21 PM
x*I wish I could acually make it smaller so I could have more than one open at a time. and mine seems to buffer every few minutes
Adiva07/07/10 04:38 PM
x*You can open a new window and get a few up and running. It's not going to be as good as BBviewer, but at least you can have more than one
SportsChick07/07/10 04:59 PM
x*Realplayer sucks. everytime they change something they find a way to screw us over NT
Adiva07/07/10 05:07 PM
x*how do you resize the window to go around the screen? the only option i see is reg. or full screen NT
jaymee07/07/10 05:01 PM
x*that's the biggest problem, the screen size. can't watch more than one feed at a time because
Adiva07/07/10 05:05 PM
x*I have three up now and can still see them all at once. It does suck to do it this way, though. NT
SportsChick07/07/10 05:08 PM
x*I can't :( only one at a time fit on my screen, unless I cover over jokers with another window, then I might be able to see two. NT
Adiva07/07/10 05:10 PM
x*You resize the Windows window - put your cursor over the edge of your window and when the arrows pop up, drag to make it smaller. NT
SportsChick07/07/10 05:04 PM
x*yeah you can manouver the windows size a little and then open other windows but when you click on new sites the page disappears NT
jaymee07/07/10 05:17 PM
x*You have to resize everything smaller if you want to view more than one screen at the same time. NT
SportsChick07/07/10 05:38 PM
x*I guess I should add that you open a new window and go to/log into the superpass page again and pull up a second video stream. Then..
SportsChick07/07/10 05:13 PM
x*EXACTLY!!! I re-size and arrange different windows-which is much better than the quad view. NT
notprevioususer07/07/10 04:42 PM
x*Yep, with BB Viewer i would have 3 open. 1 quad, and the other two of the opposing views
Adiva07/07/10 04:46 PM
x*Ask them to give us RealPlayer back or at least a choice. NT
starrynite07/07/10 04:37 PM
x*What about rewind and screen capping? UGH! NT
addictedtobb07/07/10 04:36 PM
x*Oh Thank you. Fullscreen is TOPS for me! NT
Alexis0807/07/10 04:34 PM
x*Let's mass request a pop up window viewer as well. NT
rig_antonius07/07/10 04:34 PM
x*How about feeds that are not choppy & sound out of sync. Work on that SuperPass ! NT
starrynite07/07/10 04:32 PM
x*"keep the feedbacks coming" They are so going to regret saying that once we are done with them. NT
Queefers07/07/10 04:30 PM
x*Mrs Queef- can you ask them why this was not addressed a few weeks before the show an why we are paying Beta testers- lol NT
xrayspex07/07/10 04:31 PM
x*Betas have to pay rent too. Have you seen those crappy condos they live in at Wal-mart? NT
P2H3K907/07/10 05:07 PM
x*Thanks, Bratface! NT
GazingEyes07/07/10 04:29 PM
*Need some feed testers, can anyone help?
Dreamer13880 35   07/09/10 03:21 AM
x*Doesn't work for me on my Win 7 computer..here is what it does...
CaboWabo07/09/10 02:43 PM
x*Can you guys try this...(links fixed, should be R3)
M3gabyt307/09/10 07:28 PM
x*Woot! Thanks M3! NT
BettyRubble07/10/10 04:28 AM
x*You're so awesome :) Thanks. NT
Disneyisme07/10/10 01:05 AM
x*R3 version works! Here is how I did it....
CaboWabo07/09/10 08:23 PM
x*Yep. This is how it worked for me too. NT
maggiemae07/10/10 09:44 AM
x*Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) NT
Evion07/10/10 04:11 AM
x*Does it remember you though after you've closed it? NT
M3gabyt307/09/10 08:36 PM
x*Yes it does NT
CaboWabo07/09/10 08:40 PM
x*One problem though....
CaboWabo07/09/10 08:49 PM
x*It doesn't add a little icon to the system tray now? NT
M3gabyt307/09/10 09:01 PM
x*This sounds like a dumb question... but how do I bookmark BBV without having to run it each time? It's late... lol NT
Disneyisme07/10/10 01:14 AM
x*no..when I minimize it disappears but I hear the sound still playing and have no way to bring it back up NT
CaboWabo07/09/10 09:06 PM
x*wait I found it now...it minimizes to the hidden task box in the bottom right...click that little arrow near the clock and its in there NT
CaboWabo07/09/10 09:37 PM
x*click that arrow in the bottom right and then click Customize. Scroll to Bbviewer and set it to "show icon and notifications" NT
CaboWabo07/09/10 09:40 PM
x*Can you make it snap and auto resize when you drag it to the corners or sides? I'm running 4 BBviewers simultaneously fine now in Win7. Thanks! NT
CaboWabo07/09/10 09:54 PM
x*That's exactly what's going on here too. NT
BettyRubble07/09/10 05:14 PM
x*Same thing here, but Im using Vista, keep signing in and nothing changes in BBviewer :( NT
Evion07/09/10 02:48 PM
x*For what it's worth I am also working with Vista and have the same problem. NT
Disneyisme07/09/10 05:12 PM
x*I am having the same problem on Vista as well NT
RealitySwan07/09/10 08:20 PM
x*I finally got it working, I had to install new version of BB12viewer, and I reinstalled Flashplayer and its working great now :)
Evion07/10/10 03:55 AM
x*works great, sized perfectly and loads faster than using a browser. thanks! NT
mikeh1407/09/10 02:40 PM
x*Works great, you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NT
MeJoJo07/09/10 11:40 AM
x*got it working here.. but my window is about 5 inches x 5 inches & will not resize at all.. still better than SP & easier to open numerous feeds
Boo6907/09/10 09:42 AM
x*Okay, I deleted my posts from the thread below. Here's what is happening to me
maggiemae07/09/10 09:13 AM
x*Im having the same problem
CaboWabo07/09/10 02:14 PM
x*Works well, thanks!! Once someone figures out how to make it resize I'll be a happy camper NT
misanthrope07/09/10 03:32 AM
x*Does this work on a Mac ? TIA NT
starrynite07/09/10 07:50 AM
x*works for me NT
bigtimebbfan07/09/10 03:27 AM
x*I shut my whole browser down, made sure logged out of superpass - tried to open it
kindaobsessed07/09/10 03:24 AM
x*Did it take you to another page that wanted you to sign in? That's what happened to me
binkie9407/09/10 03:29 AM
x*It works great for me too NT
binkie9407/09/10 03:23 AM
x*It works awesome, but I don't have a volume control. NT
Squiggs07/09/10 03:23 AM
x*Mine pops up when I mouse over the screen. NT
heartnhome07/09/10 03:26 AM
x*I just noticed that the screens scrolls a bit, I found it. It's been a long night. LoL NT
Squiggs07/09/10 03:32 AM
*I hope someone can help me. I am paranoid about downloading anything nowdays with spyware, adware, viruses, worms, etc. so I was wondering what the
tamtlp13779 23   07/06/06 02:27 PM
x*Hey, Tam, I really appreciate you asking this stuff. I've followed BB forever, but this is my first try with feeds and I'm clueless!
Judybug07/06/06 02:44 PM
x*I had to ask, I felt like I was missing out on something extra. I still don't know if I am going to download BBviewer or not but I appreciate all the
tamtlp07/06/06 02:47 PM
x*Here is a link with some answers...trust anything M3 does!
strkaholic07/06/06 02:29 PM
x*Thanks I had read that but it really doesn't answer what BBviewer is and do you need Realplayer also to use it. NT
tamtlp07/06/06 02:31 PM
x*You do not have to have real player running to use it no. I particulary like it because I can have it open 4 different times with a different feed on
strkaholic07/06/06 02:34 PM
x*i have the bb viemer and was trying to figure out how to open all four cameras can you help me with that? NT
kimkiev07/06/06 03:49 PM
x*kim....open up your feeds to quad cam.....the with the cams open
Alexa07/06/06 03:52 PM
x*thanks for that explanation. NT
hare07/06/06 07:05 PM
x*Thank you Thank you i have had a hard time figuring that out!!! NT
kimkiev07/06/06 03:53 PM
x*you are very welcome! :) :) NT
Alexa07/06/06 03:54 PM
x*So I take it the BB Viewer is different than the BB Reloader? NT
my2shadowz07/06/06 04:01 PM
x*So i could have saved my money and not paid for Realplayer and just downloaded BBviewer? NT
tamtlp07/06/06 02:36 PM
x*Real Player is free, what you paid for was the superpass that you HAVE to have in order to see the feeds with whatever viewer you choose. NT
strkaholic07/06/06 02:36 PM
x*at least that is what I gather from your post. You paid for the feeds and got the real player downloaded afterwards right? If not, then disregard my
strkaholic07/06/06 02:37 PM
x*So it works "WITH" the Realplayer Superpass? NT
tamtlp07/06/06 02:37 PM
x*Correct! NT
strkaholic07/06/06 02:38 PM
x*Thank you. That was what I was wondering. I appreciate your help. So it will let you see more than one camera at a time, right? NT
tamtlp07/06/06 02:39 PM
x*yes it will...it's awesome!! NT
strkaholic07/06/06 02:44 PM
x*strk, how do you get more than one player open?
hare07/06/06 02:48 PM
x*oh, and you can take screen caps with it as well. NT
strkaholic07/06/06 02:44 PM
x*I am still scared but I think I am going to take your advice and give it a try. Thanks so much for your help! NT
tamtlp07/06/06 02:49 PM
x*We are here to help if you have any problems!! Bring on BB!!! NT
strkaholic07/06/06 02:52 PM
x*strk ... u rock! I learn just following you around!! Thanks! NT
Lil_Moco07/06/06 02:55 PM
*From the production team regarding the web experience
M3gabyt313757 28   07/08/10 11:46 AM
x*Hey guys! We changed our name @real_superpass will be used for any customer support issues
Dreamer07/10/10 04:08 AM
x*Well I guess THIS is the year/season I finally follow thru with my threat...
QueenOfCelts07/09/10 10:01 PM
x*Working on a popout player? you already had one. idiots..yes I am bitter NT
triplecrunch07/09/10 06:00 PM
x* If you want them to change to to realplayer & flash ppl can so use both Please go here & Vote
invabch07/09/10 02:00 PM
x*No live feed or chat...
Laurabobaura07/09/10 01:17 PM
x*This is the worse I've ever seen the feeds between the no real full screen and all the audio problems this is terrible quality NT
peachesfla07/09/10 11:29 AM
x*Feeds should be free this season. The only feature is a volume control. :/ NT
Starr07/09/10 08:54 AM
x*But you can throw darts at them and stuff with others!
M3gabyt307/09/10 09:55 AM
x*I spent over two hours with superpass support last night,she even took over my PC..
JustNo07/09/10 08:47 AM
x*They didn't mention anything about audio not being on Quad... NT
Crib2go07/09/10 07:53 AM
x*I read where they said that audio for the qaud cam is now "on their list" (of improvements, I assume). NT
Starr07/09/10 08:51 AM
x*I HATE this way of watching the feeds. I want to resize the picture. Full screen is a joke.
maggiemae07/08/10 11:21 PM
x*This is "higher resolution, higher quality video" than before? If it is, I need a new pair of glasses. NT
titan907/08/10 10:58 PM
x*What a joke! Glad I didn't buy the feeds this season (I barely watched them last season!) NT
jimdkc07/08/10 06:05 PM
x*WHAT !!!! I cant watch the feeds on Real player anymore? I have to go to the SP website to watch ? NT
Taelyn07/08/10 01:14 PM
x*I wish they would hurry the hell up..I got one week at max until my wife finds out I order the feeds
Ringo07/08/10 12:31 PM
x*Omg, Ringo. You are so bad! NT
GazingEyes07/08/10 12:39 PM
x*You got married?!? Congratulations! Good luck with the feeds problem. NT
Shar07/08/10 12:37 PM
x*Thanks Shar, it maybe a short one once she finds out about my BB addiction..:-) NT
Ringo07/08/10 12:40 PM
x*I want BBViewer back, I don't want to chat with people at Real Player, I want to talk with people here on the board. NT
Denise07/08/10 12:29 PM
x*yea I hate this browser crap i want my reloader back NT
Anya197607/08/10 07:51 PM
x*ITA I want my reloader back too!!!!!!! REAL stinks!!!! NT
LuvF107/08/10 11:33 PM
x*I can definitely see how all this is an "improvement". Oh definitely!
Dimples07/08/10 09:20 PM
x*ITA, BBViewer is the best! NT
sarahinaz07/08/10 02:39 PM
x*Ditto. NT
Shar07/08/10 12:33 PM
x*I so agree - Having several feeds up with ease is the key and I don't want to chat there - I want Jokers! NT
augie07/08/10 01:14 PM
x*That's Awesome! IMO, they will have problems tonight as well. They probably can't "test" the load they will experrience the moment it goes live.... NT
Evil_TX_Redhead07/08/10 12:24 PM
x*Thanks, M3. NT
Judybug07/08/10 11:50 AM
*A new BB viewer is available from real called BBLite NT
Marilyn53813606 36   07/14/10 11:11 AM
x*This is great! Thanks!! NT
Jade07/14/10 03:41 PM
x*Really great and simple to install and use. Thanks! NT
CaboWabo07/14/10 02:37 PM
x*This one is good NT
M3gabyt307/14/10 01:39 PM
x*I like this for my mac but the sound stutters a lot. Anyone else have this problem ? NT
starrynite07/14/10 01:38 PM
x*Audio is stuttering for me too.And it keeps pausing.Quality looks like its better though.After I installed
CelticChaos07/14/10 01:51 PM
x*it looks great, but mine keeps pausing every 2 seconds
rockstars07/14/10 08:30 PM
x*Thanks, I would love it if the sound was better. NT
starrynite07/14/10 02:15 PM
x*sound seems perfectly fine for me NT
CaboWabo07/14/10 02:38 PM
x*Well darn, wonder why mine is messed up. Any ideas or suggestions ? NT
starrynite07/14/10 02:45 PM
x*Try uninstalling your flash player and reinstalling with the latest version. NT
bedhead6607/14/10 03:01 PM
x*I installed Adobe Air like the BBlite site suggested. Did you install that or something else ? NT
starrynite07/14/10 03:30 PM
x*Not, Air, but the Flash player. Link inside:
bedhead6607/14/10 05:08 PM
x*Great, Thanks ! NT
starrynite07/15/10 12:01 PM
x*Wow this is great! Thanks! NT
arete07/14/10 12:04 PM
x*Where does it say it's from Real? NT
John_DK_07/14/10 12:02 PM
x*On the BBLite site it states that they aren't associated with RealNetworks
Dreamer07/14/10 06:29 PM
x*Now the site says they're not involved with Real. Not that I think there's something wrong, but you never know :) NT
John_DK_07/14/10 01:08 PM
x*the fb page was deleting links to viewers. I think they are embarrassed NT
Coffee4Joe07/14/10 01:12 PM
x*OK, I'm getting paranoid now, I see nothing that says RP on it, do we have to worry about this? NT
Denise07/14/10 12:21 PM
x*No it's perfectly safe. It comes from the BBLivefeed facebook fan page NT
Marilyn53807/14/10 12:26 PM
x*Oh OK thanks, I've got so much junk on the computer anyway in reference to the feeds, was just concerned. Thanks, it works really good. NT
Denise07/14/10 12:29 PM
x*It came from here....
Coffee4Joe07/14/10 12:35 PM
x*Thanks:) Working great for me NT
SunnySunshine07/14/10 12:49 PM
Coffee4Joe07/14/10 11:39 AM
x*Nice! Can't wait to download this when I get home...Are the looping issues gone? NT
oh_boy07/14/10 11:54 AM
x*So far this viewer is great even on the lowest setting. Sound is much better and it does screencapture. Chat is coming and flashback. NT
Marilyn53807/14/10 11:51 AM
x*It doesn't seem to be hogging a lot of bandwidth? I have so little trust in RP. NT
Denise07/14/10 12:11 PM
x*The lowest bandwidth setting, will load the feeds at 300k. Here is the breakdown: l = 300, m = 650, h = 950, HD = 1650 NT
Marilyn53807/14/10 12:15 PM
x*OMG the color is gorgeous and the resize feature is awesome. Thanks! NT
Denise07/14/10 12:18 PM
x*Works great in Win7! You can open multiple feeds, drag to the sides of the screen, and they snap in place neatly NT
CaboWabo07/14/10 02:53 PM
x*It actually looks kind of nice and it's Mac compatible which is what some posters were looking for. I'm going to stick with what I have for now. NT
Denise07/14/10 11:43 AM
x*Where can we find this at? NT
Zachman2407/14/10 11:31 AM
x*www . bigbrotherlite . com NT
CaboWabo07/14/10 02:36 PM
x*where? NT
mcoop07/14/10 11:13 AM
x*I have no desire to use a Viewer from Real, M3's is awesome so I'm sticking with that. NT
Denise07/14/10 11:13 AM
x*Where? NT
arete07/14/10 11:12 AM
*how do i reply to someones reply? NT
BBfrog13160 27   04/03/08 11:13 AM
x*your very patient thank so much NT
BBfrog04/03/08 11:38 AM
x*no problemo - what did you do to get it under my last post? NT
pittsburgh2404/03/08 11:39 AM
x*yeah i GOT it ty ty ty lol NT
BBfrog04/03/08 11:37 AM
x*great job Pitts!!! NT
Jade04/03/08 11:38 AM
x*ohhh i think i get it let me try NT
BBfrog04/03/08 11:36 AM
x*well ty for trying to help but im lost NT
BBfrog04/03/08 11:35 AM
x*don't give up - I'm hoping someone with a little mre knowledge will jump in LOL NT
pittsburgh2404/03/08 11:36 AM
x*so am i threaded lol NT
BBfrog04/03/08 11:32 AM
x*LOL - when you click on my post, is the word threaded in black or the word flat NT
pittsburgh2404/03/08 11:35 AM
x*did it work NT
BBfrog04/03/08 11:36 AM
x*YES!!!!!! it worked!!!! NT
pittsburgh2404/03/08 11:37 AM
x*oooops and then i mess it all up ty SOOO much NT
BBfrog04/03/08 11:39 AM
x*now i FINALLY got it ty again NT
BBfrog04/03/08 11:40 AM
x*woohoo!!!! NT
pittsburgh2404/03/08 11:41 AM
x*now how do i erase all this so people dont know im stoopid lol NT
BBfrog04/03/08 11:44 AM
x*i think i must be using flat but i dont know NT
BBfrog04/03/08 11:29 AM
x*i want to do what u did and reply under someone as an answer do i make sense? NT
BBfrog04/03/08 11:27 AM
x*yep - you make perfect sense! how do you view the threads in each forum - flat or threaded? NT
pittsburgh2404/03/08 11:28 AM
x*im hitting reply but it goes where ever NT
BBfrog04/03/08 11:26 AM
x*it might be how you're viewing each thread - I view in threaded and when I hit reply, it goes right under the post I'm replying to NT
pittsburgh2404/03/08 11:27 AM
x*ty again but your not understanding me lol NT
BBfrog04/03/08 11:25 AM
x*ty but i mean directly to their reply NT
BBfrog04/03/08 11:22 AM
x*that would be directly NT
pittsburgh2404/03/08 11:23 AM
x*how are you replying to this thread? are you using quick reply? NT
pittsburgh2404/03/08 11:25 AM
x*testing NT
pittsburgh2404/03/08 11:29 AM
x*ok - it's not happening because you're in flat - I used flat and hit the reply button and it went where I wanted it to go
pittsburgh2404/03/08 11:30 AM
x*just click on the "reply" button in the upper right hand corner of the post NT
pittsburgh2404/03/08 11:19 AM
*Q: Is there a section of Jokers for Dummies? It takes me forever and a day to reply to my fellow Jokers's posts.
namrecko11813 24   04/12/08 04:31 AM
x*The easiest way to find your own posts is to click on "My Home" up there ^^^ and then click on "My Posts". NT
Steveman6804/12/08 05:45 AM
x*I'll try all the tips. Thanks ChaChaCha, acorn + scandalous for helping, It is greatly appreciated. Hamsters tucked in & I'm out. Have a good day! NT
namrecko04/12/08 05:00 AM
x*Me too, 7am here! You people are too damn interesting to chat with, lol! Night/Mornin' NT
scandalous04/12/08 05:03 AM
x*ur welcome, bye! NT
acorn2504/12/08 05:02 AM
x*It's hard to keep up, especially with long threads & a lot of good points being made so I have the same problem. I've started doing a search...
scandalous04/12/08 04:41 AM
x*what i do is use the browser tab for finding a word on the page. i keep my screenname typed in and can instantly find my posts
acorn2504/12/08 04:43 AM
x*but it dissapears when I another page, what then? this reminds me of school days! NT
namrecko04/12/08 04:52 AM
x**when I go to another page* NT
namrecko04/12/08 04:53 AM
x*just reopen it up again. it is definitely more annoying than mozilla if you're using multiple pages, but as long as you open up a new
acorn2504/12/08 04:58 AM
x*ok, so I'm computer challenged at times, how do you use a browser tab to find a word on a page? NT
scandalous04/12/08 04:50 AM
x*sorry i missed this post...i assume from another post that you've figured it out? NT
acorn2504/12/08 05:00 AM
x*oic, so it could be simpler than I thought eh? I use IE NT
namrecko04/12/08 04:47 AM
x*go to edit, then find on this page, and type in your screenname. don't x out of the box, keep it open for quick reference NT
acorn2504/12/08 04:50 AM
x*good to know! thx NT
scandalous04/12/08 04:57 AM
x*i like your way too! it's easier than going all the way back to home, my posts, etc
acorn2504/12/08 04:59 AM
x*do you use mozilla? NT
acorn2504/12/08 04:44 AM
x*Naw... Dayam... That is some good information there. I didnt know that! Well, did...but forgot and never do it. That's easy to do and better! NT
ChaChaCha04/12/08 04:42 AM
x*What'cha need? NT
ChaChaCha04/12/08 04:37 AM
namrecko04/12/08 04:43 AM
x*Well, here I was all happy to help and didnt know the answer myself. Scandalous nailed the best way to do it! Yay
ChaChaCha04/12/08 04:48 AM
x*No problem, thanks for offering to help ::hugs:: Good nite and rest well. mine's Othello (cat) NT
namrecko04/12/08 04:50 AM
x*I thought you went to bed, lol NT
scandalous04/12/08 04:42 AM
x*Cat (names is ChaCha --- grin) knocked over something in the window... sigh... so I go up to rally her back to bed. Got back on here & had a peek
ChaChaCha04/12/08 04:44 AM
x*LOL, ok well *really* sweet dreams this time. and you're too sweet, it's a fantastic team effort around here which is why I love Jokers! NT
scandalous04/12/08 04:47 AM
*trying to cancel feeds. this telemarketer is talking forever about why i should continue paying. NT
hotpink869211605 18   09/10/11 04:30 PM
x*I always just say NO I only use it for BB I will be back next year when BB is on again NT
kizgold09/10/11 04:37 PM
x*ME TOO! Ive been on the line for over an hour and he wont let me cancel. I'm getting scared now. What do I do? NT
seascorpion09/10/11 04:35 PM
x*Be forceful, they are not paying you. You paid them and you are done, do not let them take up all your time. NT
Jade09/10/11 04:44 PM
x*ask to speak to a level 2 supervisor NT
mebe09/10/11 04:39 PM
x*Say "Look, stfu and cancel my feeds. I've waited long enough as it is and if I don't get my meds soon then I'll start lighting ***** on fire again." NT
CJinIowa09/10/11 04:36 PM
x*OH DEAR ME! Im a southerb gal and I could never be so hostile. Oh my no. Maybe he'll get tired in another hour or so and he'll let me go? NT
seascorpion09/10/11 04:38 PM
x*Essentially make them think you're batshit crazy and they'll do whatever you need. Works with telemarketers too. NT
CJinIowa09/10/11 04:37 PM
x*I told them straight up that Production blows, & if they want 2 give me a free month they could, but I wasn't gonna pay for bullsh*t! 10mins tops. NT
Ralip09/10/11 04:33 PM
x*I went to chat and it was done in 10 min NT
phyllis_022709/10/11 04:33 PM
x*I did too...I don't know why people would call knowing what a hassle it is! NT
Sweetness8109/11/11 09:20 AM
x*just keep saying 'no thanks' and tell them you'll be back next year for BB - they let you go then lol NT
rainingflowers09/10/11 04:32 PM
x*yup NT
janiefan41109/10/11 04:33 PM
x*you have that number? NT
furrriends09/10/11 04:31 PM
x*1-866-212-1343 NT
hotpink869209/10/11 04:32 PM
x*I tell her to shut up and cancel my damn feeds!!! NT
bbfanjake09/10/11 04:31 PM
x*stay strong...LOL NT
myopinion09/10/11 04:31 PM
x*how do we cancel? NT
BRobot09/10/11 04:31 PM
x*you go to the superpass page, and call a phone number to do it NT
hotpink869209/10/11 04:32 PM
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