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Jessica telling Elena in BY about how she uses customers CC to make extra money for herself NT
Cody confronted by Alex/Jason over cereal NT
Raven clearing the hot tub late 7-24 or early 7-25 TIA NT
Flashback of Mark and Christmas fight Friday, Aug. 11. TIA NT
Anyone know about Cody supposedly acting out again yesterday, possibly punching a door? NT
Matt talking to cameras about America having to put up with Raven for 48+ days. TIA NT

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*BB19 June 29, 11:30pm (Cam 4/3) Thursday - Paul tries to scare Ramses entering HOH room. NT
M3gabyt3342 0   06/29/17 11:31 PM
*BB19 June 29, 10:35pm (Cam 1) Thursday - Girls talk about Megan leaving and finding out she walked. NT
M3gabyt34921 0   06/29/17 10:39 PM
*BBOTT November 30, 9:45pm (Cam 3/4) Wednesday - Kryssie talks about 'coaching', Jason talks about being marketed as grocery boy poor basement kid NT
M3gabyt34206 0   12/01/16 03:11 PM
*BBOTT November 25, 11:10pm (All Cams) Friday - BB: Houseguests ~ your time is running out.
Dreamer2459 0   11/26/16 05:27 PM
*BBOTT November 26, 12:45AM (Cam 1) Saturday - Justin gives us a Creole Show, talking in-depth about his life and work.
unclevanya3433 0   11/26/16 01:31 AM
*BBOTT November 25, 2:16pm (Cam 3/4) Friday - Kryssie VS Justin begins NT
M3gabyt31412 0   11/25/16 02:36 PM
*BBOTT November 23, 6:01:15pm (All Cams) Wednesday - Julie's post-eviction message NT
M3gabyt31125 0   11/23/16 07:26 PM
*BBOTT Nov. 21, 12:59AM (Cam 3) Mon. - Justin shares intimate childhood details about his life & how he got to be how he is today. (Dialogue & Pics)
2774 3   11/23/16 01:16 PM
x*That conversation reveals the Justin that I have loved from the beginning. It makes me wonder how much talking about his sexual abuse may have put him
11/26/16 09:54 AM
x*Thank you! NT
Hostus11/23/16 06:58 PM
x*Thank you for taking the time to transcribe that convo. Very deep. Very sad. NT
DaisyChain11/23/16 01:38 PM
*BBOTT Nov 22, 8:09PM(Cam 4)tue - Shelbys last DR,shout outs during her diary room, normal people versus not normal, plan?, veto etc,(great stuff) NT
dollady712 0   11/23/16 08:35 AM
*BBOTT November 18, 10:16PM (Cam 3/4 ) Friday Jason: Shelby's got all these dudes. How do I even not have one dude.....
Dreamer1159 1   11/21/16 01:51 AM
x*with their talk and jasons threats, I hope now they will leave her alone and stop all this. But I think Jason is too filled with hate for her NT
dollady11/22/16 10:13 AM
*BBOTT November 19 6:06PM +50sec (Cam 1) Sat; jason: I'm gonna bury the girls alive.I'll erase your family's SS#. etc, Juston tries to stop him NT
dollady1181 0   11/20/16 04:03 PM
*BBOTT November 20,3:25 a.m. (Cam 3/4) Sunday - Jason, Kryssie and Justin do a fake newscast with funny but good voice impressions. At 3:33 Kryssie
1023 0   11/20/16 02:22 PM
*BBOTT November 20, 1:32 am (Cam 3) Sunday - Justin crying alone
bellahonor11367 0   11/20/16 11:07 AM
*BBOT Nov19, 6:36PM,Cam 1,Sat Jason: Shelby bytch, I will drag your familys name to dirt,your mother w/file restraining orderS,eat the sluts alive NT
dollady1287 3   11/19/16 06:56 PM
x*Notice how Kryssie is just listening knowing full well that America is going to hate his comments about Shelby NT
blondee6211/20/16 08:12 AM
x*Hope Jason is fired from his job,if he still has a job.thinking it is one thing ,saying it and having it recorded another. NT
11/20/16 04:43 AM
x*still going on at 7:07 (the rand on shelby) good grief he is still saying awful things NT
dollady11/19/16 07:08 PM
*BBOT Nov 19,3:58PM&4:02,Cam 3 Sat - jason about Shelby; 'her vag*na has more uses then the stock mkt.' 4:02 'I might just sh*t in her broccoli NT
dollady460 0   11/19/16 04:47 PM
*BBOTT November 17, 2:27PM (Cam 1) Thursday - Jason threatens to dox Morgan and Shelby if he's evicted this week.
Waverly2435 3   11/17/16 03:24 PM
x*Good luck little man. Shelby will have his ass in court anyway. NT
Hawkman11/17/16 05:36 PM
x*PS that is against the law! NT
dollady11/17/16 05:24 PM
x*wow, he is so horrible. i hope someone stops him!!! NT
dollady11/17/16 05:01 PM
*BBOTT November 16, 11:11 PM (All Cams) Wednesday - Morgan gets her HOH room! (details & pics)
1118 0   11/17/16 11:32 AM
*BBOTT November 16, 3;22(Cam 4) Wed - justin krissey, K says her and jason will take him justin to the end, he is safe NT
dollady416 0   11/16/16 03:24 PM
*BBOTT Nov16,12:52PM,Cam4,Wed- Kris in HOH, tells her plan to get hoh and get Jason out, justin out &fin 3 wi/girls,to 1:24 girls do not believe NT
dollady355 0   11/16/16 03:08 PM
*BBOTT November 15, 12:45:26 pm (Cam 1) Tuesday - Morgan tells Kryssie Alex was her sister. NT
M3gabyt3669 0   11/15/16 12:57 PM
*BBOTT Nov14,10:09PM,Cam3/4, mon;Justin /Shelby convo in hoh,Justin loyal To S, Jason huge following,of 60k,krissey w/not put up vote out jason good
dollady516 0   11/15/16 12:15 PM
*BBOTT November 13, 8:25PM (Cam 3) Sunday - Justin: "Alliances, all that's dead, I have no alliance. The only alliance I have is with God!"
754 0   11/13/16 08:57 PM
*BBOTT Nov 12, 7:09PM (Cam 4) Sat - Dani about Shelby: "B*tch, you better go buy a Bible after this is over, cuz I'm gonna make ur life a living h*ll
2531 8   11/13/16 08:35 PM
x*Now we know why her son's father isn't with her!!! He doesn't see his son much, probably cause he doesn't want to deal with her! NT
parrotbrain11/14/16 05:55 PM
x*Low blow NT
krh503811/17/16 11:23 PM
x*good luck threatening a lawyer. NT
Hawkman11/14/16 01:26 AM
JokersAngel11/13/16 09:45 PM
x*I said the same thing today.. I'm like Danielle is psychotic. NT
11/13/16 09:47 PM
x*Dani is hard core. NT
GameOvr11/14/16 10:56 AM
x*She's a nutjob and a half. NT
11/14/16 12:09 PM
x*Hypocridiot at it's finest. NT
11/13/16 08:35 PM
*BBOTT Nov 12,Cam 1, Sat-11;27PM sarcastic talk of nominations, then Dani: 'Ill say something insulting & then punch her (shelby) in the face' NT
dollady1009 2   11/13/16 11:17 AM
x*She's so stupid... how is she a mother? Oh yeh, I forgot.... NT
11/13/16 07:13 PM
x*If she does it dani will be worse the Chima
Remnant088811/13/16 11:45 AM
*BBOTT November 12, 5:18 PM (Cam 2) Saturday - Justin says he wants Danielle gone and Justin hates Danielle because she picked Shane over him. NT
Truthful13756 1   11/12/16 06:04 PM
x*Oh snap! lol NT
11/12/16 07:50 PM
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