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Jessica telling Elena in BY about how she uses customers CC to make extra money for herself NT
Cody confronted by Alex/Jason over cereal NT
Raven clearing the hot tub late 7-24 or early 7-25 TIA NT
Flashback of Mark and Christmas fight Friday, Aug. 11. TIA NT
Anyone know about Cody supposedly acting out again yesterday, possibly punching a door? NT
Matt talking to cameras about America having to put up with Raven for 48+ days. TIA NT

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*BB18 Sept 7,2:03;5?AM (Cam 2)Wed - Paul/Vic:put up James Nic, James gets veto,if we just take corey out nic will hate us. (use headphones to hear) NT
dollady865 1   09/08/16 12:43 PM
x*And when Corey wins the veto and takes Nicole down. Paul or Vic will go up and out! NT
ladyfon09/08/16 01:02 PM
*BB18 September 3, TIME 10:29a(Cam1/2 ) Saturday - Nat tells James what she talked to V/P about trusting the wrong people and apologizes. She leaves
LettucePray886 0   09/08/16 11:58 AM
*BB18 September 7, 12:17am (Cam 3/4) Wednesday - Bullhorn into the backyard to Nat, James, Paul & Victor NT
3321 2   09/07/16 12:37 AM
x*Flashback only does Live when I try. Even tried starting before and going forward. UGH. NT
kymama09/07/16 03:59 PM
x**12:19am NT
Philster09/07/16 09:37 AM
*BB18 September 6, 6:25pm (Cam 2) Tue, Corey says he wants final 2. Nicole: James& Corey final 2. goal to get "both" out, 1st nat, paul, vic go NT
dollady847 0   09/06/16 11:05 PM
*BB18 September 5, 11:15PM (1 ) Monday Night-Cory and Nicole work to figure out remainder of game and plan to take James F3.At least watch 15mins. NT
L84StarBucks1263 0   09/06/16 10:48 AM
*BB18 August 27, TIME 2:53 a.m. (3/4) Saturday: Nat admits she lied to evryone about Paul not touching thigh to get Paulie out. NT
LettucePray1678 2   09/06/16 02:54 AM
x*Paul did touch her thighs but she wasn't offended by it because she looked at it like a brother sister thing. She was only offended by Paulie. NT
Powerman81809/13/16 12:43 PM
x*Natalie is a dangerous personal player. CBS has unjustly mischaracterized Paulie in relation to Natalie. She plotted against Z & sabotaged Paulie. NT
v_voyante09/08/16 07:45 AM
*BB18 September 6, 12:40:30am (Cam 1/2) Tuesday - Like Christmas in August, post-sex Corey falls in love with a chemical ice pack. (funny) NT
2595 4   09/06/16 12:53 AM
x*He's supposedly an athlete and never dealt with an ice pack like that? NT
CindiCindi09/06/16 06:34 PM
x*Are you sure this is the correct time stamp? I have Paul, nic and Corey talking about nat. NT
jjnewboots09/06/16 10:42 AM
x*Sorry, it is AM. NT
09/06/16 01:41 PM
x*Lol...he is such a mess NT
jjnewboots09/06/16 02:10 PM
*BB18 September 4, 11:54 PM (Cam 3) Sunday - Natalie: "I got my revenge with Zakiyah & Paulie. That was the best game move. That was the best feeling."
Truthful131178 0   09/05/16 09:23 PM
*BB18 Sep 5, 5:39-6:00PM (Cam 3/4) Monday - James/Nat argument in BY. Nat's upset James told her to be positive. She wants to be left alone. This
952 0   09/05/16 08:40 PM
*BB18 September 5, 11:28:30AM (Cam 1/2 ) Monday - Paul tells Nicole about the P/V convo with James the night before. Convo continues with Vic. NT
MacGirl713 0   09/05/16 05:48 PM
*BB18 September 5, 4:54:40PM (Cam 3/4 ) Monday - Corey pranks Nicole and it hilariously backfires. NT
MacGirl821 0   09/05/16 05:04 PM
*BB18 September 3, TIME 10:01 (Cam 1/2 ) Saturday - Nat tells V/P she shouldn't have trusted James and apologizes to them. NT
LettucePray402 0   09/05/16 04:39 PM
*BB18 September 5, TIME 12:51PM (Cam 4 ) Monday -Corey adjusts himself while lying down with cam in behind him. NT
MoonDesire1833 6   09/05/16 12:59 PM
x*Weird - little Corey makes appearance at 12:49 on my FB NT
09/06/16 01:56 PM
x*Wrong timestamp? NT
09/05/16 05:42 PM
x*Timestamp is correct NT
benjmn09/05/16 05:59 PM
x*It's right cbssucks ~
Dreamer09/05/16 05:56 PM
x*looks like he's had laser hair removal NT
oh_boy09/05/16 04:07 PM
x*And Nicole was worried about him changing under the towel. NT
JuicyJ09/05/16 02:19 PM
*BB18 September 4, 5:08pm (Cam 1/2 ) - Corey tells Nic he's mad at her. Tells her next time to bite her tongue, go into the BR and they can talk it
Dreamer1993 0   09/05/16 02:39 AM
*BB18 September 4, 4:45pm (Cam 1/2 ) Sunday A little showmance quarrel. Nicole cries & rambles while Corey is mad about looking like the bad guy.NT
CindiCindi2188 1   09/04/16 08:19 PM
x*Corey in stealth whisper mode tells a bawling Nicole "stop, you can't do that right now" also "you're making this look really bad"
Dreamer09/05/16 12:39 AM
*BB18 September 4, 1:54 AM (Cam 1/2 ) Sunday - Jatalie about Nicorey voting to keep James. Nat tells James not to talk to her if he works with Nicorey!
v_voyante1596 0   09/04/16 10:51 AM
*BB18 Sep 4, 1:57-2:30AM (Cam1/2) - Nat says she'll never talk to James again if he works w/ NiCorey. Nat leaves briefly. James says girls aint loyal &
1984 1   09/04/16 10:42 AM
x*This goes on a little longer after 2:30, FYI NT
09/04/16 11:42 AM
*September 3, 2:10 pm (Cam1 ) Sat. Paul called to DR & Paul says "why, you gonna ask me about my medieval conversation?" switch to Cam 4 and hear
2446 0   09/03/16 07:25 PM
*BB18 Aug 31, 9:53PM (Cam 3/4) Thursday - Nat tells James they should've stuck to their alliance w/ Meech/Paul/Vic & shouldn't have trusted Nicorey
2770 6   09/01/16 10:18 PM
x*I don't think it was as much James throwing the comp to Nicole as he wants people to think, when they showed him and her, he was shaking a lot NT
Billy09/02/16 12:22 PM
x*That isn't the problem. James throwing the wall comp to Nicole is the problem. NT
BBFan199509/02/16 04:18 AM
x*Natalie is actually 100% correct. There is no telling what comps are coming up, so they should have anticipated what happens when you betray. NT
Pyke09/02/16 06:09 AM
x*Nobody should be playing safe just because they worry about what the comp would be. Nat made a move that benefited her, however James threw the wall
BBFan199509/02/16 08:33 AM
x*Yep, that's it in a nutshell. James never should have made the deal to drop & let Nic have the HOH. Dumb move. Now rooting 4 Vic to win the game. NT
TazzyD21109/02/16 11:09 AM
x*Nic could of still won...A lot of assuming..Besides James & Nat should have made an effort to see how the vote was really going to go...Laziness.. NT
XXangeleyes09/02/16 08:02 PM
*BB18 September 1, 8:53:30pm (Cam 1/2) Thursday - Nicole describing what Meech said to her that was bleeped for us (Spoiler Alert: Nic using f-word) NT
6469 1   09/01/16 10:05 PM
x*Of Nicole would be pissed about that, then again it goes to her character. NT
09/03/16 07:33 PM
*BB18 August 31, 9:23PM (Cam 3/4) WED - BB tells Paul in HOH room there is no jumping in the pool NT
pinkshoegirl796 0   09/01/16 05:40 PM
*BB18 August 31,8:59PM cam 3/4m Wed -5k bribe given to Victor to "vote out meech", vic very happy NT
dollady960 0   08/31/16 11:15 PM
*BB18 Wed Aug 31, 7:46:31pm BBT (Cam 1/2)-Mich packs Paul's sweatpants in her eviction bag, states she doesnt know if Paul knows (transcribed inside)
3493 2   08/31/16 08:05 PM
x*Victor's sweatpants
Dmess09/01/16 07:06 PM
x*Just rewatched, she said Paul's. (She dragged out his name, "Paauul's, I'm taking them".) BTW.. had to use Highlights to get 08/31, FB was broken. NT
09/03/16 07:03 PM
*BB18 August 31, 4:27:44 pm (Cam1/2 ) Wednesday -Nicole talks about people who hurt animals. Corey sits quietly listening. NT
CindiCindi846 0   08/31/16 04:43 PM
*BB18 August 31,422am(Cam 4) nat kicks james out of bed. (cam 1/2) james to bathroom with Mich, scares her then long talk about nat & james breakup NT
dollady1625 0   08/31/16 02:03 PM
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