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*erie coincidence or fate? Paul in same position on HG boards last past 2 winners....#RHAP pointed it out, plus #furlessbat see pic:
6656 5   09/14/16 07:34 PM
x*What is furlessbat? NT
tiggles09/15/16 03:17 AM
x*Another live feeder :) NT
09/15/16 03:15 PM
x*Nicole is in Christine's position this year! NT
09/14/16 09:35 PM
x*Omg! that's right, funny LOL NT
09/15/16 03:15 PM
x*I noticed that right away too lol. Nicole must love that NT
09/14/16 09:57 PM
*Natalie's middle school art mural she and others painted with self portraits representing diversity
9778 7   09/13/16 11:39 AM
x*This paper is from 2015 so it isnt Natalie NT
Quick3809/14/16 01:57 AM
x*It is 2005-see web address. NT
TrinityMom6009/14/16 06:00 AM
x*its page 17. its quite cute too. NT
09/13/16 04:38 PM
x*couldn't find. scrolled down a bit but gave up. Guess I don't really care what nat did in middle school.... NT
09/13/16 03:59 PM
x*Here's a screencap~
Dreamer09/14/16 11:48 PM
x*thanks Dreamer! NT
09/15/16 03:16 PM
x*You're welcome spikewells NT
Dreamer09/15/16 09:42 PM
*A picture of Victor with his sister, nephew, nieces, granddad + dog Gizmo ~
Dreamer11473 9   09/11/16 06:22 PM
x*Victor needs to shave--better looking without his facial hairs NT
laci09/18/16 03:00 PM
x*Yeah cause he is a real troll with the beard...said no one. NT
MOP09/22/16 06:24 PM
x*Oh, If I were 20 years younger!! Hubba Hubba. Hot, funny, intelligent and a great sense of humor. BONUS? HE CLEANS THE HOUSE AND COOKS! NT
MissJamesWhine09/15/16 07:10 PM
x*Time for a name change? :p NT
Dreamer09/15/16 09:43 PM
x*lol NT
AprilSky09/15/16 07:11 PM
x*Omgsh he is so beautiful. Love the pic with him holding the baby with no shirt! Whoever he marries is going to be one lucky girl! NT
b3autiful_cha0s09/12/16 02:39 PM
x*WOW!! The last one where he's speaking Spanish.....the girls drop like flies for that...... NT
09/11/16 08:17 PM
x*no girl I know
beachbunny209/13/16 03:34 PM
x*Gonna miss looking at his handsome face and even hearing that big laugh! He looks good with and without a beard. Shaven, he looks like a young
09/11/16 07:28 PM
*Paul in video- I don't know if it was posted but Vic isn't the only one in a video.
wendyk50117478 9   09/01/16 09:39 AM
x*Ty. I love Paul. NT
Rednecklady09/11/16 02:47 PM
x*Yeah, that video was posted here early on in the season. NT
Corndogger09/03/16 08:34 AM
x*Hmmm... Don't get why he was the one in video. He seems like the wrong choice. NT
Kapri09/01/16 11:58 PM
x*I disagree. I think he's very handsome and he's just young so he's going to grow up to be even handsomer yum yum NT
Rednecklady09/11/16 02:47 PM
x*Another example of a recruited houseguest with previous in front of camera experience.
deeznuts2109/01/16 02:35 PM
x*With all the interest in being on the show, it seems a little ridiculous doesn't it! Also gives production a vested interest in his winning!!!
joCpcat09/02/16 11:39 AM
x*Impressive! NT
09/01/16 12:59 PM
x*Great find. Loved it ty NT
rabbit291809/01/16 12:49 PM
x*Loved it! NT
Roanimare09/01/16 10:19 AM
*Paul interviewed in The Beard Mag
Snarf1237113 5   08/29/16 11:19 PM
x*Mad Viking has great beard products. NT
09/09/16 08:53 AM
x*Good interview. I wonder if they censored it? No swear words! NT
09/01/16 12:55 PM
x*Props to him, he has accomplished a lot for his age...appears to be very mature. NT
08/30/16 01:22 PM
tanya197308/31/16 06:24 AM
x*23 now. NT
09/01/16 01:00 PM
*Paul's clothing line, Deadskull
brittgirl221311303 3   08/29/16 11:29 AM
x*UPDATE: I ordered on Sunday night and I had received my package by Thursday! Very fast shipping and reasonable at $5 flat rate. NT
09/06/16 09:48 AM
x*That's really great time! NT
09/15/16 03:18 PM
x*Really fast!! What did you order? NT
Dreamer09/06/16 05:44 PM
*Corey's LinkedIn and his app information
brittgirl221315032 3   08/24/16 06:51 AM
x*If Corey was biz smart, he would have teamed up with Nat. A real sports power couple. NT
Roanimare09/10/16 12:53 PM
x*nat offered herself to corey (AND every one else) but even corey could smell a bad one in Nat a mile away. NT
09/13/16 04:01 PM
x*Not impressed, appears the site is a dud...no activity or press since 2014. maybe he was hoping BB18 might help revive a dead idea. NT
08/24/16 10:31 AM
*Victor is in a music video <3
Kbb548713899 5   08/23/16 10:07 PM
x*that smile! NT
screenname08/28/16 09:40 PM
x*Uh La La... :) NT
txladybug08/24/16 06:12 AM
x*Nice! Good find :) NT
08/24/16 05:23 AM
x*I watched the video Victor looked good NT
renka1308/23/16 10:48 PM
x*Wonder if he knows how good looking he is? NT
bluedevilsfan7108/28/16 10:14 PM
*Paul's instagram
Kbb54879502 1   08/23/16 09:26 PM
x*Pauls other link on instagram. It appears he has a business link and a personal link. His personal deadskull link has 95k followers.
Tounces08/29/16 11:19 AM
*Victors instagram
Kbb54873559 1   08/23/16 09:16 PM
x*Victor is handsome and has a great body NT
renka1308/23/16 10:50 PM
*Zakiyah with her sister and mom 2007
tigger1239506 8   08/04/16 01:53 PM
x*Wow! Great genes. Stunning family. NT
praha08/15/16 01:35 AM
x*Her mother is gorgeous. NT
phobos08/10/16 01:02 PM
x*Yes, she is, and his sister looks like their Mom. Z must look more like her Dad. He must be good looking, too. NT
ShrewLou08/11/16 09:44 AM
x*Beautiful women NT
Kapri08/07/16 03:40 AM
x*No way this is way back in 2007. No way in hell, lol NT
eibeh00708/05/16 04:15 PM
x*I thought Zak was pretty, but her sister (somehow) is even prettier. NT
Hiker32608/05/16 02:15 AM
x*2007? Z would only be 15 in this photo; looks older to me NT
08/04/16 04:04 PM
x*your right she does look older,I went off the tweet and didn't do the math thanks for pointing that out. NT
tigger1208/05/16 02:42 PM
*Zakiyah 2013
tigger1220867 0   08/04/16 01:51 PM
*Ashten Owens: Missing sunshine and smiles with you #tbt #teamfrank #missingyou #bb18
Dreamer19419 0   07/28/16 11:16 AM
*found another pic of Paul Abrahamian:
spikewells22004 3   07/27/16 05:06 PM
x*Sounds like a generalization. I do not think that's true at all. He seems very secure and confident. NT
09/01/16 01:03 PM
x*That fits him to a te NT
ToadFarm08/01/16 08:40 PM
x*good one..LOL
LibsterQ07/27/16 11:23 PM
*Look who I found on an ad on eBay!! Mr. Beard!!
LibsterQ27833 17   07/25/16 06:50 PM
x*That is NOT Paul - no real resemblance at all! NT
07/31/16 04:14 AM
x*Side by side ~
Dreamer07/28/16 11:14 AM
x*Google that image. You can clearly see not Paul. This guy has tattoo's on his wrist.. NT
pinkie07/29/16 06:59 PM
x*Is that Kenny from Big Brother Canada? NT
Amberbeauty307/28/16 09:46 AM
x*That CLEARY isn't Paul lol. Looks nothing like him other than a big beard NT
nickc022107/28/16 08:35 AM
x*That isn't Paul NT
07/26/16 06:44 PM
x*99% sure it is.. how many guys with that mustache & beard ALSO have a NOSE RING?? Plus, he said he does modeling.. lol NT
LibsterQ07/27/16 11:22 PM
x*Probably lots - nose ring are quite common theses days. I see no resemblance to Paul. NT
07/31/16 04:26 AM
x*thats not paul , the eyes are too light and not pauls eyebrows
beachbunny207/30/16 03:42 PM
x*the fact that it could or could not be shows just how much of a imitation hipster poser Paul is....textbook example wanna-be NT
spikewells07/29/16 07:35 PM
x*Ya reckon Paulie is also an "imitation hipster" & "textbook wanna-be" since he seems to have copied Paul's look? NT
07/31/16 04:23 AM
x*Gross! Paul is a weasel.
spikewells07/26/16 06:37 AM
x*You seem to have the hots for Paul in several of these posts! NT
benjmn09/05/16 07:29 PM
x*Plain and simple - Opinions are not facts. NT
09/01/16 01:05 PM
x*He dated the same beautiful actress/model for 3 years - how can he be a "weasel"? NT
07/31/16 04:29 AM
x*uh...in what universe do models not date aholes & 'weasels". NT
phobos08/10/16 01:04 PM
LibsterQ07/27/16 11:23 PM
*Some pics of Corey on his Ex GF's Facebook
Kbb548741228 0   07/21/16 08:37 PM
*Tiffany: My baby coda and maverick playing :))
Dreamer10926 0   07/20/16 07:08 AM
*Tiffany: Happy Birthday little sister!!!! — with Tisha Rousso.
Dreamer10276 0   07/20/16 07:08 AM
*Davonne Rogers Acting / Modeling Profile
Dreamer25251 14   07/15/16 04:13 AM
x*Catfish. NT
Wellcause08/15/16 02:46 AM
x*shes only 28.... wow i thought in upper 30's NT
johnnycat07/16/16 11:34 AM
x*At least. NT
lianna07/21/16 09:07 PM
x*Me too NT
lianna07/17/16 06:17 PM
x*Pretty girl. I like her without all that hair...this looks good on her. NT
eve_dallas07/15/16 08:05 PM
x*She would actually look good with short hair NT
phobos08/10/16 01:05 PM
x*That "hair" in BB house looks like yarn!Then she flips it like it's the real thing. NT
07/22/16 04:00 AM
x*Copy this link, dont click
bigbrotherfan707/15/16 04:48 PM
x*"Verified role model"? NT
07/15/16 10:15 AM
x*For real?
Topaz07/15/16 07:52 AM
x*Dontcha know unwed mothers are "role models" NT
08/06/16 08:51 AM
x*The link is fixed now... NT
M3gabyt307/16/16 02:20 PM
x*dead links typical
beachbunny207/15/16 02:20 PM
x*Yep, it's for real.......
Dreamer07/15/16 10:10 AM
*Frank's GF
Not_so_annoyed30511 1   07/13/16 02:56 PM
x*Her father is a brigadier general - maybe that's why Frank's hair is shorter and why he is so bossy...
bjj2007/13/16 04:48 PM
*Paul's Facebook profile - facebook.com/officialdeadskull NT
13123 0   07/11/16 09:16 PM
*Photo of Paul from Paul's Instagram
tigger1211944 6   07/11/16 03:15 PM
x*Paul is gross. He's bigger rat than Andy...self obsessed like Frankie Grande...& delusional like Jozea. I think that covers it :) NT
spikewells07/28/16 10:44 AM
x*Paul is playing a great game. Hope he wins! NT
benjmn09/05/16 07:35 PM
x*I'm in for a Paul fan club. Hope he wins! NT
benjmn09/05/16 07:28 PM
x*Paul is a sweetheart ! NT
starrynite08/25/16 12:04 PM
x*So right on.NT
rufus1308/20/16 01:03 PM
x*So wrong.... NT
08/06/16 08:49 AM
*Paul & Oana
tigger1210994 3   07/11/16 03:05 PM
x*He looks SO much better without the beard!
ChefSylvia09/14/16 04:34 PM
x*SO much better! NT
FurnitureAlliance09/15/16 03:34 PM
x*they were on couples makeover also. NT
johnnycat07/16/16 11:39 AM
*Paul Abrahamian with Oana Gregory (January 13, 2013)
tigger128488 0   07/11/16 02:57 PM
*Lana Del Rey | Young and Beautiful | Cover by jozea
Dreamer9018 5   07/09/16 06:58 PM
x*And you know he had to listen to it before he posted it. He is the most self confident person I have ever seen to be nice about it... NT
zazuzooey07/15/16 06:41 PM
x*well.... he tried, sound like my husband in the shower tho. all off. ok to sing, I do it off key too when I am in the mood. NT
dollady07/14/16 10:11 AM
x*Messiah / Singer / President / Host ... Such an impressive resume from Jozea NT
jakeisfake07/11/16 07:30 AM
x*OMG, that is HORRIBLE!
BigZ07/10/16 11:50 PM
x*Ditto - I literally shuddered! NT
07/11/16 08:41 PM
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