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*who do you think will make final 2 ?
robynsky2535 0   03/23/13 08:34 PM
*Superior BB
robin866622 20   03/22/13 08:19 PM
x*Some problems for its frst season but I pick US CANADA because they have some players and......NO ALLISON GRODNER NT
k_fn_dawg03/23/13 02:38 PM
x*Equal. Both great in their own way. No need to make one better than the other. and I don't think the US thinks they "own" Canada in any way.
LibraLady03/23/13 02:20 PM
x*I certainly never thought anyone would be offended. If I was trying to instigate something, I wouldn't have included the "equal" option. NT
robin8603/23/13 05:48 PM
x*In terms of game play, BB Canada has been a lot better than I thought it would be. In terms of production, it's way worse than I thought it would
Corndogger03/23/13 02:09 PM
x*I agree on all counts. NT
robin8603/23/13 05:47 PM
x*yet another combative usa vs canada poll/ thread NT
AceRimmer03/23/13 01:33 PM
x*not really a fair poll since this is BBCA first season. NT
BAYCITY9903/23/13 01:15 PM
x*easily BBUS, the people running BBCA are borderline incompetent... shady comps, 4 feeds never working at once, and a live show that isn't even live NT
sliver01303/23/13 12:57 PM
x*BB USA ***** this BB canada..(I'm from Canada)
BuxomLover03/22/13 11:21 PM
x*Really hating that this has become a competition. NT
Dimples03/22/13 08:57 PM
x*Agree with you. BBUS has been on over 10 years and if ppl don't want to watch, then don't. But the comparing is getting super boring. NT
Lalliey03/22/13 11:05 PM
x*They have pretty much the exact same format, they have the same casting producer, they even had Dan appear on the show. Of course they're going to
robin8603/22/13 11:12 PM
x*Doesn't stop it from being boring though. Same formats dont equal same games, or did I see a phone/talking moose for tasks in USBB? NT
Lalliey03/24/13 07:07 AM
x* I love USBB as well as all the english BBs. The comparison goes on over which is better UK or US and now this? A few differences wont hurt anyone NT
Lalliey03/24/13 07:10 AM
x*Relax. It's just a poll to pass the time during all this BS. Besides, did you really think the two wouldn't be compared?? NT
robin8603/22/13 09:19 PM
x*if canada was beside norway, usa would not be comparing bbcan to bbusa.. its cause usa thinks they own canada, pure and simple NT
AceRimmer03/23/13 01:35 PM
x*Whoa there!!! Good grief!! NT
Dimples03/23/13 10:32 PM
x*Yes, we would because it's the same format. NT
robin8603/23/13 05:45 PM
x*If Canada was beside Norway we'd be Sweden. Since you're so adamant that Americans should have no say in BBCan then why are you discussing the
Corndogger03/23/13 02:01 PM
x*there r threads for uk and bbaus. americans dont flood the area with comparisions or claims that production is screwing things up. bbcan NT
AceRimmer03/26/13 12:02 AM
*Alec or Topaz... who wears the pants in this relationship?
merrimac974 3   03/22/13 03:58 PM
x*She really needs to open her eyes to the Peter and Alec alliances, soon, very soon or she will be out the door next week. NT
FlamenRed03/25/13 09:21 AM
x*Topaz thinks she does, but Alec is fully in charge. She's worried about relationship, he's worried only about game. NT
rwwmusic03/22/13 05:25 PM
x*Topaz...Alec needs Topaz for his Game....She dosnt need him...SHe can jus drop him like a fly. NT
DexDex03/22/13 04:16 PM
*Big Brother Canada is the best season of Big Brother since...
rwwmusic6182 19   03/21/13 03:37 PM
x*Give us a choice of "not better than any other BB" and I and many others would probably vote. NT
Ivesk103/23/13 04:47 AM
x*that option would be best BB since last summer NT
doug31903/23/13 11:31 PM
x*i don't get the bbca love at all, the show is a joke...bad editing, shady comps, and the host is terrible. the feeds were great but now they're always
sliver01303/22/13 12:09 PM
x*Thats fine I suppose. I dont pay attention to the Host, the theme, since thats not what the show is about, and its the first season so I expected
Venthus03/22/13 03:45 PM
x*the host doesn't bother me that much but i think it's fair to take it into consideration when being asked to compare and i do like the cast i just
sliver01303/22/13 04:28 PM
x*yeah its truly been disfunctional but I think itll still work out in the end. Im just hoping by next season they fix all the kinks out. NT
Venthus03/23/13 02:37 AM
x*Best Big Brother?
daveaa4303/22/13 11:20 AM
x*Wow... best season ever is winning currently. I'm loving it personally... it's been great NT
shortcake03/22/13 03:12 AM
x*Yeah though collectivly its 21%. Overall 4/5ths of viewers still seem to think there was a past season of BBUS that was better. However I do think
Venthus03/22/13 03:43 PM
x*I think it'll be a while till a big brother gets as good as last years BB14 did. But, its defintily up there so far. NT
Venthus03/22/13 01:05 AM
x*100% agree. NT
robin8603/22/13 12:48 PM
x*I agree. If this poll was a year ago, I'd say it was best in long time..
Bugsy4903/22/13 06:29 AM
x*none of the above should have been an option/ cant compare usa version to canada NT
AceRimmer03/21/13 05:01 PM
x*I really dont see the difference between the two, 90% same format, a season is a season. Other than the theme and host, pretty much nothing seems
Venthus03/22/13 03:03 AM
x*This could have easily been labeled as BB15 and no one would know the difference. NT
Corndogger03/22/13 03:49 PM
x*exactly lol. NT
Venthus03/23/13 02:39 AM
x*OMFG! Thank You! NT
bbfan66103/23/13 12:01 AM
x*I don't see much difference at all either NT
shortcake03/22/13 03:13 AM
x*Why is that? NT
rwwmusic03/21/13 06:06 PM
*Who is Evicted Second Tonight?
Owensje450 0   03/21/13 10:55 AM
*what showmance will make it further
robynsky21516 5   03/21/13 08:46 AM
x*Alec and his abs. NT
rwwmusic03/21/13 12:04 PM
x*one more week of slop and the abs are byebye out of there lol
IwantHOH04/07/13 07:57 PM
x*Emmett and Gary NT
FlamenRed03/21/13 11:51 AM
x*Liza and Peter NT
waypast4003/21/13 08:54 AM
x*Emm & Jill NT
kasey03/21/13 09:32 AM
*How far will Alec make it in the game?
rwwmusic524 0   03/20/13 12:16 PM
*Predict the DE HoH!!
Dimples1494 5   03/19/13 10:33 AM
x*If it is a question one Suzette and AJ have a good chance, they listen and talk to everyone. NT
FlamenRed03/21/13 11:54 AM
x*Well AJ is very detail-oriented... so yes he could take it. NT
Dimples03/21/13 02:04 PM
x*The question is who wants to win HOH? Most will just throw it. NT
k_fn_dawg03/19/13 11:09 AM
x*I think Peter is the only one that will throw it. NT
robin8603/19/13 11:47 AM
x*I think we may want to remember one thing... Its likely to be a Q/A quiz because it needs to be fast. NT
Dimples03/19/13 10:49 AM
*Who would you choose if an evictee got to returned?
nerdiez3823 11   03/17/13 12:35 PM
x*Janelle NT
k_fn_dawg03/19/13 11:12 AM
x*Aneal because he got totally screwed, but Danielle would add more drama NT
rwwmusic03/18/13 07:29 PM
x*None of them! NT
littled03/18/13 12:55 PM
x*Tom...his HOH was nullified by production interference in the game. It was effectively a DPOV, so he should have been able to play for HOH. NT
r15199603/17/13 10:03 PM
robynsky203/17/13 11:08 PM
x*Disappointed BBCA production didn't fix US rules flaw making outgoing HOH immune/eligible to play & that it took just 3 weeks to pull an AG rig job NT
r15199603/17/13 10:13 PM
x*Nothing like AG rigging cause she would save someone like Tom and not Suzette NT
k_fn_dawg03/19/13 11:12 AM
x*no one NT
Quench03/17/13 05:47 PM
x*Tom NT
CougarSpy03/17/13 01:10 PM
x*Tom NT
hishighness03/17/13 02:15 PM
x*Ain't gonna happen. They aren't sequestered. NT
dustysnemisis03/17/13 12:38 PM
*Assuming the nominations don't change....
Dimples2005 7   03/16/13 08:09 PM
x*Because i'm a fan of Tom I want to see exactly the opposite. Revenge is all I have left. NT
hishighness03/17/13 06:57 AM
x*I hope there's a way tom stays this week.. Liza too.. Please bb gods make it happen! NT
Chels8803/17/13 02:32 PM
x*I would love for Tom to stay!!!! NT
dragonfly36803/17/13 09:59 PM
x*Yep, hoping Tom stays. Puts up Topaz and Gary. lol NT
CougarSpy03/17/13 01:12 PM
x*Since its a DE, both will probably go the same night anyways so Id rather Tom go first since Liza has less a chance of winning HoH/Veto NT
Venthus03/16/13 09:42 PM
x*exactly my reasoning as well. NT
gaged03/17/13 12:31 PM
x*That's my thinking too. NT
Dimples03/16/13 11:18 PM
*If Tom goes up will he go home?
bbfan661976 3   03/16/13 08:39 AM
x*theres a chance but i think if liza is also up liza goes home NT
steve201303/16/13 05:41 PM
x*Absolute best chance at getting one of the big threats OUT!!! NT
jon_thibs03/16/13 11:31 AM
x*It really depends. If he's up against Liza, no. Against anyone else, yes. NT
robin8603/16/13 11:13 AM
*Cheating Scandal
robin861402 3   03/15/13 02:54 PM
x*If you accept the cheating as " big happens all the time", you lose respect and have no integrity.... in my opinion. Good call bbca!
jon_thibs03/16/13 10:38 AM
x*Carrying a ball "Could possibly lead to disqualification "
IwantHOH03/15/13 06:34 PM
x*Crappy officiating happens all the time...
hishighness03/15/13 05:13 PM
*How should producers handle the Emmett HOH cheating scandal?
Mitchapalooza801581 5   03/15/13 12:21 PM
x*He won
IwantHOH03/15/13 06:39 PM
x*sorry, i meant to respond to the poll. NT
jon_thibs03/16/13 11:33 AM
x*with how late left it. It wouldnt be fair to re-do HoH IMO NT
steve201303/15/13 02:15 PM
x*None of the above. Disqualify Emmett from playing HoH for the next two weeks and then MOVE ON NT
Dimples03/15/13 12:28 PM
x*I totally agree! NT
Venthus03/15/13 03:06 PM
*Which Team Province do you like the most?
Mitchapalooza80746 1   03/15/13 08:41 AM
x*Thank goodness they're not playing the game that way. We have enough division. NT
Dimples03/15/13 10:42 AM
*New week, Do you like Tom?
Venthus728 1   03/15/13 12:18 AM
x*I want to be president of the haters club, on this one....for real. NT
jon_thibs03/16/13 11:52 AM
*New week, Do you like Topaz?
Venthus431 0   03/15/13 12:18 AM
*New week, Do you like Peter?
Venthus450 0   03/15/13 12:18 AM
*New week, Do you like Talla?
Venthus420 0   03/15/13 12:17 AM
*New week, Do you like Gary?
Venthus452 0   03/15/13 12:17 AM
*New week, Do you like Suzette?
Venthus586 1   03/15/13 12:17 AM
x*keeping her was clearly not about liking her, but more about not liking my opinion. bad move bbca!! NT
jon_thibs03/16/13 11:49 AM
*New week, Do you like Emmett?
Venthus466 0   03/15/13 12:16 AM
*New week, Do you like Liza?
Venthus596 1   03/15/13 12:16 AM
x*I love her, the same as I love Dani (Dick's daughter).....apparently, in the minority. A smart, strong woman. NT
jon_thibs03/16/13 11:46 AM
*New week, Do you like Alec?
Venthus396 0   03/15/13 12:16 AM
*New week, Do you like Jillian?
Venthus443 0   03/15/13 12:15 AM
*New week, Do you like Andrew?
Venthus403 0   03/15/13 12:15 AM
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