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*CBS' feed/subscription "help line" and Submit a Question form ~ call toll free (888)-274-5343
Starr4463 0   Sticky Post
*FAQ: Where did my post go?
ForumAdmin8100 0   Sticky Post
*Finding Answers Before You Ask...
ForumAdmin15254 0   Sticky Post
*New UBB Codes to embed tweets and instragram posts
ForumAdmin2318 0   Sticky Post
*liquid8d: BBViewer 5.3 Available Now!
Dreamer2265 0   Sticky Post
*Is BBViewer working this year? I downloaded to newer version & when I click on a feed it never connets. It says the links are updated NT
zzziiinnnggg4305 8   07/20/09 07:58 AM
x*I am having no trouble witih it at all... I just logged into Real the first time, but of course, didn't watch the feeds
Alexa07/20/09 09:14 AM
x*Used RP first, then BBViewer with no problem. NT
John_DK_07/20/09 09:15 AM
x*a friend & i are finding with BBViewer, it freezes when we open.. just shut it, and re-open. It takes a few tries soemtimes. I have 2 BBviwers up this
Boo6907/20/09 08:04 AM
x*Mine is working fine, make sure you are logged into real NT
Lizaanne07/20/09 08:01 AM
x*When that happened to me, I had to go into Real and log in and that fixed the problem. NT
strkaholic07/20/09 08:00 AM
x*I can be watching the live feeds & still click on the BBV and it just says connecting forever with no end resul. NT
zzziiinnnggg07/20/09 08:02 AM
x*What's the BBViewer? NT
popper_time07/20/09 07:59 AM
x*here's the link.... it's the best way to watch BB feed, IMO!!
Alexa07/20/09 09:15 AM
*Does anyone else have windows vista & the BB live feeds?
zzziiinnnggg2213 2   03/26/07 06:46 AM
x*Fix, for Vista with RP
RealBBFan06/07/07 11:37 AM
x*I have...
JMlover03/30/07 08:09 AM
*I need help, please. I signed up for the feeds and downloaded BBViewer
zuzu897 0   07/04/06 03:09 PM
*Is anyone using xbox live to watch live feeds & if so is it working at all? NT
zsazsa50618 4   06/25/16 05:37 PM
x*FYI- I called CBS. Live Feeds taken down because they're not functioning on xbox 360, they are working on it & will have it up ASAP. soo sad!! NT
zsazsa5006/26/16 08:14 PM
x*Is yours Xbox 360? If so, it's suppose to be included CBSi
Dreamer06/25/16 06:59 PM
x*yes I have a 360 and am getting CBSi, but no live feeds. They were on for an hour or so 1st day, but now nothing. I wrote cbs. thanks for respons NT
zsazsa5006/26/16 08:22 AM
x*You're welcome ~ you can also call CBSi: (888)-274-5343 NT
Dreamer06/26/16 04:17 PM
*Someone let BB Producers know about the audio on the livefeeds being messed up
Ziroc1901 2   02/19/08 12:08 AM
x*I mailed RP last night - it obviously did no good. NT
misanthrope02/19/08 12:10 AM
x*Yeah, I wish CBS/ BB would give us some contact number
Ziroc02/19/08 12:11 AM
*OK Real.... time to work the kinks out of your streaming player NOW. not July 8th.
Ziroc1179 2   05/12/11 10:31 AM
x*Amen!!!!!!!!! NT
DaisyBug05/13/11 05:04 PM
x*And have the feeds SEPARATE from the browser. I hated how we didn't have that option at first. NT
LilKsweezy05/12/11 10:59 AM
*Trying to capture stream -- can't.. seems encrypted or something.. booo.... NT
Ziroc227 0   07/12/12 10:43 PM
*BB FLVPlayer Launcher for BB14!!! Please update it, it's one of the best players!!!! thx! NT
Ziroc914 4   07/12/12 07:17 PM
x*I won't know if I can update it until later.
M3gabyt307/12/12 08:46 PM
x*cool.. Yeah, I'm hoping they just changed the url.. and not the encoding/codecs..
Ziroc07/12/12 09:35 PM
x*I tried downloading it and it didn't work for me either.
Pearlett07/12/12 07:25 PM
x*yeah, they are waiting to see what the URL's will be for the feeds, then they can release a new version of it.. (I hope so, its the awesome!)
Ziroc07/12/12 07:30 PM
*Found a 'bug' in IE 9.0 - all threads and replies are centered instead of being locked left like usual..
Ziroc7302 39   06/07/13 11:06 AM
x*Now that I know you guys meant when viewing a thread, and not the post and replies in the forum itself...this should be fixed now? NT
M3gabyt306/09/13 12:30 PM
x*I'm going to start a topic in Board Questions instead of the BB Help forum...follow me over there please. NT
M3gabyt306/09/13 11:26 AM
x*Are the sticky posts centered too? NT
M3gabyt306/08/13 02:45 PM
x*Can't really tell because there aren't replies to sticky posts NT
FurnitureAlliance06/08/13 03:05 PM
x*Is it the replies that are only centered for the other posts then? NT
M3gabyt306/08/13 03:08 PM
x*If you scroll down and go to page 2 for a forum...is page 2 centered too? NT
M3gabyt306/08/13 02:42 PM
x*I thought this was a problem for me at work - because of our firewall...maybe not..
deVinePoet06/09/13 06:27 AM
x*Yep NT
FurnitureAlliance06/08/13 03:06 PM
x*I'm on AOL and the centering started this week. Hate it! NT
FurnitureAlliance06/08/13 02:08 PM
x*I don't suppose it's fixed now? NT
M3gabyt306/08/13 01:21 PM
x*No, mine are still centered in BB forum NT
FurnitureAlliance06/08/13 02:12 PM
x*Is it still there for you now? NT
M3gabyt306/08/13 02:25 PM
x*on AOL this morning and it still centered for me NT
Belle06/09/13 06:58 AM
x*Still centered (including this forum we're on now) NT
FurnitureAlliance06/08/13 02:30 PM
x*Can you see if enabling 'compatibility view' temporarily fixes this? (should be on the tools menu) NT
M3gabyt306/08/13 02:22 PM
x*No idea where the tools menu would be NT
FurnitureAlliance06/08/13 02:31 PM
x*See if this helps...
M3gabyt306/08/13 02:40 PM
x*Not on AOL I don't think ~ NT
FurnitureAlliance06/08/13 03:10 PM
x*Its 'normal' in the BB Canada forums in IE9.. so its just a BB usa forum IE9 issue. hmm.. weird :) NT
Ziroc06/08/13 10:20 AM
x*Where do the left side icons align to? Are those right next the the subject text or far apart? Are poster names centered too? NT
M3gabyt306/08/13 10:56 AM
x*Icons are off to the left but don't line up NT
FurnitureAlliance06/08/13 02:32 PM
x*This happens to me too. For me, the icons are align on the left, far apart from the text. Posters names are NOT centered NT
Chrismean06/08/13 12:00 PM
x*And can you check if it's the same if you are not logged in. NT
M3gabyt306/08/13 10:36 AM
x*It's the same when i log out, for me. NT
Chrismean06/08/13 12:01 PM
x*And can you check if they are centered if you click on 'collapse' view. NT
M3gabyt306/08/13 10:30 AM
x*Don't know where to find "collapse" view ~ NT
FurnitureAlliance06/08/13 02:16 PM
x*And can you run through all of the BBUSA forums and list the ones that don't do it, if any. NT
M3gabyt306/08/13 10:24 AM
x*PX Polls Game InDepth BBD2 are ok. The rest are centered ~ NT
FurnitureAlliance06/08/13 02:26 PM
x*I just made a change, can you recheck BBD? NT
M3gabyt306/08/13 02:27 PM
x*BBD still centered NT
FurnitureAlliance06/08/13 02:33 PM
x*Can you check this forum...
M3gabyt306/08/13 10:23 AM
x*This one's not centered for me ~ NT
FurnitureAlliance06/08/13 02:11 PM
x*For me, yes, this forum too. FWIW, it happens in this forum (BB Help Ceter) too. NT
Chrismean06/08/13 12:02 PM
x*Its still happening.. (and in the BBD forum), check for a <center> tag maybe.. NT
Ziroc06/08/13 10:18 AM
x*Can you find a forum that it is not happening it? NT
M3gabyt306/08/13 10:19 AM
x*Is it in every forum? NT
M3gabyt306/07/13 03:23 PM
x*for me its the BB forums NT
Belle06/07/13 03:29 PM
x*What about right now? I made a change. NT
M3gabyt306/07/13 03:34 PM
x*i was wondering why my threads kept going centered instead of flush left...its annoying. never connected it to IE 9.0 thanks NT
Belle06/07/13 11:07 AM
*Anyone having trouble with BB10 reloader? Mine is not working. TIA NT
zipit812 0   08/04/08 05:55 AM
*Youtube videos were working fine for me 3 days ago and now I can't get them to play or even load. Does anyone have any suggestions? TIA NT
zipit2479 2   08/10/08 07:37 AM
x*Youtube help pages. NT
M3gabyt308/10/08 08:40 AM
x*Thank you! :-) NT
zipit08/10/08 10:55 AM
*BB RealPlayer Chat not working
zimbu12341814 1   07/08/07 06:46 PM
x*Trouble with your Big Brother chat window?
Dreamer07/08/07 09:27 PM
*BBReloader Lite
zimbu12343444 2   06/21/06 07:34 PM
x*Welcome back, Zimbul! Let us know if we can help you with anything else! NT
Wish06/21/06 09:19 PM
x*Hi zimbu1234 . . . .
Dreamer06/21/06 08:37 PM
*Question about DVR
zimbu1234785 0   02/10/08 07:18 PM
*SuperPass Chat - can anyone get it to work on a Mac?
zimbu12341348 2   07/16/10 06:30 PM
x*have you tried clearing flash cache?...
Coffee4Joe07/16/10 06:38 PM
x*Just tried that...didn't help...sigh...
zimbu123407/16/10 07:34 PM
*Newbie question about watching BB on computer?
zeus838581510 1   02/17/12 11:26 PM
x*You can just log into Superpass from your iPad. It's not Real Player any longer. Just...
Philster02/18/12 12:07 AM
*Does anyone know if BBviewer is going to come out with a new update for BB11?
zeigfred02671 5   07/05/09 01:13 PM
x*dont you just have to change the settings to 11?? NT
kindaobsessed07/05/09 02:15 PM
x*Usually that's what I do, but I was thinking this year's player might be different. With no more Housecalls....
LunaC07/05/09 02:22 PM
x*I'm sure M3 (Jokers mod) will let us know. It's his program. NT
LunaC07/05/09 01:15 PM
x*Cool. I never knew that. I love BBviewer. It's a great program. NT
zeigfred007/05/09 01:18 PM
x*Me too. It's great for catching screen caps. NT
SuzyHomemaker07/05/09 01:20 PM
*Does anyone else have no sound on the feeds at all? Not even the "theme" music? NT
Zanken863 0   07/05/06 10:19 AM
*Real Player Equalizer question
Zanken1099 0   07/04/06 04:26 PM
*Real Player sign up confusion... discount code???
Zanken6960 7   06/24/06 11:11 AM
x*Did you get an answer yet? NT
SeasickNemo06/25/06 06:02 PM
x*I'd contact Real for something like this
Sarah06/25/06 06:22 PM
x*sarah i love your avi!! NT
diana06/25/06 06:28 PM
x*oh me too..beautiful Sarah. NT
Zingara06/25/06 06:39 PM
x*me 3! NT
Wish06/25/06 06:52 PM
x*Thanks ya'll :D
Sarah06/25/06 08:00 PM
x*I've been wondering about this myself. NT
SeasickNemo06/24/06 05:06 PM
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