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Subject Poster V R Posted on
*Kevin seems to be really over Paul tonight..or am I just seeing things? NT
DrWillfan10 7   07/26/17 10:00 PM
x*It seems that since he learned Ramses is going home, the wind in Kevin's sails has been gone, NT
Triplel07/26/17 10:20 PM
x*The last 2 weeks. NT
phobos07/26/17 10:03 PM
x*He's been tired of him for the past couple of days NT
krazy107/26/17 10:01 PM
x*Paul told him to keep his distance. NT
beckymac07/26/17 10:01 PM
x*for real Paul told him and Jason to go study with Christmas and Raven and he got up and did it. NT
krh503807/26/17 10:03 PM
x*Rofl NT
Rainedrop07/26/17 10:03 PM
x*hahahha NT
janiedan107/26/17 10:02 PM
*I read on twitter that Mark said if Josh stays, he will get evicted for putting his hands on him. Cody asked if BB had to talk to
LillyBell253 7   07/26/17 09:59 PM
x*Production doesn't want to lose their number one attraction - Cody. That's why they're making sure he doesn't choke Josh out on live TV. NT
Jake8107/26/17 10:08 PM
x*Josh will get beat up and it will be Production's fault for allowing this to go on so long. NT
jjjg07/26/17 10:04 PM
x*I can picture a big fight on the eviction couches and Jess just standing there crying and saying the halting hex over and over. LOL NT
chromebright07/26/17 10:02 PM
x*Lmmfao NT
OhnoSheDidnt07/26/17 10:06 PM
x*Ya apparently production told Cody to make sure he doesn't get physical with Josh and then cut to fish. NT
RatFloater07/26/17 10:01 PM
x*is that in reference to the feed leak the night of the candy crush HOH comp? NT
krh503807/26/17 10:02 PM
x*I'm not sure. NT
RatFloater07/26/17 10:05 PM
*It bugs me how Cody doesn't seem to want to win this HOH, and thinks they can just use the Hex. He should want to keep the Hex until the last week NT
Fleurie17 9   07/26/17 09:58 PM
x*I was thinking the same thing. It's like if you have money. Don't spend it because you have it. You might need it later for something important. NT
jannequin07/26/17 10:02 PM
x*We don't even know if they're studying there have been no cams on them. NT
Sambb1907/26/17 10:00 PM
x*But what if Cody has a photographic memory? NT
2BeHonest07/26/17 10:00 PM
x*does he? NT
sliver01307/26/17 10:01 PM
x*Being in the military, he might have been trained to watch things closely. NT
2BeHonest07/26/17 10:02 PM
x*Hopefully. I used to precept nurses and the best one ever was ex-military. Only had to show him something once and he had it down. NT
jannequin07/26/17 10:05 PM
x*Yes. NT
beckymac07/26/17 10:02 PM
x*What has given that impression at all? When feeds came back he was studying with Jess the entire time until they went to eat. NT
jjjg07/26/17 09:59 PM
x*Pisses me off! NT
bbisluv07/26/17 09:59 PM
*It's obvious Raven/Matt have no desire to win this HOH NT
Joy13 6   07/26/17 09:58 PM
x*I don't know. They knew things pretty well when it was Matt/Rav/Xmas/ Alex/Ramses in the room NT
BAC07/26/17 10:02 PM
x*I don't think Elena will want to win it either even though she knows the material. NT
junkydiva07/26/17 10:02 PM
x*Paul told them they are safe and should let others get blood (pual is telling others to put matt and raven up) NT
beckymac07/26/17 10:01 PM
x*I haven't heard him tell anyone that. NT
junkydiva07/26/17 10:08 PM
x*What??? Who has paul told to put up Matt & Raven? NT
BAC07/26/17 10:05 PM
x*He is sowing seeds of discord between Maven and Marlena NT
jannequin07/26/17 10:06 PM
*Sort of OT: Matt Iseman is a BB fan? Didn't know that ! NT
krh50383 2   07/26/17 09:58 PM
x*Who is that? NT
BreachofTrust07/26/17 09:59 PM
x*Host of American Ninja Warrior, won Celebrity Apprentice NT
krh503807/26/17 10:01 PM
*If Kev revealed the flipped vote, why is Ramses studying if he knows now he's going home? NT
jrock83 1   07/26/17 09:57 PM
x*No one told him. NT
JustNo07/26/17 09:59 PM
*Every post is Paul told him to do this or that...are these folks zombies programmed to do what Paul wants?? NT
BreachofTrust28 9   07/26/17 09:56 PM
x*I like Paul and all but the one saying Paul told them to discuss it is giving him too much credit. (Yes I said it once as a joke) NT
Rainedrop07/26/17 09:58 PM
x*In unison "Must....obey.....Paul...." NT
FurnitureAlliance07/26/17 09:58 PM
x*don't trust the posts NT
Poz07/26/17 09:57 PM
x*So they are exaggerations? NT
BreachofTrust07/26/17 09:58 PM
x*I'm watching the feeds. They don't make a move without Paul's guidance. NT
dopemelody07/26/17 10:00 PM
x*ask that guy down below \/ NT
Poz07/26/17 09:59 PM
x*Paul. NT
beckymac07/26/17 10:00 PM
x*iswydt NT
Poz07/26/17 10:01 PM
x*The friendship bracelets have a Paul DNA chip in them if you didn't notice. NT
beckymac07/26/17 09:57 PM
*Is Megan in the pictures? NT
rando1116 1   07/26/17 09:56 PM
x*I have not heard her name. NT
Dolffie07/26/17 09:57 PM
*All of them pretending not to know anything in front of Paul is sooo obvious! These people are stupid. NT
ABCDE6 1   07/26/17 09:56 PM
x*Paul told them to do it! Jk lol NT
Rainedrop07/26/17 09:56 PM
*If you go through and look at the discussion board, you will see "Paul said" a lot of times. Why doesn't the house realize Paul is running things? NT
2BeHonest5 1   07/26/17 09:54 PM
x*The good news is, someone sees it. The question is, can they win the power. NT
Dolffie07/26/17 09:56 PM
*The sad part is the next two weeks are pointless.After Ramses nobody will leave for two weeks cause of hex. Gonna feel like forever. NT
beckymac10 3   07/26/17 09:54 PM
x*unless the hoh decides to go for Marelena instead of Jody because of the hex then yes next week will be pointless. NT
ParkmyPorsche07/26/17 09:56 PM
x*Next week is most likely a double eviction so one person will leave. NT
Fleurie07/26/17 09:56 PM
x*because paul said so? NT
krh503807/26/17 09:55 PM
*so everybody's just going to pretend they're still one united unit against Jody? Okay then. I hate these types of comps NT
krh50385 0   07/26/17 09:53 PM
*"Matt I'm too old for mental comps", sure Matt keep telling yourself that lol . NT
phobos14 8   07/26/17 09:52 PM
x*he's really leaning in to that grey hair NT
Poz07/26/17 09:53 PM
x*Paul told him to dumb down his mental abilities and play up his age. No joke. NT
beckymac07/26/17 09:53 PM
x*Dang, Paul got around tonight haha! NT
phobos07/26/17 09:55 PM
x*is this going to be your response to every thread NT
Poz07/26/17 09:54 PM
x*That's what I was wondering. Jeez NT
Rainedrop07/26/17 09:56 PM
x*Let me ask Paul. Brb. NT
beckymac07/26/17 09:54 PM
x*hurry back please NT
Poz07/26/17 09:55 PM
x*Oh well if Paul said it it must be right NT
FurnitureAlliance07/26/17 09:54 PM
*With all the studying maybe we'll be sparred the nightly mating rituals. Please BB gods.. Amen NT
jojo651 0   07/26/17 09:52 PM
*Are they playing the HOH in teams with winners moving on to final competition? How many teams? NT
delrayfan3 0   07/26/17 09:52 PM
*Anybody think that Ramses is now giving false answers to the group. He keeps interrupting and giving another answer. NT
LillyBell17 4   07/26/17 09:52 PM
x*Paul told him to give them false answers so they think he's dumb. In reality paul wants him to look shady. NT
beckymac07/26/17 09:53 PM
x*Ramses thought bubble: "Must.....do......whatever Paul says......." NT
FurnitureAlliance07/26/17 09:56 PM
x*If you do as Paul tells you, you deserve what you get. NT
dopemelody07/26/17 09:55 PM
x*thanks. had to step away for a bit. NT
LillyBell07/26/17 09:53 PM
*Mark interrupts the study session to ask about his damn pillows NT
krh50389 4   07/26/17 09:51 PM
x*Paul told him to interrupt the study session. NT
beckymac07/26/17 09:51 PM
x*??? Paul was leading the study session he interrupted NT
krh503807/26/17 09:54 PM
x*I blame Paul for global warming .....cause he's so good. NT
Rainedrop07/26/17 09:53 PM
x*his beard is warming the planet NT
flyonawall07/26/17 09:55 PM
*Did BB show who messed with the pillows in the HN room? NT
LillyBell12 4   07/26/17 09:50 PM
x*we didn't see it but there is a shot of Alex coming out of the room laughing and Josh telling her not to say anything around 9:14 BBtime NT
Poz07/26/17 09:52 PM
x*Oh then they did it for sure! NT
LillyBell07/26/17 09:55 PM
x*Didn't Josh say he did it before Mark found out about it? NT
2BeHonest07/26/17 09:51 PM
x*Josh after Paul told him too. NT
beckymac07/26/17 09:51 PM
*Paul is really ruining this season for me NT
krazy135 23   07/26/17 09:49 PM
x*If you think Derrick played a great game, you have to think the same about Paul. IMO. NT
Barbara107/26/17 09:54 PM
x*Both Derrick and Paul come off as authoritative figures and all the other houseguests listen and trust those kind of people NT
JCutie07/26/17 10:01 PM
x*lol That was the worst season ever. Jury's still out on this one NT
FurnitureAlliance07/26/17 09:57 PM
x*First month wasn't total crap though, thanks to Devin. This chit's started off where it took 16 a few weeks to get. NT
utty1407/26/17 09:58 PM
x*Josh is a great Devin. He cracks me up NT
FurnitureAlliance07/26/17 10:00 PM
x*No. NT
utty1407/26/17 10:01 PM
x*Paul's advantages: safe for 4 evictions, 3 week immunity with power to play in comps, house full of his fans, friendship bracelets power, VET. NT
RatFloater07/26/17 09:56 PM
x*He can play a great game AND ruin the season. Derrick did. NT
jntenzil07/26/17 09:56 PM
x*I completely disagree with that NT
krh503807/26/17 09:56 PM
x*Another @sshole who ruined a season of BB NT
utty1407/26/17 09:56 PM
x*Been there for weeks :( NT
utty1407/26/17 09:54 PM
x*Yup, he's totally ruined it and his sheep. NT
jjjg07/26/17 09:54 PM
x*Me too, the only reason I'm still watching is because of jody. NT
tasha5507/26/17 09:52 PM
x*Same, once Jody are out so am I. & I'm not just saying that, I have done it before when my favs left in seasons 8, 10, 11, 14, 15 & 16. NT
Fleurie07/26/17 09:56 PM
x*Same. Hanging on by a thread here. This has been the worst first month of feeds since I've been on Jokers. NT
utty1407/26/17 09:57 PM
x*It's not really BB19 with him there they way BB set it up - these new HGs are supporting cast in their own season. It's not fair to them. NT
unclevanya07/26/17 09:52 PM
x*It sucks so bad NT
FurnitureAlliance07/26/17 09:50 PM
x*I can't believe he has so many people just doing what hes says.. LMAO. NT
ParkmyPorsche07/26/17 09:50 PM
x*He's that good! NT
Rainedrop07/26/17 09:52 PM
x*Pissed. NT
beckymac07/26/17 09:50 PM
x*at this point i think it is beyond repair NT
jube07/26/17 09:50 PM
x**running NT
flyonawall07/26/17 09:50 PM
x*Hehe NT
Rainedrop07/26/17 09:51 PM
*Is tonights show worth watching? NT
TeamJames42010 4   07/26/17 09:48 PM
x*Yes lots of Jessica NT
will2207/26/17 09:52 PM
x*If you want to see more paul dr's sure. NT
beckymac07/26/17 09:51 PM
x*I laughed so hard at his DR's. "Boom! Boom!" NT
LillyBell07/26/17 09:53 PM
x*Better than the Josh's DRs on Sunday. NT
OUALUMinTX07/26/17 09:52 PM
*Imagine being Kevin's age and having somebody like Paul's age boss you around. Cant relate. NT
beckymac20 7   07/26/17 09:47 PM
x*He used his once in a lifetime opportunity to be a co*k holster for Paul. It's pretty sad. NT
dopemelody07/26/17 09:52 PM
x*He probably figures let Paul be the one they turn on when the time comes NT
FurnitureAlliance07/26/17 09:50 PM
x*Yeah. I have a feeling Paul's going to have lots of little accidents after the season is over. NT
unclevanya07/26/17 09:49 PM
x*The puppet never sees the strings. NT
flyonawall07/26/17 09:49 PM
x*Thats deep. Time for more weed. NT
beckymac07/26/17 09:49 PM
x*enjoy your weed NT
flyonawall07/26/17 09:51 PM
x*the "Kevin is connected" rumors can't be true. He doesn't look very scary NT
krh503807/26/17 09:48 PM
*So Cody isn't studying? He seemed to know the stuff when he was in the kitchen with Jessica and Mark & he knew Paul was trying to mess them up NT
Fleurie23 2   07/26/17 09:47 PM
x*It's after BBAD they probably won't show HOH again but Jess has this down, so she's going to train him. NT
jjjg07/26/17 09:55 PM
x*He did know the answers really well, better than mark. NT
tasha5507/26/17 09:55 PM
*Feeds worth turning on tonight? Any drama? Or am I better off hitting the hay? NT
BamaBelle7 2   07/26/17 09:47 PM
x*Nope. They r all just studying now for the hoh comp tomorrow NT
godfreyfan07/26/17 09:48 PM
x*Come back tomorrow night. Should be great feeds regardless of who is hoh. NT
beckymac07/26/17 09:48 PM
*Kevin is smart.He saw how good Elena is at this, and he immediately chummed up to her. NT
LillyBell13 4   07/26/17 09:47 PM
x*The guy is a skilled con artist. NT
JerseyJames07/26/17 09:47 PM
x*Paul told him too. NT
beckymac07/26/17 09:47 PM
x*the man. the myth. the beard NT
flyonawall07/26/17 09:48 PM
x*Love this hahaha NT
TeamJames42007/26/17 09:49 PM
*They were this confident last week, and Jess won! NT
ABCDE16 7   07/26/17 09:45 PM
x*And ironically, Ramses was one of the last ones who went out on "their" side. NT
unclevanya07/26/17 09:48 PM
x*Elena will win & Christmas will be going next Thursday. NT
ArgosFan07/26/17 09:47 PM
x*Mark wants Christmas gone but does Elena? I have no idea who she will put up NT
BAC07/26/17 09:50 PM
x*Alexis faster. Alex will win. NT
Rainedrop07/26/17 09:50 PM
x*Please let this happen!! NT
bbisluv07/26/17 09:49 PM
x*Well Jess winning was basically like one of them winning since she nominated one of their targets. NT
eureca07/26/17 09:47 PM
x*But in the long run. All of them are jodys targets. NT
thorn07/26/17 09:51 PM
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