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*From Twitter: "Finale Party was super fun! Glad to meet everyone. Except drunk Christmas! Yikes Oh and Paul did not attend the finale party" NT
LCMB663 14   09/22/17 12:10 AM
x*The bearded snowflake didn't want to party with his sheep? Why ever not? LOL NT
HamsterHead09/22/17 05:18 AM
x*A recovering addict shouldn't be drinking NT
grandjete09/22/17 12:29 AM
x**recovered and she can make her own decisions. She seems to be doing just fine. NT
robin8609/22/17 01:28 AM
x*Are you her sponsor? If not, then hush NT
grandjete09/22/17 07:48 AM
x*Xmas is NOT recovered. Addicts don't recover. They can be IN recovery, but she's not. Painkillers most of the summer + alcohol. Now boozing? BAD. NT
Jake8109/22/17 03:07 AM
x*I don't think there is any such thing as a "recovered" addict. It's always stated as "recovering" because the struggle is always... NT
N2BB09/22/17 01:32 AM
x*You are right it's recovering not recovered. Once an addict always an addict NT
Rednecklady09/22/17 02:41 AM
x*With all sincerity, I hope she gets it back together when she goes home. It's a slippery slope that often leads to a bad relapse. NT
Jake8109/22/17 04:39 AM
x*Drunk Christmas is probably pretty scary NT
Poz09/22/17 12:11 AM
x*More drunk Christmas tweets
Dolffie09/22/17 12:17 AM
x*Not surprising! NT
miss88009/22/17 12:19 AM
x* There was pics of her with fans though. Seems more like one of those "i don't like ___ so i will say they were a bitch in person" tweets NT
J37av09/22/17 12:34 AM
x*Everyone in the BB house, including Paul & Josh, talked about what a B Xmas was and how she bitched about everything. And they were her pals. NT
Jake8109/22/17 03:09 AM
x*but but Paul said he would never be bitter! NT
westfeeder09/22/17 12:11 AM
*This is awesome, he told her pre-season he would take it home:
Poz368 0   09/22/17 12:10 AM
*is Paul going to the party? NT
westfeeder93 11   09/22/17 12:09 AM
x*nope, hes a coward NT
danbbfan09/22/17 12:14 AM
x*He was trapped with those people the entire summer. Maybe he just wanted to go home and see his friends/family. I would. NT
RoadZombie09/22/17 01:37 AM
x*Yet he said he liked this cast better than last year's cast and he went to the party last year... NT
N2BB09/22/17 01:44 AM
x*He said that to their faces, but told cameras he was just saying that and liked 18. Who knows what's true? NT
KungFuBarbie09/22/17 08:26 AM
x* He could be bitter, and making victim noises. Or perhaps he's a true psychopath...but you'd think the psych exam would rule that out....
DreamFloat09/22/17 01:28 AM
x*I'm still shocked Raven admitted to knowing him pre-season on RHAP interview. NT
DreamFloat09/22/17 01:07 AM
x*Someone on Twitter said that he did not attend. I was expecting to see Victor and Nic but no sign of them either. NT
Corndogger09/22/17 12:11 AM
x*Vic and Nicole posted on Instagram they were staying home and watching a movie. they are too cute NT
westfeeder09/22/17 12:12 AM
x* By cute do you mean pathetic and fake? NT
J37av09/22/17 12:35 AM
x*Victor BB18 AFHG. Nicole BB18 winner & the 1st woman to beat a man at F2. They're for REAL, not counterfeit like Paul. NT
Jake8109/22/17 03:05 AM
x*Probably for the best. Let this group have their 15 minutes. NT
Corndogger09/22/17 12:16 AM
*And everyone says they won't compromise! Ever picture Jess here? lol
Sambb19342 2   09/22/17 12:09 AM
x*lol they left quick NT
JanieAndJessFan09/22/17 12:10 AM
x*party looks lame as hell anyways... NT
danbbfan09/22/17 12:14 AM
*Collection of pics from a fan including one with Matt and Raven!
Corndogger1052 22   09/22/17 12:00 AM
x*Mark's suit LOL NT
he200009/22/17 12:04 AM
x*Why is Mark so dressed up? He should have gone casual like the others did. NT
Corndogger09/22/17 12:08 AM
x*Maybe for Elena? She looks nice NT
jojo6509/22/17 12:09 AM
x*No the hell she didn't, she looked like the bride of chucky and Mark looks like a used car salesman in that suit, poor guy, lol. NT
Dani09/22/17 12:15 AM
x*Took me a good 30 sec to recognise Boogie NT
jojo6509/22/17 12:03 AM
x*me too! NT
JamieBBfan21309/22/17 12:04 AM
x*Xmas hanging tight to josh now that he got the big check. She would have dropped him in a heartbeat if Paul would have won. NT
jada09/22/17 12:03 AM
x*No one else wants to hang out with her NT
Rednecklady09/22/17 02:46 AM
x*Christmas' net worth is still far higher than that of Josh NT
Badlands09/22/17 12:06 AM
x*It wasn't about net worth I was referring to grabbing the last 15 min of attention. NT
jada09/22/17 12:21 AM
x*Josh and X are close. She's not with him b/c he won. NT
Corndogger09/22/17 12:06 AM
x*So close she voted for Paul lol NT
jada09/22/17 12:06 AM
x*The fact that X voted for Paul and she and Josh are still close says a lot about their closeness of their relationship. NT
Corndogger09/22/17 12:18 AM
x*YEP says a lot about your character all right. Paul dumped her to go hang out with Corey and no one else wants to hang out with her. Merry bitchmas NT
Rednecklady09/22/17 02:48 AM
x*Most phony bi**h to ever have played...errr get dragged in the game NT
dopemelody09/22/17 12:09 AM
x*I don't get your point. Josh said he would have voted for Paul. NT
Badlands09/22/17 12:08 AM
x*Against xmas i could see why Josh would have voted for paul. Most of her game was handed to her. Josh did their dirty work. NT
jada09/22/17 12:10 AM
x*Did Paul or Jason ever show up? NT
JamieBBfan21309/22/17 12:01 AM
x*There have been pics of Jason and his wife i think NT
jada09/22/17 12:04 AM
x*Yea I seen one, she is very pretty I say that every time I see her though. Bet the HG didn't expect that either NT
jojo6509/22/17 12:06 AM
x*Jason is/was there with his wife. NT
RikaJ09/22/17 12:03 AM
x*I haven't seen either one. I kind of don't expect Paul to show up but Jason should be there. NT
Corndogger09/22/17 12:03 AM
*ROFL - The Besties are together now!! xD xD
moeopoly865 4   09/21/17 11:49 PM
x*del NT
he200009/22/17 12:04 AM
x*paul got 0.57 ? LOL NT
he200009/21/17 11:58 PM
x*Right where they should be NT
binkie9409/21/17 11:52 PM
x*Woo boo! I'm now starting my 48hr highlights list yes 1st one of 2nd day. NT
jojo6509/21/17 11:51 PM
*Party pics: Meg & Mike. I got that annoying 15 minute warning so I'm going to have to put stuff in 1 thread even though it doesn't belong together.
Corndogger883 16   09/21/17 11:39 PM
x*Who is Mike? His pics keep popping up on twitter. TIA NT
Vixter09/21/17 11:50 PM
x*Winner on Survivor 30 currently dating Meg. NT
JamieBBfan21309/21/17 11:53 PM
x*whaaattt!? didn't know that NT
Poz09/22/17 12:15 AM
x*Winner from Survivor NT
stargazerlilly09/21/17 11:53 PM
x*He was on Survivor and he's Megs boyfriend NT
binkie9409/21/17 11:53 PM
x*I love your posts. NT
Sambb1909/21/17 11:45 PM
x*Seriously, do we really need a 15 minute warning for posting? Is it really that big a problem? Who can we lobby to change this?? NT
Dolffie09/21/17 11:42 PM
x*I totally do not get why starting more 3 threads in 15 minutes is a bad thing. Isn't keeping the site active a good thing? NT
Corndogger09/21/17 11:46 PM
x*I especially wish they would make an exception for you, Corndogger. You never spam or put up repetitive threads. Lots of cool pics!! NT
SockThief09/22/17 12:11 AM
x*The other day, someone was spamming the board with ant-Codi threads. I don't know how often that's attempted. NT
jovoh09/22/17 12:01 AM
x*Also, is it the same for newbies as it is for those of us with higher active post counts? NT
Dolffie09/21/17 11:49 PM
x*agreed. its slow post finale. lets see all the pics from the party NT
westfeeder09/21/17 11:47 PM
x*My guess is it's someones way of trying to stop top posts. At this point I think the 15 minute thing should be removed NT
binkie9409/21/17 11:47 PM
x*Right?! Like maybe 8. But 3 is absurd. Sometimes things happen. Quickly. And we must discuss!! NT
Dolffie09/21/17 11:47 PM
x*Exactly! If fights breakout after a ceremony you might want to post a ton of posts in 10 minutes. If you have to wait why bother posting? NT
Corndogger09/21/17 11:51 PM
x*The only times I remember hitting it was during huge house events (like screaming matches). It is beyond frustrating. NT
Dolffie09/21/17 11:54 PM
*Curb Your Big Brother Finale (INSIDE)
SailingTeam536 4   09/21/17 11:38 PM
x*Paul is just so pissed. Even when Julie showed all of Josh's goodbye messages. Haha paul pissed NT
Rednecklady09/22/17 02:58 AM
x*Pretty, pretty good. NT
jovoh09/22/17 12:04 AM
binkie9409/21/17 11:41 PM
x*Paul took his toy and went home again!! NT
ToadFarm09/21/17 11:40 PM
*This is a nice pic of Josh with Morgan and Alex.
Corndogger865 7   09/21/17 11:34 PM
x*YIKES! Alex looks like a geisha with her painted white face..ok not to sound too mean but she looks like parody of the Wayne brothers comedy movie
Dani09/21/17 11:37 PM
x*It's probably the camera flash doing that to her makeup. It's common. NT
Boosey0209/22/17 12:04 AM
x* Well i am sure she isn't as hot or pleasant as Jokers "Dani" NT
J37av09/21/17 11:52 PM
x*I know it's hard but not everyone can be as hot as me ;-) (this is sarcasm by the way) NT
Dani09/22/17 12:09 AM
x*I've noticed something different about her. Did she get work done or is it just all the makeup she wears now? NT
JCutie09/21/17 11:50 PM
x*I think that's the lighting. NT
Corndogger09/21/17 11:42 PM
x*Yeah, in a dark bar, a fill flash is harsh. NT
Dolffie09/21/17 11:46 PM
*Group sex later tonight? Pic inside!
Corndogger1134 9   09/21/17 11:31 PM
x*I didn't expect a tux for Cody but..... NT
ToadFarm09/21/17 11:38 PM
x*OMG I thought the same. With Mark and Cody’s arms “around each other” it looks weird lol NT
JoshGallet09/21/17 11:34 PM
x*HOT!!! NT
nodoubter109/22/17 12:08 AM
x*Look at Cody's shirt LOL Hidden meaning maybe NT
binkie9409/21/17 11:34 PM
x*Lol looks like a skull with a beard, kinda looks like someone we all know and hate. NT
Sambb1909/21/17 11:38 PM
x*I think so lmao looks like Paul rotting corpse or something. NT
jojo6509/21/17 11:36 PM
x*I hope they all last. Seems each couple legit fell in love. NT
Dolffie09/21/17 11:34 PM
x*LOL well at least we can recognizes them since we seen that angle a lot NT
jada09/21/17 11:33 PM
x*love is in the air NT
dollady09/21/17 11:32 PM
*Marlena and Jody
Sambb19627 6   09/21/17 11:30 PM
x*Haha. Thanks. Obviously they were posing. NT
Bobbo209/22/17 12:15 AM
x*ah friends-wish they stayed strong as a team, in the house, alas all's well that ends well, and it certainly did end well NT
punxsutawneygal09/21/17 11:36 PM
x*All Mark wanted was a showmance and a Bromance, lol..too bad for him neither one of these mances is real. NT
Dani09/21/17 11:35 PM
x*that's kinda weird. no? lol NT
miss88009/21/17 11:32 PM
x*Yes! NT
JoshGallet09/21/17 11:35 PM
x*lol. ok. glad it's not just me. NT
miss88009/21/17 11:35 PM
*This is where Jeff went ~
ToadFarm621 1   09/21/17 11:27 PM
x*Thanks. That's interesting. Wishing him well NT
grandjete09/21/17 11:37 PM
*Corey, Mike Holloway and Jase at the party. If Mike is there then Meg probably is as well.
Corndogger949 5   09/21/17 11:24 PM
x*The eyes of the dude in the background, straight up spooky! LOL NT
JustNo09/22/17 10:42 AM
x*Jace (bb17), not Jase (bb5/7) NT
JanieAndJessFan09/22/17 12:08 AM
x*Kevin's wife with Lawon
binkie9409/21/17 11:29 PM
x*His wife is so pretty NT
grandjete09/21/17 11:42 PM
x*She looks very nice NT
Capri7709/21/17 11:39 PM
*This is literally........EVERYTHING
SailingTeam939 7   09/21/17 11:19 PM
x*Perfect! NT
Boosey0209/22/17 12:07 AM
x*I want to print this on t shirts NT
punxsutawneygal09/21/17 11:25 PM
x*Boom NT
dopemelody09/21/17 11:24 PM
x*Hilarious NT
ILuvMySteelers09/21/17 11:23 PM
x*Bwhaha - I'm dead!!!! <3 NT
LSUprincess09/21/17 11:21 PM
x*So funny! #GeauxTigers! NT
SailingTeam09/21/17 11:23 PM
x*GEAUX Tigers!!! <3 NT
LSUprincess09/22/17 12:53 PM
*Pic of Kevin and Christmas at the party.
Corndogger822 6   09/21/17 11:12 PM
x*I wonder if Kevin finally got his quickie NT
Dani09/21/17 11:14 PM
x*the nights still young........... lol NT
LSUprincess09/21/17 11:18 PM
x*LOL! Maybe more than a quickie. Has anyone seen a pic of him with his wife yet? NT
Corndogger09/21/17 11:15 PM
x*No , but Kevin has pic on his IG of himself, Christmas and two of his daughters. NT
stargazerlilly09/21/17 11:17 PM
x*Kevin looks good, still hard to believe how they treated a 50 year old man NT
punxsutawneygal09/21/17 11:13 PM
x*Even harder to believe the way he took it. NT
mulmanster09/21/17 11:18 PM
*has paul been spotted at any parties, or is he in hiding? NT
punxsutawneygal51 2   09/21/17 11:10 PM
x*He's there. I've been posting pictures in Media. NT
stargazerlilly09/21/17 11:15 PM
x*He loves attention. Hard to imagine he won't be out sucking it up for all its worth. NT
Dolffie09/21/17 11:14 PM
*Short clip of Kevin and Josh at the party.
Corndogger372 0   09/21/17 11:09 PM
*Elena should have asked for makeup advice from Jessica instead of Raven tonight. Pics!
Sambb19830 6   09/21/17 11:04 PM
x*tone down that lipstick please, you are so beautiful, it ruins your looks girl. ps welove you NT
dollady09/21/17 11:31 PM
x*During the RHAP interview, Elena was bragging that she is an expert at makeup and the feeders could learn something watching her put makeup on. NT
SpinEcho09/21/17 11:09 PM
x*I literally lol'd at that as she was talking with gobs of blush on her cheeks. NT
KungFuBarbie09/22/17 08:33 AM
x*saw these as well...........
LSUprincess09/21/17 11:06 PM
x*Uh, there is a lot going on in that first picture. NT
Dolffie09/21/17 11:05 PM
x*Haha need to read the description for it to make sense. NT
Sambb1909/21/17 11:06 PM
*Paul versus Christmas - Who would have won? NT
Know131 9   09/21/17 11:03 PM
x*In Cody's RHAP exit, he said there was a pact (MarlenaJalexCody) to vote againt Paul no matter what. That's what his 'keeping the promise' statement
DreamFloat09/21/17 11:17 PM
x*Xmas 5-4. Josh also said that he would've beaten Xmas 9-0 from what the jury memebers told him. NT
SailingTeam09/21/17 11:07 PM
x*Xmas. The jurors made a pact not to vote Paul NT
inthezone09/21/17 11:04 PM
x*Marlena and Cody made an agreement to vote Josh over Paul. NT
SpinEcho09/21/17 11:11 PM
x*Did they actually say a pact? I've listened to all the interviews and havent heard anyone say that. NT
Dolffie09/21/17 11:06 PM
x*Cody said pact to Rob *Link inside. The 5 of them were to vote anyone but Paul
Harper_Lee09/22/17 12:13 AM
x*Wow, well done! NT
Dolffie09/22/17 12:35 AM
x*I think it might be board speculation. I haven't seen anyone say it, but I could have missed it I guess. NT
melodytrax09/21/17 11:15 PM
x*I didn't hear that either, but I think Xmas would've won, I don't think there was any way Paul would've won, because he didn't own his game. NT
LSUprincess09/21/17 11:08 PM
*Kev was with his kids last night, but why were both he and Jason not able to see their wives until today? Were the pics of the kids from today?? NT
grandjete50 1   09/21/17 11:01 PM
x*Their wives flew in today. Kevin has one daughter that lives in California. NT
stargazerlilly09/21/17 11:04 PM
*It's the two Alex's at the cast party! Pic inside.
Corndogger813 4   09/21/17 10:59 PM
x*I wonder if the Internet Alex is Jealous that she wasn't on real BB and then add salt to the wound they Cast another Alex 9 months later, LOL
Dani09/21/17 11:12 PM
x*I love the tweet below the pic. NT
dopemelody09/21/17 11:08 PM
x*She pulled a xmas and forgot her pants NT
jada09/21/17 11:05 PM
x*I did not know you wear pants with a romper! NT
Jleehop09/21/17 11:10 PM
*Paul got Paul'd. This outcome was so much better than Paul leaving before this was able to happen to him again. NT
SailingTeam30 6   09/21/17 10:58 PM
x*Do I need to link all your posts saying the opposite again? NT
robin8609/22/17 04:47 AM
x*LOL - agree!!! NT
LSUprincess09/21/17 11:22 PM
x*Hopefully, the last BB season to be Pauluted with Paul's presence. NT
Jake8109/21/17 11:03 PM
x*paul got pauled LOL, love it NT
punxsutawneygal09/21/17 11:01 PM
x*Not for me as a heavy feeder. I'd much rather he went out 4th, and been neda'd. NT
Dolffie09/21/17 11:00 PM
x*I wanted Paul in jury, not in the F2. I had hoped Josh would have the guts to put him on the block during his HOH. NT
SockThief09/21/17 11:21 PM
*Short video clip from last night of how happy Josh was. He clearly has no hard feelings toward Christmas.
Corndogger339 12   09/21/17 10:54 PM
x*ty corndogger you're the best NT
punxsutawneygal09/21/17 11:00 PM
x*Had her vote lost him the game, he'd prolly be more upset. As w the game, she and her vote were irrelevant.
dopemelody09/21/17 10:57 PM
x*exactly, not to mention he was in a state of euphoria last night, prob with a few drinks thrown in, hell, I'd prob love XMESS then too.... NT
LSUprincess09/21/17 10:59 PM
x*he hasn't watched the show yet............. to be fair about it. THEN he can make an informed decision about her. NT
LSUprincess09/21/17 10:55 PM
x*I doubt watching the show will change his mind since they have a friendship. NT
inthezone09/21/17 11:00 PM
x*He's not going to watch the show. He doesn't care. His family is fine with Christmas. NT
stargazerlilly09/21/17 10:58 PM
x*link please - to where his family has stated this. Thanks NT
LSUprincess09/21/17 11:00 PM
x*His sister has posted pics of #joshmas all season. NT
stargazerlilly09/21/17 11:02 PM
x*He knows she didn't vote for him. No need for him to watch. NT
Corndogger09/21/17 10:56 PM
x*OBVIOUSLY, but that's NOT what I'm talking about.... NT
LSUprincess09/21/17 10:58 PM
x*He said he is not watching anyway. He said he lived it. Which is very much what Paul said about it. I bet Josh's family makes him watch tho. NT
Dolffie09/21/17 10:58 PM
x*La familia. NT
Dolffie09/21/17 10:55 PM
*Someone below said that Kevin's wife makes 350k a year. Is that a joke? Nurses don't make that much or do they? NT
grandjete31 5   09/21/17 10:52 PM
x*I don't know where that # came from, but she's in administration I understand and Boston is one of the highest paying cities so her pay is up there NT
NMC09/21/17 10:59 PM
x*Kevin said she was making six figures which is believable. I'm lived in MA for years , my dad was a dr, 100-150k is realistic but not 350k. NT
silverspoons09/21/17 11:05 PM
x*100K to 200K would be within reason, NT
punxsutawneygal09/21/17 11:15 PM
x*350k was posted before, but even as a 30 year RN in the NICU as a supervisor, that is hard to believe. My neighbor is a neonatologist MD makes 300k NT
silverspoons09/21/17 10:57 PM
x*I thought that was strange too. NT
RikaJ09/21/17 10:55 PM
*Pic of Elena at Rachel and Ryan's party. Is she trying to outdo Raven?!
Corndogger945 14   09/21/17 10:47 PM
x*It might be too dark/dramatic but at least she's got technique. Raven's just a hot mess! NT
geminigirl09/22/17 12:04 AM
x*yikes!! NT
LSUprincess09/21/17 11:12 PM
x*She could play The Joker. This town needs an enema.NT
mulmanster09/21/17 11:09 PM
x*She was bragging earlier during an interview that she is an expert at putting on makeup. NT
SpinEcho09/21/17 11:07 PM
x*That was her interview with Rob. I laughed when he trolled her by saying that they cut the feeds b/c she was taking so long putting on her makeup. NT
Corndogger09/21/17 11:29 PM
x*Her makeup artist should be fired NT
grandjete09/21/17 11:00 PM
x*She is her make-up artist. And for a darkly lit bar event (it just looks harsher using photo flashes), it's flawless. NT
Dolffie09/21/17 11:04 PM
x*Oh wow NT
jada09/21/17 10:54 PM
x*Whoever this person is, she's adding more pics. She has one of Jason and his wife, Boogie, Mark, Jody, Amber and Brenchel NT
binkie9409/21/17 10:54 PM
x*Omg NT
RikaJ09/21/17 10:51 PM
x*Is that Sheila? Ya girl got old NT
SailingTeam09/21/17 10:50 PM
x*Maybe Eugenia, her mom NT
3kidz09/21/17 10:58 PM
x*No NT
binkie9409/21/17 10:52 PM
x*Lol looks just like Sheila NT
SailingTeam09/21/17 10:53 PM
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