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*Jessica is telling Mark he and Elena may be getting left out of the loop with the votes since Elena is close to Ramses. Uh-oh, Elena picked the wrong
heartnhome277 0   07/26/17 08:07 PM
*Paul its not a blindside, everyone knows! NT
ABCDE1 0   07/26/17 08:07 PM
*I bet Cody is regretting suggesting that Jessica put up Ramses and Josh, about now. NT
LillyBell3 1   07/26/17 08:06 PM
x*and for the record Cody, it's not Beta - it's Omega the last in the line. NT
LillyBell07/26/17 08:11 PM
*I see Cocky Paul is making his rounds tonight NT
PinkAuraGirl13 10   07/26/17 08:05 PM
x*he's such a needless jerk NT
nicholaspuppy07/26/17 08:10 PM
x*yep.. he's so overrated NT
PinkAuraGirl07/26/17 08:23 PM
x*Playing the game. Getting all of the troops on side. Smart. NT
WillRulz07/26/17 08:09 PM
x*he's the most cocky person in the house NT
PinkAuraGirl07/26/17 08:23 PM
x*He's a vet who got the final 2. Of course he has the mental edge over them. Doesn't make him smart. NT
RobotShark07/26/17 08:11 PM
x*he's rallying his troops. He is trying to ensure that no one wavers. NT
LillyBell07/26/17 08:08 PM
x*Love Paul....Fear the beard! NT
TeamJames42007/26/17 08:07 PM
x*You fear a 140 lb 5'3" troll? NT
dopemelody07/26/17 08:11 PM
x*If I was around him, I'd fear beard hair getting in my food. NT
RobotShark07/26/17 08:12 PM
x*He always gets a little more paranoid than usual the night before. CODE BEARD. NT
unclevanya07/26/17 08:06 PM
*See Christmas is all for Josh goading and being a dick to Jody after eviction. Who said she wouldn't do that? NT
LettucePray55 11   07/26/17 08:05 PM
x*never have liked her-thinks she's all that NT
hannah5407/26/17 08:14 PM
x*she told Josh to stop goading Jody b/c Paul says so, and to only do it when she says so, because she'll be more strategic about it NT
krh503807/26/17 08:08 PM
x*Just now she agreed and loved that Josh will be a dick after the eviction. She and Alex were loving the prospect of Thursday when Jody gets called
LettucePray07/26/17 08:10 PM
x*I keep saying she is just like Paul. If only josh would realize he's being used. NT
Marceline07/26/17 08:07 PM
x*She told him not to until Paul told her he wants Josh to be mean to them. NT
bbfan8207/26/17 08:07 PM
x*me. Is she telling Josh this or someone else? NT
Poz07/26/17 08:06 PM
x*Agree and High^ Paul when he told her that he told Josh to be a dick. She loves it. NT
LettucePray07/26/17 08:08 PM
x*She is a douche, plain and simple. NT
WillRulz07/26/17 08:06 PM
x*agree NT
Sambb1907/26/17 08:15 PM
x*100%! NT
GMan07/26/17 08:08 PM
x*yep NT
PinkAuraGirl07/26/17 08:07 PM
*Sorry if already covered...has anyone told paul that Jody knows? Seems like his team kept him in the dark for hours NT
Bklynfan13 4   07/26/17 08:04 PM
x*He was told as soon as he quit the chess game. NT
JustNo07/26/17 08:07 PM
x*Christmas did. NT
robin8607/26/17 08:06 PM
x*he was upstair playing chess no one had a chance to tell him NT
nevercared07/26/17 08:06 PM
x*Jason and Christmas told him. NT
LillyBell07/26/17 08:08 PM
*Cody "I don't trust Mark at all he is acting like he did like he did before" Now in HOH he is on his jock...He sucks NT
TeamJames4207 3   07/26/17 08:04 PM
x*That nut job thinks everyone is a Beta and beneath him. NT
LillyBell07/26/17 08:10 PM
x*When Paul wins, Cody will be legend. He tried to get Paul since week 1. I forgive all else. NT
dopemelody07/26/17 08:07 PM
x*Jess knows Mark/elena are with them. NT
janiedan107/26/17 08:06 PM
*If Elena/Mark win HOH I think they nom Alex and Josh NT
DrunkenStorm11 2   07/26/17 08:04 PM
x*Nah, they'd nom Jess and Cody because Paul told 'em to. NT
Digitalpotato07/26/17 08:06 PM
x*Elena would for sure NT
jjnewboots07/26/17 08:12 PM
*LOL at Josh dancing at the end of tonigh's episode. Even tho him staying is bad for my fav jessica, i hope he stays over ramses who brings nothing NT
janiedan17 2   07/26/17 08:03 PM
x*he was also jumping on the couch. he's a nutball NT
krh503807/26/17 08:04 PM
x*yep NT
PinkAuraGirl07/26/17 08:07 PM
*Another advantage for Paul. he lied about how many weeks of safety he had, production didn't do anything. jess lies and she is called out! BS NT
ABCDE19 13   07/26/17 08:03 PM
x*Yep. NT
BB17ohno07/26/17 08:09 PM
x*Actually he told them to ask for clarification themselves in DR. So they all knew his safety was over. NT
WhatNow07/26/17 08:05 PM
x*He told them how long his safety was when Cody tried to nominate him and yes, he told them to ask BB themselves. NT
WillRulz07/26/17 08:08 PM
x*^ this makes no sense. NT
dopemelody07/26/17 08:52 PM
x*Wait they found out his safety was over and the HGs gave him a pass for lying to them about it? NT
RobotShark07/26/17 08:07 PM
x*He never really straight out lied. He was vague then told them to ask for clarification in DR & left it at that. NT
WhatNow07/26/17 08:10 PM
x*Yes, that was pretty blatant. NT
dopemelody07/26/17 08:04 PM
x*If production wanted to help Paul they would have told him not to lie about it b/c they were gonna tell Jess anyway. NT
krh503807/26/17 08:04 PM
x*When did they tell her? NT
ello07/26/17 08:11 PM
x*dunno b/c feeds were down but she knew before noms, it was on Sunday's show. NT
krh503807/26/17 08:12 PM
x*Matt should have been called out for jizzgate. NT
robin007/26/17 08:04 PM
x*and cheating while a have not NT
ABCDE07/26/17 08:08 PM
x*Obsession is real... NT
Evil_TX_Redhead07/26/17 08:06 PM
*Does the lockdown mean they took the dish towel away? NT
Goeight9 7   07/26/17 08:03 PM
x*They need to remove the Mayo too, Cody sucked the spoon then put it back in the jar....disgusting NT
Lark07/26/17 08:53 PM
x*Jason was clowning around again. NT
Rainedrop07/26/17 08:06 PM
x*Alex. NT
Vixter07/26/17 08:10 PM
x*Yes. The clean-up crew from Brazzers finally showed up. NT
olfactoryhues07/26/17 08:06 PM
x*I hope they took it out. I would be pissed at production if I were a hg. NT
robin007/26/17 08:05 PM
x*Alex and Jason broke a lamp NT
Poz07/26/17 08:03 PM
x*Dumb and Dumber.. NT
GMan07/26/17 08:04 PM
*Experiencing "big brother" tonight. Headed to a sleep study in an hour, I'll post the link to the live feed ;) NT
RickOh198 2   07/26/17 08:02 PM
x*Is there really a feed for that? Ha ha I will watch anything these days. NT
chutelittlebaby07/26/17 08:15 PM
x*Lol thank God, I mean DOM no! NT
RickOh1907/26/17 08:20 PM
*I don't understand why she is fast asleep on the floor. Why not the bed or the couch. NT
sicabrit4 3   07/26/17 08:02 PM
x*Because of the HOH lockdown that just released them all. No where else to go. NT
LettucePray07/26/17 08:03 PM
x*OK thanks saw that in another post. NT
sicabrit07/26/17 08:15 PM
x*Maybe they were all taken by the other HGs when they were locked in together. NT
unclevanya07/26/17 08:03 PM
*If Cody really feels bad about screwing up Jess's HOH, he needs to find a way to flip votes & get Josh out after all. NT
WhatNow10 8   07/26/17 08:02 PM
x*Did you see how he put the flame eye on Jason? Did not go over well with Jason. NT
JustNo07/26/17 08:05 PM
x*Don't see a way to do it NT
spanner07/26/17 08:04 PM
x*Jody only needs 5 votes to get rid of Ramses. Cody, Mark, Kevin, Elena & Jason. NT
WhatNow07/26/17 08:08 PM
x*I dont see anyway Jason votes that way NT
spanner07/26/17 08:18 PM
x*Cody is a lame duck. All he can do is win comps, so he is better off letting things go and trying to win hoh tomorrow. NT
robin007/26/17 08:03 PM
x*"All he can do is win comps." I'll take that in an ally. NT
Rascotes07/26/17 08:04 PM
x*How? Lol NT
bmb041907/26/17 08:02 PM
x*Ummm, isn't it obvious? His cold stone stare :0 NT
b3autiful_cha0s07/26/17 08:04 PM
*Marlena will forgive Paul ...watch NT
bmb04196 7   07/26/17 08:02 PM
x*Well Paul wants her out next week... so... NT
spanner07/26/17 08:04 PM
x*That's my worst fear. If that happens, they are idiots and Paul is safe for a very long time. NT
BBFan199507/26/17 08:03 PM
x*especially if Cody doesnt win HOH NT
nevercared07/26/17 08:03 PM
x*she's more loyal to paul than to jody or mark. NT
LillyBell07/26/17 08:02 PM
x*Maybe not after this... hopefully she'll understand why they kept her in the dark. NT
phenioxgirl07/26/17 08:03 PM
x*Hopefully she won't understand NT
utty1407/26/17 08:05 PM
x*I think so too, i'd be shocked if they didn't NT
Poz07/26/17 08:02 PM
*Looking at the veto comp... interesting. Only women have won it. NT
Digitalpotato6 0   07/26/17 08:02 PM
*The person most loyal to Cody and Jess is Mark and they can't stand him NT
bbcanDDW5 4   07/26/17 08:02 PM
x*Beggars can't be choosers. NT
robin007/26/17 08:08 PM
x*They can't forgive what he did week 1. NT
dopemelody07/26/17 08:04 PM
x*I know! They need every ally they can get and the act like he's the enemy! NT
WhatNow07/26/17 08:03 PM
x*Nope.. Elena is the one.. Mark plans to screw them with his butt buddy Paul. NT
GMan07/26/17 08:03 PM
*Maybe the curse will be that the house doesn't vote this week. Ramses and Josh battle it out. NT
b3autiful_cha0s10 3   07/26/17 08:01 PM
x*The curse will be "The house will vote for who will get safety". NT
Digitalpotato07/26/17 08:02 PM
x*w/o telling them that... NT
Evil_TX_Redhead07/26/17 08:03 PM
x*that would be hilarious "Hey you just voted Ramses safe, idiots". NT
Digitalpotato07/26/17 08:05 PM
*Atleast Cody & Jess will make BOLD MOVES from now on tho... lol NT
13 5   07/26/17 08:01 PM
x*Couldn't they come up with a long term plan, targets, pull ppl in & get out Paul or Alex. Is it Jess & Cody can't agree on allies. Week to week
HarleyQ07/26/17 08:13 PM
x*And hit the wall once more! NT
unclevanya07/26/17 08:04 PM
x*Third times a charm! lol NT
OUALUMinTX07/26/17 08:02 PM
x*yes if they ever get in power again. NT
ParkmyPorsche07/26/17 08:01 PM
x*Cody could win HOH tomorrow. NT
luvs2chat07/26/17 08:03 PM
*Are Mark and Elena still voting out Josh? Did anyone fill them in? NT
b3autiful_cha0s5 3   07/26/17 08:00 PM
x*Jessica keeps trying, but they are saying "Paul wouldn't do that to us" lol NT
dopemelody07/26/17 08:02 PM
x*yes and no NT
nevercared07/26/17 08:00 PM
x*That was clear thx :) NT
b3autiful_cha0s07/26/17 08:02 PM
*Have Jess/Cody even talked to Matt & Raven about their votes? Why not? NT
BAC2 1   07/26/17 08:00 PM
x*Jess asked Raven, it was on the show tonight. Raven was super sketch. NT
no1home07/26/17 08:02 PM
*I hope it comes out that Kevin spoiled the plan...Can't stand people that ruin blindsides..Douche NT
TeamJames42016 6   07/26/17 07:59 PM
x*same. reminds me of Andy NT
westfeeder07/26/17 08:03 PM
x*Me too. Fkn rat. NT
Rainedrop07/26/17 08:01 PM
x*Kevin who? Is he the name of the producer who told Jess in the DR or something? NT
Digitalpotato07/26/17 08:00 PM
x*No feeds? He is the funny one. NT
lianna07/26/17 08:02 PM
x*There are feeds that aren't on Paul, Josh, or Jody? That sounds soooo great. NT
Digitalpotato07/26/17 08:04 PM
phenioxgirl07/26/17 08:01 PM
*On FB, just showed James flying plane with a banner-funny NT
hannah5424 5   07/26/17 07:58 PM
x*James retweeted it today. NT
LettucePray07/26/17 08:00 PM
x*Ok I see it, james huling. dumb. NT
LillyBell07/26/17 07:59 PM
x*Huling NT
hannah5407/26/17 07:59 PM
x*lol who posted it? NT
krh503807/26/17 08:00 PM
x*it's on his Twitter. NT
LillyBell07/26/17 08:04 PM
*Um who is sleeping on the floor WTF? lmao NT
TeamJames4207 3   07/26/17 07:57 PM
x*Elena's been curled up and sleeping like that for hours now. Is she not feeling well today? I've yet to hear BB call her out. NT
Corndogger07/26/17 07:59 PM
x*She hasn't moved. Someone should see if she is still alive. NT
OUALUMinTX07/26/17 08:01 PM
x*Elena NT
LettucePray07/26/17 07:58 PM
*Does Jessica have freckles on hers lips? They freak me out. NT
Goeight13 5   07/26/17 07:57 PM
x*I think I'm the only one here who doesn't get her "beauty". She's homely to me under her Bambi eyelashes. NT
junkydiva07/26/17 08:06 PM
x*She really should wear lipstick. NT
robin007/26/17 07:58 PM
x*dogbite NT
naomii07/26/17 07:59 PM
JustNo07/26/17 08:03 PM
x*oh yeah didn't she say a dog bit her face when she was little. NT
Sambb1907/26/17 08:03 PM
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