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Anyone know what happened to the funny screencap website ran by the joker named CanIEatThis? NT
Michelle saying mean things about people? I keep hearing people say it happens but never seen it NT (1 Replies)
When did Meech and Brdgetts convo start please? NT (2 Replies)
Possible Secret alliance between Tiffany and Bridgette
Anyone know when Paulie confronted Tiff. Some time on July 15th? NT (2 Replies)
Request: Picture/Gif of Paulie jumping on top of Tiffany on the HOH bed in his 1st HOH. (1 Replies)

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*BB15 July 16 , 10:35 am cam 1. Cam pans in on bathing suit top then down to an opened used condom under the airplane seat NT
pinklily1668 2   07/16/13 11:21 AM
x*Just for clarification, this was a prank last night by Judd and Aaryn. NT
scoozme07/16/13 01:48 PM
x*Yes, it was BB Time: 1:32am, Cam 2 NT
mmd07/16/13 02:14 PM
*BB15 July 17, 11:55:40PM (Cam4) Wednesday - Judd says to Jessie I only got eyes for you silly girl NT
Dan11091970 2   07/18/13 03:31 AM
x*That was so sweet!!! :) NT
Milana07/18/13 10:49 AM
x*I thought this was so cute! NT
cinecism07/18/13 05:37 AM
* BB15 July 20, 8:43PM (Cam 1) Saturday - Amanda decides to saran wrap her face (?) NT
MucousPlug646 2   07/20/13 08:50 PM
x*Amanda suggested it so Elissa could create more sweat during her work out. NT
onthereg07/28/13 09:57 AM
x*Elyssa has her body wrapped for some reason too NT
bigbrotherfan7207/21/13 03:30 PM
*BB15 July 21, 1:34pm (Cam 1&2) Amanda & Elissa talk about why Am was upset last nite..
teamJeff841611 2   07/21/13 07:18 PM
x*Elissa did apologize to Amanda during their first convo., but Elissa knew Amanda was
Lumpy07/22/13 07:59 AM
x*helen also Elisa that Amanda told Helen not to use thapov on Elisa if she won it ..and poeple wonder why she's pissed at Amanda ... NT
nana11007/22/13 08:35 AM
*BB15 July 23, 12:13pm Cam 2 - Judd, as a guy....we've all been there bud. NT
Hamlet1433 2   07/23/13 12:25 PM
x*good thing Jessie is a good sport. NT
onthereg07/28/13 09:39 AM
x*#hilarious NT
bbaballer07/23/13 01:12 PM
*GM nipple slip 4:55pm cam3 NT
mano1831 2   07/25/13 05:23 PM
x*she has a periced nipples NT
mano07/25/13 08:25 PM
x*july 25 NT
mano07/25/13 05:24 PM
*BB15 July 25 at 9.02pm Cam 3/4 -Aaryn joins Amanda/McCrae/Judd/ELissa & confirms to group that it was Helen who told her abt ELISSA telling Candice NT
jaguar31523 2   07/25/13 11:23 PM
x*Has anyone gotten this clip to play? I've tried many times, it's just frozen. Really would love to see it! Is it me or the clip? Thanks!! NT
Jennerific71307/26/13 10:10 AM
x*I predict that Helen is going to have alot of explaining to do when her lies come out!
LoVi07/26/13 07:40 AM
*BB15 July 26 at 12:45am Cam 1/2 - McCrae's attempt backfires when he tries to counsel Elissa to play nice with Aaryn this week; Amanda joins in. NT
skeeb142517 2   07/26/13 01:55 AM
x*Elissa's high horse could not be higher. NT
Ephandis07/26/13 08:42 AM
x*OFC Amanda joins in, she can't leave him alone for 5 minutes. #ballsandchain NT
Euphz07/26/13 04:22 AM
*BB15 July 27, 7:33 PM (Cam 1/2) Saturday - Aaryn explains her reasoning for putting up Candice (blood pressure medicine recommended for viewing) NT
jblig975 2   07/27/13 09:23 PM
x*WOW. shame on all of them. NT
Euphz07/27/13 10:37 PM
x*Yeah, that is very hard to take. And Helen sitting there eating it all up NT
DeltaLitProf07/27/13 09:58 PM
*BB15 July 27. 10:39PM (Cam 1) Amanda's speech to the house (sad) NT
onthereg772 2   07/27/13 11:01 PM
x*sorry 10:28PM. these feed time stamps get wonky. NT
onthereg07/28/13 09:23 AM
x*Must be a problem with that time b/c Am/MC are in cockpit then, she goes to WC then to eat dinner. I didn't hear a speech. :/ NT
buckshot07/28/13 04:46 AM
*BB15 July 27: 11:26 pm cameras 1 & 2: Candice campaigns to Helen & Elissa to keep Howard, which ends in Helen storming out and smoking. NT
thequeen1236 2   07/28/13 10:20 AM
x*this is wrong time NT
theone62607/28/13 01:23 PM
x*What is the correct time? TIA NT
zipit07/28/13 07:08 PM
*BB15 July 29,12:30pm(cam 1)Mon - HOUSE metting NT
onthereg1108 2   07/29/13 01:32 PM
x*There is no house meeting at this time anywhere on feeds. NT
sweetskitty07/29/13 06:57 PM
x*the people in that room are the ones people refer to as "the house" when they say that is what the house wants. NT
onthereg07/30/13 06:36 AM
*BB15 07/30 4:18 am CAM 1 Amanda saying Elisa sounds like she has autism when she speaks NT
Euphz1360 2   07/30/13 11:48 AM
bigbrotherfan7207/30/13 03:23 PM
x*she clearly knows nothing about autism... NT
MucousPlug07/30/13 11:55 AM
*BB15 July 30, 12:30pmBBT (Cam 1/2)- Spencer calls Amanda out on her bullying & tells her she is doing exactly what they accused Jeremy of. NT
jaguar31942 2   07/30/13 05:18 PM
x*This was fantastic!!! NT
bigbrotherfan7207/30/13 08:41 PM
x*Starts getting heated at 12:32:50 if anyone starts watching and waiting for something to happen NT
M3gabyt307/30/13 08:12 PM
*BB15 July 31, 4:48:07PM (CAM 1&2)Elissa/Helen/Amanda storage room convo about keep Candice around till Jury to be a target & pick other ppl off NT
nicki227674 2   08/01/13 03:21 AM
x*it was so funny when Amanda came in and said the exact opposite of Helen.
LoVi08/01/13 06:07 AM
x*GREAT FB! the 2 alpha fems (amanda & helen) & it shows although helen THOUGHT she was calling the shots, she concedes to amanda. none 2 happy LOL NT
Jennerific71308/01/13 05:39 AM
*BB15 Aug 1, 2:03am Aaryn talking about Candice..."Hey Aunt Jemima, make me some pancakes." NT
M3gabyt37066 2   08/01/13 09:17 AM
x*How terrible! Watch from about 5 minutes or so earlier for some additional comments that make you shake your head. NT
CookieMMM08/01/13 05:12 PM
x*And we're they making Ching chong noises after that? NT
VeronicaLodge08/02/13 04:25 AM
*BB15 Aug 2, 2:48AM (QUAD CAM) Candice dances like Beyonce in GM's jazz outfit. NT
nicki227813 2   08/02/13 03:11 AM
x*I'm grossed out by how many people have had that on tonight. NT
VeronicaLodge08/02/13 04:23 AM
x*LOL Candice's comment when she took it off was lemme get this off before I get a yeast infection. NT
nicki22708/02/13 05:55 AM
*BB15 Aug 2, 12:13AM (CAM 3&4)Jessie complains to Amanda & McCreae that Helen didn't give her a spot @the BBQ Party and she's pissed. NT
nicki227463 2   08/02/13 05:54 AM
x*I love how they pretty much stop listening to her..hahaha NT
bigbrotherfan7208/02/13 06:59 AM
x*she deffo was throwing a tantrum during that convo. NT
nicki22708/02/13 07:09 AM
*BB15 Aug 2, 10:23pm Cam 1/2 - Amanda's impersonation of Helen; mocks Helen's gameplay in front of roomful of hg's NT
skeeb141833 2   08/02/13 10:48 PM
x*It was just a joke. Everyone was laughing. NT
jww047_08/02/13 11:24 PM
x*I agree...it was just a joke NT
bigbrotherfan7208/05/13 04:36 PM
*I bet if aaron goes before jury
Kim542202779 2   08/04/13 06:33 AM
flowrrunz08/04/13 08:25 AM
x*Audience won't do anything. They'll be there. NT
LittleBrother08/04/13 07:20 AM
*FB time of Amanda calling Aaryn a c**t NT
blueeyed2593 2   08/06/13 05:13 PM
x*Aug 5th - HAHA! It was funny. They were kidding with each other NT
bigbrotherfan7208/06/13 05:35 PM
x*August 5th,11:45pm cam 1/2 NT
bbfan3408/06/13 05:32 PM
*aug 7, 1:58 (around 50 secs), cam 1 & 2. GM to Judd and Spencer: "Its not my fault that Andy is a f*ing fudge-packer..."
mynewpseud2395 2   08/07/13 06:20 AM
x*She will get a pass, she is not amanda. NT
JoeTheInformed08/07/13 11:23 AM
x*That was vile.. no part of what she said was said jokingly either.. NT
GMan08/07/13 08:17 AM
*BB15 8/8/13 1:22 PM quad Judd Jessie fight NT
playmate2920 2   08/08/13 03:42 PM
x*I don't see it I even went back to 1pm nothing?? NT
nana11008/08/13 05:10 PM
x*1:24 PM Cam 1/2 is where it starts NT
jww047_08/08/13 05:11 PM
*helen nipple slip 9/8/13 10:38am cam 1 NT
mano3361 2   08/09/13 10:40 AM
x*sorry i put the wrong date ..it's good now
mano08/09/13 05:17 PM
x*all i see is trivia is date and time right? NT
Camlawnman08/09/13 11:09 AM
*BB15 Aug 11, 4:15AM (CAM 3)SUN - Mccrea finally puts in some work with Amanda. NT
onthereg1094 2   08/11/13 05:16 AM
x*The night before they had a skeet towel, and now there is a skeet sheet floating around the room, what is next? NT
CBazz08/11/13 11:34 PM
x*i know the following morning she was doing something to him and she used the towel and I was like, "NOOOO, not that towel!!!"LOL NT
onthereg08/14/13 11:24 AM
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