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***Reminder to EVERYONE** PLEASE READ before posting!! Includes use of the terms "haters"/"(HG) fans".. (Edited 8/16/15)
strkaholic15463 0   Sticky Post
*Posting Guidelines UPDATED October 23, 2016
Ette10348 0   Sticky Post
*Political talk isn't allowed in the Big Brother Discussion forum, unless of course the HG's are discussing it ~ and that may be iffy.
Dreamer113 0   Sticky Post
*Ill watch to hopefully see a early house tour.. i could care less about Katy perry NT
yungKing43 4   06/08/17 07:56 PM
x*Same lol.. but looks like she's just playing a set for an hour, then her album will be released. Unless she does something after that... NT
06/08/17 08:04 PM
x*lol ... this is as bad as the Frankie video NT
mebe06/08/17 08:04 PM
x*Nothing to do with BB lol. OUT NT
yungKing06/08/17 08:02 PM
x*You never know. Maybe she's a closet BB fan and that's why she contacted Rich and Allison to produce this live event for her. NT
Corndogger06/08/17 08:25 PM
*Why in the world would they even consider bringing Alex back?.. She did nothing her entire season. Others from OTT are way more deserving than her NT
yungKing180 10   06/17/17 07:02 PM
x*Because America screwed her over. Shelby's epic HoH win of Morph - America ruined it with MVP. NT
Kay1906/17/17 09:11 PM
x*It's too bad so many people didn't see how Shelby won that Morph comp. Her strategy was brilliant and her time unbelievable. NT
Corndogger06/17/17 09:20 PM
x*In my opinion there are more than a few players from OTT that deserve to be brought back. I'd be happy if they brought the whole cast back to play on
Bobbo206/17/17 07:53 PM
x*She's popular and considered a good player by a lot of fans. She was probably the leader of the BS side until evicted. NT
Bobbo206/17/17 07:41 PM
x*I don't know. Alex was in gaming mode most of the time. Everyone was limited in OTT because fans had too much power. I like people in game mode NT
MrThortan06/17/17 07:24 PM
x*^^ this NT
06/17/17 07:50 PM
x*Alex did a lot but was phucked over more than anyone by the fans. I would love to see Alex play again to see what she could do in a regular season. NT
Corndogger06/17/17 07:06 PM
x*yep NT
06/17/17 07:51 PM
x*Others may have said no. I'm still doubtful she's going to be on NT
utty1406/17/17 07:05 PM
x*I'm sure this Morgan tweet is not saying she's filling in for Alex on Evel Dick's show while Alex is in the house...
Powerman81806/17/17 08:13 PM
*Welp you guys wanted an older cast... Hope your happy. Im not that impressed hopefully the interviews change my mind NT
yungKing28 5   06/19/17 05:40 AM
x*I'm pleasantly surprised, for now, once the interviews come out I might be disappointed lol NT
MegsMom31606/19/17 05:52 AM
x*Cast not "yung" enough? :D NT
colleenag06/19/17 05:43 AM
x*Funny NT
uvp06/19/17 06:04 AM
x*Haha lol NT
yungKing06/19/17 05:53 AM
x*I see what you did there ;) NT
MegsMom31606/19/17 05:52 AM
*Mark and Xmas showmance? NT
yungKing14 3   06/19/17 10:30 PM
x*I could go for that! NT
colleenag06/20/17 03:42 AM
x*Nah. Cody and Christmas for sure! NT
RockChalkJhawk06/20/17 03:31 AM
x*i can see xmas and jessica. :) NT
LillyBell06/20/17 02:04 PM
*I hate how they keep ruining All stars 2 by bringing players back before it even happens. First Frank last season now Paul... NT
yungKing28 6   06/22/17 08:45 PM
x*I hear they won't ever do an All Stars because the appearance checks for returnees is too much. Not sure if that's true or not but sounds plausible NT
captain_pikachu06/22/17 09:16 PM
x*People still think All Stars 2 is happening? Hope springs eternal. NT
utty1406/22/17 08:53 PM
x*heck, people think Younow is not actually live. Let them dream NT
FurlessBat06/22/17 08:54 PM
x*hey now............ lol NT
LSUprincess06/22/17 08:55 PM
x*Tells me allstar wont happen NT
uvp06/22/17 08:49 PM
x*They will just bring Paul back again for all stars NT
SailingTeam06/22/17 08:49 PM
*Cameron Heard: "One of the best Halo Wars players and reached a rank of #32 in the world." Halo Wars? Man, he is soooo hardcore. :) NT
WillRulz18 2   06/19/17 10:32 PM
x*He is quirky. I like him! NT
RockChalkJhawk06/20/17 03:31 AM
x*considering only 32 people play halo wars he must be crap NT
Toasterbox06/20/17 01:14 AM
*Word is those who are booted in the first so many weeks could get the chance to return. They might be sequestered, not going home. NT
WillRulz23 3   06/20/17 01:17 PM
06/20/17 03:01 PM
x*Nooooo, if they get evicted, send them home. NT
presleys_child06/20/17 01:48 PM
x*Hopefully jury starts a little later this yr NT
SkinMama06/20/17 01:37 PM
*Jordan is beating Britney in this????
WillettDrizzle1102 80   06/07/17 05:48 PM
x*I can't believe Dan's beating Will. That makes me sick NT
FurnitureAlliance06/08/17 12:34 PM
x*Voted for Jeff, Jordan, Dan, Rachel. NT
Jake8106/07/17 11:25 PM
x*casuals NT
BB17ohno06/07/17 09:29 PM
x*No NT
PinkAuraGirl06/08/17 10:59 AM
x*What's wrong about it. Jordan is a better player and more popular. NT
pdson06/07/17 08:07 PM
x*This is why I dislike fan votes in BB. Because people like Jordan are the most popular. NT
WillettDrizzle06/07/17 08:25 PM
x*So you only like fan voting when people you want to win win. I see. NT
pdson06/07/17 08:42 PM
x*Well obviously. That seems pretty standard. NT
WillettDrizzle06/07/17 08:43 PM
x*hahaha!!!! NT
PinkAuraGirl06/07/17 08:43 PM
x*It says most memorable.. Jordan was more memorable I reckon NT
PinkAuraGirl06/07/17 08:35 PM
x*By far. NT
pdson06/07/17 08:43 PM
x*No!!!! NT
WillettDrizzle06/07/17 08:42 PM
x*Cant believe Dan is beating Dr. Will. Never understood all the love for Dan. Good game player but boring to watch. NT
iliketv06/07/17 07:01 PM
x*I agree. I like Dan but Dr. Will is BB. I think is just more known to recent viewers and Dr. Will isn't. NT
DrWillfan06/08/17 07:36 AM
x*I wish they would rerun Dr. Will's seasons so this wouldn't happen NT
FurnitureAlliance06/08/17 12:35 PM
x*Dan is the best NT
nicholaspuppy06/07/17 07:24 PM
x*No he is not NT
PinkAuraGirl06/07/17 08:35 PM
x*Is too! NT
Jake8106/07/17 11:27 PM
x*Fake news! NT
nicholaspuppy06/07/17 08:36 PM
x*lol no NT
PinkAuraGirl06/07/17 08:45 PM
x*no, no, no he is NOT. NT
petite606/07/17 08:19 PM
x*Dan is more fresh in people's memories. NT
unclevanya06/07/17 07:15 PM
x*That too NT
uvp06/07/17 07:19 PM
x*Will popularity never match his gameplay.. NT
uvp06/07/17 07:09 PM
x*Truth. NT
Jake8106/07/17 11:28 PM
x*I bet it's Block and his cat army voting NT
petite606/07/17 07:06 PM
Blockhead06/07/17 07:12 PM
x*you're not allowed to vote outside of the U.S. NT
petite606/07/17 08:43 PM
x*lmao NT
PinkAuraGirl06/07/17 08:36 PM
x*Would you kindly ask some of the cats to vote for Britney? NT
WillettDrizzle06/07/17 07:42 PM
x*Who are you voting for between Dan and Will? The cats can be unleashed for the correct answer. NT
nicholaspuppy06/07/17 08:35 PM
x*hmmmm NT
PinkAuraGirl06/07/17 08:53 PM
x*I was plenty entertained by Dan. I don't get the love for lots of fan favorites; Janelle, Donny, Jeff, etc. NT
krh503806/07/17 07:04 PM
x*i get the love for anyone tbh. even if i didnt like that said HG. different strokes folks. NT
KlausHeissler06/07/17 07:37 PM
x*Jordan won and then finished top 4. Boo please NT
SailingTeam06/07/17 06:53 PM
x*the brilliance of Brit vs someone that can't tell time ... this kills me NT
mebe06/07/17 06:40 PM
x*Brit wad awful her first season.. she was way too catty for me.. she grew a little her 2nd season.. I kind of liked her NT
PinkAuraGirl06/07/17 08:37 PM
x*I can't believe Jeff and Donny are so close. lol NT
06/07/17 06:36 PM
x*Donny should be leading. Best houseguest ever NT
bbkook06/08/17 06:38 AM
x*Ugh. I don't like either one of them but I get why Jeff is liked by casuals at least. NT
krh503806/07/17 06:47 PM
x*Dan and Will should have been the final round. NT
nicholaspuppy06/07/17 08:37 PM
x*Janelle NT
PinkAuraGirl06/07/17 08:53 PM
x*ditto NT
janie806/07/17 09:02 PM
x*Donny was awful!! Sorry, wasn't a fan. Definitely prefer Jeff NT
petite606/07/17 06:44 PM
x*This surprises me NT
uvp06/07/17 06:40 PM
x*Donny should win for his comments about Caleb alone NT
mebe06/07/17 06:39 PM
x*How is janelle doing ? NT
uvp06/07/17 06:33 PM
x*Pretty handily beating Rachel - 61% NT
06/07/17 06:35 PM
x*Thanks NT
uvp06/07/17 06:39 PM
x*Back off!!! Who the heck is voting Dan over Dr. Will? blessed be the fruit. NT
petite606/07/17 06:23 PM
x*As someone who thought Will was the greatest player ever in 2001 and later in 2007 I voted Dan. Dan surpassed Will in ever possible way. NT
Toasterbox06/07/17 09:46 PM
x*As someone who judges the best gameplay in all of the BB world, you're wrong. Bless you and that insanity! NT
petite606/07/17 09:58 PM
x*Lol! NT
PinkAuraGirl06/08/17 10:51 AM
x*Me!!! May the Lord open. NT
robin8606/07/17 08:08 PM
x*Praise be as I slap thy hand away. NT
petite606/07/17 08:18 PM
x*lol NT
PinkAuraGirl06/07/17 08:38 PM
x*Lol! <3 NT
robin8606/07/17 08:22 PM
x*i was shocked! NT
janie806/07/17 06:58 PM
x*the ones that never watched BB2 I think NT
mebe06/07/17 06:41 PM
x*Will really isnt that popular tbh NT
uvp06/07/17 06:26 PM
x*Dan shouldn't be!!! NT
petite606/07/17 06:42 PM
x*Surprised to see Dan is beating Will by so much. I would've guessed it was much closer, but I voted for Dan. NT
krh503806/07/17 06:23 PM
x*I voted for Will of course lol NT
PinkAuraGirl06/07/17 08:38 PM
x*likewise NT
janie806/07/17 08:41 PM
x*<3 hope we have the same favs this season :) NT
PinkAuraGirl06/07/17 08:46 PM
x*Another one that doesnt surprised me.. NT
uvp06/07/17 06:26 PM
x*Wow, I see now they're calling it "most memorable" not "favorite." Brit is definitely more memorable but I'm sure it's just a popularity contest. NT
krh503806/07/17 06:21 PM
x*A lot of people love Britney but a lot of people hate Britney. NT
krh503806/07/17 06:18 PM
x*I like Brit, but she was and will always be a mediocre fill-in player. She was little more than a small bit of diaryroom comic relief. She had
FeloniousMonk06/08/17 08:26 AM
x*She's overrated for her snark and not good at the game. NT
Jake8106/07/17 11:29 PM
x*I fall in both categories. Love her sense of humor but she's a mean girl and I hate that side of her. I voted for Jordan. NT
robin8606/07/17 08:10 PM
x*same .. well I didn't like her sense of humor her 1st yr NT
PinkAuraGirl06/07/17 08:39 PM
x*Jeff and Jordan are the most popular players to the casuals & they are voting in the those polls so it's not a surprises she's beating Britney NT
Dani06/07/17 06:07 PM
x*Agree NT
uvp06/07/17 06:08 PM
x*Not surprised..she won jokers marchmadness tourney i did years ago NT
uvp06/07/17 05:54 PM
x*You're surprised? These votes are always popularity contests and Jordan is probably the most popular HG ever. NT
Corndogger06/07/17 05:52 PM
x*I guess I just don't get it. Britney was one of the most entertaining to me. The only thing I found slightly entertaining about Jordan was....
WillettDrizzle06/07/17 06:06 PM
x*She was very nice, funny and caring.. smarts isn't everything. She seems to be doing very well in her life. I love her NT
PinkAuraGirl06/07/17 08:40 PM
x*'Probabl'y" would probably be an understatement. NT
IceColdBeer06/07/17 05:56 PM
x*I think Jeff is more popular than Jordan. I recall him beating her in past such votes. Jeff > Jordan > Cornbread > Dr. Will NT
Corndogger06/07/17 05:59 PM
*This is deep. I'm watching reality reality tv. Or something? Watching a feed of them filming a Gordon Ramsey reality show? Who wants to watch...
WillettDrizzle300 15   06/09/17 03:57 PM
x*What channel? NT
SailingTeam06/09/17 04:09 PM
WillettDrizzle06/09/17 04:10 PM
x*Oh I thought it was Gordon Ramsay feed lol NT
SailingTeam06/09/17 04:33 PM
x*he was on.. he cooked with her NT
PinkAuraGirl06/09/17 04:33 PM
x*And I missed it? Damn it NT
SailingTeam06/09/17 04:34 PM
x*I guess he has a new gig.. The F word NT
PinkAuraGirl06/09/17 04:35 PM
x*He must be doing something different because he said it was his 2nd time or something like that NT
PinkAuraGirl06/09/17 04:37 PM
x*He had a UK show called the F Word. Pretty good actually. Maybe there is going to be a US version NT
MrThortan06/09/17 06:12 PM
x*Yes it's a new US show NT
FurnitureAlliance06/09/17 10:44 PM
x*Yes, I've watched the first 2 episodes of his F Word and I don't really care for it. I find the background noise of the diners very annoying and
CatsRock06/10/17 04:53 AM
x*Why not? There's a US show called F That's Delicious. Oh wait... Never mind. NT
Bobbo206/09/17 07:11 PM
x*That's probably it NT
PinkAuraGirl06/09/17 06:59 PM
x*lol its funny NT
PinkAuraGirl06/09/17 04:02 PM
x*Not me lol. NT
Bobbo206/09/17 04:02 PM
x*its funny.. you might like it NT
PinkAuraGirl06/09/17 04:02 PM
*Cameron seems like a unique original character we have never seen before. NT
WillettDrizzle37 21   06/19/17 07:49 AM
x*Aha. I think someone may be WillettDrizzling on my pants and saying it's raining. NT
06/19/17 07:56 AM
x*Welcome back! NT
WillettDrizzle06/19/17 07:57 AM
x*Thanks, brochacho! Super psyched to see all my favorite Jokers here again! NT
06/19/17 08:00 AM
x*but his favorite HG tho NT
FurlessBat06/19/17 07:52 AM
x*Shocking!!! I have to say, Christmas claiming Helen as her favorite is quite enjoyable. NT
WillettDrizzle06/19/17 07:54 AM
x*It is! hope we get more Helen style parties! NT
FurlessBat06/19/17 08:01 AM
x*That is amazing. NT
06/19/17 08:00 AM
x*Oh good Another Its too soon I hope to god Not! NT
BBFanJ06/19/17 07:59 AM
x*the Helen reference was my favorite NT
nicholaspuppy06/19/17 07:57 AM
x*Also Cody says his number one activity is surfing. He lives in the DFW metroplex. Seems like poor planning. NT
WillettDrizzle06/19/17 07:58 AM
x*Sounds like Cody-level logic to me. I bet he ends up with Meathead Management alongside Monte. NT
06/19/17 08:04 AM
x*lol, I had the same thought but at least he went on to explain he surfs places other than DFW NT
nicholaspuppy06/19/17 07:59 AM
x*Maybe he just goes to a wave pool at one of the water parks when he can't travel. NT
WillettDrizzle06/19/17 08:02 AM
x*What about when he's back in Iowa? Runs around in his silkie shorts looking for corn fields to surf? NT
nicholaspuppy06/19/17 08:05 AM
x*LOL. Yes. NT
WillettDrizzle06/19/17 08:06 AM
x*Those types of guys never win. NT
06/19/17 07:51 AM
x*Nope.. NT
uvp06/19/17 07:52 AM
x*Still trying to think who he reminds me of.. NT
uvp06/19/17 07:50 AM
x*Steve maybe? He was pretty unique. And he won. NT
Bobbo206/19/17 08:00 AM
x*Was that sarcasm, he kinda reminds me Ian just cause he's nerdy. NT
BigBrotherFly06/19/17 07:50 AM
x*Lol. NT
vortexfugue06/19/17 07:49 AM
*Matthew's favorite activity is watching Panda videos. Solid answer. NT
WillettDrizzle2 2   06/19/17 08:16 AM
x*My kind of guy! Lol! NT
TrueNes06/19/17 08:24 AM
x*yeah what was that all about??? LOL NT
colleenag06/19/17 08:17 AM
*We haven't had anybody kicked off the show in a long time. Maybe this will be the year. NT
WillettDrizzle1 2   06/19/17 08:23 AM
x*He's already not sitting down in the DR. Maybe he's getting Chima'ed from swearing too much in his interview. #noneedtositdown NT
06/19/17 08:24 AM
x*JOSH is winning! NT
nicholaspuppy06/19/17 08:24 AM
*RHAP shoutout!!! NT
WillettDrizzle4 6   06/19/17 08:31 AM
x*so that's who all the LFC people have been referring to NT
nicholaspuppy06/19/17 08:33 AM
x*There's another one. Mark has a connection to Alex Kidwell apparently. A mutual friend NT
utty1406/19/17 08:37 AM
x*Oh okay. NT
WillettDrizzle06/19/17 08:40 AM
x*No, I think they guy from Virginia is who Alex knows NT
jammin_jen06/19/17 08:37 AM
x*Most likely NT
WillettDrizzle06/19/17 08:34 AM
x*Haha, probably. NT
vortexfugue06/19/17 08:33 AM
*Jillian says, "Every time I break my phone, I win over a thousand dollars when I go to the casino." She should just smash phones everyday. NT
WillettDrizzle2 0   06/19/17 08:52 AM
*I bet this guy does one hell of a Christopher Walken impersonation. NT
WillettDrizzle16 6   06/19/17 08:55 AM
x*"No." lol NT
javabean06/19/17 08:59 AM
x*ZOMG Jeff is reading Jokers!!!111!! NT
06/19/17 08:59 AM
x*omg Jeff= WilletDrizzle ?? NT
FurlessBat06/19/17 08:58 AM
x*He's not a fan. NT
BigBrotherFly06/19/17 08:58 AM
x*LOL. I'm sure he is sick of hearing it. NT
WillettDrizzle06/19/17 08:58 AM
x*Ohhh I would love to hear him try. NT
MegsMom31606/19/17 08:55 AM
*His downfall is being too nice? Seriously? NT
WillettDrizzle3 4   06/19/17 09:24 AM
x*Reminds me of that old interview question, "Name a fault" "I work too hard" NT
seahorse06/19/17 09:27 AM
x*I can relate, see my first ten posts or so NT
FurlessBat06/19/17 09:25 AM
x*Flashbacks of Devin saying same thing lol. NT
phobos06/19/17 09:25 AM
x*Same. NT
06/19/17 09:25 AM
*This is not a tough question!!!!!!! This cast is awful. I'm not even going to watch. NT
WillettDrizzle26 15   06/19/17 09:37 AM
x*Did you see the guy with the gray hair, who let him in? Needs more twenty years old. NT
phobos06/19/17 09:44 AM
x*"i hate everyone. pity me' i know your type NT
FurlessBat06/19/17 09:41 AM
x*It's an all around type thing. NT
BigBrotherFly06/19/17 09:43 AM
x*lol NT
WillettDrizzle06/19/17 09:42 AM
x*You're just scared of Kevin's family NT
jammin_jen06/19/17 09:40 AM
x*I love Kevin and his family. NT
WillettDrizzle06/19/17 09:40 AM
x*Wait for Christmas NT
utty1406/19/17 09:40 AM
x*See you for BBOT2 NT
MegsMom31606/19/17 09:39 AM
x*Outrageous!!! I just cancelled my feeds! NT
06/19/17 09:39 AM
x*I cancelled them. Then bought them again just to cancel them twice. NT
WillettDrizzle06/19/17 09:40 AM
x*Really the only prudent thing to do. NT
06/19/17 09:45 AM
x*When I get my ass on there, that question will be an instant. Win and be hated, cause I'm cutting all y'alls favorites. LOL NT
BigBrotherFly06/19/17 09:39 AM
x*Haha, nice! NT
06/19/17 09:41 AM
x*but she's gives the best answer, win AND be loved! NT
colleenag06/19/17 09:38 AM
x*ok NT
OttoJr06/19/17 09:38 AM
*Did she just say she likes James? NT
WillettDrizzle0 3   06/19/17 09:45 AM
x*Yup. There's a few of them that like James. Sigh. NT
sugarskulls06/19/17 09:46 AM
x*one even said Frankie. very confused :( NT
jakeisfake06/19/17 09:48 AM
x*Yes. Delete. Purge. Erase. NT
utty1406/19/17 09:46 AM
*I'm already bored with Cody. NT
WillettDrizzle2 1   06/19/17 09:56 AM
x*I think he could be a heel but probably out early NT
olfactoryhues06/19/17 09:57 AM
*Jeff just say it!!! Are you single and ready to mingle!?!?!? You know you want to. NT
WillettDrizzle0 1   06/19/17 09:58 AM
x*lol NT
06/19/17 10:00 AM
*She is going to win the next two seasons. Impressive. NT
WillettDrizzle1 1   06/19/17 10:11 AM
x*I can believe it NT
utty1406/19/17 10:12 AM
*I've always wanted them to cast a dog walker. It's about time!!!!! NT
WillettDrizzle2 1   06/19/17 10:20 AM
x*a loud snorer too. dreams do come true. NT
Cortez06/19/17 10:21 AM
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