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Updates: With a unanimous jury vote of 9:0, the winner of Big Brother Canada 5 is Kevin! NT (273870 min. ago)
Kevin voted to evict Demetres. It is now Kevin and Karen for the final two! NT (273931 min. ago)
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Subject Poster V R Posted on
*Who is Ika most likely to nominate?
iisaustin384 0   03/13/14 11:27 PM
*If tonights HOH competition is a Trivia/Brain Game Challenge, Which HG has the best chance of winning HOH?
ABCD17644 2   03/13/14 02:23 PM
x*My guess would be Kenny, but I guess he isn't an option. NT
WillettDrizzle03/13/14 03:52 PM
x*I voted for heather, Just for sh*ts and giggles NT
bugiardi03/13/14 02:55 PM
*What are the chances of Ika finding out about Rachelle's betrayal today?
ABCD17530 1   03/13/14 07:39 AM
x*Wait, what happened?
bbcanfan03/15/14 10:42 AM
*Who will be evicted on Thursday?
MucousPlug450 0   03/11/14 09:37 PM
*Looking between the current house standings and thursday's eviction, which HG is the safest going into next week?
ABCD17404 0   03/10/14 10:39 PM
*Out of the Bottom 3 Men, Which one can you Stand the Least?
ABCD17681 1   03/09/14 11:58 AM
x*Entertainment wise, I actually really like all three. If I had to pick one, I guess it's Paul. NT
mylittlepony03/09/14 10:27 PM
*Who are you voting into the house?
Bessie2150 6   03/05/14 08:29 PM
x*They should have a warning before they show Scott on screen.
bbcanfan03/11/14 09:36 AM
x*LOL "Nate the other guy" funny how that was worded NT
Belle03/11/14 09:38 AM
x*ALLISON could win this whole game NT
CaboWabo03/11/14 02:58 AM
x*Allison! Is it just me or does she look ALOT like Jillian! NT
WilSonFan03/06/14 11:43 PM
x*Allison NT
Dani03/06/14 10:25 AM
x*waiting to see them live on feeds before I decide NT
Bigsister503/06/14 09:44 AM
*Who is the 15th house guest?
BBnightmarez959 3   03/04/14 08:09 AM
x*Possibly a dog or animal as per BBAU. NT
CalifornianCDN03/05/14 04:27 PM
x*as an Andrew fan, it would be awesome to see his bro in the house. NT
CamKan03/05/14 01:34 AM
x*Should be Canada not America. NT
AZ_Cards_1103/04/14 02:52 PM
*What would you pick to MOST *improve* for Big Brother CA 2?
Dimples2466 9   11/11/13 06:39 PM
x*The non live eviction thing doesn't bother me. BBCAN1 HGs have said that if it was live it'd be a mess. NT
ObsessedwithBB03/14/14 04:49 PM
x*Fewer Twists. The "Canada decides stuff" twists in particular. If people want to play, try out for the show & be good enough to get picked.
CubbyPuppy03/05/14 01:37 PM
x*Pretty much everything listed but 2 main ones. Live Evictions & Feeds not being down if there not doing a comp or what not NT
steve201302/26/14 09:18 PM
x*More than one thing on your list has to improve. House needs more rooms, bigger backyard, much better feeds, actual live evictions, way less
Corndogger01/21/14 07:17 PM
x*Completely agree -- but the poll is about the ONE thing that you think would MOST improve from BBCA1 NT
Dimples01/22/14 04:15 AM
x*Definitely the way they handle the feeds. It was ridiculous & it almost turn me against this series. If it happens again, I'll wash my hands. NT
Dani01/21/14 10:47 AM
x*Well I won't wash my hands of it -- but I won't be happy. They showed a lot of interest in what people were saying - that's a LOT more than we
Dimples01/21/14 03:15 PM
x*How could you complain about the feeds for BB15 other than the initial BS of having to use a VPN, etc.? The feeds came back from comps, etc. super
Corndogger01/21/14 07:10 PM
x*LOL. There were times during BB15 where I just wanted them to stop showing the damn feeds. Then I realized I could just turn them off. :) NT
dustysnemisis01/23/14 06:51 PM
*Who do you feel sorry for the most?
WillettDrizzle4207 7   05/03/13 12:13 AM
x*I feel SO sorry for Topaz! Jill got the money. Gary got the Fame & Sympathy. Topaz got a whole bunch of negative labels & press!! NT
PeechyGurl05/08/13 01:20 PM
x*And btw according those close to her it was a mistake! Topaz you are certainly not perfect (like all of us) but, I LOVE you STILL! NT
PeechyGurl05/08/13 01:23 PM
x*I feel the worst or Emmett actually. It was his title to lose and he set it up perfectly. Just didn't work out. 9/10 it probably would have. NT
Tigervixxxen05/06/13 05:45 PM
x*I am thrilled that Jill will never get credit, in the end (final 3 comps) Gary won 2 comps, Emmett won 1, Jill won NONE. NT
mobius05/03/13 07:34 AM
x*But Jill also won 4 HoH's, Emmett won 2 and Gary won 2. So thats not exactly factual. Jillian did fall into a lucky win, but she still won so
Venthus05/03/13 04:43 PM
x*Maybe this will always be that season where it's just opinion versus opinon. Some belive like me that it was an undeserved mistaken win and others
Lalliey05/04/13 12:11 AM
x*Dan vs. Ian Canadian style anyone? NT
bbfan66105/04/13 03:17 PM
*Assuming Topaz MEANT to vote for Jill, will she ever admit it?
Augustkm3515 7   05/02/13 08:47 PM
x*i could agree but rules are rules . she looked at it twice
robynsky205/06/13 12:54 AM
x*If she didn't mean to vote for Jillian, then why in the playback of her vote did her hand start on Gary then move to Jillian & lock hers in?? NT
littled05/03/13 08:52 PM
x*I am 100% sure it was a mistake. You could clearly see her shock at the vote. I feel bad for her though.
Venthus05/03/13 04:52 PM
x*She did NOT mean to vote for Jill.. period. Her vote was for Gary. So I can't participate in the poll. NT
aubrey0405/02/13 11:54 PM
x*Assuming the grass is blue, is the sky green? NT
doug31905/02/13 10:30 PM
x*stupid poll. it's obvious fgs that she didnt do it on purpose NT
Lalliey05/02/13 10:02 PM
x*No pollstop.... but No. She'll never admit it. Whatever.... either way she's an idiot. NT
Dimples05/02/13 09:38 PM
*All the votes were not counted yet; should there have been a revote?
Augustkm1825 4   05/02/13 08:17 PM
x*It's like a hockey game and you score on your own net. Do you get a do over? NT
LillyBell05/07/13 05:31 PM
x*No, once they start revealing votes it's locked. To allow a revote would set a horrible precedent going forward.
Tigervixxxen05/06/13 05:48 PM
x*Nope, rules are rules. People who got cried foul when Emmett cheated, got his HoH taken away and then Gary got his HoH can't have it both ways. NT
hishighness05/04/13 05:23 PM
x*yes! NT
aubrey0405/02/13 11:55 PM
*Who WILL win Big Brother Canada (not who you want to win)
bugiardi742 0   05/02/13 01:11 PM
*who will emmett vote out ??? Talla or Garyy??
robynsky2516 0   05/01/13 05:59 PM
*Most entertaining HG this season:
WillettDrizzle13464 25   04/22/13 02:48 PM
x*Andrew and Gary NT
Caroljean196506/24/13 03:57 PM
x*I voted Andrew! I love Gary too.. NT
aubrey0405/02/13 11:56 PM
x*Andrew was the best ever! gary is ok, just so fake NT
dollady05/01/13 10:47 AM
x*Annoying: Gary and Talla and the neverending voguing, Andrew's overentitled whining. NT
lvgoddess04/29/13 01:16 PM
x*If we had a most annoying HG Gary would win in a landslide so bad it'd crash the servers. NT
hishighness04/25/13 04:09 AM
x*Gary for worst HG would be tied with Talla. both are annying, Gary never shuts up. Talla never makes any sense and both just scream constantly lol NT
kindred04/28/13 01:18 AM
x*andrew, funny as heck like david letterman sarcasium, its great NT
dollady04/23/13 08:18 PM
x*Marsha NT
bbfan66104/23/13 09:48 AM
x*co sign! NT
MissDrWill04/26/13 10:53 AM
x*Andrew and Talla. NT
LillyBell04/23/13 08:25 AM
x*I'd say Andrew and AJ. Those two together were ridiculously hilarious. NT
Dimples04/29/13 05:58 PM
x*is this poll for biggest two year old in 6'5 body?
IwantHOH04/23/13 12:17 AM
x*Nooooo!!! I didn't see Dan as an option! Can I please change my vote?? NT
robin8604/22/13 04:06 PM
x*LOL. Yes I put Dan and Marsha the Moose as choices. Figured we needed at least 2 worthy options. :) NT
WillettDrizzle04/22/13 04:23 PM
x*Gary. Lock the thread. NT
Blockhead04/22/13 02:50 PM
x*how many people would be voting Gary if they knew he wasn't from canada? NT
sascwench04/22/13 03:25 PM
x*zero! NT
dollady04/23/13 08:20 PM
x*Where is he from? NT
WillettDrizzle04/22/13 04:21 PM
x*Detroit Michigan, he's in Canada on a student visa NT
sascwench04/23/13 07:25 AM
x*Where are people getting this info?! My friend went to high school with him IN Toronto NT
Sierra04/26/13 09:57 AM
x*This has been addressed .Gary is Canadian Someone got some incorrect info. and rumours started NT
Annie201704/29/13 06:57 PM
x*Neverland NT
HalfManHalfAmazing04/22/13 10:00 PM
x*LOL. Good answer. NT
WillettDrizzle04/22/13 10:55 PM
x*Yup NT
shelly88804/22/13 03:23 PM
x*If it were Who spent the most time applying make up I would agree. :) NT
WillettDrizzle04/22/13 02:52 PM
*I vote to evict.... (Vote 11)
Dimples1119 0   04/17/13 05:04 PM
*Who will win Big Brother Canada 1? (Week 7 - HoH 11)
Dimples1533 1   04/12/13 06:47 AM
x*Gary F2 with Jill NT
Annie201704/29/13 06:58 PM
*now who will win?
ArkanSeb3034 5   04/11/13 09:50 PM
x*E,A,P or Jill anyone but talla
IwantHOH04/18/13 01:46 PM
x*I think Emmett and Jillian will be F2 with Emmett winning because Jillian pissed a lot of ppl off
ArkanSeb04/11/13 09:52 PM
x*hope they both leave in the following weeks. E/J are booooooring! And she is a puppet. NT
Lalliey04/11/13 10:29 PM
x*Only to his face. NT
Augustkm04/19/13 07:48 PM
x*He tells her who he wants nominated, and she rarely listens. She has deals he doesn't know about. Not exactly a puppet. NT
ilovekelly7504/15/13 11:13 PM
*Who will you vote back into the house?
Dimples23530 38   04/11/13 05:58 PM
x*I voted AJ
IwantHOH04/18/13 01:48 PM
x*Oh no, barely any votes for Topaz.. :-( NT
aubrey0404/17/13 08:40 AM
x*Reports are that it might be Alec, last day to vote for Gary NT
FlamenRed04/16/13 08:03 AM
x*Hash Tag for Gary #bbcanbringbackgary NT
FlamenRed04/16/13 08:05 AM
robynsky204/15/13 08:40 AM
x*who will you vote back into house
IwantHOH04/13/13 04:08 PM
x*Gary and I spent ALL my points to buy 72 votes to send him back in!
BubbaWatches04/14/13 08:55 AM
x*Gary..I liked him without the girls..then he talks more and spends less time on makeup NT
waypast4004/14/13 08:57 AM
x*Who will you vote back into the house?
wallfly04/13/13 08:18 AM
x*If its truly about love for this game, vote AJ back in. It will throw a wrench into the " Eastcoast Alliance". Anybody else only becomes the....
jon_thibs04/13/13 01:19 AM
x*Should vote Alex back, revenge is sweet NT
MissTitan04/12/13 08:46 PM
x*should vote alec back
IwantHOH04/13/13 04:11 PM
x*gary will return. alec will have the 2nd most votes. topaz will be last. i voted 51000 pts divided by 250 for alec. NT
LyotoM04/12/13 01:50 PM
x*GARRRRRRY pleaseeeee or topaz
robynsky204/12/13 11:41 AM
x*I spent all my points on AJ. It's pointless because I know it's rigged for Gary and he'll be given the $100k now. It was more a protest vote. NT
hishighness04/12/13 12:51 AM
x*Agreed! NT
IwantHOH04/13/13 04:12 PM
x*It's not "rigged" for Gary. Most people DO want him back. He's the fan favorite. NT
mcoop04/12/13 07:42 AM
x*The whole game is rigged for Gary. NT
hishighness04/17/13 05:38 PM
x*Totally agree...spent all my points on 72 votes for Gary to come back!
BubbaWatches04/14/13 08:56 AM
x*He is not my favorite and I'm a fan of the game!
IwantHOH04/13/13 04:15 PM
x*AJ all the way! Voted multiple times today & will do so every day until I can't. He's the real deal & will team with Andrew. Gary is just a poser. NT
TOgal04/12/13 05:39 AM
x*This really needed an I don't vote option. NT
HalfManHalfAmazing04/11/13 09:47 PM
x*anyway Gary will be out as soon as he comes in...Topaz is not here anymore NT
ArkanSeb04/11/13 09:45 PM
x*nopes. If he gets to stay he will win hoh put up E/J and the game will start finally.. no more nice Glitter :)
Lalliey04/11/13 10:29 PM
x*please not Gary, he's so annoying NT
ArkanSeb04/11/13 08:52 PM
x*Too bad. He's got my multiple votes. NT
mcoop04/11/13 09:07 PM
x*god how so many ppl love him so much? him and his glitter are so annoying NT
ArkanSeb04/11/13 09:44 PM
x*love love love gary. He's the fun! NT
Lalliey04/11/13 10:24 PM
x*he was fun in beginning til he showed his true colors
IwantHOH04/13/13 04:19 PM
x*ITA. I wanted to see what being on slop would do to the drama queen and wasn't surprised. NT
dustysnemisis04/13/13 04:24 PM
x*HAHAH AJ. LMAO. Gary Glitter
BuxomLover04/11/13 06:41 PM
x*I assume the people who would vote Aj back because he "couldn't fight to stay" would've voted back Jessie BB11 & Kathy BB12 right? NT
Bessie04/11/13 06:34 PM
x*nope ! i vote AJ back because He didnt get a chance to fight to stay and i like him lol ...didnt care for jessie or kathy NT
IwantHOH04/13/13 04:23 PM
x*AJ got my votes for the same reason. NT
dustysnemisis04/13/13 04:25 PM
x*i liked jessie lol. aggressive strategic drama leader. NT
LyotoM04/12/13 01:51 PM
x*Really AJ? He didn't even deserve to make it as far as he did. And he is friends with everyone left. Don't you guys wanna see drama? NT
rwwgaw104/11/13 06:12 PM
x*is the aj thing a joke? right they just want what's best for E/J.... lame NT
Lalliey04/11/13 06:29 PM
x*i want a fight for the win not a tantrum and help from bb.
IwantHOH04/18/13 01:59 PM
*Predict the DE HoH.
Dimples621 0   04/11/13 10:18 AM
*Alec is leaving. Who else would you like to leave tonight?
Dimples636 0   04/11/13 07:35 AM
*who should Canada vote to win a SECERT POWER
robynsky213902 27   04/09/13 04:57 PM
x*Emmett just because I like him better than anyone else that is left lol NT
IwantHOH04/13/13 04:21 PM
x*Gary Cmon BB One TiMe! NT
drewm04/11/13 06:24 PM
x*secret power
wallfly04/11/13 10:26 AM
x*Topaz NT
Divine04/10/13 10:50 PM
x*no one already-too close to the end for that-enough "twists" ! may the best player win ! NT
theritz04/10/13 10:34 PM
x*Tooooooopaaaaaazzzzz! NT
ZEEnon04/10/13 10:21 PM
x*Talla. It would be entertaining to watch her try to figure out how to use it. NT
AZ_Cards_1104/10/13 10:11 PM
x*Topaz or Peter would be cool NT
ArkanSeb04/10/13 06:46 PM
x*topaz NT
sliver01304/10/13 04:57 PM
x*i think topaz too she needs a break poor girl and im a peter fan
robynsky204/10/13 03:40 PM
x*Topaz ! game on!!! NT
TKM80904/10/13 02:33 PM
x*Topaz...and let the games begin, bye boys! NT
Alexis0804/10/13 12:50 PM
x*andrew NT
canadaluvsjoker04/10/13 12:14 PM
x*emmit NT
dollady04/10/13 12:08 PM
x*Topaz NT
Dani04/10/13 09:03 AM
x*Topaz!! NT
aubrey0404/10/13 08:39 AM
x*anyone but Talla shes a drunk and an airhead.
homely04/10/13 06:56 AM
x*Topaz please that poor girl deserves a break! NT
kupe199904/10/13 06:44 AM
x*Talla just because I still want to see how she would handle it Lol. Although Topaz is fine too :D NT
Venthus04/10/13 06:06 AM
x*OMG grrrr with these twists NT
steve201304/10/13 05:51 AM
x*topaz... we need to get rid of some of these guys, i want a girl alliance NT
Lalliey04/10/13 01:52 AM
x*100% Topaz!!! NT
lilsis7604/09/13 11:10 PM
x*No more powers and/or twists, but if there was one, I'd definitely vote for TOPAZ. NT
mcoop04/09/13 07:37 PM
x*Tala NT
DaisyChain04/09/13 06:35 PM
x*Peter, he showed he can keep a secret with the Tom task. NT
hishighness04/09/13 05:16 PM
x*Topaz!! she is the ultimate underdog, give her the boost NT
hburnett04/09/13 05:01 PM
robynsky204/09/13 05:00 PM
*Who will they finally decide to evict?
vivalepoire1156 1   04/08/13 08:06 PM
x*alec !! one can only hope
robynsky204/09/13 04:56 PM
*(HoH 10) I vote to evict....
Dimples630 0   04/08/13 05:50 PM
*Favorite remaining houseguest?
mcoop2267 4   04/08/13 01:14 PM
x*Topaz... NT
aubrey0404/10/13 08:41 AM
x*Topaz! NT
kupe199904/10/13 06:46 AM
x*Topaz? TOPAZ?!? Egh... NT
hishighness04/09/13 12:09 PM
x*Topaz, by FAR NT
shelly88804/08/13 03:31 PM
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