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*FactChecking: Who betrayed who first? Elena or Dom? Paul or Dom? Did Dom betray Paul first as Cody said? Was Elena innocent? NT
donut251 3   07/21/17 01:05 AM
x*Elena is innocent. Dom betrayed her first, no doubt. NT
07/21/17 01:07 AM
x*Paul betrayed dom. Dom betrayed elena. Elena was innocent. I think NT
07/21/17 01:07 AM
x*everyone is blaming Paul for Dom being put on the block BUT it was Jason who was the one telling Alex Dom had to be on the block before Paul even
LatersBaby07/21/17 02:16 AM
*Whats your opinion on hot sauce and vinegar in the eyes? I don't like that production almost endorsed it. It was wrong, even if Josh is a fruitloopdin
donut2112 8   07/21/17 01:03 AM
x*I watched that very closely. It did not go into his eyes. It his the bottom of his face. Is it possible a drop made it in? Yes. But not All. NT
thorn07/21/17 05:02 AM
x*If someone IRL threw that in my eyes I would have started throwing punches. NT
Blackheart07/21/17 02:48 AM
x*Josh lost bet so he should have followed through. Mark was really mad and downplayed it, but NO excuse for throwing in face. Unacceptable NT
Scttrbrn131307/21/17 02:04 AM
x*It's amazing that people like Josh have no grasp of reality. I think that was more the cause of laughter than Mark's actions. NT
bb4peeker07/21/17 01:23 AM
x*i said this from the start josh has ruined and will ruin anyone games cause he doesnt understand anything even if there close to him hes a child NT
kristimcbain07/21/17 01:28 AM
x*And, mark bragged that they laughed (production) or said something along the lines NT
ILuvMySteelers07/21/17 01:06 AM
x*Mark was out of line, but Josh took it a step further. mark should have knew josh wouldn't take it as a joke NT
07/21/17 01:06 AM
x*I honestly don't think it was a joke to Mark. He tried to pass it off that way, but he seemed legitimately pissed. NT
robin8607/21/17 01:20 AM
*Give your best prediction for who wins battle back and who wons HOH. GO! NT
21 7   07/21/17 12:57 AM
x*Cody BB (but I would like to see Cameron win just to throw a monkey in the wrench) Jason HOH NT
MadVelvet07/21/17 01:40 AM
x*Cody BB and Jason Hoh NT
tasha5507/21/17 01:18 AM
x*I'm hoping Cody got the BB, and I have a bad feeling Paul got HOH again. NT
BBLover4Life07/21/17 01:11 AM
x*Cody/Dom BB And everyone gonna try for HOH instead of throwing. No more laying low for paul NT
ILuvMySteelers07/21/17 01:02 AM
x*Paul HoH (they're throwing it to him), Cameron battle back. NT
dopemelody07/21/17 01:01 AM
x*Cody for both comps NT
Dani07/21/17 01:01 AM
x*Cody and I have a bad feeling Hodor is somehow getting HOH. And it'll be a lot less fun than ppl think. NT
utty1407/21/17 12:59 AM
*Tonight's DOT:when Raven went in &read her card she emphasized "THIS WEEK",as in she still anticipates getting a temptation later;she's delusional NT
myopinion2 0   07/21/17 12:57 AM
*What do you think is the biggest reason we had a unanimous vote tonight? NT
53 9   07/21/17 12:54 AM
x*i feel is cause she was BLACK... & they Always Vote them OUT !!!!... UGH !!!!... NT
HoH807/21/17 01:14 AM
x*Dayvonne helloooo. Color is not the reason. Her gameplay is. She doesn't want to talk when it was necessary and she didn't campaign. Even to Mark NT
tofindmypassion07/21/17 01:48 AM
x*Dom didn't have a real #2, plus everyone saw how OTT she really was. NT
N2BB07/21/17 12:59 AM
x*They all know the reason Dominique was targeted initially was suspicion of the "hinky" vote. NT
titan907/21/17 12:58 AM
x*Daddy told them how to vote NT
utty1407/21/17 12:55 AM
x*Did Daddy not tell them week 1 and week 2? NT
07/21/17 12:56 AM
x*Pretty much, yes. other than xmas who came clean as soon as he asked. NT
dopemelody07/21/17 01:03 AM
x*week 1? no NT
bigbrotherfan707/21/17 12:57 AM
x*The ones he controls, yes he gave them their orders. NT
utty1407/21/17 12:57 AM
*Could Jessica winning be a sign of production preparing Cody's return? NT
15 2   07/21/17 12:52 AM
x*I hope so because a lot of the HG might chit their pants!! Cody is good feeds NT
ILuvMySteelers07/21/17 01:00 AM
x*That is what the preparation script says, I'd imagine. NT
07/21/17 12:53 AM
*Has everyone really turned on Alex cuz she is with Paul? Doesn't anyone think she is just using him until she can work up support to boot his ass? NT
donut217 9   07/21/17 12:51 AM
x*I've gone of alex because of the stuff she says like Paul cannot lie because of friendship it's just wth + she didn't even get a bracelet anyway NT
steve201307/21/17 01:34 AM
x*I ditched her because she's a dummy and a paul groupie. pass. NT
07/21/17 01:05 AM
x*She's not using him. She's his most devoted stan now, even surpassing preseason fist bump alliance Raven NT
utty1407/21/17 12:56 AM
x*No. She's bought into Paul's "secret alliance." She's not listening to Jason, who knows Paul needs to go. NT
titan907/21/17 12:54 AM
x*She keeps telling Jason that Paul can't lie because it'll ruin his friendship brand, so, uh, no. I don't think she's playing Paul lmao. NT
LittleLion07/21/17 12:52 AM
x*he told her this and she buys it 100%. also, paul made her look like a joke during the "put mark up as her idea" fiasco. she's dumb as rocks. NT
dopemelody07/21/17 12:56 AM
x*i think shes dumb and being played by paul .. NT
kristimcbain07/21/17 12:53 AM
x*at the end of most recent ep when paul tells her jess has DOT so she's a liar (he was so honest w his), alex says "should i choke her?" yuck NT
dopemelody07/21/17 12:59 AM
x*I'm not gonna level a knock at her intelligence just for being gullible, but yeah, she's being played by Paul. NT
LittleLion07/21/17 12:56 AM
*I dislike both cody and Jessica in the game. NT
sadie8810059 18   07/21/17 12:27 AM
x*they're the only anti Paul peeps we've got so I'm a fan. NT
dopemelody07/21/17 01:06 AM
x*Sorry. But, I think he's entertaining NT
ILuvMySteelers07/21/17 01:05 AM
x*Me too! Plus he's hot he looked so good tonight well rested gained some weight, really good. NT
tasha5507/21/17 01:22 AM
x*Always been a Cody fan and now that we need someone to pt Paul up he is our best bet. NT
Betsy07/21/17 03:26 AM
x*This is not a likable or rootable cast but right now I prefer them over the minions. NT
Dani07/21/17 12:57 AM
x*Cody sucks and his game play sucks. "I'm not saying what I'm doing, I just need loyalty." NT
titan907/21/17 12:55 AM
x*I love cody and jessica they're my favorites. Jody are awesome! NT
tasha5507/21/17 12:54 AM
x*I am meh on them but I don't like Raven-Paul-Alex more so if they can get one or more of them out so be it I won't complain NT
taemin807/21/17 12:35 AM
x*I like Paul, Alex, and Kevin. NT
sadie8810007/21/17 12:49 AM
x*Tell me you're joking?!? NT
dopemelody07/21/17 01:08 AM
x*I like them both. Best of the bunch. NT
Zingbot500007/21/17 12:33 AM
x*I dislike them in the game and as people based on what I've seen on the show. Paul is an obnoxious know it all, but i'll take that over those 2 NT
Poz07/21/17 12:33 AM
x*I don't like them very much either but I dislike Paul far more, and they are the only hope I have right now. NT
07/21/17 12:29 AM
x*This is how I feel, too. Sigh. NT
LittleLion07/21/17 12:30 AM
x*Don't get it.. since Cody said he now wants to work with Paul, and Jess and COdy trust Jason and Alex who are with Paul. NT
donut207/21/17 12:34 AM
x*Cody said tonight that he would listen to Jessica. Jessica will tell him to target Paul, esp if Paul has attacked her about the temptation. NT
LittleLion07/21/17 12:41 AM
x*we all know that Cody is all bout the bros. But, if he returns or any of them- they exchanged info-is paul his target now ? NT
theritz07/21/17 12:39 AM
x*Paul was planning on attacking Jessica at the end of the live show. They will not be working together. NT
utty1407/21/17 12:39 AM
*Did u know this was the final den? If not,would you have given it to someone else? last time to give someone? And..Did you want it to end or go no? NT
donut212 3   07/21/17 12:21 AM
x*Yes it was announced last wk. No the person I wanted to win did. Yes I'm happy it's over b4 this became full OTT. NT
utty1407/21/17 12:22 AM
x*I honestly would have rather voted to curse people and do bad things to them than tempt them with good stuff. NT
ParkmyPorsche07/21/17 12:22 AM
x*+1 NT
lianna07/21/17 12:43 AM
*Im just not excited about this batch of HGs for BBack - kind of hoping Julie's hint about the HGs preventing the winner's re-entry comes true NT
JoshGallet15 4   07/21/17 12:20 AM
x*Cyborg Cody ftw NT
dopemelody07/21/17 01:11 AM
x*What hint? NT
sadie8810007/21/17 12:26 AM
x*Last Thursday, Julie said that, for the 1st time, the house would have a chance to stop the winner of BBack from re-entering. That's all we know NT
JoshGallet07/21/17 12:44 AM
x*She also said last night at the very end something along the lines of "tomorrow a houseguest MIGHT/MAY renter the game" NT
JerseyKelll07/21/17 05:02 AM
*Do you think Jessica got the hex cuz people really love her and want her around 3 more weeks, or was it more to just keep Dom from getting it? NT
donut253 18   07/21/17 12:15 AM
x*Because she the only one that is a blatant f u Paul. Paul is gross. NT
dopemelody07/21/17 01:12 AM
x*Dom was never going to get it because her fans just started voting for her while Jess fans have been voting since the poll open NT
Dani07/21/17 12:54 AM
x*I voted for Jessica as a HUGE F U to Paul and his minions, hopefully she plays this power right giving herself and possibly Cody 3 weeks of safety NT
Dani07/21/17 12:55 AM
x*I voted for Jess because I hate Paul and I hope Jess and Cody will evict him. NT
BootGeorge07/21/17 12:40 AM
x*Jess already had some fans early on for being a great villain. Other votes are Paul haters or underdog lovers. NT
AllThat07/21/17 12:36 AM
x*I voted for Ramses at first then gave two days of votes to Jess, just wanted to see anyone not working with Paul get some power. NT
silverspoons07/21/17 12:35 AM
x*Even if Jess didn't get it, Dom would not have won it. NT
jntenzil07/21/17 12:28 AM
x*I was voting for her from day one. Can't speak for others but for me it was 50% liking Jess & 50% wanting someone who wasn't up Pauls ass to get it NT
utty1407/21/17 12:19 AM
x*I voted for her all week as well. I didn't like her week 1 but she grew on me and I don't like Paul to get his way. Alex turned into the mean girl. NT
mommavi07/21/17 12:23 AM
x*I think its a mix from now being an underdog and a rising hatred for Paul NT
collegegaijin07/21/17 12:17 AM
x*I think she got it because people think she is the most likely to get Paul out of the house. NT
BBKim07/21/17 12:17 AM
x*she became the underdog in the past few shows. Her and Cody got a really good edit, people like power shifts and to root for the underdog. NT
mommavi07/21/17 12:17 AM
x*I only mean like the last couple episodes Cody was in before his eviction. A lot of them isolated with Jess crying (cue sad music etc). NT
mommavi07/21/17 12:22 AM
x*Jess did not get a good edit around Cody. She came off irrational, a mean girl, + a girl blindly following a man... but NOW she's underdog victim NT
collegegaijin07/21/17 12:19 AM
x*despite any indication of this, Jessica is somehow the new savior and is going to topple the evil Paul lol NT
Poz07/21/17 12:16 AM
x*Don't lqyute get that Jess was considered by many to be best to get out Paul since Dom was so against him and Cody wants to work with him now.. NT
donut207/21/17 12:30 AM
x*We don't know what Cody will do after Dom talked to him & when he finds out about the Hex. But even if he were wanting to work w/ Paul, he will
utty1407/21/17 12:36 AM
x*Also whatever good will there was towards Paul will be gone after Paul attacks Jess as he & his minions were planning at the end of the live show. NT
utty1407/21/17 12:38 AM
*What would your reaction be if the curse is also a curse on us? In other words, Battle of the Block returns for 4 weeks starting next week. NT
Corndogger9 3   07/21/17 12:14 AM
x*nooooooooooooo NT
07/21/17 01:14 AM
x*That would help Paul so I wouldn't put it past them. Whatever the curse is it will prob offset the Hex's chances of hurting Paul's steamroll NT
utty1407/21/17 12:26 AM
x*Corn, I love your pics and comments, but BOTB returns-my worse nightmare ! hated it ! Too soon? not soon enough? lol NT
theritz07/21/17 12:22 AM
*Was DOm speaking an actual language ie Latin, or was she speaking her own made up speaking in tongues language? NT
donut212 2   07/21/17 12:12 AM
x*Some people said they actually recognized some of it. It was about as much gibberish as Jocasta's to me. NT
titan907/21/17 01:04 AM
x*I thought she was possessed and pea soup would fly out of there. It was very strange as Latin is fading in church. NT
ToadFarm07/21/17 12:31 AM
*IsIom really inncocent as she says or was Cody correct in that she and Mark plotted against Paul?I expected Julie to ask her about it NT
donut25 2   07/21/17 12:10 AM
x*I never saw Dom plotting against Paul, I saw her encourage Mark to go against Cody that first week. NT
mommavi07/21/17 12:19 AM
x*Huh? NT
Moonie07/21/17 12:12 AM
*If the curse is told to them on Thursday could it be double eviction or triple eviction? NT
jjjg7 2   07/20/17 11:56 PM
x*Let's be real. The curse will be whatever Production want. They didn't tell us what it is beforehand for a reason NT
tofindmypassion07/21/17 01:56 AM
x*I thought of that but dismissed it as I thought CBS would want to hype up an extra eviction. NT
jntenzil07/21/17 12:05 AM
*People attacking alex game, code she won't go after paul like I want. Working with paul has made her safe everywhere, even more safe than paul. NT
sandman51 3   07/20/17 11:52 PM
x*Hiding behind Paul isn't a terrible move. But the way she can't look beyond the personal to see what an asset Jessica could be to her game is dumb.
LeftTurn07/20/17 11:54 PM
x*yeah, but her getting close to Jess would have hindered gaining trust with Paul's posse NT
collegegaijin07/21/17 12:08 AM
x*That's not a reasonable excuse seeing as how quickly she's run to Paul with even the most mundane info from Jess. Stop making excuses, Alex=pretty NT
Rex_Thunder07/21/17 12:11 AM
*I don't get PopTV... did anyone notice if they showed anything? Was there a pre-record? If so, was it something we hadn't seen b4? NT
9 2   07/20/17 11:49 PM
x*They re-ran old CBS episodes of BB. NT
LeftTurn07/20/17 11:52 PM
x*Ok thx! NT
07/21/17 12:01 AM
*Love or hate Paul, that slithering & calling out Dom was awesome. NT
gogojuicy11 3   07/20/17 11:49 PM
x*it was lame - he looked like he was imitating "Walk Like an Egyptian" from the Bangles' days NT
JoshGallet07/21/17 12:14 AM
x*Nah I thought it was pathetic and attention seeking. He thinks he can get away with anything because he's a vet. NT
BigBrotherFly07/20/17 11:56 PM
x*nah. people gotta do something. vet or not...do something..play the drama. NT
gogojuicy07/21/17 12:20 AM
*Alex has a nice rack. NT
gogojuicy14 6   07/20/17 11:34 PM
x*She is proud of the $$$ she spent on it and never wears a top. NT
ScienceGirl07/21/17 12:03 AM
x*Yup. But Jess in a towel angers her. lol NT
jjjg07/21/17 12:12 AM
x*It was pricey NT
Dani07/20/17 11:36 PM
x*hahaha :) NT
gogojuicy07/20/17 11:38 PM
x*I noticed that too in the premier. It's a nice mahogany brown and looks like it can hold at least 6 coats and 2 hats. NT
JerseyJames07/20/17 11:36 PM
x*Hahaha . at least. :) NT
gogojuicy07/20/17 11:38 PM
*Do u think jess reallly won? They r setting it up for a cody comeback with her w some power. .. NT
ReginaFilanji46 12   07/20/17 11:33 PM
x*I wasn't surprised that she won. From the shows around voting time it looked like either Jessica or Kevin would win last temptation. NT
MeInTN07/21/17 12:24 AM
x*I voted for her yes. NT
beckymac07/21/17 12:05 AM
x*Yes, I know several people on here, reddit and twttier that voted for her every single day! NT
Sambb1907/20/17 11:57 PM
x*Yes, she was the only one not team Paul + all alone showmance + underdog edits NT
jjjg07/20/17 11:49 PM
x*What team is she then? Cody wants to work with Paul. She is back in with Elena. She is anti Alex & Xmas. Same old Jess. NT
ScienceGirl07/21/17 12:06 AM
x*She's not back with anyone, she was faking it to get through the week. NT
jjjg07/21/17 12:14 AM
x*i do because she and cody were first to help xmas and she wore the frog suit well..meaning she owned it and didn't hide..
janie807/20/17 11:47 PM
x*All she did was whine and complain about it! NT
ScienceGirl07/21/17 12:04 AM
x*She got all my votes every day of voting NT
utty1407/20/17 11:42 PM
x*100% Been voting for her everyday for what, 1.5-2 weeks now? She was the obvious choice. I expected her to win. Dom's votes came too late. NT
07/20/17 11:40 PM
x*Yeah, I do because she had a lot of people switching their vote once alex turned "team paul"... plus, she was underdog NT
ILuvMySteelers07/20/17 11:36 PM
x*I agree. A lot of jokers were saying they were switching from alex to jess NT
07/20/17 11:40 PM
*So IF their curse is having 2 evicted houseguest return instead of one...lol...I'm rooting for Cameron and Dom..Cody Jess cam..pass NT
LuvinBB43 13   07/20/17 11:33 PM
x*Why would cody pick Jillian as a teammate damn? NT
tasha5507/20/17 11:43 PM
x*If you're gonna post can u at least have them make sense????! NT
Rex_Thunder07/20/17 11:36 PM
x*How does this post not make sense? NT
N2BB07/20/17 11:41 PM
x*It mentions Cameron on its WISH list and then ALSO on its not wish list. NT
Rex_Thunder07/21/17 12:14 AM
x*And let's not be rude :)...I have no problem explaining any post that confuses you NT
LuvinBB07/20/17 11:39 PM
x*The post below said the evicted houseguest were split into teams ..Dom/cameron and Cody/Jillian :) NT
LuvinBB07/20/17 11:37 PM
x*Someone said they "heard" that. No proof it actually happened. I hate when the feeds are down because it's nothing but rumors until they're back NT
binkie9407/20/17 11:41 PM
x*I don't mind the rumors. They're often far more entertaining than the show itself. NT
heartnhome07/20/17 11:56 PM
x*Completely agree! And then feeds return and it's completely opposite lol NT
LuvinBB07/20/17 11:43 PM
x*Nobody knows that... and I don't want another paul groupie, Jillian, wanting to switch sides. No thank you. :-) NT
ILuvMySteelers07/20/17 11:35 PM
x*For sure...Jillian wouldn't bring much to the game anyway NT
LuvinBB07/20/17 11:40 PM
x*Exactly. ^^ NT
ILuvMySteelers07/20/17 11:46 PM
x*yes no more paul groupies please NT
07/20/17 11:39 PM
*Did Jillian think Alex and Ramses betrayed her? Why is she teaming up with Raven and Elena? NT
PowerofVito23 11   07/20/17 11:28 PM
x*Queen of thinking alex and ramses betrayed you! NT
beckymac07/21/17 12:06 AM
x*I think she meant cody/jess. They truly thought she was safe ! her eviction was not their plan. All, blame ramses NT
theritz07/21/17 12:01 AM
x*She wants to be in summer camp. NT
jjjg07/20/17 11:47 PM
x*Maybe I misheard but I thought she said she would target Raven?..I did I hear that wrong? NT
Dani07/20/17 11:38 PM
x*Yep! You heard wrong:-( NT
ILuvMySteelers07/20/17 11:39 PM
x*cause she's a bimbo. NT
gogojuicy07/20/17 11:35 PM
x*In her exit interview she thought they voted against her. NT
ILuvMySteelers07/20/17 11:32 PM
x*Sure sounded that way to me NT
binkie9407/20/17 11:31 PM
x*I took it as she wants to be in a new group, maybe she thinks they are the "in" girls? NT
silverspoons07/20/17 11:31 PM
x*Did you listen to what she said before saying she would team up with Raven/Elena? It's got nothing to do with being with the in girls NT
binkie9407/20/17 11:39 PM
x*yeah that was super weird lol. she has no idea how to play this game lol NT
07/20/17 11:28 PM
*Ooooh, they should do a maze veto where everyone has to navigate it on a scooter like Christmas's. Would be a challenge and fair to her. NT
Digitalpotato8 1   07/20/17 11:26 PM
x*Catering challenges for one contestant wouldn't be far... AND BIG BROTHER WOULD NEVER DO THAT :P NT
collegegaijin07/21/17 12:17 AM
*Why do we still have bunnies NT
jmonty758 2   07/20/17 11:25 PM
x*Because they're still waiting to be adopted NT
tofindmypassion07/20/17 11:28 PM
x*^^^ => NT
N2BB07/20/17 11:34 PM
*What if all the hgs are at Hyde right now partying? NT
arbo4 1   07/20/17 11:22 PM
x*I saw Julia Nolan at Hyde last Friday. She couldn't have been nicer. NT
fs198307/21/17 12:19 AM
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