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*So here's the Street View of the approximate location where the tram ran into Becky (link inside). Easier to see how it could have happened.
mw112519707 10   08/02/15 03:35 AM
x*More than Likely especially Europe you can't sue the Gov't BUT she MIGHT get a Monthly Payment for disability & permanent scarring ($250 US) NT
imBatman08/04/15 09:30 AM
x*Wow.. She will likely get Millions when the case is over..
snowsparks08/03/15 10:33 PM
x*It'll be way under a million under the German legal system, considering she's made a complete recovery and no long-term care required. NT
Nusa08/04/15 02:00 AM
x*I wonder how much money she got in her settlement? NT
Cpm108/02/15 08:16 AM
x*Becky's case is still in the courts. That's why she said she can't give out certain details on the feeds. NT
Corndogger08/02/15 02:29 PM
x*Now it makes perfect sense how she got hit.I always thought it was a real train, not a street car.Same as being struck by an automobile NT
Noles8808/02/15 04:23 AM
x*Wait, this happened in Munich? That explains things. I almost got hit by any number of moving objects after stumbling out of the beer halls! NT
paradiddles08/02/15 06:19 PM
x*This is the sort of train that Becky collided with
LiZinTeXaS08/02/15 03:14 PM
x*Not same at all! You should find a picture of those trams. They really are short, but multi-car trains that run on tracks in the street. NT
Nusa08/02/15 07:00 AM
x*Wow, so 2 tracks in the middle of the street? Wow NT
CandieLand08/02/15 03:46 AM
*Megs Daddy is the Mayor of Collingwood New Jersey, a darn cute little town...see inside
spikewells7760 0   08/01/15 06:47 PM
*Austin's FYI TV Pinterest
Jake791912417 0   07/22/15 01:00 AM
*Austin is on We're Moving In right now. It's a show on the FYI channel.It's channel 266 on Direct Tv. NT
Kayro10305 4   07/21/15 07:43 PM
x*Is the episode he is in called Wrestling with Design? NT
DharmaLady07/22/15 05:15 AM
x*I think so. NT
Kayro07/22/15 03:31 PM
x*Watching it right now. He's an even bigger, more pretentious, douche. Ch269 on Comcast. NT
Cpm107/21/15 11:42 PM
x*Thank you. He was talking about it on the feeds last night and I was trying to find out what show it was. NT
NovemberRain07/21/15 11:04 PM
*Some "naughty" pics of Liz & Julia. Link inside. Includes a few live feeds shots, one of which I've seen no one mention. Is that Liz or Julia?
Corndogger31360 3   07/19/15 10:20 PM
x*Pretty sure that link contained malware/spyware.
lpkitten07/22/15 11:16 AM
x*Always be cautious, but my popup blocker didn't block any popups and my scriptblocker only detected 4 on the page, none of which were abnormal. NT
Blackheart07/26/15 08:09 PM
x*If >12K have looked at it & said nothing I don't think there is any spyware. I didn't have any problems & didn't see any mentioned on Twitter. NT
Corndogger07/22/15 03:48 PM
*jdweldon: Hanging out with my homegirl @mandzyyy and my family @eweldon88 @natalie.niicole love you guys!!
Dreamer6321 0   07/17/15 12:46 AM
*Vanessa's Vegas home (reportedly had been put up for sale last year) link inside
cappuccino18994 1   07/15/15 01:15 PM
x*She is my least favorite player. Sure wish she would go home. NT
Betsy07/28/15 12:31 PM
*Austin's injuries explained in letter to WWE head honcho along with harsh accusations against trainers....see inside..
spikewells11468 1   07/14/15 03:49 PM
x*The letter had a result, although it took a couple years
Nusa07/14/15 04:52 PM
*Austin no glasses and shorter beard
sisterofyu15329 4   07/13/15 07:48 PM
x*Wow! He looks like a younger Al Pacino from the nose up. NT
RockChalkJhawk07/18/15 08:32 PM
x*Hot! He definitely needs to trim the beard. NT
robin8607/14/15 01:10 PM
x*he sure likes his bro's. looks great! NT
dollady07/14/15 01:04 PM
x*some more pics
sisterofyu07/19/15 05:48 PM
*Vanessa:As most of you know, my ex husband and dear friend, Chad Brown is currently fighting a very aggressive cancer that has come back several times
Dreamer15126 2   07/12/15 01:28 PM
x*My prayers go out to your friend. If a good persoMy prayers go out to your friend. If a good person wins, maybe they will donate some of the $ to him.
joCpcat09/04/16 12:29 AM
x*My prayers go out to your friend. If a good person wins, maybe they will donate some of the $ to him. This, of course excludes Paul-SCUM- & Nicorey!
joCpcat09/04/16 12:22 AM
*Vanessa Rousso, Chad Brown Separate
Dreamer12911 0   07/12/15 01:23 PM
*Chad Brown: The Memories Live On (Vanessa's ex husband)
Dreamer8604 1   07/12/15 01:20 PM
x*Thanks for sharing this :) NT
sisterofyu07/19/15 05:34 PM
*Clay's mom's business and bio:
LettucePray5828 1   07/11/15 08:46 PM
x*I need more sleep.. I totally misread the URL and did not see it as Dickinson but rather three uh, separate words that made me think "eeeww" NT
Ellay07/11/15 09:50 PM
*why aren't Jeff and Jackie in the HG list above? NT
pipper3369 1   07/11/15 04:00 PM
x*are there any forum moderators in these here parts? NT
pipper07/20/15 02:00 PM
*Clay's Texas A&M Football Stats
LiZinTeXaS6351 6   07/10/15 03:45 PM
x*Being a D1 football player is a big accomplishment in college football. NT
BonusBlanket07/11/15 09:44 AM
x*Especially in the SEC … oh wait - they weren't in the SEC when he was recruited … maybe that's why he didn't get much play time. NT
Planit6907/20/15 11:43 AM
x*What does "class" mean? I have no idea what college football stats mean, and to me it looks like he was a senior for 4 years. My bad, I know .... NT
dianamite07/11/15 07:41 AM
x*It means what you think - just looks like they put SR (senior) every year mistakenly. NT
Sharp807/11/15 02:06 PM
x*bench warmer NT
Hawkman07/10/15 08:37 PM
x*Apparently continues to play that same position in the house NT
IceColdBeer07/11/15 10:43 AM
*Clay's roommate at A&M. First round draft pick for the Cincinnati Bengals:
LettucePray9538 5   07/08/15 02:50 AM
x*Gig 'em!!!! NT
BigBroBeauty07/08/15 08:24 PM
x*Hook'em! NT
KOKOPELLeigh07/09/15 10:45 AM
x*^^^ NT
Evil_TX_Redhead07/11/15 02:04 PM
x*\m/ NT
satx107/21/15 12:29 PM
x*Not me, but have at it. Guns UP. NT
LettucePray07/08/15 08:58 PM
*Johnny Mac playing guitar!!! This rock star dentist has a future!
dscags12805 4   07/07/15 01:32 AM
x*cool NT
sisterofyu07/11/15 07:47 PM
x*Thanks, for sharing he's awesome !
bluedevilsfan7107/07/15 09:21 PM
x*WOW... thanks!!! He is awesome! NT
dianamite07/07/15 08:49 AM
bbcarol07/07/15 05:44 AM
*Steve may be a Geek but the boys got pipes! see inside...
spikewells27348 22   06/30/15 10:27 PM
x*Great job and it's amazing how many views this post has gotten NT
VelvetWind08/25/15 11:21 AM
x*Very impressed. NT
Kapri08/03/15 01:21 AM
x*Very WOW creative. Love him! NT
satx107/21/15 12:34 PM
x*Nice, good song. NT
sisterofyu07/11/15 07:52 PM
x*I really enjoyed listening to that. Thanks for posting. NT
Danner07/09/15 07:28 AM
x*Very talented NT
ccquilter07/06/15 01:20 PM
x*Welcome back spikewells! NT
colleenag07/05/15 12:44 AM
x*He's so talented!! Love this. NT
BBVet07/04/15 10:59 PM
x*Wow incredible....what a talent! NT
SkyrPA07/04/15 12:37 PM
x*Love the harmonies!! NT
luvs2chat07/04/15 11:45 AM
x*Not my taste but admire what went into creating this piece. Talented man. NT
ne14cookies07/04/15 05:56 AM
x*The guy is brilliant…you tube his KNEX Rube Goldberg "Monstrosity"…amazing. This proves to me that he threw HOH comp on 7/2! NT
parrotbrain07/03/15 09:19 PM
x*Love! NT
enter_a_name07/03/15 05:20 PM
x*great stuff! NT
dollady07/03/15 03:03 PM
x*he is also playing the piano...seems like Steve is alot more complex than everyone is giving him credit for... NT
Bigsister507/02/15 10:33 AM
x*This is incredible, nice job Steve. NT
Hawkman07/01/15 10:44 PM
x*That is super cool! NT
PrincessKoa07/01/15 02:55 PM
x*Miss ELO, Great job Steve! NT
Alexis0807/01/15 02:06 PM
x*Wow! He is one talented guy! Kudos to him! Thank you for posting this! :) NT
angelloveseddie07/01/15 12:40 PM
x*too processed for my tastes. NT
Mikentosh07/01/15 05:45 AM
x*That's why I think they should not be so fast to count him out! GO STEVE!!
spikewells07/01/15 12:35 AM
x*Wow, it's never good to prejudge anyone. It shows he has a lot of self discipline, training, and a purpose in life. Good for him. NT
CIAO06/30/15 11:26 PM
*Some great pics of Julia. She's absolutely stunning! See inside.
Corndogger24653 2   06/29/15 08:45 PM
x*she is ! NT
sisterofyu07/11/15 07:51 PM
x*Amazing pictures! NT
colleenag07/05/15 12:46 AM
*Anyone else see celebs in some of these HGs in both looks and vibe? Here's mine....
eibeh00740463 57   06/28/15 02:37 PM
Seasuzie08/28/15 12:19 PM
x*Meg is Ellie Kemper (Erin in The Office, Kimmy in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)
Rash08/09/15 08:31 PM
x*Clay looks like Mark-Paul Gosselaar NT
jmmarty7207/13/15 10:10 AM
x*Austin looks like Raffi from 'The League' NT
IHateYouAll07/12/15 07:53 PM
x*Meg : Molly Ringwald Becky: Hilary Swank NT
sisterofyu07/11/15 07:47 PM
x*Jackie=Kim Kardashian NT
AddyLynn07/11/15 12:11 PM
x*Becky reminds me of Jennifer Garner NT
Novalex07/10/15 05:17 AM
x*BB look alikes
Cjw2107/05/15 10:28 PM
x*Jeff looks just like the Target dog. NT
PowerofVito07/04/15 11:04 PM
x*john sounds just like...
gibbley07/03/15 11:27 AM
x*Audrey looks like Alice the Goon in Popeye... NT
rodh07/03/15 05:39 AM
x*I think Jeff looks a lot like Alice! NT
Robbo07/03/15 02:21 PM
x*Becky looks like Amy Purdy to me NT
Azalea07/02/15 11:42 PM
x*Jason = Johnny Weir NT
dj7007/02/15 09:11 PM
x*Jason's mannerisms and voice sounds like Snooki to me. NT
remibaxter07/03/15 12:14 AM
x*I agree with Jason/Snooki maybe bro/sis? NT
LuLu2707/07/15 09:55 AM
x*Audrey & Steven Tyler
BB14Freak07/02/15 10:26 AM
x*"Dude Looks Like A Lady" (Sorry, I couldn't resist!) NT
dj7007/02/15 09:14 PM
x*Liz= Scarlet Jo/Amanda Seyfried (With Emma Stone's voice) John=Josh Hutcherson when he starts losing his hair. Becky=Jennifer Garner.
safety07/02/15 07:33 AM
x*Liz =Scarlett Johansson(at moments) NT
Sissylala07/02/15 02:19 AM
x*Jace is a dead ringer for Edie Falco. NT
Cpm107/01/15 01:03 PM
x*I've thought Jace looks like younger Jason Mewes since pre-season...i keep waiting for Kevin Smith to come into the house... NT
Evil_TX_Redhead07/01/15 03:50 PM
x*What??? I can not be the first who sees a resemblance between Jace and Austin, And Jay and Silient Bob???? It seems so obvious to me!!!! NT
greengoddess07/01/15 08:44 AM
x*LOL..just saw this...I've been posting since day 1 Jace looks like Jason Mewes but I don't see any resemblance between Austin and silent bob... NT
Evil_TX_Redhead07/01/15 03:52 PM
dianamite07/01/15 07:58 AM
x*Johnny Mac's laugh sounds exactly like Seth Rogen!!
Janice32406/30/15 03:47 PM
x*shelli -- Michelle Phillips, back when she was in Mamas and Papas NT
mynewpseud06/30/15 11:42 AM
x*Good one! NT
nycszq07/11/15 01:37 PM
x*Becky= Jennifer Garner, Meg=Taylor Swift, Shelli=Chelsea Handler, Liz=Lisa Kudrow/Phoebe NT
csierra33306/30/15 05:42 AM
x*Jackie = Teresa Giudice (Housewives of Jersey) NT
MBrown06/29/15 08:28 PM
x*Jeff's voice sounds just like Charlie Day to me. NT
Grumpuplnuflgin06/29/15 07:00 PM
x*audio only he sounds exactly like Badger on Breaking Bad to me NT
Bilbo07/01/15 08:56 AM
x*John= Max Headroom NT
dj7006/29/15 06:45 PM
x*Bobcat Goldthwait NT
greengoddess07/01/15 08:42 AM
x*YES! EXACTLY! I just figured it out the other day, then I saw your post... at least I'm not the only one. It's a weird trait, ehh? NT
CookieMMM07/21/15 06:43 PM
x*Yes!!! Thank you, it's been driving me crazy trying to figure out what his voice sounded like NT
Sissylala07/02/15 02:20 AM
x*Shelli= Chelsea Handler NT
dj7006/29/15 06:40 PM
x*Shelli =
SunnyT07/17/15 05:10 AM
x*Shelli & Clay look like brother and sister to me NT
ShrewLou07/14/15 02:47 PM
x*Shelli looks like Dani D but older NT
splashet200006/29/15 03:58 PM
x*Yes! I think that every time she's on camera. NT
AddyLynn07/11/15 12:07 PM
x*I think so too. NT
cantgetenough06/29/15 04:49 PM
x*John = Bobcat NT
all8up06/29/15 02:02 PM
x*I get Hillary Swank from Becky NT
mynewpseud06/29/15 10:39 AM
x*I do too. NT
presleys_child07/01/15 08:44 AM
x*Me too NT
Dreamer06/29/15 08:34 PM
x*Shelli reminds me of Sheri Moon Zombie, Becky - Jessica Chastain (not close-up), Jason - Peewee Herman, and Audrey - Amanda of McCranda (vibe). NT
jimwzhere06/29/15 09:54 AM
x*Becky has a bit of a Jennifer Garner look. Liz = poor man's ScarJo. NT
davpel06/29/15 07:46 AM
x*Meg sounds like Kathy Griffin to me. NT
crangirl06/29/15 06:07 AM
x*me too, more than a couple times she said something and I thought Kathy was in the house. NT
seahorse07/13/15 07:09 PM
x*I was thinking Meg is very close to Jenna Elfman. Kind of has her voice too.
Melishaw06/28/15 07:52 PM
x*I also see Meg and Jenna Elfman NT
Sizzle06/30/15 03:32 PM
x*Yes! Vanessa looks like Iggy Azalea to me! NT
hncebulla140306/28/15 07:42 PM
x*Liz looks like Maya Rudolf
Cjw2106/28/15 05:28 PM
x*Meg reminds me of Bridget from "Being Human" NT
Raylay8906/28/15 03:30 PM
x*Vanessa = Kelly Lynch (even the voice is similar).
KonaKai06/28/15 03:19 PM
x*Kelly Lynch is prettier. NT
Sizzle06/30/15 03:44 PM
*A great pic of Julia, Liz, their sister & cousin. You'll die laughing over the guy photobombing them. Sis does look only look 10 months older.
Corndogger17560 1   06/27/15 04:36 PM
x*I assume that's the older sister to the right. I think she's prettier than the twins. NT
paradiddles08/10/15 06:28 PM
*Another modeling pic of Julia from makeup facebook page
bigbrotherfan5812154 0   06/27/15 08:15 AM
*Liz got breast implants, per this review on her google+
bigbrotherfan5810870 0   06/27/15 08:12 AM
*A pic from Liz's Google+ page of she and Julia back in 2011. On a scale of 1 to 10 they're at about 200 in this pic! Pic inside. :-)
Corndogger9484 0   06/27/15 01:11 AM
*Another pic of Liz and Julia that I haven't seen here before. Must be at least a few years old as they look "young." Pic inside.
Corndogger5614 0   06/27/15 12:52 AM
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