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*I liked Mark. Even if he wasted his time with Elena. Who else liked Mark? NT
Hostus1172 51   10/03/17 08:07 PM
x*He was a nice guy. But there was nobody I really disliked this season other than Raven (for making a mockery of those who are truly ill) & Jess. NT
ScienceGirl10/04/17 03:42 PM
x*I like Mark and I like Elena and I'm happy for him that he's happy with Elena. NT
MacGirl10/04/17 01:18 PM
x*i liked him he seemed sweet always had a smile and kind word for anyone NT
Belle10/04/17 08:40 AM
x*I liked him better than the rest of them for sure. NT
Debbi195610/04/17 05:56 AM
x*I like Mark NT
punxsutawneygal10/04/17 04:34 AM
x*Wanted to like Mark since he his from WNY, but seeing him "play" was such a disappointment. NT
BBcraycray10/04/17 04:11 AM
x*First impression was great, then first few weeks in the house I said what was I thinking and then I liked him again (going after Josh in the tutu
colleenag10/04/17 03:09 AM
x*I like Mark NT
FurnitureAlliance10/03/17 10:17 PM
x*Me! Mark was my fave BB19 HG NT
LadyLingoes10/03/17 10:34 PM
x*He was in my top 4. He said he was a teddy bear in the interviews and he proved he was one of the move favorable people in a poor cast. NT
satx110/03/17 09:41 PM
x*nope, whiny flip-flopper who is probably talking about his feelings right now somewhere. NT
sliver01310/03/17 09:26 PM
binkie9410/03/17 10:05 PM
x*Not me. He was an emotional train wreck and a hypocrite. NT
krh503810/03/17 09:02 PM
x*Agreed. NT
robin8610/04/17 05:33 PM
x*This. NT
LillyBell10/04/17 01:47 PM
x*He had some BB skills. He won several comps. He should have stuck with Cody & Jess from the beginning, but he and Elena saw BB's rigging for Paul. NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:59 PM
x*wouldn't have mattered if he stuck with them...he was the target after they got evicted anyway. NT
sliver01310/03/17 11:16 PM
x*It might have gone completely differently if Mark & Elena had stuck with Cody and Jessica. There's no way of knowing. NT
Jake8110/03/17 11:34 PM
x*this is undisputedly, accurate..did u see the friendship bracelets distribution ? i just rewatched the last hour of finale night..i'm escaping
janie810/03/17 09:23 PM
x*That fiasco made clear BB had hired Paul to star and were going to give him a clear path to F3. NT
Jake8110/04/17 06:05 PM
x*How long before Les moonves said paul is not likable..get me jody on tar. I bet someone was bumped NT
uselessfan10/04/17 06:15 PM
x*As soon as CBS realized how popular JODY were, they began their plan. They had Jessica lined up for TAR long before the end of BB19. NT
Jake8110/04/17 06:51 PM
x*virtually hugging back NT
colleenag10/04/17 03:13 AM
x*thx colleen.. :) NT
janie810/04/17 06:19 PM
x*I like Mark. I think he is a genuinely nice guy. He will make a great husband to someone some day NT
Pixie510/03/17 08:54 PM
x*couldn't stand him, he was an ass and a flip flopping whiner that hid behind his teddy bear act every time he blew his top. NT
Poz10/03/17 08:50 PM
x*I liked Mark. I was so angry at Elena when she was teasing him then pushing him away or talking to him like he was an idiot. All I kept thinking
grandjete10/03/17 08:33 PM
x*Yep. NT
lianna10/03/17 08:23 PM
x*I didn't care for him as his rosy cheeks were puppy dogging Elena all the time & up Cody's butt with hero worship. He forgot about the game. NT
LillyBell10/03/17 08:15 PM
x*Mark was one of the few HGs who had the good sense to look up to Cody. He'll do well in life, unlike those bozos who were Paul's sheep. NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:58 PM
x*I agree. He was one of the few people that remained half-way sane and kind to his fellow HG. I think he will do great in real life! NT
satx110/03/17 09:44 PM
x*But he 100% trusted paul. Lol NT
LillyBell10/04/17 01:50 PM
x*halfway sane...satx1...right on! NT
janie810/03/17 09:49 PM
x*well it's a good thing he met Cody to show him the proper way to live life otherwise who knows how terrible it could have turned out for him. NT
krh503810/03/17 09:48 PM
x*lmao! NT
PinkAuraGirl10/04/17 11:38 AM
x*Lmao! Where would any of us be without Cody?! NT
missie10/04/17 11:23 AM
x*Where would all the downtrodden women & children in Afghanistan be if Cody hadn't fought The Taliban & its hateful, oppressive ways? They'd be dead
Jake8110/04/17 09:24 PM
x*Occupied by China probably ! NT
krh503810/04/17 01:34 PM
x*lol NT
sliver01310/03/17 09:59 PM
x*oh brother NT
krh503810/03/17 09:00 PM
x*LOL, yeah, that was thick NT
Gamecock10/03/17 09:02 PM
x*i kinda like it.... NT
janie810/03/17 09:29 PM
x*:) NT
PinkAuraGirl10/04/17 11:39 AM
x*LOL I know. NT
Gamecock10/03/17 10:33 PM
x*He wasnt allowed to be up Cody's butt. NT
Gamecock10/03/17 08:18 PM
x*then why does he have sh*t stains on his face? NT
krh503810/03/17 09:49 PM
x*Geesh, bit much there. But ya cant have ***** stains on your face, if you arent allowed w/in ***** reaching distance. NT
Gamecock10/03/17 10:36 PM
x*nope and some still say cody hid out...he was being shunned ..the hg's were not allowed to talk to him...xmas was a huge part of that
janie810/03/17 09:34 PM
x*Mark is a sweetie...too good for Elena imo NT
gwennanapatmal10/03/17 08:13 PM
x*I liked him. He was a nice kid. NT
Gamecock10/03/17 08:11 PM
x*I did and still do. if it weren't for cody I would of voted for Mark AFHG NT
Matzak10/03/17 08:08 PM
*Liz looks HAF in this pic. #Curves
Corndogger1482 15   10/03/17 06:57 PM
x*Most photo shopped pic ever NT
justin_2pac10/03/17 09:16 PM
x*Flat as a pencil. NT
sockruhtese10/03/17 08:10 PM
x*Featuring her best asset. NT
Jake8110/03/17 07:13 PM
x*Looks weird. Did she always have a Kardashian butt NT
uselessfan10/03/17 07:06 PM
x*No she didn't. Could be photoshopped NT
binkie9410/03/17 07:43 PM
x*It's definitely not photoshopped. NT
Corndogger10/03/17 07:52 PM
x*How can you be so sure? Even Kim K's magazine cover (where she had the champagne glass on her butt) was photoshopped NT
binkie9410/03/17 08:22 PM
x*Liz looks like that in every pic I've seen where she's wearing a dress. She's obviously wearing something underneath to accentuate her butt but she
Corndogger10/03/17 08:31 PM
x*I think it's photoshopped. Here's a swimsuit pic
binkie9410/03/17 09:05 PM
x*Look at the photo I posted again and then look up girdle. NT
Corndogger10/03/17 09:12 PM
x*The Nolan twins are so phoney, always photo shopping NT
BELISIMA10/03/17 09:07 PM
x*absolutely!! nothing special about either twin. they are a dime a dozen NT
Matzak10/03/17 09:13 PM
x*Well they probably don't have a choice when the pic is for advertising NT
binkie9410/03/17 09:12 PM
x*Maybe its just the pose..sticking butt out with legs spread NT
uselessfan10/03/17 07:45 PM
x*or butt surgery NT
georgia938210/03/17 07:48 PM
*Has Raven said anything about her lies and scab eating, etc? TIA NT
stimpygirl170 8   10/03/17 05:42 PM
x*LOL.How would one address the scabeating-gate? NT
grandjete10/03/17 08:35 PM
x*she probably has her mouth full NT
Matzak10/03/17 08:18 PM
x*She's wise not to engage critics. She probably realizes she's been made fun of greatly, seen eating scabs & worse, and deluded about puppeteering. NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:16 PM
x*someone posted yesterday that she was being interview by that awful Eric person. NT
nicholaspuppy10/03/17 06:51 PM
x*Raven doesn't seem to be addressing her haters in any way. NT
krh503810/03/17 06:44 PM
x*She knows not to talk while eating! bwhahahaha NT
ringo910/03/17 06:07 PM
binkie9410/03/17 06:15 PM
x*Not that I know of but she would probably lie & blame production for bad edits. lol. NT
LillyBell10/03/17 06:04 PM
*Can someone please make a split-screen video or image of Rachel and Josh winning? NT
Orwell1984264 6   10/03/17 05:22 PM
x*Love your name, loved the book. NT
LibraLady10/12/17 06:13 PM
x*lol why? NT
krh503810/03/17 06:35 PM
x*You can make that request in Media. NT
LillyBell10/03/17 06:00 PM
x*No I want to see the moment when each wins. They both make the same ridiculous reaction with their mouth and hands. NT
Orwell198410/03/17 05:32 PM
Gamecock10/03/17 05:34 PM
x*Are you wanting to compare 2 of the most annoying players? NT
Gamecock10/03/17 05:22 PM
*How different things would have been if Paul wasn't on BB19? Would the couples alliance steamroll through & eliminate everyone else?Would Jody be hate
LillyBell469 17   10/03/17 05:20 PM
x*Cody might have lasted longer than he did, as would Jessica (both in jury), but his poor social skills would likely have tanked his & Jess's game...
SockThief10/04/17 09:50 AM
x*No. The JODY love would be even greater. NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:18 PM
x*i think we would have seen a very ugly side of cody if he had kept the power he had in the first week...he wasn't too nice
pptin10/03/17 07:46 PM
x*We did see the ugly side of Cody all season long. Would have been worse if he wasn't evicted twice. NT
BBcraycray10/04/17 04:10 AM
x*Nah, we'd have seen even more awesomeness by Cody. NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:19 PM
x*Idk,maybe it was the best thing for Cody.If he had turned out to be the season villain they may not be on TAR.Perhaps something was gained NT
Gamecock10/03/17 08:14 PM
x*disagree! No Way! Honest Upfront that Smile! NT
Matzak10/03/17 07:49 PM
x*ITA. It's what we'd been missing from BB for a LONG time! NT
colleenag10/04/17 03:26 AM
x*yep! NT
PinkAuraGirl10/04/17 10:50 AM
x*yikes, are you asking or giving your opinion.? the dynamics would have changed hugely if cody didn't have to nom 5 hg's the first week.. NT
janie810/03/17 06:26 PM
x*They should have ended his HOH once Megan quit. It's no secret I don't like him but I don't think that was fair to him. NT
BBcraycray10/04/17 04:13 AM
x*I have no idea but *****, I wish so badly I would have been able to find out. I highly doubt couples alliance steamrolls. NT
CoyoteBB10/03/17 06:18 PM
x*No clue how it would have all played out gamewise, but Jody would have definitely been the villains & zero chance Cody wins AFH NT
justin_2pac10/03/17 05:22 PM
x*I saw a lot of Cody getting into the "in yer face" actions & Jess constantly telling him to stop when he blurted offensive comments. NT
LillyBell10/03/17 08:18 PM
x*if i'm allowed to speak, that's because of the paul and xmas bullying techniques NT
janie810/03/17 08:21 PM
x*Yup. And Alex, Jason, and Kevin probably would have remained the underdogs until they got picked off. NT
krh503810/03/17 06:36 PM
x*I agree that Jody would have been the villains and Cody would have never sniffed AFH. NT
NoSoupForYou10/03/17 05:58 PM
*Is Christmas aware that the jury would've voted for Josh over her? NT
sockruhtese718 33   10/03/17 04:38 PM
x*I don't know that would have been true. Josh won, so of course the jury will say he would've won against XMAS also. And maybe that's true because it
NoSoupForYou10/03/17 05:56 PM
x*if she had won final comp haha did she win anything that wasn't thrown to her this season? NT
Belle10/04/17 12:14 PM
x*During the roundtable w/ Dr. Will, the jury was unimpressed by Christmas. They felt she did nothing. NT
sockruhtese10/03/17 08:08 PM
x*They talked about how she changed her game from being a physical competitor to becoming a social player. Raven talked about how XMAS had her convinced
NoSoupForYou10/03/17 08:39 PM
x*They were right. Xmas did nothing. NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:23 PM
x*She played a strong social game within the F8. Matt and Raven loved her in the house by that time. Alex loved her and trusted her to the point she
NoSoupForYou10/03/17 08:41 PM
x*It wasn't about trusting her. It was about knowing they could beat her, and that she was a nonfactor in comps. NT
Jake8110/03/17 11:46 PM
x*Matt & Raven loved her when Cody slapped her jingle butt in the chair. They refused to vote any other way & wouldnt even entertain a convo. NT
Gamecock10/03/17 08:49 PM
x*They were already programed by Paul to vote that way. Had nothing to do with how they felt about xmas. NT
madjellybean10/04/17 08:42 PM
x*She was a prop for production NT
Matzak10/03/17 08:09 PM
x*Yes, Xmas was a prop for production. NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:24 PM
x*She said she was a realist & didn't expect anything more than 2nd. She was honest with Josh when she said she couldn't tell him that she'd go with him
LillyBell10/03/17 05:25 PM
x*That answer confirms what a terrible player she was. NT
madjellybean10/04/17 08:44 PM
x*Xmas said a lot of things, most of them untrue. NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:24 PM
x*No. NT
NoSoupForYou10/03/17 08:42 PM
x*Yes, Xmas did say a lot of things that weren't true. Her NASCAR story, for example NT
Jake8110/03/17 11:46 PM
x*In post-season interviews, she said Josh made the right choice in taking Paul because she would've won against Josh (lol she's delusional) NT
sockruhtese10/03/17 08:10 PM
x*Xmess is gift wrapped in crap. NT
Matzak10/03/17 08:26 PM
x*LOL that's hysterical NT
madjellybean10/04/17 08:44 PM
BB201110/04/17 08:44 PM
x*ok, i'm laughing at that.. NT
janie810/03/17 08:37 PM
x*She IS delusional. She wouldn't have won against Josh. He did something. She never did anything. NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:25 PM
x*I thought she was a competitor who never settled for anything less than a win. NT
PointBeing10/03/17 06:36 PM
x*Talk. Xmas is good at talking about what she's going to do, but as the NASCAR fiasco proved, her talk is cheap. NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:25 PM
x*nothing more than a re-grifter NT
Matzak10/03/17 08:31 PM
x*True. NT
Jake8110/03/17 11:47 PM
x*When has she ever said that? NT
Corndogger10/03/17 06:43 PM
x*She talked about her competitive spirit numerous times and in the end, she quit. So disappointing. NT
PointBeing10/03/17 06:46 PM
x*One broken bulb NT
Matzak10/03/17 08:27 PM
x*She should compete in that biggest liar's contest they have ever year. NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:26 PM
x*She also talked about being realistic and said doing your best is most important. Her SM feeds are full of such talk so what she told Josh makes
Corndogger10/03/17 06:55 PM
x*She said that she didn't know what she would do. She told Paul the same. She also told DR the same. NT
NoSoupForYou10/03/17 05:55 PM
x*that's what I'd say too if they'd never have to know :) NT
krh503810/03/17 06:36 PM
*Has Xmas ever spoke about her anger at Kevin when she was in the house? NT
grandjete597 19   10/03/17 04:15 PM
x*She found out about every game move Kevin made in the house. None of them included her with others. She also heard he wanted to "bang" her in jury.
NoSoupForYou10/03/17 06:00 PM
x*He didn't say he wanted to bang her..pardon me for being blunt.. he asked Jason if he would bang her in jury NT
PinkAuraGirl10/03/17 07:38 PM
x*I watched him ask Jason if he would sleep with Christ in the jury house, I never heard bang come out of his mouth.Think it's what Jason told others NT
Dreamer10/04/17 03:35 AM
x*Yes. But that's not what she was told. NT
NoSoupForYou10/03/17 08:34 PM
x*This is how I remember the banging. and not the pots&pans NT
Matzak10/03/17 07:40 PM
x*how exactly do you know this? NT
janie810/03/17 07:02 PM
x*It was all on the feeds. She learned about Kevin's attempted Cody move. He lied to her about including in it. She found out. She was told
NoSoupForYou10/03/17 08:37 PM
x*Exactly lol NT
PinkAuraGirl10/03/17 07:39 PM
x*Lol what? It was on the feeds. NT
NoSoupForYou10/03/17 08:38 PM
x*i'm not sure but I don't think he mentions her much since being out of the house NT
PinkAuraGirl10/03/17 04:23 PM
x*Kevin has a full life, he has likely moved on, NT
punxsutawneygal10/03/17 04:38 PM
x*Did we ever find out if Kevin actually has a job or not? NT
grandjete10/03/17 05:09 PM
x*he doesn't have a legit job that he reports his earnings. Whether or not he has another job off the record, we'll probably never know. But I do not
krh503810/03/17 06:38 PM
x*Yes, he's a bag man for the local gangster collecting money from gambling bets/debts. NT
LillyBell10/03/17 05:26 PM
x*Says who? Maybe he got an inheritance.. maybe he's permanently disabled? NT
PinkAuraGirl10/03/17 07:42 PM
x*Kevin told many stories..including he was a bag man NT
uselessfan10/03/17 07:44 PM
x*Not exactly NT
PinkAuraGirl10/03/17 07:48 PM
x*Also he just bought a half million dollar home 9 months ago. Where do you think he got the money? He always talks about dropping 20-30 K now & then.
LillyBell10/03/17 06:03 PM
x*He probably has to in order to avoid the IRS. NT
PointBeing10/03/17 06:38 PM
*when does celeb bb start? NT
GraciousBeasts89 4   10/03/17 03:08 PM
x*Winter. Some speculate the same time as the Olympics which start february 9th NT
krh503810/03/17 03:12 PM
x*I'd guess it will have started & ended before the Olympics. Start early Jan, over early Feb. no point in going head to head with the Olympics NT
justin_2pac10/03/17 04:27 PM
x*It’s likely filler so the regular shows do not have to compete with the Olympics. NT
jntenzil10/03/17 04:37 PM
x*There plan is surely to make this a regular winter show. They don't want it to be a 1 time thing so ratings are important. NT
justin_2pac10/03/17 04:42 PM
*Which BB19 HG do you think most regrets not taking on Paul this season, now that they realize Jody were so popular for doing so? NT
jammin_jen1436 83   10/03/17 03:07 PM
x*Alex or Jason. They went hook, line and sinker for Paul, and he burned them badly. NT
Jake8110/03/17 04:49 PM
x*They should have made a move against Paul at F8. They didn't need him to protect them and should have known Paul would never want F3 with them. NT
NoSoupForYou10/03/17 06:02 PM
x*Agree. That was when we knew the sheep were really ba-a-a-ad. NT
Jake8110/03/17 06:11 PM
x*Jason chafed at the bit about Paul & actually questioned his motives to Alex, but she kept telling him to trust Paul.She feels bad over this & that's
LillyBell10/03/17 05:29 PM
x*Jason really did get talked out of his suspicions about Paul by Alex. Her trust in Paul was the undoing of both of them. NT
Jake8110/03/17 06:12 PM
x*It was smart to align with Paul until F8. At that time, they should have cut Paul. NT
NoSoupForYou10/03/17 06:03 PM
x*right, totally disagree that scenario would have happened with these hg's, though NT
janie810/03/17 06:49 PM
x*Jason questioned things, but then Alex shamed him into following the program. She was his downfall NT
grandjete10/03/17 05:08 PM
x*and he was partly her downfall. I think having a ride or die allowed her to get too comfortable. NT
PointBeing10/03/17 06:43 PM
x*Yes. Alex cost Jason dearly. He had good instincts, but she steamrolled him. NT
Jake8110/03/17 06:13 PM
x*Elena. Thirsty for fame and had potential showmance to catapult to TAR NT
uselessfan10/03/17 04:07 PM
x*This is who immediately came to my mind too. I think Mark has regrets also. NT
colleenag10/03/17 06:08 PM
x*Alex. NT
Vixter10/03/17 04:04 PM
x*Jody didn't actively "take on" Paul, all they did was talk. They didn't do anything outside of that wk1 failure. The bar is so low... NT
Poz10/03/17 03:44 PM
x*Correct, they hid out and stopped playing the game... NT
BBcraycray10/03/17 04:51 PM
x*Nope. They fought hard for 2/3 of the season as the targets of the entire house. Thanks, BB, for rigging most of the season for Paul! NT
Jake8110/03/17 06:14 PM
x*They didn'y rig anything stop trying to feel better NT
BELISIMA10/03/17 06:27 PM
x*BB completely rigged the season through most of it. They anointed Paul when they brought him in. That Friendship bracelet thing was totally rigged. NT
Jake8110/03/17 06:37 PM
x*JODY did take on Paul. They were the only HGs to do so. JODY played hard and were the only ones with the sense to target Paul. NT
Jake8110/03/17 04:49 PM
x*CODY tried taking on Paul the first week. That's it. Jessica wasn't aware of the plan, remember? NT
titan910/03/17 07:27 PM
x*If Cody would have included his alliance and realized he didn't have the votes to get Paul out at the time what a different game it would have been NT
BBcraycray10/04/17 04:17 AM
x*That's true if you don't count the many times he talked to mark & Elena about it, or when he tried to convince Jason & Alex after Jess left, or when
melodytrax10/03/17 10:28 PM
x*That's like saying Donny targeted Derrick. You can talk about it, but if you're not in position to do anything, it doesn't matter. NT
titan910/04/17 05:47 AM
x*iirc Donny finally tried to talk to Christine and she ran back and told Cody everything. Who else did he try and turn to? If Marlena had listened
colleenag10/04/17 06:08 AM
x*If Cody knew what the hell he was doing, he wouldn't have done something so stupid as to not tell anyone to make sure they were on board. NT
titan910/04/17 06:21 AM
x*Well, tbf, he nommed Paul and then when he found out Paul had kept secret his "Safety Medal" he had to nom Xmas on the spot. Not like he had
colleenag10/04/17 07:12 AM
x*He should have told them of the plan in the beginning. State his reasons, and roll from there. The way he did it was one of the dumbest moves ever. NT
titan910/04/17 05:06 PM
x*thank u, melodytrax, ..i have friends here i'm trying to convince..lol i'll take all the help i can get.. NT
janie810/03/17 11:08 PM
x*What the heck??? NT
Gamecock10/03/17 10:40 PM
x*Cody tried taking on Paul throughout, and Jess joined him. NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:27 PM
x*Going hard for Paul means getting out Ramses? lol ok! NT
missie10/03/17 05:28 PM
x*and paul wasn't even the main option for replacement...it was alex NT
sliver01310/03/17 05:49 PM
x*LMAOffff... when you think about it now... they wanted to get the winner of BB19 out... Paul is the one who chose to get Rams out. hahahaha NT
Gamecock10/03/17 05:44 PM
x*but Ramses was the only one coming after Paul. He didn't make the wrong choice. NT
krh503810/03/17 06:40 PM
x*LOL okie dokie NT
Gamecock10/03/17 07:36 PM
x*is there an argument against this? Because it's accurate. NT
krh503810/03/17 09:06 PM
x*No one, And I mean NO one was listening to Rams at that time. So it is not accurate. NT
Gamecock10/03/17 09:10 PM
x*What? Who said anything about Ramses influence? I said Ramses was targeting Paul, which he was. Who else was a better option for Paul during Jess'
krh503810/03/17 09:16 PM
x*For Paul's end game,it obviously wasnt Josh.But whatever,plenty agree or @ the least think it is hilarious that this move bit Paul in the tailhole. NT
Gamecock10/03/17 09:33 PM
x*but it actually didn't. Josh was just an insert name here NT
krh503810/03/17 09:35 PM
x*Are we forgetting Josh won??? Pauls decision to keep Josh is one of the many reasons he lost... JOSH won NT
Gamecock10/03/17 11:22 PM
x*anyone would have won next to paul, it didn't matter who it was. the jury finally decided to play after they were evicted and made an anyone but paul
sliver01310/03/17 11:25 PM
x*But Josh still won...bc Paul thought it would be awesome to keep the taunting devil. And I still laugh about that. NT
Gamecock10/03/17 11:51 PM
x*good, are we done then ? lol..goodnight :) NT
janie810/03/17 11:31 PM
x*Yep. Paul outsmarted himself. He saved the guy who would beat him for the half million! Paul isn't very smart. He made a lot of dumb mistakes. NT
Jake8110/03/17 06:17 PM
x*And the only reason Jessica and Cody wanted Josh out so bad was because they didn't like him. Real strategic thinking. NT
titan910/03/17 07:33 PM
x*No, they wanted him out because he was never going to vote for them and always going to target them. NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:28 PM
x*Josh hated Cody, but actually liked Jessica. She had her head so far up Cody's butt she didn't want to hear Josh wanted Elena out instead of her. NT
titan910/04/17 05:52 AM
x*They wanted him out for the reasons I stated. NT
Jake8110/04/17 02:07 PM
x*And Jessica's fate was sealed through her own stupidity. NT
titan910/04/17 05:08 PM
x*Her fate was sealed by being too smart to be one of Paul's sheep. NT
Jake8110/04/17 06:13 PM
x*nobody liked him..so. ..all you future bb HG's take note, just be the most hated and you will win.. NT
janie810/03/17 07:38 PM
x*he made no mistake, Josh just screwed him NT
BELISIMA10/03/17 06:28 PM
x*He made a 500k mistake NT
lianna10/03/17 07:12 PM
x*josh couldn't screw in a lightbulb without paul or xmas giving him permission..he was most hated, so paul and xmas took him to f3 NT
janie810/03/17 06:55 PM
x*This.. Christmas knew early on she could control him.. Paul knew he would do all the mean stuff for him. They are disgusting!!! NT
PinkAuraGirl10/03/17 07:46 PM
x*then, lo and behold DR. must have hinted as to why josh was always doing their dirty work..we saw that on feeds and the show..he's like wtf? NT
janie810/03/17 07:23 PM
x*Paul made many mistakes, the worst of which was messing with Cody, who sealed Paul's fate while in jury. NT
Jake8110/03/17 06:38 PM
x*ding, ding, ding...winner NT
janie810/03/17 06:59 PM
x*YASSSSSSSSS!!!! Which brings me back to laughing my behind off about Paul keeping the winner of BB19 over lil tiny Rams, who no one listened to NT
Gamecock10/03/17 07:38 PM
x*Just one of many major screw ups by the BB King of Screw Ups, Paul. NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:29 PM
x*Their “anyone but Paul” pact meant anyone seated next to Paul would be the winner. There was no foresight there about Josh. NT
missie10/03/17 05:52 PM
x*They basically knew who was going to be sitting there. They knew who was coming thru the door each time, right down to Xmas NT
Gamecock10/03/17 06:26 PM
x*yep. once in jury they all knew who would be next. NT
Matzak10/03/17 07:28 PM
x*Yep. NT
lianna10/03/17 07:14 PM
x*they totally did! i think i'll watch the last hour again..lol NT
janie810/03/17 07:27 PM
x*They did! NT
Jake8110/03/17 06:38 PM
x*Not NT
BELISIMA10/03/17 06:27 PM
x*Yes, they did... they called it. Mark & Jason sat right on that stage & said it would be Xmas. And boom... it was NT
Gamecock10/03/17 06:29 PM
x*spin spin spin NT
Poz10/03/17 05:51 PM
x*There is no spin on that... it is what it is. I just find it funny & actually hoped it would happen the week Rams was leaving. NT
Gamecock10/03/17 06:24 PM
x*Marlena and Alex. NT
RatFloater10/03/17 03:37 PM
x*Alex NT
Matzak10/03/17 03:35 PM
x*Matt. Just kidding:) NT
grandjete10/03/17 03:34 PM
x*Honestly do Matt and Raven even care that they gave up their games for him? Do they even know they were in a game this summer yet? NT
jammin_jen10/03/17 03:40 PM
x*I truly think BB casted them knowing they had no aspirations to win or play the game. They were there to help Paul NT
grandjete10/03/17 03:48 PM
x*100%! NT
Jake8110/03/17 04:51 PM
x*oh I agree! as well as making sure Xmess stayed in the house NT
Matzak10/03/17 03:49 PM
x*The perfect couple--blind leading the blind NT
FurnitureAlliance10/03/17 03:43 PM
x*Definately Alex. She now knows she was an idiot for believing in him NT
FurnitureAlliance10/03/17 03:33 PM
binkie9410/03/17 04:36 PM
x*Jason NT
punxsutawneygal10/03/17 03:10 PM
x*elena or jason. NT
sliver01310/03/17 03:08 PM
*Is there a link to watch X's IG live she did earlier? TIA NT
Corndogger23 0   10/03/17 02:29 PM
*are we allowed to post about jody here? NT
punxsutawneygal801 42   10/03/17 02:29 PM
x*If it's positive yes, but be warned ppl dont take kindly to negative comments about them. Feel free to bash the other 15 HGs though, then it's ok NT
justin_2pac10/03/17 05:18 PM
x*Sure! NT
Matzak10/03/17 04:00 PM
x*no NT
notnorman10/03/17 03:58 PM
x*If it's a spoiler please say so and write the spoiler in the box below NT
grandjete10/03/17 03:34 PM
x*Yes. If you have TAR news, please don't disclose any spoilers in the subject line, however. NT
Jake8110/03/17 02:51 PM
x*Of course, if it's about Jody on The Amazing Race though it should be in that forum. NT
MegsMom31610/03/17 02:43 PM
x*Jokers has an Amazing Race Forum. Too bad it is not being used for Jody posts about the Amazing Race.
MyBestBud10/03/17 04:47 PM
x*The spoiler section is being used. NT
MegsMom31610/04/17 08:43 AM
x*Jokers has two forums on TAR. Regular discussion and TAR spoilers. NT
LillyBell10/03/17 05:10 PM
x*I use the HIDE feature all time to get rid of topics I don't care to see. Like those about Mark, or The Challenge, or Ratt. I recommend it! NT
Jake8110/03/17 04:15 PM
x*You should be able to post anything you want about them but some here are trying to dictate what can be posted. End result will be people leaving. NT
Corndogger10/03/17 02:33 PM
x*You are so way off base on this. TAR spoilers & discussions get lost in the pages of BB discussion. It's nice to see TAR in one place.Mods decide. NT
LillyBell10/03/17 05:18 PM
x*But they don't get lost. The board isn't moving 1 page a day now. Jody will be discussed here and will be discussed in the TAR forum. It's great! NT
Jake8110/04/17 07:22 AM
x*this board is moving slow enough, that a few posts about Jody does not seem to change the impact here that much, NT
punxsutawneygal10/04/17 04:23 AM
x*Agree. The forum is moving at a snail's pace. A page a day here. Less in the TAR forum. Anyone who doesn't want to read JODY can always HIDE them. NT
Jake8110/04/17 07:23 AM
x*OR. you can post in the proper forum ! NT
waypast4010/04/17 08:17 AM
x*where the fun in that? NT
Belle10/04/17 08:18 AM
x*I keep the shows I don't want to read about out of my top 50..but can't unsee posts about Tar, which is not even on TV yet? Courtesy would be nice! NT
waypast4010/04/17 08:24 AM
x*ikr? lol NT
PinkAuraGirl10/04/17 08:19 AM
x*I only asked a question about that because of threats to report anyone who argued against the Jody hate. Seemed hypocritical. NT
DerTotmacherBB10/03/17 05:08 PM
x*I agree with you. Opinions that do not support Jody are usually instantly attacked or reported. Pretty sad. NT
RavenMurphree10/04/17 08:30 AM
x*i've actually seen the flip side to be the case NT
Belle10/04/17 08:37 AM
x*for sure! NT
PinkAuraGirl10/04/17 08:47 AM
x*I have seen both sides & it is out of control. I try not to mention HG names anymore to avoid all the nasty post that come after. NT
presleys_child10/04/17 08:50 AM
x*there are no such threats. But there is a difference between arguing your position and disrespecting other posters. NT
krh503810/03/17 06:41 PM
x*Agree. When The Challenge was being discussed heavily, this never came up, even though there's a Real World forum here including The Challenge. NT
Jake8110/03/17 02:55 PM
x*exactly, the challenge went on for pages, nothing said about B&B, LA, and all kinds of things off topic, which for the record I don't mind, NT
punxsutawneygal10/03/17 03:06 PM
x*Dreamer finally did make a post to tell everyone there was a MTV Challenge forum. NT
presleys_child10/03/17 05:08 PM
x*Very true. NT
BBcraycray10/03/17 02:51 PM
x*i think it's fair...i don't really care but some people don't want spoilers. NT
sliver01310/03/17 02:38 PM
x*TAR spoilers should be identified as such in the subject line. That way people can decide for themselves if they want to look. NT
Corndogger10/03/17 02:43 PM
x*When people post spoilers in the body of a post, reply spoilers are posted openly.
Dreamer10/03/17 06:12 PM
x*if they appear here then i agree. i hate when people spoil survivor here. NT
sliver01310/03/17 02:51 PM
x*there is an amazing race spoiler forum so then you wouldn't need any type of warning in the subject line. just make sure its in spoiler forum NT
Belle10/03/17 02:45 PM
x*Since when? I've never seen it NT
FurnitureAlliance10/03/17 02:52 PM
x*go look its right under AR i've been looking at pictures in there today NT
Belle10/03/17 02:53 PM
x*Home page I guess? I'll check it out NT
FurnitureAlliance10/03/17 02:57 PM
x*are you a last 50 person? i'll go post in there and wave at you should pop up on last 50 NT
Belle10/03/17 02:57 PM
x*Yep. Thanks! NT
FurnitureAlliance10/03/17 02:59 PM
x*If we're going to be so strict about it we should move Jess's Bold and the Beautiful appearances to the thread for that show or soaps. NT
Corndogger10/03/17 02:48 PM
x*Jessica's Bold and the Beautiful appearance wasn't a spoiler. It was initially released by CBS with a few pics. Other HGs that have been on
Dreamer10/03/17 06:07 PM
x*Not that my opinion counts for anything, but I'd love to see AR info posted in the AR forum, and BB info posted here and discussion of each). I'd
LibraLady10/03/17 03:24 PM
*Mark said in his instagram live he still talks to Elena, Josh and Jason the most since the show ended. He wishes Jess/Cody well on the race. NT
FriendshipToast24 0   10/03/17 01:15 PM
*So what's the easiest way to cancel these BB feeds? thanks... NT
Osei105 3   10/03/17 12:59 PM
x*Click this fast link to edit/cancel your subscription:
moeopoly10/03/17 02:19 PM
x*Go to CBS.com and login. Click on your name or initials at the top and go to your account. Scroll down till you see "Cancel my subscription". NT
eureca10/03/17 01:51 PM
x*You have to call them and have the indian guy say "are you sure" and try to convince you not too for like 5 minutes first. NT
FriendshipToast10/03/17 01:20 PM
*Mark revealed in his instagram live that he would play the game differently if he plays again. NT
FriendshipToast93 5   10/03/17 12:31 PM
x*What? Cry even more? NT
justin_2pac10/03/17 04:25 PM
x*go away Mark. You'd just whine more if you played again NT
Poz10/03/17 01:58 PM
x*I would hope so. He lost and didn't play a good game. If I had to pick he is probably around the 10th or 11th person I would bring back from BB19. NT
eureca10/03/17 01:55 PM
x*I don't think he'll have to worry about that.. NT
krh503810/03/17 01:05 PM
x*So no Showwmances & actually socializing with everyone? NT
ArgosFan10/03/17 12:36 PM
*I want to have a Meet 'n Greet, too! Right here. Right now. "Hi, how is everyone? I'm Blackeyeddog. Welcome to my Meet 'n Greet." NT
blackeyeddog174 11   10/03/17 12:21 PM
x*Hi blackeyedog! What should we ask you or do you just wish to be adored? ;-)(Warning: Your 15 minutes of fame will soon be over.) NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 12:42 PM
x*Hi! I love to post. But enough about me. How much do YOU love my posts? NT
blackeyeddog10/03/17 12:43 PM
x*I adore them. Can you send me your autograph via PM? I promise not to sell it on eBay! NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 01:22 PM
x*Sure! It'll only cost you $25.00. My PayPal is "FearTheBeard&HoldThatThought" NT
blackeyeddog10/03/17 01:53 PM
x*$24.95? NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 02:32 PM
x*hi blackeyeddog :) NT
Belle10/03/17 12:33 PM
x*Hi! I love to post. But enough about me. How much do YOU love my posts? NT
blackeyeddog10/03/17 12:44 PM
x*oh i think you are the bees knees :) NT
Belle10/03/17 12:47 PM
x*Thanks! Now take my picture and move along. Kthxbye! NT
blackeyeddog10/03/17 12:49 PM
x*just wait till i tell my jokers friends about you hmph NT
Belle10/03/17 12:50 PM
x*Sorry, haters! NT
blackeyeddog10/03/17 12:52 PM
*Anyone know if Jess has acting training?Usually when young people like her come to LA they are hoping to be actresses. Just wondering NT
grandjete618 6   10/03/17 11:14 AM
x*According to one article she said no. But now that she's watched people on set, she wants to learn more. NT
moeopoly10/03/17 12:52 PM
x*My daughter who worked with her here in New England said she left for LA 3 years ago to seek her fame and fortune. Another poster here said she had
colleenag10/03/17 11:46 AM
x*Thanks!! What did your daughter think of her? Nice or not? NT
grandjete10/03/17 03:53 PM
x*My daughter was co-captain of the Rev's cheerleaders at that time (NE Soccer) and Jess was a "newbie" on the squad. Some of the other gals on the
colleenag10/03/17 06:18 PM
x*That's interesting. Thanks:) I wonder if your daughter watched BB. I would think it's especially fun when you actually know a hg. NT
grandjete10/03/17 08:53 PM
x*She did with me for a few years back in 2000=2010 but lost interest. But she knows I am a fanatic and was quick to text me with the news about Jes NT
colleenag10/04/17 06:19 AM
*For the other 5-6% (AFP Joker's poll) that also love Christmas, she is doing an IG live about her BB19 experience today at 3PM Eastern. NT
ScienceGirl1820 115   10/03/17 10:25 AM
x*Woooo the queen!!!! Sleigh!!!!! NT
bigbrotherfan710/03/17 05:37 PM
x*For XMas fans who missed it: her & Josh Facetime daily, her & Paul text daily. They are still planning to travel. Marlena are coming to visit XMas. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 12:52 PM
x*Thanks SG! I missed it. NT
missie10/03/17 04:30 PM
x*thanks SG NT
Belle10/03/17 12:52 PM
x*She still don't get that we had live feeds. Her answers to the bullying and Cody being in the military make no sense with wat she said in the house NT
ArgosFan10/03/17 12:17 PM
x*Xmas was one of the worst in the entire bullying episode. NT
Jake8110/03/17 01:29 PM
x*Nope!!!! NT
bigbrotherfan710/03/17 05:38 PM
x*Xmas was the worst. NT
Jake8110/03/17 06:19 PM
x*Xmas is older, and her pettiness carried more weight with others with the implied validity because of her life experiences, we saw her real self NT
punxsutawneygal10/03/17 02:28 PM
x*You're right on all counts, ptg! NT
Jake8110/03/17 04:16 PM
x*Post a clip of her bullying. She never says a word to Cody or Jess. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 01:38 PM
x*Time posted below NT
binkie9410/03/17 05:58 PM
x*yeah right, anything anti Xmas must be proven, but the rants against Jody can be streamed non stop without and inkling of proof NT
punxsutawneygal10/03/17 03:10 PM
Jake8110/03/17 04:53 PM
x*lol NT
danbbfan10/03/17 02:06 PM
x*May you should fb to the fight of the veto/hex week. NT
jjjg10/03/17 01:54 PM
x*I have the entire feed clip. Every minute of the fight. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 02:34 PM
x*Then you just omit and are blind to everything Xmas did and was? Ok then. NT
jjjg10/03/17 08:39 PM
x*No. I'm not going to run get clips to prove something many of us saw happen when it happened. Xmas was a demon bullying. NT
Jake8110/03/17 01:43 PM
x*No, that is your opinion. If it was a fact, it would be easy to find a clip. If you search for anybody involved in the fight, you get multiple hits NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 02:35 PM
x*No, it is FACT. Just as it's a fact Xmas admitted on the feeds that she was using painkillers and was foggy headed. NT
Jake8110/03/17 02:56 PM
x*Just to be clear, Christmas never said a word during the incident some consider bullying. But even though I am not a Paul fan, I think what
ScienceGirl10/03/17 12:38 PM
x*BBViewer Time July 31st 5:33pm NT
binkie9410/03/17 05:27 PM
x*i thought that was when she brought up him leaving the flag on the bathroom floor which is hardly bullying if so. that's why i laugh every time 10vs2
sliver01310/03/17 02:50 PM
x*Listen to the FB time posted. On Cam 1/2 you can hear her make the comment about not knowing any marine or service person etc - That's
binkie9410/03/17 05:31 PM
x*yeah... who would leave the american flag on the bathroom floor. NT
sliver01310/03/17 05:51 PM
x*It wasn't an American flag. If any of them except Cody had military experience they'd have known that. NT
Jake8110/03/17 06:23 PM
x*i don't think it takes military experience to know what a flag looks like. some don't even like when an imagine of the flag is mistreated. NT
sliver01310/03/17 07:32 PM
x*If that was true, they'd know that clothes, towels, etc. which bear a likeness to the flag are NOT the flag. That's long been true. Just not so. NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:31 PM
x*They knew it wasn't a "real" flag. It was just a way to take a shot a Cody. Nothing was said when Jess wore it and sat on it NT
binkie9410/03/17 07:52 PM
x*i think it was a way to bring up his service and question it which is fair and not uncommon at all. people lie about their real lives all the time
sliver01310/03/17 08:05 PM
x*It was a BS way to target Cody. They knew he was the real deal. That's why he scared them. Unlike Paul, they knew Cody had actually killed bad guys NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:32 PM
x*you want to talk about cody's lies? not sure how long i'll be here, tonight...but i'll try..he lied about his military service..he actually
janie810/03/17 08:13 PM
x*exactly, people lie in bb about their lives...anything from a wife having cancer to a nurse acting like a teacher. NT
sliver01310/03/17 09:16 PM
x*Well if they had a real flag I'm sure it wouldn't be. Either way she made sure and threw in the "Marine" comment because she wanted a reactionNT
binkie9410/03/17 06:00 PM
x*what was it? like a shirt or something with the flag on it? it was something because jess picked it up right after and folded it. NT
sliver01310/03/17 07:19 PM
x*It was something with a flag on it. She used to use it as a wrap when she wore her swimsuit. NT
binkie9410/03/17 07:49 PM
x*i don't know what it was either but i remember them going to the bathroom and picking it up after. either way i don't think that can even come
sliver01310/03/17 08:03 PM
x*I think the posters were originally talking about whether Xmas said anything to Jess and Cody during the fight. One person kept saying she
binkie9410/03/17 08:29 PM
x*okay, i read that sentence different but i see what you mean now. i read it as words that could be considered bullying. NT
sliver01310/03/17 09:19 PM
x*Just to be clear, yes she did. NT
Jake8110/03/17 02:07 PM
x*Her & Alex mentioned the Military during the incident. I think that was edited out of what we saw on the show. She was part of the planning before
ArgosFan10/03/17 12:43 PM
x*Yes, Xmas got pissy with Matt because he protested and said they were going over the line. NT
Jake8110/03/17 01:30 PM
x*That was PRIOR to the fight. I said that she was involved in saying it would upset him, but she never talked about it in front of Cody. Nobody did. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 01:39 PM
x*The bullying went on a long time, inside and outside house. Planning was part of it, too. She was in on the bashing of Cody re military. NT
Jake8110/03/17 01:44 PM
x*She said that he would be sensitive to being questioned about it after Jason said he thought Cody was lying. But she never said anything to him. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 12:48 PM
x*She certainly did. NT
Jake8110/03/17 02:08 PM
x*She did & I think Cody even mentioned to Jess they better not go there or something. NT
ArgosFan10/03/17 12:50 PM
x*Please post a clip then. All of the bulling is posted all over the web! All of the bullying was done by Raven, Paul, Alex and Josh. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 12:56 PM
x*She was part of the planning & was standing in the middle laughing when the others went in on them. NT
ArgosFan10/03/17 01:02 PM
x*The entire house smiles or laughs at it. I can't stop laughing! Who would not laugh? Circus music. Alex screaming about her cat ears. Pots & pans..
ScienceGirl10/03/17 01:29 PM
x*The entire house was not in on it. Xmas, Paul, Alex, Raven were the main perps. It wasn't smiles and laughing, it was hateful taunts. NT
Jake8110/03/17 01:52 PM
x*How many people here have to say they saw it before you look yourself instead of claiming it never happened? It happened.BB tried to protect her NT
uselessfan10/03/17 12:57 PM
x*You're right. NT
Jake8110/03/17 01:32 PM
x*I WATCHED the entire thing! I am watching it again now. I have asked you to provide me a clip of XMas bullying. You can't. The end. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 01:30 PM
x*I watched the entire thing when it happened. It went on for hours. Orchestrated by Paul & XMas. Seedy, unsavory, bullying. NT
Jake8110/03/17 02:31 PM
x*Not True. I was watching it real time when they were outside. XMAS started in on Cody and it went to immediate fish. NT
uselessfan10/03/17 12:41 PM
x*I was watching that afternoon, too. It was a Monday. The whole event went on a long time, inside and outside the house. NT
Jake8110/03/17 01:33 PM
x*It is all on You Tube. From the argument with Raven to Paul calling Jess out to the kitchen to ask questions to the entire BY. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 01:37 PM
x*I saw it when it took place. No amount of reference to snippets can prove all the things that happened. I watched it on the feeds as it happened. NT
Jake8110/03/17 01:46 PM
x*I am not talking about snippets. I am talking about from the start of the confrontation to when Jody go to the DR after the yeller. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 02:10 PM
x*I'm talking about what happened in the course of the day. This has all been proved here before, near the time if happened. NT
Jake8110/03/17 02:32 PM
x*I watched the entire thing and she was sitting quietly with Elena. What did she bully him about? NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 12:44 PM
x*BBViewer Time July 31 5:33pm She was sitting next to Alex on the ground when she made the comment about $500K being an expensive date.
binkie9410/03/17 05:25 PM
x*So it DID happen!! NT
Jake8110/03/17 06:07 PM
x*Of course it did but we already knew that NT
binkie9410/03/17 07:55 PM
x*Yes, we did! But I like reiterating it. I like to repeat such points. I like to repeat such points. NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:35 PM
binkie9410/03/17 08:48 PM
x*If you search here hard enough you might find it because it was probably talked about how immediately went to fish to protect XMAS dirty bullying NT
uselessfan10/03/17 12:52 PM
x*We saw it when it happened. And it happened. Xmas was the worst of the bunch. NT
Jake8110/03/17 01:34 PM
x*But all of the feeds (covering the entire fight) have her saying nothing. I guess the live feeds have been edited after the fact. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 01:59 PM
x*This is similar to the claim Xmas wasn't doing painkillers when we all heard her say she was and that they made her foggy headed. We saw it. NT
Jake8110/03/17 02:13 PM
x*Many lies have been posted here. The evidence is all over You Tube. If Christmas was bullying Cody, it would be there. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 12:58 PM
x*Many truths have been posted here. One is that Xmas was the second worst behind Paul in the entire bullying event. NT
Jake8110/03/17 01:34 PM
x*OMG! Watch it! She is not even involved in the fight. how can she be the worst when she was not involved? It is Paul, Josh, Raven & Alex. RHAP
ScienceGirl10/03/17 01:57 PM
x*I saw it when it happened. I'm not going to search through vids and find pieces that confirm it. Like many here, I can rely on having seen it. NT
Jake8110/03/17 02:14 PM
x*GO WATCH THE FEEDS. See if they edited out XMAS starting in on Cody. IT HAPPENED NT
uselessfan10/03/17 01:03 PM
x*Yes, it did. NT
Jake8110/03/17 01:40 PM
x*Then post it! NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 02:10 PM
x*I don't post things just because someone wants me to. I do so when I want to. I've proven this before and don't intend to do so again. Xmas did it. NT
Jake8110/03/17 02:59 PM
x*During the incident on the Monday she was sitting with Alex. NT
ArgosFan10/03/17 12:45 PM
x*She was in the BY with Elena. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 12:46 PM
x*That was only part of it. NT
Jake8110/03/17 01:35 PM
x*The incident that happened on the Monday that went from the Kitchen to the outside? She was with Alex outside talking about Cody's Military. NT
ArgosFan10/03/17 12:48 PM
x*Xmas was the main bully on that stuff. She thought her experience washing clothes gave her special military insights. NT
Jake8110/03/17 01:36 PM
x*If you feel that her suggestion PRIOR to the incident that was never even used makes her the worst, that is you opinion. But don't pretend she was
ScienceGirl10/03/17 02:08 PM
x*Xmas was the ringleader in the military bashing. NT
Jake8110/03/17 02:25 PM
x*There was no military bashing, unless you are referring to suggesting that it would be something that would upset Cody. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 02:35 PM
x*Yes, there was military bashing. NT
Jake8110/03/17 02:59 PM
x*I am watching it right now again! No word from Christmas yet. It went to fish once while Josh was yelling. XMas was playing pool quietly. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 01:02 PM
x*You're watching the wrong thing NT
binkie9410/03/17 08:25 PM
x*Correct! NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:35 PM
x*People are going to believe that everyone else did wrong and Jody are saints even if you show them proof. NT
BBcraycray10/03/17 01:24 PM
x*It is not about Jody or anything else. It is a fact that XMas did not take part in the big fight. She was on the periphary like Kevin, Jason, Elena NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 02:01 PM
x*Except that it's not a fact. Alas, this is what happens when people rely on youtube vids where parts are left out NT
binkie9410/03/17 09:20 PM
x*nope never said they were saints i just don't find them vile and horrible. i see that as human that made mistakes NT
Belle10/03/17 01:25 PM
x*Saying fat women should be sterilized is a mistake? Which is NOT even game related. NT
BBcraycray10/03/17 01:26 PM
x*99% of what is said in the house has nothing to do with the game... NT
DerTotmacherBB10/03/17 01:28 PM
x*That's what I said, so why knock certain segments of society when it has nothing to do with playing BB. NT
BBcraycray10/03/17 01:31 PM
x*Because there are 24 hours in a day and most of that time is spent just having normal conversations like outside of the house. NT
DerTotmacherBB10/03/17 01:33 PM
x*Then why do only Jody get a pass for saying horrible things? I agree with you, but it cannot be hypocritical. All humans are flawed. No HG was a
ScienceGirl10/03/17 02:05 PM
x*I've never given them a pass on anything! I think Cody expressed some ignorant views, though I personally didn't think Jess was out of line. I am not
DerTotmacherBB10/03/17 04:54 PM
x*Thank you! This is so true...Jody's flaws in and out of the house are swept under the rug but every other hg is vilified. NT
BBcraycray10/03/17 02:50 PM
x*They can keep certain "views" they have quiet. Why put it out there so people can see how ignorant you are. NT
BBcraycray10/03/17 01:37 PM
x*It made perfect sense to me. She even made a "rape souls" joke, so she is well aware of what people are upset about. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 12:28 PM
x*It wasn't a joke. She's vile. NT
Jake8110/03/17 02:25 PM
x*She said people may have just saw it as Bullying. Jody Lied to the house but didn't want to answer any questions. We saw the mob plan the attacks
ArgosFan10/03/17 12:35 PM
x*This discussion has been had before many times. We know what we witnessed with Xmas. Her culpability was significant. The proof is we saw it. NT
Jake8110/03/17 01:39 PM
x*The poster here was referencing Christmas talking about the house questioning Mark about playing both sides. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 02:12 PM
x*Xmas took great glee in bullying and wanted to prove she could be out in front on it. She did. NT
Jake8110/03/17 02:26 PM
x*She never said "Jody". She was talking about Mark. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 12:45 PM
x*I saw a little of her last one and she is surprisingly uninteresting. She comes across as nice, but not dynamic in any way NT
grandjete10/03/17 11:15 AM
x*I liked today's. I did not know I missed one before. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 12:30 PM
x*Wish I could watch it. NT
krh503810/03/17 10:27 AM
x*I think they stay up for 24 hours or something like that. (I also added an extention to Chrome so I can watch IG lives on my laptop.) NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 10:34 AM
*Reminder. Mark will be going live on Instagram this afternoon to answer fan questions before his big meet and greet. NT
FriendshipToast74 5   10/03/17 09:28 AM
x*This reminder is like telling me the sun will rise tomorrow. It's already happening! It happens every day! lol NT
jammin_jen10/03/17 09:40 AM
x*lol NT
Marceline10/03/17 02:41 PM
x*Again? He's sooo annoying and desperate to have a following. He saw what Jess did when she was out, so he thinks he can. lmao! NT
LillyBell10/03/17 09:43 AM
x*I think he just enjoys it. Never seen him say he wants to do what Jess is doing NT
FurnitureAlliance10/03/17 02:58 PM
x*Jess had like 3 Lives, mostly after episodes, during the 5 weeks she was out of the house. Mark is out of control NT
jammin_jen10/03/17 09:49 AM
*I want to see Raven on Bold and Beautiful, too. And all the others. Is it going to happen like past seasons? NT
blackeyeddog113 8   10/03/17 07:38 AM
x*She's better suited for General Hospital. NT
Plowboy10/03/17 04:45 PM
x*She would play the role of "Hospital Patient 3" beautifully NT
justin_2pac10/03/17 04:21 PM
x*I think its just Jess & Josh this year. NT
presleys_child10/03/17 08:42 AM
x*LOL probably not. NT
jjjg10/03/17 08:20 AM
x*seems like the last few years they've done a halloween eppys she maybe available to for that :) NT
Belle10/03/17 08:00 AM
x*Halloween episodes are more than likely in the can already. Soaps film 3-4 or more weeks ahead. They dont always have a group on. NT
Gamecock10/03/17 10:59 AM
x*Something where she could wear a full face mask. NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:44 AM
x*lol ;) NT
MegsMom31610/03/17 08:11 AM
*Almost had it! Gotta be quicker than that! ->
Kay191163 8   10/02/17 08:54 PM
x*lol what goes around...comes around
pptin10/03/17 09:15 AM
x*Yea let’s hope Cody kills it on AR, runs the game, yet some poor sport, cry baby does something to cost him the game. That would be beautiful. NT
missie10/03/17 06:10 AM
x*lol NT
krh503810/03/17 08:54 AM
x*I'm hoping Cody wins a half million. NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:47 AM
x*lmao NT
colleenag10/03/17 04:31 AM
x*lmao NT
gwennanapatmal10/02/17 10:09 PM
x*LOL I can hear that guys voice in my head. NT
Gamecock10/02/17 08:55 PM
x*So can Paul! NT
ChristmasInJuly10/03/17 12:16 PM
*Saw on Twitter that someone yelled "America hates Paul" at the start of TAR and Cody yelled back that Josh sucked too. I thought Cody apologized to
RavenMurphree2514 90   10/02/17 07:29 PM
x*Cody making victim noises again. NT
BBcraycray10/03/17 03:09 PM
x*Cody is still bitter. Perfect. NT
SureOK10/03/17 12:35 PM
x*Cody isn't bitter at all. He's having the time of his life. He's seeing just how much he and Jess are loved by the public. NT
Jake8110/03/17 01:48 PM
x*If you're having the time of your life, you don't spout hate about someone you claim is a "loser" unless you're holding a grudge. Poor, Cody. NT
SureOK10/03/17 02:37 PM
x*I saw it. Cody was carefree. He didn't give a damn. It was a throw away moment and nothing more. NT
Jake8110/03/17 03:01 PM
x*Why would Josh even come into his mind if he's so carefree and having the time of his life. His actions speak volumes. NT
SureOK10/03/17 03:44 PM
x*Because Cody is an idiot savant. NT
BBcraycray10/03/17 04:46 PM
x*Because Paul and Josh were a tandem. NT
Jake8110/03/17 04:18 PM
x*confusing bitter with brave NT
Matzak10/03/17 12:41 PM
x*Yes. NT
Jake8110/03/17 04:19 PM
x*Nonsensical. NT
SureOK10/03/17 03:46 PM
x*The clip is posted below. Cody said "Josh is a loser too." NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 10:32 AM
x*if true so what. many think josh is a loser. winning bb doesn't make you a winner in life. NT
Matzak10/03/17 10:33 AM
x*lol this is hilarious. So once again any and everything nasty Cody/Jess says/said is excused away.. Too bad ALL the hg are not given that charity. NT
missie10/03/17 01:55 PM
x*should make room for differing points of view
pptin10/03/17 09:17 AM
x*from what i heard from people saying they were there someone yelled about America hates Paul & Josh is a loser. Cody said something back in jest &
KlausHeissler10/03/17 12:30 AM
x*Seems to be the most likely scenario. They were having fun and interacting with the fans. NT
Bobbo210/03/17 09:28 AM
x*Couldnt make out what he said. Kinda sounded like meatball but whatever he said I probably agree lol. NT
Bobbo210/02/17 09:31 PM
x*He definitely didn't say "sucked". People like to spread nonsense NT
binkie9410/02/17 08:53 PM
x*cody's true colors showing through???
pptin10/02/17 08:41 PM
x*With no cameras or interviewers around, he apologized to Josh. THOSE are true colours NT
jjjg10/03/17 08:21 AM
x*more like the rumor maker's true color! NT
Scrappy10/02/17 09:55 PM
x*Cody's true colors are red, white and blue. That's well established. NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:22 PM
x*Cody's colors are yellow...he hid away and refused to play, made victim noises and sucked at BB..one of the worst HGs ever. NT
BBcraycray10/03/17 03:55 AM
x*Cody's true colors are red, white and blue. He's a certified war hero. NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:54 AM
x*Ha! So true. Supposed “alpha” has lil Jessica leading his pathetic ass around by the ear! He’s all talk. Will be remembered as horrible BB player NT
CindiCindi10/03/17 07:04 AM
x*It's true that JODY is a great team where each of them has important roles, and they work well together. NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:24 AM
x*Together? Jess commands and Cody follows. She tells him what to do, say and think. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 10:10 AM
x*No. They're a team. Each contributes. Not like Paul & Xmas, where Paul gave all the orders, made all the decisions, and Xmas said "yes, Paul." NT
Jake8110/03/17 10:43 AM
x*Yes, Cody ain't got what it takes for BB. He needs to just play in staring contests and lie down and give up contests. NT
diddly10/03/17 06:57 AM
x*Cody sure bested Paul and served him up a nice LOSS. NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:24 AM
x*Sorry! Paul was the runner up. Cody was just a loser. Voted out twice and would not have even been on the jury if not for production twist. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 10:11 AM
x*Cody won the finale. He engineered Paul's second beatdown in 2 years. He won AFP. He got the girl. He got the gig with TAR. Paul lost again. NT
Jake8110/03/17 10:44 AM
x*Production twist?.....ironic NT
uselessfan10/03/17 10:16 AM
x*the whole season is a production twist now NT
PinkAuraGirl10/03/17 10:42 AM
x*It could have been anyone that went last. All that votes against Paul was responsible for Paul's loss...not JUSt Cody. Come on now. lol NT
diddly10/03/17 08:28 AM
x*It was Cody who engineered the votes and made sure Paul went home with another crushing defeat. NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:48 AM
x*Stamp! Yellow indeed! NT
missie10/03/17 06:12 AM
x*Yellow is a color never associated with Cody. Paul? Definitely. NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:49 AM
x*Yes, yellow is associated with Cody....he hid away and quit playing the game. Worst BB player ever. NT
BBcraycray10/03/17 08:59 AM
x*Yellow is associated with Paul. He's the coward who hid behind Josh. Cody is the antithesis of cowardly. He's all American bad ass. NT
Jake8110/03/17 02:16 PM
x*Cody = red, white and blue! Proud war hero. NT
Jake8110/03/17 05:42 AM
x*How exactly did he become a war "hero"? Serving in the military, even in a war zone does not automatically make you a hero. NT
delrayfan10/03/17 09:02 AM
x*Cody needs to just go back home and spend time with his child. If he has money now why isn't he visiting her. Oh right, being on TV more important. NT
diddly10/03/17 06:58 AM
x*thats really none of our business, don't ya think? NT
Cindy10/03/17 08:31 AM
x*Hopefully, Cody will win half a million dollars and that will secure his daughter's economic future. NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:26 AM
x*Taking an opportunity that has a real chance to give his daughter financial security is a very big deal. NT
FeloniousMonk10/03/17 07:43 AM
x*Stamp! NT
jjnewboots10/03/17 06:28 AM
x*Stamp! NT
MyBestBud10/03/17 05:16 AM
x*can't hear what was said, it is all supposition NT
punxsutawneygal10/02/17 08:27 PM
x*Yeah, one would think so but looks like thats the kind of person Cody and Jess are NT
BigBroWatcher10/02/17 08:15 PM
x*No. It looks like that's not the kind of person Cody. He didn't say any such thing about Josh. NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:22 PM
x*You were there? NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 10:28 AM
x*Yes. We were all there via TV coverage. NT
Jake8110/03/17 10:47 AM
x*Yep. They both lack class. NT
diddly10/02/17 09:03 PM
x*They are vile quitters. NT
BBcraycray10/03/17 03:56 AM
x*Nasty. They do look cute on the outside but the inside of both Jody ruin it. NT
diddly10/03/17 06:59 AM
x*JODY are great inside and out. NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:26 AM
x*They are great fighters. NT
Jake8110/03/17 05:42 AM
x*They're both very classy, and America loves JODY. NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:23 PM
x*No, America does not love Jody. Most Americans have no idea who they are. Of those that do, they have fans and haters. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 10:29 AM
x*America LOVES Cody and Jess! 8 million votes. NT
Jake8110/03/17 10:48 AM
x*1) That is total votes, not votes for Cody. Kevin was neck & neck on polls. 2) Those are 20 votes per day per account per person. We know that
ScienceGirl10/03/17 12:26 PM
x*Kevin was nowhere near Cody on the polls. Cody was polling more than Kevin and Jason combined. NT
Jake8110/03/17 01:58 PM
x*Cody got 8 million votes. There were 15 million cast. Cody more than Kevin & Jason combined. Those are the FACTS. NT
Jake8110/03/17 01:56 PM
x*Lol. America or you? NT
diddly10/02/17 09:39 PM
x*America. Take a look at JODY anywhere in public, and see the love for them! NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:45 PM
x*You can say this about anyone on BB. Stick Paul out in public and he will have fans also. lol NT
diddly10/03/17 07:04 AM
x*Yet he wasn’t invited to compete in the amazing race. People are chosen when the producers think he/she will bring ratings , like Jody NT
Pixie510/03/17 03:36 PM
x*Stick Paul out in public and his detractors would far outnumber his supporters. NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:27 AM
x*Josh does suck, He's a meatball face. NT
VictorBBJodyFan10/02/17 08:08 PM
x*Yeah, Cody wasnt making anything up... unlike lying lil Paul NT
Gamecock10/02/17 08:53 PM
x*Yet 5 other meatball faces still voted for him NT
krh503810/02/17 08:10 PM
x*Cody and 4 other HGs voted for Josh, choosing him over that chronic loser, Paul. NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:23 PM
x*Josh got 300k in the bank. He's got nothing to complain about NT
bigbrotherfan710/03/17 09:28 AM
x*That was the result of Cody engineering the win for Josh. Good for Josh. He deserved the money and the win more than Paul. NT
Jake8110/03/17 11:05 AM
x*I saw the twitter clip of it but couldn't clearly make out what Cody's reply was. It didn't sound like he said anything bad about Josh. NT
LillyBell10/02/17 07:35 PM
x*I saw it and this was 100% my interpretation as well. NT
jjnewboots10/03/17 06:29 AM
x*Agree. It wasn't. NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:24 PM
x*Here's the clip NT
LillyBell10/02/17 07:35 PM
x*Cody clearly said "Josh is a loser too." NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 10:31 AM
x*hey Cody you made Josh a $500,000 loser..nice... NT
nana11010/03/17 12:35 PM
x*Sounds like he said (jokingly) Josh is a loser too. NT
producerswife10/03/17 06:56 AM
x*Thanks. There's no such slur there. It's just another bogus Twitter claim by someone who created the lie and is trying to perpetuate it. NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:25 PM
x*REad on more than one Twitter thread. I would believe it if they said Jess said it but not Cody NT
RavenMurphree10/02/17 09:52 PM
x*It's apparent that some on Twitter are out to lie about Cody, and don't really care about the truth. NT
Jake8110/02/17 10:12 PM
x*It sounds like he's saying Josh is a meatball too NT
binkie9410/02/17 08:50 PM
x*It sounds like he said "Josh is hated too" and the woman replies "but less than Paul!" NT
Corndogger10/02/17 07:48 PM
x*I didn't hear "hated". It sounds like meatball to me NT
binkie9410/02/17 08:52 PM
x*lol it's like the wall yellers all over again ! NT
krh503810/02/17 07:55 PM
*From Heath: "Even on vacation, I can't help imagining endurance contests when I see stuff like this...(who can stay atop the wheel as it moves)"
Corndogger571 11   10/02/17 06:23 PM
x*They had the log roll one year. Jordan’s season? NT
Ivesk110/02/17 06:46 PM
x*Part 1 of final hoh in BB11. Also the first hoh comp in BB16. NT
robin8610/02/17 07:52 PM
x*Didn't they have have a roller comp on S15? NT
phobos10/02/17 06:34 PM
x*Was it the Bull in a China Shop one? was that 15 NT
Poz10/02/17 06:36 PM
x*It was an endurance and GM won. Can't remember the name of it. NT
phobos10/03/17 12:33 AM
x*yes, I believe that's the one, I think she won it with a broken toe NT
Poz10/03/17 03:10 AM
x*i rarely remember the names of comps tbh NT
KlausHeissler10/03/17 12:51 AM
x*BB20, Southern Gothic themed house, Riverboat endurance! Make it Happen NT
Poz10/02/17 06:32 PM
x*Gothic??? huh? NT
Gamecock10/03/17 11:28 AM
x*I saw this on his twitter feed earlier and I figure we will see it in some form sooner or later. NT
presleys_child10/02/17 06:31 PM
x*It would be super cool if he could make it like the log in BB14 but have it rotate around. Or would that be too hard for people to stay on? lol NT
Corndogger10/02/17 06:35 PM
*wonder how JOdy is doing? NT
punxsutawneygal3982 248   10/02/17 02:22 PM
x*I wonder what will happen if they are U-turned. Will Cody pout and be a bad sport for the rest of the race? Will CBS give them a good edit again? NT
KatMo10/04/17 12:10 AM
x*Cody will shed a lot of tears again. He's so emotional. NT
SureOK10/04/17 10:40 AM
x*Paul will shed a lot of tears watching JODY get the glory Paul thought would be his. NT
Jake8110/04/17 06:16 PM
x*I really, really can't stand Paul, but highly doubt it. NT
SureOK10/04/17 08:53 PM
x*Getting uturned often causes bad feelings if the team can survive it. The amputee survived one of his uturns...he rocked NT
uselessfan10/04/17 03:52 AM
x*I'm sure Cody and Jess will be delightful, no matter what happens. They're America's Favorites! NT
Jake8110/04/17 03:50 AM
KatMo10/04/17 01:08 PM
x*Well, it's 2 in the morning so Jess is sleeping and Cody is cyborg guarding her like a sentinel. NT
LillyBell10/02/17 06:50 PM
x*They are probably about to take off again. It is often 12 hours after first checked in NT
uselessfan10/02/17 06:59 PM
x*It's the land of the midnight sun time now, so you're probably right. NT
LillyBell10/02/17 07:19 PM
x*Really doesnt make a difference...sometimes they take off at 3am and then have to wait for hours for something to open NT
uselessfan10/02/17 07:21 PM
x*They have a good chance. She is savvy, they’re both smart and athletic. This is more Cody’s type of game. NT
jdjdmama10/02/17 05:59 PM
x*I am glad he didn't choose to do The Challenge. Too much deceit and drama. NT
LillyBell10/02/17 07:34 PM
x*There's a lot of hate for them here. I didn't like how mean they could be to Josh(hitting below the belt),but otherwise they weren't THAT bad. I'm
grandjete10/02/17 05:43 PM
x*Josh was much worse to them than they ever were to him. NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:46 PM
x*That's funny. NT
titan910/02/17 11:00 PM
x*It's true. NT
Jake8110/02/17 11:05 PM
x*In an alternative reality. NT
titan910/04/17 03:00 AM
x*In this reality. NT
Jake8110/04/17 03:51 AM
x*I would have been worse than them if I was in their shoes. Rooting for them too! NT
FurnitureAlliance10/02/17 06:56 PM
x*Jody really turned it around and became Jokers favorites for BB19! NT
Jake8110/03/17 10:49 AM
x*I always liked them! They were terrible at the game but great characters NT
FurnitureAlliance10/03/17 03:30 PM
x*They were both horrid the first 2 weeks when they were in power and controlled the house. The were in 16th and 17th (lowest) on Jokers poll. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 10:14 AM
x*They became popular with fans as the fans saw them perform. They became Jokers favorites and America's favorites. NT
Jake8110/03/17 02:18 PM
x*i don't like how ignorant they are especially cody and that they are both quitters. NT
sliver01310/02/17 06:16 PM
x*They're not ignorant and they're not quitters. They demolished Paul at finale, with words and actions that put the little gnome in his place. NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:47 PM
x*Giving up on winning $500,000 is quitting. "Demolishing" Paul at finale doesn't change the fact that they both quit. NT
titan910/02/17 11:03 PM
x*You are correct, they are both quitters and the worst BB players. NT
BBcraycray10/03/17 03:48 AM
x*They're fighers. They never quit. That's how they beat Paul in the end. NT
Jake8110/03/17 05:43 AM
x*Uh, I believe it was Josh who beat Paul, not Cody or Jess. NT
LibraLady10/03/17 10:22 AM
x*They are QUITTERS, they didn't FIGHT on BB.... NT
BBcraycray10/03/17 07:18 AM
x*They didn't quit. They played through the finale, and got their big win there. NT
Jake8110/03/17 08:28 AM
x*The big win? One not even in jury and the other only in jury due to battleback (production BS)? That is a big win alright! LOL NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 10:15 AM
x*Yes! The big win. They scorched the gnome. Won AFP. Got the gigs with B&B and TAR. Won the public! Huge, huge wins for JODY. NT
Jake8110/03/17 10:51 AM
x*They quit...Jess even told Julie she quit playing... NT
BBcraycray10/03/17 08:58 AM
x*They didn't quit. They played through the finale, and scorched the gnome. NT
Jake8110/03/17 09:34 AM
x*They had little to do with Paul losing. Jess would have voted for Paul, but she coudn't vote. There was a jury pact against Paul, not led by Cody! NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 10:17 AM
x*Cody destroyed Paul. Engineered the defeat for Paul. Won the hearts and minds of America. NT
Jake8110/03/17 10:52 AM
x*They didn't quit. They were evicted, and it took 2/3 of the season to get them out. NT
Jake8110/02/17 11:06 PM
x*in my opinion cody is very ignorant and they're both quitters. NT
sliver01310/02/17 10:30 PM
x*Cody is very astute. Neither is a quitter, as seen by their finish to BB19. NT
Jake8110/02/17 10:34 PM
x*The lost BB19...BADLY! NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 10:18 AM
x*JODY won the season. AFP. Beat Paul and sent him home $450,000 less than he thought he'd get. Got B&B. Got AFP. Won the race for American's heart. NT
Jake8110/03/17 10:53 AM
x*in my opinion NT
sliver01310/02/17 10:45 PM
x*In my opinion, Cody is very astute and neither is a quitter. NT
Jake8110/02/17 11:07 PM
x*i don't agree but that's cool. NT
sliver01310/02/17 11:09 PM
x*I don't agree, either, as I've stated and will continue to state. NT
Jake8110/02/17 11:19 PM
x*Quitter? Cody kept campaigning up till the bitter cereal end and was even placing targets as he went out the door! NT
Vixter10/02/17 07:05 PM
x*Best exit ever when they tried to block his path! NT
FurnitureAlliance10/02/17 07:15 PM
x*Oh, wow, I loved how he handled that! : ) No doubt Paul hates that he set Cody up for a kick ass exit! NT
Vixter10/02/17 07:25 PM
x*I'm pretty sure nobody was trying to block his path. Why would they want him there a second longer? But it's not like he's the first to walk across
krh503810/02/17 07:48 PM
x*zack danced on the table being silly cody just walked across and out one of my favorite exits ever NT
Belle10/03/17 12:14 PM
x*Paul had his legs up to the table and wouldn't move them when Cody got up. NT
RatFloater10/03/17 01:29 AM
x*Paul's short stubby legs were stretched out as far as he could go..to reach the table..yep he was blocking the way!!!! NT
Scrappy10/02/17 09:58 PM
x*I would have loudly said julie chen is waiting on me...and you still want to be an a jackass NT
uselessfan10/03/17 04:40 AM
x*Wow, I didn't catch that! What a lil squirt! NT
colleenag10/03/17 04:40 AM
x*OMG...hahahaha NT
Gamecock10/02/17 11:00 PM
x*Paul was terrified of Cody, and Cody was and remains head and shoulders above and better than Paul. NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:48 PM
x*No one was terrified of Cody. Why should they be? NT
titan910/02/17 11:06 PM
x*They were all terrified of Cody, because he was the only bad ass in the house. NT
Jake8110/02/17 11:20 PM
x*Yeah so bad ass that he hid away...lol....quitter to the end, evicted twice..had advantages and used them poorly...worst hgs. NT
BBcraycray10/03/17 03:50 AM
x*That was Paul who refused Josh’s hand on the way out. He stayed in BB house and cried. Still waiting for him to kick Cody’s ass like he promised NT
Pixie510/03/17 03:25 PM
x*And, cried when things didn't go his way. Such a spoiled brat. NT
SureOK10/03/17 12:36 PM
x*So bad ass that Paul is still afraid to see Cody. NT
Jake8110/03/17 05:44 AM
x*No one was terrified of Cody. His game sucked and he sucked. NT
titan910/02/17 11:30 PM
x*Everyone but Jess was terrified of Cody. Paul practically peed himself every time Cody's name was even mentioned. NT
Jake8110/02/17 11:37 PM
x*hahaha... oh come on, Josh was not scared of Cody. hee hee NT
Gamecock10/02/17 11:39 PM
x*it was on the feeds and updates, paul and sheep planned to block his path NT
janie810/02/17 07:50 PM
x*this is one of those things i heard about but never actually saw. so many people flat out lied about stuff this season, not sure what to believe NT
sliver01310/02/17 09:15 PM
x*unless you watched 24/7 ... you might have missed it NT
Scrappy10/02/17 09:59 PM
x*maybe, did you see them make a plan to block cody? NT
sliver01310/02/17 10:31 PM
x*Yes. It was talked about here, in the forum, at the time it occurred. NT
Jake8110/02/17 10:35 PM
x*Talked about here does not mean it actually happened. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 10:51 AM
x*It did actually happen. Just like Xmas admitting she was drugged out and foggy on painkillers. We saw that happen, too. NT
Jake8110/03/17 02:19 PM
x*i was asking scrappy...no offense NT
sliver01310/02/17 10:46 PM
x*No ....Like you I didn't watch feeds 24/7....I read updates and posts and get a feel for what really happened..answered! NT
Scrappy10/03/17 06:02 AM
x*thanks NT
sliver01310/03/17 12:30 PM
x*I was answering. NT
Jake8110/03/17 05:45 AM
x*Believe it. NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:48 PM
x*it happens every season..i trust the updaters.. NT
janie810/02/17 09:48 PM
x*There was loads of mistruths in the updates and on the BBD board this season..and during BBOTT. I had never seen it before that. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 10:52 AM
x*The truth about Xmas is she was the most vile person in the house. Her "murder families" and "rape souls" nonsense was heard by all. NT
Jake8110/03/17 02:20 PM
x*so you didn't actually see it just read the update? if you tell me you saw it i'll trust you. NT
sliver01310/02/17 10:32 PM
x*no you won't, empty promises, one of these days i'll give up thinking you will.. NT
janie810/03/17 06:45 PM
x*Yep NT
PinkAuraGirl10/02/17 08:18 PM
x*not socializing in a social game for weeks and blowing off two comps. NT
sliver01310/02/17 07:11 PM
x*They were shunned. Paul's orders. NT
Jake8110/03/17 05:45 AM
x*They did not try to socialize! They hid and just made out. When they did speak to others, nobody refused to speak to them. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 10:54 AM
x*They tried, but Paul beat on his sheep and threatened any of them who dared to break the shunning that Paul had ordered. NT
Jake8110/03/17 11:08 AM
x*i thought paul told everyone in the house to ignore them-same as how kevin was treated later on pauls orders NT
Belle10/03/17 10:58 AM
x*That's funny because CBS doesn't think they are quitters. They chose them for Amazing Race. Ha-ha! NT
Pixie510/02/17 06:51 PM
x*YEP!! NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:49 PM
x*Nope NT
bigbrotherfan710/02/17 08:45 PM
x*that's funny because jessica literally told julie she quit. NT
sliver01310/02/17 06:52 PM
x*She was evicted. Meagan quit NT
Pixie510/02/17 08:43 PM
x*she said it...i believe her. NT
sliver01310/02/17 08:52 PM
x*I don't even dislike Jessica that much. I don't like that she's a hypocrite, but at least she tried to tell Cody to shut his stupid mouth. NT
krh503810/02/17 06:38 PM
x*Jessica is the star of BB19. CBS sees that. She's their new go-to girl. NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:50 PM
x*After leaving the house and seeing on feeds how truly nasty Paul is, Jess regrets telling Cody to stop standing up to Paul. I was glad to hear it. NT
Vixter10/02/17 07:10 PM
x*I'm referring to when Cody says something transphobic and Jessica tells him to quit. NT
krh503810/02/17 07:16 PM
x*Cody didn't say any such thing. NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:50 PM
x*He certainly did. He also said overweight women should be sterilized, said soldiers were pussies..all things Jess tried to stop him from saying. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 10:56 AM
x*No, he didn't. NT
Jake8110/03/17 11:09 AM
x*Yes he did. NT
BBcraycray10/03/17 08:58 AM
x*No, he didn't. NT
Jake8110/03/17 10:54 AM
x*He most certainly did. NT
BBcraycray10/03/17 03:25 PM
x*No, he didn't. NT
Jake8110/03/17 04:24 PM
x*He actually did, and, when asked about it outside the house, he said he refuses to apologize for it because that's not who he is. NT
DerTotmacherBB10/03/17 05:02 PM
x*Yes he did. I saw him say it plus it's posted all over the internet the vile things he said. NT
BBcraycray10/03/17 04:49 PM
x*lol NT
krh503810/03/17 08:51 AM
x*i like her more than him...i'll give her that much. lol NT
sliver01310/02/17 06:53 PM
x*Most people like both of them very much. 8 million votes. Star status. NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:51 PM
x*Vile quitters. NT
BBcraycray10/02/17 06:18 PM
x*Fantastic finishers. NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:51 PM
x*Jess and Cody are the favorites of Jokers and have been a long time. 90% here favor JODY. See Jokers poll. NT
Jake8110/02/17 06:09 PM
x*They were despised by Jokers for the first 2 weeks and their personalities never changed. People only like them because they are not Paul. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 10:57 AM
x*As Jokers saw Cody and Jess were the only two who came to play, Jokers backed them with full support! NT
Jake8110/03/17 11:10 AM
x*America dislikes Jodi. NT
diddly10/02/17 09:50 PM
x*America loves JODY. The love for them is awe inspiring. NT
Jake8110/02/17 10:14 PM
ScienceGirl10/03/17 10:58 AM
x*It's true. The Jokers poll proves it. The AFHG vote proves it. The overwhelming reception they've received here and beyond proves it. NT
Jake8110/03/17 11:11 AM
x*Not everyone votes in the poll NT
bigbrotherfan710/02/17 08:48 PM
x*I was about to say that. I gave up on that a long time ago. A lot of people don't want to comment either... NT
KatMo10/04/17 12:20 AM
x*No, but many more members vote in the poll than post in this forum, so the poll is a much better indicator of Jokers attitudes than this forum. NT
Jake8110/04/17 07:26 AM
x*People didn't like Paul's sheep, so why should people care how many others like Cody? Changing my mind because of a poll would be just as bad...
KatMo10/04/17 01:33 PM
x*Voters in the poll outnumber the posters in the forum about about 8-1. The membership of Jokers is well represented by the Jokers Daily Poll. NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:29 PM
x*Cody is just odd. Jessica is self involved and just nasty. Never liked them. Maybe they will play AR cause they surely didn't play BB. NT
diddly10/02/17 06:01 PM
x*Cody is a normal guy with extraordinary commitment to excellence and patriotism. NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:31 PM
x*OMG! You must be being sarcastic. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 10:58 AM
x*No, I'm being truthful. That's exactly who Cody is. Meanwhile, Xmas is a trashy addict who needs to get cleaned up and stop her unsavory behaviors. NT
Jake8110/03/17 02:03 PM
x*They are both vile...if he knew about Las Vegas he's probably bummed he couldn't be there just like going to Ferguson. NT
BBcraycray10/02/17 06:15 PM
x*Cody and Jess are two of the best HGs ever. NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:31 PM
x*Pretty sure Cody would of wanted to be in Vegas to help the innocent! NT
Matzak10/02/17 06:18 PM
x*He would HAVE wanted to be there. Most sincere honest person we've seen in a long time on BB. NT
BCGG10/02/17 11:58 PM
x*No doubt about that at all. Cody has courage under fire. Proven. NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:31 PM
x*No NT
bigbrotherfan710/02/17 08:49 PM
x*Sure he would have. Even when the only problem was Xmas's broken foot and Raven's scratched toe, Cody was the one who went into action for them. NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:32 PM
x*I doubt it...did he go to Ferguson to help...NOPE NT
BBcraycray10/02/17 06:18 PM
x*Two different circumstances. One was rioting, and after the fact. Vegas was a gun involved attack, like Cody's had to rebuff many times. NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:33 PM
x*Hope those clowns get completely lost and argue the whole time. Then get to hear, "You are the last team to arrive. You have been eliminated." NT
titan910/02/17 05:19 PM
x*Hope they do a great job and win it all! NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:54 PM
x*It's a game, It's a challenge. Hope they win! NT
Matzak10/02/17 06:19 PM
x*If they play like bb they'll be u turned quickly NT
bigbrotherfan710/02/17 08:50 PM
x*THIS!!! I hope they are out quickly...they are vile.NT
BBcraycray10/02/17 06:17 PM
x*They're already started far out in front, so that's probably not going to happen. NT
Jake8110/02/17 06:10 PM
x*There is no such thing as "far out in front" on TAR. Each leg is independent and there are never more than 2 legs w/o an equalizer that brings all
ScienceGirl10/03/17 11:01 AM
x*They were far out in front yesterday. Don't know about today. When we get an update, I'll talk it about again. NT
Jake8110/03/17 02:04 PM
x*Many stages where they can come in last place. NT
titan910/02/17 06:14 PM
x*That won't happen. NT
Jake8110/02/17 06:18 PM
x*They'll win the show then, I guess. NT
titan910/02/17 11:07 PM
x*We can hope and pray. NT
Jake8110/02/17 11:23 PM
x*You will. I won't. NT
titan910/04/17 08:05 AM
x*I'll pray extra, then. NT
Jake8110/04/17 10:34 AM
x*Never realized Cody is so short. I guess because most of the time on BB he was lying down isolating himself. NT
diddly10/02/17 06:04 PM
x*Because he's not. NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:33 PM
x*Cody is absolutely short for a man. He is only 1 inch taller than Paul. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 11:02 AM
x*Paul wishes. Cody is a good 6 inches taller than Paul. NT
Jake8110/03/17 02:05 PM
x*Bollocks! 5'8-9 is not tall but its not short either. paul is SHORT in every sense. NT
Matzak10/03/17 11:10 AM
x*him and paul both have little man syndrome...paul with his mma tough guy talk and cody with his alfalfa male bs. NT
sliver01310/02/17 06:19 PM
x*Paul has little man syndrome, because he's tiny. Everywhere. Cody isn't small at all. Anywhere. NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:34 PM
x*He is far shorter than the national average for males. So he is what is considered "short". Jess is only 5'3" so he is still tall enough. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 11:04 AM
x*Cody is average height for an American man. Paul is in the bottom 2%. NT
Jake8110/03/17 02:06 PM
x*his game was small...almost nonexistent. NT
sliver01310/02/17 10:38 PM
x*Cody's game was awesome, start to finish. He stopped Paul from the jury house. NT
Jake8110/02/17 11:11 PM
x*lol he couldn't stop himself from going to said Jury house and had it not been for battleback he wouldn't have made it there either. NT
Poz10/02/17 11:13 PM
x*He went to the jury house when evicted, and there he took over the jury. Paul got beat because Cody made it happen. NT
Jake8110/02/17 11:23 PM
x*Sorry but Cody said it was Mark & Elena that created the bitter jury pact. NT
ScienceGirl10/03/17 11:05 AM
x*No, he didn't. NT
Jake8110/03/17 02:06 PM
x*and Cody and his little girlfriend got beat 3x because Paul made it happen, they sucked at bb doesn't matter if you think Paul does as well
Poz10/03/17 12:15 AM
x*They beat Paul at BB. They stole his thunder and sent him home with a big loss. NT
Jake8110/03/17 05:49 AM
x*evicted twice in 51 days is awesome? NT
sliver01310/02/17 11:13 PM
x*Sure. Given the massive help BB gave Paul the entire season, absolutely. NT
Jake8110/02/17 11:24 PM
x*cody sucked in my opinion, one of the worst players ever. not as bad as jess though. NT
sliver01310/03/17 12:01 AM
x*Cody was good. IMO, one of the great plays of BB history, taking down Paul in the jury. NT
Jake8110/03/17 05:49 AM
x*So true, so true. NT
Tank10/03/17 01:21 AM
x*alfalfa male is the absolute best description of him I've ever heard lol NT
Poz10/02/17 08:20 PM
x*He's an alpha male. Even his enemies in the house saw that. They fear him. NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:35 PM
x*the alfalfa male and his invisible pack. NT
sliver01310/02/17 10:37 PM
x*Cody is a great guy from every respect. NT
Jake8110/02/17 11:11 PM
x*it should have been his comic...the alfalfa male! NT
sliver01310/02/17 08:32 PM
x*But BB chose a heroic figure for Cody. Paul, Xmas and Josh gushed about it in envy. NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:35 PM
x*didn't look like a hero to me...looked like a creep, something about his stare. NT
sliver01310/02/17 10:35 PM
x*It was heroic. Paul, Xmas and Josh agreed. NT
Jake8110/02/17 11:12 PM
x*i think it was intended to be a villain. NT
sliver01310/02/17 11:14 PM
x*Nope. BB loves Cody. By then BB was sick of the useless F3 and could see Cody was their hero for the season. NT
Jake8110/02/17 11:25 PM
x*just my opinion. NT
sliver01310/02/17 11:28 PM
x*Facts are facts. NT
Jake8110/02/17 11:31 PM
x*sure, facts are facts, but I don't see any NT
krh503810/03/17 10:26 AM
x*FACT: Cody got more votes for AFP than anyone ever. Set a new BB record. NT
Jake8110/03/17 10:56 AM
x*Hahahah. Cody the Alfalfanator NT
krh503810/02/17 07:42 PM
x*Cody the Exterminator - killing Paul's hopes one more season. NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:36 PM
x*LMAO! Alfalfa male! NT
LillyBell10/02/17 07:40 PM
x*Didnt know he was a fan of Little Rascals. Its pretty alfalfa to just SPOILER
uselessfan10/02/17 07:15 PM
x*lol Now I miss The Rascals! NT
FurnitureAlliance10/02/17 07:17 PM
x*Alfalfa? NT
kymama10/02/17 07:11 PM
x*lol yeah, i thought it was funny. NT
sliver01310/02/17 07:18 PM
x*looks like an alpha typo..lmao NT
janie810/02/17 07:49 PM
x*looks like something my phone would do. NT
sliver01310/02/17 07:53 PM
x*mine, too.. :P NT
janie810/02/17 08:27 PM
x*lmao NT
FurnitureAlliance10/02/17 07:16 PM
x*Cody lying down is still taller than paul LOL NT
Matzak10/02/17 06:14 PM
Jake8110/02/17 06:18 PM
BBcraycray10/02/17 05:52 PM
x*Last I heard Jody are doing great! Go Team Jody!! Team beauty and the handsome marine!! NT
tasha5510/02/17 04:27 PM
x*Go Jody!!! woooooooohooooooo! NT
beanman10/02/17 06:43 PM
x*JODY are doing fantastic. They have fans all over the world! It's an exciting time for BB fans. NT
Jake8110/02/17 05:52 PM
x*Can't wait to see Cody's expression when he has to carry that Travelocity gnome around on one leg of the race. lol NT
LillyBell10/02/17 05:37 PM
x*why would he have to carry paul? NT
janie810/02/17 06:14 PM
x*Can't wait to see Paul's expression when JODY wins the million dollars! NT
Jake8110/02/17 06:02 PM
x*Those spoiler pics will be wonderful. Hope we see some photoshops NT
uselessfan10/02/17 05:59 PM
x*From the updates Ive seen they're doing grrrreat (say that in tony the tiger voice, lol) NT
Dani10/02/17 03:38 PM
x*Jody. They're America's Team!! NT
Jake8110/02/17 03:35 PM
x*Just like the Cowboys... NT
krh503810/02/17 04:34 PM
x*Just like Jess & Cody! The best loved BB HGs of all time! NT
Jake8110/02/17 05:38 PM
x*Not even close. The best loved are J&J, Jody is not even in the same ballpark as J&J. NT
BBcraycray10/03/17 03:54 AM
x*Lmaoooooo that's hysterical NT
bigbrotherfan710/02/17 08:49 PM
x*It's accurate. I'm sure the 90% of fans at Jokers who love Cody agree. NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:37 PM
x*Captain America and Lieutenant Liberty. Fighting the good fight against gnomes running loose in America. NT
ChristmasInJuly10/02/17 03:51 PM
x*gnomes running loose... hahahaha NT
Gamecock10/02/17 04:41 PM
x*I like to call Cody Captain Bad Ass. Lieutenant Liberty has a nice ring to it for Jess! NT
Jake8110/02/17 03:54 PM
x*I can't help but think of Cody as The Dream Crusher NT
binkie9410/02/17 04:18 PM
x*The Gnome Crusher! NT
Jake8110/02/17 05:39 PM
x*He certainly crushed that lil gnome's dream NT
Gamecock10/02/17 04:42 PM
x*It's always nice to see good folks rewarded. And getting to be one of the few chosen to compete on TAR is a wonderful reward. NT
FeloniousMonk10/02/17 03:25 PM
x*hopefully they are out soon and have to stay off social media to avoid spoilers. NT
sliver01310/02/17 03:00 PM
x*Hopefully, they win out, get a million Dollars, and haunt Paul's dream until the end of time. NT
Jake8110/02/17 03:35 PM
x*That just proves it, they are liked just to stick it to Paul and I'm sure Paul could care less NT
BigBroWatcher10/02/17 05:53 PM
x*No, that just proves Paul is obsessed with JODY. He's just a very short memory to the dynamic duo, JODY. NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:42 PM
x*They already stuck it to Paul but they (we) still like them NT
FurnitureAlliance10/02/17 07:13 PM
x*Wasn't he supposed to kick Cody's ass when he got out of the house? Doesn't sound like a guy who doesn't care to me. NT
Pixie510/02/17 06:53 PM
x*not at all. Jody came out of season 19 the most liked players and paul the least. so be it. Paul's ego taking a big hit is funny! NT
Matzak10/02/17 06:26 PM
x*right...what better confirmation? NT
sliver01310/02/17 06:21 PM
x*There is no confirmation of it, because Paul is obsessed with them. They're busy pleasing their millions of fans. NT
Jake8110/02/17 09:43 PM
x*paul, paul, paul NT
sliver01310/02/17 10:39 PM
x*JODY Jody Jody are the stars. Paul is obsessed with them. NT
Jake8110/02/17 11:14 PM
x*LOL! No matter if they win or not, you know he is envious. NT
Pixie510/02/17 03:38 PM
x*Paul's so green he might change into a Leprechaun from a Gnome. NT
Jake8110/02/17 03:56 PM
x*hee hee lil leppie the gnome. NT
Gamecock10/02/17 04:43 PM
x*ROFLMAO!!! Lil Leppie NT
LillyBell10/02/17 05:52 PM
binkie9410/02/17 04:18 PM
x*they go to a sequester house in a result until its over NT
danbbfan10/02/17 03:29 PM
x*Pretty sure they also have dummy racers to fool public after eliminated but not sure at what point NT
uselessfan10/02/17 05:51 PM
x*nice...that's what i was hoping to hear. NT
sliver01310/02/17 03:33 PM
x*cute pic from start of race. I hadn't noticed their hands
uselessfan10/02/17 02:32 PM
x*Cute. Cody's guiding Jess through the crowds. NT
LillyBell10/02/17 05:39 PM
x*It was great....all the love they got yesterday!!!!! NT
Scrappy10/02/17 03:04 PM
x*That was awesome, seeing the huge support JODY has. NT
Jake8110/02/17 03:36 PM
x*How green is the Incredible Sulk that he and lipo-lips weren't chosen to go on the Race? NT
LillyBell10/02/17 05:51 PM
*OT: Apparently Tom Petty has died at age 66. NT
Corndogger459 25   10/02/17 02:02 PM
lianna10/02/17 05:50 PM
x*his daughter says he is not dead yet. NT
presleys_child10/02/17 05:51 PM
x*At noon TMZ reported that Petty had been rushed to the hospital. It updated its story a half hour later, saying a decision had been made to pull life
LillyBell10/02/17 06:07 PM
x*yep saw all that but the daughter will not let them call it while his body is still breathing. NT
presleys_child10/02/17 06:33 PM
x*He's Free Fallin'. RIP Tom Petty. NT
Jake8110/02/17 04:11 PM
x*Remember him in The Postman, thought he did a good job. Favorite song off the top of my head is probably Free Fallin'. Rip Tom. NT
Bobbo210/02/17 03:48 PM
x*I also remember his Postman role. He did a nice job. I used to ride a Harley Low Rider and I often listened to his music when I rode. A buddy
FeloniousMonk10/02/17 04:11 PM
x*Went back and looked at his discography to jog my memory. So many classics, a good one for sure. NT
Bobbo210/02/17 04:37 PM
x*it's good to be king is my favorite NT
sliver01310/02/17 05:28 PM
x*Yeah, I've been listening to his work on iTunes today. Still love it and it always makes me feel a little bit more alive when I'm listening to it. NT
FeloniousMonk10/02/17 04:49 PM
x*Absolutely shocked!!!! NT
Scrappy10/02/17 03:04 PM
x*I used to be so spooked by Last Dance with Mary Jane video NT
Poz10/02/17 02:58 PM
x*Yes, very creepy. I just watched it on Y-tube. I forgot the corpse was Kim Basinger. NT
LillyBell10/02/17 06:51 PM
x*Yes he did die. He had a DNR but they didn't know about it at first and that is why he was on life support. NT
BBcraycray10/02/17 02:57 PM
x*OH no way, seen him in concert twice yrs ago. Hes Legend... True Legend ...not like now everyone calls everyone a legend. NT
Alexis0810/02/17 02:07 PM
x*Reports are saying he was found in full cardiac arrest, rushed to the hospital, put on life support and then taken off of it. NT
Corndogger10/02/17 02:14 PM
x*This is confusing. TMZ is claiming that the LAPD did not confirm his death and they actually tweeted they have nothing to do with the investigation NT
Corndogger10/02/17 02:22 PM
x*I just listened to an update that he was indeed found in full cardiac arrest, and has died at the hospital NT
punxsutawneygal10/02/17 02:26 PM
x*There's a lot of reports now just minutes old all claiming it has not been confirmed. A lot of outlets were relying on a CBS report which CBS News
Corndogger10/02/17 02:33 PM
x*I heard they took him off of life support, but that he hasn't technically died yet. Brain dead, body still breathing. NT
Pixie510/02/17 03:40 PM
x*Looks like that's what is happening. A lot of outlets who said he was dead have no changed their stories. NT
Corndogger10/02/17 03:48 PM
x*This is so weird NT
FurnitureAlliance10/02/17 03:07 PM
x*Just like Elvis. Watch for all the conspiracy theories following this. NT
LillyBell10/02/17 06:12 PM
x*LOL! I was thinking the same thing when all these retractions started coming out. Tom Petty will end up being the 21st century Elvis. NT
Corndogger10/02/17 07:04 PM
x*I would love to see him survive all this and laugh about it NT
FurnitureAlliance10/02/17 07:14 PM
*Elena got to meet a true BB legend. This is one to keep for you Elena fans.
Corndogger1831 32   10/02/17 01:51 PM
x*Daniells face looks funny, looks wierd..like a dead persons skin.. or somthing. NT
Shielagurlz10/03/17 03:47 AM
x*17 layers of makeup tend to have that effect NT
justin_2pac10/03/17 04:19 PM
x*Dani's face looks smooth, without wrinkles. Probably because of her youth. She's 28 years old. NT
Jake8110/03/17 06:01 AM
x*The overly white teeth freaks me the f out. Its not natural. Always reminds me of that Ross Friends episode lol. NT
phobos10/02/17 06:29 PM
x*Friends reference, you rock :) NT
krh503810/02/17 08:23 PM
x*Didnt we "PIVOT" a lot this season??? Or was it Paul wanting Elena to "PIVOT"? LOL NT
Gamecock10/02/17 11:07 PM
x*Two desperate women for attention. NT
LillyBell10/02/17 06:14 PM
x*I'd like to see Dani M back one more time. NT
Jake8110/02/17 05:42 PM
x*Danielle is one of the few that packs on more makeup than Elena. NT
titan910/02/17 05:13 PM
x*They both look awesome. NT
Jake8110/02/17 06:04 PM
x*What the hell did Danielle do to her face? NT
Lark10/02/17 04:41 PM
x*I don't know, but it looks fantastic. NT
Jake8110/02/17 06:04 PM
x*Holy crap, is that photoshopped? Danielle's face is huge, I hope everything is ok with her, health wise. NT
Dani10/02/17 03:36 PM
x*something about this photo just does not look right...at all. I agree...hope she is well. NT
RavenMurphree10/02/17 04:13 PM
x*She looks really good. But then, she always has. NT
Jake8110/02/17 06:04 PM
x*her makeup looks photoshopped. i had no idea she had movie head. NT
PointBeing10/02/17 03:39 PM
x*She's certainly even better looking now than in BB14. NT
Jake8110/02/17 06:05 PM
x*Dani M working those potential all star connections NT
nicholaspuppy10/02/17 03:30 PM
x*i see why some people prefer shiny makeup to matte NT
PointBeing10/02/17 03:27 PM
x*hhaahaha thats funny NT
Gamecock10/02/17 03:35 PM
x*A legend? LMAOOOOOOO!!!! She wishes!!!! NT
bigbrotherfan710/02/17 02:48 PM
x*5 seasons later & she still gets talked about here. When talk of who who to cast on AS2 comes up she's always mentioned--good player, feeds gold! NT
Corndogger10/02/17 02:52 PM
x*She gets talked about but for all the wrong reasons. The girl is crazy. NT
RatFloater10/03/17 01:37 AM
x*Absolutely! One of the most memorable NT
lianna10/02/17 05:55 PM
x*High on the list of 'feeds gold'. It just never stopped with her. NT
Augustkm10/02/17 03:40 PM
x*Well this is an internet message board a lot of past HG's are talked about. Who brings up Dani a lot? 2 or 3 people? Or less? Has she been.....
eureca10/02/17 03:17 PM
x*who is she??? NT
Sizzle10/02/17 02:41 PM
x*That's Dani M.! NT
Corndogger10/02/17 02:43 PM
x*Elena shops at the Hee Haw outlet store. :) NT
ringo910/02/17 02:02 PM
x*Rarely does she dress right. She looks ridiculous NT
uselessfan10/02/17 05:57 PM
x*lol NT
colleenag10/02/17 05:05 PM
x*zing! NT
notnorman10/02/17 04:26 PM
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