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*Xmas while you're standing there shooting at the pictures, make sure you shoot yours too because you're next NT
binkie9421 4   09/19/17 10:57 AM
x*the worst NT
angel09/19/17 11:15 AM
x*She is pathetic! NT
mango09/19/17 11:10 AM
x*So pathetic, she doesn't even care. NT
TrueNes09/19/17 11:48 AM
x*She handed Paul the gun & Josh the bullets. She was very happy doing it. NT
ArgosFan09/19/17 11:02 AM
*Perfect jury question for Paul: Who were you most loyal to in the game? Bust Raven's little bubble right before she votes. NT
grammypampam42 6   09/19/17 10:54 AM
x*He'll say himself NT
binkie9409/19/17 11:28 AM
x*He won't answer he will avoid answering that , It would be nice to see lol NT
kathyG09/19/17 10:55 AM
x*But not answering could be construed by the jury as him STILL not coming clean to the jury. NT
grammypampam09/19/17 11:32 AM
x*Let's hope so. Let's even hope he doesn't get that far. NT
PawsDeDeux09/19/17 11:37 AM
x*Or he wld be astute enuf to know that most are on to his bs now except Maven who will forever be naive/delusional.So he may say them. NT
taraleigh318209/19/17 11:06 AM
x*If he would've own up to o that I would have to give him major props. Butttttt it's Paul, he will avoid answering that NT
stlgirlie09/19/17 11:09 AM
*Grodner calls this "it's also the season of how showmances destroy gameplay." What? NT
jammin_jen53 10   09/19/17 10:49 AM
x*She wanted to turn BB into BBin Paradse, which is why Jeff kept on and on about getting into showmances in the house, with each HG preseason. NT
acaligirl09/19/17 11:45 AM
x*She nailed it - but she is the one who cast people specifically to be in showmances. Jess said she was told she would fall in love with a HG. NT
SockThief09/19/17 11:24 AM
x*She should quit casting for the Bachelor then NT
Hermit09/19/17 11:15 AM
x*Exactly. I'm hoping she learns from this and stops the fake love story arcs. Showmances DO hurt game play, and this season was awful that way. NT
SockThief09/19/17 11:27 AM
x*grodner still trying to spin it? Tell her we didn't drink the kool aid, save it for someone else NT
punxsutawneygal09/19/17 11:11 AM
x*Yep ... her love affair with Paul was what ruined it .... NT
northernviewer09/19/17 10:57 AM
x*It may not have been the gamebreaker this year but she sure is right about showmances destroying gameplay NT
cluelesshouse09/19/17 10:56 AM
x**production NT
AmericasPlayer09/19/17 10:55 AM
x*Well then Grodner needs to do better in her management skills or lack thereof. NT
jenayroux09/19/17 10:51 AM
x*Does she watch her own show? NT
MegsMom31609/19/17 10:50 AM
*Hollywood Reporter BB19 Finale Preview!
AmanAdwin816 0   09/19/17 10:48 AM
*I am a Paul fan & want him to win!But, I found this funny GIF on twitter poking fun at his "speech"&wanted to share..
taraleigh3182488 6   09/19/17 10:47 AM
x*I'm a Paul fan too! This was hilarious. NT
Sloptastic09/19/17 12:32 PM
x*very funny! NT
sthflachk09/19/17 12:20 PM
x*lol!!! NT
TrueNes09/19/17 11:55 AM
x*hahahaha thats damn good. NT
Gamecock09/19/17 11:11 AM
x*Thank u! I thought so too!Since I like Paul&I cld see the humor in it,I figured anti-Paul ppl wld really like it! NT
taraleigh318209/19/17 11:18 AM
x*I love the part abt running the whole game but not knowing his allies were being evicted!oh, and that final jab to Cody at the end! Hilarious! NT
taraleigh318209/19/17 10:57 AM
*Paul's down fell will be talking down to the jury like a know it all . He won't own nothing infact he will stroke his own ego and turn them off NT
kathyG127 16   09/19/17 10:40 AM
x*I thought it was smart how he's pointing out how he played all the duos against eachother.But,now I'm worried it will just make them more bitter. NT
taraleigh318209/19/17 11:05 AM
x*Not Maven...I think he can tell them point blank, and they still won't get it. NT
ImApathetic09/19/17 11:17 AM
x*No thoeill both have skid marks across their foreheads NT
ToadFarm09/19/17 12:19 PM
x*Definitely a possibility! Heck, he cld straight up tell Raven his whole game 2 her face after this&she will still think he's "just saying that"! NT
taraleigh318209/19/17 11:20 AM
x*She knows, from the depths of her inverted spine, that she was the most special to him. NT
ImApathetic09/19/17 11:26 AM
x*hahaha NT
gwennanapatmal09/19/17 12:36 PM
x*I would think the worst thing he's planning on using in his speech is to emphasize how everyone wanted him out. They know that's not true and he
olfactoryhues09/19/17 10:52 AM
x*I still think his main followers will always be his followers. Kevin, Alex, Matt, Raven, Christmas. NT
ArgosFan09/19/17 10:46 AM
x*Grub worms one and all. NT
jenayroux09/19/17 10:52 AM
x*Is he still planning to pronounce his innocence? If so, perpetuating those tired lies to a group who now knows otherwise seems like game suicide. NT
CarolinaWoman09/19/17 10:45 AM
x*There is no innocence in this game. If a HG thinks so they are either in jury or sitting at home watching now. NT
cluelesshouse09/19/17 11:09 AM
x*If he sticks to his innocence, he has no valid reason why he played better than Josh. NT
KungFuBarbie09/19/17 10:51 AM
x*The speech he gave last night sounded robotic and fake NT
kathyG09/19/17 10:47 AM
x*Eh..they always do bc they practice them to death!Even Kryssie in BBOTT who,imo, gave the BEST speech sounded very rehearsed. NT
taraleigh318209/19/17 11:02 AM
x*and he will know that win or lose he still outplayed them all at the game of big brother
pptin09/19/17 10:44 AM
x*Outplayed ? or outhelped ? NT
kathyG09/19/17 10:46 AM
*I 100% want Cody for AFHG, but I'm fully prepared to see Jason take the prize. It's been obvious for a month that he's Prod's pick for that money. NT
Marknmo197 19   09/19/17 10:32 AM
x*Kevin winning afp would be a disaster. He did absolutely nothing and doesn't deserve it. I don't believe he will get it. None of the afp winners
tasha5509/19/17 11:03 AM
x*ughhh cody winning AFP would make a bad season even worse
pptin09/19/17 10:47 AM
x*makes it worth it NT
hannah5409/19/17 11:30 AM
x*The award had been reduced down to a joke. I won't even vote NT
cluelesshouse09/19/17 10:41 AM
x*The race is against cody and kevin. With cody winning. NT
tasha5509/19/17 10:38 AM
x*I'd be surprised if Cody doesn't win. On the BB facebook page Cody has thousands of likes and support from casuals. NT
Sambb1909/19/17 10:37 AM
x*Exactly. There is one cody post with 4k likes. The post is who's voting for cody for afp. NT
tasha5509/19/17 10:41 AM
x*tasha have you seen this? Its a video of Cody's best moments lol
Sambb1909/19/17 10:43 AM
x*Thanks Sambb19 This is why Cody is going to win AFHG!! NT
Matzak09/19/17 11:26 AM
x*Thanks Sambb19! This video of cody is awesome. He's so funny and he does have a personality. Love him! NT
tasha5509/19/17 11:22 AM
x*Perhaps before his comments scandal. I think it's between Cody & Kevin - with an edge to Cody due to his background. NT
CarolinaWoman09/19/17 10:34 AM
x*Well, I'm no big fan of Cody & haven't been voting for him, but I'd rather see Cody win than Kevin. NT
grammypampam09/19/17 10:40 AM
x*I have voted for Cody for the shock value as I really have no favorite unlike last year when I was so happy for Victor. NT
CarolinaWoman09/19/17 10:43 AM
x*Victor didn't start out great, but he seemed to come back from each eviction with a better social game, more likable. I see why he was voted AFH. NT
SockThief09/19/17 10:48 AM
x*Absolutely!I forget sometimes how unlikable he was with Jozea in the beginning.But,he learned,adjusted&improved! NT
taraleigh318209/19/17 11:38 AM
x*I don't think they want anything to do with Kevin as AFH. Too much money (25kx2 + stipend) would be an embarrassment to BB for a player like him. NT
SockThief09/19/17 10:37 AM
x*He received a pretty sweet edit and charmed Julie...could depend on which demo votes. NT
CarolinaWoman09/19/17 10:38 AM
x*I think they are set on Cody. I disagree on the edit of Kevin, esp. the recently aired fight with Matt over the $25K temptation. He looked bad, IMO NT
SockThief09/19/17 10:42 AM
x*I think it's between Kevin and Cody NT
LuvinBB09/19/17 10:33 AM
*Just watched Paul's speech on BBAD...way too rehearsed NT
LuvinBB48 3   09/19/17 10:31 AM
x*seeing his dumbfounded face lose again at final 2 will make this horrible season worth watching. last year he was so sure he'd win - and didn't.
angel09/19/17 11:19 AM
x*Did it sound like, " congratulations on making it to final 5 that's a huge accomplishment in bb"? Lol such a fame whore! NT
Lostsoul09/19/17 11:11 AM
x*I'm sure he will put more "feeling" into it when he's doing it for the jury. He's just timing it right now. NT
grammypampam09/19/17 10:52 AM
*Is Paul a dual citizen of USA & Canada? If he loses will Canada be his next shot at winning? NT
ArgosFan22 3   09/19/17 10:28 AM
x*Canada doesn't want PP. I already tried. NT
jenayroux09/19/17 11:16 AM
x*hahaha, perhaps he can go to his native country & compete there. NT
Gamecock09/19/17 10:38 AM
x*He has dual citizenship. No one ever said which is his "native" country. It could be the US. NT
robin009/19/17 11:29 AM
*Watching the HGs play cards last night was brutal for anyone who actually knows how to play poker. Christmas said she played all the time in Iraq, but
delrayfan244 3   09/19/17 10:15 AM
x*it's hard to remember what beats what NT
PointBeing09/19/17 10:29 AM
x*Yes got tired of watching and went to bed then I hear LA had an earthquake...A magnitude-3.6 earthquake hit Los Angeles late Monday. Experts said it
adickted2u09/19/17 10:21 AM
x*That's barely anything for people in Cali. NT
Pinkmallow09/19/17 10:34 AM
*Will the DR tell Josh he needs a speech? NT
Shielagurlz26 2   09/19/17 10:12 AM
x*Hasn't Josh watched BB before? I think he doesn't want anyone to hear it, imo. Or else he will wing it lmao. NT
GazingEyes09/19/17 10:18 AM
x*Every season and I think the Canadian versions, too. Fanatical which per Kassting is one of reasons why he was chosen. NT
CarolinaWoman09/19/17 10:36 AM
*I'm looking forward to hearing Jessica's comments during the finale, and who they'll be aimed at now that she's a viewer like us. NT
JerseyJames123 25   09/19/17 09:52 AM
x*Why do people care about this girl? I don't get it. NT
MissJamesWhine09/19/17 12:33 PM
x*She's been blasting her views on SM. NT
robin009/19/17 11:31 AM
x*I expect for her to get some airtime as a liked HG & a lightening rod. They have 30 extra minutes to kill and a mostly pathetic cast of characters. NT
CarolinaWoman09/19/17 10:11 AM
x*The first 4 usually get ignored but I bet they let Jessica do some talking. NT
Caroljean196509/19/17 10:07 AM
x*Of course they will. I'd be willing to bet they talk about her already filming B&B NT
binkie9409/19/17 10:45 AM
x*They will definitely go to Jessica since she has her showmance in jury NT
JCutie09/19/17 10:08 AM
x*YES, and she is not first 4 NT
NSGirl09/19/17 10:14 AM
x*There's always that question, "what surprised you the most after watching the show" and this has led to some good answers in the past. NT
Meafan09/19/17 10:06 AM
x*I think she will just get a question about how much she missed Cody.. Cameron will probably be the one to read the jury members. NT
ParkmyPorsche09/19/17 10:06 AM
x*Doubt they will give non-jury much air time. NT
Pinkmallow09/19/17 10:02 AM
x*I hope they give the non-jury time to talk. There is so much to cover, they don't often get to them. NT
NSGirl09/19/17 10:02 AM
x*Correct me if I'm wrong, but they talk to the non-jury members AFTER the jury votes, don't they? So they can't influence the jury? NT
grammypampam09/19/17 10:33 AM
x*You are correct. NT
Blockhead09/19/17 10:35 AM
x*Yes, also to what Blockhead said! *waves* Hey, Blockhead?
GazingEyes09/19/17 11:36 AM
x*Hey GE! lol Team Adorkable has to be well groomed!!! NT
Blockhead09/19/17 11:37 AM
x*Yes, they do, Blockhead:) NT
GazingEyes09/19/17 12:34 PM
x*oh my goodness :) i'll just sit right here NT
Belle09/19/17 11:37 AM
x**waves* to Belle. Team Adorkables writing their F2 speeches. (I need a laugh)
GazingEyes09/19/17 11:40 AM
x*hehe :) how do they get kitty paws to do that? NT
Belle09/19/17 11:41 AM
x*Lol. Amazing, right? lol. Probably like drawing comics. Photography shots, panel by panel. NT
GazingEyes09/19/17 11:42 AM
x*Yes. I'd rather hear from everyone than watch a boring week where three people basically do nothing all day. Show comps, do final and hurry up! NT
Schadenfreude09/19/17 10:07 AM
x*good NT
BearRunner09/19/17 10:06 AM
x*Probably Cody, Elena, Mark, America loves you. May god have mercy on your souls to everyone else getting out. NT
Sambb1909/19/17 09:54 AM
x*lol NT
gwennanapatmal09/19/17 01:09 PM
x*haha NT
bbsittingducks09/19/17 09:56 AM
*If Cody does indeed win AFP, will AG clue into what the public actually likes and cast accordingly next season? NT
northernviewer438 50   09/19/17 09:48 AM
x*A house full of Codys would suck NT
Hermit09/19/17 11:17 AM
x*more bigots? NT
sliver01309/19/17 11:15 AM
x*Yep, cuz Aaron Paulie Frank & Cody are ratings gold & great click bait. Celebs w/Followers who wreak havoc on Mactors w/Am Vote safety a staple too NT
HarleyQ09/19/17 12:04 PM
x*AG doesn't care what we like. Remember, she brings Jesse in as much as she can. NT
georgia938209/19/17 10:24 AM
x*most likely AG will not let Cody be AFP.. She controls who wins that... NT
bella209/19/17 10:21 AM
x*Then many fans will call her and big brother fraudulent. Because MANY fans are voting for cody and he's leading all the polls. So we will
tasha5509/19/17 10:37 AM
x*not like it would be the first time for that. Just look at BB19 as a whole. Complete fraud from beginning to end. NT
HamsterHead09/19/17 12:10 PM
x*Wasnt Jason leading most if not all fan polls for winning bbott? See how far that got us! And, believe me, complaining abt it makes NO difference! NT
taraleigh318209/19/17 10:44 AM
x*I always thought AG wanted Cody vs Paul throughout! She knew he didn't like him prior to season. I always wanted to see a Paul vs Cody in F2. Imo,
GazingEyes09/19/17 10:16 AM
x*Agree completely. They desperately wanted clash of the titans, did everything they could to make it happen. Battle back favoring Cody, Jessica's
SockThief09/19/17 10:34 AM
x*I just wish Jessica didn't say publicly that she had the hex on live tv. She should have been quiet and do a blindside. It allowed Paul to
GazingEyes09/19/17 11:25 AM
x*i agree i was very annoyed with her announcing to the world she had the hex. but then being secretive about how to use it NT
Belle09/19/17 11:30 AM
x*Yes, I agree. And the whole air of mystery she tried to spin around the hex that week backfired on her. NT
SockThief09/19/17 11:29 AM
x*What am I missing? Paul knew Cody prior to the show? NT
georgia938209/19/17 10:26 AM
x*He knew his gameplay from seeing his season, georgia9382. NT
GazingEyes09/19/17 11:27 AM
x*No..but Cody knew OF Paul prior to this season&voiced in casting how much he didnt like Paul.Probs why he was cast. NT
taraleigh318209/19/17 11:13 AM
x*Yep! Vets v Vet, Paul live bait for crazy-eyed sniper who wants to prove who's a real alpha. DOR one Vet w/ptsd bef feeds. Blame Kassting for hype. NT
HarleyQ09/19/17 12:00 PM
x*Bingo, Taraleigh3182! NT
GazingEyes09/19/17 11:28 AM
x*Certain Handlers begged Jody to working w/other HGs often to keep the rivalry going to F4. Cody didn't work with Prod or even Jess re: Options. NT
HarleyQ09/19/17 10:19 AM
x*It really seemed like BB wanted this to happen, not just one dominant player but two strong sides in the house. IMO, Cody killed BB19. NT
SockThief09/19/17 10:39 AM
x*Think AG also wanted strong women Alex Jess & Xmas to battle it out. On paper 4 Alliance's possible or strong Battle of Sexes. But alas, male/female
HarleyQ09/19/17 10:58 AM
x*Good insights. I think Paul-Cody clash, strong women, & seemingly good mix of HGs with different skill sets. Looked like great cast (on paper lol). NT
SockThief09/19/17 11:35 AM
x*It's too bad! Would have made for one heck of a season. NT
GazingEyes09/19/17 10:24 AM
x*A Cody type of persona may be added to the list of types to cast but no way will there be an entire cast of them. Have to play to the Demos NT
CarolinaWoman09/19/17 10:08 AM
x*She does not care NT
Pinkmallow09/19/17 10:03 AM
x*Cody stood out b/c he wasn't like the others but u can only cast 1(or 2) Cody's. When there r still a bunch of other HGs it's not a problem. NT
ringo909/19/17 10:01 AM
x*Nope. She sees BB as a trashy summer soap opera not a competition so she will continue to cast accordingly, hiring former soap opera editors, etc. NT
WillRulz09/19/17 09:54 AM
x*AG still won't give a sh*t. NT
Caroljean196509/19/17 09:51 AM
x*If BB casts more Codys, I'm out as I have no interest in watching bigots who take their ball and go home when things don't go their way. NT
Blockhead09/19/17 09:51 AM
x*Lol he made so many victim noises NT
Hermit09/19/17 11:19 AM
x*Cody is NOT a bigot. Cody's baby mama is Asian American and jessica is Brazilian. I wish people would stop trying to slander him for votes. It's
tasha5509/19/17 10:11 AM
x*Def of bigot isn't limited to prefs for race discrim but gender equal, calling women unfit for military & those w/fat&muscle are men w/taped d*cks, or
HarleyQ09/19/17 10:45 AM
x*His comments about transgender people reveal him to be a bigot. It's not slander when the truth is spoken. I couldn't care less about the AF vote. NT
Blockhead09/19/17 10:15 AM
x*Why does everyone have to like everyone ? That's not the real world. I might not like a person on there views that's my right. NT
jenayroux09/19/17 10:29 AM
x*So it's ok if I dislike Cody? The difference, of course, being I dislike an individual person and Cody dislikes a category of people over something
Blockhead09/19/17 10:34 AM
x*Like who you want. NT
jenayroux09/19/17 10:54 AM
x*You are trying to slander him tho. How can you call him a bigot when both of the relationships he's had is with women that are not white. Plus
tasha5509/19/17 10:22 AM
x*He's proud of all his biases. If you have feeds, they are many & repeated often w/out a care for millions offended, including g Jess. NT
HarleyQ09/19/17 12:11 PM
x*Did you watch him smiling ear to ear about going to Ferguson? And the sparkle in his eyes when he talked about the fires. Disgusting piece of crap! NT
Snowqueen09/19/17 12:03 PM
x*No. Bigotry does not have to be race based. It's a simple concept. NT
Blockhead09/19/17 10:28 AM
x*I've heard this brought up but have never actually seen the comments. Do you have a link to them so I can see what he said? NT
Marknmo09/19/17 10:20 AM
x*They might be in updates if you search back. Things I recall: He doesn't care about them and their psychological cause. Referred to Audry as a dude in
Blockhead09/19/17 10:28 AM
x*right...a bunch of mannequins :/ NT
waypast4009/19/17 09:50 AM
x*I personally think his personality would have been different if he didnt have to nom 5 HGs & the backlash that came from it, especially Ps safety NT
northernviewer09/19/17 09:55 AM
x*I agree, he was a different person when he was alone with Jess. NT
JCutie09/19/17 10:10 AM
x*1) Cody was delighted that he got to evict 2 targets on his HOH. It's his fault he screwed it up. 2) He did not have to nominate 5 HGs because he
Blockhead09/19/17 10:01 AM
x*ITA Cody blew his Game for Alex, indecisive, split his nuts btw 2 Babes, fought w/Jess & his soldiers non-stop over throwing to Alex, Xmas OTB & DOR
HarleyQ09/19/17 10:31 AM
x*If Cody wins I think it's more representative of fan backlash against Paul, not what fans wants in a future house guest. NT
JerseyJames09/19/17 09:50 AM
x*Speak for yourself, I've been a cody fan since his interviews. I found him a refreshing and real character that we never seen before. NT
tasha5509/19/17 10:14 AM
x*I agree ... many hate Paul, will she get a clue from the message? NT
northernviewer09/19/17 09:52 AM
*I see that Christmas decided not to quit. She didn't tell the guys to take the other one like she planned to. She instead went to each one and said...
Powerman818578 15   09/19/17 09:32 AM
x*DR probably clued her in not to say what she originally said she would. NT
binkie9409/19/17 10:09 AM
x*I think Christmas made a huge blunder when Josh asked if she would take him and she didn't say yes. What would it hurt? If she won Part 2, she
SockThief09/19/17 09:49 AM
x*Xmas is such a b*tch to Josh. So smitten to Paul. It's sickening to watch NT
AskMedia09/19/17 10:01 AM
x*She never said she would take Paul. Even in the diary room she didn't say she would take Paul. She obviously has a crush on Paul but she also wanted
Powerman81809/19/17 09:56 AM
x*Paul has a beard like her ex & I think he reminds her of him. I think it's her EX that she's still in love with, not Paul. NT
grammypampam09/19/17 10:39 AM
x*Exactly. IF your long time partner asks you if you are still F2, you say yes even if it is no longer true. Like if someone asks if you want to be in
Blockhead09/19/17 09:54 AM
x*Ray, when someone asks you if you're a God, you say YES. NT
KungFuBarbie09/19/17 10:53 AM
x*Your reasoning is spot on. You keep your options open because there is no reason not to, rather than draw unnecessary lines in the sand. NT
SockThief09/19/17 10:30 AM
x*Yes! Gotta lie & explain later. This Cast was good at lying abt to each other, then really believed they were F2 & Newbie Jury wld never vote a Vet
HarleyQ09/19/17 10:16 AM
x*Unless Josh wins Pt 3, takes her to F2 and she wins and Josh explains the reason he took her over Paul is that she NEVER lied to him.
CommentCents09/19/17 10:05 AM
x*Not anymore. In Josh's eyes she just gave up. NT
AskMedia09/19/17 02:04 PM
x*How is this different? If you are a fighter, you make arguments why they should take YOU and not the other person NT
NSGirl09/19/17 09:40 AM
x*Saying "don't take me" is quitting. She decided not to do a hard sell. It should be obvious who to take in this situation. NT
Powerman81809/19/17 09:45 AM
x*She should do a hard sell. You've been there for 3 months, and there is $500K on the line. Do what you have to do. NT
NSGirl09/19/17 10:03 AM
x*It's what I would do. Paul's been hard selling all season, and it seems to work well with this group. So yeah, do what you have to do. NT
SockThief09/19/17 11:00 AM
*Who here believes The Jury will vote,Paul to win? NT
SuperFan59169 36   09/19/17 09:25 AM
x*They might, but it will probably be disputed among the vote casters for quite awhile. NT
PawsDeDeux09/19/17 11:35 AM
x*It depends on what his speech is, if he talks down to all of them I think he loses. NT
MegsMom31609/19/17 11:31 AM
x*I do NT
cjr251409/19/17 11:30 AM
x*If he's in the final 2, I think he wins. NT
amandajaye09/19/17 10:31 AM
x*yes AG won't have it any other way but a win for Paul NT
bella209/19/17 10:23 AM
x*Yes..but I would so welcome a different outcome. NT
CarolinaWoman09/19/17 10:16 AM
x*He Deserves it .... he should win NT
BearRunner09/19/17 10:07 AM
x*SADLY, I believe that the jury will give Paul the win NT
AngelTn09/19/17 09:54 AM
x*I do but I hope they don't. NT
Caroljean196509/19/17 09:52 AM
x*This is so hard. It's clear the Jury probably doesn't want Paul to win. But that means Josh wins. That's almost as bad, if not worse. Gross F2 NT
NSGirl09/19/17 09:47 AM
x*I believe the jury would rather have Paul win then Josh. They see Josh as floater, not doing anything in game
cjr251409/19/17 11:34 AM
x*Thinking back..when the season first started, I ranked Josh & Paul at the bottom of my HG rankings on Jokers. Figures they'd end up in the F2 even
grammypampam09/19/17 10:48 AM
x*Worst final 3 since I have been watching. None deserve any $$$ NT
Matzak09/19/17 09:48 AM
x*No F3 will ever be worst than Andy, GM & Spencer NT
Dani09/19/17 10:00 AM
x*This is equally as bad. Ugh NT
JCutie09/19/17 10:04 AM
x*That was bad!! I guess Josh is the best out of the 6. oh well :( NT
Matzak09/19/17 10:03 AM
x*I think he will win. I think he has Xmas, Alex, Kevin, Matt and Raven on lock. NT
Vixter09/19/17 09:41 AM
x*I'm still holding hope about the round table leak of a bitter jury and the only votes for garden gnome is maven NT
3kidz09/19/17 09:38 AM
x*maven and xmess. 3 votes. glorious ending for the smelly troll NT
Matzak09/19/17 09:46 AM
x*If they are smart (which we know they aren't), they won't hand him the game. Decide after jury questions and speech. Speeches lose games. NT
hfabs09/19/17 09:36 AM
x*They have to tell production how they're voting ahead of time, it's no surprise for the ppl involve who wins. NT
Dani09/19/17 09:38 AM
x*I'm pretty sure they ask them who they are voting for before the finale so they have an idea, but they can change their minds during the show NT
JCutie09/19/17 10:05 AM
x*But is that during commercial before they go up there in ceremony. NT
Schadenfreude09/19/17 09:41 AM
x*I would think they wouldn't have to tell them at least till AFTER speeches & jury questions. People have changed their minds after jury questions. NT
grammypampam09/19/17 11:39 AM
x*I don't know when exactly the jury has to inform production but I'd assume they tell them before they even get to the studio, as there's usually no
Dani09/19/17 09:45 AM
x*They do tell them beforehand - but they can change their mind at the last minute. It's not like weekly show where they use that for voting order NT
NSGirl09/19/17 10:09 AM
x*If this is true, and I'm not calling you a liar, then finale night just turned to crap for me. You just told me Santa isn't real! NT
Schadenfreude09/19/17 10:02 AM
x*You are fake news. I know for a fact. They can change their mind after speeches are given. NT
hfabs09/19/17 09:40 AM
x*Can you share your facts. NT
Dani09/19/17 09:46 AM
x*Me NT
Meafan09/19/17 09:35 AM
x*I think he wins but I don't know the vote count, it might not be a clean sweep like I once thought NT
Dani09/19/17 09:34 AM
x*A week ago I would have said 100%. Now I think 70%. NT
olfactoryhues09/19/17 09:33 AM
x*Only way Paul doesn't win is if Josh doesn't take him to F2. His votes are Alex, Maven, Christmas, and Kevin for sure. NT
adgjl1209/19/17 09:30 AM
x*I dont think Alex is 100% gonna vote for him.. i can see him losing her vote NT
spanner09/19/17 09:34 AM
x*I don't know why he doesn't see that. He would win against Xmas because she hasn't done a thing and her wins were given to her. NT
Schadenfreude09/19/17 09:32 AM
x*It's frustrating that he doesn't seem aware of it NT
PawsDeDeux09/19/17 09:40 AM
*Is it over yet?? NT
SuperFan5921 5   09/19/17 09:20 AM
x*close NT
punxsutawneygal09/19/17 11:08 AM
x*My sentiments exactly. Haven't watched this hideous season & won't watch the finale NT
Vissie09/19/17 09:59 AM
x*I wish. It's been a long 2 months of not watching. I'm actually considering watching CBS. It can't possibly be any worse, right? NT
hfabs09/19/17 09:39 AM
x*This season? Unfortunately, No. The agony and embarrassment drags on. NT
WillRulz09/19/17 09:24 AM
x*Maria? nope.. I'm still wating for it to pass by ughhh.. such devastation.. I sure wish I had BB feeds to distract me NT
PinkAuraGirl09/19/17 09:24 AM
*Would you play BB? Why? Who would you play like? Which HG, any season would you align with? (I know this get asked often, but it's fun.) GO NT
Runtie208 11   09/19/17 09:05 AM
x*I've applied a couple of times. I would have a one man alliance name Rogue Renegade and see how far I'd get NT
AmericasPlayer09/19/17 10:38 AM
x*I'm not sure since I wouldn't like the attention but if I did play, I would manipulate the audience since I think it would be easy. I would play like
inthezone09/19/17 09:16 AM
x*I've applied every season for 6 years. Apparently they want young, attractive people who actually need the money. I just want to be a troublemaker. NT
JerseyJames09/19/17 09:12 AM
x*We need you more here than in the house NT
Matzak09/19/17 09:26 AM
x*We'd love to see you do it! You are funnier than Kevin and I bet you have stories that would floor us. NT
LillyBell09/19/17 09:25 AM
x*Dan G said to go in and tell them what they want to hear. Then go in with your own game. Start lying during the auditions...get started playing BB
dillybean09/19/17 09:16 AM
x*Neda gave an interview after S2 of BBCan where she said BB called her to the DR early in the season and asked her what was up. They expected her to be
Blockhead09/19/17 09:58 AM
x*Thats what I would do. I've never seen live feeds. Paul & Frank are my favorite players. Totally looking for a showmance. NT
PVRlover09/19/17 09:35 AM
x*truthfully, the prize money is not worth the potential loss in reputation, and I have a trigger temper against stupid, cruel, and disgusting NT
punxsutawneygal09/19/17 09:09 AM
x*Not in this day and age of Social Media NT
BBcraycray09/19/17 09:09 AM
x*I don't want my burping or farting to be tweeted around the world, thank you. :) NT
LillyBell09/19/17 09:14 AM
*got my Cody votes in, NT
punxsutawneygal26 16   09/19/17 09:05 AM
x*Thank you! almost forgot NT
gwennanapatmal09/19/17 01:14 PM
x*Same here NT
JCutie09/19/17 10:07 AM
x*thanks for the reminder NT
bbsittingducks09/19/17 09:57 AM
x*Thanks for reminding me to vote for Kevin NT
Caroljean196509/19/17 09:56 AM
x*Got my cody votes in for today and will have em tomorrow! NT
Sambb1909/19/17 09:55 AM
x*Me too! Unfortunately, I only voted for 3 days, but he got all 20 from me each day. I so hope he wins it! NT
DonnaG09/19/17 09:45 AM
x*20 again today! NT
Matzak09/19/17 09:40 AM
x*I got them done during my break :) NT
Dani09/19/17 09:37 AM
x*Cody seems like a total dick. But, he is the only one with half a brain of this cast. So he gets my vote. NT
Ymans09/19/17 09:27 AM
x*Cody's an idiot. Now, Paul may be a dick, but he's smarter than Cody. NT
titan909/19/17 01:18 PM
x*cody, votedx20 NT
he200009/19/17 09:26 AM
x*Cody x40 votes. Hope he wins AFP. NT
Betsy09/19/17 09:27 AM
x*Cody x60 NT
Queen_Covfefe09/19/17 10:22 AM
x*Me too! NT
09/19/17 09:22 AM
x*Me too sweetie. CODYFORAFP NT
tasha5509/19/17 09:16 AM
x*Have to vote for him yet today NT
bluedevilsfan7109/19/17 09:34 AM
*So it's official that Josh is losing to Paul(8:23am tells us he is going F2 w/ Paul and to vote Xmas for AFP). NT
ringo937 5   09/19/17 09:03 AM
x*not surprised at all. NT
luffy09/19/17 09:34 AM
x*I talked to Alison Grodner this morning and she confirmed that Paul will win, and Cody will win AFH. NT
JerseyJames09/19/17 09:09 AM
x*Liar! Grodner would have said Jason is her AFH winner (sadly). :-p NT
Marknmo09/19/17 10:29 AM
x*Jason has a bad rep with the articles done on him NT
hannah5409/19/17 11:37 AM
x*Well did you also tell your friend AG to put you on BB20 for us? NT
Queen_Covfefe09/19/17 10:04 AM
*Best season in a long time. Floaters punished every week and best of all the HG that played the hardest is going to win. I'm happy with it! NT
RealitySuperfan56 20   09/19/17 09:01 AM
x*I've loved it! NT
missie09/19/17 11:36 AM
x*worst NT
hannah5409/19/17 11:30 AM
x*Season had tons of drama. I don't like drama in my life, but I love it in my trash tv. :D NT
Hermit09/19/17 11:23 AM
x*Season 5? NT
AmericasPlayer09/19/17 10:55 AM
x*glad you enjoyed it NT
PointBeing09/19/17 10:32 AM
x*Yeah, Production is winning this season. It sucks. NT
Marknmo09/19/17 10:30 AM
x*I wish I shared your enthusiasm but Paul's entrance into the game and the ridiculous perks bestowed upon him killed it. NT
CarolinaWoman09/19/17 10:25 AM
x*I agree it's been a good season. Watching Paul play the house has been fun. Lots of good drama as well. NT
SouthernBelladonna09/19/17 09:45 AM
x*One of the worst in the world-wide history of the franchise. Embarrassing gameplay. Despicable HGs. Predicatable votes. Trash featuring trash. NT
WillRulz09/19/17 09:37 AM
x*Agreed. This is the first season that I actually stopped watching. I'm only going to watch the finale to see Cody win AFH. NT
DonnaG09/19/17 09:47 AM
x*Worst season ever. BB19 is an embarrassment to CBS and BB USA. Shameful. NT
Jake8109/19/17 09:26 AM
x*Top 3 worst season in BBUS history. Its because of Paul coming back. NT
Kay1909/19/17 09:24 AM
x*Technically speaking Paul is the biggest floater of the season who had no real loyalty other than to himself. Most others are loyal Paul followers NT
SpinEcho09/19/17 09:06 AM
x*Paul played his ass off. NT
RealitySuperfan09/19/17 09:13 AM
x*If he played his ass off there wouldn't be anything left, because Paul is 100% ass, and smells like it, too. NT
Jake8109/19/17 09:27 AM
utty1409/19/17 09:42 AM
x*Paul had lots and lots of production help and contact which is not BB play, especially if they were feeding him strategy. NT
PawsDeDeux09/19/17 09:16 AM
x*And you know this how? NT
RealitySuperfan09/19/17 12:18 PM
x*We have vastly different tastes in Big Brother seasons. BB19 is ass! NT
utty1409/19/17 09:05 AM
x*Which season was that ? NT
jenayroux09/19/17 09:03 AM
*One thing i will not miss is hearing that megaphone mouth Josh. His running around yelling for attention is past my tolerance limit. NT
LillyBell26 5   09/19/17 08:58 AM
x*IKR BB completely failed in DR direction...every single HG screams constantly from Narrating the "Show" to Fanned "Fights" & Faux "Fun". Irritating &
HarleyQ09/19/17 09:18 AM
x*I don't mind Josh so bad. I am tired of everything being about Paul & Christmas. They, like Cody, think they are superior beings. NT
presleys_child09/19/17 09:03 AM
x*I'm making it my ringtone. NT
JerseyJames09/19/17 08:59 AM
x*I got circus music on mine. NT
robin009/19/17 09:18 AM
x*self-flagellation? NT
LillyBell09/19/17 09:13 AM
*Has Josh ever thought about why Paul wants to take him to final, Josh it is because he knows he will win against you NT
bbcanDDW36 8   09/19/17 08:36 AM
x*Josh needs to review his GB messages, and apply the info back unto himself. wise up man NT
punxsutawneygal09/19/17 09:11 AM
x*Josh also worries he'd lose to Xmas to because of her more "likeable" game (didn't ruffle as many feathers). Probably a lil "bros be4 hos" too. NT
colleenag09/19/17 08:54 AM
x*EXACTLY. If Paul is saying he won't beat Xmas, he obviously thinks he can beat you, or he would take her and be happy with 2nd NT
NSGirl09/19/17 08:52 AM
x*Josh isn't that smart. Lately he's been building up his resume with imagined gaming. He followed and learned from Paul. He'd go one way & Paul would r
LillyBell09/19/17 09:28 AM
x*Just keep playing him for a foolish youngster Paul. I'm sure Js family will show him all the scamming NT
PawsDeDeux09/19/17 08:57 AM
x*I don't think Josh cares. He wins money either way. NT
JerseyJames09/19/17 08:52 AM
x*He does care. He said all along Xmas was his #1, and wanted to take her. Paul has convinced him he can't beat Xmas, but could beat him. NT
NSGirl09/19/17 08:54 AM
x*^^^this ... I think he thinks he wins 2nd either way NT
JoshGallet09/19/17 08:54 AM
*Link to the houseguests reactions to the earthquake last night...
jammin_jen371 8   09/19/17 08:29 AM
x*I remember watching feeds during BB10 when they had earthquake with a few shocks. Everything rumbled. Afterwards, Michelle thought it was BB
GazingEyes09/19/17 09:46 AM
x*3.4 or whatever is nothing. NT
Matzak09/19/17 09:38 AM
x*Southern IL had a earthquake to. NT
alhiggs09/19/17 09:22 AM
x*My first earthquake was also a 3.6 and it was not much more than dishes rattling for 30 seconds. The only one i felt in the 70 we had in N. Texas. NT
Lostsoul09/19/17 09:01 AM
x*Years ago i visited relatives in L.A.There was one so we went in the back yard to be safe...then we all got pelted with lemons dropp
LillyBell09/19/17 09:36 AM
x*lol That's funny! NT
Lostsoul09/19/17 10:25 AM
x*was that 94? NT
Matzak09/19/17 09:37 AM
x*The folks are going to be totally freaked when they get out and find out about the hurricanes, especially those who are Florida/Texas folks. NT
koolkat909/19/17 08:33 AM
*At times I can barely remember why I am standing up. I don't think I could remember days, comps, etc., if they asked me. Could y'all? NT
koolkat975 13   09/19/17 08:27 AM
x*I would set up about 5-10 min alone time each day to review. But you can use math at some point too knowing things usually happen every 7 days NT
JoshGallet09/19/17 08:42 AM
x*Yes! Use bent pages in Bible & Tin Foil "art" to help keep counts. Or colored skittles like Van, lol. NT
HarleyQ09/19/17 08:55 AM
x*I think you'd need to have several times a day when you recite the day, and what happens that day. Then add to it daily. Still, hard to do. NT
Jake8109/19/17 08:51 AM
x*if i had all day to focus on it - which they do yea i think i'd be okay NT
Belle09/19/17 08:41 AM
x*I could concentrate without distraction, with Raven and Josh, IDK NT
punxsutawneygal09/19/17 08:37 AM
x*lol No way, I'm not sure if Jedi training would help. NT
MegsMom31609/19/17 08:33 AM
x*I'd like to think I could but who knows. Not much to do in that house. NT
Pinkmallow09/19/17 08:32 AM
x*It seems crazy but yes if that was my mission. I play along when they show HOH and POV comps and I get close but not exact even the time machine one
nycgal10009/19/17 08:32 AM
x*I think I could. wouldn't be easy and I probably wouldnt be perfect but there is a system at work as each week, with some exceptions, are the same
colleenag09/19/17 08:30 AM
x*Which is why that time machine one was total BS. There is no way in hell someone could remember all of those dates. Not possible. NT
WillRulz09/19/17 08:28 AM
x*LOL it's possible remember the main comps HOH and POV and add/subtract from that. Just need to develop a system NT
nycgal10009/19/17 08:34 AM
x*Yes, and another helpful component, studying with alliance members (or someone you have developed trust with)...as in life I have found group think to
colleenag09/19/17 08:38 AM
x*Not all the information on the spot, questions asked randomly and living without a calendar or tools to memorize. More AG shenanigans. NT
WillRulz09/19/17 08:38 AM
*It's really sad that the most exciting part of the finale is who wins AFP and reactions, rather than the winner. NT
jammin_jen184 27   09/19/17 08:26 AM
x*Not for me. I have not voted for AFH because... no interest. I'm looking forward to seeing the jury, the speeches, the votes. NT
SockThief09/19/17 09:35 AM
x*unless the winner is abp NT
punxsutawneygal09/19/17 08:57 AM
x*Its going to be pretty exciting to me when Paul wins. NT
RealitySuperfan09/19/17 08:42 AM
x*It's going to be pretty exciting to me when Cody wins AFHG, and Paul realizes America does not like Paul any more. NT
Jake8109/19/17 08:57 AM
x*Me too! And especially if gnome walks away with 50k or less NT
3kidz09/19/17 10:04 AM
x*LOL! Yeah, Paul will cry all the way to the bank with his $500,000. NT
RealitySuperfan09/19/17 09:12 AM
x*Funny part will be spiteful fans reading WAY more into Paul's AFP reaction then what happened. He already won 2x's more than AFP last season and will
CindiCindi09/19/17 09:32 AM
x*with paul its more about ego than $$$. he is nothing more than a 6th grade spoiled bully. dime a dozen in his hood NT
Matzak09/19/17 09:34 AM
x*A fool and his money are soon parted. Paul will be broke in two years. NT
Jake8109/19/17 09:29 AM
x*Cody came into the house a broke fool! He couldn't even afford fix his car. $25k after taxes wont be enuff to keep a high maintenance gf happy long NT
CindiCindi09/19/17 09:39 AM
x*Cody gets the girl, gets the popularity, gets the recognition. Paul gets a check and a place in BB history as worst winner ever. He'll be crushed. NT
Jake8109/19/17 02:13 PM
x*It's a start. happiness isn't always about $$$ just look at paul NT
Matzak09/19/17 09:42 AM
x*Happiness to Jess is, good luck to Cody on that one. NT
Veddergirl12309/19/17 09:55 AM
x*& that I do. Wish Them Luck! NT
Matzak09/19/17 09:58 AM
x*That and when the credits roll on this dumpster fire. This isn't BB and fans deserve better. Sad to see. Moving on to BB Canada and BB UK. NT
WillRulz09/19/17 08:29 AM
x*BBAD not keeping me up for the past two weeks is a plus, who take who don't care, matters not, voting for Cody is my priority, pos loses good too NT
punxsutawneygal09/19/17 08:39 AM
x*There ya go. NT
PawsDeDeux09/19/17 09:10 AM
x*Since Cody doesn't want to participate in the game he should not take that $25,000 if he should win it. That is part of the game/season that he hates
RealitySuperfan09/19/17 08:44 AM
x*Cody is going to win AFHG, and he's going to get that $25K. And he should! He's the best HG from this sorry season. NT
Jake8109/19/17 08:57 AM
x*When did he not participate? NT
jammin_jen09/19/17 08:55 AM
x*TBF Jody threatened DOR, walk offs, slept thru a Safety Comp & didn't study for Stormy Weather Veto & told Julie they gave up due to hatred for HGs NT
HarleyQ09/19/17 09:06 AM
x*At least Cody did not buy Paul's mist or control. He tried to warn the others but no one believed him but Jess. FYI Jody
Betsy09/19/17 09:34 AM
x*TBF they argued non-stop abt Alex, Targets, Strategy & baby names. Morning after pills, STD infection pills & mult break ups over Cody lies & rage
HarleyQ09/19/17 10:07 AM
x*It was so brutal the way Josh threatened to ruin Jody's lives outside the house and call them sexual predators in his live TV show speech. NT
Blockhead09/19/17 09:36 AM
x*He spent the short time he was in there having sex and staying secluded with his showmance in a room. The only time he played anything was the
RealitySuperfan09/19/17 09:04 AM
x*He kicked Paul's ass in returning to the house. NT
Jake8109/19/17 09:31 AM
x*It is America's Favourite HG not America's Favourite Player so the reasons to vote for anyone are open to interpretation. NT
WillRulz09/19/17 08:46 AM
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