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Jessica telling Elena in BY about how she uses customers CC to make extra money for herself NT
Cody confronted by Alex/Jason over cereal NT
Raven clearing the hot tub late 7-24 or early 7-25 TIA NT
Flashback of Mark and Christmas fight Friday, Aug. 11. TIA NT
Anyone know about Cody supposedly acting out again yesterday, possibly punching a door? NT
Matt talking to cameras about America having to put up with Raven for 48+ days. TIA NT

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*BBOTT November 12, 5:10PM (Cam 2) Saturday - Jason says he doesn't feel like he really won the first Veto because Danielle gave him one of the numbers
Truthful13964 4   11/12/16 05:22 PM
x*I've said this the whole time... when ppl tried to act like "he won that veto", no Dani gave him the numbers and he just arranged them right 1st. NT
11/12/16 07:49 PM
x*Dani plugged in different numbers. She is full of crap. Check the tapes. NT
Nuwanda311/13/16 10:59 AM
x*When one checks the flashbacks, they'll see Danielle told him the numbers in the KT. She & Jason even talked about it afterwards that he just got the
11/14/16 07:16 PM
x*This is great, he's nervous...He's Dani only competition so if he's feeling nervous it'll help Danielle :) NT
Dani11/12/16 06:14 PM
*BBOTT Nov 9, 5:57PM (All Cams) Wednesday - Morgan stands up to the other side of the house in her speech at the latest Eviction Ceremony! *updated*
2140 4   11/09/16 06:00 PM
x*Thank you for reminding me how AMAZING Morgan's speech was! It was definitely one of the BEST this season. :-) NT
ILuvMySteelers11/13/16 04:21 PM
x*Absolutely classic I loved this . NT
Rezzing11/11/16 01:02 AM
x*what a royal idiot
jtric196311/10/16 08:30 PM
x*This is classic BB. NT
11/10/16 11:05 PM
*BBOTT November 9, 4:19PM (Alls Cams) Wed. - BB randomly leaks to WHOLE house one of Shelby's DR sessions, right when she says "Just like on LSATS"
2366 1   11/09/16 05:03 PM
x*why is Big Brother trying to ruin her game? I don't get it/ NT
dollady11/10/16 12:48 PM
*BBOTT November 8, 10:18PM (Cam 3) Tuesday - Dani starts a game for the LNJ & Whit to figure out what Shane wanted to do to her in bed...
1424 2   11/09/16 02:50 AM
x*What a lying scum. The feeds show sex at least 4 times?
Remnant088811/09/16 08:49 AM
x*Shes in delusion. And disgusting. Soon theyll know shes a,selfish self centered hag. Voting krissy if shes up against any of the LNjack@$$e$ NT
Remnant088811/09/16 08:23 AM
*BBOTT November 8, 1:53pm (Cam 1/2) - Sister's take Shelby up to HOH to tell her they are sisters, Shelby shares too NT
M3gabyt3483 0   11/09/16 12:55 AM
*BBOTT Nov 7, 11:07pm (3/4) Mon - After Jason & Dani make a fake alliance with what is left of the BSers, A/M/S celebrate. Victory dance @ 11:11. NT
526 0   11/08/16 02:03 AM
*BBOTT Nov 5, 7:22PM cam 1, Sat-in hoh room Kryssie asks Jason what side does Shelby sleep on?... 'I'm going to fart on that side' NT
dollady586 3   11/06/16 12:20 PM
JokersAngel11/13/16 09:50 PM
x*She is a disgusting piece of crap. Sick of all of her nasty ass comments like that NT
savjoz11/07/16 01:14 PM
x*I've never heard of someone using FARTING as a strategy before on BB... says alot about her. Her people must be proud back home... A+ effort. NT
11/06/16 09:42 PM
*BBOTT November 4, 6:51 PM (Cam 1/2) Friday - LNJ talk about Danielle's friend who literally ate their mate's poop. Kryssie defends him. NT
491 1   11/06/16 12:07 PM
x*Shes a sick puppy. Looks like her froend is too. Yuck NT
Remnant088811/07/16 09:55 AM
*NOTE: The CBS Big Brother live feed time clock never made the switch from daylight to PST. NT
235 0   11/06/16 08:57 AM
*BBOTT Nov 3, 9:41pm,Cam 3,thur danni:(about shelby)'LA will snatch her up and drag her by her F'in hair. jason: she needs an ass beating .... NT
dollady840 3   11/05/16 01:42 PM
x*Dani is a rough little girl.
Remnant088811/05/16 05:25 PM
x*Dani is truly clueless. The people are waiting for her not Shelby. remember she killed a puppy. NT
11/05/16 06:28 PM
x*She didn't kill it on purpose so don't make it sound that way! NT
ixney11/06/16 11:24 AM
*BBOTT Nov 5, 12:52AM (Cam 1) Sat Shelby breaks down, crys because 'they took away my hoh, i want to put up my targets it gets taken away... NT
dollady431 0   11/05/16 12:34 PM
*BBOTT November 4, 12:17PM (Cam 3/4) Friday - Justin poops his pants
tjefferis19741568 2   11/05/16 03:31 AM
x*Theres a perfect song for this, TY @WilHeuser for "OMG You Sh*T Your Pants!" (Link inside.)
11/05/16 09:02 PM
x*Yuck NT
Remnant088811/05/16 09:30 AM
*BBOTT November 5, 1:09am (Cam 3/4) Saturday - Shelby cries, Jason hugs her. NT
M3gabyt3388 0   11/05/16 01:35 AM
*BBOTT November 4, 1:14:55 pm(Cam 1/2) Friday - Justin tells Alex in the SR that she is Jason's target.
447 0   11/04/16 06:45 PM
*BBOTT November 02, (12:49 am BBViewer) (12:51 AM CBS) (Cam 1-2 ) Wednesday - Shelby comes into HN room to discuss sleeping arrangements.
curt371157 1   11/04/16 12:09 AM
x*she came in to tell them to be quiet. Then she told Jason she was going to take his bed because they were too loud. This was not innocent sleeping
azluvbb11/06/16 05:48 AM
*BBOTT November 3, 5:58 PM (Cam 1) Thursday - Jason lets the cat out of the bag to Kryssie about his previous Justin/Scott/Alex alliance...
724 0   11/03/16 09:13 PM
*BBOTT November 3, 11:27:25 AM (Cam 1) Thursday - Alex being rude to her sister for saying "like" too much while she tries to tell a story NT
Willdrama569 0   11/03/16 12:29 PM
*BBOTT November 3, 3:03 (Cam 1) Thursday - Justin mimes/admits to Whitney/Kryssie that he snuck & ate 8 pieces of candy. (He's a HN)
1825 10   11/03/16 03:18 AM
x*The fact it was deliberate and he later bragged about it should get him a penalty nom but we know it won't happen. NT
BabyMakeItNice11/03/16 11:57 AM
x*Has anyone EVER gotten a penalty nom for intentionally breaking the rules? NT
11/03/16 03:56 AM
x*Audrey got a penalty vote in season 17. NT
11/04/16 10:49 PM
x*Yes, a HG got a penalty vote against them in an eviction but I don't recall who or what season. Sorry. NT
craftyjulz11/03/16 12:36 PM
x*I thought it was Jen S8. NT
bbfan66111/03/16 08:07 PM
x*You are correct. She ate an apple and a turkey burger when she was HN, so they gave her a penalty nom and she was evicted that week. NT
NEWORDER72011/11/16 11:03 AM
x*As I recall it was just a penalty *vote*. NT
BryanV1612/23/16 07:34 PM
x*They let Jus, and Dani, sleep all the time too. Penalty NOM BB? So disgusted with no rules followed. NT
Remnant088811/03/16 03:54 AM
x*When Jason hurt his ribs the DR told him to go lay in the sun with the girls to get more sleep since that is what they are really doing outside
WolfDShadow11/03/16 03:55 PM
x*They ALL sleep NT
BigBroWatcher11/03/16 07:58 AM
*BBOTT November 3, 2:32 AM (All Cams) Thursday - Shelby gets her HOH room!! NT
581 1   11/03/16 03:10 AM
x*This was the BEST HOH reveal in a long time. Monica's letter was hilarious and Danielle's meltdown cause Shelby got Ben & Jerrys was awesome. NT
BabyMakeItNice11/03/16 11:28 AM
*BBOTT November 3, 1:25AM (Cam 1) Thursday - Kryssie has another long meltdown episode in the HN room, after the HOH comp.
494 0   11/03/16 01:49 AM
*BBOTT November 2, 12:33 am (Cam1/2 ) Wednesday - Justin the BS can suck his dick.
LettucePray843 0   11/02/16 12:25 PM
*BBOTT November 2, 12:24AM (Cam 3/4 ) Wednesday - Justin tells Scott that the BS'ers talk about his dandruff. NT
541 1   11/02/16 09:09 AM
x*Justin's side "shoo shoo"s too.. they'll never admit it though. NT
11/02/16 10:33 AM
*BBOTT November 1, 11:25 pm (Cam 3/4) Tuesday- Scott comes up with a plan to win Whitney back to the Plastics.
406 0   11/02/16 08:55 AM
*BBOTT November 1, 10:01pm (Quad Cam) Tuesday - Prnak to scare Justin takes place. NT
M3gabyt3278 0   11/01/16 10:20 PM
*BBOTT November 1, 8:44pm (Cam 1) Tuesday - Group performance of Justin songs NT
M3gabyt3263 0   11/01/16 08:53 PM
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