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Does anyone know when Christine said she had a secret announcement this weekend? NT
Frankie in drag makeup side by side with Ariana in make up--extreme close ups, EXCLUDE hair, ears, foreheads--so show eyebrows, eyes to chin, thx! NT
Cody walking away from Hammock with very tented front of shorts after chat with ?Victoria. (11 Replies)
Many Evel Dick tweets about Cal & Cody making fun of Donny's brother. Anyone have time stamp? Think on afternoon of 8/22. NT
Victoria's swollen face NT (1 Replies)
8-20-14 eppy when Donny in the fire room makes a face and gestures to the camera just as Derrick walks back in. NT

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*BB16 August 10, 4:48:40am (Cam 1/2) - Frankie talking to Vic. *implying* Nic will be "raked across the coals" for talking about his sister...
luvmykitties3654 2   08/10/14 05:44 AM
x*But she keeps saying it's so personal, but doesn't she realize that the entire country is going to know now NT
marreve08/10/14 07:11 AM
x*Victoria keeps referring to worrying about her insecurities & struggles being talked about and Frankie keeps making it about him & his sister. smh NT
luvmykitties08/10/14 05:45 AM
*BB16 August 10,4:20PM(Cam 3/4)Sun-Victoria washes her Merkin
HeyNow15532 2   08/10/14 04:35 PM
x*Also back to 4:14:02PM , Cam 4, Victoria removes the last of her clip-on hair. NT
P2H3K908/10/14 05:02 PM
x*"Merkin" LOL NT
Reefer6408/10/14 04:55 PM
*BB16 August 11, 2:01pm (Cam 3&4) Monday - Funny moment- Nic tells Don he 'can't cuddle' because he has a GF, in front of Cody/Chris. NT
mmd6564 2   08/11/14 02:22 PM
dollady08/11/14 05:42 PM
x*LMAO @ Chris's face after she says "yeah"
luvmykitties08/11/14 02:53 PM
*BB16 August 12, 2:40:50pm (Cam 1) Tuesday - Cody asleep until he hits himself in the face with his hand. NT
olfactoryhues3187 2   08/12/14 04:30 PM
x*wow... when he hits himself, he doesn't mess around, LOL. that was too funny NT
dianamite08/12/14 08:30 PM
Fallencookies7208/12/14 06:03 PM
*BB16 August 15, 1:59:25 AM Friday, Cam 4- Caleb whacks himself in the head with a prop shield & then about 20 seconds later does it 6 more times
Corndogger1891 2   08/15/14 02:29 AM
x*LOL! So funny, not what I was expecting NT
lianna08/15/14 07:04 PM
x*wow, what a whacko! NT
fitzymama08/15/14 12:02 PM
*BB16 August 15, 1:47:47 AM Friday Cam 4 - While talking game in the Fire Room with Derrick and Frankie, Cody goes over to Chris and lies on top
Corndogger5450 2   08/15/14 02:35 AM
x*Cody needs to go like yesterday. As much as I can't stand, not just
magnolia4308/15/14 01:25 PM
x*Donny isn't a floater.....I like the guy but he has no team at all. He's a Pawn. Floaters get used for votes. Donny is alone. NT
John33Dorian08/15/14 02:37 PM
*Caleb does and series of jumping martial arts kicks then tries a "Bicycle Kick" and falls on his ass! Hilarious!
RobNYC5743 2   08/15/14 11:41 AM
x*LOL, cracked me up! NT
lianna08/15/14 07:08 PM
x*2:05 (55 seconds in) NT
Dixon67208/15/14 05:23 PM
*BB16 August 18, TIME 12:27 pm(Cam 3 & 4) Monday - POV Aftermath Zach & Frankie bickering... NT
Louise468128 2   08/18/14 06:05 PM
x*up to 12:30 & no bickering ... sure this time is right? NT
Bilbo08/19/14 04:08 AM
x*Bickering starts around 12:40pm. BB highlighted it with the blue marker on the feeds. NT
mmd08/19/14 12:23 PM
*BB16 August 20, 4:48PM (Cam 2 ) Wednesday - Caleb talks to Cody about Vic's Camel Toe
Duckki5581 2   08/20/14 04:51 PM
x*Your definition of calls out is telling 2 other people? NT
njjoe9708/20/14 05:13 PM
x*Guess I used the wrong words. Sorry! :)
Duckki08/20/14 08:20 PM
*BB16 August 20, 6:55:13PM (Cam 3) Wednesday - Zach tells Frankie he'll never forget Frankie.
jfung792621 2   08/20/14 09:27 PM
x*They both know its only a tv show
scorchy08/20/14 09:42 PM
x*Couldn't agree more. It's a game. Life goes on haha. NT
pikatroy08/20/14 10:00 PM
*BB16 August 24, 6:35 PM (Cam 3 and 4 ) Sunday - Another shouting over the wall
Duckki7134 2   08/24/14 06:57 PM
x*Does Frankie know?
caj80208/24/14 08:09 PM
x*Do you have headphones? Read my post on the update page. NT
roadrunnerone08/24/14 07:29 PM
*BB16 August 25, 2:42:15am (Cam 1/2) Monday - Caleb and Frankie try to figure out where certain U.S. states are located ("MT is over by VT") NT
banner_boy7315 2   08/25/14 03:02 AM
x*Thank God Caleb was prison guard in the War and NOT in charge of logistics!!!
vistadelrey08/25/14 05:57 PM
x*"Troops, in this direction is Baghdad. In the opposite direction is Iraq." NT
banner_boy08/26/14 03:23 AM
*BB16 August 27, 12:51 AM (Cam 3) Wednesday - Crust and Cody
HeyNow17183 2   08/27/14 12:57 AM
x*Sorry...am I missing something? What are we looking for? NT
Blkjax08/27/14 06:09 AM
x*dunno NT
liquid8d08/28/14 04:15 PM
*BB16 August 28, 10:10pm Cam 3/4 Thursday - "Derrick! HOLLAAAA!!" NT
Philster5837 2   08/28/14 11:41 PM
x*BB16 August 28, 10:58pm Cam 3/4 Thursday - "Who needs a HOLLAAAA" NT
Philster08/28/14 11:44 PM
x*BB16 August 29th, 1:38am All Cams Friday - "Can we get a HOLLAAAA!" NT
Philster08/29/14 11:02 AM
*BB16 August 29, 1:23 (Cam 4) Friday HGs,Minus Nicole, talking about Donny
NovemberRain916 2   08/29/14 01:45 PM
x*I hope like hell these sycophants and delusional people are proven
NovemberRain08/29/14 01:46 PM
x*I will definitely vote for Donny. He has more heart and more character than all of them put together. NT
Caramel08/29/14 02:08 PM
*BB16 August 29, 1:59 (Cam 3) Friday Frankie tells Derrick that they shouldn't
NovemberRain1106 2   08/29/14 02:03 PM
x*What? Anyone could vote. He really has a rude awakening. NT
deputydawn08/29/14 02:23 PM
x*Is that the right date/time? Thanks... NT
crotchbuzzard08/29/14 04:24 PM
*BB16 June 27, 1:15 AM, Camera 1. Nicole/Christine freak out about ghosts in the fire room. HILARIOUS. NT
tyman618342 1   06/27/14 03:53 PM
x*Not to alarm anyone but I swear I saw a white, ghost-like shape above nicole's head while this was going on.
ish06/28/14 04:37 AM
*BB14 Sep 17 11:48 AM Cam 3 - Dan imitating Danielle posing in mirror, sucking cheeks and Danielle/Shane as Rose/Jack on Titanic. NT
BootGeorge3378 1   09/18/12 04:46 AM
x*love this. NT
ObsessedwithBB09/14/13 10:09 PM
*GM talking about the welfare health insurance she is on as NIG*** insurance 6/30 1:16 pm cam 1/2 she mouths it NT
playmate723 1   06/30/13 01:42 PM
x*Andy and Nick seemed unfazed by it—WTF? NT
Ephandis07/03/13 01:06 PM
*6/301:22 PM cam 4 Aaryn " I was so drunk I made Asian eyes last night" NT
playmate510 1   06/30/13 02:27 PM
x*I think the time is 2:22 NT
sockruhtese06/30/13 02:49 PM
*Aaryn & David talk about their relationship: 7-1 @ 10:45pm 1/2 cam
Lumpy879 1   07/02/13 10:32 AM
x*Thanks! She just talks to talk, very annoying. NT
Jade07/02/13 10:40 AM
*BB15 July 2, 6:55PM (Cam 3) Tuesday - Jeremy rubs Elissa's hat on his butt (Hatgate 2) NT
littlshortdude1803 1   07/02/13 09:28 PM
x*What a JERK! Will someone please wipe hus toothbrush in _____! (fill in the blank) NT
CookieMMM07/04/13 08:24 AM
*BB15 07/03 7:16 am, cam 1- Amanda rolls over & kicks McCrea "It's okay, come here big girl". Very Sweet!!!
sleepless1779 1   07/03/13 09:32 AM
x*love NT
onthereg07/17/13 06:34 PM
*BB15 July 3, 9:29AM (Cam1/2) Wed - 8 mins - Hwd telling Helen to not tell Candice about the vote tnt & then talks about hearing racial slurs. NT
lakeview1835 1   07/03/13 11:41 AM
x*I love these two together, I wish they were a real alliance. Howard is giving her good advice. NT
Ephandis07/03/13 12:29 PM
*Candice boob flash, brief nudity
Bluecat3231 1   07/03/13 06:52 PM
x*Old news....Posted the image hrs ago.... NT
PhillyDogg07/03/13 08:07 PM
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