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Subject Poster V R Posted on
*Finding Answers Before You Ask...
ForumAdmin15281 0   Sticky Post
*FAQ: Where did my post go?
ForumAdmin8121 0   Sticky Post
*CBS' feed/subscription "help line" and Submit a Question form ~ call toll free (888)-274-5343
Starr4485 0   Sticky Post
*New UBB Codes to embed tweets and instragram posts
ForumAdmin2340 0   Sticky Post
*liquid8d: BBViewer 5.3 Available Now!
Dreamer2313 0   Sticky Post
*Regarding the live feeds - this is mentioned waaaay at the bottom of the board, but I didn't think it would get replied to -
Skipper3603 4   06/16/06 09:01 AM
x*The link I am aware of...
SimplyKimberly06/16/06 10:17 AM
x*quad link *if* they are the same as last's
Sarah06/16/06 09:04 AM
x*Yep more than likely they will be these links
Toddbone06/16/06 09:11 AM
x*Thanks you guys, very much!! NT
Skipper06/16/06 09:12 AM
*Before BB starts - does anyone know if we have to do anything special with Real Player? Like a download of something? Last time it took a while
augie3686 5   06/20/06 06:59 AM
x*Do you have RealPlayer® Plus?
Dreamer06/20/06 05:58 PM
x*Yep, have the Superpass and I've upgraded already. I'm all excited!! NT
augie06/22/06 06:05 PM
x*I already updated Real Player, but I have a subscription. I'd just make sure you have RP updated before the feeds start.
Nece06/20/06 07:08 AM
Dreamer06/20/06 05:56 PM
x*Thank ye for Boo! LOL! NT
Nece06/20/06 06:06 PM
*How did the feeds work/look with a slower connection?
LadySnark8470 13   06/20/06 08:28 PM
x*1 Mbit downstream is good enough, I doubt the Hi Q stream is more than 256Kbit. The only thing is that, compared with your old setup...
Astros06/21/06 09:39 AM
x*Thats the part I am not looking forward to at all...
LadySnark06/21/06 07:21 PM
x*It will be a sacrifice :-) NT
Astros06/21/06 07:47 PM
x*1 meg DSL is more than enough :) NT
John_DK_06/21/06 09:38 AM
x*Thanks everybody for all of your responses. I feel MUCH better now. :) NT
LadySnark06/21/06 07:22 PM
x*I have DSL for the two past season and the feeds were fine, I have cable this year so it will be new NT
RedBB06/21/06 06:31 AM
x*I did it with dial-up. It wasn't pretty, but it worked. I'd do Real's trial to see if you can live with the feeds. NT
Nece06/21/06 01:21 AM
x*Thanks Nece! Its good to know that it worked with dial up, hopefully it will be alright when I move....
LadySnark06/21/06 02:35 AM
x*The feeds were very crappy with dial-up, but I knew what was going on.
Nece06/21/06 03:43 AM
x*Nece, did you have dial-up (as in telephone modem) or DSL? Silly mentioned she was getting DSL which is faster than dial-up. NT
Craigntx06/21/06 05:38 AM
x*I had dial-up for BB1 & BB2. It's much slower than DSL. NT
Nece06/21/06 06:43 AM
x*I have DSL and was hoping it would be enough for the feeds. Looking forward to it. NT
Craigntx06/21/06 07:42 AM
x*You'll be good to go. :) NT
Nece06/21/06 09:37 AM
*BBReloader Lite
zimbu12343447 2   06/21/06 07:34 PM
x*Welcome back, Zimbul! Let us know if we can help you with anything else! NT
Wish06/21/06 09:19 PM
x*Hi zimbu1234 . . . .
Dreamer06/21/06 08:37 PM
*Live Feed "Season Pass" question...
kristinek11227 24   06/21/06 09:18 PM
x*Just last month, my mom realized we had been paying for the Real Pass for about 4 years.. We never even noticed. NT
HYP3R6IR106/21/06 09:24 PM
x*RP Billing procedures
Davidnchas06/30/09 01:52 AM
x*If you decide to cancel, calling in is not enough. I called in *twice* last year and they still kept on charging me for 3 months after I called. NT
Astros07/01/09 02:09 PM
x*I tried to cancel but they never did and I tried numerous times but I've
IggysPINKTights07/01/09 03:21 PM
x*After BB6 my card expired and they haven't charged me but I can still get the superpass. NT
seamus07/01/09 03:25 PM
x*lol are you going to watch feeds this year as well? NT
IggysPINKTights07/01/09 03:39 PM
x*so are you actually gonna watch the feeds this year? or will they go to waste? NT
LunaC07/01/09 03:35 PM
x*I'm thinking about it. I watched the first few days of BB7, I watched the first day of BB8, I didn't watch any BB9
seamus07/01/09 03:39 PM
x*lol, They're not charging you? NT
Steveman6807/01/09 03:22 PM
x*nope...AND I get my free downloads lol NT
IggysPINKTights07/01/09 03:24 PM
x*lol, You can't beat that. Serves them right for making it such a pain in the ass to cancel. NT
Steveman6807/01/09 03:33 PM
x*Im turning you in. NT
BB5327407/01/09 03:25 PM
x*I called and cancelled and even spoke to someone AND they won't cancel lol
IggysPINKTights07/01/09 03:30 PM
x*You owe me one from Season 7, remember? (I don't) Username and password, please? Thanks in advance. NT
Astros07/01/09 08:47 PM
x*You will love it. I've done it for years and I'm not very tech saavy.
KWren1106/30/09 11:23 PM
x*I don't feel so bad now. But this year I WILL cancel. NT
BlondeMoment06/21/06 09:33 PM
x*Yep, me too. NT
livefeedwhore06/21/06 09:31 PM
x*I don't know if a 3-month pass now will last for the whole season but *never* assume Real Networks will cancel anything on their own. Call to cancel.
Astros06/21/06 09:23 PM
x*No kidding. I thought the 3 month pass meant automatic cancellation. I hate RP but I am a slave to it because of BB :-( NT
livefeedwhore06/21/06 09:39 PM
x*Ugh...don't remind me, I have to download RP again...I haven't even missed it since last BB!
kristinek06/21/06 09:43 PM
x*hahaha your not kidding.. : ) NT
AngieBaby06/21/06 09:24 PM
x*They're making tons of $$$ out of people assuming their 3-month is over or forgetting to cancel. The only good thing is that when I called to...
Astros06/21/06 09:30 PM
x*They used to cancel it...
kristinek06/21/06 09:34 PM
x*Really? I didn't know... I signed up with S5 first time. They probably fired whoever set it up that way and now wish for ppl to forget to cancel. NT
Astros06/21/06 09:36 PM
*autovoter difficultiies- "Cannot Find Page" makes me refresh
jael4jud1609 1   06/23/06 09:26 AM
x*i'm having the same problems. NT
crateriko06/23/06 09:27 AM
*I hate auto-voting but feel obligated to use it because so many do. Do I have to "download" this Tor pkg. in order to use the novati.ca
Leen2406 3   06/24/06 08:39 AM
x*Anybody?? NT
Leen06/24/06 01:44 PM
x*I consider it cheating. So I haven't even looked into it. Good luck NT
HippyFeet06/24/06 03:37 PM
x*They are not affiliated with Joker's, so I dont have any information for you, sorry
Sarah06/24/06 03:25 PM
*Real Player sign up confusion... discount code???
Zanken6960 7   06/24/06 11:11 AM
x*Did you get an answer yet? NT
SeasickNemo06/25/06 06:02 PM
x*I'd contact Real for something like this
Sarah06/25/06 06:22 PM
x*sarah i love your avi!! NT
diana06/25/06 06:28 PM
x*oh me too..beautiful Sarah. NT
Zingara06/25/06 06:39 PM
x*me 3! NT
Wish06/25/06 06:52 PM
x*Thanks ya'll :D
Sarah06/25/06 08:00 PM
x*I've been wondering about this myself. NT
SeasickNemo06/24/06 05:06 PM
*Can I watch BB using Real Alternative instead of RP?
txbeck5505 8   06/24/06 02:25 PM
x*You can but the question is whether RP has to be installed and used at least once to sign in the network as Super Pass user and create the necessary..
Astros06/24/06 05:15 PM
x*Another thing, Real Alternative still installs and uses Real files/drivers, maybe modified don't know...
John_DK_06/24/06 05:56 PM
x*IIRC you can sign into superpass on the website? NT
Kaz06/24/06 05:20 PM
x*I don't remember... last year I had to call RP tech support and have hep in registering because my account wouldn't register...
Astros06/24/06 05:28 PM
x*I have already downloaded and tested it ot be sure it worked with the RP test clips...
Kaz06/24/06 05:35 PM
x*I could last year. NT
John_DK_06/24/06 02:30 PM
x*That is great news, do you have a link? NT
Sarah06/24/06 03:26 PM
x*ooooooh this looks GOOD! found a link
Kaz06/24/06 03:33 PM
*Need some help with Real Player
Fourplusthecat9692 14   06/26/06 08:00 AM
x*I need to load up RP to be able to help you without making an idiot of myself LOL
Kaz06/26/06 08:29 AM
x*you dont need RP for that ::flee NT
Sarah06/26/06 08:35 AM
x*I'm so computer stupid....
Fourplusthecat06/26/06 08:40 AM
x*OK so Sarah is right, I don't have RP and I am able to watch it so far....
Kaz06/26/06 08:52 AM
x*When I clicked on an episode to watch, as it was going to that page, I had a quick glimpse of the page where you could choose, but
Fourplusthecat06/26/06 09:02 AM
x*you could uninstall RP and try... perhaps when you installed RP you pciked to make it the default player for those types of files? NT
Kaz06/26/06 09:04 AM
x*When it's playing on the cbs page, if you hold your mouse over the left top corner of the video box
diana06/26/06 09:18 AM
x*okay...I'll try reinstalling! NT
Fourplusthecat06/26/06 09:16 AM
x*Done installing...do I choose Premium set up or basic set up. I have an account and it's paid for 3 months at a time. NT
Fourplusthecat06/26/06 09:30 AM
x*I've always had better luck watching HC's with Windows Media Player. NT
diana06/26/06 08:51 AM
x*No, sorry sorry LOL
Sarah06/26/06 08:50 AM
x*LOL well you were right! I do see it wouldn't play at all using Firefox... in any case
Kaz06/26/06 08:56 AM
x*I have cable internet and use a wireless connection. NT
Fourplusthecat06/26/06 08:52 AM
x*Here you go!
Fourplusthecat06/26/06 08:33 AM
*its it too early to sign on for the Super Pass.3 free days and then 3 months..when is the season over? NT
Moody7257498 12   06/28/06 07:55 AM
x*Use the link from here ^ and you get 14 days free. NT
justme06/28/06 07:57 AM
x*but if you do the other offer..it is only $29.95 for 3 months with the coupon code "BB7Early" instead of $14.99 a month NT
Moody72506/28/06 08:00 AM
x*oh...you cant do the 3 month superpass with jokers link? I didnt know that. NT
justme06/28/06 08:01 AM
x*you CAN but it is $39.99 so the other offer is $10.00 less..would rather do that and donate the $10 to JU
Moody72506/28/06 08:03 AM
x*oh well Im going to use the other then. But I am not going to order until July 5. NT
justme06/28/06 08:04 AM
x*di we know the date of the final show? NT
Moody72506/28/06 08:07 AM
x*No ...Ive heard end of September or early October. I think more likely mid to end September. That has been the norm in the past. NT
justme06/28/06 08:13 AM
x*ok..i just called REAL. they said the feed WILL GO LIVE on July 6th,,,the show will end in mid-sept. & the $29.99 is the best offer they have...
Moody72506/28/06 08:16 AM
x*Where did you find the 29.99 offer? The CBS site shows 39.99 for the 3 months. NT
PSister06/28/06 08:20 AM
x*if you go direct to CBS they have an offer of 3 free days and $39.99 for 3 month..
Moody72506/28/06 08:29 AM
x*Extra $9.99 SuperPass refund
realiT07/01/06 02:50 AM
x*Thank you! NT
justme06/28/06 08:18 AM
*has "tech" changed to "help"? which do people think is better...RP, Realtv. BBViewer, BBlive or something else NT
Moody7252585 3   06/28/06 09:54 AM
x*I'm a huge fan of RealTV. It has a built in screen capping feature. NT
Nece06/29/06 10:07 AM
x*Tech Corner is still in the GENERAL DISCUSSION category
Sarah06/28/06 10:02 AM
x*thanks Sarah... NT
Moody72506/28/06 10:06 AM
*CBS And RealNetworks Enhance TV On The Web With Launch Of 24/7 Live "Big Brother: All-Stars" Video Service
crateriko3690 5   06/28/06 10:06 AM
x*LOL- so they offer "chat" and "forums" as an enhancement, whoopie! NT
peacebringer06/28/06 10:27 AM
x*oh yeah, and blods too! Maybe I will sign up rather then depend on jokers. NT
peacebringer06/28/06 10:33 AM
x*that should read blogs, forgot also to mention the summaries. They also will have summaries. Look out. NT
peacebringer06/28/06 10:38 AM
x*Ha! They probably get their summaries from Jokers...lol NT
Disneyisme06/28/06 03:56 PM
x*Then then there is the polls, pictures, and profiles. Amazaing how much they are enchaning. Sorry jokers, guess I will fork over $. NAW! NT
peacebringer06/28/06 10:40 AM
*Help with InnerTube....CBS web site
ICEQUEEN2493 3   06/29/06 03:40 AM
x*Do you have either RP or WMP installed ICEQUEEN??
Kaz06/29/06 10:36 AM
x*I have both...Thanks I'll give that a try NT
ICEQUEEN06/29/06 11:38 PM
x*I see in Tech Forum that others are having trouble with InnerTube. I haven't seen any solutions posted as of yet. NT
Nece06/29/06 04:06 AM
*Question about the live feeds!
servinemupaces4549 6   06/29/06 08:14 AM
x*When you sign up, send me your password to test ;)
Kaz06/29/06 08:57 AM
x*I had one of my friends using my acct at her house to watch NT
PinkDragon7654306/29/06 08:16 AM
x*Thanks guys! NT
servinemupaces06/29/06 08:16 AM
x*Yep. NT
WillRulz06/29/06 08:15 AM
x*Yes you can ; ) NT
MyLadyAmie06/29/06 08:14 AM
x*Yes. NT
Veruta06/29/06 08:14 AM
*SORRY if this is a repeat question but....
ManicmomS1597 1   06/29/06 08:34 AM
x*I'm not sure about the price because I already have Super Pass.
Nece06/29/06 09:11 AM
*Are any special discounts available for BB7? NT
Guillermo1503 2   06/29/06 08:44 AM
x*no special discounts, last yr didn't either..it's 10 bucks per month, call to cancel, 3 days free NT
BBallstars06/29/06 09:18 AM
x*I think there may be a discount through Jokers and I belive the price went up this year. NT
Nece06/29/06 10:06 AM
*URL's for the live feeds?
SurfCity1377 1   06/29/06 09:50 AM
x*Hi Surf! Welcome! Go to this thread for the URLs ...
Nece06/29/06 09:56 AM
*When are you getting the feeds?
DMom2493 4   06/29/06 01:16 PM
x*Get them on 7/5. The feeds won't start until after the show ends on the Pacific coast. NT
SimplyKimberly06/29/06 01:18 PM
x*Ugh, on the pacific coast? I'm Eastern! I'm already trying to convince my husband to borrower his laptop for 3 months straight! LOL NT
DMom06/29/06 01:19 PM
x*I got them on Tuesday at a discounted price. I'm set! Let's get the show on the road! ;-) NT
Painter06/29/06 01:17 PM
x*If you get the feeds early, Is your BB Pass still good til the end of the last show? NT
Lil_Angel06/29/06 01:25 PM
*Here are the High Quality Camera Feeds
bbaddict237731 13   06/29/06 07:34 PM
x*timeout free and no right hand side GUI feed links (update: added RTSP to record)
Hypnotoad06/30/06 11:38 AM
x*Bookmarked! THanks so much ! NT
Sarah06/30/06 11:53 AM
x*Thanks Hypnotoad :-) NT
RedBB06/30/06 11:42 AM
x*Thanks for looking for & posting these! NT
Nece06/30/06 01:32 AM
x*HINT: you people might want to open that post and click "remind me" on the bottom right for future reference :) NT
Bilbo06/29/06 08:54 PM
x*i'm assuming these are the high end feeds, not the ones for dialup folks? NT
Bilbo06/29/06 08:53 PM
x*Look inside for quad feed for dial up HTH
bbaddict2306/29/06 11:06 PM
x*I'm not sure LOL. I have cable internet and they seem to work with that so they probably are.
bbaddict2306/29/06 10:30 PM
x*LOL when you click on cam 1 it's ESPN NT
RedBB06/29/06 08:04 PM
x*CSpan Cam2, CSpan3, Cam3, NASA, Cam4 NT
RedBB06/29/06 08:05 PM
x*That's what they are right now. But on quad the first cam says BB7. NT
bbaddict2306/29/06 08:52 PM
x*woohoo thanks NT
RedBB06/29/06 08:01 PM
x*Thanks, I grabbed a screenshot and posted in BB PICS
Sarah06/29/06 07:55 PM
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