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*Welcome to the HG Info forum....
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*If you know of a HG's facebook, twitter, instagram etc., please feel free to add . . .
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*CBS BB19 Jeff Interviews
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*K-FROG Interviews (15 HGs videos so far...)
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*Extended ET Canada Ika BB19 Interviews
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*Girls: Aaryn, Amanda, Candice, Elissa, Gina, Helen, Kaitlin, McCrae NT
Cindy1479 1   06/20/13 11:53 AM
x*the names came from rbbq NT
Cindy06/20/13 11:57 AM
*Big Brother Get to Know Nick [CBS]
Cindy8082 22   06/20/13 11:58 AM
x*Matt? I didn't know someone crossed you with Dan. NT
Digitalpotato06/21/13 06:00 PM
x*I sure would like to torch Jeff's closet and do a makeover on him. Who dresses this guy? NT
Caramel06/21/13 01:29 AM
dustysnemisis06/21/13 01:30 AM
x*Too smarty for his britches !!! NT
DaniTheWinner06/20/13 10:13 PM
x*This guy is a douche. Trying to hard to be cool. Obnoxious. NT
PinkPoodle06/20/13 07:57 PM
x*Huge tool haha NT
Trevorio06/20/13 03:51 PM
Cindy06/20/13 03:25 PM
x*More pics:
Cindy06/20/13 06:37 PM
x*Social Media:
Cindy06/20/13 03:22 PM
x*ughh...just watched his video...this guy is gonna be SO ANNOYiNG! NT
CaboWabo06/20/13 02:29 PM
x*Agree! He tries too hard or something--annoying! NT
FurnitureAlliance06/20/13 05:31 PM
x*BB Photo & Bio
Cindy06/20/13 01:33 PM
x*he looks like that annoying 'sandwich king' fool on the food network. NT
shortcake06/20/13 05:26 PM
x*Well, his personality reminds me of the "Mattress King" from the late-nite infomercals :/ NT
Starr06/22/13 07:38 AM
x*Holy crap! Lmao NT
VelvetWind06/22/13 04:55 PM
shortcake06/22/13 03:25 PM
x*My favorite houseguest so far
YoureEvicted06/20/13 04:07 PM
x*First opinion - I don't like him! NT
Jade06/20/13 12:28 PM
x*Nick right away...meh NT
wyndycty06/20/13 12:22 PM
x*At least he's seen the show? I'm waiting to hear from the 'recruits'. NT
MegsMom31606/20/13 12:24 PM
x*First thought.... obnoxious NT
jenniell06/20/13 12:02 PM
x*Eh. NT
cantgetenough06/20/13 12:02 PM
*Big Brother Get to Know Spencer [CBS]
Cindy6728 13   06/20/13 12:00 PM
x*Like him! NT
shortcake06/22/13 03:26 PM
x*Awww. Yukon Cornelius! Just needs an ax and a beanie cap. :D
Starr06/22/13 07:19 AM
x*Hahaha that's funny NT
VelvetWind06/22/13 07:22 AM
x*lol I love that guy.. NT
Starr06/22/13 07:25 AM
x*do ya??? :D NT
shortcake06/22/13 03:25 PM
x*Well, better a beard than that thing on his chin like what Joe had. NT
Digitalpotato06/21/13 05:59 PM
x*Now he'll have a soul patch by the time feeds start. :P NT
dustysnemisis06/21/13 06:01 PM
x*A fat ginger with a big lava beard? Jesus Christ count me in! NT
GiantRobot06/20/13 03:37 PM
x*BB Photo & Bio
Cindy06/20/13 01:35 PM
x*he says he's mouthy... cool. NT
shortcake06/20/13 05:30 PM
x*Spencer seems nice NT
wyndycty06/20/13 12:26 PM
x*Exactly my reaction--nice guy NT
FurnitureAlliance06/20/13 05:30 PM
x*Spencer Clawson Bio
Cindy06/20/13 12:10 PM
*Meet the Big Brother 15 Houseguests with WeLoveBigBrother.com
Cindy2916 9   06/20/13 12:01 PM
x*Ugh, 45 sec into Jeremy's and I'm ready to skip the rest lol NT
MegsMom31606/20/13 02:30 PM
x*never seen an episode, please evict him first. NT
MegsMom31606/20/13 02:34 PM
x*Ack! Her valley girl voice is so freaken annoying! NT
Marley06/20/13 12:12 PM
x*Not as obnoxious as Rachel, but still annoying. NT
cantgetenough06/20/13 12:09 PM
x*ok, I kind of like Rachels sis NT
Cindy06/20/13 12:03 PM
x*I'm 4 or 5 interviews in and I wish the word 'like' could be removed from the english language. NT
MegsMom31606/20/13 01:18 PM
x*whoops put this in the wrong spot, should have been under your OP. NT
MegsMom31606/20/13 01:20 PM
x*She is not going to tell the other hg's who she is. NT
GazingEyes06/20/13 12:10 PM
x*They will know within 6 hours. NT
cantgetenough06/20/13 12:11 PM
*'Big Brother 15' cast: Rachel Reilly's sister Elissa headlines all-new cast [Zap2It]
Cindy5672 0   06/20/13 12:05 PM
*Big Brother: Meet the New Houseguests! [TV Guide]
Cindy9689 0   06/20/13 12:07 PM
*Elissa's twitter
BBonesteel4752 0   06/20/13 12:45 PM
*Big Brother Get to Know Jessie [CBS]
Cindy7265 7   06/20/13 01:13 PM
x*My crystal ball says she'll hook up. Haven't watched all the videos yet, but I could see her with Spencer (train engineer with the beard) NT
FurnitureAlliance06/20/13 10:34 PM
x*I keep hearing Tiffany from Top Chef in my head: "Ah'm frum Beaumont Texas!" NT
unclevanya06/20/13 09:09 PM
Cindy06/20/13 04:24 PM
x*Thats Jessie?! Quite different then the little cutesy interview w/Jeff. & she won too! NT
wyndycty06/20/13 04:31 PM
x*BB Photo & Bio
Cindy06/20/13 01:36 PM
x*Wants to play a Jordan game...i'm sensing more of an Allison type NT
rodh06/20/13 02:04 PM
x*too cutesy NT
wyndycty06/20/13 01:21 PM
*Big Brother Get to Know Kaitlin
Cindy6127 8   06/20/13 01:14 PM
x*Does anyone know where she tends bar? NT
anastasia61206/27/13 09:49 AM
x*She's complicated and doesn't know BB. She could go nuts in there NT
FurnitureAlliance06/21/13 01:10 AM
x*Social Media Sites:
Cindy06/20/13 10:50 PM
x*My fav...for now! NT
Marisa004806/20/13 03:02 PM
x*she reminds me of a younger brunette Janelle...must be a MInnesota thing NT
CaboWabo06/20/13 02:40 PM
x*BB Photo & Bio
Cindy06/20/13 01:37 PM
x*Sounds very needy, guessing she will hookup early with alliance. NT
rodh06/20/13 01:42 PM
x*Kaitlin will be in for shock, lets see how she does NT
wyndycty06/20/13 01:24 PM
*Big Brother Get to Know Jeremy
Cindy5681 12   06/20/13 01:15 PM
x*I give him 3 weeks unless he aces every challenge NT
Susan9906/21/13 02:28 PM
x*Social Media:
Cindy06/21/13 07:09 AM
Cindy06/20/13 04:04 PM
x*NO. Loser...DB to the max. I guess that's why he was recruited.. NT
Starr06/21/13 08:58 AM
x*Looks like he has "douche" written all over him. Maybe not just figuratively either. NT
JAF06/20/13 05:41 PM
x*good lord :/ NT
shortcake06/20/13 05:27 PM
x*Shane and Frank's lovechild. NT
BBonesteel06/20/13 03:05 PM
x*Jeremy..Jeremy..Jeremy....you are not THAT good looking :-) NT
wyndycty06/20/13 01:29 PM
x*BB Photo & Bio
Cindy06/20/13 01:28 PM
x*He looks like Zach from BB8 NT
kenisgod106/21/13 12:38 PM
x*So far, really not impressed with these peeps! NT
Marley06/20/13 02:07 PM
x*Mama's Boy away from her for the first time, should be interesting as to who picks up on it and uses it! NT
rodh06/20/13 01:38 PM
*Big Brother Get to Know Helen
Cindy5326 10   06/20/13 01:16 PM
x*I like Helen...I think :) NT
Starr06/22/13 07:30 AM
x*I really like her .. She looks really good for 37 ...I even think she looks younger then Amanda
valtal051206/20/13 09:23 PM
x*I think some of the others might brand her as 'stuck up' -- getting a whiff of Kail. Also thinking early boot. NT
unclevanya06/20/13 07:46 PM
x*I really like her, but I have a feeling she'll be evicted pre-jury. :( NT
Orange06/20/13 01:55 PM
x*I think she's most likely to be first evicted :( NT
momorose06/20/13 05:43 PM
x*Hmmmm...not sure yet NT
wyndycty06/20/13 01:34 PM
x*BB Photo & Bio
Cindy06/20/13 01:32 PM
x*One of two that so far has interested me a little. Hope all changes when LF come on. NT
KataGarbo06/21/13 12:33 AM
x*lol she hated rachel... this could be interesting. NT
shortcake06/20/13 05:43 PM
x*Our oldest HG, what task will she undertake to stay in house? Cleaning, cooking, play Mother hen? NT
rodh06/20/13 01:58 PM
*Big Brother Get to Know Elissa
Cindy9950 10   06/20/13 01:16 PM
x*Social Media:
Cindy06/21/13 06:52 AM
x*ugh Im sick of Rachel...and this is just as bad NT
CaboWabo06/20/13 04:47 PM
x*So Elissa is afraid of planes...gonna be amusing watching her reaction to the house decor lol. NT
BBonesteel06/20/13 02:36 PM
x*BB Photo & Bio
Cindy06/20/13 01:23 PM
x*Can't stand anything about her, esp. her sister. ;) NT
Starr06/21/13 09:38 AM
x*How many days until the Rachel "bomb" explodes and will it damage her game? NT
rodh06/20/13 01:55 PM
x*hopefully day one NT
VIII06/20/13 06:24 PM
x*is she going to tell the other hg's who she is? she shouldn't. NT
shortcake06/20/13 05:17 PM
x*I'm sure someone will figure out the connection. NT
dolphingirl06/21/13 04:54 AM
x*I hope soon. NT
Mazita06/20/13 02:34 PM
*Big Brother Get to Know Amanda
Cindy7283 11   06/20/13 01:17 PM
x*I don't think Jeff's buying what she's selling--good luck with that! NT
FurnitureAlliance06/22/13 03:28 PM
x*Social Media:
Cindy06/21/13 07:14 AM
x*another Jojo'esc one NT
CaboWabo06/20/13 04:08 PM
x*BB Photo & Bio
Cindy06/20/13 01:34 PM
x*I like her...for now! She seems to know the game.. NT
Starr06/21/13 08:55 AM
x*lol, I have changed my mind already. She should be on Mob Wives.. NT
Starr06/22/13 07:23 AM
x*I live on Long Island! See what I deal with? Lmao NT
VelvetWind06/22/13 07:29 AM
x*hahaaha! NT
Starr06/22/13 07:31 AM
dustysnemisis06/22/13 07:25 AM
x*meh NT
wyndycty06/20/13 02:11 PM
x*Will her Ego get in her way early? NT
rodh06/20/13 01:53 PM
*Big Brother Get to Know Candice
Cindy4643 8   06/20/13 01:17 PM
x*She is my favorite girl so far! NT
RockChalkJhawk06/23/13 06:56 AM
x*oo i hope she brings the black girl attitude. it will be fun
rushanna06/21/13 01:48 PM
x*Social Media:
Cindy06/21/13 07:12 AM
x*BB Photo & Bio
Cindy06/20/13 01:39 PM
x*Zzzz... no thanks. NT
Starr06/21/13 08:54 AM
x*I kindof like her....for now NT
wyndycty06/20/13 02:25 PM
x*Me too. We'll see how long that lasts. Lol NT
Judybug06/20/13 04:31 PM
x*Did not apply for BB, was recruited/cast for this season NT
rodh06/20/13 01:44 PM
*Big Brother Get to Know McCrae
Cindy8380 9   06/20/13 01:18 PM
x*He wears me out with his head bobbing and shoulder shrugging. I get exhausted watching him, lol. NT
RockChalkJhawk06/23/13 06:55 AM
x*Social Media Sites:
Cindy06/20/13 02:30 PM
x*Interesting photos on his Facebook.
Theory06/21/13 10:34 PM
x*BB Photo & Bio
Cindy06/20/13 01:40 PM
x*Like Dude, you and David could like, hang out NT
FurnitureAlliance06/22/13 06:19 PM
x*My early favorite... NT
Starr06/22/13 06:34 AM
x*He's a feedster...I like him NT
wyndycty06/20/13 02:30 PM
x*and he plays hockey & usually is carrying a pizza... nice! NT
shortcake06/20/13 05:31 PM
x*My early sleeper pick, non-abrasive personality, c'mon pizza boy? NT
rodh06/20/13 01:52 PM
*Big Brother Get to Know Judd
Cindy6289 11   06/20/13 01:18 PM
x*He reminds me of a Hantz. NT
RockChalkJhawk06/23/13 06:54 AM
x*I smell trouble NT
Susan9906/21/13 02:44 PM
x*I love him
rushanna06/21/13 01:53 PM
x*Social Media:
Cindy06/21/13 07:07 AM
x*Matching shirts :oD NT
mhg7606/20/13 06:57 PM
x*the love child of Howie and Cowboy NT
CaboWabo06/20/13 02:49 PM
MovingOn06/26/13 01:59 PM
x*BB Photo & Bio
Cindy06/20/13 01:38 PM
x*Slightly a bore? Seems okay, though.. NT
Starr06/21/13 09:33 AM
x*Ut Oh...he admits he has a temper..shades of Hantz NT
wyndycty06/20/13 02:34 PM
x*Thinking his game will be similar to Lane's due to thinking he is "unreadable". NT
rodh06/20/13 01:48 PM
*Big Brother Get to Know Howard
Cindy6988 18   06/20/13 01:19 PM
x*revelating. NT
PointBeing06/24/13 08:01 PM
x*Hmm, idk...seems okay, but I hope he's not as boring as he seems so far. He'll prob have a workout "class" every morning.. NT
Starr06/22/13 06:38 AM
x*Looks like a big threat to me..nice, strong, intelligent....I can't see him lasting very long NT
FurnitureAlliance06/21/13 10:31 PM
x*I really like him NT
Susan9906/21/13 02:46 PM
x*Modeling Pics:
Cindy06/20/13 02:40 PM
x*Oh my! Sizzling! NT
Theory06/21/13 10:35 PM
x*He looks awesome with dreads NT
nyxxie06/20/13 04:04 PM
x*BB Photo & Bio
Cindy06/20/13 01:30 PM
x*I liked his interview, lets see how he does NT
wyndycty06/20/13 02:38 PM
x*Agreed, I'm a fan so far. NT
Theory06/21/13 10:36 PM
x*I never pick a favourite pre-show (not since the BB6 debachle) but I have to say I really like the looks and comments of this guy.
Dimples06/24/13 07:18 PM
x*Yay! Me too! NT
mhg7606/21/13 10:42 PM
x*Well, we can't go wrong if we agree. :) NT
Theory06/21/13 10:43 PM
x*Texas strong! Now where's Belle, Libra Lady, Logwell, SF, SilliSilli :-) NT
wyndycty06/22/13 06:57 AM
x*Funny wyndy. Can I still belong now that I have relocated? NT
Theory06/24/13 08:07 PM
x*of course! Since Im a transplant myself :-) NT
wyndycty06/24/13 08:50 PM
x*here :-) NT
Belle06/22/13 07:12 AM
x*Considers himself to be an intellectually superior human being, could backfire on him if others feel they are being played. NT
rodh06/20/13 02:09 PM
*Big Brother Get to Know GinaMarie
Cindy12861 13   06/20/13 01:20 PM
x*Social Media & Modeling Links
Cindy06/20/13 09:45 PM
x*Modeling Pics:
Cindy06/20/13 08:01 PM
Cindy06/20/13 09:43 PM
x*Modeling Pics:
Cindy06/20/13 07:57 PM
x*also goes by the name GinaMarie Zimms on Facebook and in modeling NT
CaboWabo06/20/13 04:04 PM
x*lol its a blonde Jojo NT
CaboWabo06/20/13 02:12 PM
x*Exactly! NT
FurnitureAlliance06/21/13 03:51 AM
x*BB PHoto & Bio
Cindy06/20/13 01:27 PM
x*pic was great...but the video interview ugh NT
CaboWabo06/20/13 02:50 PM
x*I haven't seen this ^ interview but I found her entertaining in the welovebb interview. NT
MegsMom31606/20/13 02:54 PM
x*I stoped listening at 21 secs...ugh NT
wyndycty06/20/13 02:40 PM
x*Yuuuuuuuck! NT
Marley06/20/13 02:05 PM
x*I expect her to go home early if she finds floating difficult. NT
rodh06/20/13 01:45 PM
*Big Brother Get to Know David
Cindy9459 24   06/20/13 01:20 PM
x*I still think he looks like one of those Kennedy matrons from the 60s. Eunice, maybe? NT
Ephandis06/22/13 10:18 AM
Painter06/22/13 12:34 PM
Starr06/22/13 11:08 AM
dustysnemisis06/22/13 10:21 AM
x*DUDE!! Stinky Dude! NT
Susan9906/21/13 02:50 PM
x*I wonder if he knows Braden. NT
bbfan66106/21/13 01:27 AM
x*Is his surname Spicoli? NT
dustysnemisis06/21/13 01:28 AM
x*Good looking...............not !!! NT
DaniTheWinner06/20/13 09:54 PM
x*Seems like BB will have to tell him how things work about 3 times before it sinks in, lol. Bye bye. NT
unclevanya06/20/13 07:48 PM
x*Dude! (means IKR?) NT
bbfan66106/21/13 01:25 AM
x*lol looks like Steve Carell with a surfer wig on NT
CaboWabo06/20/13 03:50 PM
x*or jase on acid. NT
shortcake06/20/13 05:28 PM
x*lol NT
nyxxie06/20/13 03:52 PM
x*haha, he does!! NT
Cindy06/20/13 03:51 PM
x*BB Photo & Bio
Cindy06/20/13 01:26 PM
x*lol I have no words for David.. NT
Starr06/22/13 07:07 AM
x*Stay Classy, San Diego! :) NT
liquid8d06/21/13 06:42 PM
x*He doesn't like crows? Another Ollie running from a crow in the BY? NT
nyxxie06/20/13 03:52 PM
x*Dude, I mean like Dude....thats going to get old quick NT
wyndycty06/20/13 02:43 PM
x*Oh man, that not showering bit is really gross lmao. I look forward to the HGs' reactions to that NT
Trevorio06/20/13 02:25 PM
x*Now I really hope they have to share beds. LMAO NT
bbfan66106/21/13 01:37 AM
x*That's just plain mean. Love it! :P NT
dustysnemisis06/21/13 01:39 AM
x*First thoughts are Hayden-esque or Nick-ish, will definitely hookup early. NT
rodh06/20/13 02:00 PM
x*Yep. First impression: Hayden-like with a surfer dude twist. I like him (shower or no shower) NT
FurnitureAlliance06/20/13 05:40 PM
*Big Brother Get to Know Andy
Cindy8230 16   06/20/13 01:21 PM
x*very Ragan - It's funny - I know so many gay guys - I bookkeep at a gay club even & never have I met a gay like him or like Ragan NT
Susan9906/21/13 02:55 PM
x*Of course he likes Ragan--Ragan cried most of the time NT
FurnitureAlliance06/22/13 03:19 PM
x*Social Media:
Cindy06/21/13 07:04 AM
x*Maybe.......appears to remind me of Ronnie, he's out !!! NT
DaniTheWinner06/20/13 10:09 PM
x*I hope he recognizes not to make himself the swing vote in week one... the entire house goes after you then. NT
Digitalpotato06/21/13 07:33 PM
x*He reminded me of Bunky...nice guy but the crying! He could be good if he starts yelling at people or something like that ;-) NT
FurnitureAlliance06/21/13 01:17 AM
x*This guy is too emotional and too nervous. He might be entertaining, or he could be one of those I hate. If he cries I hope they boot his butt! NT
FurnitureAlliance06/20/13 08:53 PM
x*I agree with you! NT
RockChalkJhawk06/23/13 06:51 AM
x*I like him alot! NT
VelvetWind06/20/13 08:54 PM
x*Hope he slays them all. Also hope he brought lots of sunscreen. And a big floppy hat. NT
unclevanya06/20/13 07:49 PM
x*Is Andy our gay entry this year? He picked Ian as a possible Showmance. NT
rodh06/20/13 01:40 PM
x*I thought that was cute. :) NT
Ephandis06/22/13 10:14 AM
x*BB Photo & Bio
Cindy06/20/13 01:25 PM
x*Right away, he reminds of a strawberry. :D NT
Starr06/21/13 09:37 AM
x*bring on the whacky elvish skittles loving ginger! NT
shortcake06/20/13 05:33 PM
x*Good Luck Andy...no crying tho NT
wyndycty06/20/13 02:19 PM
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